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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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karen? >> reporter: this is a bustling neighborhood with a lot of new development. the tracks are in place for the street cars coming and it was probably very quiet, around 6:00 this morning when june limb, from south korea, was found dead inside the greek deli on that corner there. her murder has upset the entire community. on any given day, it was her custom to go to the deli to open up around 5 to 5:30 in the morning. the husband told her it was potentially dangerous. >> and that day after the morning and look at them. >> reporter: he is heartbroken that someone accosted his wife of 40 years, shot her once in the neck and killed her. the police spent the day looking for clues. they believed the motive was robbery. >> and this is -- i think it's hard for myself and my wife. we were expecting our first
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grandchild for them this year and she will miss the birth of the first grandchild. >> we are attempting to determine what exactly is missing from the establishment. i can't discuss that further. >> reporter: everyone speaks highly of june. some called her grace like the name of the deli. we found one of her employees sitting on the sidewalk absolutely distraught at the news. he said that she was like a mother to him. >> and me and my wife and daughter, she's always there for us. anything we are, she help us and not only the paycheck, food, anything and to -- >> reporter: relatives came to the scene and customers who were in shock. >> and to tomorrow and from that store. she gave you credit. they had no reason to take her life. and that is -- >> reporter: june would have
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been 65 july 7th. she was planning to retire next year. there were no signs of forced entry and there is a lot of security inside with bullet proof enclosures. the area merchants tell us that there are surveillance cameras inside and that police are not saying whether the murder was captured on tape. laura, back to you. >> and are there any witnesses who have been able to give information to police at this point? >> reporter: police have been tight lipped about the information they have and they not saying whether there are any surveillance video to be had. they saying only that there was no since of forced entry. they don't know if it was one assailant or more people. whether someone followed her in. a lot of unanswered questions and questions the police are not answering for us. >> whether they got away on foot or if there was a car involved, we don't know at this point? >> there is no lookout for a vehicle if they got away and
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that is early in the morning and she was found between 6 and 6:30, and the relatives tell us the son and the father, that she usually goes to work around 5 or 5:30 in the morning and there are probably not that amount of people walking on the streets and sounds as if someone knew her pattern. >> and hope police catch whoever did this. thank you very much, karen gray houston. developing in fairfax county, the former high school football coach is under arrest accused of conspiracy to distribute steroids. wisdom martin is live at the fairfax county police headquarters with the story. wisdom? >> reporter: that coach was arrested yesterday during an undercover operation. the police caught him and meeting with his supplier at a shopping plaza. that coach whose name is jeffrey reagan, he is charged with possession with intent to distribute steroids. from background on reagan, he
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started teaching at mountain view alternative in 2007, and he was a football coach as well at south county secondary school and i'm told that he was in the process right now of trying to get a -- get a coaching job at west springfield high school. >> while this individual did have numerous contacts with students and teenagers and people, we don't have direct evidence to ling him to giving or selling drugs to the students. >> reporter: reagan has been suspended from his teaching job without pay until further notice. shawn? >> thank you, wisdom martin. and to deliberations in the roger clemens' perjury trial. the jury met for 3 1/2 hours yesterday and won't meet until monday again because the judge is out of town. before yesterday's recess, they asked to so more than 100 exhibits. it appears deliberations may last awhile once they resume.
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lance armstrong's lawyers are demanding access to evidence gathered by the u.s. antidoping agency and that following new doping allegations raised against armstrong. his attorney asked the agency to turn over names of witnesses who said they saw him use priapussing drugs -- transing drugs. -- performance-enhancing drugs. >> reporter: dogged by doping allegations since the first tour de france victor in 19 inspect, lance armstrong is once again set to fend off the accusations. the u.s. antidoping agency filed form chal alcharges against the athlete. armstrong strongly denies it. he released a statement saying that i have never doped and, unlike many of my accusers, i have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one. the agency said he used human
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growth hormone, testosterone and blood dopplerring products while a -- for more than a decade. the head of the usda released a statement reading in part usa da initiates matters supported by the evidence. we don't choose whether or not we do our job based on outside pressures, intimidation or, for any reason, other than the evidence. armstrong suggests the antidoping agency of taking part in a conspiracy to discredit his accomplishments. these charges are baseless, motivated by spite, although usa da alleges a wide-ranging conspiracy experienced over more than 16 years, i'm the only athlete who it's chosen to charge. some cyclists are defending him. >> lance armstrong, you know, two thumbs up for him all day every day. >> reporter: hope everything works out for him. >> reporter: he's suspended from competing in world triam lon events. if found guilty, he could be stripped of his titles. more graphic testimony in
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the sex abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. two more accusers taking the stand today describing how sandusky sexually abused them. and one testified he called himself the tickle monster before embracing him in a shower and bruce gordon has more on what went on today. >> reporter: prosecutors wrapped up their case this afternoon with testimony from the eighth and final direct accuser, a slender 18-year-old who stated ongoing abuse, oral sex and annal rape by the defendant during sleepovers at his home when he was 12, 13 years old and about 70 pounds. that testimony graphic and disturbing, followed two other alleged victims with frighteningly similar stories. the sixth accuser to come forward told jurors about an awkward encounter with sand of you thinky in a campus shower facility when he was 11.
