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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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15. i'm cat deeley. good night. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. you saw it first on fox 5. tonight, new information on a mail order surprise. a man finds an assault rifle in his mail. tonight we are learning how it happened. plus, it's a kodak moment. >> controversy at a virginia
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county fair. animal lovers are not amused with the kangaroo. >> but first, a fire tears through a home with a family caught inside. we have breaking information from tonight, we've learned a child has died as a result of that blaze. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> we begin tonight with bob live in chapel oaks, maryland, with the latest. bob. >> shawn and brian, we just learned from prince georges county fire officials here at the scene that a five-year-old girl that lived in that duplex over there died tonight from her injures at children's hospital. she was severely injured in the fire that destroyed her family's home. >> i started screaming. screaming, help. help. >> jeanette gibson lives next door to the duplex here on carrington court. where a fire that was reported around 4:30 this afternoon
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killed a little girl and critically wounded her teenage uncle and 24-year-old father. >> he was inside the house and he was call, help, help. >> fire officials say the young man suffered third degree burns over the upper half of his body. >> thought i could say, he made sure he provided for everyone. >> friends and neighbors say it was a horrible thing they witnessed. after firefighters brought the two children out of the burning house on ladders. >> i saw them running down the street with the girl on her shoulders. i don't know if she was upstairs or downstairs. a couple minutes later, they pulled a little boy out and he was lifeless, too, and paramedics kemp pumping on his chest. >> they did what they are trained to do. they brought him out and we restored pulses. they have a long, long road to go if they survive. >> the 15-year-old boy and his older brother, the girl's father, were flown to the burn
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unit at washington hospital center. >> any idea how this fire started? >> fire investigators continue to comb the scene. standard procedure. >> it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get things under control. they finished their work, neighbors and friends were just worried about the children. at this point, the little girl was still alive. >> i just hope they are all right. they are young. they don't deserve that. >> i am praying and hoping that they are all right. >> again, late word tonight. the little girl burned in the fire here has died. her father and his teenage brother remain in critical condition at med star in the district. shawn. >> such a tragedy. thank you. more than a month after the powerful storm, residents had a chance to rate the power company's performances. unlike the fiery exchanges last night, several people in the crowd who were sympathetic. audrey barnes has the story from the newsroom now.
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audrey. >> brian, more empty seats than filled ones at tonight's hearing. everyone who showed up had a chance. >> it seemed to come out of nowhere. violent weather that ripped roofs off building, toppled trees, and cut power to thousands. >> lots of my neighbors have suffered food loss. they couldn't have any communication and they were really in a bind. >> the public service commission is holding eight hearings like this one across the state to gather firsthand accounts of how residents weathered the storm. >> both my wife and i had lost our home. any time the power goes out, we are dead in the water. >> at least a couple were sympathetic to the magnitude of the june storm and the overwelming task of restoring power. >> pepco has had some troubles in the past with their response
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time. with their preparedness and communication. i am convinced they have taken appropriate steps to show up. >> more than one speaker turned the tables on the pse, rating its performance instead of the utility. >> and i think the commissioner needs to get stronger on pepco. yeah, stop. >> some residents offered solutions they think will keep the lights on longer. >> in favor of burying the wires. we do not want pepco to get an increase until it is deemed necessary, deserved. right now we feel it isn't. >> the head of the pse says all the suggestions will be taken into consideration when they sit down with utility company officials for two days in september to get their take. >> if we find that there were things the companies did wrong or could have done better, we'll take whatever steps we think are appropriate to correct those. >> and brian, those hearings
