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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fourth actually -- a nice play by reynolds in the fourth. the next battle of the beltway. you can catch the nats and os right here on fox 5. the action starts at 7:00 on saturday. sat we still have plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues right now. live look at the washington monument. it is hump day, wednesday, june 20th. get ready when you step outside today. you knew it was going to be hot. we've been talking about the lead-up to this sort of stretch of warm weather we're going to v now, it is going to feel hot even before the temperatures rise today. it is the humidity. it is always the humidity that gets you, right? >> i know. already in the 70s right now, folks. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas.
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welcome to fox 5 morning news good to have you with us. >> it will be a little mini heat we've here through the end of the week. we are featuring temperatures in the mid-90s. that is not all. when you mick in the humidity, it will feel like about 100 to 105. >> i'm just focusing on the fact that you said it will be a mine mini heat wave. >> the good news is things will improve by the weekend. the heat advisory goes into effect at noon today. we'll get this one. we'll be in effect until 10:00 tomorrow night. this will extend right through the afternoon all night tonight as our temperatures just won't fall back into much better than the upper 70s and low 80s. then we'll do it all over again tomorrow. tomorrow, likely to be the hottest day of this the streak. currently, it is not pleasant. 57 in washington. 73 in baltimore. ocean city, getting some relief at 69 degrees for you. -- 75 in washington. 73 up in hagerstown.
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all of us on the warm side to start your day. plenty of humidity out there as. highs in the mid-90s. mix in humidity, it will feel more like 100 to 105. take it easy for you are working outdoors. >> a reminder helps. you get caught off guard occasionally. i assume with heat like this, there will be a line outside julie wright's house if she has a swimming pool. i think it will help. >> in the village, we have 12 pools to choose from. i like my little one. that is the one bailey can hop in and out of. is going to be one of those days that you don't want to for get about the pets or the elderly. if do you keep your pets outside, if you can comfort them with some shade, make sure they have plenty of water and the same for the elderly as well. your lanes are open on the
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beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. our lingering overnight roadwork still in plays guys tie trio to make your way here. proceed with caution coming inbound from vienna. -- that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines on this wednesday morning, in just a few hours, harry thomas, jr. will no longer be a free man at least not for a while. the former d.c. council member will start serving his 3-month prison term in alabama today. thomas left washington with his family yesterday. he was sentenced to a federal prison sentence last month after pling gety to embezzling more than $350,000 in d.c. funds. >> a potential problem for mayor gray's nomination to head the d.c. department of housing and community development. michael kelly here admitted he had an affair with a coworker at his job as director of the housing authority in
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philadelphia. but he denies that he helped get that employee large pay raises and that he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. mayor gray plans to stand by kelly's nomination. there still needs to be a public hearing and then a full vote by the city council. the leadership saga at the university of virginia has led to another resignation. mark kington stepped down as vice rector of uva's board of visitors. the campus has been in turmoil since the forced resignation of theresa sullivan 11 days ago. this is a video of sullivan at a rally of support on monday. that was hours before the board named an inrelate president. police in maryland are on the hunt for the man who stabbed someone in broad daylight. this happened during rush hour on new hampshire avenue near eastern avenue in takoma park. the suspect came up from behind and demand the the victim's belongings and then stabbed the man several times and ran off
