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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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at radar. everything you see in yellow is a severe thunderstorm warning. we have two areas and it's not really within the immediate metro area. out to our west along interstate 81. you can see some of those counties out there. also warren, frederick county, and clark county in virginia as well as washington county and frederick, you have a severe thunderstorm warning. those are going to go until 5:30. let's get in more specifically. i want to show you the immediate areas that are under the gun right now. so they are showing you who has the severe thunderstorm warnings. it's not every part of those regions. we had a few down to the south. they just dropped all of the warnings that were in effect down around the northern neck. there is plenty of lightning with these. that's the main thing people need to be aware of. the only report in addition to the lighting is the fact there are tree limbs. some o r producing hail, like this one you see not too far from colonial beach.
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that is going to be crossing the river and heading on up to your north and watch these up in washington county, too, they are moving slowly to the southeast, dropping heavy rain. you know they have the lightning as well. hail will be the big story, heavy rain as they move on through. as you can see, it's not for everybody. but our entire region, as we watch this cool front, which is just out on the other side of the mountains getting ready to come through, we will have to watch these storms for the next few hours. we have most of this region in a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight. once that sun goes down, i think we'll start seeing storms winding down and boy, it's done a number on our temperatures already. it got up to 96. potentially 97. i'll get the latest observation in a minute. some of these rainstorms and out flow boundaries, the wind associated with them down to 91 degrees. it's in the mid 80s. as we look up to the west, it is dropping into the low 80s and we can look forward to
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those temperatures dropping. between now and then, you have to keep an eye on those storms. we'll be here for the next 90 minutes. i'll let you know if we get any new warnings. >> you can check the live radar any time with the fox 5 weather app. you can find it on our website. another big story we're following tonight. d.c. public schools under the microscope. critical irregularities were found at two elementary schools and one charter school. fox 5's john hanrahan is here. some teachers were fired because of this one. >> they fired the teachers, or at least they started the human relations process. in d.c., if a school gets public money, all students are subject to standardized testing. there have been questions in recent years about test integrity in the city, but according to an outside audit
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team, it looks clean. former d.c. schools chancellor who got rid of a third of the teachers in the d.c. public school system claimed higher test scores. but a nine month investigation by u.s.a. today found remarkable rates and switches from wrong to right answers clouding that perceived success. current chancellor, kya henderson promised to concentrate on test integrity. many more schools are being closely scrutinized. >> if the classroom had been flagged two years in a row, we threw them into the investigation as well. but even with that, still came up with less than three classrooms having some firm and serious critical violations. >> two of the critical irregularities happened at two
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d.c. schools. martin luther king elementary. the chancellor spoke with reporters by phone. >> there are a very small number of adults that made a conscious decision to cheat and those people are no longer teach in d.c. public schools. >> significant test irregularities happened in a third grade classroom at a charter school, formerly named, the hyperleadership school. >> we are revamping our proceediers and tightening security and other achievement data testing. we take very seriously our responsibility to administer tests in an ethical fashion. >> the spokeswoman said the teacher and proctor involved in the 2011 testing no longer worked at the institution. >> out of thousands of classrooms involved in the recent testing in d.c., 2011 testing, three of them had serious irregularities, not too bad. but how about the test score regularities between 2008 and
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2010? called the d.c. inspector general's office today, a spokeswoman said the probe remains active, but she would not tell us when that investigation will be completed. that's the story we're looking forward to covering. >> indeed we are. thank you. we are also following developing news right now about the university of virginia. virginia governor, bob mcdonnell, is threatening to replace the entire uv board of visitors if the dismissal of teresa sullivan is not resolved quickly. he didn't want to move forward with the job until the board figures out if it's going to reinstate ousted president, teresa sullivan. supposed to start work august 15, but he will wait for their decision on tuesday. sullivan says she was forced out as president because of disagreements with the board other money issues. >> dick cheney's daughter has tied the knott. mary wed her long time partner in d.c. today. fox 5 in the newsroom now with
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details. >> the spokesperson for the former vice president and his wife, lynn, confirmed the wedding today, but added the no additional details will be released. congratulated the couple in the statement. if they say mary and heather have been in a committed relationship for many years and we are delighted that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have that relationship recognized. they go on to say mary and heather and their children are very important and much loved members of our family and we wish them every happiness. mary and heather have been a couple for at least twenty years and have two children together. a five-year-old son, samuel, and a two-year-old daughter, sarah, that live in virginia. mary cheney is credited for encouraging her father for publicly support same-sex marriage in 2009. she has been openly gay throughout his political career, but it became a topic of discussion during the bush, cheney republican reelection campaign in 2004. the gay rights groups have criticized mary cheney for not
