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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  August 12, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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it is an honor to announce my running mate and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. months of speculation are over. mitt romney picks tea party favorite, paul ryan as his running mate. reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> prince georges county steps things up. the crime fighting blitz in areas with increased violence. >> performance gone wrong look at this a trainer attacked body a gator at a county fair it is all caught on camera. welcome to fox 5 morning
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news sunday. we will have those stories plus a violent night in the district and rue nors swirling about the closing ceremonies for london olympics. let's check the weather. looks may z i have a feeling things will -- hazy, i have a feeling things will burn off. happy sunday gary. >> you too melanie. a few clouds out this morning. the question in the w long will of those to move on off to the east. western sections of the viewing area, out towards our western and northwest earn neighbourhoods, should be just about sunny all day long. sentinel radar, even though we have clouds across the district nothing in the form of rain, but as we scoot farther down to the south, a few showers, just to the northeast of richmond, anything in terms of rain today will stay well on off to the east of us. looks mainly southern maryland. east of the bay, will end up with possibly a few showers out there, in terms of this side of the bay looks like we are primarily going to stay all dry. you can see the clouds, more
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clouds coming up, and those clouds are just kind of splitting the difference right across the area, east of i-95, cloudy skies, west of i-95, mostly sunny this morning. i suspect for the next few hours that is probably going to be the case. after lunchtime today, i think we will begin to see brighter skies from just about everybody. here is the forecast, planning things out there. start off with clouds, 78 degrees, 9:00 a.m., still clouds at lunchtime but again i think that is when they start to move and make that shift off to the east. temperature middle 80s good amount of sunshine and we will top out today in the upper 80s not as humid today, not as humid tomorrow talk about when we h get more thunderstorms in the full forecast in just a bit. >> thanks gary. see you later. finally following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country which is
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inspired the world are growing dim. they need someone to revive them. governor romney is the man for this moment. >> it has been months in the making, presumptive presidential candidate, mitt romney, tapped paul ryan as his running mate. the decision came aboard, uss wisconsin. the duo kicked off a four day bus tour through the common wealth with the first stop in manassas. john was there, to see the first day in action. >> reporter: several thousand people showed up in manassas to hear the two people at the top to have republican ticket make their case. newly selected vice presidential candidate paul ryan, placed blame for the nations slow economic recovery on president obama. >> the president has given us policy that is have put our nation on a path to debt, doubt, despair and decline.
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here is the good news, we don't have to put up with this. we can turn this thing around. we can get ourselves back on the right track. >> reporter: he is a famous fiscal hawk, and republican presidential candidate mitt romney praised ryan's efforts to cut debt. >> some times our party has gone astray over the past years and paul ryan said no, bring it home to the things we care about care for our seniors care for our kids and stop spending what we don't have : >> largely partisan crowd seemed very happy with governor romney's choice for the number two spot. >> what do you thing of the pick of -- think of the pick of paul ryan? >> outstanding. he can address issues better than anyone and young man i hope he appeals to the youth. >> chairman of the budget committee, we have had four years, two years of congress and the democrats have been in power and nothing passed. >> no budget.
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>> no nothing. >> we are ready for change now. >> about two dozen democrats showed up at the romney event they have a different take on the selection of paul ryan for the gop ticket. >> the ryan budget e viv rates medicare -- e voice rates medicare. >> reporter: in 2008 president obama won decisively in virginia a year late inner 2009, republican governor mcdonald won in virginia neither party owns the common wealth. you can expect both democrats and republicans to spend tonnes of money in an effort to catch virginia. here is a little background on paul ryan the congressman was 28 years old when elected to the house in 19 -9d 8 he is -- 1998 he is chairman of the house budget committee cut federal spending $5.3 trillion
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over the next decade they would overhaul medicare to allow recipients to use vouchers. he is married, roman catholic and has three young children. bot party haves their reps out in force weighing in on romney's vp choice. maureen spoke with strategists for both sides on fox 5 news at 10 last night. >> until earlier in the week very good move renewts the base. brings the party together mobilizes conservatives romney was having every problem in the world as recently as this week, now the whole party every indication we are picking up the conservatives are excited i think we will have base mobilization equivalent to what bush had in 204. >> it -- 2004. >> it does mobilize the conservative base republicans can't win with that. turns off seniors, his budget ends medicare as we know it in terms of a voucher cyst them
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florida s other -- system and in florida and other key swing statings, that will be a problem. >> president obama didn't personally offer thoughts but his campaign started senting out the message paul ryan -- sending out the message paul ryan will only help romney make the same mistakes that put the country in an economic mess. >> decent, smart guy, guy named congressman ryan, house of representatives i disagree fundamentally but this is a smart, decent guy. vice president biden and congressman ryan are slated for a debate in october. we will have a preview of the show in a live interview 8:30 a.m. new this morning three overnight shootings in district. first 11:30 p.m., a juvenile was shot 1300 block w street southeast the other two
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midnight one in the 100 brock of 36th street, northeast and the other 300 block. 37th place southeast. one man was shot in each of those cases no word on suspects in any of the incidents or condition of the victims. the next couple weeks you can expect to see more police officers in prince georges county neighbourhoods that need them most hours before the officers deployed for day one there was another fatal shooting in the county, audrey barnes with more. >> reporter: police got the call about a shooting just before 2:00 a.m. when they got to the 700 block of glazier avenue they found a man dead inside a home. stopping that violence is behind a two week crime initiative to transform neighbourhoods. >> first i want to thank you all for your hard work. >> reporter: specialized patrol officers and detectives will saturate, 6 crime hot spots, langley park, east river day,
