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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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-- even if it is legal in canada. good for him. it is thursday, june 14th. a live look outside at the u.s. capitol dome. hopefully, a nice pleasant day. some of the humidity kind of popped up yesterday as i was sitting outside for lunch. we'll check in with gwen in just a moment. first, the formalities. we get to say good morning. i'm he will thomas. melanie alnwick on deck. first, we want to talk about this. talking about this last night. it is pictures from twitter on what many saw on the beltway last night right around 11:00 t look like a ufo on the back of a flatbed truck. people who called us say they began seeing it on 270 and then goat it on the beltway before heading off on east 210. what was it? >> first of all, are they taking pictures while they're driving? maryland state police say it is actually a drone aircraft made by northrop grumman. it was being transported from west virginia to patuxent naval
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air station in maryland. there have been numerous sighings ing -- sightings in other states all of them headed to pax river. they practice aircraft carrier takeoffs and landings on a strip of runway that is painted to resemble a carrier's flight deck. >> there is the answer. but can you imagine seeing that on a flatbed. >> still very interesting that they are practicing that in our backyard. >> absolutely. kind of a pleasant day. let's get our first check of weather with gwen tolbart standing by. tucker has a couple of days off. >> it is already fairly mild outside as well. we talked about humidity a little bit. not quite as bad as yesterday but there will be a little bit. we do via few clouds into the course of the afternoon in the forecast but so far, really nothing to show you on satellite-radar composite. we have a little bit of a moisture flow to deal with into the course of the day and that
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will pull some some cloud coverage. 82degrees yesterday at reagan national airport. 80 at dulles. those temperature yety close to where we should be. currently 69 at national airport. humidity at 57%. before a northerly wind flow at 10 miles per hour and the wind will continue to stay light into the course of the day. 63 at dulles this hour. 67degrees at bwi mar thurgood marshall airport. here is a look at your day planner. we are talking moafortly sunny to partly cloudy skies today. by midday, we'll be at 77 degrees. -- we are talking mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies today. the weekend is looking great too. >> yeah, looking good today. that's for sure with 79. now, we'll go to lauren demarco for a check your thursday morning traffic. >> good morning. we are good to go. we know it is beautiful outside. we know that things are looking pretty good on the roads. the only issue is a little bit
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of a snag northbound 97 in maryland. let's take a look at waze. we have waze users still reporting that crash is active. the investigate is under way there. northbound 97, you will be forced onto route 32. the lanes closed there. southbound 97 does remain open. five got a smart phone, download waze. let's take a look at traffic land. not much going on on the beltway. overnight construction wrapping up. your lanes are open through montgomery county. no problems in prince george's county or in virginia at this time. so that is some really great news. thins looking good across the american legion bridge and woodrow wilson bridge without any accidents or incidents reported. no issues through frederick. you will find nothing in your way. 66 looking good heading out of manassas at this time. no problems approaching the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic.
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a senior prank back fires on a group of students in fairfax county and they will miss out on today's graduation. >> the school banned them from a ceremony despite a last- minute appeal. fox 5's sherry ly is live this morning at herndon high school with all the details. >> reporter: good morning. one of the students did appeal to fairfax county schools hoping to get a lesser punishment and be able to attend the graduation ceremony today for herndon high school. but after that hearing, fairfax county schools decided that the punishment stands. the senior prank was engineered by six students last wednesday to spread maybey oil in the hallway causing people to slip and slide. chris shoemaker admits bringing this t. to school and now concedes this wasn't wise. no one was hurt but school officials were not amused. three students were suspended for three days and three others got a seven-did i suspension prohibiting them from the graduation ceremony. >> i realize now it presented a
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dangerous situation to a lot of people. it was just a silly mistake, i guess. >> reporter: shoemaker and his parents argued during a 90- minute hearing yesterday that one disciplinary in 13 years shouldn't keep him from the graduation. school officials though did not see it that way. so you be stead, shoemaker and the other students will got their diplomas privately. they will not be able to attend the graduation ceremony with the rest of the herndon high school class of 2012. that is the late here in herndon. back to you. thank you. in other headlines, a fairfax elementary school teachers in some hot water charged with possessing child pornography. he is 26-year-old robert fenn, about to finance, his first working week with special ed