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way backpack containing a laptop. the victim is in critical condition but was able to give mrs. a pretty good description. suspect. an update on the dewey beach motel stabbing. delaware state police say the suspect in a murder here at the atlantic ocean side motel was found dead in new jersey. they had warrants charging this man with first degree murderer in the death of a 26-year-old mother from pennsylvania. a maid found danielle mehlman dead monday morning. police in new jersey found his body in bellevue yesterday. to evening magazine incident now and hosni mubarak on life support in mid crisis. the former egyptian president is reportedly clinging to life and is close to death after he suffered a stroke. hosni mubarak was moved to a military hospital by ambulance and he was declared clinically dead when he got there. but the military says this morning he is in critical condition. his health scare comes amid a potentially explosive fight
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over who will be the next president. the muslim brotherhood called the protester to hold mass rallies in cairo denouncing the military's power grab. they claim their candidate won the presidential election but supporters of the rival candidate also took to the streets. the election commission announces the results tomorrow. jerry sandusky could take the stand today in his child sex abuse trial in pennsylvania. sandusky's wife dottie testified for the defense yesterday. david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: the defense in jerry sandusky's child accuse base calling his wife for the witness stand. she testified she remembers most of the accuser but she says her husband never had inappropriate contact with them. last week, one of the alleged victims said he cried out for help during an assault when the former penn state assistant football coach's wife was upstairs in their home. dottie sandusky saying the basement was not soundproof. the prosecution rested its case monday after presenting more
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than 20 witnesses. sandusky is charged with molesting 10 boys over a 15- year period. the 68-year-old denies the charges claiming the accusers have financial motives. sandusky's lawyers also questioning two investigators about what details they shared when they interviewed alleged victims. the defense suggesting police planted seeds in their minds by sharing information about other accusers. but an attorney for one of the alleged victims disagrees. >> i think that it was perfectly appropriate for a trooper with a reluctant witness, an investigator with a reluctant witness in the face of sex crimes especially with sex crimes that were done to children. >> reporter: a psychologist testified that sandusky has a personality disorder that might explain why he wrote inappropriate letters to one of the alleged victims. the psychologist told jurors those suffering with this disorder interact with others
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in a seductive way. david lee miller, fox news. is exposure to 9-11 world trade center dust linked to cancer? >> we are checking more headlines as we continue. q finally carpet cleaning got easier.
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a shooting in texas leaves a toddler dead and his brother in critical condition. this actually happened yesterday afternoon at the holiday inn civic center in laredo. police say 36-year-old demonde bluntson opened fire on his girlfriend's children ages six and 21 months. the boys' mother was found dead on a property hundreds of miles from the hotel. mixed opinions when it comes to linking toxic dust exposure from the world trade center is linked to cancer. some say there is little evidence to prove that it gave people cancer. others say it is very possible the contaminants triggered or accelerated some types of the disease. president obama says european leaders have a true grasp of the seriousness of their debt crisis.
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the president also says the economic problems in europe will not be solved by the g-20 or the united states but by european nations. although he acknowledged the difficulty of getting all the different governments to agree. when it comes to the u.s. supreme court, hear about their decisions. you hear about what goes on but you never see it. this morning, there are calls for the u.s. supreme court to make a drastic change to the way it handles proceedings. >> up next, details of what some democrats and republicans in congress are asking the nation's highest court to do for the first time ever. first, let's check in with talker. >> plenty of heat and humidity on tap across the washington area. julie wright will have a look at your traffic too. we'll do it right after the break. we need to look for a new van. yeahah. i just don't know where to start.