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suit land, oxen heights, the main focus getting as many guns as possible off the street. >> that is the bottom line causing all the violence get as many guns off the streets. >> reporter: commanders of the six targeted districts doled out final assignments. >> we are getting hit at and of course kentland area. >> be safe have a good two weeks. >> reporter: then officers fanned out most of the hard work will happen between 6:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. when crime tends to spike. organizers of the two week blitz say they are not reinventing the crime fighting wheel they are just tuning it up an approach yielding positive results. >> down over 40%, homicides this year in the county, our handgun violence shootings are down dramatically as well we know we are doing something right. >> reporter: audrey barnes fox
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5 news. once the two week blitz is over, officers will go over the data. >> police made an arrest in connection to a deadly shooting earlier in the week. charged with first degree murder for the death of harrier a. officers found the victim's body inside his home, 6200 block kennel worth avenue wednesday. a medical examiner will determine what happened to a man found dead in the potomac river saturday morning a fisherman spotted the body and called montgomery county emergency responders it is not clear how long the body was in the water all investigators were able to say was that it was male. new developments in the investigation of the sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. the gunman's ex-girlfriend has now been arrested on a separate charge. she is charged with a weapons
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violation after investigators searched her south milwaukee home. they found a gun but she had a felony conviction on her record meaning she is not allowed to have a gun. she previously told reporters she and wade page broke up recently, she also called the shooting senseless and said she wishes she could say something to ease the communities pain. coming up fox 5 morning news sunday, the death toll continues to rise following two strong earthquakes in iran. the latest on the itch weigh there. have you seen -- situation there. >> have you seen this woman? investigators are on the hunt for her accused with producing child porn and could be in the dc region. more when we come back @ñ
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making headlines around the world. the death toll from two powerful earthquakes in iran has risen to 250 and there are more than 2,000 injured. the magnitude 6.4 and 6.3
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quakes hit several towns in the east azerbaijan provinces. sixville ladies and gentlemens have been totally level -- six, villages have been totally levels. more fighting in syria, a hospital is the latest to be shelled. some injured were children. just the this morning, syria's state news agencies says one of its reporter where has assassinated at its home. growing concern over the relationship between american and afghan troops after six american soldiers were killed, in two separate shootings each time by men working for afghan security forces. three soldiers were murdered in the southern region friday night the gunman described as an employ of afghan uniformed
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police. earlier, a man turned on the americans, shooting all three these incidents should not taint the overall integrity of the afghan security forces. >> those incidents do not clearly do not reflect the overall situation here in afghanistan, where almost 500,000 soldierpolicemen are working together, side by side, enhancing their trust and enhancing their cooperation. >> more than 30 u.s. and international troops have been killed, by members of the afghan security forces, this year alone. federal investigators still on the hunt for a woman accused of producing child pornography and she could be here in dc. investigators hope someone will recognize her and help them rescue two little girls. bob barnard has more.
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>> reporter: this is jane doe releasing a series still images from two pornographic videos found on a computer seized during a raid on a home in colorado in june. >> white female, we believe her to be between 25 and 35 years old, there is a distinctive mole on the back of her left thigh also included in the images maybe someone will recognize that mole. if they can identify her based on that. >> reporter: on the video is a man whose face could not be seen and two little girls, roughly ages 5 and 7. ice agent says in the video, the girls are being sexually abused. >> the kids are in danger we believe them to be still in danger. >> reporter: the same two girls were seen in pornographic photographs, found on a computer seized in los angeles more than a year ago. investigators are not sure where the video was shot but the photographs taken or where those children are now. >> no indication this abuse has stopped and we are hoping if we
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can identify and arrest the suspect we will be able to put an end to the abuse of the two children. >> reporter: computer forensic specialists with ice and those at missing center for exploited and missing children have not been able to adent fie the two girls. >> -- identify the two girls. >> we believe there is some caregiver or custodial relationship involved. >> hi, you are so cute. >> reporter: agents say invest gator haves listened to audio. >> hoping there were clues in the background for example if someone called one of the suspects or children by name we would catch a break >> hi, oh, you are so cute. >> reporter: no such luck so far. ice has been successful in the past, nabbing suspected child pornographers this man arrested in california after his story was broadcast here in washington. that was bob barnard reporting in this new case investigators hope to find and
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protect those two young girls see the images of jane doe on our website daring performance goes terribly wrong, a trained gator attacks his handler the whole thing is caught on camera. how this handler was able to save his arm. a small plane crashes in a residential neighbourhood in illinois. how that pilot gave his life to save many others. we will be right back  i'm barack obama and i approve this message
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seen this? mitt romney claiming the president would end welfare's work requirements? the new york times calls it 'blatantly false' the washington post says: "the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all." in fact, obama's getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work. and president clinton's reaction to the romney ad? it's just "not true." get the facts.
