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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i was at the window sticking my head out to get some air. >> right now at 6 in the nick of time, a person trapped in a burning building this morning pulled to safety. reaction is straight ahead. >> and the u.n. making big changes in syria as violence intensifies. the mission is suspending and how it plans to move forward. that is all coming up. good evening, i'm matt ackland. we begin with a big story dominating the headlines recently. president obama's new immigration initiative. today, more than 250 members of maryland's latino communities met with obama administration officials in montgomery county. white house officials said that they came to listen and to
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respond to concerns. fox 5s john henrehan attended some of the nighing -- meetings and joins us live with an update. is this just election year politics? >> reporter: that depends on who you ask that question to for example, the administration officials say this is constituent outreach. they have been doing these meetings, dozens and dozens of them over last year and some latino supporters say his new policy initiative will help mr. obama in the voting both in november. president obama in the past who has been criticized for deporting many illegal immigrants, on friday announced a big change. immigration authorities will not go after young people who have no documentation if they came to the u.s. before the age of 16 and have stayed out of trouble, earnedhigh school diploma and earned -- issue were in in the military.
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most people support them. >> they ino 70 kids and caught in the cross fire and this is the right thing to do. >> reporter: kenny mccoy, however, worries about the affordability of the new policy. >> you're burned in the system. the system is already stressed to the max. >> reporter: hundreds of latino residents gathered for a long scheduled summit with white house staffers who came to offer help to the community now. >> and today they need access to affordable college opportunities. they need access to small business counseling, small business contracting, small business opportunities and so we're here to deal with the business of today. >> reporter: the young people in the room said the directive will help many people. >> and can't have that, what i would have in college and. >> reporter: twenty-year-old ericson, a student at montgomery college, said president obama is playing
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smart politics. >> and we were turning our back on him and she came right on you and said you know why i'm going to do this. >> reporter: will it work? will he get votes? >> i think he will. >> reporter: it will be a huge issue on the maryland ballot in november at the behest of o'malley, the maryland legislature opened state universities for many undocumented young people at in- state tuition rates. opponents of that law, however, gathered enough signatures to allow voters to decide if that will happen. matt? >> all right, john. thank you. here in the district, a handful of families are without homes tonight. this is after a fire broke out at their apartment building and it happened this morning in southeast. the officials say they received a call about a crash fire. they witnessed people hanging out of the windows and trying to
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escape. >> i had to get out of the window to get rescued. i'm glad, i mean, other than that, i am glad awful my stuff -- . >> and the red cross is trying to help the residents affected by the fire. no one was seriously hurt. the search is on for the driver who sent a 33-year-old man to the hospital after a hit-and- run in fairfax last night. according to the police, the victim and 17-year-old friend were walking on the sidewalk along fairfax boulevard. that is when a vehicle jumped the curb and hit the man. it happened after 1030time. the police say the victim was thrown more than 50 feet into a parked vehicle. authorities are working with a witness who determined a macon model of the vehicle involved. anyone with information is asked to call fairfax county police. abortion right supporters in virginia are applauding the board of health decision to not implement get-tough rules on
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all clinics. as audrey barnes reports, new clinic -- clinics would be affected. >> reporter: the new rules would allow to expand the size of howlways and provide covered entrances and more parking. the operator of a clinic in fall's church said it would have cost up to $1 million to make those changes. critics of those costly requirements say they were meant to force abortion providers out of business. >> those regulations stipulate all kinds of facilities requirements that doctors had said repeatedly that were unnecessary for the health and safety of women. these regulations were really about politics. >> reporter: the attorney general was backing the rules, which also had the support of governor bob mcdonnell. the virginia board of health ignored their recommendations and voted against the most
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controversial of the proposals. the rules made would apply to new clinics seeking to operate in the state. >> we're encouraged by the fact that there was public outcry with virginians clearly said that they had leave reached in terms of politicizing women's health. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. and to the raging wildfire in colorado. can you see it here in the screen behind me. authorities believe it's too blame for the death of a woman. her body was found inside a cabin. meantime, the fire's become so large, more than 1500 personnel were called in to help battle the flames. the fire is 20% contained and could take crews two to four weeks to get it fully contained. more than 110 homes have been destroyed and 85 square miles were scorched. the total damage is believed to be at more than $9 million.