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live look outside right now. northwest washington, it is wednesday and it is a hot day. that is for darned sure. >> this is the only thing that could get me in the mood for this kind of weather, this song, right here. hot time, summer in the city, today in new york. you're still not excited. >> i can't wait. it is mostly just humidity at this hour. it is warm out but the real heat won't arrive for a few
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more hours. we'll be enjoying temperatures in the mid-90s. heads up for -- bring all the animals in. don't leave them out for the day. lots of water for all of us. the heat will be long-lasting. it will be a couple of days. >> if fido is hanging at the door, let him in. >> and let me in too if i'm outside. temperatures yesterday, 88 degrees at reagan national. at dulles, it was 90 degrees. we are setting up for probablyial our hot of the day so far this year with actual air temperatures in the mid- 90s. our heat index and you mix in the humidity, it will feel like 100 to 105. 57 in washington. we are just not cooling off overnight. any team you start your day in the mid-70s, you know where we're headed. 57 in annapolis. 72 in leonardtown. we have one or two 60s on the
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map. 68 in manassas. 68 in martinsburg. looking at our satellite-radar, but first, we'll show you the heat advisory. all the counties in orange here under a heat advisory. goes into effect at twelve noon through 10:00 tomorrow night. we'll be under this heat advisory for more than 24 hours and again, it is that combination of heat and humidity giving us the heat index approaching 105 later today. off it our north and east in red in philadelphia, that is an excessive heat watch. it is pretty much the same thing. they are expecting temperature believe it or not to be even a little warmer, approaching 110 to our north and east, the real feel. look how quiet it is. high pressure across the region. we are not looking at morn a few clouds later this afternoon. i guess there could be because we've got a lot of heat, a pop- up storm off to the west in the mountains. that will be about it. high pressure keep us nice and dry for a couple of days here. the good news is it will break down fair had quickly. by the weekend, we should get some relief. maybe an isolated storm out to
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the west. your heat advisory goes into effect at noon. just plain old warm and sticky overnight. 77 the overnight low. once again tomorrow morning, we won't cool off. tomorrow will be even a few degrees warmer, highs in the upper 90s. actual air temperature about 9 #. by friday afternoon, a few thunderstorms. that will help cool things down with a cold front. saturday and sunday look a lot better with high temperatures in the upper 80s but noticely less humidity for the weekend. let's do some traffic and find out what is going on with julie. ♪ getting hot in here &&. >> i'm so hot, i'm going to take may clothes -- >> oh, please don't being tucker. i just said it our audio guy, steve, i said sarah is going to freak when she hears this song i don't i love that song. do a little dance for me. >> i don't even want to know what will is doing right now. >> he is looking at me like
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you're all crazy. >> listen to this. here is what i'm doing. that's offensive. >> it will be a hot day today so make sure you got plenty of water in the radiator as well. it doesn't hurt just to pack a little cooler, a the bit of water because traffic in d.c., never know what you will get stuck in it. tucker mentioned earlier don't forget about the pets. you want to bring them in as well. east and westbound between the beltway and nutley street, the lanes are open. no problems to report between annandale and merrifield. you will find the lanes are open at the mean coming from montgomery county headed out towards tyson's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. -- you will find the lanes are open at the american legion bridge coming from montgomery county headed out towards tyson's. the u.s. supreme court could be days away from handing down a decision that could overturn president obama's
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health care reform law. the court doesn't allow televised broadcast of the proceedings. >> reporter: when it comes to big supreme court cases like health care, the picture you usually see are always outside the court. >> we love the constitution! we love obama care! >> what you don't see is what goes on inside. >> there is a procedure here that you go through. >> reporter: by tradition, television coverage is banned in the supreme court and only rarely has audio been released after an argument ends. >> there is no way that this court's decision is not going to distort the congressional process. >> what is wrong with leaving it in the hands of the people who should be fixing this? >> reporter: now, some in congress say it is time supreme behind its courtroom sketches. >> they are not a mystical
5:21 am
priesthood. >> reporter: virginia democratic congressman gerald connelly is sponsoring a bipartisan bill requiring the supreme court to televise its proceedings. >> accountability, transparency, a little sunshine are really good disinfectants. i think the public is entitled to know how the third branch of government operates at some minimal level. >> reporter: but legal experts say while the court's health care decision will affect millions, it is unlikely they would ever allout cameras in. >> they will not allow any playing to i acamera. >> reporter: a law professor at with george washington university says, unlike presidents and members of congress, justices tend to steer clear of the media. >> there are virtually no leaks. you never hear of a leak and where they want to be private and this adds, i think, to the majesty and the respect they hope the court will command. >> reporter: while no one knows how the justices will rule on health care, without a big change in policy, only a select
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few will get to see that ruling handed down. tom fitzgerald, fox anews. girl power in virginia. up next on fox amorning news, a little girl gets her wish. >> if you think six-year-olds don't have any power, you have to meet theling girl would lives on this lake. she has jumped right into a battle with some grown-ups and it turns out she's won.
