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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tomorrow. there's already been this watch that's been issued for tomorrow. now this is an excessive heat watch it. looks like again tomorrow we'll have this heat that will be the heat index values of about 105 to 110 degrees. believe it or not, we could do this all over again tomorrow, not like this i don't think. i think tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening there will be more scattered showers and thunderstorms. we have the potential for another one of these clusters of storms to come in from the north and the west, but at this point it looks like it will be more scattered for tomorrow. there will be the possibility that it is severe. look what's happened with our temperatures. in a couple places the temperature is still way up there, martinsburg 90 degrees. cumberland is 90 degrees. here in town we've cooled dramatically. we were 94 degrees at 9:00. now we've cooled down to 75 degrees. annapolis and baltimore, you're going to cool down. it will cool down across the
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bay as well because this whole line of showers and thunderstorms will be moving through. you can see things have calmed down at least from the perspective of our tower camera in northwest. just a few minutes ago that was blowing in the wind. we could hardly see the cars down on wisconsin because of all the rain, but right now that has moved on through. so we've gotten dramatically better. nope the lightning in the distance, though. it's almost -- notice the lightning in the distance, though. it's almost nonstop. even if you were back out to the west. we were just talking to will thomas out in fauquier county in darnton, he's still seeing constant lightning -- warrenton. he's still seeing constant lightning back out to the east and that will continue probably the next hour or so. this lightning will get on the eastern shore and we'll still be seeing it. we won't be hearing it. look at one of the transformers blowing right now with probably some of the wind and maybe potentially lightning strikes as well. let's go back over to radar. can you split the screen and
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put the radar up where we have -- could you go back to the split screen and somehow show the tower camera as well because i think we'll want to watch out for some more -- yeah, that's good. everybody can see the radar and lighten here as it continues to move on through -- the line here as it continues to move on through. severna park, annapolis, chesapeake beach, all you guys in anne arundel county, in the northern sections of calvert county there, you haven't gotten a light yet moving through, but it's going to be getting there pretty quick. it's on to mitchellville right around the bowie area and upper marlboro is about to get hit as well. i'll try to keep you guys abreast of this. again it's going to hit you with some wind, lightning and heavy rain and then it will get out of there, probably pass over just about of location that it hits within about 30 minutes or so. so it's a very fast moving line, still seeing indicators
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here that we could -- they just told me now more than a half million people without power between pepco and dominion. so again this is a prolific wind machine and with that in mind you just knew of that probably going to be happening this evening -- knew that was probably going to be happening this evening. these storms are moving east, slightly northeast in some cases. i've got an updated movement, still at 56 to 60 miles per hour, these storms are continuing to move on through. just look at the lightning. guys, bring the radar back up to full screen so everybody can see what i was focused in on. those look like the strongest part of this line right now from beltsville to greenbelt to mitchellville and to largo. again that lapse takes you back about 45 minutes and you can see just how much land that it's covering, just how much real estate. it's moving out across 50 now. it's about to move into anne arundel, pasadena, severna
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park, chesapeake beach. very, very long lived line of thunderstorms here as this has come down from ohio as well. i do want to mention that if you are basically in the central sections of the district or east of i-95, the heaviest of this has moved through unless you're north of the district. if you're up into howard county, still the heaviest of this is going to be moving through, baltimore county and north of baltimore county and it still has to come on across. the line now probably i would say a couple hundred miles long from north to south, north of baltimore down to south of richmond right now and it is all severe. all of the counties out in advance of this particular squall line now have been designated as severe thunderstorm warning counties and it goes anywhere from basically 11:15 all the way till probably midnight and 1 a.m. we did have a severe
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thunderstorm watch that was issued. that is in place until 1 a.m. tonight. it looks like everything is moving on through. behind the line of thunderstorms it really does calm down, just some light rain falling from frederick back down now into most of montgomery county, loudoun county just light rain and fairfax county light, mostly light rain. there's still some heavy rain down around alexandria and moving out. you notice all the very heavy reds here. that's where the heavy wind is and heavy rain is and at times we're getting some indications of some hail as well. i want to go upstairs to shawn and maureen and right now the storms continue to move 50, 60 miles per hour off to the east. the good news, shawn, not seeing rotation. we talk a lot about rotation with tornadoes. haven't seen any indicator of that that we need to be worried about tornadoes, but some of these individual cells are packing some winds 50, 60, 70 miles per hour and that's why we're having the power outages.