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students k through third grade. police say this found pornographic images on his computer at home. they arrested him at poplar elementary school in chantilly tuesday afternoon. d.c. police are on the hunt for a driver involved in a hit and run that sent an infant, a child and an elderly woman to the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon on ken ill orgt and eastern avenues in northeast. witnesses say the suspect took off on foot after crashing into the victim's car. all three victims are suffering from serious injuries. -- it happened yesterday afternoon on kenilworth and eastern avenues in northeast. police still need your help tracking down a killer. 18-year-old cynthia gastelle went missing from her home in takoma park back in 1980. two years after her disappearance, police found skeletal remains in haymarket, virginia but they weren't able to identify them until now. forensic dna confirmed that the remains belonged to sin they a police haven't revealed how she was killed but they say they would like to talk to her
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former boyfriend would they say is not a suspect. a new interim chairman has been voted into the d.c. council less than a week after kwame brown's resignation. phil mendelsohn was named chairman of the sound will by a an 11-1 vet but things turned ugly before he took his new seat. council members argued over the vacancy of chairman pro tem. vincent orange argued his case. fox 5 news at 10:00 spoke with the new chairman about that showdown and recent drama surrounding the council. >> folk on the outside are frustrated and councilmember are frustrated. it was kind of up pleasant to watch. on the other hand, this is the process playing itself out. in the past this, would have happened behind closed doors. we're much more faithful to open meetings now so the public got to see the display. i had hoped that it would be
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more of a consensus but we got there. >> despite orange's aattempts, the council selected michael brown ads pro tem. so that is what it is like behind closed doors. >> got to bring it out in the open. >> i guess so. a deadly shooting inside a hospital. the person of interest, a doctor. en. >> are crews making any progress in the wildfires out west? stay with us. ♪
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a deadly gas explosion in l.a. is making headline this morning. the blast in appear industrial area just south of downtown los angeles, killed one person and injured three others. firefighters say a gas cylinder exploded behind a build next to a meat market. firefighters out west continue to struggle. the wildfire burning in colorado is growing and is only 10% contains. they could get more money help now, now that president obama has authorized the forest service to start contracting air tankers to fight fires. the hyde park fire that began set has now grown to at least 73 square miles. and now new mexico's biggest
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wildfire on record has damaged more than 200 homes. it was another emotional day in court as several new accusers took the stand to testify against penn state's former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. yesterday, one witness who was a foster child at the time of the alleged abuse told the court sandusky threatened him saying he would never see his family again if he told anyone about what happened. another witness said he stayed quiet because he didn't want to stop getting tickets to penn state football games. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period. he has denied all of the accusations. police are on the hunt for a trauma surgeon who is being called a person of interest in a deadly shooting. a 33-year-old hospital clerk was shot four times in a stairwell of a hospital in buffalo, new york yesterday. dr.timothy jordan is the victim's ex-boyfriend. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded his home but it turned out he wasn't inside. police say jordan is a former
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army special forces weapons expert. europe's debt crisis could turn into big problems here in the u.s. up next, a dire warning from the world bank. >> we'll get a full report as we continue this morning. >> a mild start to the morning and we've got some sunshine to talk about as well. the weekend is absolutely looking great. we'll have all the details and your full forecast coming up. q
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. a nice shot of the old post office pavilion, the flag waving. u.s. capitol shining in the background. very nice picture for 5:15 on a thursday morning. almost a friday. let's look on the bright side. we're going to also tell you about nasa taking one small step toward fining black holes and new gal askies. launching a new x-ray telescope into place for the mission. for the next two years, they will explore how galaxies grow and influence one another. >> that shot was gorgeous. >> we live in search lovely city. >> we do. we have a nice start to our day today. it is mild, not a lot of clouds to even talk about for this morning. i think you'll like t hopefully, you'll he get outside and enjoy it. here is a look at our weather headlines.
