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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  August 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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katherine fullers murder he also is president of mid- atlantic innocence project. he and lawyers for the other men convicted said evidence showed katherine fuller was murdered by one or two people not a group. they also said prosecutors with held evidence and threatened witnesses into lying. prosecutors said they were confident in the original verdict. in 1985 they outline add horrific scenario who they said fuller, a cleaning woman and mother of six was grabbed from behind and push into an alley of 8th street northeast. the group of men convicted beat her and sexually assaulted her. her body was found in the same alley, later that night. in his opinion, dc superior court judge said the men failed to provide any dna or scientificevery evidence that could exonerate them. >> there is significant evidence demonstrating this was
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not a murder committed by a large group of men but committed by a single perp pray tore, and that is the -- perpetrator and that is the evidence the court should have focused on more heavily. >> 10 people between the ages of 16 and 21 were charged 8 convicted, and sentenced between 35 and life in prison lawyers will appeal the ruling. the edge on maryland, firefighters in anne arundel county are looking for a pair of teens they believe deliberately set fire to a food lion. investigators say they lit some type of fire cracker they placed on a store shelf it caused smoke to billow inside the store. no one hurt, firefighters are asking anyone who recognizes those two kids to call them. >> new information in the deadly sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. the suspect was 40-year-old wade michael page he opened fire at the sikh temple near milwaukee, sunday killing 6 page was later killed after a shoot out with police.
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authorities say he was a military vet who had ties to a white supremacy group. the small town of oak creek having a difficult time coming to grips with the attack. >> very rare to have anything even approaching this, rare to have a homicide. a shock for our community, and something we are still trying to cope with. >> police are calling this an act of domestic terrorism although there is debate whether or not this is a hate crime. craig boswell with more. have you learned more what set this person off? >> reporter: yeah, good evening brian that overall question, why, the motive, complete mystery, you were talking about the fbi calling this an incident of domestic terrorism, sikh community debating whether or not it is a hate crime they are a little united certainly describing in to them as a hate crime why someone would come inside to a temple where they
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are talking about peace and love, everyone is coming they were cooking a lunch for after services anyone could walk in off the street and eat for free why someone would come in and open fire. this community of 35,000 people, the sikh temple had maybe 250, 300 people that could come in to a service, really rallied around one another, during this, shock can't begin to describe, the emotions they are feeling here. you can see it during candlelight vigils there will be another here tomorrow night. >> what struck me at least, in the violence of all this, was the number of times, the suspect fired at the first police officer on the scene. >> reporter: right. lieutenant murphy, shot 8 or 9 times in critical condition at this point. one story of heroism, you hear stories about him waving other officers into the building to check on victimhear about the victims inside, hovering inside trying to cover each other up
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as this semi automatic handgun was fired at them and sadder stories, a brother-in-law of the priest had just brought his family from india, to this country and now he has been killed in this shooting. >> craig boswell live in wisconsin. a mosque in southwest missouri was set on fire for a second time this summer. fbi joining local law enforcement in that investigation. islamic society of joplin went up in flames. no injuries, second fire since july 4th this time it was destroyed. police released surveillance video of the first arson attempt. no arrests made. >> man suspected in the tucson shooting rampage expected to plead guilty to the crime. today an order, confirmed jared loughner will answer the plea tomorrow it would result in a life sentence, january 11th shooting left 6 people dead, injured 12 others including gabby giffords. mass shootings in tucson and colorado now wisconsin have
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gun control advocates calling once again on congress and president obama to take they gathered near the white house, to call for stricter gun laws. more needs to be done to ensure these mass killings are prevented in future. news edge on maryland now. same-sex marriage advocates announced their biggest campaign yet. human rights campaign says it raised an additional $1 million for its cause. $250,000 going to maryland in an effort to help get a referendum on gay marriage, on the ballot bringing the total in the state to $1.6 million. maryland's bill on pit bulls up for discussion during this special session starting thursday. some lawmakers want the breed to be defined adds inherently dangerous making owners liable for any bites the dog inflicts, it would also take responsibility away from landlords. critics say it unfairly singles out the pit bull breed. edge on dc, staffers have
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lawyered up, the group has received advice from washington's top crisis management, judy smith, wildly known for handling political scandals, notably when she advised monica lewinsky. he would not advice whether smith spoke to grey directly. still ahead, >> just lines like i had never seen before. >> security breech leads to an airport melt down you won't believe what started it all. why passengers blame tsa. >> hey, brian, hot today, a letle cooler as we head through the -- a little cooler as we head through the workweek. do we have a good chance of thunderstorms. lyndsey weather important where you are. >> cooler is better gary. coming up in sports, we head to college park for maryland football media day, plus it is monday out here red skin park which means robert griffin the third speak s with the media.
