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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  June 24, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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picking up the pieces, folks are still assessing damage from friday's when i will wind storm. the incredible pictures and latest on power outages. >> penn state child sex abuse scandal, jerry sandusky on suicide watch, following his conviction on 45 counts. >> game 2 battle of the belt ways, a miscue turns into a costly mistake. good morning good to have you with us i am will thomas in for melanie. let's get right to our top stories making headlines. first, a melee involving a
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dozen teens in a parking lot in gaithersburg this all went down in a festival shopping center on muddy branch road, 2:00 a.m. this morning. police tell us at least one person was shot and up to 7 others stabbed as bad as this sounds everyone survived, no ward yet from police on what may have set off the violence. also in maryland firefighters battling this raging house fire, flames reported 3:00 a.m. this morning at a home on 32nd street, mount anear, one firefighter suffered minor burns he is expected to be okay. the home is vacant and the cause of this still under investigation. another big story this morning the aftermath of friday's storms. dozen offence families displaced as officials are still assessing damage one of the hardest hit areas, bladens burg maryland authorities say damage is responsible from a so called micro burst, intense down draft, able to produce winds town 100 miles -- winds
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up to 100 miles per hour. >> reporter: although northwest dc was hit lightly, the early evening storm brought down a tree big enough to bury a taxi cab at 7th street near missouri avenue. power was out nearby because utility lines were knocked down. what was the storm like? >> terrible. i was so frightened the hail, i thought it was going to break my window. >> reporter: in hyattsville part of a huge old oak tree came crashing through the roof of a just remodeled home. >> upstairs busted up pretty good, attic, things have broken, roof joists, trusts and two floor joists and busted the ceiling out in the guest room. a lot of water intrusion. >> reporter: by far the most damage occurred at a condo complex in belatens burg. the roof and part of the top
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floor were torn off and tossed away. >> it was grey outside the winds were moving at least miles per hour. the wind was so bad i had my wife and daughter go into the back room. >> reporter: lee collins was in one of the top story condos and watched as the roof came off over his head. >> roof just peeling off into the parking lot. >> reporter: you saw the roof go >> i saw it go. >> reporter: what sid you do? >> i was in shock, i stood and stared. >> reporter: now the condo complex is 300 feet that way on the other side of that stand of broken trees. 1078 parts of the roof -- some parts of the roof landed here amazingly authorities report only two minor injuries.
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some buildings temporarily condemned. it may take months before some people could move back in. in bladens burg maryland. power lines, not pulled down definitely impossible to drive down the avenue. >> 911 operators inundated with emergency calls friday, downed trees as john showed us, houses practically collapsed, roofs caved in. prince georges county offering shelter to residents displaced because of the storms here is the emergency number (301)583-2230. thousands of people are still without power. here is an update on outages from pepco. nearly 5,000 people are still in the dark this morning, breaks down to just over 2200 dc, only 25 montgomery county,
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2600 prince georges county. complete role reversele sunday just a beautiful day outside so far. warm, temps nothing like the middle of the week a live lookout side, really nice start this sunday, funny to sit here in for melanie on a sunday, commute well under way this time of the day, what is the deal for the rest of the weekend, good morning gwen. >> good morning will. yesterday was fabulous, starting out very nice today as all the calm after the storm but let's look at satellite radar composite skies are not too bad mostly sunny skies across the area, that is what is going to continue into the course of most to have day. we are just keeping an eye on how things are going a ridge of high pressure in control, here is a look at temperatures in terms of yesterday's highs 91 degrees, regan airport, 80 dulles, 90 bwi marshall,
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temperatures above seasonal, 74 degrees national, 68 dulles, 68 thundershower good marshall. 76 degrees -- bwi mar shad. 76 quantico. headed to upper 80s can't rule out the chance of a stray thunderstorm isolated stormpopping up later this afternoon and an update what is happening in the tropics. >> upper 80s, find someone with a swimling pool. see you soon. controversy and worry one day after the storms hit our area, several dc fire trucks and other units out of service they were not all staffed apparently the firefighters union said department leaders are shutting down stations to save on overtime. >> we have five units out of service, medic units assigned, 7 engine, 33 engine, ambulance,