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we have a pleasant thursday as we start out this morning. i think that, as i said, you will enjoy it. it will be pretty comfortable as well. less humid than it was yesterday. we still have a little bit of humidity to deal with. it won't be quite as bad. the weekend is staying calm i'm happy to say and temperature are going to stay very much on the comfortable side. not too hot and not too cool. so i think a little something for everybody. so not much to show you here on our weather maps because the clouds haven't started to roll in very much but we will see a few clouds into the course of the day. a little bit of an onshore flow going on with a little bit of moisture. so some of those clouds will start to kick in later today. they will be very high clouds though. 82degrees at reagan national airport. we hit 08 at dulles and and 80 at bwi -- we hit 80 at dulles
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and 80 at bwi. 65 at fredericksburg. dulles at 53. system is off the coast, the low pressure system. a for you clouds, pleasant today. ridge of high pressure builds in not wound and that will set us up nicely. for today, we are talking a high of 79 degrees. for tonight, 62 degrees. lets alook at the five-day forecast. look at this weekend. absolutely great. we have agot 08-degree on friday. mostly sunny skies. saturday and sunday, the sun is out in full force. temperatures into the low 80s. we are starting the westbound the same way at 82 degrees. the good news is we don't have any rain that will stop you from getting out and enjoying this wonderful weekend. it looks like it will be good. lets ahope that the weather is doing as good as we are today. >> they are. the accident has been cheered out of the way so your lanes -- has been cleared out of the
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way so your lanes should be open. 95 in pretty good shape. i did see a little bit of volume near the prince william county parkway. but you were in good shape heading autopsy cross the occoquan and continuing toward the mixing bowl in springfield. no problems to report on the play leaving the mixing bowl heading toward the wilson bridge. the inner loop looks good into annandale. 66, at this point, no real issues to report leaving manassas. you may find the volume starting to build but no slowdowns just yet. same story, 207 leaving the frederick area. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. now to the economy, new worries about europe's debt crisis. investors are concerned about the economic trouble in spain spilling over into italy. >> that's right. as greg burke reports from rome, the world bank is now issuing a dire warning that the worst may be yet to come. >> reporter: financial experts warned of contagion in europe's economic crisis as the problem
5:20 am
on a number of fronts and also went global. the latest report from the world bank says high-income countries such as germany, the u.s. and japan are destined suffer low growth and it will take several years to undo the damage done. the report predicts volatility in global economies for several years and anemic growth for most of europe. >> the global economy is still rocked by turmoil with uncertain prospects for both growth and jobs, let alone stability. >> reporter: greece has been the recipient of two bailouts an its problems are far from over. with no guarantee that elections on zipped will resolve the crisis there. the greeks seem to be voting beg early with their bank cards. >> the greeks should stay in the euro zone. >> reporter: spin's admission last weekend that it would get
5:21 am
a loan of up to $125 billion to shore up the troubled banking sector calmed markets for i short time but italy saw borrowing rates shoot up today, a troubling sign in the area's third largest economy and germany's finance minister warned italy to stick to their agreed-upon reform. as usual, germany is stuck in the difficult position of trying to keep the euro zone intact without paying for everyone else. >> we have to make clear again and gun that we want europe and we want more europe but i want a europe where we have a common control and common responsibility in one hand. >> reporter: president obama spoke with the european council president and mexican president calderon ahead of next week's g- 20 meeting. the challenge there, they agreed, will to be strengthen the shaky euro zone and to contain the global impact. >> that was greg burke reporting from rome. a young girl going exagainst her par the's wish to
5:22 am
decide her own fate. come up next, we are talking movies. -- a young girl going against her parents' wish to decide her own fate. it is the animated movie, brave. coming up next, mr. energy, kevin mccarthy, spoke to one were the actors who leapt his voice to the movie. he went to scotland for this one. stay with us.  [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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>> the animated movie, brave, day bows next weekend. it temperatures the storive a young girl in a long ago kingdom who is determined to create her own destiny. >> one of the suitors is played by kevin mckidd. you may know him best from train spotting. he plays a very different role in brave and he actually plays two roles, both as lord mcguffin and his son. >> kevin mccarthy got to go to scotland to talk to the actor. first up, how confusing is it to play two different caches in the same movie? >> two paychecks? >> i love the animation world and the fact that you are playing these two characters.
5:26 am
have you to record them separately. how do you emotionally engage with yourself. >> these two characters are basically based on my dad. my dad is just a wonderful, warm, funny grumpy and quick to temper and kind of -- he drives my mom crazy, you know. is a great dad and so based on my dad. then young mcguffin, i quickly realized he is an incomprehensible character. but underneath it all, he is a quite nervous, shy, sincere but kind of socially awkward young man. i was very much like that as a teenager and a boy. so i kind of based the young character on me and the younger version of me. >> reporter: when you sit down and watch, can you emotionally engage in the story or are you thinking about the work you did? >> this film just picks you up and wraps you up in its arms and you just go along for the ride. it's real joy to watch this
5:27 am
film. i'm very proud to be part of it. i always enjoy watching stuff. with this, it is more interesting because we had visual clues of what it would eventually look like but i only saw it recently and it kind of blew knee away how beautiful they made the landscape. >> reporter: walked me through a sequenceen i looked at a scene when they walk in with the king and queen. where are you? where are you standing and what are you looking at to believe able to know what is going on? >> you are just in a booth. they show you a story board, usually a sent sill sketch and they say you will be there, he will be there. maybe a little bit of block figure animation and then you have to just jump in and imagine you are in that place and just deliver it with your voice. that is a challenge but it's fun challenge. >> reporter: do you ever wake up and kind of like still
5:28 am
income character? did they ever stay with you? >> as lord mcguffin? >> did you ever wake up as him. >> i dream of waking up like him. >> kevin joins us tomorrow with his reviews of this week's now movies. >> our top stories straight ahead. stay with us. 
