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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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standard when it comes to any kind of blood testing. >> thanks for joining us. here is brian with the news edge at 11. >> right off the top, another robbery at gunpoint. in an up and coming d.c. neighborhood. the victim shot in the face. he is going to survive but i'm comes on the heels of a recent robbery in the h street northeast corridor that ended in murder. that has crime kearns growing. marie has the news edge in d.c. >> reporter: the latest shooting happened in the 1300 block of d.c., northeast, just before midnight. police say the men who attacked the victim wanted his iphone. on a hot thursday night, h street, northeast is buzzing with activity. it comes despite the recent violent crimes that are threatening to slow the progress. >> the neighborhood is getting better and better, but we're still careful walking around at night. >> reporter: just last week the owner of grace deli on 7th and 8th streets was shot and killed inside her store after a robbery.
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wednesday night on the 1300 block of g street northeast, another shooting and robbery. police say a man walking around 11:30 was approached from behind by two men who demanded his iphone. they say when he resisted they shot him in the jaw. >> i was stunned by the whole situation. i live a few houses down the street, and i was -- i was up at that time. i was very stunned that that had happened. ripe the crimes are in-- >> reporter: the crimes are indeed troubling. tommy wells says for years the crime rate in the ward has been dropping. he's not sure what's happening. >> in particular when guns are used this is a concern for everyone. we will have to get on top of and it stop it as fast as we can. >> reporter: there are increased police patrols. the presence helping to calm some fierce but not all. >> there ears a ways to go in terms of safety. >> are you scared? >> sometimes. >> reporter: council member wells says it is important residents and visitors remember that crime can happen anywhere. even though the h street northeast corridor is changing
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for the better, safety still has to be a priority. >> people are looking for crimes of opportunity. they're assuming that people that are going out along h street have cash or money on them, and so, we have to really not give that opportunity, and also, we have to beef up our patrols with the police and we'll have to try to assure people they're safe. we have work to do. >> reporter: the recent shooting victim is expected to be ok. police continue to ask for help with clues to help solve not just this shooting but the one at grace deli. new this evening, a virginia police officer accused of murder now out of a job. the culpepper police department fired daniel harmon wright after an internal investigation into the shooting death of patricia cook. harmon wright claimed he shot in self-defense after cook tried to drive off with his arm caught in the car's window. he was indicted on a murder charge last month. he is out on bond, due back in court next month. he stopped the wrong guy. a maryland man charged tonight with impersonating a police officer after he pulled over.
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a police officer. police say anthony maestro giovanini flagged down a car in upper marl brie. a capital heights police officer was inside the vehicle. the officers say the man claimed he was a military police officer from louisiana. the officer told him he had no jurisdiction. he was later arrested. yesterday's heat was oppressive? today we broke a record. temperatures hit nearly 100 degrees. good news is, the end is in sight. comes with a few storms though. an up sedate from sue outside in the heat, still. >> brian, it's going tonight with a bang tomorrow. by the way, baltimore got that 100 degree reading. that tied their record today. this was the hottest day of the stretch and relief will come. gradual process tomorrow, but as you mentioned, some thunderstorms to dodge, also in the afternoon, especially. but we can't even rule them out in the late morning. on to the weather headlines. the summer sizzle will start to wind down and they'll feel a lot better as we get closer to
