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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to also do more for our wounded warriors. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> incredible. >> four more hours left. they can do it. >> we still have plenty ahead. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. >> it is friday, june 15th. happy friday. taking a live look at the washington monument. temperature out there in our immediate area, 67 degrees. feels not too bad out there. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's bring in gwen with some good news. i think you're going to like this. if you are just joining us and you haven't seen your five-day forecast, but we got to. it is looking good. >> it is looking good. we are headed for a really nice day today. i know the weekend is important for everybody because a lot of people are having a lot of
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plans outside. right now, take a look at our satellite-radar composite. we have just a few high clouds that will be across the area today. not too much to be concerned with. yesterday was a wonderful day. highs were pretty close to where they should have been. 81 at dulles. 82 at bwi. this is 66. maybe this isn't updated yet. 81% humidity. and today, we are talking about no shortage of sunshine. mostly sunny skies, light wind. 18 our daytime highway light northeasterly wind. the humidity will be up a little bit today. we have a coastal flood advisory for the tidal potomac and the lower portion of the chesapeake bay on the maryland side until 9:00 this morning and a small craft advisory today as well. nice day. >> yes. >> perfect. >> hope it continues through the weekend for father's day, right? >> thank you. >> time for on-time traffic with lauren demarco.
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>> it looks like it will be great through the weekend into next week so that is lovely. things are hooking pretty good on the roads. 197 northbound at powder mill, your northbound lanes remain blocked with accident investigation and clean-up. we had some wires down across the roadway. i-07, westbound lanes blocked at route 32. let's take a look at 207 from trafficlapped. you are traveling southbound out of frederick now. not seeing much in the way of delays. watch that volume begin to build as he we had down towards clarksburg. nice trip down past rockville towards the split in bethesda. beltway looking good through montgomery county. overnight construction wrapping up. nice trip across the american legion bridge to head into virginia. we also have construction crews heading out of there. 66, no real problems for you leaving manassas. things look good past 123 in towards 495. outer loop leaving the mixing
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bowl heading towards the wilson bridge. 95 and 359, no issues for you. -- 95 and 395, no issues for you. you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. . >> thank you. making headline this morning, d.c. police are on the hunt for a suspect accused of murdering a beloved business opener in northeast. june lim was found dead inside grace deli on 8th street early yesterday morning. police say the 64-year-old was shot and they believe robbery was the motive behind this. she was just three weeks away from her birthday and three months away from becoming a grandmother. >> it is particularly hard for myself and my wife because we were expecting our first grandchild for them this year.
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so she will miss the birth of the first grandchild. >> so tough. some of her customers are planning to hold a vigil in front of the store today. they are hoping to uncover some clues that will help catch a kill are. a new sex assault case is linked to a serial rapist. police in the dloict and the fbi say the new assault has already been linked to i man connectedy to aseries of rapes in our area as well as a murder last year. the fbi started a public awareness campaign and tried to drum up tips on the suspect. he has been linked to nine attacks between the times of 1991 and 1998. the last attack was the murder of christine merzine in 1998. the richmond circumstance c openly gay prosecutor to a judgeship one month after legislators blocked at pointment. he was honorably discharge as a navy pilot because of his sexual orientation. some legislators pointed to that defiance as a reason he
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should not serve. the appointment was left to the circuit court because the general assembly failed to fill the seat. the seat. another big story this morning. mgm is looking to take a gamble on maryland. the world's leading gaming industry is interested in operating a casino at the national harbor. that is where fox 5's sherry ly is live with the details. good morning. that is big news. >> reporter: it is. we saw the huge turnout that maryland live got when it opened up in arundel mills. now imagine if this empty field here became a world class casino here at national harbor. it is not a done deal yet but mgm says it is interested and an announcement could come as early as today. the proposed casino would be locationed on what is known as the plateau at national harbor. an mgm spokesperson confirmed to fox 5 that, under the right circumstance, it would be very interested but there is one catch. state legislators haven't decided whether to allow a