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we're taking a look at 207 up there in maryland. good thing is traffic is moving on what is going to be a hot first day of summer. with that we'll check in with talker later o an inspiring store yaism little girl just finished kindergarten in virginia and she is proving that kids have power too. >> she is proving it indeed. we introduced you to her, abby voss is her name. today, we following up because this determined little girl got her wish. beth parker reports this morning. >> five, six, seven, eight, nine. >> with her flip-flops firmly planted on her back deck, six- year-old abby voss can count a lot of geese on lake terrapin. you have to look a little harder to find her first
5:26 am
animal, the beaver. >> reporter: her dad shot this video. they were camping out in the backyard. but not everybody thinks so. >> the kids were chopping down their trees. >> reporter: last year, neighbors complain so the lake terrapin home owners association decided to, quote, reduce, remove the beaver population. virginia code says you can't relocate beavers so the neighbors feared that some of the beavers were killed so abby went door to door. >> would you like to sign our petition. >> reporter: they even wrote a strong. one year later, the home owner is association isn't answering our calls but they did tell abby's mom they decided to let the beavers stay. >> reporter: er instead of trap, they will wrap the trees wrap the trees of anybody who requests it to make sure that people and beavers can
5:27 am
peacefully coexist. >> people walk around this lake all evening long. >> reporter: abby's parents hope she's learned a lesson. >> it is better to try to do something than just sit around complaining. >> if something is not going right, you should got out there and do it. >> reporter: do something about it? >> yes. >> >> reporter: that is what you did? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: abby has no big plans for the summer. >> swim with my friends at the pool and walk around the lake and try to see the beavers. >> reporter: she is already learning how to tell time. she already knows when it is time to make a change. >> she is adorable. >> her parents must be so proud of her and teaching us all a lesson. you don't like something, you can work to change it. >> exactly. coming up, one monday is just furious after her third grade son was strip searched in school. >> lauren demarco is following our big story. good morning. >> good morning to you.
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summer is arriving in a big way. with the heat index it can feel more like 100-degree today. we have a heat advisory for most of the viewing area and we have what you need to know to stay cool coming up on fox 5 morning news. 
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 the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate
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people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix. good morning again. it is wednesday, june 20th. a live look outside over the
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skies of northwest washington kurt isy of our tower camper. ed before our studios. if you could see it, what you would be seeing is hot, sizzling hot today. the sun is trying to come out on the upper left corner of your screen. it is going do its job. >> yes, first day of summer. timing cooperate be better. >> isn't that funny how it works. >> it normally occurs like a month earlier than it. >> what does? >> the real will you bad heat. it seems like we've had it before this. >> yeah, we've already had some temperatures in the 90s. we can look forward to plenty more later this summer. the next couple of days will be the hottest this year. the heat index make it feel even hotter, right? that is the combination of the actual air temperature. it will feel like 100 to 105. let's do temperatures. 75 in washington. and, of course, that is only part of your story. it is very early in the
5:32 am
morning. and any time you start your day in the mid-70s, you know where you're headed and not in the right direction in this case. 73 at patuxent naval air station. ocean city, 67. it will be a little cooler along the western shore of the day today and if you are looking up to be along the lower eastern shoreway bit of an ocean breeze, your temperatures will be a good eight or 10 degrees cooler than rest of us. let's do dew point temperatures. this is measuring the water in the atmosphere. i probably don't need to tell you this but as soon as you step outdoors, you will feel the humidity. that is because dew point temperatures are 73 degrees. any too many you get up into the upper 60s and low 70s, it is up comfortable for just about everybody. it will be a humid day enters in addition to a very hot day. i don't think we'll see a thunderstorm. maybe west if you are out in
5:33 am
the mountains, you might see an isolated thunderstorm. >> 96 going to feel like 100, 102. >> yes. >> okay. we're warned. julie wright, how is the traffic working out there? >> we had a little hitch in our get along inbound 50 along 410. we had police activity in the right leap but that was quickly cleared. lanes are open once again. it looks pretty good for those traveling southbound on 207 coming in from hyattstown making your way out towards clarksburg. we had problems eastbound along 270 approaching south mountain, that is where we had reports of the stalled car. this is eastbound 66 coming inbound this morning out of manassas. still an easy ride as you guys continue inbound towards fair oaks and headed towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. we were just talking about it. hot weather our big story this morning really affecting all of us. summer doesn't fill officially begin for another few hours but it sure feels like it outside.
