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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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forms a secret. the news keeps coming tonight. shawn now with the news edge at 11:00. >> the news edge begins tonight with a crime caught on camera. restaurant cooking oil has become a hot commodity for thieves. they sell it for a huge profit. audrey barnes is live in the newsroom with the story. audrey. >> the miller family, pat and pete have owned the red rooster restaurant. their used cooking oil is in high demand, just like their fried chicken. >> they fry up a lot of chicken at the red rooster, 40 cases or about 8,000 pieces a week. in some of the best canola oil around. >> for 35-pounds, it costs me $52. >> hi mom. >> miller family gets paid $200 a month to let a company called valley protein come haul away their used oil. it gets clean and is then used
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to fuel biodiesel fleets and the key ingredient in poultry feed. someone has stolen the grease before the truck could pick it up. >> this is the tank right here that they stole the grease from the second time. >> both of the thefts were caught on tape. each time you see a criminal make off with the restaurant's liquid gold in a matter of minutes. >> it wasn't like they were out in the open. they had to look under here, find the locks, and cut them off. >> oh yeah, he does it all the time, you can tell. he thought it was a normal day for him. >> the thousand pounds of oil from the dumpster and 100 pounds from the overflow barrel is worth hundreds to the millers. >> that money could do a lot for my family. $200 a month, that's a good chunk of change. >> other restaurants have been hit, too, there have been eight oil thefts this month. miller has some advise for the thieves. >> i just think they need to find a job.
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you know, stealing other people's stuff is not an honest living. >> now it's hard to say what's happening to the miller's stolen oil. investigator s say it's ending up in the market. to sell for $3 a gallon once it's cleaned. shawn. >> what a shame. audrey barnes, thank you. another big story we're following tonight. warning elderly residents to be on the lookout for a burglar pretending to be a repairman. wisdom martin joins us with the news edge on this one. >> d.c. police believe the same suspect is involved in both of these crimes. we're going to show you video. this is the suspect, june 19, signing a book in the front lobby of the building in the 1400 block of florida avenue northeast. the most recent incident happened yesterday afternoon in the 1200 block of g street southeast. now they say he knocked on
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doter door and told the victims he needed to fix the broken toilet. he did go into the bathroom, but he tied up the victims and stole their money and property. >> the video will be crucial. if you recognize the person, contact us immediately so we can make sure our elderly residents are safe. >> now at this point, no serious injuries, but both victims were assaulted. police are advising people in the area to make sure they verify who was at the door before they open it by calling the main office. shawn. >> good advice. wisdom, thank you. also in the district tonight, police investigating a stabbing on a metro bus near george washington university. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon near the intersection of 21st and f streets. investigators say two men got into a fight on the bus, one stabbed the other. the victim's name has not been released. his injuries are not life threatening. now the news edge on virginia. police arrested twin brothers for several burglaries in
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fredericksburg. isaac and joshua franklin are accused of breaking into swim club three times this month. also accused of burglarizing the franklin law office and mills twice. they are both charged with several counts of burglary and grand larceny. new details now about the former penn state football coach convicted of child sex abuse. jerry sandusky is still receiving a state pension. under pennsylvania law, pension can only be forfeeted for crimes like exforges and bribery. he will continue receiving that pension. the jury convicted of molesting ten boys over a 15 year period. >> i don't like it. >> still getting rewarded for his actions over many, many years. >> i think it's terrible that he gets tax money and i think something needs to be done about it. >> he began receiving that pension in 1999 after coaching his final penn state football
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game. all eyes will be on the u.s. supreme court tomorrow morning and already crowds are gathering outside the building tonight. people lining up and waiting to hear the justices ruling on president obama's healthcare reform law. the biggest issue here, the individual mandate. the law requiring individuals to buy health insurance. the court will uphold the entire bill, strike down the mandate or more than the mandate, no matter what the ruling. they will repeal the entire thing. you can tune in tomorrow morning. we will have live coverage as it happens. also expected, a house vote on whether to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. withholding critical information and documents on the botched fast and furious gun program. the vote could bring a citation of a sitting attorney general. president obama used executive privilege on some documents. >> still ahead, a big parking summit trying to ease some of
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your parking pain. the question is, did they find a solution? >> and, which area beaches are being recognized as the cleanest in the nation. where you can feel good about taking a dip this summer. and here's a look at the other stories. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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the newses edge continues now with the fight for parking in the district. drivers find the same problem city wide. too many cars, not enough spaces. come up with solutions. fox 5 reports. >> for many of us, we have a love affair with our cars. but in such a populated area, like d.c., limited parking is breaking hearts. that's one reason for the so- called parking summit. >> how do we be more efficient? >> we need to recognize the practical reality that there will never be enough parking for everyone who wants it. >> some suggest the cost to park could fix the problem. in d.c., a yearly parking permit for residential parking is $35. a private parking spot can cost more than the car itself. some believe because street parking is so cheap, it
