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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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finding the push to make it happen seems to be the sticking point again. fox 5's bob barnard spoke with some loudoun county supervises. >> elected officials -- supervisors. >> elected officials haven't decided if they're willing to commit to the cost to bring metro service out west. the board met again tonight to hammer out a financing plan. the silver line heading toward loudoun county is coming to life, but will metrorail ever make it that far? >> i don't think it's a question of whether rail is a good and viable transportation alternative, but there were not prior systems set up to accrue any moneys to fund this project. so we need to figure it out. >> loudoun county's board of supervisors debating ways to pay for the silver line is staring at a july 4th deadline to hop on or stay off. >> in fact, i couldn't think this board will be able to decide how we're going to do that in the next two or three
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weeks and so are we going to vote to opt in before we know how to fund it? i'm not going to vote to opt in till we know how we're going to fund it. >> they're considering special taxing districts around the two stations proposed for loudoun county, also a countywide tax and moneys from the county's gas tax. >> the bottom line right now, you can argue over a few dollars, but we have to figure out a way to come up with $1.2 billion to pay loudoun's share over the next 30 years. that's an awful lot of money to me. >> not too much for officials who want the county to pony up for phase 2. >> you know this is going to be a great investment in the county. what we'd like to do is become less of a bedroom community and be attractive to corporations. it would significantly help our tax base. we would be able to pay for more roads and more schools and help our infrastructure. so i think this is a great investment for the county and i hope we get the right decision made. >> if it's ultimately a yes vote, the goal would be to get metrorail to dulles and beyond
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by 2018. >> i think being able to get access into the city is going to become harder and harder as the years go by because population is not going to stop growing. we're in a favored region. so that's clear. the question is just how can we make this work to be the best possible transportation solution? >> first phase of the silver line through tysons corner on to reston is expected to be up and running by the end of next year. the federal government is helping to pay for that but not phase 2. >> bob barnard tonight. another big story this evening, not guilty, that's the verdict handed down by the jury here in d.c. in the federal trial of baseball superstar roger clemens today. the former pitcher was on trial for lying to congress about using steroids. fox 5's tom fitzgerald was at the courthouse today. we've seen an emotional roger clemens on the field during his playing days, today a different kind of emotion. >> that's right. clemens emerged from u.s.
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federal courthouse in washington at the end of a 10- week trial. it only took jurors 10 hours to find him not guilty. roger clemens choked up several times speaking just moments after being acquitted on charges that he lied to congress in 2008 while he was denying he used steroids. clemens' first trial ended in a mistrial when jurors had seen evidence they were not supposed to. prosecutors decided to retry this case but only one witness, former clemens trainer brian mcnamee ever testified that he had, in fact, injected clemens with steroids and had personal knowledge of it. clemens maintained his innocence throughout the five years of investigation. >> i put a lot of hard work into that career and so again i appreciate my teammates that came in and all the e-mails and phone calls. thank you all very much. >> people thought arrogance was a man saying i didn't do it.
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hopefully we can start back to this when' man says he didn't do it, let's -- when a man says he didn't do it, let's at least start out giving him the benefit of the doubt. >> u.s. attorney's office chose to not address the media but issued a short statement saying, "the jury has spoken in this matter. we thank them for their service and respect the judicial process." the latest on jerry sandusky's sex abuse trial in pennsylvania, the defense opened its case. six people took the stand, one of them richard anderson, a long time friend of sandusky and former penn state coach. anderson told the coach he and other members of the football staff were present when sandusky brought young boys into the team's showers saying he never witnessed anything inappropriate. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. he denies the allegations. the news edge in virginia, faulty dna tests a study showed leads to more than two dozen
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wrongful convictions statewide. urban institute found dna ruled 5% of convicted persons linked to homicide and sexual assaults that didn't commit the crime. up to 15% of rape suspects were cleared. researchers found from the early '70s and '80s 38 cases support exoneration. ion. the edge on maryland, montgomery county police need your help camping a brazen robber wanted in 18 residential burglaries in jermantown. detectives just released surveillance pictures from a robbery that occurred last month of the suspect. after robbing a vehicle parked in the victim's driveway the suspect was caught on camera trying to open the front door of the victim's house but was unsuccessful. all the burglaries happened in nearby neighborhoods and they have one thing in common. >> this is a spree of crimes of opportunity. many of these, if not all, could have been prevented had the homeowner or vehicle operator locked the car door, put the garage door down or locked the door to their homes.