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>> olympic could be coming to washington. leaders from baltimore and the district trying to bring the summer games to our region, 2024 the same group unsuccessfully bid for the 2012 games. several influential people including politicians said they would support another run. officials say they are in early talks. >> a woman breeched security at newark airport and eluded tsa. she tested positive for explosive residue on her hands. tsa notified police and determined every single passenger had to be rescreened many passengers were stuck in
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long linetrust rated. >> it is a mess -- frustrated. >> it is a mess. we got here 3 hours early had our reservations all booked ready to go and got to the airport here and our flight was cancelled. and the next flight wasn't until august 9th. >> they should be on their game if we have to go through this massive process have to take off our shoes, possibility of getting strip searched at least do a more thorough job. >> just hours after another close call at the airport involving an over sized bag that tested positive for explosives, after the 3 hour shut down, flights resumed. metros reminding bike riders to pick up their bikes. officers tagged dozens of abandoned unwanted bikes. more commuters are riding their bikes to the stations but some broken bikes with missing parts and flat tires are left. bikers have 10 days to pick it up after that they will be sent to auction.
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>> derailed plans just ahead, why a move to transform union station could be stopped in its tracks >> they don't call it puppy love for nothing. more than 100 dogs tied the knot, newly weds walked away with a marriage license and set of photos to commemorate the special day y
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as you may have heard union station is set to under go a major, multi million dollar renovation, it will be transformed into a world class transportation hub. should make travelling easier and more convenient for passengers but have some
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concerned about improvements they may ruin the union stations historic structure. joining me now, director and attorney for the national trust for historic presser vision. >> good afternoon. >> thanks for coming in. >> you don't want to stop this all together, you are not standing in the way of progress which i think a lot of people, almost everybody would agree, union station has to have some accommodations to transform with the modern period. what are you against? >> well, this is a very ambitious plan and it is only july 25th, that the public has had a chance to look at it at all. most of this work has gone on behind closed doors after the last two years preservationists look at this 1907 building, monomental gateway to our city, extremely important building but for union station the historic building, we wouldn't have all this planning for multimodal, transit oriented development. we are cautiously optimistic.
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there were major gaps in planning announced the other week but looking closely at what is being proposed. >> is there not a level of trust you have with developerarchitects. >> the architect is very accomplished and chip and his firm have shown they can do the right thing t question is, -- the question is two massive new pro sects physically attached to 1907 building what we want is for the best care to be taken this is one of the most important buildings in our nation. we want the best care to be taken to see this is a model for preservation, for transit oriented development, for walkable urbanism the whole package. >> coming from a historic town in annapolis, a lot of people talk about the historic preservation commission, that govern development, in downtown historic citysee them as an obstacle to progress. do you find yourself up against that criticism? >> far more people appreciate the historic character of a city like dc and give credit,
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to presser visionists for their foresight. in this instance, union station is a public building, the top stake hold inner the project is the public. so, we see the review processes and public dialogue that is just now started as extremely important. >> what is your biggest concern, that the overall character of union station will change because of additions to it, not going to use the right materials? >> well, the concourse, the current over crowded concourse is slated to be doubled in size and then major buildings attached to union station, more than anything we see this as a golden opportunity to invest, reopen original pedestrian circulation routes that have been closed up with morn day, impediments to -- modern day impediments we see this as an opportunity presser vision should go hand in hand. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you.