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will continue all next week. back to you. >> all right, audrey barnes tonight. prince georges county police release surveillance video of what they say shows a man leading a little girl away from the store just before sexually assaulting her. charles is accused of abducting two girls from a thrift store on two separate occasions and sexually assaulting both of them. this is video from the first incident july 9. you can see a man and a little girl walking through the store. he was arrested after the second incident, which happened monday. tonight on the news edge at 11:00, we talked to a child welfare expert about ways to prevent the worst nightmare. >> teenagers robbed the tourist for his ipad on the national mall today. two teens tried to distract the person. witnesses told park police nearby they managed to arrest two of the three and return the ipad to its owner. a third still on the loose. now to a story you saw first on fox 5. a d.c. man
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expecting a television to be delivered, instead received a brand-new, fully assembled ready to fire assault rifle. the address on the box is correct, but the contents were not. what happened? fox 5's paul wagner reports. >> seth horvitz knew there wasn't something right. the box in the hallway didn't look big enough to hold the tv he ordered. confused, horvitz called out to the delivery man. >> discovered an assault rifle. >> paperwork inside said the 308 with a price tag over $1500 was supposed to be shipped to the independence gun shop in duncansville, pennsylvania. the seller, the florida gun exchange. there was even a document showing the seller was a federally licensed firearms dealer. >> i just flipped out. i didn't know how could that happen, you know, it was just
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absurd to think that it could be left out in the hallway, first of all, and that this kind of mixup could happen. >> the responding officers confiscated the weapon and confirmed it was illegal in the district of columbia, but the mystery remains. it is it even legal to ship a gun like this? >> not many restrictions. you can't ship a handgun, but you can ship it by any other common carrier. rifles and shotgun, even assault rifles can be shipped through just about anyone. >> this gun was supposed to go to licensed dealer to licensed dealer. how did it end up in washington, d.c.? according to the florida gun exchange, the rifle was shipped properly. according to law with the correct address on the box. but in transit, they believe the label with horvitz address came off with the television and attached to the box with the gun. >> whoever made the mistake, it's pretty serious. i think it should be followed up. >> florida gun exchange says it
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is looking to ups for answers. so if the florida gun exchange is correct, without a label, most certainly containing the television set. a purchase made with a spokesperson for ups says they have been in contact with d.c. police and are cooperating with an investigation. d.c. police say they have the gun and are holding it for safekeeping. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. our fox affiliate in orlando talked to the operations manager at that florida gun exchange and here's what he had to say about the apparent mixup. >> it's definitely not a normal thing for us to have happen. it's the only time i have ever heard of it pening. first thing is, we went back and audited all of our records, made sure it was addressed properly. everything checked out fine. i guess i feel sorry for the guy, because it was a surprise on his part. >> police told him that he can have the weapon back once the
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investigation is complete. in fact tores investigators say a gunman left no note. trying to figure out what led him to open fire. investigators have now determined that page die frd a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. he shot himself after an officer shot him in the stomach. remembrances continued tonight in that community here in our area. this vigil was held at the guru foundation of americans over spring. montgomery executive was there to share his condolences. >> we all suffer. here in montgomery county, we will not accept -- >> the temple followers lit candles in memory of the six people who died in wisconsin. a connecticut man caused quite a stir last night when he walked into a movie theater
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with a loaded gun. movie goers alerted police. officers charged him with interfering with police. long says he did nothing wrong. he has a permit to carry a handgun, but he should have used common sense. a controversy at a virginia county fair and it is all about this boxing kangaroo. >> another steamy day out there. >> that's right. it looks like the humidity will stay with us at least until the weekend. when we'll have changes. we'll talk about that and how hot it was this past july. a summer to remember. brian. >> and coming up later on the news edge at 11:00, parents say what started as a summer camp ended as a fight camp. claims to have seen adults hitting children at a camp in maryland.  [ male announcer ] ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this mesge.