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and welcome back to fox 5
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morning news. shot of the washington monument there. 5:30 on a thursday morning. we'll check in now with gwen tolbart and see. it sounds like it it s like it like it is going to be a nice day. >> it is going to be a nice day. we don't have much to show you on this map right now. thins are kind of calm. we have a ridge of high pressure in control over the course of the weekend. we'll see a few clouds starting to roll in a little bit later today but not too much. there will just be some high clouds. other than that, once again, it will be fairly pleasant. here is a look at your current temperatures across the area. we've got 71 degrees at annapolis. 61 at -- 67 -- is that 61 or 67 at baltimore this hour. 56 to the south at fredericksburg? temperatures are fairly mild as we start out today. they will be very nice into the
5:32 am
course of the affect. currently, 69-degree at reagan national airport. 63 at dulles. 67 at bwi thurgood marshall. for today, we are talking sunshine. you will see a few clouds a little bit later this afternoon. we have a bit of a northeasterly flow. 79 for cull pep fore your high today. 7 # at gaithersburg. we'll see 77-degree at warrenton and at national, it will be 79 degrees. so fairly comfortable. the weekend is looking absolutely fabulous. we'll have an update on that a little bit later. >> come around more often when you bring forecasts like that. >> i'm taken all the credit. >> let's check your on-time traffic with lauren demarco. >> we don't have any incidents or accidents reported right now. the usual pockets of volume begin to build. a live look from traffic land as you travel inbound 66,
5:33 am
leaving manassas, you can see the folk starting to make their way out on to the roads at this point. watch for delays as you head towards centerville. same story, leaving frederick to get past 109 here. you don't have any issue as you continue down towards the beltway. 267, dulles toll road looking good here at hunt are mill. wide open in both directions. in fact, no problems to report as you travel the beltway in virginia. let's take a look at the beltway in maryland. making the trip. here we are past route 50, prince george's county. both the inner and outer loops running well and that is the case all around town. not seeing new delays in montgomery county. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. making headline on this thursday morning, d.c. police on the hunt for the driver involved in a hit and run that sent an infant, a child and an elderly woman to the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon at kept ill worth and eastern avenues in northeast. witnesses say the suspect took off on foot after crashing into
5:34 am
the victim's car. all three victims are suffering from very serious injuries. prince william county police are uncovered a new lead in a decades-old murder mystery. forensic dna has confirmed the remains found in 1928 are those of sip -- in 1982 are those of cynthia gastelle. heavy metal band metallica is putting out a public service announcement helping to find the man who murdered one of their fans. morgan harrington disappeared during a metallica concert in share slotsville back in october of 2009. >> if you've seep the person in this sketch or have any information about this case or any others, please contact your local police or submit your
5:35 am
information online. remember, any information, no matter how small you might think it is, could be that crucial piece investigators need to help solve the case. right now, there is up to 150,000 dollars reward. llars r >> harrington's skeletal remains were found in a field about 10 miles away from the concert. a new d.c. council chairman has been voted in less than a week after kwame brown's resignation. phil mendelsohn got the seat with an 11-1 vote but before hand, thins turned owingly. council members argued over the number two vacancy of chairman pro tem. council member vincent orange criticized michael brown. >> there is not a dramatic step that can be taken that just wipes away all of the concern. we'll-- it will take time. we'll have to work at
5:36 am
rebuilding the people's trust in the government. >> reporter: despite orange's heated debate, the council did select michael brown as pro tem. a group of seniors from fairfax county won't be walking across the stage to receive their diplomas today. >> they've been banned from graduation after a senior prank they pulled last week. fox 5's sherry ly is live at the students' high school with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those three students will not be attending the graduation ceremonies and instead will be getting their diploma as privately. this is despite an apole to fairfax county schools to lift that graduation ban. that is the punishment for the senior bank last wednesday at herndon high school. the students spilled baby oil in the hallway. chris shoemacer, one of six students involved you now
5:37 am