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20 engine and two fire engines, engine company 28 and truck company 14. the fire department says this is not a money saving tactic a spokesperson said there are no station shut downs units were off the streets for various reasons like maintenance and vacation coverage the public needs to know the city has full and complete coverage. >> another rally in support of ousted university of virginia president, theresa sullivan. faculty have been rallying around her since she was forced out more than two weeks ago. today, rally for honor is scheduled 2:00 p.m. on the lawn near the rowton dan, charlottesville -- rotunda, charlottesville campus. >> governor mcdonald threatened to fire the entire board if it fails to resolve this. police on the hunt for a sexual predator a gunman attacked a woman early
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yesterday morning on cyprus creek drive. the man approached the victim as she sat in her parked car forced her into the backseat and sexual aassaulted her. so far police only have a vague description of the suspect. >> another big story we are following for you sunday morning former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky on suicide watch in a pennsylvania jail the move is a precaution following his conviction on 45 counts in his child sex abuse trial. foxes david lee miller has a wrap on the trial. >> anything to say to the victims in. >> reporter: jerry sandusky led away in handcuffs after hearing guilty, 45 times. delivered after a swift trial because of mandatory sentencing minimums in 68-year-old will likely take his last breath behind bars. guilty on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse convicted friday night of sexually
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assaulting 10 boys all children from disadvantaged homes, prosecutors said he met them during his work with second mile charity, earned their trust and preyed upon them. eight men testified during the trial offering graphic accounts of a range of abuse from kissing, massages, oral sex and anal rape >> it forced them to reveal what happened to them and their childhood when they met jerry sandusky. >> reporter: his attorney calling the defense case an up hill battle. >> it was the expected outcome because of the overwhelming amount of evidence. we were attempting to climb mount everest from the bottom obviously we didn't make it. >> reporter: closer to the scene of the crimes this proud pennsylvania community known as happy valley is reacting. >> i think it is always going to be thought about not just going to vanish.
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>> reporter: folks connected to penn state know this isn't the end, two school administrators facing justice accused of purgery and failure to report suspected child abuse. >> those responsible who didn't do what they were supposed to should be held accountable. >> in three months time jerry sandusky will return to this courthouse for sentencing. david lee miller fox news. sandusky's lawyers say they asked the judge to resign from the trial the night before it started asking the judge to let them go they simply didn't have enough time to prepare for the case. tensions rising across egypt, extra security in place ahead of the results in the country's disputed residential elections. >> conflict intensifying between syria and turkey, following the downing of a reconnaissance plane. 8:10 a.m. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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making headlines a strong earthquake off the coast of eastern russia. u.s. geological survey says the magnitude 6 .1 was centered 166 miles south, southwest of ill kurski. tense of thousands of iranians gathered for a rally to change iran on the out skirts of paris many are part of the opposition movement and have left iran because it is simply too dangerous. one said he had two friends executed for filming the 2009 demonstrations in iran. the demonstrators want free and fair elections and democracy. search still on this morning for a downed turkish reconnaissance plane. officials say they shot it down because it entered its air space but insist it was not an attack. turkey is calling for nato to hold a meeting on the incident. officials say it accidentally
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entered syrian air space. in egypt they will announce the results in a disputed presidential elections the hope is to calm growing tensions and massive protests. leland vitter is in cairo. >> reporter: well, into the early morning, massive crowds chanted revolutionary slogans against the army and four muslim brother hood candidate. it began with noon prayers as sympathizers lined up hundreds of rows deep, silent in prayer and angry in protest. when you are on the ground here it is difficult to get perspective just how many people there are here, saying they will not leave until their man is declared the president. so to give you perspective you are now looking from more than a quarter mile away, down here on the square, and as we zoom out you get an idea just how
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big an area it is, how many people there are, and also, the large encampments they have built so they can live here until their demands are met. >> i want to believe they are going to leave >> you don't think they will. >> i wish for future for my kids. >> local mosque is now headquarters, providing shade to rest from the blisserring heat and opening their bathrooms. saturday afternoon the crowd was smaller but their chants filled the weekend air. many took shelter under their tents waiting for another night of protests. currently mohammed leads by 800,000 votes but many egyptians warn if the brother hood is allowed to take over this country will be turned into ans lammic state the brotherhood says if they are not declared the winter crowds behind me will -- winner, the crowds behind me will appear small with the protests they launch around this country.