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he said the defendant lathered him up and lifted him off of the floor in a kind of naked bear hug. the boy later reported the incident to his mother and show called police but no charges were filed until last year. >> there was an opportunity, a missed opportunity in 1998, an opportunity not just missed by one person but multiple people and that is saddening and adds to the pain he suffers. >> reporter: the seventh alleged victim said sandusky morlest -- molested him during sleepovers from no one 98 through 2001. the accuser, a boy of 11 at the time, testified that tickles and rubbing would escalate, quote, at times, he would touch my peenis, it was frequent. like many of the other accusers, this alleged victim maintained a relationship with sandusky long after the alleged abuse occurred. >> and this is not at all
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uncommon of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. one that is emotionally complicated. >> reporter: no trial tomorrow, the defense begins the case on monday. during opening statements, the lead defense attorney implied and did not promise that sand of you thinky would take the witness stand. >> they keep describing the sleepovers at his home. in one case, it was reported his wife was upstairs. did she know what was going on? has she been in court through the first days of the trial? >> reporter: in and out. she has been in court for parts of the proceedings. i will tell you that there are lots of folks who think it hard to believe that, a, she would never come downstairs to check on what was going, even to say hello to the kids, offer someone a snack. but apparently she did not. the accuser this afternoon, the eighth and final accuser actually gave the defense a bit of a assistance there in a sense he said, look, it's a large home, a large basement and he thought it was, quote, sound proof.
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so it was not clear to him that even a few occasion when is he tried out -- cried out, whether the wife dottie heard anything. >> and i also want to ask you, oftentimes in these high profile trials, we see crowds gathering outside and talking about what is the going on inside the courtroom. what about outside? is there a circus-type atmosphere as we safetien -- often see with these cases? >> it's slowed down the last few days. frankly, the crowd of public witnesses is smaller than expected. there are empty seats behind me and the public have not used them every day. you have to be able to spend time during the day to to do that and that is not always easy and that is tamped down. we see victims rights groups and so forth, trying to get their points of views across and that is relatively dignifyd. >>. and another question here. an investigator with the state
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attorney's office asked today and mentioned that penn state was not quick in getting investigator information. we heard that over and over again throughout the investigation and that seems day after day prosecutors continue to build a case not only against sandusky but penn state. are you hearing that? >> reporter: absolutely. penn state is not on trial here in a literal sense, but the court of public opinion, the university took something of a beating. one of the accuser's attorneys described the university as an enabler for what went on and that theme went on throughout the brief trial. the idea that penn state didn't do as much as it could have or should have has been evident from the start of the investigation and that is at least once everything blew out in the open. >> i would imagine other institutions are paying attention to this. thank you very much. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you for reporting to us from pennsylvania. thank you. coming up, the boy scouts ordered to release 20 years worth of files at the center of
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a lawsuit. and thousands of birds killed in a massive bon fire in virginia. gary. >> and a pretty good step weather-wise out there and some temperatures across the region in the 70s and in some lower 80s. will this stick around? will we keep up with this through the weekend? a first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. boy scouts must release
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secret files it kept on suspected child molesters, that was the ruling from the oregon state supreme court. the files were collected between 1965 and 1985. the existence of those files was disclosed during a trial in 2010 and which a former scout claimed he was molested by an assistant scoutmaster. the boy scouts attempted to keep the files sealed but the state supreme court ruled since the files were used during the trial, they should be made public. a trial date has been set for the 11 people charged in the hazing death of a florida a&m drum major, robert champion. he died last november from repeated blows to the body after enduring -- enduring a hazing ritwill. -- ritual. the judge set a trial date of october eighth. >> a bizarre finding in the parking lot in kansas. two young kids were bound and blind folded. the five-year-old boy and seven- year-old girl were sitting beside an suv, their hands and feet tied and they had blind folds over their eyes. three other children, ages 12,
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13, and 15 were inside the suv. the father was with them and did not cooperate with officer when is they arrived. >> we tried to contact the male with the child and the male resisted contact from the officer. there was a struggle between the adult male and the officers that initially responded. >> the father was arrested after officers used a tazer on him. mom was later found inside the store and she was also arrested. the kids are new in protective custody. the police say the family was traveling from chicago to arizona when their suv broke down in kansas on monday. they had apparently been staying in the parking lot since then. out of virginia, the fairfax county police made an arrest in the murder of a man in reston over the weekend. the police say barack fatel was killed during a fight outside of the apartment. this afternoon, the police arrested the 20-year-old ali of prince georges county.