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a boxing kangaroo is attracting a will the of attention at a virginia county fair. all part of the entertainment,
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but some critics say it's not funny, it's cruel. sherry lee has more. >> it's the boxing match of the century. >> he's the star of the show at the warren county fair. >> shake hands, jack. >> the boxing kangaroo entered the ring, gloves on and boxer trunks ready for a heavy weight bout. >> i thought it was awesome. >> the only thing different about what this kangaroo does with us and what the kangaroo does in the wild, they don't wear shorts or boxing gloves. >> the sun was lost on some. >> did you like the kangaroo? >> no. >> the kangaroo act, part of the star family circus made others uncomfortable. >> to me, any circus animal, i don't think it's right. >> these aren't real punches in the five minute show, the kangaroo and clown are well, clowning around. >> it's a kodak moment, wow, there we go. >> the 9-year-old kangaroo is
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an old pro. he's been with the circus seven years. the gloves and harness are for the clown's protection. when jack performs, he travels in an air-conditioned trailer. any complaints of cruelty have been checked out by the usda. >> they inspect him, we have health certificates. we have a health inspector that comes out to my house. >> she has the paperwork to prove it. but people for the ethical treatment of animals said in a statement that boxing kangaroos are bullied into defending themselves. they suffer immensely from the intense confinement, constant travel, cruel training and stress. >> we would never, ever hurt the kangaroo for goodness sakes. he's my baby. he's a star. >> it doesn't look like they mistreat him. >> it's not meant to be a boxing routine, it's a comedy routine. while not everyone is laughing, the boxing kangaroo still draws a crowd. in front royal, sherry lee, fox
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5 news. they come as no surprise, but july was the hottest month ever for our nation. federal scientists say the average temperature for the lower 48 last month, 77.6 degrees. a lot hotter than that around here. like to be on the lower end of that spectrum that is dragging the average down. >> we were contributing to the high side of that. no doubt about it. we thought we would go back and show you in perspective how it was here in july. so, if you go back and look, let me explain just a second. all the x's on the dais days on the july calendar, 90 degrees or higher. that's 22 days or more. the black x's represent the days in which we were 100 degrees or higher and there are seven of those. if you are keeping track, not only was it the hottest july in america, but d.c.'s hottest july ever. that's a no brainer.
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we had nine total days 95 degrees or higher last month and seven days, as i mentioned earlier, where we were 100 degrees or higher. now you may or may not feel like august has been a little bit cooler. to put it into perspective, every day so far this month, including today, we have been 90 degrees or higher and so far for the month we are 6, just about 6 1/2 degrees above where we should be. so we are well above normal for august as well. now the good news here, i do see some slightly cooler temperatures coming in for the weekend and long range, late next week into next weekend it looks like the extended models are trying to pull more cool air in here from the north. hopefully, brian, we won't be talking in september about august of 2012 being the hottest one on record. hopefully we'll get cooling trend. >> definitely. >> all right, so we all know
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how to use facebook. when you like a facebook page, is it constitutionally protected free speech? attorneys for facebook and the aclu want that ruling overturned. it all stems from a case in hampton, virginia, where the sheriff fired six employees after they supported his opponent by liking the opponent facebook page. attorney harvey jacobs joins us tonight to make sense of all of thanks so much for being here first of all. if you like, you know, in your opinion, if you like the facebook page, should that be protected free speech? >> absolutely. especially in the context of a political speech. that is one of the most protected types of speech that our constitution protects. >> there have been a lot of questions about this particular case. according to facebook, the feature is a public way to express your support or your like for something publicly, and people are asking how is liking that facebook page any different from wearing a bumper
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sticker or a politician's button on your lapel? >> speech, as well as symbolic speech are both protected. this would fit under either of those categories. >> a federal court ruled against the like feature being protected free speech. how do you think this will play out? >> ultimately, the decision may be upheld, but not on the political speech grounds. there was other grounds. >> and if you look at the public as a whole, you or me on facebook, not necessarily liking political pages, what's the fallout from all of this? >> i think people will be more careful to like something on facebook, but ultimately, liking something on facebook will be protected political speech. >> thanks so much for your perspective. attorney harvey jacobs, we appreciate you coming in tonight. brian. how much radiation is emit emitted from your cell phone? the government accountability
