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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hampshire, ohio, and pennsylvania this fall. >> and to this in washington at the state level. >> reporter: president obama is wrapping up the two-day g-20 summit in mexico. meanwhile, his campaign chose jon kerry to play the part of his republican rival during preparations for three televised debates. >> and there is no one on the planet who has more experience than jon kerry for this role and he participated in the debates. >> reporter: immigration and hispanic voters on the campaign radar. >> the obama team is airing spanish benefit ads coming after the administration announced it's temporarily stopping the deportation of some young illegal immigrants. a new pole shows 63% agree with the administration's immigration policy and 30% disagree. independents back the decision by a 2-1 margin. president obama is in florida
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this friday. mitt romney will address the same gathering the day before. president obama's highly criticized healthcare law is helping more adults access proper healthcare. they issued the report today and more than 3.1 million adults, ages 19-25, are covered under the parent's health insurance and that is up from 2.5 million in november and that insurance is up from 64% and a provision extended benefits. and a new proposal could change who performs the controversial patdowns at the airport and he said tsa screeners are bullies now, abusing their power by interrogating innocent passengers. >> we're trying to get, first of all, the personnel under control and then shift tsa to a security, back to a security agency, which it was originally
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intended, operating on a risk basis and not shaken down as you, little old ladies. veterans are wrestling kids to the ground. >> and under the new guidelines, they would compete and it would change to the public-private screening operation. and the news edge on d.c. and fox 5 learned michael kelly, the mayor's nomination to head the department of housing and community development, left his most recent job after having an affair with a coworker. matt ackland has the latest drama. matt. >> reporter: many people are saying this is the last thing the mayor needs. this is the last thing that the people at city hall need, but the mayor, a couple of hours ago, stepped up and said he supports the nomination of michael kelly to the department of housing and community development. currently, kelly has been nominated but the council has to offer its approval as well.
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at issue are the number of media reports where kelly is the director of housing there. he was having sexual relations with someone who worked for him. the media reports claim he may have given that employee larger raises. mayor gray said that kelly admitted to the sexual affair but with was cleared of any other wrongdoing by the department of housing and urban development. that is important for people to remember that kelly was successful in his position for nine years as a director of the housing authority here in d.c. >> michael had a very, very successful career here in the city. i worked closely with michael. he was here for eight years. from 2000-2008. i worked closely with him and he was nationally respected professional. as far as we know, he laid out the details. he brought it to us and, you know, we had the issue verified through hud. through the department of housing and urban development. >> the primary issue should be
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his ability and skills with regard to housing. and if there is something in his personal life, we should look at that as well. >> you can bet this story is not going go away any time soon and there is still a process in place here that mr. kelly has to go in front of the council. there has to be a public meeting where questions can be asked and all of the council has to take a vote on his nomination and has to get a major before he can take that position. and back to you. >> matt ackland tonight. and old school sting tactics. officers and agents posed as criminals and pretended to entice two and they plan to knock the store owner unconscious. when the deal seemed done, they made the arrest. marshal, boyd and cooper are being held behind bars without
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bond. monitoring metro now. metro said production delays are to blame, the new rail cars have to be made and tested before they any can go into service. meantime, there are concerns using old cars to stretch measures already -- metro's already strained service. sharing with the sill veer line would max out the retired fleet of 100 cars. wal-mart plans routes near a historic battlefield. the megadiscount store broke ground on a new supercenter in orange county, virginia. getting to this point, not easy. wal-mart originally wanted to build the store closer to the battle feel. they challenged the plan in court and wal-mart scrapped the plans and moved miles away. the new wal-mart is expected to create 300 jobs. >> and some of the 40 navy worships and -- warships and tall ships left town. they were in town to mark the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. it estimated 100 -- hundreds of
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thousands of people attended the weeklong event. still to come, straight talk about drugs and alcohol. a surprising new survey shows the effect of legalizing marijuana on teenagers. and then, why so blue. where you can see this rare blue lobster. and hope they keep him alive. and we're going to get a little red, though, over the next few days. it's going to ramp up in the heat department, a heat advisory is posted for tomorrow. i'll have details. and lindsay, what is going in sports? >> coming up in sports, the nats are back in business. another al east team is in town this week. the wizards are at unc harrison think he would be a good pick? that answer is later in sports. and if you have a story idea, call 202-895-3,000. the
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. injured d.c. council chairman phil mendelson wants to permanently keep the job. he picked up petitions to secure a full term in notify. he became chairman after it was vacated by former chairman brown. he is optimistic voters will view him as a steady leader and needs 3,000 signatures to run in the special election. vincent gray set out a new plan to tackle unemployment in the district. in ward 8a lone, the unemployment rate, 22%. well over the national average. mayor gray, the -- well about how they can merge to create a successful workforce development system. >> beyond that, the services, education and healthcare, a huge area of employment for the city, hospitality, technology, which we are focusing a great deal of energy on and -- . >> and the mayor talked about the importance of a quality education and some good safety. it's been decreasing in recent months.