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>> police urging residents to take precautions against burglars like locking your home and shutting your garage door. anyone with information is urged to call police. montgomery county police finally made an arrest in a vicious assault and rape in silver spring eight years ago. they found their guy in prison in texas and credit dna with helping them solve the crime. fox 5's karen gray houston joins us. >> police in montgomery county say they never gave on investigating this case but they got a huge bonus last summer when they got a hit in the national dna database they believe led them to the rapist. he is 30-year-old david martinez. he was transported to montgomery county from a texas prison last thursday after serving time for an unspecified charge. he now faces rape, sexual assault, assault and kidnapping charges in that silver spring case. the victim was a 23-year-old silver spring woman who was brutally attacked after parking her car in the 700 block of lowlander lane around 1:30 a.m. march 3rd of 2003. she was going home from work. police say martinez was walking
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in her direction, knocked her to the ground and choked her till she blacked out. when she came to, she said martinez was sexually assaulting her. she was picked up and put in the back seat of a vehicle and driven to montgomery noles elementary school where she was raped. >> his dna was entered into a national database which checked all dna of unsolved crimes. it was matched to this rape in 2003. >> court documents show martinez had a revoked maryland driver's license with an address on stone hall drive in beltsville. he's currently being held without bond pending trial. new details in trait march case, laura evans every -- in the trayvon martin case, everwhere at 11:00. >> jailhouse phone calls released today between george zimmerman and his wife shellie where he tells his wife to buy bulletproof vests for them and his attorney and instructing his wife to transfer money from
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bank accounts. the calls will be used as key evidence in george zimmerman's bond hearing next week. >> the maryland man suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner last year in aruba filed a lawsuit to collect on a travel insurance policy in her name. gary giordano claims amex assurance company owes him $3.5 million under a policy purchased before last summer's trip. >> and police in delaware tonight investigating a suspicious death in dewey beach. they say a woman was found dead in a motel room at atlantic oceanside motel this morning. police aren't saying how she died and don't know who she is, but they released pictures of a person of interest. dewey beach has never had a murder in its 31 year history. just ahead on the news edge world leaders gather in mexico to talk global economy at the g- 20 summit. >> plus a new report out just in time for your summer vacation, a warning that will make you want to stock up on cleaning supplies. the edge continues.