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office says the standards are jut dated and need to be revised. the gao says the current standards may not reflect the late evidence on the effects of cell phone use. >> it's been 15 years since these standards were set and they were set based on information that is twenty years old and there's been a lot of change. >> marsha cross is the healthcare director. she told us that people use cell phones so much more today, including even young children, that phones can even fit into a person's pocket and that can expose, lead to more risk of exposure. something previous studies didn't take into account. coming up, he's making science cool, the mohawk guy talks about his newfound fame and what they think about apollo13. ♪
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from law school to the campaign trail. the georgetown student who wound up in the spotlight when rush limbaugh called her a name on the radio has publicly endorsed president barack obama. he told a crowd in denver the president stood for her and anyone else who speaks up. she's the woman who testified to congress. >> he defended my right to speak without being attacked and he condemned those hateful words. but you know, mr. romney could only say that those weren't the words he would have chosen. >> colorado is a swing state in this year's election. a poll released today shows mitt romney has a 5 point lead there. republican challenger, mitt romney, took his campaign to iowa today. the president economic policies are ruining this country. says the federal budget deficit makes it difficult to attract business people and entrepreneurs. >> if they think we'll get to a point of massive deficits and
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the potential for economic challenge, why they're going to have a hard time investing in america. we'll have to show them we are serious about reigning in our excesses. >> a new gallop poll shows the presidential race essentially even with the president leading romney 47 to 46%. >> he became an internet sensation overnight and now nasa's mohawk guy is talking about his fame. he attracted millions of fans online after he and that mohawk helped land the rover on mars. there's more to him than just his hair style. >> i am one of a team of flight directors. we sort of play that apollo13 role and control that room of people. we are doing the polls for goes, no goes. make sure it is safe. hopefully it's not as dramatic as apollo13. >> he hopes his popularity will spur interest in the rover. curiosity, by the way, is on
10:27 pm
mars searching for possible signs of life. some d.c. property owners are accused of skimping on their taxes. wait until you hear how much money is involved in this one. and there is new help for homeowners in trouble. how hundreds of people are getting themselves out of a mortgage mess, next. and if you see a story idea, give us a call or an e-mail,
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> it can be hard to find good advice when you find yourself under water on your mortgage. today some people got free help direct from their lenders. john hanrahan has the story. >> hundreds of local residents who happen to be in trouble on their mortgages met with their bankers or other mortgage holders in an effort to get a better deal or at least clarify their options. the program is called hope now. it began during the bush administration when the housing
10:31 pm
crisis was building. derek lawrence, a civilian employee of the defense department says he made some bad decisions after buying his house in forestville in the year 2000. >> a lot of people telling me things i could do and what i could do financially, get better loans, should have studied more. balloon payments came up and trying to get out of that. i got caught in the cycle. >> mr. lawrence had a meeting with his own mortgage company and walking out of here with a new deal that will lower his mortgage payment by $600 a month. why are major banks modifying their deals? because foreclosure costs them a will lot of money. >> there's a will the of costs and fees around a foreclosure. i don't think people understand that. your average cost amount is $75,000. certain states, it's higher than that. >> organizers estimate a third of those who come in seeking mortgage counseling get a new deal from their lender with a
10:32 pm
lower monthly payment. this mortgage advice event was free, but not all mortgage advice is free and some companies take your money and don't give you very good advice. if you couldn't be here today, but want the free government advice. we will post a link on our website, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> welfare reform in recent days, it has become a hot button issue. republican, mitt romney criticizing the welfare policies. now congress is getting involved. republicans in the house and senate have introduced legislation to prevent the obama administration to reduce the work requirement in the law president clinton signed in 1996. >> they are going to waive the rule, which is a large part of what made the 1996 bill a success. you know, that's not right. >> just last year, states led by democrats and republicans,
10:33 pm
including nevada and utah. called for these waivers. >> health and human services secretary recently sent a letter to congress saying she would not accept any changes that undercut the work requirement. republicans say they are still skeptical. maryland lawmakers will meet in a special session tomorrow to discuss whether to expand gambling in the state. governor martin o'malley proposed legislation allowing a sixth casino to be built in prince georges county and allow table games like poker and blackjack. if legislators okay that bill, the issue would come before voters in november. >> are all d.c. businesses paying taxes? a washington post report found that city officials approved a tax reduction, totaling more than $48 million. it also reports the fbi is checking into those reductions. matt acklin reports. >> it is not cheap to live in d.c. and for many who own homes and businesses here, property taxes are hard to stomach.