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crews in colorado still trying to contain several wild fires people are on the verge of evacuating homes for the second time in just two weeks then word winds are having a huge impact on a blaze in utah. foxes anita voguele has a wrap. >> reporter: the high park fire is now two weeks old but still causing major concerns for folks in colorado. at one point last week it was 60% contained but now dropped back to 45%. soaring temperatures gusty winds, prompted the possibility of more homes lost and certainly more evacuations even by people who just two days ago got back into their homes. >> i have a complete peace if anything can be done to save our house they will do it i just hope they know i don't want it to be at the expense of anybody's safety. >> seems they have a plan for anything that seems to pop up.
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they are not just firefighters. >> reporter: in saratoga springs utah, 40 miles south of salt lake city winds are helping fan the flames of what is being called the dump fire residents of 1100 homes are being evacuated local law enforcement said flames took out several transformers they feared it could light up the whole power grid they believe it was started by target practice when a bullet hit a rock and sparked a fire they say this is the 20th target shooting related fire in utah, this year. >> now is not a good time to take your guns outside, and start shooting into the sheet grass that is dry and tender like. we are calling upon the people of utah, to kind of self- regulate shelve with a little common sense. one firefighter suffered minor burns but no homes have been lost thanks to the hard work by the firefighter. coming up fox 5 morning
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sunday why the family to have late rodney king is not inviting his fiance to the funeral. stop this,. a young girl going against her parents wish to decide her own fate. up next, kevin mccarthy, speaks with one of the actors and the executive producer, of the new animated movie, brave. 
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welcome back. it is 8:22 a.m., it appears a shooting here at the beverly hilton hotel is a murder suicide the same hotel hosting the daytime emmy awards. and the hotel you remember, where whitney houston died back in february. police found the bodies of a man in his late 60s and a woman in her late 50s. friday night the hotel hosted
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the emmy's hours later. drama surrounding the funeral of rodney king. his family tells tmz they are not inviting his fiance many family members say they don't believe the 47-year-old drowned on his own because he was always known as a great swimmer. his fiance, found king in a swimming pool last sunday. police are still investigating but so far say no signs of foul play. his 1991 videotaped beating by los angeles police lead to historic riots his funeral is set for next saturday. two commuter alerts to pass along, first effects green line riders navy yard station is closed to transit police so others can conduct a security drill. regular rail service will not be effected the half street entrance will be closed various times throughout the day there is work on the orange, blue and red line that is will cause delays. to the roads avoid the outer loop of the belt way near
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the wilson bridge. construction means only one lane between van dooren and telegraph road open through tomorrow morning. more campaigning for president obama, plus, wimbledon and the tour defrance kick off. foxes mary ann rafferty. >> reporter: the two week long wimbledon championship kicks off in london. see top ranked players take the title. tuesday voters in utah head to the polls to cast their votes in the state's presidential primary. the president will head to the southeast. he will deliver remarks in atlanta during the afternoon and later that evening head to miami. wednesday head to your local clinic, national hiv testing day. the annual event for most awarens of the virus which effects 20% of the population.
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by race african americans face the most severe burden. saturday, door mouth college president jim yung kim will take his place. >> saturday a test of endurance in france as the 99th tour deplanes takes off it will run until july 22nd, riders will endure 2,172 miles of frances most difficult terrain. that is a look at the week ahead i am mary ann rafferty fox news. i am meridia and i will be shaking for my own hand. >> what is she doing? >> meridia. stop this. >> the animated movie brave opened this weekend it tell it is story of a young girl in a long ago kingdom who is
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determined to create her own destiny. actress kelly mcdonald plays the role she is best known for her roles in movies like train spotting and board walk empire. fox 5 movie reviewer kevin mccarthy sat with her and the executive produce tore talk about how they gave life to these animated characters. >> how do you approach voice acting versus live acting there has got to be a different approach because you are in a sound booth. >> same stage so i am used to adr sessions where you go in after the movie and have to fix you know some sounds they haven't managed to pick up that you are in a little booth and it is very solitary but it was in vigorous pieces and i would have the director and producers, in the room for me and read my dialogue with them and yeah, it is very different. the way i work ordinarily is
8:27 am