5:34 am
>> it does. today, temperatures are expected to rise to the mid-90s prompting a heat advisory right here in our area. fox 5's lauren demarco live at the national mall with some tips on how to stay safe during had heat wave. >> reporter: good morning. it is certainly sticky out here already this morning and we're already seeing folks jogging. mother power to them. hopefully, they are doing that earlier rather than later. the heat advisory is in effect from noon through about 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. that is generally for most of our viewing area so you do want to be careful with the heat index. it could feel anywhere from 100 to about 100 degrees outside as he with head into the hottest hours of the day. if you have a small child you are caring for or elderly, want to be particularly careful. watch out for them or anyone who is oversensitive to the heat. they could be at risk of heat exhaustion. you want to stay indoors as much as possible the next
5:35 am
couple of days. limit exposure to the sun particularly between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. do not every leave children or pets in cars. please be careful of that. there are some fun ways to cool off, of course. we've got fountains around the district. also public pools and there are cooling centers available for those without a cool place to stay. just call 311 for more information on that or check your city or county's web site. also want to mention metro. they are doing what they can to keep the railcars cool. if you encount are a metro car that is hot where the ac isn't working, just get off and move to the next one. we'll be posting information on so stay cool out there today. back to you. >> thank you. you >>we are following breaking news on this wednesday morning. it appears police are looking for three people connected to an overnight stabbing in college park. an alert from the university of
5:36 am
maryland says the stabbing occurred at or near the cornerstone grill and lost on baltimore avenue. it is unclear who the victim is but the alert says three people ran from the scene about 3:00 this morning. we'll bring you more information as we get it. now to breaking news in the district. d.c. police believe a man suspected in a deadly shooting about four hours ago is now barricaded inside a home. that shooting happened along the 1700 block of 17th street in southeast just before 2:00 a.m. a man was killed and, again, d.c. police now believe the suspect is barricaded nearby and they have a large area sealed off. we will bring you more information on this one as well as soon as it comes in. harry thomas, jr. will not be back in d.c. for a while. today, former d.c. council member will start serving his 38-month prison term in alabama. thomas left the district with his family yesterday. he was sentenced to federal prison last month after pling gilety to embezzling more than
5:37 am
$350,000 in district funds. that money was supposed to go towards youth sports programs. controversy for d.c. mayor vincent gray's nominee to head the department of housing and community development. michael kelly admitted he had and fair with a coworker as director of the housing authority in philadelphia but denies reports he helped get that employee large pay raises. mayor gray says he will con to push through his nomination. there has been a shake-out university of virginia board in the wake of the school's leadership fight. the board's vice rector mark kington resigned tuesday. he is an alexandria businessman appointed to the board by governor bob mcdonnell. he leaves the board two years before his term was set to expire. in a letter to mcdonnell, he said he hoped to begin a needed healing process at the university following a major uproar over the forced resignation of uva president, theresa sullivan. one more is furious after
5:38 am
her third grade son was strip searched at school. up next on fox 5 morning news. >> i felt he needed to be searched. i would have brought iminto the bathroom. you could have had a witness in the bathroom with me. i would have searched my son. >> straight ahead, why was that little boy searched? we'll find out. stay with us. hey, i'm joey aragon.