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investigators trying to figure out what caused a horrific bon fire that killed 17,000 birds. that happened in mount jackson, virginia. it took two hours to bring the fire under control. it's in a rural area with no access and the firefighters had to carry in the water and bring in water tankers to put out the blaze. firefighters are still trying to get the upper hand on a massive wildfire in morn colorado. the flames have burned nearly 50,000 saker -- acres since saturday. 600 homes evacuated, one death reported. the fire is only 10% contained. investigators say lightning sparked the blaze saturday morning. warmer today and gorgeous weather. >> and gary, what with can we expect? >> copy and paste the forecast. there you go. >> and cut and paste it for a few more days. >> that is what we're going to do and that is how it's looking out there.
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let me show you some clouds. you saw the beautiful clouds. fair weather clouds and you can see them on satellite picture, too and there is some streaming from the north and east, and it looks like this is going to be the setup tomorrow and that is going to be a carbon copy of today, maybe a few clouds and on the whole, really, really nice and in the clouds, they will be with us through the evening hours, at least until the sun goes down and then most of them will break up and that is overnight tonight. we'll have mostly fair skies. the temperatures, depends on where you are. 81 in up to. we have been as high as 82 and the winds have been coming in from the east. 79 for gaithersburg. kupp pep -- culpeper, winchester, in the mid-70s there, fredericksburg at 77 degrees. leonardtown, the flow is coming from the east-northeast and for leonardtown, anyway, this side of the bay and it's just cooler. that is not necessarily the
5:19 pm
case for annapolis and, again, another fine evening out there with a good amount of sunshine the next few hours and the temperatures will be falling down into the middle to low 70s and a little cooler out in the suburbs. again, no complaints and that does look like there their is no reason to think as we progress through the weekend, it's not going to stay the same. there you go. cut and paste forecast. >> we like it. thank you. you can check the weather any time you want. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad and find it on our website, coming up, a nationwide manhunt is underway after a woman is shot to death inside a hospital. the suspect, a surgeon. we'll have details. >> and stand your ground. a texas man using the same defense as george zimmerman learns his fate in court. >> if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip ofline at
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. police issued a nationwide alert for a trauma surgeon accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend at a buffalo hospital yesterday. he's a former u.s. average medic and weapons specialist. he shot his 33-year-old ex- girlfriend in the stairwell at the erie county medical center where they both worked. jordan's colleagues told the buffalo news he was acting strangely in recent months. a man accused of killing three people near auburn university over the weekend made his first court appearance. leonard turned himself in after a two-day manhunt. he's accused of shooting six people after a fight over a woman. the judge appointed him a free attorney. he is facing three counts of capitol murder, two assault
5:24 pm
charges and is held without bond. a houston man accused of murder after trying to use texas's version of stand your ground law as a defense. rodriguez shot his neighbor two years ago after a fight over noise from a birthday party. he was threatened by his neighbor and two other men after he went to the house to complain. the prosecutors say the law doesn't apply here, since rodriguez started the confrontation. >> they're going to escalate this. they want to kill me, they want to shoot me, they have weapons and i'm standing my ground. those are the buzz words and this means -- begins. >> the punishment phase of the trial started today. rodriguez faces life in prison. after campaign stops here in the district, president obama and mitt romney are on the road today. coming up, they attacked each other's economic records in the battleground state of ohio. plus. and just a week after kwame
5:25 pm
brown resigns as chair men of the d.c. council, there is a new leader in play and some of the major changes are being held back for now. i am matt ackland. that story is coming up. >> a project that is sure to lead the traffic headaches on a busy corridor. that is underway now. derway no @
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. president obama and mitt romney hit the campaign trail in ohio. they were focused on on the economy and attacking each other's economic records. they laid out differences. >> and that is a message hard to miss. they were on opposite ends of ohio. governor romney framed the last
5:29 pm
three years as a failed presidency and to tie them to those of former president george w. bush. and returning again to ohio, president obama headed to a community college in cleveland. >> and i ask you to stand with me for a second term as president. >> reporter: in an official campaign event, he gave a lengthy speech and that the economy is headed in the right direction. >> and we acted fast. the economy started growing six months after i took office and has continued to grow the last three years. >> reporter: the president unleashed some of his sharpest remarks yet at governor romney, saying he's recycling. >> and if they win the election, their agenda will be simple and straight forward and they promise to roll back regulations on banks and polluters and oil companies.
