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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and it was an explosion of emotion here and this has been a 10-week trial. roger clemmens and his wife, for many days, were in the courtroom to witness this and clemens, if you watched him as a piper, he maintained the same demeanor housed to have on the pitch -- he used to have on the pitching mound. he would be is toic and firm and rigid and i was in the position to so this going on and you could see he went ford and just relaxed. and kind of leaned forward. what followed was just this convulsion of hugging that broke out in the newsroom. clemens hugging his wife debbie and both of them hugging their sons assembled in the courtroom and clemens hugging rusty harmon -- rusty hardin and other members of the defense
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team and this contend into the hallway and got so large at one point, and i am not sure who that was. someone turned around and started to lunking like they were going give me a hug and came to their senses and realized i was a part of the press. >> roger clemens had his wife here to support him and his sons. he got emotional as he thanked support oners here this afternoon -- supporters here this afternoon. >> all of our family at home in houston were great. all of the support, we had a bunch commune today and over the last, what was it, six weeks? thank you to all of them. >> nine weeks. >> nine weeks. time flies when you're having fun. and so my sisters were here. it's been trying to them and i thank them for their strength and showing their strength and support. really, all of the, all you media guys that know me and followed my career.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: a few minutes ago, the u.s. foreign's office released a statement. i will read it in part. it said the jury spoke in this matter and we thank them for their service. we respect the judicial process and the jury's verdict. the u.s. attorney's office wishes to thank the investigators and prosecutors who pursued the case request with tremendous dedication and professionalism after the referral to us from congress. roger clemens will be on the ham of fame ballot next year. back to you. >> and thank you both. we'll follow the new developments in the case. for the latest, go to new here, just-released phone calls reveal private conversations between george zimmerman and his wife. the neighborhood watch leader is accused of killing trayvon martin. he's more on the calls between the two in the jail. >> reporter: it's clear the jailhouse phone calls between
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zimmerman and his wife, she knew there was a lot of money in the pay pal account. >> and like unlimited and in a few minutes,ile do another two. >> okay. good. >> and pretty much will be cleared out. uh-huh. >> i feel a relief. i don't know, you know. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. yeah. i told you i'll leave you with one and that is still trickling in. >> reporter: these are the reason why zimmerman is back in jail. shelly zimmerman lied at a bond hearing about the the money and charged her with perjury. the roaring showed he gave her a play-by-play on where to transfer the money and how, telling her to change the security settings and passwords to ones show would know and it was done in code. $10 meant $100,000. >> you don't have access to more than $10? i do.
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>> in your account. >> and that is what i'm saying. if you have more than 10 dollars, may be can you put 10 in hers and show can take the 10 out. >> uh-huh. >> and president of the united states the -- take your 10 out first to keep in your pocket. >> reporter: the phone calls mention nothing of martin and his pending criminal charges. every phone call and ended between them and an i love you. >> and we're going to be okay. >> yeah. >> and you will be. >> no. and the further we go over, you're going to be able to just have a great life. >> we will. >> yeah. we will. >> reporter: in orlando, shannon butler, fox 5 news. we have a news alert from duey beach. authorities are investigating the suspicious death of a woman in a hotel room. an employee found the body at
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the atlantic oceanside hotel in morning and investigators released little information. it's not clear if foul play was involved. montgomery county police made an arrest in a rape case three years ago. thirty-year-old david martinez was the suspect they say that made the arrest based on dna evident. the woman was arrested after park herself car in march of 2003. and martinez knocked the woman to the ground and assaulted her and drove her to the school and attacked her again and left her there. and metro kicked off the new rush plus program and that is designed to alleviate congestion and means more trains on in some lines and different rue -- routes as well and metro said the tee key is to play close tension. >> and that is confusing this evening. once i understand how that is going to operate, this should be okay. >> if you remember nothing else about rush plus, it's not about line color but checking the