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the family after third grade student in north carolina is furious. boy strip searched after another student accused him of stealing money. >> fox's brian mims has the money. >> she came home from work to find her 10-year-old son justin waiting in the driveway. he was upset. something happened in school that day. >> why didn't they call me? >> reporter: she says nobody from union elementary school ever called her to tell her about the strip search. >> if i felt he needed to be searched, i would have brought him into the bathroom. you could have had a witness in the bathroom with me. i would have searched my son. >> reporter: it was june 1st. her third grade son says a girl had dropped money in the cafeteria. he picked opportunity and gave it back to her. but she later said someone had stolen her $20. a spokeswoman for samson county schools says several students accused justin of taking the money. cox says assistant prince pal theresa holmes confronted her
5:42 am
son about t. >> she told me to take my shoes off. she didn't ask me if she could. she said said now i have to strip search you. >> he had ho take off everything but his undershirt and boxer shorts. >> she came up and rubbed her fingers around inside of his underwear. now, if that isn't excessively intrusive, i don't know what is. >> reporter: school district officials were out of the town and not available to go on camera. but the spokeswoman told me by phone that a male janitor was brought in as a witness. the assistant principal was within her legal authority, her legal right to do the search, she said. she may have been overzealous in her actions. she never found the $20 on justin who says she hugged him afterward and told him she was sorry. >> they'll sort that out down there. >> inso. she is certainly not happen i y. there is important information for anyone head to
5:43 am
the the eastern shore today. it has to do with a complete closure of the bay bridge. we'll have details coming up next. the national zoo needs your help naming a new monkey. the choices you can vote on. i'm going to read them all to you. they say it has something to do with the monkey's personality. that is. coming up next. how bad will it get today. tucker back with the forecast, hot, hot, hot. hot, hot.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
listen up to this if you are getting ready for work. we want you to weigh in on naming this little guy. it's 3-month-old black howl are monkey. here are it is options for the name. sumax which means beautiful, orejas which means ears. nando which means courageous or loki which means mischief. >> they will announce the winning name on facebook on friday afternoon. >> in our group, nando wins out. >> he has the nando look.
5:47 am
>> tucker is on loki. >> and calvin our producer likes ovejas. >> i think you need a name the kids can pronounce. >> i like to name him banana. >> why? >> easy to remember. >> orejas doesn't roll off the tongue? >> let's get to your temperatures. it will be hot for all of us. hot for all the animals down at the zoo today. and we'll be dealing with the potentially record heat around here by tomorrow. >> i know. it is washington, d.c. and it is june. >> and it is summertime tonight. we can all celebrate it. >> right at bedtime, we'll be celebrating. >> everybody else gets to go to baseball. nice, warm start to the day.
