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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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signed by president obama in march of 2010, contained 450 provisions. the centero piece, the individual mandate taking place in 2014, drew the most criticism and since day one, opponents have vowed to gut the law regardless, including the president's republican rival. >> if it's deemed to stand then i will tell you one thing, we're going to have a president. i'm not going get rid of obama care. >> reporter: how will the justices rule? analysts say the three days of arguments last march provide some clues. it's believed that justice kennedy is the swing vote. he's been that and a number of 5-4 decisions. >> it's true he seems to be asking keptical questions of the government. >> reporter: others say watch chief justice john roberts who will be the architect of the ruling. >> if he decides to declare it unconstitutional, that is not going look political. i think he's going to call it as he sees it. it's quite possible to wind up
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with something like on the arizona immigration law. a mixed result. >> reporter: if the court strikes down part of the law, house republicans say they will try to repeel what remains. on the presidential level, both candidates insist the ruling will energize their supporters going into november. in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. >> many medical experts across the nation have strong opinions about the president's healthcare law and the supreme court ruling. joining us now to discuss more about how the decision will affect patients and the medical community. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> and we know the decision is high. the high court could strike down the entire law or pieces of it. as a physician, in your opinion, what is the best case scenario tomorrow per patients -- for patients? >> i think it's for the court to upheld the -- uphold the
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entire law and there have been a lot of patients benefiting tremendously from the parts of the law that have been enacted and there are children with pre- existing conditions that the insurance companies can't discriminate against. benefits that many families have been able to learn more about their health and get diseases taken care of before they're more serious, and i look forward to the court upholding the laws to build a better healthcare system for every american. >> and there is a chance the court could strike it down entirely. what would it mean for patients if struck down? >> and if it's struck down entirely, that would be a concerning situation for our patients, for physicians, and for our healthcare system in general. we don't have a good healthcare system in the united states. i think we're in a situation where a lot of your help depends on why you leave, how much you earned and what you look like and your current
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health. i think a lot of families need more peace of mind and deserve secure, affordable, reliable, high quality healthcare. if the court decides to strike down the law, we're going have a major setback building the system that we deserve. >> there are a lot of americans against this, doctor. 28% of americans will be please deemed the affordable care act unconstitutional. the mandate forcing someone to buy health insurances is unconstitutional and what do you say to those critics? >> what i would say, the individual mandate and insurance mandate has taken up a lot of attention in the political arena and what is important are those provisions of the law that provide piece of mind. this law is going to extend insurance to millions of americans unable to afford it through no fault of their own
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and the law is able to train more primary care doctors in places that need them right now and the law has a lot of provisions that go a long way to providing every american with that kind of security healthcare they deserve. i think the individual mandate took up a lot of attention and the individual provisions of the law are for all of us and they really do give us the healthcare system in this country. >> what happens without that reform? >> without reform, i think the insurance industry is going to have to do a lot of hard work and offering miles an hour affordable insurance. right now, i feel -- i see so many families struggling to make ends meet and insurance companies, if they're facing a situation where the individual mandate is struck down and the rest of the law is
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constitutional, they have to rise to the challenge of offering us insurance plans that are affordable and high quality and respond to the needs of americans during the struggling times. >> and that is a high-stakes decision. dr. shiram with the nationalling ifs alliance, thank you very much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. and new developments, the house announced to hold holder in contempt of congress. and he's -- on the botched fast and furious gun program. and that could bring an unprecedented contempt of the attorney general. president obama used executive privilege on some don'ts in the dispute. the news edge on d.c. now. if you live in or visit d.c., you experienced the limited parking, an issue in every part of the city. the problem is simple too.
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many cars and not enough space. city leaders hill the parking summit and matt ackland has more. >> reporter: it's a headache for d.c. residents that had a car and the population of d.c. is growing for years. did you know that 36% of all d.c. residents do not own a car? imagine the parking mess if more decided to get a car. >> reporter: for many of us, we have a love affair with our cars. in a populated area like d.c., limited parking is breaking hearts and that is one reason for the so-called parking summit. >> and that is -- parking. >> we need to recognize parking realities. there is never enough parking for everyone wanting it. >> reporter: some suggest the cost to park couldis if the problem n. d.c., a yearly parking permit for residential parking is $35. a private parking spot can cost more than the car itself.