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>> we're seeing reports all over twitter. thank you for staying here with us to the news edge at 11:00 tonight. quickly we want to give you the number of power outages we are seeing coming in tonight. >> pepco is reporting right now 286,000 customers are without power. dominion virginia is reporting 276,000 customers are without power, bg and e are reporting 356,000 people without power. i understand we have myra opal of pepco on the phone with us right now. are you there? >> i am,y. >> give us an update of what -- i am, yes. >> give us an update of what you all are experiencing. >> we've seen the same numbers you have described. we were preparing for weather today. we have been bringing in crews and now obviously are in storm mode and bringing in all our crews. right now safety is our top priority of our crews. they remember working on some
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heat-related -- were working on some heat-related outages and were sheltering until the storm passes. >> where are you seeing the highest number of outages right now. typically montgomery county gets hit pretty hard and part prince george's county. >> right now we're looking at a breakdown of 307,000 customers in the district -- 37 customers in the district, 150,000 in loudoun county. >> we also saw some live on our air or are these simply trees that have fallen over onto power lines? >> we don't have any information yet until we can get crews out to see what kind of damage we're getting. one thing to tell customers, if you see wires down, assume they
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are energized. stay away from them. you can report them by calling 877-pepco 62. if you do lose power, please call and let us know that, but right now safety is the top priority. >> let me recap. you have crews in place, but currently they are taking shelter because of the storm, but you do have ample crews on hand to handle these outages we're hearing about right now? >> we do have crews called in and we're calling in more. we will have the full complement and start too,ing as soon as it's safe to do -- start working as soon as it's safe to do so. >> myra opal, thank you for that update. quickly we want to give you another update. you heard the massive amount of power outages going on now. this is having a huge impact on the metro system tonight. the red line service has been temporarily suspended between grovener and shady grove.
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buses have been requested to transport people but they will be delayed due to the weather. also power outages at other metro stations including vienna, new carrollton, glenmont, wheaton, bethesda, prince georges plaza and takoma. this storm is having major impact on the region. >> you can see the extent of this line from columbia moving into severna park just to the west of annapolis. don't worry, annapolis, it's going to get to you. anybody east of this, you have a few minutes, you can run out on your deck and bring some things in. just collect something that might become objects being blown by the wind. i'd certainly do that. you got a few minutes before it get out towards the bay there. so if you're in those communities right along the bay, i suggest if you can do that, do that because the wind here again is strong enough to lift things, loose objects around your house and blow them
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off and then they become basically flying objects. we want to switch over to sentinel radar because what we're going to look at now is just isolated where there may be a little hail left in some of these storms. the purple is where there's potential for a little bit of hail. the deeper blues is northern sections of prince george's county north and northwest of bowie. some of the -- mold on one second. this will work for me. we can put a little size on it. that's up to about an inch. that would be the threshold for sethvere.'s a bit larger than o marble size hail, a large marble. that's some of the heaviest hail potential we're seeing now. there's a little more down along the southern end of this from washington from the district back down into western parts and southwestern parts of