5:30 pm
>> and you may have heard that president obama is on the other side of the state. >> reporter: in cincinnati, mitt romney blasted the president last month and in that stagnant economy. >> he may have forgotten he talked about the one-term proposition and we're going to hold him to his word romney hammered the president's quote that the private sector is doing fine. >> and acts speak loud. look around ohio and the country and you will see a lot of people are hearing. >> reporter: they're early battles in a larger war over a map getting started. >> and there is a big ticket fund raiser for the obama campaign and some big bucks
5:31 pm
leveled on both sides of the race. shawn, combined what the romney and obama campaigns have so far raised a tocombine nearly $1 billion. >> and that is a road to the white house. that is. tom, we also know there is a big fight going on between the president and congressional republicans on spending. where does that stand? >> that is still ongoing. leon panetta was on capitol hill yesterday telling the congressional republicans that they need to do something to stop these mandatory cuts going into effect on july 1st and you remember during that debate and controversy and that plan, those cuts were tied to this and these automatic cuts good morning into to go into effect. they never reached an agreement. right now, july 1st is that
5:32 pm
deadline. that hasn't changeed and these cuts will go into effect. a big endorsemen for mark allen and they campaigned at a family-owned business and he said if elected, he will try to change the country's current economic course. >> and we need to invigorate and this entrepreneurial spirit. >> i have no doubt in my mind that he is going to vote for what the country needs to do. >> and allen is facing tim kaine. and some recent polls show it's dead even. and a slight change is taking place in city hall.
5:33 pm
overall, he's set out to stabilize the council instead of some big moves right away. >> reporter: no time for rest for phil mendelson. today, he juggles three jobs as chairman and at-large member and dad. >> and -- >> reporter: inside the wilson building, there are slight changes taking place. new name plates are being installed, including outside of the official office and he will stay at his old at-large desk. >> and i am trying to send a message and that i am not just moving in and settling in and that is the expense to the people and i am trying to strike the right balance. >> good morning, how may i help you? >> reporter: he doesn't plan to make any big moves on the council right away.
5:34 pm
he won't reassign committee chairmanships any time soon. the one issue he has about taking the reins as chairman is to find enough time in the day to meet with those who want his ear. >> and there are more requests for appointments and i provided myself to be accessible. >> and this new position comes with a big raise and we're talking about $65,000. new, chairman mendelson will make $190,000 a year. chairman mendelson said that he spoke with the mayor not long after becoming chairman on wednesday and both agreed to work together to move the city forward. >> and that is what some people want. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> mendelson took the chairmanship yesterday after the former chairman resigned
5:35 pm
last week and pleaded guilty to felony bank fraud. >> what do won't? >> jobs. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> and dozens of people rallying outside of the wilson building. the first source law is being challenged in court and that requires that city construction contracts employ a percentage and a group wants to see the law overturned and that had some high unemployment rates. d.c. mayor gray and other leaders kicked off the u street scape project and that is including a nice facelift and they will be reconstructed and widened and including landscaping. >> and the first thing it is to complete the north side of u treat and that is done block-by- block and so there is minimum
5:36 pm
disruption and, afterwards, we'll do the same thing and then complete things by paving the entire stretch in one swoop. >> and they will all be upgraded and the projects expected to be complete next spring. and friends are moving. the governor announced the state will spend more than $8 million that mean will be use for a four-lane roadway and should help reduce traffic in that area. coming up, why a virginia senator is raising new concerns about the military's f-22 fighter jet. and that is something that would have been unheard of in the year's past. how the pentagon plans to support military's gay troops. back in a moment. in a moment. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. there are new concerns this evening about the military's f- 22 fighter jets. the air force grounded the f- 22s for four months last year because pilots were getting dizzy and had other oxygen deprivation symptoms while flying. the virginia senator mark warner said new information he received shows the problems the f-22 might be worse than first reported -- reported. the air force is investigating. the don't-ask, don't-tell is a policy in the past. the military is getting ready to recognize the gay and lesbian troops. the pentagon said it will mark gay pride month and salute the troops this summer. the military said that it will honor gays like it honors racial or ethnic groups. june is gay pride month and is
5:41 pm
