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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  June 24, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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welcome to the nissan dealers sports xtra. >> good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. coming up a tennis legend weighs in on the 40th anniversary of title 9 but first to the nats and orioles. today the finale of the battle of the beltway as the nats and orioles concluded their series this year. the o's won both series against their crosstown rivals, but the games as close as they could get, fans treated to quite a show. we'll show you a young fan who has love for both teams and it's a win/win for him. top of the 3rd, no score ryan
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zimmerman with just five hits in his last 49 at bats lines a base hit over the shortstop. zim had two hits, nationals leading 1-0. top of the 6th still 1 -0. this is bryce harper with a chopper that finds its way into center field. the 19-year-old never stops running. he's going to test the arm of adam jones. he's safe on the head first slide into second. don't knock the hustle. harp irplaying in his 50th game had -- harper playing in his 50th game had two hit. matt wieters with a runner on sends a high fly to the center. a two-run home run, his 10th of the year and gave the orioles a 2-1 lead. next batter is mark reynolds. he goes to the opposite field. bryce harper battles, goes back, leaps and makes the camp into the wall, a tough grab. nats down 2-1 top of the 9. ian desmond gets a throw them out double play to end the
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game. the o's edge the nats to win the rubber game. baltimore takes four six in the beltway series. all their wins came by one run. i know you're not sad to see the nats go, buck. >> i'm glad that part is over because they're a very good team and very hard to beat. they're one of the best teams in the national league. got great starting pumping and solid bullpen and davey does -- pitching and solid bullpen and davey does a great job and they spent their money well. i'm not -- they've done a great job of scouting and doing things right. it's a young team that's only going to get better. they'll get a couple of their people back here. i'm glad their somebody else's problem. >> nats third baseman ryan zimmerman got a cortisone shot in his right shoulder this afternoon. that helped with the inflames and pain and seemed to work quite -- inflammation and pain and seemed to work quite well. it was his first multi-hit game since june 8th.
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zim is batting .223. he plans to repeat the shot when necessary and hopes staying off the dl. if the inflammation continues, he'll rest after the season and determine if he needs surgery. if he does have surgery, it will shut him down for four to six weeks. here's davey johnson. >> i know he got some treatment before the game. he looked like the old zim swinging the bat with authority and that's a great sign. he did get a shot before the game and the last treatment that he had where he had the two weeks off, that didn't seem to work, you know. so we're going to kind of go this new treatment and hopefully he'll stay healthy. game one of a doubleheader between the phillies and rays. first pitch carlos pena drivers to deep right has plenty and leaves the yard. the rays in front the first
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time 3-1. bottom of the 9th, hunter pence with a tying run on second goes down swinging. er if man dough rodman gets his 21st save -- fernando rodman gets his 21st save. they complete the night cap 7- 3. red sox hosting the braves bottom of the 7th kevin youkilis with a drive to center field, michael bourn and jason heyward, where's the communication? the ball drops in. adrian gonzalez scores and youkilis slides through third with a triple. red sox down the braves 9-4 the final at bat of youkilis' nine year career. he was traded to the white sox for first baseman brent lillibridge. it's time for a quick break. when we come back we have more. @
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welcome back to sports xtra. >> d.c. united and the new york red bulls met tonight for the 68th time ever and only three points separate the clubs in the upper tier of the eastern conference. united won the first meeting 4- 1 in april and tonight another high scoring affair. d.c. united not receiving a very warm welcome at new york. just 30 seconds into the game duane dell rosario heads to danny cruz, chris pontias' seventh goal of the year. united has a 1-0 lead. later tied 1-1. new york volleys the ball, second goal of the game for the former united player, 2-1 new york. 66th minute united trails 3-1. the deficit later 3-2. 75th
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minute. the crossing pass into the box. it's just deflected off the goalie's shoulder. united falls on the road to the new york red bulls 3-2. the quarterfinals of the euro cup and it's england facing italy for the second time ever in this curran amount. we start in the -- current tournament. we start in the third. this match is decided by penalty kicks. a critical kick to tie but it's denied. italy is in charge and alessandro delmonte has a chance to win it. does he? he does not disappoint. italy defeats england 4-2. the italians face germany in the semifinals. it is portugal and spain in the other semifinals. the final round of the travelers champion and we start with rory sabbatini playing 116 yards today. he lands it on the green.
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it rolls into the cup, yes, a hole in 1 not to mention the shot of the day, sabbatini 3- under 60 know is finishing six shots back. hunter mayhem carted the lowest shot of the day tied for 11th. mark leachman began the day six shots back with an 8-under 62. he was in the clubhouse early sitting at 14-under par. this is charley hoffman. he held a 2-shot lead but his drive found the water. his third shot comes in hot, lands in the rough behind the green. hoffman finished double bogey and tied for second. roland thatcher entered today as co-leader needed to birdie to force the playoff but instead find the bunker and bogeys the hole. mark leachman wins his first tour win and gets congrats from his fellow aussie stewart appleby. when we come back, a tennis
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lend has much to say -- legend has much to say. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> 40 years ago this weekend title 9 became law. the landmark legislation prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all education
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programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. it has resulted in millions of women competing in intercollegiate sports like never before. billy jean king was in town to mingle can castle -- with kastle sponsors. she founded the women's tennis association and women's sports foundation. she told us title 9 is more than just about women in sports. >> i think a lot of people think it was just about sports and really it was an educational piece of legislation. the reason we have 54% of women enrolled in universities and colleges today is because of title 9 which was june 23rd, 1972. so the floodgates were opened in 1972. it's taken time to get momentum. now it's 54% women and that's good to a point, but now i'm starting to worry about the guys because i'd like to to reflect the population.
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i think it should be 51/49 and so it's equal. finally the seattle storm beat the mystics 72-55. crystal langhorne led washington with 29 points. the mystics are now 2-8 this season. that's all the time we have for tonight's show. thanks for letting us be part of your weekend. have a great night. we'll see you back tomorrow starting at 5:00 and 6:00. bye bye. >> thank you for watching sport extra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealer.


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