very subtle i have a very subtle image, and organic and not being able to use your face suddenly, you know, you can't do things the way you would normally and for animation everything has to be more and bigger i was away of that from the beginning but took a bit of practice. >> are there scenes you act out in the scene you are with another actor but there are scenes you are not there when shooting it like for example a scene with the witch was she always there doing the voices back and forth with you. >> to body was there. ever -- no body was there. ever. i met billy connelly once i was in los angeles for a session and he was in right before me doing his stuff it was just like in passing. >> when doing voice acting aspects these characters are not in the same room how are you as a director and producer how do you allow that character
8:28 am
to get emotionally engaged with another person. >> takes four years to make our films everything is meticulously made so spontaneity is not typically part of animation except in the recording studio we always record our dialogues before we do the animation we get actors, main thing we look for, in cast actors is to be a great actor but, ad lib ability that they can make the part their own. in the case of brave, especially, we got scottish born actors and actresses, kelly mcdonald, does the voice of meridia. >> i am meridia. >> i will be shooting for my own hand. >> we wanted her to reach back in her -- how she grew up as a teenager, as a child in glasgow scotland and say what is the slang you would use we wouldn't know about and she made it her
8:29 am
own. she would look at the script and say we wouldn't say it that way we would say it like this. >> brave is number one at the box office this weekend, no surprise taking in $67 million. not too bad what does kevin think of brave? he says the voice acting and individuals, very good, thumbs up there but the film falls off about 30 minutes into it, he says so he gave it 2.5 starts out of 5. ouch. coming up here on fox 5 morning news sunday, another huge crowd battle of the belt way a packed house on hand, camden yards, game 2 of the local rivalry, adam la roar sent one deep was it enough to carry the nats, sports breakfast coming your way next, time now 8:29 a.m. ♪
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xavier, 2 on, 2 outs, grounds 1 to third. top of the fourth, same score, adam la roar takes one to deep right for a solo home run the os get a home run in the 7th. nats win, 3-1. let's hear it for the nats today, the game starts 1:30 p.m. d.c. united received good news this week when ben olsen was named the league's all-star head coach the mls all-stars, face chelsea, july 25th, eastern conference leading united is on the road against the new york redbulls. quarter final of the euro 2012, spain taking on france, 19th minute, no score, jordi with a crossing pass. he bounces a header in to give spain the early lead. second half, peyton rodriguez with a good chance in front. he is taken down spain awarded the penalty kick.
8:34 am
alonso was find him back, second goal of the night, spain, france shuts out, 2-nil, to earn a final match up against portugal. capitals concluded the nhl entry draft. they took two forwards, three defenseman and a goalie, phillip forsberg and tom wilson with their 11th and 16th picks 1st round. caps biggest move of the weekend acquiring center mike labero from dallas stars for cody eakin and a second round draft pick. the past season he recorded, 18 goals, and 63 point s with the dallas stars, he spent of seasons with both the starthe canadians. gwen let's hear it for the
8:35 am
canadians. >> canadians. the team already added two veterans this week adds they try to build a contender. >> wednesday wizards made a deal with the hornets, they acquired forwards, okafor in exchange for lewis. the 46th overall pick they expect to help the team become more defensive minded he gives the wizards, a veteran center and ariza adds depth so how do the new vets see their leadership role? >> it will involve, you know, taking someone to the sideline explaining what they did rock or even good job telling them what they did -- wrong, or even good job telling them what they did right. >> as long as we you know, keep them going in the right direction, i think we will be
8:36 am
able to do -- all you know benefit from it, and we will be better. that is a rap on your sports. severe weather this one in southwest florida complements of tropical storm derby, a tropical storm ripped through frightened residents describe the swirling mass of wind that raced off if water from bethat i know -- off the water from behind their homes. can i save that for my espn audition tape. >> it is a little early to do all those scores but i got through it. >> talking about the tropical storm, it is debbie and it has people along the coastal region concerned will. >> i imagine so. >> let's look at viper, you mention that had tornado, producing strong rain, the rain bands out far. tropical storm warnings from the louisiana coast through to
8:37 am
the florida coast moving slowly to the north, expect to take a little bit of a westerly turn and head through to the northern gulf, this does bear a lot of watching and that is what we are going to do is keep our eye on it. we are in that season now could it become a hurricane? it is possible. >> just chill out debbie that is all we ask. >> definitely because derby will be after you. >> calling me out on that. >> i had to do that will. on here at home weather maps, satellite radar composites, not a lot happening here, as we see -- we have a few clouds that will kind of clear out because of a ridge of high pressure building in later on tonight is what i am concerned about that is when we have a chance of seeing an isolated storm highs yesterday, low 90s the day upper 80s. >> nice. >> mm-hmm. >> not bad at all thanks gwen. >> coming up fox news sunday following our broadcast, 9:00 a.m. a show down over fast and furious, that is that botched operation, guns ended up in the hands of the mexican cartel,