5:48 am
it is not terribly comfortable. 78 in quantico. manassas, 6 # and martinsburg, 6 #. dew point temperatures are currently running about 70 degrees so there is lots and lots of water in the atmosphere. that will be part of the problem today and will contribute to the heat. heat advisory goes into effect at noon today through 10:00 tomorrow night. heat index, that is when you match together the actual air temperature and the humidity. it will feel like 100 to 10 #. that is why i've got a heat advisory. lots of water. don't spend any more time outside than you need to later today. -- it will feel like 100 to 105. the heat we'll be on the extreme side for a couple of days here. why the heat? we've got high pressure building in from the west. this big dome of high pressure will cap the atmosphere and not allow any cooling thunderstorms, just a lot of heat building through here for the next day or two. hazy, hot and humid conditions. this area of high pressure will gradually slide off the coast. we'll have another hot one tonight and then again tomorrow and during the day on friday, here is the good news. the heat we've won't last a
5:49 am
terribly long period of time. by friday, that cold front will start to approach. bring us some showers and storms late in the day on friday. a little cooler and noticeably less humid air arrives for the weekend. 96 today. sunshine, could be an isolated storm west of the city in the mountains. heat advisory goes into effect at twelve noon. mostly clear, warm, very huge you had overnight. 77 the overnight low t will not be comfortable overnight. the air conditioners will be humming here for the next couple days. here is your five-day forecast. even warmer tomorrow with highs expected to be about 98. i think we'll get awfully close to 100 in many spots tomorrow and than there is your relief friday afternoon with some storms and your weekend looking not bad for the first weekend of summer. highs in the upper 1r0 but less humidity. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic with julie wright. >> i tweeted you about the forecast. >> did you? i'm on it. >> on the roads, your lanes are open, no problems to report at
5:50 am
this time as you continue eastbound along 66 coming in from manassas making your way in towards the car rest area. heavy volume but again, incident-free, no problems to report leaving vienna towards the capital beltway. lanes are open northbound along i-95 leaving the prince william parkway. volume increasing leaving 109 but no problems to report headed out past mva. if you are traveling over the key bridge, there ill with be a closure about 1:15 so a marine vessel can carry four large cranes underneath the bridge. quite a sight to see but that is why they're stopping traffic this afternoon. fternoon. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. . >> thank you. drama during last night's nats-rays game all over some baseball gloves. >> it led to an ejection and one glove being confiscated. that story next. 
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in today's sports breakfast, electric on james is one win way from his first nba title. the heat rallied from a 17- point deficit in the first half to come back to beat the thunder 104-98. the heat could close out t. out
5:54 am
in miami tomorrow night. tampa bay scored four runs. the nats battled back to make it 5-4. then it got weird in theating. davie johnson has the ump check pitcher joel peralta. he gets ejected for too much pine tar on his glove. the rays tried to do the same thing to ryan matthews in the nining. the rays go on to win this 5-4. >> i guess the puyallup tar gives the ball a little stick. >> he has directed some of the most beloved animated movies in recent years including toy story and a bug's life. now john lassiter is the executive producer of the latest animated feature, brave. >> he spoke with kevin mccarthy about how to get authentic perform'sances from actors who are just giving voice not actually being seen, giving just voice to these animated characters. here is more. >> me ri. da is such an interesting character f you could drop her into another one of the pick arrest film classic movies and
5:55 am
have her incidenter act with the cast of an earlier pixar movie, which one would it be and why? i don't you can't, sorry. the every film is so unique, and characters are developed to so carefully fit in the world they take place in. scotland is like a character in this film. the setting is wrapped up into it and her. the other great thing is that it is our first period film. it is a fantasy adventure set. all of the rest of our films are very contemporary. >> you directed many of the pixar films including toy story. when doing the voice acting aspects, these actors are not in the same room most of the time. how do you as a director and producer, how do you allow that character to get emotional and engej with another he were who is not there. >> it takes four years to make our films. everything is meticulously
5:56 am
made. so spontaneity is not typically a part of animation except in the recording studio. we always record our dialogue before we do the animation. we get actors -- the main thing we look for when we cast actors is to be a great actor but ad- lib ability that they can make the bart their own. in the case of brave especially, we got scottish- born actors and actresses, kelly mcdonald who does the voice of merida. >> i am merida. >> we wanted her to reach back in her -- how she grew up as a teenager, as a child in glasgow, scotland and say what are the slang that you used that we wouldn't know about. she made it her own and she would say we wouldn't say it that way. we would say it like this. we would encourage her to do that. we always encourage the actor to make the part their own.
5:57 am
>> speaking of that part, kevin is back tomorrow morning with the interview with the actress kelly mcdonald who voiced the lead role in brave. we still have plenty ahead. first, time for our facebook fan of the day and we say good morning to myrtle lemon. she tells us she is a fox 5 fan every day awith her cats and a cup of coffee. i like that start to the morning. >> i love that name, myrtle. you don't hear that name much especially for a younger woman. thank you for watching.
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