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prince george's county and a little bit up into northern st. charles county, put now it doesn't look like along this line that hail is a big issue. in terms of where some of the higher winds might be, it still looks like the concentration of the highest wind have been up again northern sections of prince george's county moving into parts of anne arundel county and howard county up around highway 70. the good news here is we have seen these potential wind speeds come down quite a bit. earlier we were seeing these at 70 miles per hour, 85 miles per hour back over sections of loudoun county and western parts of fairfax county as well and these have come down appreciably. still 31 mile-per-hour potential wind up around interstate 70 this in northern sections of howard county, but we're not seeing quite as much of this and that's good. i still think there's wind out there and the potential for some damaging wind, but a lot
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of that real high intensity wind, these microbursting that we have, it seems to be going away now. we still have the line pushing off to the east. back up to you guys. >> thank you, gary. we've been telling you we have issues on metro and we have dan stessel on the n't you take tha >> we're hearing word you've got major power outages at several metro stations. >> we do. 17 of the 86 stations are reporting power outages now. that's not affecting rail service on most of the system, but it is affecting the escalators and the fair those sorts of systems. there is backup power in most of -- and those sorts of systems. there is backup power in most of them. we also do have a disruption on the red line we want everyone
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to know about. that is the segment between shady grove and grovener. there is no third rail power due to the power outage in that segment of the red line. right now rail service is temporary suspended between shady grove and grovener. we haveworkers en route, but i would imagine with these weather conditions -- buses en route, but i would imagine with these weather conditions, it will take some time. >> we are looking at pictures and incredible video coming in from all across the region of lightning and the storms and you're telling us 17 of the 86 stations have outages, but to be clear, rail service aside except for that one portion on the red line? >> that's correct. the station power systems are fed locally and the third rail power that runs the train is a different system and that comes
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from different substations along the rail line. third rail power is up with the exception of that one segment along the red line. trains are running with delays as you would expect. give yourself extra travel time and really travel if only absolutely necessary, but that one segment of the red line is disrupted right now. >> so are the stations still open so if people are out tonight traveling, what is your advice to them? yeah. those 17 stations are still open with their back uppour systems on the escalators -- backup systems on the escalators will not be working, but you'll be able to get out of the system. it's not advisable to travel in this weather. >> dan stessel, thank you for that update. we'll check in with you later throughout the evening to make sure we have the most up to date information for our viewers here tonight, okay,
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dan? >> you bet. i understand and tell me if we still have him, chief scott graham with montgomery county fire and ever ms. okay, we don't -- and ems. okay, we don't. you've been watching our coverage of the continuing weather situation, a lot of problems outside with the power outages and metro problems. pepco is reporting 286,000 customers without power, dominion, virginia reporting 276,000 customers without power, bg and e 350,000 customers without power at this point. shawn, did you want to add something? >> gary, we are seeing all kinds of reports on twitter of people just talking about the incredible light show outside and in some of the video that we saw, were those trammers or lightning strikes? i'm just -- transformers or lightning strikes? i'm just curious. these exceptionally high gusts
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of wind. >> it's indicative of this type of storm. this storm has a name called a dereche. you can look it up for me. i'm not a great speller. >> what's it called? >> and they're long lived complexes of thunderstorms. we get these probably maybe once, twice a season and what happens when we get them, this is exactly what happens. we get a lot of wind and damage and power outages and since our atmosphere is so tropical today, we've had so much humidity and when meteorologists talk about humidity, we pretty much go to the dew point and the dew points today have been in the upper 60s and 70s. that's one reason why everything is so unstable. it's so juicy and these storms have been able to survive all the way from ohio, but when you