admits it is a bad idea. -- chris shoemaker, one of six students involved, now admits it is a bad idea. >> i think if they had been forced to mop or clean or scrub the floors in the presence ever the other students and received a little ridicule, the message would have gotten across. >> reporter: the students will not be allowed to attend that graduation ceremony with the rest of the class of 2012. students here at the school were split on whether this punishment fit the crime. shoemaker now admits this this prank was not wise. he and his parents say one disciplinary action in 13 years of school here shouldn't result in a punishment this harsh. that is the latest here in herndon. back to you. >> thank you. they had a chance to do away with paying property tax so why did they vote to keep it? >> interesting. that is next as we check more head mind. we'll be right back.  [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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voters in north dakota vote to keep property attacks in tuesday's election. they unanimously decided to shoot down a measure that would have eliminated those taxes. 76% voted no to the proposal. it would have made north dakota the first state in the country to replace property taxes with
5:41 am
revenue from oil and sales taxes. the u.s. anti-doping agency has filed formal charges against seven-time tour de france charm mean lance armstrong actually letter from the agency accused armstrong of using a blood booster called epo along with other performance enhancing drug and even getting blood transfusions. the accusation are bassed on evidence from an investigation of his team including interviews with unnamed witnesses. armstrong denies the charges. a second contestant from the miss usa pageant is saying the the unnamed contestant tells fox news, miss florida reported see a list of the top five finalists in a fold are hours before the top 15 were even announced. miss pennsylvania was the first contestant to speak out. badgement owner donald trump calls the allegations fall. the pageant is suing her for defamation. miss maryland told us she didn't see the list either. you know him as the mini
5:42 am
darth vader in a car commercial. max page will have open heart surgery at children's hospital in l.a. today. the 7-year-old has a hole in his heart and has a problem way pulmonary valve. that hole will be repaired and the valve will be replaced. did you play last night's powerball? there is a big winner. >> $240 million. we are checking the numbers plus we are checking weather and traffic as we continue. we
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. a live look at reagan national airport. the sun is out. hopefully, we're in for i anice- looking day. we'll check weather in just a moment. >> but first, one lucky person is waking up a whole lot richer this morning. up fortunately, that person is not in our area. >> if only it was one of husband, right? we would all be on vacation. someone in iowa to turns out won last night's powerball lottery drawing. the grand prize, just a mere $240 million. here are the winning numbers. n there were some big winners
5:46 am
in florida last night. not with the powerball. i'm he hoping some of my relatives will give me a call. >> the phone starts ringing from cousins you never hear from. >> we've got winning weather today. so if you don't win the money, you will win with the weather. let's see what is going on with the maps because it is calm today. not a whole lot to talk about. we don't have any clouds right now. no precipitation. we are talking a day where we will see a few clouds though, a little bit later on. we'll have a northeasterly onshore flow so a little bit of moisture coming through here. we will see a few clouds but the sun will be out there. no problem at all. it will be a pretty pleasant day. here is a look at current temperatures. 63degrees at manassas. 72 at quantico. we've got 67 at baltimore. 61 at gaithersburg. a little cooler at hagerstown at 58. same for cumberland at 52 degrees and winchester is also 52 degrees. yesterday's highs were pretty
5:47 am
close to where they should have been. 82degrees the high for reagan national airport. dulles, 80 degrees. that is the same for baltimore, bwi thurgood marshall you're port. not too far off the mark. we've got a rim of high pressure that is going to build in and that will influence us as we head flu into the weekend. in the meantime for today, there is a system that is just off the coast. really not doing anything. it will con to move its way to the south. we'll be left with some partly sunny skies into the course of the day. as i said, a few high clouds will start to build in a little bit. it won't be too bad. it will be very pleasant and pretty comfortable. a little less humidity than we had at least yesterday. for today then, 79-degree is my day tomorrow high. partly sunny with light wind. winds from the northeast five to 10 miles per hour. and tonight will be comfortable and mild as well under partly cloudy skies. your overnight low, 62 degrees. here is a look at your five-day forecast which is looking absolutely fabulous. tomorrow, we are talking 80 degrees with just a few clouds and the sun definitely bright for your saturday and sunday.