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sixth casino in the state. with mgm on board, prince george's county executive rushern bake are says it opens up all kinds of possibilities. >> that is what we wanted for prince george's county to get a high end casino here so we are glad that they're interested. >> reporter: now, governor martin o'malley has indicated that he would call legislators back to annapolis for a special session the week of july 9th to discuss the gambling issue if there was con sensous a casino deal. that is no sure thing in this general assembly. while the senate did back a bill on gambling during the regular session, that same bill died if the house on the very last day. and there is opposition, strong opposition from maryland live which believes any casino here at national harbor would take its business away. that is the latest here at national harbor. back to you. >> thank you. sound like the fight will continue out there. kids blindfolded and bound. now parents are charged and police found more children in
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the car. >> just ahead, why were they camped out a wal-mart parking lot? we'll be right back. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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[ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet. no animal byproducts, no animal fat. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. it's not gonna happen. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free, and we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did, and it's what we do today. making headlines this morning, a bizarre discovery in the parking lot of of a wal-
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mart in kansas. police found two young kids bound and blindfolded. officers a a 5-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl were sitting inside an suv with their hands and feet tied and blind fold over their eyes. three other children were inside the suv. the family was headed to visit relate testifies in arizona when their car broke down. the parents are now in jail being charged with child abuse and child endangerment. graphic testimony in the jerry sandusky trial. more alleged victims took the stand yesterday. one said sandusky called him, quote, the tickle monster before embracing him in the penn state shower. he was only 11 years old. he also said sandusky gave him a tour of the locker room and tanning facilities and had him try on some players equipment. the trial is recessed until monday. a trial date has been set for the eleven people charged in the hazing death of a florida a & m drum major. robert champion died last november from repeated blows to his upper body after enduring a
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hazing ritual by other band members. the judge has set a trial date for october 8th. the health of a potomac, maryland man being held in cuba is getting worse. husband attorney says the country is withholding the result of medical tests performed on him there. alan gross was arrested in 2009 and convicted of spying for distributing internet equipment to cubans. he is serving a 15-year sentence. his lawyer says his client is having difficulty walking and developed a mass behind his right shoulder blade. the attorney isn't a letter to could you be's top diplomat in d.c. asking for the result of testing done in may. changes at d.c.'s city hall but not big changes. >> up next, how new council interim chairman phil mendelsohn says he wants to stabilize the council. plus, we'll have weather and traffic again. stay with us. 
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a live look outside at the washington monument. we are hoping for a good- looking weekend especially for all you dads out there so can you celebrate. dads in your life outdoors, right? >> absolutely. lots of outside activities people are planning. >> they should be able to, right? >> i think they should be able to. we'll see what mother nature is whipping up. let's have a look at our maps.
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a for you clouds outside this morning. not very much. it is mostly sunny skies for the day so you won't see very much. just some high thin clouds. we'll see the clouds increasing a little bit later on this evening. a ridge of high pressure in control. really nothing much to talk about in terms of cloud coverage or even precipitation. we don't have any of that happening. current temperature is 65 degrees at reagan national airport. that humidity continues to climb. last hour, it was 81%. it is now 84%. so it is going to dim feel a little sticky and up comfortable today because we are headed to the low 80s for our daytime high. here is a look at our current temperatures. 61 at dulles. 63 at manassas. 72 at quantico. 06 at baltimore. 67 at annapolis. 63-degree for hagerstown and 59 for cumberland. here is a look at national temperatures because the heat is definitely on. we'll continue to see a lot of
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this warmer air filtering its way up the mid-atlantic. -- 60 at baltimore. 63degrees for hagerstown. very comfortable under mostly sunny skies. tomorrow, we'll see just a few clouds. we'll start that tonight with a few increasing clouds into the overnight hours and it will become partly cloudy tonight and we'll see partly cloudy skies as well for your saturday. overall, it will be warm and very nice. if you are heading to the beach, that is a good decision for today. take a look. water temperature at 70. plenty of sunshine, 72 to 75 degrees overall for the weekend. not a bad choice at all. a good way to kind of cool down especially with the humidity kicking in. we are hooking at a really pleasant day. so once again, a ridge of high pressure for the weekend settling in and our weekend temperatures look absolutely great. we have got 82 for saturday. and 83 degrees for sunday. look at the five-day forecast. she is whipping it out here.