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welcome back time 8:41 a.m., a new round of political sniping between democratrepublicans surrounding attorney general eric holder and the operation fast and furious. foxes molly has the latest from washington. >> reporter: democrats on the house oversight committee say the obama administration is trying to comply with congress and the fast and furious gun walking investigation but republicans are shutting down the offer. this week the oversight committee voted to charge attorney general eric holder with contempt of congress. gop leaders on the committee want the know when holder knew what about fast and furious and they want specific additional
8:42 am
documents. the white house envoked executive privilege this week to keep those documents secret but holder did offer some other paperwork for committee. and committee democrats said the committee flatly rejected a fair and reasonable offer made by the attorney general to accept infor fall documents, in exchange for a good faith commitment toward resolving the contempt dispute instead they repeatedly shifted the goal posts after failing to find evidence to support its unsubstantiated investigations. they counter that and say the justice department doesn't get to pick and choose which papers it hands over. >> 80,000 responsive documents and only 7600 have been turned over who gets to choose what is relevant i think this is a large part of that offer, is that it is in many ways, a very narrow offer and in some, may
8:43 am
suggest not even a real one. >> john boehner said this week unless the white house turns over the documents the committee requested, the full house will vote on the contempt charge next week the family of a slain border patrol ageneral, brian perry -- agent, brian perry deserves answers why their son was killed. gain, fox news sunday, with chris wallace after our broadcast at 9:00 a.m. as we continue here on fox 5, gwen tolbart is bringing us information about a local charity -- ♪ [ music ] >> this is just a taste of what is to come at a fundraising gala that will be mced by yours truly how you can enjoy great music for a great cause. today's weather isn't looking too bad. sunshine for you and humidity, that is a different story. details after the break that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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top stories we are following the morning the first melee involving dozens of teens in a parking lot in gaithersburg. violence broke out at festival shopping center muddy branch road 2:00 a.m. this morning one person shot and seven others stabbed as bad as it all looks, everyone survived no word from police what may have set off the violence. >> a local marine died in the line of duty. lance corporal eugene mills the third died may 22nd, in afghanistan. he had been assigned to camp la june, north carolina. folks still picking up the pieces following friday's storms dozens displaced one of the hardst hit area, bladens burg maryland damage due to a so called micro burst able to produce winds up to 100 miles per hour and still thousands of people without power this morning. gwen and i were just
8:48 am
talking i was in virginia you maryland, it was torential, thunderer's and 45 minutes in and out. >> i pulled away from my windows i could here the hail hitting the windows crazy. but there is a lot going on downtown people will get out and enjoy wonderful weather, opposite, battle of the barbecue is happening let's take a shot outside we will show you people are down there getting ready to get their barbecue on will i can smell it from here. smells good. skies are great, what a good day to have this kind of outdoor activity, because mother nature is definite hi co- operating, go down there -- definitely co-operating, go down there today. pretty nice day. a cooler day but close to where we were in terms of temperatures yesterday, in the upper 80s low 90s not that much cooler comfortable night is what we are head for as well we could see a little bit of action in terms of skies unsettled days ahead for tonight as well as tomorrow in the form of possible storms temperatures will rise back up
8:49 am
again, as we head into next week be prepared you will have to pump up the ac one more time. ridge of high pressure pushing its way off a few clouds to the west a few more clouds as we head in tonight, and this evening, we have a chance of seeing a scattered or isolated thunderstorm pop up, can't rule it out. yesterday's highs, kicked in 91, 87 dulles and 90 degrees at bwi marshall, current temperatures for you, very warm start to your morning, 79 degrees already national airport, 74 baltimore, 77 annapolis, culpepper 75, hagerstown 67 degrees this hour and same as martins burg. ridge of high pressure will gradually slide its way out then we will deal with the approach of a frontal system, that is going to set us up for a chance to see maybe a chance of a thunderstorm or two that will happen late this evening and into the overnight hours better part of the day, wonderful weather plenty of
8:50 am
sunshine just a little bit of humidity, not a whole lot but going to be fairly warm as i told you and a pretty nice day to just get out and take it all in. a look at your day planner by midday, 83 degrees by 86 degrees by the 5:00 p.m. hour any storms by 5:00 p.m. will be well far west you don't have to worry about it, tropical storm debbie kicking up take a look winds sustained 60 miles per hour, moving slowly, expect to take a westerly turn we will keep an eye on that, let's take a quick shot at radar before we go to the today map and show you rain bands e effecting coastal florida, rain warnings straight through, louisiana to florida. we will watch whether it will become a hurricane. back to our maps, talking low 90s course of today chance of a thunderstorm popping up and thunder storms in the overnight hours as well. we will see, beginning of the week not looking too bad as we move through into tuesday, some