5:48 am
we have nothing to talk about in terms of precipitation. temperatures once again saw iting in the low 80s and close to seasonal. that lingers through until the beginning of the week at 82 on monday. that ridge of high pressure doing its job and keeping us with nice conditions for the weekend. lauren demarco stand by with a look at traffic. >> things hooking pretty good on the roads. we have the volume building quickly so things starting to get heavy as you travel inbound 66. let's take a look at that making the trip out of manassas as you head towards centreville. the left of the screen there is the inbound traffic. you can see all the headlights. effect stacking up as you head east. same story further along leaving route 50 fair oaks off and on. it breaks up as a continue in toward the beltway. no problems to report on the beltway itself in virginia. 95, we're seeing heavy traffic through stafford and then again
5:49 am
right here from newington towards springfield. 395, no issues for you. beltway looks great right now in maryland. there we are at new hampshire avenue. no problems on the inner or outer loops. let's take a look at waze. we wanted to look downtown to see if we are seeing any delays here. benning road, looks like a little slow traffic. other than that, we are in good shape. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. here is a sight for sore eyes. gas prices continue to fall. they've even dipped below $3 in south carolina. drivers have been lining up at this one particular station to get in on the big savings. the national average for a gallon of regular is currently $3.54. that is 40 cents cheaper from when prices peaked in april. >> yeah, i remember. it was always so painful filling up the tank. still as i bit. a rare feat on the bookmobile diamond for a storied frap choice. >> plus the washington nationals leading the pack in the fl east. can nip stop this team?
5:50 am
dave ross is here next with sports breakfast. -- a rare feat on the baseball diamond for a storied franchise. 
5:51 am
5:52 am
ground ball and it is a play to complete the perfect game for matt kaine. >> matt kaine pitched the first perfect game in san francisco giants history last night. it did take some stellar defense and a 14-strikeout effort. the giants won 10-0. kaine is just the # 2nd player in
5:53 am
baseball history to perform a perfect game. >> unbelievable. -- kaine is justify the 22nd player in baseball history to pitch a perfect game. >> that is pretty incredible. >> dave ross is here. >> you get 14 strikeouts. none of the guys wanted to talk to him when he is in the dugout. he is just standing there in between innings. it is like superstition in baseball. they just walk him. >> that's true. >> you never go, hey, you got a perfect game going. >> you never talk to the guy. >> staying all by themselves. matt kaine is always in his little world and he runs out and does his thing. it is pretty incredible. and to see two perfect games already this year. we had one in chicago earlier this year when philip umb he want r pitched a perfect game. we'll see one with the nats one
5:54 am
day. stephen strasbourg was on the slab last night in toronto. how about your red-hot nationals, six in a row now, guys. on the road. winning three in boston and sweeping toronto. there is tyler moore, the rookie. this thing is way gone. first major league home run of his young career and he would add another one. bottom of the sixth. nats up by three. strasbourg is the first pitcher this year to have 100 strikeouts already. they are now 38-23, 15 games over 500. and percentage points behind the dodgers for the best record in all of baseball. >> can we stay storied frap choice with the nats next? >> not yet but we're getting there. >> how about the orioles? this is impressive. chris davis broke his bat and yet still hit a home run. that is when you know you're strong, country strong right this. the os win again 7-1 over
5:55 am
pittsburgh. they are only one game behind new york yankees for first place in the american league east. guess who comes to down in d.c., the yankees playing the nats. the nats can help out orioles. this is thomas robin sop. this is a d.c. guy. he was in to work out yesterday. the wizards have the number three pick coming up in this month's draft. robinson is a big kid, 6' 10", can do some things. went to kansas. first team all american. he is a guy that will be on the the radar. he would like to be here. >> i've always been a wizards fan. so this is a dream to be right here. i think if i want to get to the top, to take the time to come to the team and help them get off the hump. i want to be considered as one
5:56 am
of of those players. >> 6' 10". this is the type of guy you would think they would be in the running for at the third position coming out. they will talk to michael gilchrist coming in. a lot of d.c. people really like thomas robinson. >> you want people to cop and watch the games. >> i would think so. but this is a big pick for the wizards. we know they have not had good success in the last couple of years. the third pick overall is a key pick. maybe thomas robinson is the guy they're looking at. we'll find out. >> you know he was made for playing basketball. >> a little bit bigger than me. >> me too. plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. we say hello to isaac colon. he tells us he wake up to fox 5 morning news every day at 4:306789 he says he loves watching tony and tucker would
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both happen to be off this morning. >> hopefully, we're ad swat substitutes. >> we're doing our best. >> thank you for tuning in. to be the fan of the day, just log on to our facebook opinion and leave a comment under isaac's picture.   -- our facebook opinion and leave a comment under isaac's picture. 
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