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the weekend. not quite as hot tomorrow, although 90s definitely still in the cards for us. clouds increase, showers and cooling thunderstorms are going to be crossing the area, some of which could be strong to severe. then a less humid weekend is in the cards and we can all use that for sure. let's get a check of temperatures around the region at 11:00. still holding onto that 87 degree reading at reagan. we have not dropped since the last hour. also 87 as we look over toward annapolis, and as we look at high temperatures today, we hit 99 degrees. that was a new record for d.c., but finally we see some relief coming in the form of lower temperatures across the northern plains. 85 was the high in chicago, 72 for minneapolis. 79 for fargo. so that is much more reasonable. that's the cooler air coming behind the front. the front will be crossing us tomorrow afternoon and evening, and that will start the process of bringing an end to this round of the hot stuff. more on that forecast and the weekend in particular in a few minutes. not what dozens of high schoolers hoped to get at
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summer camp. students attending a congressional medal awards foundation camp at george mason university got sick last night and into the morning, many throwing up, others had stomach problems, 15 students were sick. they had to go to the hospital. officials say it appears the students had a case of stomach flu which was highly contagious. the news edge on gambling in maryland. for now a national harbor casino off the table. a work group formed by the governor could reach a consensus to expand gambling. tonight the governor says he will continue working towards a solution over the next few days. lawmakers are still asking for a special legislative session. john hannahan has the story. >> reporter: the proposal of the peterson companies and mgm resorts to build a destination gambling center at national harbor in prince george's county still draws mixed reactions from county residents. >> i believe that most of the people love their money there. they play their money and love their money there. the people who make the money are the owner of the casino. >> i think they will make
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business people have a better -- bring more business to the area. uh-huh. >> so if you could talk to the maryland legislature, what would you tell them? >> i'll tell them to go for the casino. >> reporter: some members of the maryland house are also balking at the plan to expand gambling in the free state. the owners of the huge new maryland live casino at aaron del mills who have inveesed hundreds of millions of dollars vigorously object to a plan that would draw some of their customers away. three members of a special study panel are balking at moving forward now with gaming expansion. prince george's county executive baker is urging governor martin o'malley to ignore the dissenters and call a special session of the state legislature to pass a bill allowing voters statewide to decide gaming expansion at the ballot box in november. >> help us find new revenue. there's no way, i don't think
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anybody can explain to the people of prince george's county, why can't you decide on your own whether, in fact, you want to get $69 million a year into your jurisdiction. and why can't the citizens of the state decide what happens to revenues in terms of the gaming revenues that would be able to come in. >> there's a lot of moving parts to this picture. for example, part of the deal to add a sixth casino in maryland is this: taxes get lowered on the other five and maybe all six casinos, to compensate them for customer delusion. some members of the house have said publicly, after raising taxes on wealthy marylanders, no way are they going to vote forgiving a tax break to casinos. it's complicated. the governor hasn't yet said whether he will call a special session to address the expansion of gaming. at national harbor, john hannahan, fox 5 news. commerce secretary john bryson has resigned. laura everyones is everywhere at 11. >> reporter: brian, after
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suffering a seizure while driving in l.a. earlier this month and causing two accidents, secretary bryson is stepping down. he said in his resignation letter, the seizure could be a distraction from his performance as secretary. president obama met with bryson in the oval office today, to thank him for his service. police say they wouldn't get off a wooden structure in their camp last december. so now a superior court judge has found 11:00 pie d.c. protest -- 11 occupy d.c. protesters guilty of refusing police orders. they were either fined or ordered to make payments to a compensation fund for crime victims. the board of the university of virginia is planning to meet on tuesday to consider reinstating ousted president theresa sullivan. as president of the charlottesville school. two weeks ago, sullivan forced to resign creating a huge uproar from the faculty. sullivan is the first female president ever at the university of virginia. brian. new video released in the trayvon martin case. the man describing the deadly shooting, none other than
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george zimmerman. he told police at the shooting scene, and while he was hooked up to a lie detector test. and check out the run down. we're back. 