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making headlines overseas and monitoring mission to a halt in syria. the general in charge of the operation said it's simply too unstable to put his unarmed monitors in harm's way. fox's joey piezza has more on the story. >> reporter: a new bombardment and amidfears of syria's steady descent toward the civil war. the united nations suspending its monitoring mission inside syria. >> innocent civilians, men, women, and children are being killed. it also forces a sig -- poses a significant risk to my unarmed observers. >> reporter: 298 military observers and 112 civilian staff, all part of the monitoring mission, have been trying to curb the violence since mid-april. the observers are to cease the patrols and stay in tocations. >> engagement with the parties will be restricted. this is to be reviewed on a daily basis. >> reporter: as rebels defended
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this and the streets, the general said the violence prevented the monitor from carrying out their mandates to oversee u.n. envoy kofi annan's april 12th cease fire and it's been widely ignored. syrian government forces launching a fierce offensive in recontribute days. the u.n. monitors witnessing heavy shelling and populated district. citizens have been fired upon by attack helicopters hovering over towns and cities. many hundreds of people including civilians, rebels, and government forces have been killed in the two months since the cease fire deal was brokered. the u.n. said at least 10,000 people died since pro democracy began in march 2011. activists have a much higher estimate n. new york, joy piazza, fox news. >> polls in egypt closed a few hours ago wrapping up the first of the country's two-day presidential runoff election. voters are deciding between two
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very different candidates. one was a formal general and the last prime minister under hosni mubarak. the other was under the muslim brotherhood and this comes days after the supreme constitutional court ruled to resolve egypt's recently elected parliament. a noble peace prize two decades in the making. this is video of myanmar opposition leader suki arriving at norway to accept the prize she won in no one 91. she was under house arrest at the time for demanding democracy in the country. she received two standing ovations as she gave her long delayed acceptance speech since wing release in 2010. suki has led her national league for democratic party into parliament. a connecticut man furious with his sandwich. this is his beef to police. don't miss the 911 call. >> and now the site for those
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scared of heights, 20 stories above a niagara river, the daredevil makes history. the walk that took him to cloud nineteen error. that is coming up in -- cloud nine. stay with us. that is coming up. ming up. . >> as we head to a break, a birthday celebration months in the making. thousands gathered in london to celebrate the trooping of color ceremony as the official birthday of queen elizabeth. the queen and prince phillip were joined by other members of the royal family, including the veteran of cambridge. the queen's actual birthday was in april when she turned 86. we'll be right back. stay with us. with us.  
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joke see if i tried to get on one skeet -- . >> i could see if i wanted to get on one seat but three seats were paid for. >> that didn't stop delta airlines for canceling the ticket on the world's largest living athlete. he's an american amateur sumo wrestler. he's 6'7" and waveways 700 pounds -- and waveways 700 pounds. he was trying to fly from newark to italy for a business trip when delta cancelled his booking without any real explanation. delta claims that they reviewed his request travel and simply could not accommodate it. the department of transportation is no reviewing the case to decide if there was any discrimination involved. hold the mustard, a connecticut man who wanted a
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lot of mayo was furious with the way his sandwich was made, he called 911. take a listen. >> you calling 911 because you don't like the way that they making your sandwich? >> exactly. >> so don't buy it. >> exactly. >> turns out the man special ordered 14 sandwiches so the deli could not take them back to resell them. the customer returned to the deli a few days later to apologize. an amazing night for a daredevil, nick wallenda. he walked his way right into the history books while successfully accomplishing what he calls a childhood dream. last night wallenda became the first person to walk across the tight rope about 20 stories above niagara falls. take a look at that. that is amazing n. front of hundreds of thousands of people that took place. he took a steady, calculated step on the rope, which spanned 1800 feet and after he successfully completed the stunt, he told reporters he
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was, quote, on cloud 9. coming up, a loyal fan helps two 9/11 victims celebrate the king's stanley cup championship. don't miss this emotional gesture. and meet a man who, through mini battles, renewed hope thanks to our house. we're going to be interviewed to him next. first -- intro doused to him next. a beautiful night out outside. >>. and i ended the week on a great note. into the weekend, the same pattern and great weather is coming up. details after the break. 