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pushing harder for gay marriage. social conservatives have criticized her for raising children in a same-sex relationship. >> thank you. developing in pennsylvania tonight, day two of jury deliberations in the jerry sandusky trial. we are awaiting a verdict as the child sex abuse case continues. the jury asked to revisit testimony from two witnesses who gave conflicting reports about seeing sandusky allegedly assault a boy in a shower. he is accused of assaulting ten boys. everyone is asking about jerry sandusky's son, matt, he was prepared to testify on behalf of the prosecution, alleging his father sexually abused him. let's bring in mark now. a crisis communications expert and a national advocate for sexual abuse survivors. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we all learned about these
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new allegations. sandusky's son, matt, says his father sexually abused him. considering all the testimony we heard, were you surprised by these latest allegations? >> i wasn't, shawn. frankly in the fall when matt sandusky's wife appealed to the court and asked for an injunction for coach sandusky being around her three children, it seemed obvious to me that matt sandusky was a possible victim at that time. >> let me ask you, as a survivor yourself, you can help me understand what matt sandusky might be going through. as we said, he's 33 years old, a father of three young children. obviously he grew up in this house. he was a foster child, legally adopted as an adult. what might he be going through right now? >> a lot of trauma. reliving the most traumatic experiences of his life. and he's a family member, which makes it more complicated for him as an abuse survivor. when he came forward, i think it showed a lot of great strength and courage for him to
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do so. and also, i would be concerned about the other kids that they had adopted. this was unfortunately a culture of abuse within that household and enabled by university officials and now that jerry sandusky is being judged, once this verdict comes out, all eyes will be on penn state and their approach to this crisis from the public relations standpoint, no one will be able to lock at jerry sandusky anymore. they will be focused on penn state. >> let me ask you, there are so many people looking at this with outside eyes. they have not lived or walked in matt sandusky's shoes. >> there's a lot of shame and guilt that the perpetrator passes on to the victim. when he came out and announced he was a victim, i think that was a threshold moment for him. he was able to breakthrough the silence. that's because victims are classically trapped through the grooming techniques of the perpetrator. he was trapped in silence up
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until the moment. now that the jury has the case and they are considering it in deliberations and matt sandusky was able to come forward, i'm hoping he gained some sense of relief now that he has been able to come out with it, come forward with this news and hopefully everyone involved in this case, who i'm sure are quite nervous in happy valley while the jury deliberates, will gain a sense of relief when the process has taken its course. >> a national advocate for sex abuse survivors, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. metro had its deadliest crash ever. coming up next at 5:00, the new memorial honoring the memory of the nine victims who died in that crash. out what is triggering your migraines? new insight.  [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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we want to go back to the breaking news. four children rushed to the hospital after they were hit by a car as they were playing in their front yard. it happened earlier this afternoon. audrey barnes is live on the scene now. audrey, what can you tell us? >> it appears that a driver here on 57th avenue, there was two cars coming down the road. one person was going to turn left and then the person behind them became a little impatient, decides to pass that driver on the left hand side. forcing that car off the road and through that fence you see behind me. behind that fence, you see a
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kiddy pool. that kiddy pool was packed with children and that's where the suv is, striking the kids in that pool and ends up hitting that blue house right there. at this point, the driver of that suv along with a child that was in that car with her and the four kids in the pool have all been transported to the hospital. i want to bring in major rob brewer from the police and tell us about this accident. so the kids were just playing and then all of a sudden, an suv comes barreling down on them? >> yes, the four runner passing the left hand side as the blue ford was taking a left. which caused the four runner and explorer to collide. the four runner went off the roadway through a fence and struck the kids in the swimming pool. all four kids in the swimming pool, the adult driver and passenger from the four runner and the adult driver from the ford explorer were transported to various hospitals in the area. >> how badly were these children hurt? >> one of the children was
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unresponsive when units first arrived and all reported in stable condition right now. >> a driver that tried to pass on the left face charges? >> yes, the driver will be issued citations, depending on the investigation citations on unsafe passing, maybe reckless driving, that type of thing. >> at this point, everybody is stable for the moment? >> yes. they are all in stable condition. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. so just a recap for you, there are two adults who have been transported. one adult, that attempted to pass another vehicle on the left. ends up striking four kids in the pool. the child, so one child in that suv have been transferred in the hospital. the good news is, all those kids are stable, but that driver who tried to pass on the left is facing a number of charges, including negligence. shawn, back to you in the studio. >> thank goodness those children are going to be okay.