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some believe because street parking is so el cajon, it encourages people to keep their cars on the street. >> a lot of people have a perception that parking is free. any developer can tell you that building a sparking -- parking space under ground costs between 20 and $50,000. >> reporter: some parking issues are temporary. case in point, how the large construction project taking place downtown these days. >> the bottom line is that we need some, light. okay, we can't live like. that. >> reporter: harold valentine lives near the o street market redevelopment. he said that out-of-town construction workers take up all of the thoughts and don't get tickets. >> that talk to project contractors. i talked to the construction workers and talked to everybody, look, you work with us, we'll work with you. okay? and nothing is being done. >> reporter: there is progress when it comes to parking. some referred to younger residents making the choice to ditch the car with plenty of bus, train, and some bike
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transportation for younger city dwellers and that beats the spot. >> and they're considering a possible day pass for out-of-up to construction workers who have trouble finding legal parking. that is not a done deal. also, another parking problem that isy going a lot of attention is from campuses. some believe that out-of-state students shouldn't be allowed to have parking permits. and on the national mall, what do you know about that? >> i guess we'll go back to matt in a bit on that. moving on to the immigration standoff in virginia. the commonwealth lost its bid to have state troopers enforce the federal immigration law. i.c.e. officials want to focus on
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other immigration programs and he blames the obama administration for the proposal and governor o'malley is putting his arms on an expanded gambling proposal and said the plan which includes a prince georges county casino is to be decided on with a special legislative session. o'malley blames members of the house of delegates for delaying that bill. straight ahead tonight on the news edge six. a mother's pain. the bomb shell allegations from the biological mother of jerry sandusky's adopted son. sue. we're enjoying a last day in the 80s, 87 degrees and this is going to feel like a dream within the next couple of days. really a dangerous heat wave is building over d.c. i will let you know when to expect it and how things are shaping as we go to the end of the week. laura. laura. 
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. new startling allegations tonight surrounding former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the biological mother of matt sandusky said she was always suspicious of their father-son relationship. just last week, matt sandusky came forward claiming he was sexually assaulted by his adopted father. debra long fought the court system over her son's placement and claims her objections were ignored. we're continuing to stay on top of a developing story in newark, new jersey, where dockworkers are rushing to unload a large containership at the port there after someone heard knocking coming from inside one of the large containers. fox's christine perseketti has the latest. >> reporter: the search continues. the department of homeland security agents have spent hours searching the ship weind -- behind me, going through container after container
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looking for possible stowaways. [ sirens ] dozens of ambulances and other emergency vehicles rushed to the port of newark after reports of possible stowaways on board the containership. during a routine u.s. coast guard inspection of the villa de aquarius today, noises were heard coming from one of the sealed containers. there are thousands of them stacked high and investigators zeroed in on a few hundred. one by one, they were lifted off of the ship and independent. the container with a suspected stowaways was supposed to be carrying machine parts to norfolk, virginia, and was loaded on to the ship in india several weeks ago and left the united arab emirates on may 30th and stopped in pakistan, india, and egypt before arriving in newark. customs and border protection agents were on the scene in case people were found in thea container. this truck driver, who transports containers like these, said a person could survive in one of them for two weeks. >> they have to have food, all right, put some ventilation in
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there, all right, and cut a hole in the floor. >> reporter: there are little holes in the containers but very little air would get through. even with all of this going on, it was business as usual at the port. >> an everyday event. it's not an everyday thing. >> reporter: the fbi's top agents here in new jersey said the response was appropriate here since the port is considered a potential terrorist target and in new jersey, christine for fox 5 news. a young man in arizona jumping his way into the olympics. 17-year-old noah plans on competing in the 2016 games by doing this trampolining. it's recognized in the olympic or practices. practices. he practices 20 hours a week and off to a national competition next month. next mo@
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[ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. dozens of men shed their suits for a good cause. the group strutted their stuff outside of union station, columbus circle and dupont circle, part of the men's warehouse national suit drive. the campaign donates gently used suits to help unemployed workers suit up for success. i guess today was one of the days that you didn't need clothes on. >> you're right. you can get -- for example. if that didn't work out for you. yeah, today's not that bad. we're going to get hotter and we want to make sure that people know about that. >> yeah. >> and we're heading for the mid- and upper 90s and that is going to be a long pull.