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. welcome back, everyone. a group of young men in our area have been fortunate to have found the place that offers them light, light for their lives. we're talking about our house in only maryland. gwen's here because this is something special to your heart. >> reporter: very, very special to my heart. i want you to hear the story of one of the young men. honored to be on the board and at our house. this evening, i should say, we're going to tell but a young man who has been given a new chance at our house. >> i didn't really have the family manage. my dad was working and my step mom was arguing. i pushed myself to the streets and stayed there. and felt more at home and then
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i realized what am i doing. >> reporter: he was 10, sleeping on parked benches, under porches and dumpsters, eating from trash cans and doing what he could to survive. at 13, he was placed in foster care. he felt hopeless. >> i really gave up and i tried to take my life a couple of times. he found out and put me met hospital -- in the hospital and put me in foster care. >> reporter: that started his care, from foster group homes to eight homes and to our house where his life changeed and he's learn manage in -- in more ways than one. >> i'm learning i am not a bad person but more of an upstanding citizens than back then. i learned that i have a promising career as a carpenter and i am good with my hands and i can identify all keeps of wood by what they look like. i learned how to build things and i learned how to put a roof on a shed that we have as a tin
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roof. it was cool. >> reporter: our house gave him a work ethic and a look into the future he never had. >> i want to further my career as a welder. >> reporter: and what is he accomplish something. >> knowing how to do something that you learned and the fact that you did it. when you actually physically do it, it's like a ball of energy and it's a wealth of anxiety that is like i did this and it's like the coolest feeling you could have. >> reporter: our house operates completely on donations and can you help. our house is having a fund raising gala that i have been coordinating and which fox 5 is a sponsor. the information is on the screen. it's going phone friday, june 29th from 7-10:30 p.m. in the lockheed martin lobby in north bethesda. go to to for more and search our house. i want to mention that general collin powell for the second
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time,ulent his name -- lent his name as an honorary chair. >> wow. >> and actor charles dutton. former congresswoman connie morella and ike leggett as well. >> big names. >> we're excited about it come. out and support it. it's a fantastic cause and we're looking for sponsors and auction items. please reach out. >> going to be a great night, huh? >> yes. >> and we'll have some fox 5 people there as well and celebrities. >> sounds good. >> with that. weather. >> boy, could not ask for a more beautiful day. i'm upset. most of my friends are at the beach today. >> yeah. >> and from rehoboth. mother nature's being kind to us today. the highs today were exactly where we should be temperaturewise and the same as yesterday. we're pretty much on the mark. take a look. 82 at reagan national airport; 80, dulles; 81, bwi thurgood marshal and look at the temperatures now and not too late to get out and enjoy this, let me tell you. eighty, d.c.; 70, baltimore; 79
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at monasses; 78 at fredericksburg; 83, quantico; 77, hagerstown. the double seven kicking in at martinsburg as well and that is some weather that is cooperating. not a lot going on and that is because we have two ridge of high pressures. one in the surface and another in the upper atmosphere and that is going to leave us with partly cloudy skies and mostly clear, mild. tomorrow, what are we talking about? no shortage of sunshine for our fathers as we go into the 80s once again and that is a day where you can get the grill out. partly cloudy, mostly clear. 62 degrees for the overnight low and tomorrow, 81 degrees and mostly sunny and that is going to be warm, a great day for dads out there. by mid-day as you get ready to take that for lunch or if you're planning a late brunch, 77 degrees and 79 by the 5:00
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hour and we don't have a lot to talk about in terms of active weather until the beginning of the week. we have a short wave kicking in and that is going to bring us a chance of showers and a thunderstorm as we go in through monday and could see something on sunday night and into monday and that is once we're into the areas of the west. a chance of showers and thunderstorms. on tuesday, look at the difference in the temperatures as we start to rise. wednesday, thursday, just downright hot and with that 95 degrees on wednesday and thursday. that is going to give us a southerly swell. matt, back to you. >> and that is swamp weather returning, gwen. thank you very much. see you later. a touching photo taking the internet by storm. an l.a. kings fan made sure two of the team's former scouts were a part of the family cup celebration. take a look. dave cransnee who lives in new york, knew two of the kings scouts killed on september