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audrey barnes, thank you. three years ago at this very hour, rescue crews were climbing through the wreckage. nine people were killed. many others injured after two trains collided. family members and local leaders gathered to remember the victims and to talk about safety improvements made since that terrible day. matt acklin is here with more. >> some improvements have been made to the aging metro system. new safety experts have been hired, new equipment. there's still more work to be done. that means more money is needed from congress and that funding is currently being debated. a permanent -- >> three, two, one. >> there we go. a permanent memorial plaque was unveiled on the bridge that crosses over the crash site today. three years ago, this was the scene of a horrible accident. on this anniversary, family members of those lost made a
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point to thank those who battled the brutal heat that day to rescue riders trapped and injured. >> the way the families of the victims realize that without your bravery, it could have been -- more families affected. >> the question many are asking, has metro become safer three years after the accident? coming up, we'll talk to the chairman of the ntsb about progress made and also about the money that is needed to update the old metro system, brian. >> more safety upgrades, means more delays for riders. the transit agency will begin trackwork on the orange, red, and blue lines. an alert for green line riders, metro is closing its station five hours early tomorrow night. metro transit police and other
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law enforcement can conduct security drills. metro says regular rail service will not be affected and that half the street entrance also closed at various times throughout the weekend for drills will reopen. the station will reopen sunday morning completely at 7:00 a.m. d.c. mayor is taking a stand against bullying. the mayor and other city leaders gathered today to sign a brand-new antibullying law. the bill is aimed at encouraging young people to report bullying. and retaliation against anyone who cooperates with the bullying investigation. >> i am absolutely proud to say that today, taking a bold and concrete step toward eradiating bullying in our city. the youth bullying prevention act immediately authorizes a task force to develop an antibullying model policy that will cover the places where youth are often the targets of bullying. >> the antibullying task force is made up of representatives
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from 14 agencies. the video of a 68-year-old new york bus monitor are being bullied by middle schoolers went viral. two of the students in this video have since written letters of apology. they are worried about justice, because one of the boys involved received more than 1,000 death threats. refused to file criminal charges, but the school will punish them. let's get back to our top story, which is the severe weather moving through the area. a lot of lightning that we've seen in the last hour or so. some heavy downpours over on the eastern shore. we have to get through the tough part first. >> let's check in with sue and find out what we can expect. sue. >> the relief is going to be worth it. what we're seeing with this line of thunderstorms is to be sure, some are strong. they are not rotating. that tornado threat is way down. they'll produce a lot of
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lightning and rain because of all the humidity we've had and a lot of them are producing hail and wind. but not everybody is seeing them. so let me take you to radar and the warnings that we have in effect, you see they are filled out in yellow. that's where warren, frederick, virginia, clark, virginia, and up into maryland, washington, and frederick county, all of these go until 5:30. let's switch you over to centinal radar and show you what counties are affected. the main thing they are doing is producing hail. one of them had rotation high in the storm on the far eastern portion of frederick county. so, a little rotation there, but it's not low in the storm. it's high in the storm. watching a storm in the updraft. notice how high these storms are going in the atmosphere. that's what we call the updraft. the more capable it is of producing the hail and the damaging winds. and as we scan across d.c., we don't see much in the immediate
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metro area. we get towards st. mary's county, moving southeast is also heading away. so, here's a look at everything. we have a few more hours to go. severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. look, if you have plans tonight and don't plan to be parked in front of fox 5. we wish you would, but if you can't, here's something you can do. our fox 5 weather app is pretty terrific. i have it on radar and maybe we'll take a close look. you can track some of these storms as well. i'm going to click on the one. you can see the box and if i click on this little blue dot there, it will tell me exactly where that storm is going. its speed is 16 miles an hour moving to the east at 510. you can even see whether it is producing high winds or hail. this one in particular producing high winds. you can down load this for free on the app store. get it on your ipad. you'll always have the weather on your fingertips. we'll be back in a little bit
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because i have great news to tell you about. the weekend and a break in the heat that we've been experiencing here in the lat latter part of june. >> sue, see you in a bit. 