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>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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president obama is at the g- 20 economic summit in mexico, as world markets get some good news from europe. other issues including immigration are coming up, too. fox's jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: they gathered in one of mexico's most beautiful
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beachside resort towns, but there's little time for g-20 leaders to relax as they grapple with how to resolve the economic crisis in europe that threatens to drag down vulnerable economies around the world. >> the election in greece yesterday indicates a positive prospect for not only them forming a government, but also them working constructively with their international partners. >> reporter: the president also met with the german chancellor who is insisting tough bailout terms will remain in place for greece. while mr. obama's one had one talks with president vladimir putin focused on syria as the two countries remain at odds over how to handle that crisis. >> we agree we need to see a cessation of the violation. >> reporter: mexico's president had only kind words for president president obama on the subject of illegal immigration. >> it's an unprecedented action in our opinion. >> reporter: on the campaign trail in the u.s. mitt romney
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disagreed saying he would apply a different more long term approach to the challenge of illegal immigration. >> the president i think made a mistake by putting out there what he called a stopgap measure. i think that's not the right way to go. >> reporter: the g-20 summit wraps up tuesday after several more meetings with world leaders and private talks between president obama and the president of china. jennifer davis, fox news. practice makes perfect, right? president obama getting ready for future debates against mitt romney with a stand in. massachusetts senator john kerry will square off in mock debates with the president this fall in preparation for three debates between romney and the president. kerry is familiar with romney and his campaign style with them both being in massachusetts. shows democrats and republicans share different tastes outside of politics. democrats professor jeeps with
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progressive insurance and republicans prefer jeeps by all state. in sports republicans prefer major league baseball and democrats professor the nfl. they both have coca-cola and olay beauty products in common. more medicated kids and why you will want to keep the sanitizer wipes handy on your next vacation. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> prescription drug trends and the effect on your kids. no. 5, the prescription for adhd kids jumped 40% and another big increase, birth control pills for girls 17 and younger skyrocketed 93%. researchers aren't sure what's behind the increaseses. no. 4, your hotel room may not be as clean as you think. a study looked at samples collected from 19 surfaces from three hotel rooms in three different states and found tv remotes and bedside latch
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switches had as much bacteria as toilets and -- lamp switches had as much bacteria as toilets and bathroom sinks. no. 3, need a job? wal-mart is breaking ground tomorrow in orange county, virginia. the new store is expected to create about 300 new jobs. wal-mart originally wanted to build the store near a civil war battlefield but changed its mind when protestors took the company to court. no. 2, your ride to dulles, reagan and bwi marshall takes longer than it used to. a study in the washington examiner looked at travel times to the three airports and found highway travel times during peak hours had really increased since 2003. and no. 1, your next cab ride in the district will cost you less. that's $1 less that. one dollar fuel surcharge expires wednesday. the d.c. taxicab commission imposed the fee last year when gas prices peaked. the recent drop in prices convinced the commission the surcharge was no longer needed and that's tonight's fox 5 top
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five. >> nothing gets you to pay attention to the weather forecast more than when your little guy starts soccer camp for the week. today was cool and a little rainy, but the rain was refreshing. >> that would definitely mess up soccer camp and that was enough rain a lot of areas got a pretty good soaking and that grass would be wet. for campers tomorrow, there could be a spotty shower in the morning but not like today. live look outside now, for some reason the observation said it's raining at reagan national. i don't see it on radar, but we are keeping a spotty shower in the forecast overnight. we've got warmer air trying to move through and as that happens, it would not be a surprise to camp a shower here and there, but no -- catch a shower here there, but no repeat of this morning. let's talk about temperatures and weather headlines. we'll see a really big change in the forecast this week, kind of an exponentially change.
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enjoy tonight's cooler temperatures. we'll head to the low 60s in many areas and we're bouncing right back to the 90s by mid- week. we will be well on our way tomorrow. some of you will get up to 90 degrees tomorrow after only being about the upper 60s to 70 degrees today. it's all about the wind direction. that's what can do it this time of year. that was a little atlantic ocean you felt as the south wind developed to bring in the heat and by wednesday and thursday we'll combine that heat and humidity to find those heat index values in the triple digits. so humidity will be back as well and just in time for the summer solstice. it begins wednesday at 7:09 in the evening. yeah, it's definitely going to feel like this which is why we have to enjoy this 70 degrees at this hour, 75 quantico, annapolis 72, baltimore 69, gaithersburg 66, and we have our mid-60s and low 60s in winchester at 63 degrees. the clouds are out there. so it's not going to be falling into the 50s.