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11th, 2011. they were on the plane that crash period into the south tower. their names are written on the south pole where he placed his hat between their names and tweeted may mark davis and ace bailey finally rest in peace. >> ah. >> that is nice. >> you know, and l.a. kings never won a stanley cup. remember those guys after that, that is pretty incredible. 11 years later. >> and that is true. nats games getting started. >> early and it lasted a long, long time today. we had some serious drama, matt, out there at nats park. we'll show you the crazy highlights this game could have ended earlier if this play was called correctly. and they call him out and the game went on. who won? highlights are coming up. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. >> a sellout game last night and today. >> a tough ticket to get. >> uh-huh. >> can you get it? >> when you're matt ackland -- . >> and they don't let me go. >> come on. try. i'm telling you and that is exciting. today, another test for the nationals, another capacity crowd on hand to see the boys in red take on the yankee pinstripers and no matter how you slice it, the yanks and nats are two of the best teams going right now in all of major league baseball. so savor it. the bragging rights on the line between the two young fans. and we'll find out who got the better of whom. the bottom of the sec, the scores and to flores. he breaks his back and still, mighty power to get it all of the way to the wall and come on
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in and nats lead, 20-0. and top of the 4th, the yankees with two on and two out and eric chavez is going to hit a grounder to desmond. and watch him. he does this from time to time and that is an error, the 10th of the year and does dezi giveeth and giveeth back and there is ian there and tied up at 3. two batters later, adam laroche. and moore trying to score. and the slow home and that is -- is he out or safe? looks like the hand got in and is called out at the plate. extras. really extras. top of the 14th and there with two on and facing brad lynn, one for 10 lifetime and two for 11. the base hit and a couple of runners there and the yankees going front, 5-3. the nats had a chance in the bottom half. and bryce harper with two on
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and with that ground out to end the game. a rough day for the old, 0 for 7 and five strikeouts. the nats fall to the yank ease 5-3 and the yanks won the first two of the three games and rickey romero trying to avoid being the pitcher and takes a tumble. he's okay. everyone's fine. the phillies were not okay and this is in that bottom of the 10th, tied up at 5. the run or and two outs. that ball won't be caught. the game-winning run. escobar will escort and the blue jays walk off with a 6-5en with over the philes. how about this? philadelphia is no 31-36, matching that of the season. earlier this morning at the verizon center, tryouts for the wizards dance team, nearly 181 young ladies try to pursue their dream of being a wizards girl. this is a fierce competition every year. today, the wizards goal will go to a select 50, meaning nearly 130 were support home.
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the final 50 going through an intensive two-week training course and from here on out to make the final cut. yes, i was asked to be a guest judge and sometimes you have to give back to the community and i was honored to do so. >> and put your tongue back. >> britney, if you could give one word of advice to the contestants, what would it be? what is the number one skill on skill they need to take out there? >> confidence. >> and what are you looking for? >> they can boggy. >> and you put down the music. >> and if i am going to do my job to this, you have to help. >> and some people look the part and can't dance. if can you dance and don't look the part. looking for blending. >> he is there for 41 home games and should know. >> uh. >> he wants to be entertained los angeles. >> right. >> and it was a great -- entertained as well. and it was fun to do so. >> gorgeous. gorgeous girls. what were you judging on,
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though? >> the moves or look? >> the dance and looks as well. we want them to be drop dead gorgeous and can they move. we saw some who could do both. we'll be back later. >> baseball tonight. >> yeah, after the game. ten and 11 or after the game. >> whenever it ends. >> so you then. >> we'll be right back. gh  
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