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have this tropical atmosphere, you'll get a lot of lightning. we don't know a whole heck of a lot about lightning, but what we do know with a tropical atmosphere like this, you'll get a whole lot of lightning. it's still happening now to the east of us. >> of course, the definition here is a widespread long lived windstorm. so definitely that is what we're seeing out there. we do now have chief scott graham with montgomery county fire and ems. chief graham, are you there? >> i'm good. now are you? >> i'm good. give me an update what's happening there. >> we're receiving a higher than usual number of calls, most of which had come out as wires down, wires across or tree branches across weirs arcing transformers, et cetera. we -- wires arcing transformers, et cetera. we did have some reports of trees on homes and have
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responded to those. we haven't seed any injuries as a result of this storm moving -- received any injuries as a result of this storm moving through. >> blast time we had problems with people driving through standing water. have you seen any reports of that happening? >> i don't think we received enough rain for that really to happen. this can move through quickly. it wasn't a sustained heavy rain. we're seeing more as a result of the lightning and the high winds that have moved through. we do have -- there are some roads, nonspecific at this time. we've just had units responding to other calls that said they can't get past certain roads because of trees and wires down. so we haven't been able to do a wind shield survey to find out where those are. transportation crews are going out to help us open those out. i'm in the western part of the county and we haven't had power about 45 minutes or so since
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the storm came through. >> cheap with, so many power outages reported -- chief, with so many power outages being reported, what is some advice you can give people? if near getting us on their cell phone -- they're getting us on their cell phones or watching us some other way, what advice do you have? people start thinking about their generators. what advice do you have? >> great question. we're advising if you're going to use your generator, make sure it's outside. we've only been without power for an hour. unfortunately it's 11:15 or so. most folks might be in bed. sleep this one out. left the sun come up tomorrow morning and let the power crews which are on the road now do their jobs. if you are using a generator, use it very carefully so there's no back feed to the power grid system and also that it's outside so it doesn't pose a carbon monoxide threat. please don't use candles. again, 11:15, go to bed, wake
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up tomorrow morning and it's more of an inconvenience than anything. fortunately we're not during rush hour or during a business time. people need to if they're out driving around about, if they see branches down or wires down, don't try to drive through them. don't try to drive even close to them because they still may be energized. if you're out walking around in the neighborhoods, stay inside. let the emergency workers and power workers and our department of transportation and public works folks get in there and start to clean this up and hopefully too much before or after daybreak tomorrow we might have most of this stuff cleaned up. >> i have a quick question. at this point we have so many people without power and we are in one of the mini heatwaves that we've experienced this summer. have you guys thought about what might be contingency plans tomorrow or the possibility of cool centerings if this power
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doesn't come back on -- centers if this power doesn't come back on quickly? >> we will work with our office of homeland security and emergency management and all of the department agencies to implement a plan if, in fact, that is needed. at this point we had a high wind event with a lot of lightning, a bit of rain moved through. it's still very early and very premature. we haven't done any wind shield surveys yet. we're principally responding to 911 calls. perhaps as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow morning, more wind shield surveys will be able to be conducted safely and we'll make note of areas that are down. as far as cooling centers and con ting gent plans, we do have -- contingency plans, we do have an emergency management plan. if you have elderly neighbors and folks that rely on medical equipment, please check on them. make sure they're okay and if they need emergency assistance, pick up the phone and call 911.