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in tonight's health alert, two new studies suggest weather and red wine could trigger migraines. wines with higher levels of cannons were more likely to trigger those headaches. they also found temperature change was linked to mild headaches to more than 20% of the time and severe headaches in 5% of the cases. a new study shows young people are much more likely to get melanoma now than in the past. researchers found young adults are six times as likely to get melanoma now. they also found women are eight times more likely to develop skin cancer and men four times more likely. >> been pushing so hard for people to get their skin checked and what to lookout for. yes, the damage is being done,
5:26 pm
but more people are getting in sooner to have things looked at. >> doctors say although cases are on the rise, so is the survival rate. early detection is key. still ahead at 5:00, good news for d.c. cyclists. a new connection is coming between maryland and the district. we'll tell you who is paving the way. >> and good news at the pump for once. gas prices are on a steady decline. some experts predict they could fall below the $3 mark in the near future. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. sue with you. we have a few new severe thunderstorm warnings. so head's up as we take you straight to radar. this is going to be for st. mary's county. this thunderstorm might have some pretty strong winds with it. we see a lot of lightning. you can see that moving away. it is moving southeast at 15
5:30 pm
miles per hour. we'll watch that one for you. also want to let you know as we were looking at our wider picture that our severe thunderstorm warning for frederick county now is going to be extended and that is going to go until 6:00. so those are a couple of new warnings for you. we're keeping an eye on all of it. >> thank you, sue. connecting maryland and the district for bikers and pedestrians. the u.s. department of transportation awarded the district a huge grant for miles of new pathways. bob joins us now from the newsroom with all the details. bob. >> shawn, it's called a tiger grant. the tiger standing for transportation investment generating economic recovery. these are grant moneys from the federal government. half a billion dollars in total this time, offered to the district of columbia. >> the district's department of transportation will be getting $10 million to help pay for an additional four miles of bike and pedestrian path ways along the anacostia river walk
5:31 pm
trail. a proposed 20-mile route connecting the national mall to maryland. >> it is very important element because one of the ways that we think that the region is going to continue to grow is not by automobile, but by other modes of transportation. the trail gives us an opportunity to have a healthy community. >> the feds will be paying for a new pathway along the gardens trail. behind the pepco plant near the old d.c. landfill. the trail designed to connect 16 waterfront neighborhoods to the anacostia river and places like the navy yard. >> it's acceptable. we can stand for an improvement. i'm all for it myself. that's what d.c. wants, i'm behind it 100%. >> the bike and pedestrian path is just one of 47 infrastructure improvement projects in 34 states and the district of columbia being funded by federal grants administered by the u.s. department of transportation. secretary, ray lahood, making
5:32 pm
the announcement in a telephone conference this morning. >> these projects create big jobs today and build a stronger american economy for tomorrow. >> ddot's 11th street bridge project is a deal. >> because the interstate was never completed, commuters had to go through our local communities to get to their places of work. >> the 11th street bridge project was designed to correct that, replacing the frederick douglas bridge on south capital street is next. >> the infrastructure within the district, we do our best to take care of it. we have to stop putting band- aids on it and replace it and we are at that point, we need to replace it. >> district transportation officials say they'll be competing for the next round of tiger grants. another $500 million for infrastructure improvements. >> bob, thank you. a traffic alert for bellway drivers. stay away.