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the last one lasted's few days. >> right. >> and this can last closer to a week. >> and that heat compounds it. >> absolutely. >> when the nights cool off and the days are warm, that continues on and on. >> yeah. >> and a live look outside, we have a couple of high, thin clouds out there right now and what we're going to see as we continue to go through the rest of the afternoon and evening is a couple of high clouds and that is about it. no rain is expected and our temperatures continue to drop into the 80s and other levels. most likely into the 60s and we'll show you temperaturewise here, and that is not the high temperature and it was 89 degrees. not sure why that didn't come up. 89 is our high temperature and we're down to 87 degrees and they're going to feel like a dream here and start looking toward the end of the week and climbing into the mid- and upper 90s. 85 at dulles and 88 to cincinnati and this is how we
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know we're in for a hot stretch and look at what is going and this is some temperatures. denver getting relief, and they tieing the all-time record high for the year and we know is there is a lot of heat out there and that is heading in our direction. the national weather service has gone ahead and issued in advance of the core of the heat getting in here, an excessive heat watch for friday. every county here that you see in orange and that is up and down the 95 corridor and up into philadelphia. that combination of the temperature and the humidity making it feel like 110 degrees and that is dangerous for a lot of people. so, won't to you be aware of that coming in. the evening hours are lovely, and that is 84 degrees at 11:00 and 76 degrees. a patch of clouds are coming on down to pennsylvania. this is not going to have much
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rain with it. the high, then clouds will scatter out later tonight and to the south for a check on what was our tropical depression debby, now a post tropical system with winds of 40 miles an hour and that is about 200 miles east of saint augustine, florida, and this is the last advisory the hurricane center is issuing on that and we wanted to you see the rain totals in this region have been excessive, 10 to 20 for northern and central florida and today, we picked up an additional estimate of 3 1/2 to six inches as the storm was pulling out of town and there is a lot of cleanup to do there. wish we could take the rain and sunday it to colorado for that disastrous fire out there. overnight temperatures, one more comfortable night, fairly mild and the humidity is in check with some high clouds around. 68 degrees in the district and to some mid-90s and that is
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going to be warm. eight in the morning, 76 degrees and by 9, by noon, up to 90 and by 5:00, it's hot at 94 degrees and get ready for that. we have near triple digit heat to talk about and high humidity for saturday, sunday, and monday, and taking us into next week with the 4th of july on wednesday. i don't know that it's in the upper 90s but that is still in the 90s and maybe the low to mid-90s and as far away as next week. >> okay. >> and that is going to be a long haul. >> yes. >> and all right, at least we can try to prepare. >> thanks. coming up, lindsay murphy is out at the country club with a preview of the golf tournament. lindsay? >> how are you. yes, good evening. bad news for a local golfer. steve marino, a no go for tomorrow. we'll tell you why. and adam oates is officially in town and the head coach of the washington
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capitals. dave ross goes one-on-one with him coming up in sports. laura. >> thank you. a reunion eight years in the making. quite a story here. dolores viola and betty lou overholt zer met for the first time on sunday. the long lost sisters from minnesota have a lot of catching up to do. dolores was 50 years old when she found out she was adopted and when she started looking for her biological family. by researching online, she discovered the sister and the two met. both women say they're looking forward to starting a great relationship. relationship. 
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. greetings from the driving rage. i'm lindsay murphy. we're less than 24 hours away from the start of tiger's tournament, the at&t national and beginning at 7 a.m. tiger's group, tee off at 12:50
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starting on the first hole and today was full of events, including a pro-am practice round and that is following his round. the tournament is paying tribute to the brave men and women who serve our country and the at&t national offers complimentary tickets, food, and ammenities to honor sack face -- sacrifices and tiger with local service members teed off to fortunately start the tournament. support from tyingert and golfers goes a long way. >> special events like this which help wounded, active, retired service members and their families and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice remind us that there is so much support out there for us. >> and that is a how many support of us and him.
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>> and. >> reporter: steve mareno had to withdraw and said the pain in his knee was too severe and there is no steve marino, but tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., the first tee times. i know you met adam oates, what were your impressions? >> you will like him and he is very, very sharp. one of the sharpest hockey minds they have come across. officially announced as the 16th head coach and caps fans, you know them well. from 19 inspect-2001. and played 19 years in the league and spent the last three years as an assistant with the devils. here's his coaching style. >> you remember me as a player, i tried to do the right thing at the right time and that is
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how i vig the team being played. we're going to be no different, in your face hockey and you can't have weak moments in the game anymore. the teams are too good and anyone can beat anyone. you have to protect your goalie and defense and keep the puck out of your face and score. more from the caps and tigers tournament at 10 and 11. and back to you. >> you have the news edge, the news is always on keep it here. tmz on the is up next. see you at 10. e you at 10.
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[ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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