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>> gary. another hot day today, national was up to 93 degrees, this was an off hour temperature and they say it happened at 3:58 p.m. this afternoon that is when we reached 93, not quite so chilly for dulles, bwi marshall was right in there 92 degrees, so we continue this streak of just above normal temperatures right now here in the city 90 winds out of the north 6 miles for hour north you say -- per hour, north you say we have a cold front moving through technically we do but hasn't trimmed temperatures too much. we will talk about that in just a second. 91 here in town right now. heat index story, quantico 95, heat index isn't too terribly bad, 93 feels like temperature for frederick one of the warmer temperatures, pretty warm 7:00 p.m., 87, or 82 at 9:00 p.m., a few clouds, and a few clouds still hanging on at 11:00 p.m.,
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temperatures dropping down to 70s. if we get showers or thunderstorms it will be very isolated and should stay to the south, look at all the rain and thunder stomach teffty down to the south, -- thunderstorm activity down to the south. most of this, interstate 64, richmond south, down to north carolina. there is a cold front pushed right through that is why we are getting northerly winds kind of in name only, i mean, we hope that we can get a little bit dryer atmosphere tomorrow, slightly cooler, now temperatures to the north of us are very comfortable look at pittsburgh 81, binghamton new york, 73, manhattan, new york city 83 degrees. we are sitting at 90. richmond is rain cooled so ignore that. we don't tap into any of that cool air we will try to suppress the front far enough south that maybe tomorrow, instead of lower 90s we are upper 80s and on wednesday we will have temperatures about the same, just a spotty chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow
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better chance of thunderstorms again thursday, tonight, 74 degrees, here in town, notice out in the suburbs a couple 60s most everybody stays 70 degrees. a little cooler tomorrow hopefully you will feel that, we are actually going to end up with slightly lower dew points tomorrow which makes it feel a little less muggy, but we are still going warm. 89 in town tomorrow, gaithersburg, 83, frederick 87, dulles 86, and then some spotty middle 80s down to the south of us, annapolis, gorgeous with temperature around 83 degrees. for the next couple days, temperatures right around normal, we should be running around 87 to 88 for a high temperature 89 not terribly bad. a little warmer thursday with thunderstorm, looks like on friday, we are going to have the possibility of some strong thunderstorms, maybe even severe weather on that day, out ahead of a frontal system coming on down. temperatures friday, lower to
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mid-90s. if the frontal system can get through friday and friday night the weekend looks pretty good we will just hope we have middle 80s dry conditions saturday, slightly lower humidities, been a rough summer. >> that frontal system, got a lot of people worried, because there is a big music festival remember this time last year the hurricane cancelled it so this year, now we are looking at like what, a 12 hour window maybe some storms? >> friday night? >> yeah. >> friday night, saturday looks dry friday night, thunderstorms, right now looks good. i can tell you, no tropical storms or hurricanes saturday. >> that is one leg up. from last year. >> reminder check the weather any time download the fox 5 weather ap go to apples ap store or android mark on your smart phone. find it on our website, he is one to have red skins elder states man. captain chaos says he is far from finished lyndsey murphy
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live from training camp next. >> competitive eater, tackling his biggest eating challenge yet in honor of the olympic going on a 12,000-calorie a day eating challenge. olympic gold medalist michael phelps does but only when training and competing and pete is eating his calories in one sitting if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
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if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> hello from day 10 of red skins training camp. today the team released their dep charts. this is not necessarily to know who the starters are thursday but at least offence for right now starting wide receiver, santana moss and pierre garcon. one tight end, davis and number
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one running back tim high tower. two roister. one quick injury, right guard, chester suffered a mild ankle sprain today josh morgan and armstrong both back out on the practice field. today is monday which means rg 3 spoke with the media we all know eyes have been on rg 3 during training camp and there has been plenty to learn. his confidence is growing regarding his decision making he said he is more anxious than nervous for thursday. hopes to play between 6 and 12 plays, he knows an early td drive would excite the fans after practice he was asked if camp has been what he thought it would be. >> i don't think it has been more difficult than i thought, you know i have heard many quarterbacks are really bad in practice, i don't want to be one of those but, definitely felt like there is practice where you felt really well and there is some it is not the best you have ever had that is
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just being a player you got to make sure you come back and rebound from that. >> chris coolly is finally healthy and looking like the old captain chaos, he is thankful to be back and said his knee is giving him no problems so far he has practiced with no limitations he expects to play full back thursday with young out with an injured hamstring it will be his first game action since the season ended week 5 last year because of finger and knee injuries. >> my expectations were to feel great as far as previous injuries, i treated my knee, over the last off season, on a daily basis i was very confident in what i could handle as far as training camp, um, that being said, i think i am as sore as everybody else overall. i haven't had any reason to be limited or miss a practice i have felt great so far. >> let's switch and talk about college football maryland held their annual football media day, season opener 26 days away
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they host william and mary september 1st. new state of the art field, being the cooler synthetic turf in the nation. 15 total starters return on offence and defense as the terms hope to rebound, -- turns hope to rebound. >> i think everybody is just ready to move on and we are going out swinging not, you know, last year is a new year we started that in the spring, everybody is ready to g and kind of itching and just you know ready to -- only thing -- the thing is there is no secrets really go out and work hard as we can. >> and finally, today the nationals claimed shortstop, off waivers from the brewers he will add depth because desmond is still on the dl. nationals on the road begin a 4 game set in houston against the astros. red skins park back to you.
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>> thanks. one last look at the five day. >> hit a slight cooling trend not much, 89 next couple days then we warm back up thursday and friday, hopefully, for the weekend, something a little cooler, and a little less humid. >> now you have the news edge. news is always on, back here tonight at 10, news edge at 11. in the meantime go out have a fantastic night.  i got the chance to start my own business.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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