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destination side on the sign of the train or platform displays. >> metro is making frequent announcements and there is an overabundance of helpers on the platform helping commuters. take a bike and ride. that is all you have to do. the capitals are giving it a big thumbs up and thaty that saving $8 hundred a year and that is a popular program it's expanding. >> reporter: those days, it's hard not to see a customer riding down a d.c. or arlington street. >> really good. according to customers, it's saving them money. many of the 5,000 customers surveyed say they happy to avoid high gas prices by taking a bicycle instead of a car. and some grabbing a red bike instead of the metro. >> and wait until the -- [ indiscernible ] >> and -- . >> reporter: it appears bike
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share is improving the ability for folks to d, visiting more stores and restaurants with access to bicycles. >> and members are very, very positive about the program. >> reporter: according to lda consulting, 44% of bike share members surveyed made trips around town they would not have made if bike share was not available to them. >> and a lot of people talked about how it gave them flexibility and a new travel option. >> reporter: the bike share program is so popular, the neighborhoods are actually competing for the stations. in fact, some places are going online as a community and voting for a station to be close to them. at $75 a year, bicycle share is a chance for some to get in shape. seven% say they use bicycle share for exercise and that program set is getting larger. within a year, 50 stations holding 350 bikes will be added
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in montgomery count just a moment one of the things people said, more bikes, more station and that is a network of stations. >> matt ackland, fox 5 news. here, a massive recall expands to include 1.4 million cars. which ones are affected. just ahead. how do you like the april weather we had in temperatures in some places and not getting up and over 70 degrees. the showers were nice, to and boy, a major warm-up is coming our way. i will let you know when to expect it. and lindsay, what is coming up in sports. >> the nats recover following a sweep by the yankees and a u.s. open has a first-time major winner and lebron james and kevin durant went head-to-head last night in game three and talking about why the heat are having success in the finals next. next. 
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. a massive toyota recall includes 1.4 million suvs and
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cars. crews are investigating the potential fires and power window switches. included in the recall, 600 million camrys and rav-4s. and compact. the 2008 highlander might be rides under the recall as l. world war ii veterans talked about what they did in maryland and how it affected the course of the war and today the national parks service and cobb servation association brought them together ats u.s. navy auditorium in northwest and they talked about their intelligence work and gathering information about nazi technology. >> and in every theater across the globe and they made a difference for the outcome. >> the national park service is asking congress to help serisk historic sites like camp richie. microsoft readies for a big tech battle. the rumor mill is turning. the software giant dropped the
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. google is facing mounting international pressure to cut some of the continues. several governments claim the information the search engine provides goes against their laws and goggle owns a video site youtube which nets millions of users each day. goggle said the government wants to suppress political opinions and other material they dislike. in a matter of minutes, microsoft is expected to make a big announcement. there is speculation that the software giant will reveal the
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highly anticipated tablet and dave wolf has more. i know you well and you're a reformed apple fan. and will microsoft be able to catch up with the ipad? >> and that is going to be interesting. they had windows 8 in prereleases getting better and better and to have them try it out and that seems like microsoft understands what we will call the 49 fight, you know, three foot to your pc, one to the tablet and 10 to the television and working hard to win that. >> what will the advantage be? the software or hardware itself? >> microsoft has sometimes done hardware and use other people to fabricate it. we will see the software. >> the tablets like the samsung and running on something -- . >> tonight. >> and that is cutting off.
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we'll give it another shot and what types of things you think it will be able to do and to store people like yourself into the microsoft bandwagon? >> they tried to focus on the person and how you use it and to make things quick. and this is resulting windows 8 and showing the stock prices or news or places to travel and they're trying to integrate together a tablet like this guy and then that x-box. and i can dial some music here and to play yet in the living room. >> do we think this is going to have the cellular cable capability? will you sign up with verizon or at&t? >> and to not see the 3g connectivity.