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encourages people to keep their cars on the street. >> a lot of people have a perception that parking is free. any developer can tell you that building a parking space under ground costs between $20 and $50,000. >> some parking issues are temporary. case in point, all the large construction projects taking place downtown these days. >> the bottom line is, we need some relief. we can't live like that. >> valentin lives near the redevelopment. he says out of town construction workers take up all the spots and don't get tickets. >> i talk to project contractors. i've talked to the construction workers. nothing is being done. >> but there is progress when it comes to parking. some at the meeting refer to younger residents who are making the choice to ditch the car. with plenty of bus, train, and now even bike transportation for younger city dwellers, that
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beats the spa. >> that was matt acklin reporting. a prince georges county neighborhood was awarded grant money to protect the environment. the town of forest heights is one of ten communities and organizations to receive the green street's grant. it's part of the chesapeake trust green jobs, green towns initiative. the goal is to improve overall health, enhance livability and create jobs. from the cleanest local beaches to free museum admission. here is laura evans with your top 5 fox 5. >> goggle is getting into the e read market. the nexus7 will go head to head with kindle's fire. the nexus7 is lighter and includes a camera. it will hit store shelves next month starting at $199. number four, admission to the museum in d.c. is free for kids 18 and under all summer long.
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from july 1 through september 3, the museum about journalism and the first amendment is making it more affordable for families to visit. number three, good news for families visiting ocean city and dewey beach. both made the list. they earned a five star rating from the natural resources defense council. the group found dewey beach and ocean city followed best practices. >> you can get a free hiv test at d.c. drugstores. the centers for disease control announced a limited number of rapid results tests will be available. takes 20 minutes. results will be delivered in private, counseling and treatment information will be provided for people who test positive. >> and number one, for the first time in more than a decade, the fda approved a nee prescription weight loss drug. belviq is for obese adults or adults overweight with a medical complication like diabetes or high cholesterol. that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. shawn, back to you.
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the smithsonian festival kicked off tonight with back the funk concert. the concert featured clinton and nevel. it is between 7th and 14th street. the best part of all, it's free, and free concerts almost every single night. all right, here's the bad news. maybe a little hot out there with the rest of the concert. enjoy it tonight. >> bring the coolers and just be prepared to get into air- conditioning if you are feeling overwelmed. i think everybody has to be prepared that this could cause some heat stress as we start building into another hot stretch. this one will last longer. but tonight isn't too bad. it is still comfortable. that's very much because the humidity has not started to climb yet. and it won't climb for tomorrow. now still going to be hot tomorrow. we'll jump up to 95 degrees. and today we were at 89
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degrees. let's check out those weather maps. what we have tomorrow is a west wind. that can get us hot, but it's also a very dry direction for us. we pick up the humidity. that wind is out of the southwest. it is going to be hot for those golfers over the weekend. for all of you going out to the at&t national. keep that in mind. today, we kept the heat at bay for one more day. but close by chicago, it was 92 degrees. of course, we've had this tremendous and extreme heat from texas all the way up into kansas and nebraska. lincoln, nebraska, today 102 degrees. st. louis 99. wichita 106. a little bit of a break, not by much, for denver at 97 degrees. that's down from 105 yesterday. so the core of the heat has shifted just a little bit and it's going to do that again tomorrow and again over the weekend as it slowly migrates towards the east and southeastern united states. our temperature has dropped to
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77 degrees here. a will the of other spots west of the city, upper 60s to low 70s. 71 for dulles. 68 for manassas. culpeper comfortable at 64 degrees. a will the to do with nice low dew points. this is the temperature that the air needs to cool to in order for dew to form. when you're in the 50s, it's comfortable. when it's above 65, it's noticeable and above 70. very uncomfortable, if not oppressive. we'll watch dew point numbers climb into the 60s and eventually up and over 70. so in anticipation of that higher heat and humidity, the excessive heat watch that was issued earlier today in effect for friday by the national weather service means it will feel like 110 degrees in these orange areas. it doesn't include loudoun or points far to the west, or the southern portions of maryland and over to the eastern shore. you'll get a break by the beaches. i don't think your heat index will get that hot. watch for this to get issued
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over the weekend. remember, your heat safety first and foremost, take a lot of breaks. drink the water. keep the hat around and wear your sunscreen. light colored, loose fitting clothing. keep an eye on your pets. it's not safe for them to be outside during this heat. certainly without some kind of shelter. pets and children in cars, not a good combination, unless it's running. keep that in mind. tonight, we watch what is left of tropical storm debby, which was downgraded. maybe it brushes bermuda. could become a tropical storm again. the national hurricane center will start issuing watches. it's not going to be a threat for land other than bermuda. we see thunderstorm activity moving across colorado. they could use more than this. in fact, this is actually made the problem a bit worse with the wild fires as it caused lightning and stronger gusty winds that caused problems as well. otherwise, much of the rest of the nation is dry and most of the next few days with the
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competition of an isolated thunderstorm over the weekend, and maybe on friday, we're going to probably not have a will the of rain. a few high clouds tonight. low 60s in the suburbs. 68 degrees in the district. tomorrow, a warm day. we're up to 95 degrees. a lot of sunshine. it won't be as humid as the rest of the weekend will be. at 8:00 in the morning, 76 degrees. by noon, we pop up to 90. by 5:00, 94 degrees and it is going to be on the warm side. into the weekend we go. with hot and humid days, both days saturday and sunday, pushing 100 degrees. isolated storms possible. any storm could have heavy rain and damaging winds and hail as we have certainly seen in the peek heating that happened last friday. and last thing i'll show you, as we roll through our future cast, we aren't going to see much in the way of thunderstorms. and then again on saturday, watch saturday morning, south of pennsylvania.