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temperatures into the 80s. we get a little warmer on tuesday at 88 degrees. i look lauren demarco's advice and i made sure our father's day hay little special graphic on it. >> shout out to the dads. good job. that is cool. we do see some volumes starting to build in the usual stretch on 66. we'll take a look from traffic land as you head inbound through manassas. you way be off and on the brake there making that trip toward venterville. the taillight, everybody starting to stack up. things look getter once you get into centerville. soo something volume here as you head up toward the mixing bowl. 359 does look good for the play through the 14th street bridge. want to mention in maryland, northbound 197 at powder mill. northbound lanes may be blocked with the accident investigation. westbound, ien 07 at 32, your land are blocked with i quick. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic.
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-- blocked with a wreck. president obama tours ground zero. he ventured on to the hallowed ground getting a grand look at the skyscraper replacing the twin towers destroyed on 9-11. he was joined by new york governor andrew cuomo. he held a fundraiser at the temperature of sarah jessica parker later. mitt romney spoke at a campaign event in ohio. he predicted even more dire consequences of the president's economic approach. slight changes taking mace at city hall just days after phil mendelsohn was selected as the interim chair for the d.c. council. >> mendelsohn says he wants to stabilize the council instead of making big changes. matt ackland has the details on this this morning. >> reporter: no time for rest
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for phil mendelsohn. today, he juggles three jobs as chairman, at-large member and dad. taking a few minutes out to pick up his daughter from school. >> why was school all right today in. >> it was the last day. >> reporter: inside the wilson building, there are slight changes taking place. in new name plates are being installed including outside the chairman's official office. but mendelsohn says he will leave the office unoccupied for now and stay at his old at- large desk. >> i'm trying to accepted a message, i'm not just moving into the office upstairs and settling in and there is some expense in that to the government which means expense to the people. so i'm he trying to strike the right balance. >> good morning. >> reporter: mendelsohn says he doesn't plan to make any big moves on the council right away. the one issue he does have about taking the reins is
5:20 am
finding enough time in the day to meet with those would want his ear. >> there are now a lot more requests for appointments and you've always prided myself on being accessible so we have to work through how i can be accessible on a 36-hour a day basis. >> reporter: this new position as chairman. council comes with a pretty big raise. we are talking about $65,000. now, chairman mendelsohn will make $190,000 a year. chairman mendelsohn says he did speak with mayor gray not long after he became chairman on wednesday. both agreed to work together to move the city forward. >> that is what people want is to see that government is working and that our elected officials are working together. >> reporter: in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> he is suddenly mr. popular around there, right? >> yeah. >> mendelsohn was elected interim chair after kwame brown resigned last week.
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>> he pleaded guilty to bank fraud and campaign finance violations. if you knew there were just a few days left until the end of the world, what would you do? that is a tough one. >> we'd come watch vacation i'm sure. that is the idea behind a new movie. steve carell stars in the fill. he sat down with kevin mccarthy to talk about it. 