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in may, the rate dropped to 9.3%. a provocative new study shows legalizing medical marijuana won't increase the chances of teen drug abuse. researchers of the university of colorado denver followed high school students in 13 states where marijuana is legal and found that it didn't affect marijuana use in school and there is no evident that it led to alcohol and drug use and is legal in 17 states. parents are talking to the kids about using drugs. >> i always told them it's illegal and that you cape use it, don't use it. >> and they going to make decisions on their own. at least you can guide them in the path that you think would be good for them. >> researchers also found a change in perception about marijuana and has made it easier for parents and their children to talk about the drug. just ahead on the edge, let the gadget battles begin.
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microsoft debuts a new device that could leave a bitter taste for apple. the d.c. wars when the news edge continues. first, not all pooches are precious. some are downright ugly. a competition in is underway in san francisco. ugly from the united kingdom, and icky from sacramento and the connest is is -- contest is in good fun, the spca wants a message that all dogs need to get home. not just the cute ones. 
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. microsoft hopes to take a bite out of apple's. >> i joy pad success. the software giant unveiled the new tablet. ansly air hart tells us, many techies are excited about the device. >> reporter: the folks at microsoft are taking aim at apple, the tech company
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unveiled a new tablet computer dubbed surface. set out to compete with apple's. >> i joy pad and a prototype was introduced by microsoft executive steve balmer in los angeles. >> an interesting advice -- device. the key point is that it's not just another ipad. >> reporter: one version of the device is .35 inches thick and works from a windows rt operating system. >> and looks like they're taking a lot of things that are extra about the ipad. >> reporter: a slightly thicker version comes under two pounds. and will work on microsoft windows 8 prooperating system. this comes with a tying isist -- stylist that allows users to make handwritten notes on documents like pdf files coming equipped with a kick stand and touch keyboard cover snapping on using magnets. >> i spent a long time training myself to train on the. >> i joy pad and type that way and having the key board back and to type wherever i want, that is appealing about that
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and the stylist itself, i have never had a stylist that i enjoyed and it looks satisfiesing -- satisfying. >> reporter: some suggest it might replace the personal computer. >> when i look at this, what i think of this, the potential to get rid of the netbook. to get rid of the laptop and maybe down the line get rid of a full computer. >> reporter: the tablets will hit the store later this year and no word as to exactly how much it will cost in new york ansly air hart, fox news. 7,000 paint ball and history buffs are re-enacting the world war ii battle of d- day. it's underway in wyandot, oklahoma. there are eight soldiers serving in afghanistan and taking part. participants say it's a fun, unique way to learn history. the national aquarium is home to a rare blue lobster. this blue hue is so unique, it's on display this summer and toby was found off the of coast
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of maryland last week and is staying inside a lobster tank in ocean city. the restaurant's owner decided to donaten toy to the national aquarium. the aquarium hopes to put toby on a public exhibit july 4th. and he hit the lottery. >> the same fisherman found another blue lobster nine years ago. >> really? and -- . >> maybe. >> and that is the heat ramped up today. >> oh, my gosh. it does. >> and 88 degrees was the high and yesterday, a lot of places in the upper 60s and that is a shock to the system and ramps up more. get ready to that. a heat razor -- advisory is issued for tomorrow. and one thing i will say, not dealing with too much in the way of thunderstorms at the moment. we have had an isolated storm and other than that, hazy, blue skies across the region, and i think that that is how things are going to be tomorrow for the most part and talk about our temperatures here and get
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you started. and at this hour, the temperature is 88 degrees; monasses, 90 and it's steamy out there and that is going to stay steamy. the humidity is also very, very high. so, let me make sure that our computer is in motion here and that is tel trying to load up, believe it or not, and so, hopefully we can -- there it goes. now can you see the next graphic. and they taking their time. must be the heat. we wanted to you know tomorrow's a rile warm one at 96 degrees and thursday, about 98 and the next two days are the hottest of the bunk and on friday, we will with a thunderstorm into the mix and a frontal boundary is coming on through and hope we're going to get relief and looks like temperatures are in the upper 80s and today's high 88 degrees. dulles lovely; bwi marshal 88 degrees and into this some temperatures across the region, can you so it's mighty toasty
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and you factor in that heat and that is a combination of the temperature and humid and feels like 97 at quantico. you're getting a break in annapolis and that is a good deal, 93 in gaithersburg and feels like 93 in washington. frederick, the heat index is 98 degrees and as we look across the nation, we know more of the warm stuff is still to come and this is d.c. at 88; boston, hanging on to the cooler temperature and all across the country, we go to find a high temperature including 91 for saint louis and little rock. 89 for wichita, denver down a bit from yesterday at 96 degrees and still, mighty hot for much of the country and leave night temperatures are going to be jumping up. last night, places were in the 60s and humid tonight. hard toical off and the temperature here in the city about 74 degrees. quantico, 78; fredericksburg, 74 and when did you see high temperatures tomorrow. yet, we're going from mild to warm and up to hot. and we're expecting a high of