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we'll get the timing down for you as we get closer to the weekend. it's all hot stuff. i think it stays hot right through the fourth of july weekend and that is certainly going to have an impact on the at&t national. hoping for those early tee times. lindsey murphy has your sports report. >> this is the verison sports desk. with lindsey murphy. >> thanks for all the good news, sue. hello, everybody. in less than eight hours, golfer wills be teeing off at congressional. the long-termly early tee times starting at 7:00 a.m. tiger and k.j. choi tee off at 6:50. and tiger had a practice round this morning. he already has two wins in 2012 at the arnold invitational in march and the memorial in june. now a new face, he made a name for himself by leading for part of the u.s. open. he is just 17 years old, but handling himself like a pro. >> i don't really see the
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difference in the pressure. the pressure is the pressure i put on myself. i have to go out there and like i said, i have to play the golf course. i'm not worried about where i'm playing. i still have to take care of business. i'm not going to go out there and look at who is sitting next to me, whether it's tiger woods or nick or d.a. points. >> it was a big day for the capitals today. they traded dennis wideman to calgary for a fifth round pick in 2013 and minor league defenseman. wideman had 11 goals and 35 assists last season. he was eligible to become an unrestricted free agent on july 1. >> adam oats was introduced. the former cap was a captain from '99 to 2001 during his six seasons in d.c. he spent as an assistant with the new jersey devils. although he doesn't have head coaching experience, he has a message about his coaching style. >> if you remember me as a player, i was a guy that tried to do the right thing at the
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right time. that's how i envisioned the game being played. the majority of the teams play in your face hockey and we're going to be no different. that's all over the ice. all three zones. you can't have weak moments in this game anymore. teams are too good. anybody can beat anybody. you know, you have to protect your goal. you have to keep the puck out of the net, but you have to score. >> we are less than 24 hours away from the nba draft and the wizards are holding on to that pick. they made a trade. move up with the wizards. would the wizards consider moving that pick? >> no, we are still building through the draft. we will use both and end with nine players under their rookie contract. we have one of the youngest teams in the league. we have been transparent that the draft is what is important to us and that's the way that
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we'll replenish. coming up, the nats are hitting the lights off in colorado. highlights when we come back.
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the nats seem to like the air in colorado last night. they had their biggest offensive output. ties the club record since the team moved to d.c. in 2005. and to go along with the 21 hits. four home runs. while that continued tonight. the rookie continuing his hot streak at coors field. his fourth home run of the year. also, his second straight game. it's 3-0 nats. nats up 4-0. and ryan zimmerman showing that shot he took last weekend working just fine. he connects on his fifth of the year. washington up 5-0 and two batters later, ian desmond, you know the rest. the nationals are leading 11-3. >> the orioles hosting the angels tonight. mike will make a pretty decent catch. scrap that. he's going to make one of the
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best catches you'll ever see. robbed in center field. yup. robbed by the rookie, good catch. the angels go on to crush the birds, the final 13-1. that's all for sports. i will see you live from congressional. we'll be right back. and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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we are taking the edge off tonight. new york yankees left fielder fooled the umpire and most of
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the stadium last night. unbelievable. he falls over the railing for the catch. a spectacular play. kept going, despite a fan waving, look, i have the real ball. the guy in the red, you know, the umpire made the incorrect call, ruling the guy out. the ump admitted he made a big mistake, but tell that to the cleveland indians who lost 6-4 to the new york yankees. and now you have the news edge. thanks so much for joining us. fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather, and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news. on air and online at, brought to you by verison.
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