unclear when it will honor the troops. coming up, singer chris brown is hurt during a night club fight. tmz joins us live with the scoop and who else is involved. the nationals are off to the best start in franchise history and that is going to take a back seat for tonight. ryan zimmerman joins us live to talk about his a night at the ballpark after the break. laura. >> thanks, lindsay. gary is back with more on this wonderful weather. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. the nationals are idle tonight. the nats park is playing host to a special cause, close to the heart of the franchise. lindsay murphy is live at the baseball park with that story. and lindsay, what is it? what is happening there tonight? >> reporter: it's a big night for ryan zimmerman. a benefit to help with multiple
5:45 pm
sclerosis, something that your mother was diagnosed with in 1995 and has lived with for a long time and that is emotional for her. is it emotional for you as well? >> it's emotional and a lot of fun, too. to have it set up for anyone to come out and to cia band or concert with 800, 900 people. obviously to raise some money for a good cause and do some good things. >> and you have a silent auction and live auction and i think the first two years, you raised over $500,000 that must be special. >> it's impressive and this community, i think, i consider where i am from now. i am from virginia beach and lived here almost 10 years and to be a part of the community and have them come out and to support this, means a lot to me. >> and i know your teammates will be here, too and this is some 15 games over 500. you waited a long time for this and how does it feel to be on the winning team?
5:46 pm
>> this is the first june where the games mean something and that is sad in june but it's worth it. they did it the right way and started from the ground up and told us it was going to be bad a few years. everyone stuck with them and trusts them. this year, we have a long ways to go and that is a great team, fun to watch. >> why was it important to stick with the team that told you to stick with them? >> they have been loyal to me and took a shot on me and have given me every opportunity to success and -- succeed and this felt right to be here and i hope it's like this for a long time. >> and you are on a six-game winning streak and so are the yank ease. this is probably one of the most highly anticipated series of the year. >> and this is fun. people will come to watch us, too and this is fun. any time you're in first place and playing good baseball when other good teams come in and that is how it should be and
5:47 pm
they a great team and win does&try to do the right thing. >> and continue sweeping, okay? >> yeah. >> ryan zimmerman, tonight at nats park from 6-10 and back to you. >> we wish them thest about and thank you. nba commissioner david stern got into a heated exchange with jim rome and started when he said it was fixed. >> no, and a statement, shame on you for asking. >> i think it's my job to ask. i think people wonder. >> and that is ridiculous. that is okay. >> i know you think it's ridiculous, i don't think the question is. i know people think that. i am not saying thaty do but i think it's time to ask you that. >> you have stopped beating your wife yet? >> i don't think that is fair. >> things didn't get any better as the interview continues and
5:48 pm
they agreed they were both offended, the interview ended with stern saying i have to call someone important now, steven a. smith is up next and for those of you who don't know, he is a competitor of jim rome and they went -- and that is ugly. >> yeah. >> and didn't end well. >> can you believe that? >> i briefly heard and that i gone the know the context of it. >> yeah. >> and that takes your breath away. >> i mean, you know. touchy the there. >> and jim had a share of sights before. >> -- fights before. >> he never -- and do not expect it with the nba commissioner. >> you didn't. >> and going back to zimmerman and the nats and if you have a ticket this weekend, the weather is going to be beautiful and tomorrow night at 7:00, and i am not sure about the other times. all weekend long that is going
5:49 pm
to be real, real nice and can you sit there and that is what you're missing. real, real good and that is going to stay like this will. next week, we're talking about a warm-up and enjoy the next few days where temperatures where they should be this time of the year. wednesday, thursday, and friday of next week, we're going to talk about the temperatures getting to 90 degrees and with that warmer feeling. the humidity is going to be nice the next few days as well. 81 in town; quantico, 82; temperatures in some places this evening, in the mid-70s and this is that forecast in the metro area. nine:00, 74 and 11:00 to about 71 and we'll be in the 60s tonight and looks like a few 50s are back in the offering for what is going to happen in the suburbs and this is that
5:50 pm
setup for the week. the high pressure is building aloft and it's going to be that we don't have a superduper warm- up. the high pressure will stay up to the north and to the east of us and that is going to keep the flow coming from the east- northeast and we never really get too hot with that. we're going to be warm and sunny. the numbers have not changeed, and i think in terms of saturday and sunday, we're talking lower 80s, areawide and that is looking great. in the 70s with plenty of sunshine. the jet stream is to the north of us. you see the yellow boxes stacked up and look how quickly the thunderstorms just blow up in to the central plains.