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it's better to be safe than sorry. we can check on them as well and keep an eye on your neighbors. >> all right. chief graham with montgomery county fire and ems. thank you so much. please get back to us if some new information comes out. i want to update you on the latest numbers, pepco reporting 326 customers are without power, dominion, virginia are thing on 425,000 customers without power, bg and e 350,000 customers and anne arundel county has numbers increasing as the storm goes through the area. we've been hearing the rumbling of thunder overhead in our studios and standing outside is audrey barnes with the latest she's seen. go ahead and give us an update. >> reporter: there's been quite a light show of lightning here in north west washington. i'm going to step out of the
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way because the real pictures are behind me. it's been almost continuous for at least the last half hour. i was leave at the top of the 10:00 show. it was perfectly dry, no rain in sight. now it's just the opposite. i have a couple of precautions for people who are out and about. there are a lot of small lines that have come down in this storm. branches have just taken them down. they're not all the way on the ground, but 3 partially down. stay away from -- they're partially down. stay away from anything you see dangling. a lot of these lines came down in the last one. they were all tagged to be repaired. the best advice we can give you is to stay away from any downed line. >> i also want to show you what's happening on the ground because this is the stuff motorists will encounter. the debris on your road will
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make your drive home i have slick and slippery tonight. this is all something you need ton aware of. >> in northwest washington we see nothing but dark houses and businesses. i've seen people walking down the streets with flashlights. no one appears to have electricity. definitely the storm within the last 20 minutes or so really hitting northwest washington pretty hard. it appears the winds are less than they were maybe 15 minutes sag or so, but the lightning show really continues. at one pint the thunder was reasoning a bigger issue. -- was really a bigger issue -- at one point the thunder was really a bigger issue. >> please play it safe if you're venturing outside to hold off a little bit before things can get cleared up. >> people are sending tweets
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out about downed trees, power lines down everywhere. we just got a report big trees coming down on rock creek parkway, traffic blocked northbound, huge winds. people are saying they've never seen anything like it. if you don't have to go out, don't. if you, do be very cautious. >> everybody is talking about lightning. we've just tracked this three- hour loop of the lightning that. basically moves right along with the storms. just three hours ago which would be 8:30 these storms were on the other side of the 81 and have raced from west to east this quickly moving at 50 to 60 miles per hour. a just the lightning alone is so compressive with these storms. that's another thing. required will show you -- i got a couple things going on the radar i want to talk about.
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we have the severe thunderstorm warnings jumping the bay over to the eastern shore. they'll eventually jump out to ocean shore, rehoboth and delaware, new jersey will be under some warnings, too. i have superimposed the temperatures, so you can see how much cooler we are in the wake of these thunderstorms moving through. here in the city at national the temperature dropped some 20 degrees down to 73 degrees for national. some places are still in the 80s. leesburg is 70 degrees, reston 72, manassas 72. now eventually once this clears the area and the clouds break up, we'll warm up again. so our temperatures will probably come up a little bit. just because we've had these thunderstorms move through tonight it, doesn't mean we're going to be any cooler tomorrow. we're still expecting some very warm temperatures out there for tomorrow as well.
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so i want to showier product here in a second -- show you another product here in a second. this will show you how quickly these thunderstorms moved out of ohio when we watched them at 6:00. this whole complex moving through. now you can switch over to sentinel radar. we'll take you back in time to six hours ago. this storm complex was building in ohio and as that complex moved through ohio, i was reading reports of what was happening behind this line and there are numerous reports, 60, 70, 80 mile-per-hour wind. some of these 80 mile-per-hour winds were actually measured, not estimated and again this is a classic complex. we've talked about this. it puts down a lot of very high wind and it typically moves from the northwest to the
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southeast. it basically follows along temperature contours in the upper levels of the atmosphere. to be perfectly honest, it looked like at 6:00, 6:30 that the brunt was going to be heading more towards charlottesville, more towards interstate 64 and stay mostly south of 66, but that, of course, not the case as we know now. it kind of got over into west virginia and then it just made more of pan east to northeast movement. so the package of the very heavy winds and rain had moved through. there is a flash flood warning back out to the west. i want to get to that real quickly. we haven't had a lot of rain, but we had some rain in places. you can see all the yellow is under the gun for the severe weather warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, no longer in the district, no longer from montgomery county
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or most of montgomery county or any of it basically now. it looks like fairfax county, all of you west of i-95 have been cleared from this severe thunderstorm warnings. the heavy stuff has moved east of you. just flash flood warning is in effect for frederick county until 1:15 a.m. as we look at the rainfall amounts, all the concentration of the heaviest rainfall has been up there to the north and northwest. the rainfall amounts haven't been that great, but we definitely have seen the heaviest up into frederick county where they may have received as much as 3.5 inches up around frederick. one storm was incredibly heavy. in the district i little more than 1/2-inch. out towards warrenton where we talked to will earlier, in some places north of warrenton they got an inch to 1 1/2 inches. that's doppler estimated. it's not perfect but we found it does


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