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if the earth were on an unavoidable collision course with an asteroid, what would you do with your final days? that is the question asked by the new movie, seeking a friend for the end of the world. >> it opens next weekend. kevin mccarthy sat down with the star, steve carell. >> i think it is interesting that movies are not shot in order. you shot the beginning scene of this film on the last day. your real wife is in the scene with youen. as an actor the shooing the first scene on the last day, how did you emotionally get back to that version of the character even though we just saw you go through all that emotion in the movie. >> it is actually easier that way because now you sort of know how the performance and the movie and the story plays out. at least of a constructed it in your head. to shoot a scene like that at the end is actually kind of
5:25 am
simple because you have so many other things, so many other days of work informing what happens on that very first day. >> now, your character basically regrets almost his entire life when he realizes that the world is ending and he wishes he had been with his high school sweetheart. is there a role you regret not take something. >> no. i feel like i was able to do all the roles that came my way that i wanted to do. i think i've been really fortunate that way. >> i loved throughout the movie the recurring newscast and i thought it was interesting watching this guy come on. hypothetically, for the anchor man cast was doing that newscast in the film, how differently would that have been? >> it would play out in a much broader sense. it would probably be an erroneous news story. there would be probably be something that they misread or it would probably be -- if ron
5:26 am
was roding that, it would probably be a practical joke that the champ had played on him. >> your character essentially has never taken risks in his life. he real uses he is going to take this risk, go on this journey. what do you think was that moment in your career where you took the biggest risk and that led you down the great path to where you are today. >> i think the biggest risks have been leaving something that is established and a great job. like when i was working at second city, to choose to leave second city in chicago and to try to do something else or when i was in new york to leave the daily show and to try to go somewhere else. and recently with the office to move on from the office and to try to do other things. i think those to me are the biggest risks because those were great jobs. and jobs in which i was happy and i had good friends. but i think until you sort of risk some things, you don't find out what is on the other
5:27 am
side. sometimes they can pay off. sometime they don't. but i think you have to make them. >> good for him. >> taking some risks. >> i forgot of his on the daily show. >> i did too. kevin will join us live in our next hour with his reviews of the weekend's big movies. big problems for r & b star r. kelly as in $5 million. sherry ly is following our big story this morning. >> good morning. could a casino finally be coming to national harbor? fox 5 has learned that mgm is in stalks to build a casino right here on this site. what it will take to get a deal and when we might expect an announcement coming up. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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south welcome back. let's take a look across the river there in roslyn, virginia right now and sun is starting to come up just a little bit on what will be a pretty nice day out there. you can see the sun reflecting off the buildings there in roslyn too. it looks like we are off to even a great start. not even a bumpy start, a good start. we'll have just a few clouds a little later. the sun will be evident and the weekend is looking fabulous. i don't think anyone will complain. only complaint might be the humidity today because that will be up a little bit. it already is. really, we've got mostly sunny skies today. not very many clouds. rim of high pressure is
5:31 am
definitely going to be in control. that will hold this as well into the weekend. it is currently 65 degrees. humidity at 84%. sticky and muggy and uncomfortable. the wind will remain light. it is currently 6 # at reagan national. 61 at dulles and 06 degrees at bwi sure good marshall. -- it is currently 65 at reagan national. by midday, 7 # degrees. by the 5:00 hour, we'll be at 80 degrees. my day tomorrow high today is 81 degrees -- by midday, 78 degrees. >> you know what counters that. you look at the banner calvin has put up on the screen. it says friday, we made it to
5:32 am
the weekend. let's get a check of the roads. & everybody is working for the weekend && sorry. i hay moment. we have a couple of things going on on the beltway today. if you are traveling out otter loop between 202 and 50, we have report of a wreck. also an incident in montgomery county on the outer loop. that is right near university boulevard off on the right shoulder. good news there, it is not blocking any travel lanes but it is starting to stack up. you have delays from new hampshire avenue to head past university. once you get past towards colesville, it dozen up for you. 270 making the trip out of frederick off and on the brake as you head down toward 109. once you get to 121, that does open up. we had the earlier crash i-70, westbound lanes were blocked at 32. no accidents reported in virginia. 66 is getting heavy leaving manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. nice voice too.