5:33 pm
road crews will close part of the outer loop near the wilson bridge. only one lane between telegraph road will be open through monday. vigils are urging drivers to use alternate routes as they expect major delays. if you stop to fill up, gas prices are dropping. check out the chart from the blue line is the red d.c., shows a steady decline in oil and gas prices. right now, average $3.55 for a gallon of regular. $3.24. joins us now. john, that's good news for us and i hear the news is just going to get better as we go into the rest of the summer and into the fall. >> it is exceedingly good news. the price of gas has 64 miles a gallon. and 64 cents across the metro area and 70 cents across virginia. >> is it possible that we could see under $3 any time soon? >> it's possible. afterall, it's an election
5:34 pm
year. yes, we will see gas prices below $3 after labor day. >> i saw a gas station and prices like $3.02. that's great. the station had been closed for eight months or a year or something like that. >> it's frozen in time, we see those types of gas kiosks and gas signs across the middle part of virginia now. and in south carolina and other parts of the country. gas prices are below $3 a gallon. that's a harvenger of things to come. >> do you see more cars this summer? >> people will travel more this year. 43million people traveling for fourth of july and may see record numbers in the washington metro area because of the drop in gasoline. when you think about the fact that you are paying about 30 cents less than you were at this time and about 60 to 65
5:35 pm
cents, depending on where you're buying the gas, less than you were paying at easter, those things bode well for us. >> and that's money we could all use, especially for summer vacations. john, aaa mid atlantic. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. now to a news alert. an alexandria man pled guilty to trying to bomb the u.s. capital. pled guilty in federal court today. you may remember federal agents spoiled the plot back in february. they fooled him into thinking he was wearing a vest full of explosives and arrested him as he tried to carry out his plan. >> he was the real deal and he admitted that not only was he planning to blow up the capital, but that he brought along, what he believed was an automatic weapon that he used to use capital police gourds to get into the building and as a backup, he believes the al chi
5:36 pm
al-qaeda operative had a detonator to finish the job in case he was incapacitated by the police. >> serving at least 25 years in prison. sentencing has been set for september 14. still ahead on fox 5 news at 5:00, one teenager's dream comes true, his bittersweet ride of a lifetime is coming up next.
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a georgia teenager who spent years battling cancer got the ride of a lifetime. >> his recent gift, a ride in his dream car. caitlin has more. >> slowly, sinks into the passenger seat of his dream car. a lamborghini. the luxury car waiting for the
5:40 pm
17-year-old on the curb outside children's healthcare. a complete surprise. >> all right, so where's the truck? where's the car? how are we getting home? that's your ride home. you're using a lamborghini home while the rest of us finish up your packing. >> this is a joyride. orchestrated by nick's mother and younger sister, brittany. >> every day after chemo, he would go by the lamborghini place and this was his favorite. >> he remembered it. he couldn't get enough of them. >> this trip is bittersweet. nuke was initially diagnosed with leukemia in 2009. eight months of intense chemotherapy, his leukemia went into remission. this january, it returned. and doctors discovered last month, nick's cancer had spread to his bone marrow.
5:41 pm
a tough break for a teen who deserves so much more. what is it about this car? >> uniqueness. it's completely awesome. >> a powerful engine, friends say, just like nick, driven, determined to fight and graceful. >> what did you think, nick? >> it's awesome. >> nick's family is hopeful for healing and his friends inspired by his coach. >> we are definitely planning on making sure nick gets the best of everything and making sure he enjoys all that he has. make sure nick feels this love he has around him. >> and we certainly wish nick well. >> pulling for him. we'll be right back.
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from yo-yo dieting to extreme exercise. turns out women are always striving for the perfect body
5:45 pm
at every age. a recent survey of women found the quest for perfection never ends. nutritionist and personal trainer joins us now. thank you so much for being here. >> this particular study found more than 70% of women are over the age of 50 or trying to lose weight. 74% think about their weight every day and 80% said their body, shape, and size played a role in their self-image. does this surprise you? >> this absolutely does not surprise me. many of them are over the age of 40 and 50 years old. and we talk about this constantly. body image, the types of diets this they want to try, all the new articles they read that will help them shed pounds quickly. even plastic surgery. this does not surprise me. >> people thought as you age or get more mature that you accept the skin you're in. clearly that's not the case. from magazine covers, everybody wants to look like the stars.