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again a spotty shower can't be ruled out. i wanted you to see even at 11:00 at night how warm it is in so many other cities, chicago 86 degrees right now, st. louis 85. so these cooler nights are definitely going to be replaced by very sultry evenings and that will also begin as early as tomorrow. >> the. so 64 feels really comparably much better, 63 quantico, 67 in leonard town and 68 in annapolis. now looking at our high temperatures tomorrow we start climbing quickly. we aren't getting into the 90s everywhere, but a couple places could get close. d.c. will be about 78 degrees, gaithersburg 84, dulles 85, manassas right there as well, perhaps a little break near the water, leonardtown about 80 and annapolis significantly cooler than the city at 78 degrees or at least the district will be and another look at that temperature trend because when the average temperature is 85, we're going to be way above it
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for wednesday and thursday, our hottest days of the week. friday also pretty uncomfortable at 93. actually it's the kind of weather you have to take precautions to not be overwhelmed by the heat. it does happen this time of year, especially when you contrast it with our weather today. we've had this little light shower. maybe that's where we're camping a little sprinkle. we'll watch -- catching a little sprinkle. we'll watch this patch, too. 6:00 in the morning, oh, i hope there's not a little spotty shower here and there for bailey's soccer camp and another little shower or thunderstorm into the afternoon. your five-day forecast wraps it up tonight. hello summer, a spotty storm almost every day in that kind of heat and humidity, maybe a game changer friday when a front slips through and drops our weekend temperatures to the upper 80s. let's hope so because that would be much more baseballlike and that's what lindsay is talking about tonight. here's her sports report. this is the verizon 4g lte
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sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> hello, everybody. nationals have the day off today. it was perfect timing, a good mental break after getting swept by the yankees this weekend. they are back at it tomorrow and begin a three-game set is the home versus the rays. tonight the mets hosting the orioles, knuckle ball pitcher on the mound dickey getting ready to face chris davis, but we have an apple malfunction. it's not supposed to be up, so we've got to get the apple to go down. play would resume and when he it did, a good pitching match- up. jake area marietta had a shutout going. issues for the o's, bases juiced for ike davis, this one deep to center, deep enough for his first career grand slam. 4-0 mets and that's more than enough for dickey who went the distance. he dazzled the birds with his knuckle ball, struck out 13 orioles and this one in style.
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he throws his second consecutive one-hit game. he's now 11-1. the mets shut out baltimore 5 -0. one quick programming note, the nats and o's are on fox 5 this saturday, the battle of the beltway part 2. camp the action at 7 p.m. these two teams met mid-may with the birds taking two of three in this series. most redskins players have left town to go to their hometowns as they enjoy a break from offseason workouts. some players do take in the area like terrance austin, a long beach, california native, who had work on the east coast this week. third year wide receiver terrance austin is working at his second annual football camp for kids held at st. stevens, st. agnes in alexandria. the age range is 6 to 15 years open to boys and girls. at the camp austin teaches the fundamentals of game the and how to be a team player. he had rave reviews about his campers and new quarterback. >> he's a great athlete. i think that he's what
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everybody expects of him athletically and i think what people didn't really expect is the mental capacity that he has. he's a very smart individual. d one of the great things about robert is he knows how to be a leader. i think that would be something he was born with. >> don't go away. this show is not quite over. coming up u.s. open crowns its newest winner and it's the first time he's won a major. webb simpson has a win he will never forget. we're back in a moment.
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her some will say that webb simpson simply survived the u.s. open. he was watching furyk finish. simpson could celebrate. he now has a place in sports history. the amazing thing about webb simpson's win this week at olympic club is he never led at any point while actually on the golf course, but did he make a sunday charge. he shot a 2-under 68 and then when simpson made this putt for par on the 18th mole, he took the club -- hole, he took the clubhouse lead at 1-over, but he was still tied with jim furyk who was still on the course, but when furyk faltered, simpson celebrated his first major championship in the clubhouse with his wife and the only snafu was when this guy interrupted the trophy presentation and was quickly removed from the crowd. finally game 4 of the nba finals are tomorrow night staying in miami. that's all for sports, but the news edge will be right back.
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taking the edge off tonight with a gold medal proposal across the pond. while carrying the olympic flame, dave flake asked his girl friend to marry him in front of a huge crowd of onlookers. the couple is expecting their first child in about three weeks. now you have the news edge. thanks as always for staying up late with us. see you back here tomorrow.
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