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96 degrees in the district. again, quantico, 97; a lot of places in the mid-90s and upper 90s will be expected as well and so we do have that heat advisory as we mention and that is for much of the area between noon and 8 tomorrow, feeling like 100 to 105. the thunderstorm watch, everything is to the south or to our west and didn't want this to take you by surprise. far from land, no threat to land here. we have had our third tropical storm form and that is tropical storm chris. the good news, it's going to keep moving away and that is one of the high latitude storms that formed and chris has winds of 45 miles an hour and moving east at eight and call your attention to it. overnight, mild, hazy, hot and humid, the temperature of 96 degrees and this june is better than last june. this will be, i believe, the fourth time we get to 90. last june, seven days and the southwest wind at five to 15 and that is keying it juicy. about 80 degrees and warming up
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quickly and by noon, your heat index is in the mid-90s. the air temperature, 90 and by five:00, 96 degrees and you have to remember is that if you're going to be outside, you need to take the frequent breakssoy it doesn't catch you by surprise. the future cast, what about thunderstorms in the forecast? looks like they're well to the south tomorrow. the next really good chance for a thunderstorm is looking like it will be on friday. this is your five-day forecast and we go through the period with three really hot days. friday, not a bargain either and at least cooling thunderstorms in the forecast and for the weekend, we can drop into the upper 80s. the first day of summer is tomorrow and this is at 7:09 p.m. we have to expect those things in washington in the summer. >> thank you, sue. check the weather any time. we download the fox 5 weather and go to apple's app store and search for d.c. weather and that is on our website. coming up in sports, why
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this on had of court outburst during a tennis match led to a police investigation. lindsay murphy details. and more women are willing -- a stay-home dad. 3.4% of stay-at-home parents are men. that is twice as many as 10 years ago. evidence shows the economy has a lot to do with it. some stay-at-home dads have years of executive training in the office and helped them manage the demands at home. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number one small business lender for nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. . hello, everybody. i'm lindsay murphy. the nats-yankees series is history. and today begins a new al versus al east battle. davie johnson talked about getting production from the middle of his lineup. zimmerman and morris were out for early batting practice with the skipper. when the nats take on the rays, one guy who tampa bay better
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keep an eye on is adam laroche and fifth against the lefty. and while johnson is upset about the lack of production in the middle of that lineup, clearly he's been happy with this and is leading am the team with 12 home runs and 43 rbis. me had a message for ryan zimmerman and mike morris. >> you're going to be fine. i'm not worried. i don't want you to worry. the same as them. i'm not -- not, you know, this is my job to be concerned, but i know the ability that is there and i am not worried about it. one programming note, the nats and os are on fox 5 this saturday. the battle of the beltway part 2 and these two teams met in mid-mai and two of three in that series. the nba finals. back in miami and the heat lead oklahoma city two games to one. miami, they won the last two
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games and they're just two wins away from the championship. meanwhile, the wizards continue their predraft evaluations today. uncs harrison barns worked out at the verizon center and getting serious face time with the wizards president ernie grunfeld. he started every game but one, armed 16.5 points per game and considered a top six pick in next week's draft and the wizards have a number three pick. the second time barns met with the wizards in person and thinks he would have no problem finding a spot on the team. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] and the tradition and hope to mature and so, some of the guys fit in nicely and -- i feel like i make a good running mate. john, you know, he's quick and explosive and he can get to the room. i feel like he can drop and i did be -- can be the outside. tennis player david has been fined over $12,000 is now under investigation for assault after injuring a line judge at
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queen's club this sunday. a frustrated bandian lost control of his emotion says after losing a serve and kicked an advertising sign that hit the leg of the line judge giving him an inch-long gash. he was disqualified for unsportsman leak conduct and plans to play in wimbledon on monday. finally, the assistant coach left the capitols and took a head coaching job with the minnesota admirals of the ahl and that is it for sports. before we go, an update out of egypt. there are conflicting reports on the health of the country's former president mubarak. egypt's news agency is reporting that mubarak is clinically dead. "the associated press" is that he is put on life-support after the heart stopped. he was brought to a military hospital after suffering a stroke and we'll continue to monitor the situation in egypt and bring you the latest details as we get them. a last look at the forecast. >> you got it. the five-day forecast and that is a hot one. that is for sure. it looks like the temperatures are going to be soaring into
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the mid-90s and dangerous territory, folks. the heatstroke is a real possibility. you will spend a lot of time outdoors and take frequent breaks in the air conditioning. the best chance of thunderstorms on friday and that could break the heat more and it looks like temperatures as we head into the weekend should drop into the upper 80s and so, we're hoping that this won't last too long, brian. last year at this time, we had a whole lot of days at or above 90. this year so far this june tomorrow will be our fourth and so, we don't want the streak to keep going. >> thank you, sue. you have the news edge. the news is always on we're back here at 10. the news edge at 11 as always, hope you will be, too. keep it here. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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