8:51 am
improvement, sunshine, temperatures as i said on the rise by the time we get to thursday, you will want to get the fans out and plenty of water. that is your 5 day forecast. joining me now, is matt weaver he is a very very young jazz sensation at 18 years old he has really done an amazing job in terms of his musical career, and he performed at the kennedy center, blues alley and many festivals throughout canada and the u.s., he display it is musical maturity of people well beyond his age but definitely has made a name for himself thank you very much i know you are from earl cot city maryland thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> you will be a special part of a special event i am involved with, we had you last year performing at the event along with daryl davis and some of your other student colleagues from strathmore residency program tell us how it felt last year to be part of our event. >> it was great to be part of
8:52 am
the event and knowing we were all there, supporting a great cause and being part of a really strong community, you know everyone in the community in strathmore all the musicians, it was a pleasure to be part of it. >> we were happy to have you. our house helps abused, homeless, orphaned young boys matt will be performing at our revent this year also held at strathmore and daryl davis and daryl davis is one of matt's mentors for the program, a while back he is an amazing musician as well. >> mm-hmm. >> how was his influence on your. >> great and the strathmore program does a great thing and the mentors, sort of get chosen, it is not really about you know giving you an instrument lesson or anything like that, but they try to find mentors, that will help people in the program, mentors that have been in the music scene
8:53 am
for a long time that can help us make connections and yeah, it was really nice to work with daryl. >> we know daryl is a musician who has played a lot with bb king as well as chuck barry you yourself have done an amazing amazing thing with your career. how is it you use things like this to help our young men that are there they come from abused and really bad backgroundhave traveled a difficult bath almost like successful teens helps disann advantaged teens to succeed. >> it is really important i feel fortunate just to have the opportunity i have had and parents that supported me with music and having a lot of people around me, that support it. so, for people my age, who maybe haven't had any of that, it is great to be able to go and play, and you know a lot of them haven't ever even heard this type of music or seen a
8:54 am
live concert it is really nice, to be there, doing something for them. >> you have been successful with your career and a lot of young men at our house do have dreams they learn the construction industry, they get their self-esteem and confidence built at night they study for their ged. some of them they do have aspirations a couple that are interested in music some fire men or you know a pilot, what kind of advice would you give to a young person, at your age now in terms of pursuing their dream? >> i just think to be really passionate about something, i think i was lucky to find at a young age the thing i was most passionate about and really follow that through and keep following it through. i think passionate. >> believing in yourself. >> yep >> i think it is important to have that kind of support i am glad you have been able to do that for yourself. the young men at our house have traveled such a rough path we want to encourage them we are excited you are part of this
8:55 am
event and daryl davis is doing our welcome performance as well and mavis waters we want everyone to come out and support it you have a cd we would like to show our viewers you have been rolling along with your career tell me about your cd. >> this cd, we recorded in 2009, and it is sort of -- everyone on there, has been really important, and sort of my musical up bringing and everyone on there has been mentors, deanna bogart produced it she is playing at the barbecue today i know, i am really happy about this product here. >> and we will have this at our event. let's give viewers information hear matt and his music and daryl davis at give a child a future the our house gala, friday june 29th, 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., lock heed martin lobby, math more. please come out -- strathmore,
8:56 am
please come out there. i will be there tucker barnes and maybe even will. back after the break [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. welcome back. talking about bucking stereo type as mother in california once on welfare now an
8:59 am
emergency room phi season sean she was a young -- physician she was a young pregnant woman she was able to get help from cal works welfare program she just wrapped up herres dennis, this past week. look at her in her cap and gown makes you feel good, gwen our house certainly helping change lives as well >> they are we want everyone to come out to our fundraiser to help abused and homeless young boys, friday, 29th, please bring your friends, we are looking for everyone to come out i will be there, tucker barnes other celebrity guests and today i will be at central farmers market immediately after the show, old georgetown road arlington in bethesda, talking about the event and giving out flyers we will have a draw for free tickets as well live auctions great music with matt there, and daryl davis and come out and support us. >> cool wantto


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