5:33 am
another big story we are following for you. mgm is looking to take a gamble on maryland. >> the world's leading gaming industry is interested in operating a casino at the national harbor. that is where sherry ly is live with the details. >> reporter: good morning. mgm we have learn has been meeting with legislators here in maryland. they are following the developments very closely. it is one of the world's biggest gaming companies and this site right here overlooking the waterfront at national harbor is prime real estate to build a casino. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: this is where the proposed casino would be located on the site commonly referred to as the plateau at national harbor. mgm spokesman gordon absher has
5:34 am
released a statement confirming the company's intent. this is welcome news for prince george's county executive rushern baker. >> clearly, that is what we wanted for prince george's county, to get a high-end casino here so we are glad that they're interested. >> reporter: the proposal to put a casino at national harbor is drawing mixed reviews. a lot of people would not have to go a far dissance to delaware. >> bring in money towards the county. if it is helping out the student and the education of all of the kids of prince george's county, i'm all for it. >> butch settles who has lived in the county for more than 40 years is worried about losing his chill-out spot. >> look at what is happening. people getting fit. people meeting people out here. can you walk and ride. you just enjoy it and you get a number of people. i don't think the casino would be good. >> reporter: this isn't a done deal yet. maryland lawmakers would have
5:35 am
to agree to allow a sixth casino in the state. governor o'malley has indicated he would call legislators back to annapolis during the week of july 9th for an extended session on gambling. clearly, mgm officials are watching those developments closely. >> we want a destination resort for prince george's county because that is where we'll have the economic benefit. so i think this speaks well of it so we are excited. >> now, lawmakers have not reached a consensus on gambling here at national harbor. a senate-backed gambling bill during the regular legislative session failed in the house. and one of the biggest opponents of a casino here is maryland live, the newest casino that opened up at arundel mills. it is concerned about losing business. and while this is not a done deal, mgm says that an announcement could come as early as today. that is the latest here at national harbor. back to you. >> thank you. making headlines this morning, a northeast community still in shock following the murder of a beloved business
5:36 am
owner. this as police continue their search for a suspect. june lim was found dead inside grace deli on 8th street early yesterday morning. police say the 64-year-old was shot. they believe robbery may have been the motive for this. some of her customers are manning to hold a vigil in front of the store at noon today. a sex assault case from the 1990s is linked to the so- called potomac river rape itsist. police inked the new crimes to nine other sexual assaults after they put out information about the suspect last year. the campaign to find the suspect involved a web site and metro ads showing the suspect. a woman came forward saying she was raped on macarthur boulevard back in 1996 and dna evidence linked her assault to the suspect who is being blamed for killing christine merzine in 1998. trouble for r. kelly. multimillion-dollar trouble actually. that is coming up next.
5:37 am
plus, another book in the worked about the late pop star whitney houston written by someone who actually sang at her funeral. details are coming your way next as we check more headlines. first, we have a check of the markets showing wall street was up on hopes of more federal stimulus to breathe fresh life into the recovery. the dow gained more than 155 points. the nasdaq added nearly 1 and japan's nikkei was flat overnight. all over another asian and european market scare rising this morning on word of coordinated action by world's central batchs if greece votes to pull out of the euro this weekend. we'll be right back. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn.
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[ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens.
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r. kelly is in trouble with the irs. according to the chicago sun times, documents show kelly owes nearly $5 million in taxes. allegedly he needs to pay for taxes dating back as far as 2005. this is not the first sign of financial trouble for the singer. last year, he saw his chicago mansion fall into foreclosure. whitney hughes top's mother is not the only one writing a book about the late superstar. gospel singer b. b. wynans says he has bring a book about the
5:41 am
whitney i knew. the book is due out july 31st. talking on your phone while driving in the district ca you in a little trouble. just ask chris wallace actually d.c. police officer stopped him sunday morning while doing a live phone-in interview. >> and this is supposedly -- >> i'm he going to have a problem here. >> what is that? >> i'm talking to you on the cell phone and there is a miss man and i probably shouldn't have been talking on the cell phone. i'm about to get arrested. >> he knew he got caught. he didn't get arrested, of course. no word for the officer gave him a ticket. this is a tickettable offense. >> no excuse but if you drive in d.c., you get caught in traffic, these long lights and it is so hard not to get on the phone especially if you are chris and everyone is clamoring to talk to you. >> yeah, i'm sure. no excuse. i put my car in the trunk now. >> speaker and blue tooth. there is all kind of ways around it.