10:34 pm
a.j. cooper, who was running for city council hears about taxes in general all the time. >> we have been all over the city. and the consensus is, the taxes are high. highest in the region, and people would like lower taxes. >> that's why a report by the washington post has many people talking and asking if everyone is getting a fair shake. the post says the office of tax and revenue granted $2.6 billion in reductions in taxable value on commercial properties. that comes out to about $48 million in lost taxes. >> i think any amount we would lose would bother me. >> at a morning media briefing, mayor gray hadn't read the post report, but wanted to know more. >> the question is, what does that translate into? you know, in terms of the assessments themselves and what does that translate into tax dollars that will be available to the city. >> the tax and revenue office has the discretion to amend
10:35 pm
assessed value. late this afternoon, the office responded to the washington post in a letter to the editor. saying in part, we stand by a real property assessment process and specifically the assessments of the properties identified in this parol. matt acklin, fox 5 news. >> council member, jack evans, spoke with the chief financial officer and asked for more information, he wants to know why the fbi is investigating. a billboard in las vegas is attracting the wrong kind of attention. the message behind this hanging effigy next. americans with a job are working harder. work productivity increasing last quarter as more companies continue holding back on adding new jobs and getting more out of their current employees. meanwhile, those low interest rates still not getting more people into the housing market. mortgage applications falling last week with fewer people looking to buy a home or refinance. the 30 year fixed rate mortgage
10:36 pm
has been below 4% since late march. and the golden arches not looking so golden. mcdonald's saying its u.s. sales dipped slightly last month. the slowdown here and in europe eating into revenues at the world's largest fast food chain. there's something consumers are still thirsty for and that's beer. a new report saying global beer production hit an all-time high last year. 51billion-gallons of brew. china, still the world's largest beer maker for the tenth year in a row. cheers. that's business. i'm stewart.  [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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it is a sign of the times. millions of people out of work. someone erected a billboard to get people talking. the billboard has a mannequin dangling from a noose with the word, hope you're happy wall street. drivers who pass the billboard call 911 since they thought it might be a real person. billboard was later taken down. no word who is responsible. he is a true adventurist and a man with a giving heart. dave pulled off incredible stunts. he skate boarded 4 ,000 miles across australia. now he is getting ready to swim 1,000 miles down the missouri river to raise money for breast cancer research. >> i'm going to be swimming 4,000 miles from south dakota all the way down to st. louis, missouri. it's going to be a physical challenge. i'm going to sleep well every night. >> he expects to swim 20 miles a day and hopes to complete his journey within two months.
10:41 pm
did you see it? a big black bear with a sweet tooth that broke into this candy store. the next day, the store owner knew something was wrong. she checked her security camera. the bear apparently really liked the chocolate covered rice crispy treats and the giant chocolate biscuit. coming up, an arrest made in connection to a prostitution ring in maryland. google is unveiling a new search feature, putting users gmail accounts front and center. and prince georges county police need your help in a series of bank robberies. those stories and more on the news edge at 11:00. over the next four months, you have a choice to make.
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not just between two political parties, or even two people.