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and they don't know. they have been secretive about this as they have been and announcing the location at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> what would you say is the best part of this now nick nick -- microsoft windows 8? >> yeah. >> what is a part of the software that will gran us as users? >> what is going to grab you is vibrance and focus and about you the person getting information quickly and running down the phones and smaller options. microsoft built the broad ecosystem and connecting the entire experience from my pc to my television. >> and dave,ile report back to the viewers if i see you using it at the navy tailgate. if it's still around then, i know it's a good product. >> we'll bring one along with me. >> good to so you again. >> you, too. and first lady michelle obama showed off her double dutch skilled today, jumping rope on a taped segment. she got tripped up on the first attempt and quickly bounced
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back. she was joined by a group of jumprope champs from north carolina. very good. >> i don't know what to make of the weather. >> and that is going to bust people and shock people as early as tomorrow and that is going to be closer to 90s and that is setting you back on your wheels and that is goings to warm up tomorrow and some into the 90s next week and that is not going to stay hot for days and days and days and some brighter skies as we look at the tower cam and to the west, a line of showers and thunderstorms and they're mostly weakening and trying to move in this direction. they're going to run into stable air closer to d.c. and
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they might fizzle a bit and these are moving slowly and have some hail. some lightning showing up as they creep to the 81 interstate corridor and we'll watch them in our forecast through the overnight hours and into that warming up. check out the temperatures. anything but warm today and that is so nice. a quarter of an inch of rain and some spots getting less and generally, a gentle soaking and relaxing one at that and can you convince yourself it was april and dulles, 67; and bwi marshal, 70 degrees and that is still comfortable tonight. gaithersburg, 66; 65, martinsburg and 66 for winchester. open the windows and let it in. very soon, you want to shut
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them and get the air conditioning cranking and that is while we're 71; chicago, 93 degrees and nashville, 91 and saint louis, 94 and triple digits on the map. that kind of heat can't be kept at bay. the high pressure is going to cook over the east coast. as it does with the circulation, it starts grabbing that warmer air and pulling the hot and hazy air in over the mid-atlantic where we have had a break from this crazy, warm heat. ninetys and some triple digits for parts of the mid-atlantic and in through wednesday and thursday. we have that shower, the shower and thunderstorm activity that i showed you out here to the west and there is that batch we're going to watch and we're going to keep a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms in some evening hours and overnight and that is
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on the cool side. 63 in the district and with some spotty evening shower and the winds out of the southeast and that is on the cool side. pop up to 87 degrees and that is some humidity, brighter than today and because it's getting hot, an isolated afternoon thunderstorm is possible and into that day planner, 74 at 8 in the morning and a spotty shower. by 91, 83; by 5:00, 86 and that is when we work into it. as we head into wednesday issue we jump to 95. by thursday, 98 and some storms on friday at 93 and some relief for the weekend. we noticed it before and sometimes the relief doesn't get here and that is like having a brick wall in the atmosphere and hope that the cool down into the 80s. and web simpson may have
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been an unlikely winner this weekend at the united states open. maybe some are more surprising is how this guy interrupted the celebration. lindsay murphy is next with that story. and down the coast to san diego. the canines stick to the waves in san diego. part of the annual surfing competition over the weekend. more than 50 dogs waxed up the boards and the event raised money for the spca. ♪
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. hello, everybody. i'm lindsay murphy. the nationals have a day off and let's call it a mental break and they back at it tomorrow and with that three- game set at home and interring the series with a 4 1/2 game cushion in the nl east and with that six-game winning streak,
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they lost a half game lead in the standings. they scored the fewest runs in the series while giving up the most runs all season and last night, davie johnson called the lineup and saying they need to get better and summed up the weekend. >> and i think it was a great experience for the ball club and that is a full house, playing the yankees and that is's good way to get a greatec. >> one programming note, the nats and os are on fox 5. the battle of the beltways, part two and catch the action at 7:00 p.m. last night in miami, game three of the nba finals and the heat took command of the series and james helped the heat with a 10-point, third quarter deficit and came back to win 91-
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85 and wade added 25 points and take a 2-1 lead in the series. what is the difference this year, lebron? >> i don't know. trying to make plays and i told you last year i didn't make game-making mays and that is what i did not do in the finals and trying to step up and to be there for my teammates. >> and some will say simpson survived. she was in the courthouse watching furyk struggle to finish and he did finish but not on top and that golf her says a place in sports history and that amazing thing, this week, he never let at any point while on the golf course and did make a charge on sunday, shot a 2-under 68 and when simpson made the putt for par on the 18th, he took the clubhouse lead at 1-over and
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still tied with jim furyk on the course at that time and simpson celebrated his first major championship in the clubhouse with the wife. the only snafu was when this guy interrupted the trophy presentation and he was quickly taken out of the pictures. the orioles on the road tonight facing the mets. brian, back to you. >> and thank you. one last look at the forecast, sue. >> -- >> today's high temperature, 71 degrees and tomorrow, 87 and wait a minute, 95 for wednesday and thursday looks like it's -- it's closer to 98 degrees and each day, oons a lighted -- isolated storm possible. >> now you have the news edge. back here at 11.
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