5:42 am
>> speaking of d.c. streets. if you travel on u street, you may have noticed all that major construction under way. cog up, mayor vincent gray explains how to avoid major delays as the street gets a major make over. 
5:43 am
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a live look over roslyn. the suspect sun is coming out. gwen says get ready for humidity today. maybe no rain but it might feel like rain coming down your neck. >> it will be a little sticky out there today. it is a great start to a good weekend and we'll stay on the positive and just drink lots of water. that is what you have to do today. so let's have a look at our maps and get you started in term of what you can expect. we don't have a lot of cloud coverage on our satellite-radar composite but we are expecting a few little clouds, high clouds into the course of this afternoon and also as we move through into tonight, you will see a few more clouds. right now, not a lot happening. we have a strong ridge of high pressure in control. current temperature is 65- degree at reagan national airport. 84% humidity and an easterly wind at five miles per hour. it is foaling a little sticky
5:46 am
out there right now. the temperature is not that high yet. it is not too bad. only into the afternoon hours that you have to start to be concerned about that. it is 07 degrees at quantico this hour. 63degrees at hagerstown. the same at martinsburg and 61 degrees at fredericksburg. 58-degree, a lot cooler for boston this morning. 61degrees for new york city. 59 at richmond. 60degrees at raleigh. we are talk a day where we're going to see plenty of sunshine today. this ridge of high pressure definitely in control. just a few clouds. and than as we move through into tonight, we'll see a few clouds starting to move in and so partly cloudy skies for tonight and that is the same story as we head through into your saturday. we'll see a few more clouds in the forecast. but it will be a little humid today. here is a look at your day planner. by midday, it will be 78 degrees. by the 5:00 hour, 80 degrees. my daytime high today is 81 degrees for you with a northeasterly light wind. not bad at all.
5:47 am
we are talking mostly clear tonight backing partly cloudy at 63 degrees. the sun straight across the board right through the beginning of the week and a great father's day as well weatherwise. >> i'm going to be at nationals park with my dad so we are going to have some god weather. >> as you travel in prince george's county, expect delays on the outer loop. we'll take a look at waze. we have some wazers stuck in that mess. land overroad and route 50 is where the incident occurred according to this wazer right there at exit 19. that is blocking everything but the right lanes. everybody squeezing by single file. as you travel the beltway continuing into montgomery county, the good news is we had the early early crash at university boulevard. that has been cleared out of the way and it looks like the district attorney lays are gone with it. leaving nam avenue heading past
5:48 am
university, you should be back up to speed. 66 showing with volume through manassas. look at those taillights. thins get better once you get towards centreville. no delays to get past route 50 and 123. 95 northbound, no real issues for you other than some off and on the brakes here in newington. 395, no incidents reported from the beltway up to the 14th street bridge. i do want to mention if you are traveling metro over the weekend, blue, yellow, orange and red lines will be single tracking. expect up to 20 minutes of delays throughout the weekend beginning at 10:00 p.m. tonight until close sunday. >> thank you. the wazers really helping us all out. the epa is tightening standards for soot pollution. the proposed new air quality regulations will lower the amount of soot allowed from diesel trucks, buses, power plants. the rules from the environmental protection agency rob in the work for a while. the court ordered the white house to update the standards
5:49 am
under the clean air act. d.c. mayor vincent gray and other city leaders have kicked off the u street streetscape project. work is under way and the project includes a face-lift of u street between 9th and 14th streets. the sidewalk areas will be reconstructed and widened in sections and it will include some new landscaping. >> the first thing we'll do is complete the north side of u street between 9th and 14th streets and that will be done block by block. so there is minimum disruption to the extent we can minimize that. and then afterwards, we'll do the same thing on the south side of u street and then we'll complete things by paving the entire stretch of the project in one fell swoop. >> streetlights, traffic signals and storm drains will all be upgraded. the project is expected to be finished sometime next spring. >> it will look good. a dangerous walk across one of the nation's iconic tourist sites. >> this guise betting ready for
5:50 am
what he calls the walk of a lifetime. i guess it is. a tightrope is strung across the falls and coming up, we hear from the daredevil preparing for the historic stunt. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows
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just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens.