5:46 pm
we know how it impacts young girls. it's affecting more mature women. >> definitely. i believe we are told, let's grow old gracefully. as women get older, they are fighting the struggle that they are losing their youth and hormones are changing. their lives are hectic and they want to look younger, they want to feel younger. and every day i spend time one on one with women that tell me everything. and their body image definitely is something that is always on their mind and they are willing to do anything to look and feel younger. >> what sort of things, when you have these discussions and in your line as a personal trainer, what sort of things do you see women, especially ones over 50, what are they doing in this quest for perfection? >> many of them want to take pills. everyone wants a pill that will help take care of anything instantly. the magic pill. i want to say, diet and exercise takes care of everything, but also sleep plays a huge role. many women don't get a lot of
5:47 pm
sleep. they think women pay extra money. all of the many things that will help them look and feel better. it doesn't matter they might be out for six to eight weeks. it doesn't matter they might have to take off work. they will do anything. >> 15 seconds. >> eat well, get a lot of sleep, and feel good about yourself. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. cyclist, lance armstrong is on the clock. today is the deadline for him to file responses that he was doping during his victories. despite the deadline, he isn't required to file a written response, but sent to a review panel to determine whether there's enough evidence to warrant formal charges. armstrong could be stripped of the tour de france titles. armstrong insists he's
5:48 pm
innocent. >> in the spirit of superman, more than 60 people came face to face with a real challenge. >> they took to the top of the hilton and went over the edge. take a look for yourself. these participates repelled down 15 stories for the extreme fundraiser. it's for the special olympics. each participant had to go over the edge. we want to say congratulations to one of our fox 5 colleagues. brendan took part in today's fundraiser. i saw him downstairs, so i know he is safe and completed the task. congratulations to him. >> i can't believe brendan did that. >> exciting. new material on him now. >> you have upped me on that one. >> you too? >> oh yeah. >> you got it in before the rain. >> oh my gosh, yes. we have more warnings to tell you about. a live look outside and get straight to radar. we have more storms coming in
5:49 pm
from the west. nothing rotating, so i'm happy about that, but they do seem to have a lot of hail and lightning and clearly it looks pretty ominous out there. so we know lots to come. let's start out with a look at radar. everything you see in yellow has a severe thunderstorm warning attached to it. so there's a front off to our west. these warnings are in effect. that will be for winchester and eastern frederick county, north western virginia. parts of jefferson and loudoun county, north western loudoun. that goes until 6:30. we have st. mary's and calvert county until 6:15 and northern frederick and western carol county, up in maryland. that goes until 6:00. a lot of lightning. some strong winds and a little bit of hail being associated with these storms. we get in closer with our radar and you can see the areas that we're talking about. this is the batch to our north. this is the new batch that prompted the warning for a small portion of loudoun county. you can expect that is going to continue to get closer to you.
5:50 pm
and these are producing hail as they move southeast. there could be strong winds with them, obviously, a lot of heavy rain as well. this one up here continued to rotate at high levels of the storm. while we don't expect to get a tornado warning, take down some limbs. that's moving east. westminster is going to be affected. that's north of interstate 70. as we put this into motion, these storms moving southeast. leesburg, you may get that. montgomery county, some could be heading in your direction. and one last stop, down to our south, we still have st. mary's and calvert and this is the storm that is doing it and once again, it's a hailer, it looks like. that storm is going to cross drum point and move into the chesapeake bay where it may in fact cross and head on over to the eastern shore. we'll keep an eye on it. a few lines of storms. here's the last one, it's coming with the front. you can watch it in motion. we think these are going to be through by 8:30 or so.