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new details in the trayvon martin case. tonight for the first time we're hearing george zimmerman in his own words, describing the events leading up to the shooting death of the unarmed teenager. the new video released by zimmerman's lawyer shows him giving police his version of what happened, and taking a lie detector test. phil keating has details. >> and just hitched his arm and i grabbed my gun, and i aimed it at him, and fired one shot. >> reporter: george zimmerman describing the moment he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman recounting the events to sanford police detectives just one day after the shooting. zimmerman explains he saw martin walking around the neighborhood in the rain, thinking he looked suspicious. he called the police, and was trying to give them martin's location. >> the operator said are you following him. and i said yes. and they said we don't need you to do that. >> reporter: zimmerman claim that's when martin confronted him and when he went for his
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phone to call police the teen assaulted him, knocking zimmerman to the ground. >> he just kept punching my face, my head. screaming for help. and he told me shut the [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: zimmerman say that's when martin saw his gun in his waistband and believes the teen was going for it when he pulled it out and fired that one fatal shot. >> he kind of sat back and said you got me. or you got me, you got it, something like that. and i thought he was saying that he heard the shot, and that he was giving up. >> reporter: after telling his side of the story, zimmerman is analyzed by a computer voice stress analysis expert, which is basically a high-tech lie detectors test. >> were you in fear for your life when you shot the gun? >> yes. >> reporter: and sanford's police chief bill lead now finally officially fired. he had been widely criticized nationally for never arresting george zimmerman in the first place. zimmerman 1 now charged with
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second degree murder. in florida, phil keating. your fox 5 top 5. >> first tonight, brian why facebook is losing popularity among teens. number 5 a recent study found 18% of teenagers prefer to use four square instead of facebook and 4% say pinterest is better for browsing. others like insta graham because those sites maintain their privacy. >> if you live near a busy highway or road, you might want to move. the reason? experts say the louder the traffic near your home the greater your risk of heart attack. researchers found every increase of deny decibels in roadway traffic noise the risk of heart attack jumps by 12%. number 3 is good and bad news for the housing market. first the bad news, sales of previously occupied homes fell 1 and a half percent in may.
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the good news the average price for an existing home sale rose to it's >> highest level since june of 2010. number 2 tonight good news for crab lovers. they are bigger, more pleasantful and cheap they are year -- plentiful and cheaper this year. experts say the supply is overwhelming. one crab house in ocean city lowered prices on bushels by $fen because supply is high and demand isn't as great. the low prices will hold for a few more weeks. number 1, you may want to avoid the beltways outer loop this weekend. construction work will close the through lane from loop proosh approaching alexandria from 9 p.m. friday until 1 p.m. on monday. only one lane will be open. pack your patience. that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. we have crested the heat wave and now we're inching down. >> sort of like a rided a six flags.
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it has been quite a ride at 99 today, brian, a new record in d.c. and that's nice and hot. let's go ahead and look outside live. you can see what we're talking about here. because while it's certainly very, very warm -- continue to see our temperature stay very good mild overnight. so, once again we have a warm one and your friday morning will start out on the warm side as well. we have to talk again about the summer sizzle, because here is what's going to be happening working through the next 24 hours. yes, you know about all the records that we hit our 99 here. baltimore 100 degrees ties their record. even up to new york where it was only in the 60s on monday, 97 degrees today. and boston, 96. now we are going to see changes. still very warm in boston. showing you the current temperatures because i want you to see the relief. chicago is 77 degrees. check out international falls, minnesota. 51 degrees. that is nice right now. lincoln, nebraska 71. we have the cooler air showing
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up on the maps it doesn't get in tonight. i think you'll notice a difference this time tomorrow night. warm and muggy overnight. a slight risk of a shower or storm. a couple of sprinkles to the west. 78 overnight. a warm day tomorrow. up to snow shower. that should not break any records, but we will have to watch these afternoon showers and thunderstorms, because some of those could be on the strong side. can't even rule out a shower at 8 in the morning at 83. noon, storms begin to build. we could see a few even at that hour. by 5:00 probably peaking out, watch that evening commute and keep an eye on the kids. they need to pay attention to the weather. heading into the weekend you'll like the looks of temperatures. 88 on saturday. noticeably less humid, not quite so hot. sunday is a warm day, maybe a little bit of an up tick in humidity and there could be a couple of late day thunderstorms on sunday. nothing widespread. we have been so busy talking about the heat wave i didn't get a chance to tell you our first hurricane of 2012 formed earlier today. it was hurricane chris, way out here in the north atlantic. it's racing away now.