5:51 pm
baseball-size hail in dallas and it's exploding in the northern-central plains here and to home we go, talking about fair weather clouds, mostly fair and the low temperature gets down to 64 degrees in town and we start off good. warming up tomorrow and into some upper 70s, lower ats and i hope you enjoy this and let's go to the five-day forecast. it's worth seeing and that is 81, 81, 83, father's day. >> beautiful. >> and good for all of the daddies out there. >> you think? >> and monday warmer. tuesday, you warm things up. the humidity stays nice and i don't know how you find june weather better than that. and to the talk of the town on tmz. chris brown hurt in a bar fight with drake's entourage and harvey levin joins us live from
5:52 pm
l.a. we have chris brown and drake's entourage? what happened? i am going to revise that. drake was in the middle of the thing. they were basically giving each other the bird all night. they were talking trash to each other. this is chris brown and drake in this night club in new york and it escalated and escalated and escalated and it was over rihanna. both of them allegedly have been with rhianna. there was a third person, a rapper named meek, a tough guy who was involved in this and drake got everybody to this fever pitch and chris brown was there, too and drake walks out of the club and everything breaks loose. there were a bunch of people who got injured, including chris brown and there was glass all over the place and this is
5:53 pm
appalling. both, it would appear, acted like jerks in this club. >> when are they going to stop fighting over women and let me ask you, we know chris brown has been in trouble in the past, you know. is he going to face any charges? have any charges been brought against anyone involved in this? >> no. we have talked to the nypd. they said that they're investigating it and when it came to the physical fight, mostly the body guards were involved, although we're told the rapper meek from drake's camp is the one who hit or allegedly hit chris brown with the bottle that cut him. >> and no fighting, guys. from the judge for boxer floyd mayweather. we know he was trying to get out of jail early, saying he would never box again. the judge denied him. what happened there? >> reporter: well, what a surprise. i mean floyd mayweather is acting like a crybaby and that he is saying he doesn't like
5:54 pm
the food in jail and the water and that he's shriveling up. he's been there a week and not able to work out enough. the judge scoffed at him, you know, in court and basically said you have got to be kidding. you're in jail for beating your baby mama. you're there for 90 days and boo he, essentially. and it was on the show and tmz did not lose sight of one thing, shawn. >> what? >> the judge is really good looking. [ laughter ] >> is that right? that is a good tease, harvey. we'll tune in to see what the judge looks like. >> thank you, we'll see you on tmz at 6:30. have a good one, harveyy. hbo apologized for using a model of former president george w. bush's head it features a beheading scene with president bush's head on a stake. the show's producers said they
5:55 pm
use a lot of prosthetic body parts on the show and can't afford to use them from scratch and used what they had around. the network apologized and said the scene would be removed from future dvds. coming up, let the conspiracy theory begin. what do you see in this picture. the unusual object stirring up washington. and then, metro enforces new safety regulations after an employee is seriously injured on the job. and big plans along the potomac. the new changes that could be in the works for the national harbor. those stories and weather and sports. just ahead at 6. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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. the health of a potomac, maryland, man, being held in cuba is getting worse. the attorney said the country is withholding the results of medical tests performed on him there. allen gross was arrested in december of 2009 and convicted of spying for distributing internet equipment to cubans. he is no serving a 15-year
5:59 pm
prison sentence and his lawyer said he's having difficulty walking. the attorney sent a letter to cuba's top diplomat in d.c. asking for the results of testing done in may. and thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. and i saw a ufo and my brother's in college park and i got worried. a ufo on the beltway? the suspicions and the theres after an unidentified object is spotted being rolled around town. washington abuzz when people thought they saw a ufo. it was pulled into the region on a flat bed truck late last night but it was not a flying saucer. it was a drone. fox 5s john henrehan joins us new with this out of


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