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in sports, the nba finals are now tied at one game apiece. the miami heat beat the oklahoma city thunder last
5:53 am
night 100-96. lebron james scored 32 points including two key free throws with seven seconds remaining. deign wade added 24 points. to baseball now and a huge series this weekend if our first place nats. >> they take on the new york yankees in a three-game series in nats park. the nats are off to their best start in franchise history, just amazing. they are 15 games over 500 androiding a six-game winning streak. the nats were off yesterday. unstead, the team joined captain ryan disciple man for the third annual a night it park. the event benefits multiple sclerosis. zimmerman's mother cheryl was diagnosed with ms back in 1995. at the event, there was a silent and live auction as well as a concert from a band. in two years, zimmerman has raised more than $400,000. just outside of baltimore, hundreds of la crosse players are in the midst of a 24-hour
5:54 am
fundraiser for the wounded war wroar project. >> it started at 9:00 a.m. yesterday and ends at 9:00 a.m. this morning. -- for the wounded warrior project. bob barnard takes us there. >> reporter: 24 hours of la crosse. they are calling it shoot outfor soldiers. a thousand players expected to compete. kids from six years old to 65. do they take it easy out? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: tyler typeheart, boys latin class of 2012 had the idea for this fundraiser. >> that was awesome. >> reporter: the score 65-69 just after din are time. >> after din -- after dinnertime. >> every day, they allow me to
5:55 am
enjoy the things i enjoy. i don't give them anything back. >> the record in north carolina a year and a half ago and now we are doing 24 hours, come completely blowing it out of the water. >> this is nothing come pardon to what they do and any chance we have, any opportunity we have to honor them, i know i'll be a part of it and i believe most americans will. >> reporter: tyler says he was hoping this las cross marathon would raise $10,000 for wounded warriors. less than 12 hours into this thing, he had already raised more than four times that. the parents helping to pull this off feeding hundreds here at any one time applaud the efforts of a young man heading to american university in the fall. >> he hay vision and he has brought it to fruition. i'm amazed and awed by him because he is a wonderful young man and it is a great cause. >> reporter: and timer is hoping this mighty marathon might inspire others to also do
5:56 am
more for our wounded warriors. bob barnard, fox 5 news. latter today, a stuntman will make history by walking across niagara falls on a tightrope. >> crews have been working on the rigging as nick wallenda prepares for what he calls the walk of a lifetime. he will walk from the u.s. side to canada which should take about a half hour. he will travel a total of 1800 feet, some 20 stories up walking through heavy mist on a wire roughly the size of your wrist. can you believe that? >> no. >> the stunt will be live on tv. he is required to tether himself to the wire but he will have to avoid tripping on it too or having its weight throw him off balance. >> so answer me this. u.s. to canada, does vie to have his passport in his back pocket. >> just to get across.
5:57 am
>> can you pg he gets there, sorry. >> -- does he have to have his pat port in his back pocket? >> just to get across. >> can you imagine he gets there, sorry. >> the facebook fan of the day is katina alexander posey. she saws she cannot wait to see her kids' faces when she see mom on tv during breakfast. hi, kids. >> they are so excited right now. a fun story to start summer vacation for you. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, just log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under katina alexander's picture. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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