5:51 pm
lingering showers might be around in the overnight hours. and the whole region has this severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. very well placed by the storm prediction center. it follows that up to the northeast because of the heat we've had. it was 95, if not 96 degrees today, folks. dryer, but still very warm and that's because of the humidity will start to drop. even at 9:00, but then we're going to scatter out to a few showers by 11:00 as this all starts to wind down and the temperatures are going to start dropping as well. listen, it's going to be warm tomorrow. our temperature now is 90. very warm. up to our north and west, there are cooler temperatures and probably even more importantly, the humidity level is going to drop and we're already seeing some signs of that. much more reasonable into the mid 60s. tomorrow for your saturday, you are going to notice a difference. about 88 degrees. so again, that's not so hot, but it's also pretty warm. but the humidity will really
5:52 pm
drop from noon on and on sunday, we'll say maybe a late shower possible with the temperature of 89 degrees. that will linger on into monday where we are going to start to get some relief. so, future cast shows those clusters of storms, most of them are out of here. a few could linger and some showers could linger through the overnight hours. here comes your saturday, we are clearing this mess out of here. on sunday, late in the day a couple showers could begin to develop from west and eventually pushing to the east. so here's your five-day forecast. we'll get through this round of thunderstorms. we may have to do it again on monday with a shower and depending on the timing, if it comes through in the morning, just showers. if it lingers, we could have a couple of thunderstorms. look what it does for tuesday and wednesday. refreshing and temperatures in the low 80s, which is low average. so just a few more hours to keep an eye on this and the weekend is going to be worth it. >> thank you, sue. >> paying it forward to veteran moms in virginia. a fairfax county home has been transformed into a temporary
5:53 pm
shelter for homeless female vets and their kids. it's part of an effort called final salute. it's not your typical shelter. >> sandra strikeland has a place to live and make dinner. strickland served seven years in the army before, as she puts it, life happened. she separated from her husband late last year. a man she says abused her. >> here it is. i'm with two children ages 8 and 6. going through a custody situation and not knowing where we're going to live. >> number of homeless female veterans has more than doubled the last several years. part of the problem is, not enough temporary housing. specifically designed to be safe for women, especially those with women. strikeland found help here. leased by a group called final salute. it's run by army veteran, jazz booth, it gives female vets a chance to get back on their
5:54 pm
feet. >> this is just a quiet room. >> it's much more welcoming than a shelter. the house is 4,000 square feet, six bedrooms, and donated furniture. >> giving their respect for the country they served saying you deserve to live in a nice space like this. >> each woman can stay up to two years. >> the basement is my domain. >> they get their own bedroom and in strickland's case, much more. even room for her kids. >> this opportunity has really afforded me that opportunity to basically start over and get back on my feet. >> she's also trying to help her house mates. >> she told me to e-mail her my resume. >> for now, they have a place to make their own meals. give each other grief. and each night a place to call home. will thomas, fox 5 news. >> new on the news edge, virginia's governor gets
5:55 pm
involved in the leadership controversy at university of virginia. his stern message to the school's board of directors. then a family breaks their silence. why the emotional parents blame the white house for their son's death. and it's a bar with a twist. the unique new place coming to d.c. that sun like anything in the world.  [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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another bizarre biting incident in florida. police arrested a man who strip donned down and bit a strip of flesh from another man's arm. he was under the influence when he began yelling, taiging off his clothes. a man tried to calm him down, but baker attacked a man. police were forced to use a stun gun to stop baker. last month, miami police were forced to shoot a man found naked and eating another man's
5:59 pm
face. we hope you were able to cool off. thank you so much for joining us. we're getting ready to start the news at 6:00 with brian bolter right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> shawn said it, the news edge starting off with a close eye on those severe storms moving through the d.c. area. let's get to sue in the weather center. >> we're going to start with radar. the thing you're going to notice in addition to those yellow areas is show you where we have warnings. i'll elaborate on a minute. it does include loudoun. i want to click on the lightning to see how much lightning we are getting with these. that is the thing you really need to watch, especially that cluster coming into loudoun and moving across portions of frederick county and washington county. tremendous amount of lightning. we know they are producing hail to over to sentinal radar. that does include loudoun. what we are noticing is th


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