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it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried t that top down approa. it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the middle class. asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. so that we can afford to invest in education, manufacturing, and home-grown american energy for good middle class jobs. sometimes politics can seem very small. but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. ♪ i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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olympic gold medalist is back home in bethesda, maryland, celebrating with family, friends, and fans. the young swimmer won the gold in the 800 meter free style, setting a new american record. she's the youngest member of the u.s. olympic team in
10:45 pm
london. she stopped by to visit us this morning. >> it was very surreal. it's just starting to sink in slowly, but i'm sure it will take a full year to sink in. >> i didn't feel too much pressure. i was having a blast. this was all the u.s.a. swimming athletes and the whole u.s.a. team going to opening ceremonies and eating in the cafeteria with all the other athletes. so much fun. >> the second youngest olympic swimmer in u.s. history to earn a medal. the medal count looks like this tonight. the u.s. is ahead with 81 medals. china follows with 77 medals. russia is in third with 52 medals. great britain and germany round out the top five. we are ready for football, aren't we? only preseason, but tomorrow night, fans will get to see their new quarterback in action for the very first time. now two weeks into training
10:46 pm
camp, lindsey murphy joins us with a preview. >> preseason games are normally seen as a necessary evil. this year with robert griffin in the mix, there's some buzz about the first game against the bills tomorrow night. the team made their way to buffalo, following 11 good training camp practices. rg3 and the skins starters will go between 12 and 20 plays. that can equal one long driver. two of griffin's targets include pier garsone and josh morgan. both free agents that the redskins signed in march. on the defensive side, everything looking good. the front seven return for a second straight season. brian aracpo and london fletcher highlight that group. whether it's to get their feet wet or some guys fighting for a spot, every player on this team says hey, we are ready to hit somebody other than our teammates. >> get tired of hitting these guys. you have to go all the way and stop. now you get to run through guys, get physical, and be
10:47 pm
united on the field as far as against an opponent and get after them. >> it's getting to be about that time in camp. we are two days away from buffalo. you get tired of seeing the same faces. you want a new face. >> we are ready to go. we are tired of looking at each other and tired of going against these guys. >> so the players ready for preseason game number one. they probably prefer to skip two and three and move ahead to game four. the season starts on september 9. mike shanahan led the team to a 5-11 record last year. he is 11-21 in his first two seasons. >> lots of room for improvements. thanks. >> absolutely. >> can we improve in the weather category? >> absolutely. i think we can. you can always improve upon it. hopefully by the weekend and especially sunday, maybe saturday, brian is watching saturday closely. hopefully saturday, some good news has just come in on
10:48 pm
saturday. so let's see if we start a trend here. earlier, shawn, you asked me if it was the hottest july in virginia. the answer is yes. you were right and i just went out. checked it out and confirmed it. no doubt july was one to remember, but really, it was one to forget. but no doubt we'll probably remember it. in terms of what's beginning on around us, we had a couple showers and thunderstorms earlier. all clear on radar right now, unless you go way out to the north and to the west. this is western sections of pennsylvania, obviously. in the northern parts of west virginia. this is all moving in our direction. this is a two hour time lapse here, but it is weakening and falling apart. i don't expect any of this to make it into our area. it probably will not even make it down into the southern central mountains of pennsylvania to be perfectly honest with you. if anything, we'll get a couple clouds out of that and that is about it. in terms of high temperatures today, another day at reagan
10:49 pm
national, 90 degrees or higher. that means every single day so far this month, we've had temperatures of 90 degrees or higher. and look at it still baking in the central plains. wichita, 104. dallas cooled off a little bit. amarillo cooled off a little bit. phoenix 115. vegas 110. salt lake city 103. in great falls, montana, their temperature is 102 degrees. it was 102 degrees today for a high temperature. a big ridge of high pressure. so in some sense, that's going to help us out a little bit. we have a big ridge out west and trough of low pressure over the east and eventually it's going to help us out as we head and slide towards the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a second. 83 degrees right now here in the city. baltimore is down to 79. annapolis 82. dulles 77. a little cooler to the southwest. so again, will be another dry overnight. it will be muggy, too. a little on the mild side.
10:50 pm
we'll have thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. looks like the better chance of rain is going to be on friday with some thunderstorms. it looks like we'll get some good rain out of the deal and we're still talking about cooler temperatures coming in for the weekend and i haven't officially made the change for saturday, but if we continue to see this trend, i'm going to show you in a second, we may end up with a better saturday than we were thinking earlier. how much rain will we get ahead of the frontal system? this is tomorrow. this is friday, friday night, and into the early parts of saturday. in general, everybody could get a half an inch to an inch of rain. not so much tomorrow, but as we get into friday, looks like widespread showers and thunderstorms. this is future cast tomorrow at 5:00. notice just some dots of green here. those are widely scattered, even would say a spotty thunderstorm developing out there. much like we had today. i think tomorrow we'll have a
10:51 pm
few more, they may be further back out to the west. watch what happens as we get into friday. early in the afternoon, this is noontime, a lot of green on there. that represents showers and thunderstorms. and then right now, future cast is pushing this out of here, quite quickly, this is 1:00. we are already beginning to see the clearing as early as saturday morning. so again, if that trend continues into tomorrow, i'll be inclined to make saturday mostly a beautiful day. muggy and mild overnight tonight. 70s here in town. 60s out in the suburbs. we wake up tomorrow morning with clouds, some clouds at noon. a few thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures again right up into the lower 90s. heat index values tomorrow will be pushing the middle 90s for a time and we start a little cooler scenario coming in with showers and thunderstorms on friday. the weekend looks cooler and by sunday and monday, a lot less humid. >> turning the corner maybe.