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it's got winds of sigh miles an hour but had -- 65 miles an hour but it had a real noticeable eye. pointing this out because when you hear about tropical storm debbie, potentially in two days, it doesn't come as a surprise and think we jumped the c storm. something is being monitored down here across the yuck tan and into the gulf of mexico. national hurricane center says it has a 70% likelihood of developing into a tropical storm which would get the name debbie in 48 hours. meanwhile, here comes our relief. the frontal system will be heading in our direction. a couple of showers out there tonight, we could see a few around tomorrow morning and the clouds and showers and storms will continue the process of knock those temperatures down for us. while that's occurring tomorrow afternoon and evening, some of this storms could be strong, potentially severe. we'll have to watch for damaging wind gusts, maybe some hail and heavy rain. you know the drill with the thunderstorms in washington in the middle of a heat wave. it's ends with the weekend temperatures dropping into the idea. on monday, a few showers and storms at 86. another cold front coming and
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it gives us an even better shot of cooler temperatures. tuesday's temperature only about 80. that is your weather forecast. definitely improving and dave ross has lots to say about rays/nats match i will still going on. sue, it has been a big one. i guess it's safe to say the rays and nats controversy isn't going away any time soon. if you wonder where and the when for the repercussions, trust me they're coming. be patient. baseball people have long memories. after all, pay back is part of baseball's unwritten rules. for the now however former nat pitcher joel peralta with the rays now was notified before tonight's game he has been suspended eight games affair having a foreign substance on his glove in a game tuesday night right here in d.c. against the nats. you may recall it was davey johnson who asked to have peralta's glove checked. for his part peralta appealed the suspension which allowed him to play tonight's game. that is foreshadowing. before tonight's game look who
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it is. redskins hall of famer darrell green throwing out the first pitch. that is a strike, people. impressive. tied at 1 in the third. ian desmond, here comes bryce harper. you know you aren't going to catch the 19-year-old. nats back in front 2-1. gio gonzalez, solid again, 6 innings, two earned runs. scattered 7 hits, struck out 4. gave his team a chance to win and like that joe theismann, another redskins legend in the house. bottom of the 6th. joel peralta guy again. came in the game while appealing that suspension. again without his glove. but danny espinosa had his own bat, and laces a double down the line. here it comes. he will score. adam laroche, trying to make it a two run double. he is -- safe! geo gonzalez gets the win. so do the nats. they take 2 of 3 from the rays, win 5-2 and ian desmond, how about this team? >> we got such a good team. rizzo did such a good job putting the guyings together.
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win or lose we're a tight knit group and it's fun to come to the ballpark. the orioles are off tonight but will host the nats all weekend long, and you can catch saturday night's game, the 23rd, right here on fox 5. shameless plug. we kick it off at 7 p.m. time for a quick break, but don't go anywhere. an honor for d.c. united head coach ben olsen, plus the heat, could but a core nation tonight? how about georgetown center henry simms trying to impress the wizards. did he do it?
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welcome back to the show. a week from today the wizards will be making a very important pick because they have the third pick in the n.b.a. draft. now who they'll pick is anybody's guess at this point. trust me, i have been trying to figure it out. one guy the wizards may be looking at in the second round with the 32nd pick overall is this guy, henry simms. he plays college ball right here at the verizon center for the hoyas. the wizards worked him out today. certainly the thought of staying at home hasn't escaped his mind. >> i thought about it a lot. my whole life basically be in d.c. but you know, i would definitely like it. like coming back home. you know, it would definitely be nice. ben olsen out coaching his d.c. united squad this morning. today a big day for ben because the second year head coach was selected as the man to lead the m.l.s. all stars when they take on
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european champion chelsea on july 25th. olsen deferred the honor to his team which is currently in first place in the eastern conference. >> been a huge part of my life, both playing and coaching and it's given me a lot, and to represent them on a big stage like this is -- you know, a real honor for me. but ultimately, it's -- you know, i think this recognition comes from, you know, this group of guys and doing a pretty good job up until this point. >> >> congratulations to ben olsen. right now in miami the heat getting ready to close out oklahoma city. they're on their way to winning their first -- well, lebron james' first title and the heat's second title overall which means i owe brian bolter a dinner. and he will be back to collect on that when we come back.  does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does.
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taking the edge off tonight with a life-sized hot wheels track. look at this. hot wheels has made a real version of its popular double vertical loop track. in l.a. on june 30th, two professional race car drivers will speed through the loops in front of a huge crowd. of course, the students will have -- stunts will have to be very calculated otherwise the cars could do what our plastic cars did back in the day. drop from the vertical loop. the stunt men say they'll make it happen. give them props. one loop you can understand.
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but the double loop, that will be fun to watch. have a great night.


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