10:52 pm
>> thanks, gary. we have a health alert for people who hate the dentist office. a new product is helping patients experience less pain and less anxiety. fox's dr. manny alvarez tells us more about what is called the dental vibe. >> fear of going to the dentist is extremely common. according to the american dental association. more than 20% of americans are too afraid even to make an appointment. but a new medical device called dental vibe is helpinglessen patient's pain and anxiety during dental procedures. new york city root specialist says the device only looks simple. >> it looks like an electric toothbrush. it creates vibrations and when applied to the patient's mouth, it basically takes away the sensation of pain when the injection is delivered. you feel the vibration, you don't feel the pain. >> dental vibe is applied to
10:53 pm
the gums and the vibration travels to the brain faster than pain signals. before, dentists only had topical pain relievers to help with the discomfort of needles. >> the problem is, the actual injection. the fear of needle. nobody likes injections. so what this device does is it eliminates the pain, e eliminating the fear. hopefully more patients will come in. >> now uses the device on every procedure and says patients are usually shocked at how little pain they feel from the injections. >> patients are fascinated about it. many times they come and say, i did not feel anything or i didn't know you gave me a shot. so it is absolutely revolutionary. >> for more information, visit i'm dr. manny, fox news. a new study suggests a popular flavoring used in microwave popcorn may trigger alzheimer's disease. university of minnesota
10:54 pm
researchers say the compound causes brain proteins to clump together into a toxic form linked to alzheimer's. researchers have only seen the compounds effects in test tube studies and say more study is still needed. >> a country star arrested again. this time without clothes. the long list of accusations against randy travis coming up. and a police officer takes action after a scandal involving charlie sheen. stay with us for the news edge at 11:00. 
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madonna is speaking out in support of a russian feminist after speaking out against president vladimir putin. all three men are accused of bursting into a russian orthodox church in february singing virgin mary, drive putin away. madonna joins international rights groups calling the women prisoners.
10:58 pm
>> believe in freedom of speech and i'm against sensorship, so i hope that they -- that the judge is lenient with them and they are freed soon. >> if convicted, the women could face several years in prison. country music star, randy travis is arrested for dwi. he was found naked lying on the ground. fox's adam housely has the details. >> country singer, randy travis, arrested again in texas. this comes after police received an emergency call around midnight on tuesday about a man lying in a road. reports are travis was found naked at the scene after his car struck several barricades in a construction zone. this booking photo shows the singer with a black eye and dried blood from the accident. police say travis refused sobriety tests, so think took a blood sample. travis is now charged with driving while intoxicated and threatening law enforcement
10:59 pm
officers. >> i don't think the retaliation charge against mr. travis is that serious. i think the police are accustomed to people who are seriously drunk saying things that they don't mean and even if they meant them, that they couldn't possibly carry out. so i would expect if mr. travis pleads guilty to the dwi charge, that the threatening charge will be dropped. >> he later walked out of jail on $21,500 bond. >> if i were the judge, i would have assessed penalties more than the case for a first offender dwi because he has a history of abusing alcohol. >> travis has also been involved in messy court proceedings with his ex-wife, who was his manager and filed a lawsuit caming the singer made it impossible for her to do her job. and terminated her management contract without proper notice. she says travis sent several men to clean out her offices. this is the second alcohol related arrest for traves so far this year


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