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a pilot being hailed a hero, a plane carrying sky divers crashed in a residential area in illinois. all 12 sky divers were able to parachute safely to the ground but the pilot stayed onboard and tried to land the small plane he did not survive. pieces of the plane broke off into the yards of several homes no one on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. scary moments at a county fair in florida a gator turns
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on its trainer the entire or deal is caught on camera. suzanne strike that ford reports. >> reporter: it is an act performed tens of thousands of times each year around the world. wildlife entertainment and education incorporated's alligator show. johnny minor was recording it on his cell phone thursday night at the cuyahoga county fair ground something happened. >> oh, my gosh >> i don't know what went wrong but something definitely happened. >> reporter: according to the company's ceo, one of his seasoned trainers, danny beck accidentally placed his arm near the gators mouth. >> and it landed basically in the alligators mouth so the gator did what alligators do and clamped down. >> reporter: thousands of pounds of pressure from the 7.5- foot, 180-pound aquatic reptile. >> he starts pressing down on the bone, muscles start coming out of the arm, bleeding everywhere. >> my god i don't even know
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just craziest thing ever. >> reporter: incredibly some quick thinking saved danny's arm and possibly his life. >> idea he grabbed a hold of the alligator when he did, he kept him from being able to roll over, which would have caused severe damage. >> reporter: the mc, himself a trainer helped get the gator off danny this seconds. >> -- in seconds. >> crazy. >> reporter: as bad as it looks the wound was mainly flesh repaired with stitches. >> just a simple mistake on the handlers part and these types of things happen, we are all human. >> reporter: the fair's board decided the show should not go on this year so on friday they packed up the equipment and headed out of town. >> one of our major concerns here for our event, not only this year but every year, is the welfare and safety of all people that step on our grounds. and we looked at this entirely as a safety issue. >> reporter: wildlife entertainment understands the
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issue, but guests were in no danger any time. they have no hard feelings, and hope to return next year. >> i hope the guy is all right. >> every animal has an pop poor tunety to -- an opportunity to have a bad day. this is his. a lawsuit, regarding a wrong hiv diagnosis is settled. in 2005, a $20 million lawsuit was brought years after a staff member told him he was hiv positive he eventually lost his job, home and spent time in a psych ward. terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. maryland's tax free holiday week kicks off today runs until next saturday the 18th you won't have to pay taxes on clothing or shoes costing $100 or less. london olympics come to a
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close, gop ticket hits the road and vice president biden, in a battleground state. some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. >> end of an intense and life changing two weeks weeks sunday. the games closing ceremony is said to feature, muse, george michael and other rumoured acts. monday presidential candidate mitt romney hops on a bus to florida the former massachusetts governor will make campaign stops in jacksonville and miami. tuesday, folks in four states lead to the polls . also tuesday, after his visit, gop candidate mitt romney will make a campaign stop in the buckeye state. >> wednesday joe biden ends his
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two da tour in virginia he is set to hold -- day tour in virginia he is set to hold several stops. thursdayings james holmes case is headed -- thursday, james holmes case is headed back to court. that is a look at the week ahead i am craig boswell, fox news. will paul ryan be the difference make inner the nearly tied -- make inner the nearly tied presidential race. a closer look at the vp pick and how it could change the run for the white house. gary back with a look at today's weather and a workweek preview. stay with us, fox 5 morning news sunday back in 3 in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows
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just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens.
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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of course a big talker of the weekend mitt romney's pick for vp. he tapped congressman paul ryan
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as his running mate ryan wasted little time taking a shot at president obama, while at a rally in manassas. >> president has given us policies that put our nation on a path to debt, doubt, despair and decline. here is the good news, we don't have to put up with this. we can turn this thing around. we can get ourselves on the right track. >> virginia was the first stop of a well planned tour. john roberts is in for chris wallace he joins us with a preview to have day's program. good to see you. >> you too melanie. yeah, we have a lot to talk about this morning with both senator mccain and debbie wassermann schultz the paul ryan pick has shaken up the race it was according to so many republicans we talked to
8:32 am
the bold choice mitt romney needed to make to shake his campaign out of the doldrums on the other side of the coin it opens up a broad spectrum of aattack. they have had years to hammer him over his budgets to reform medicare and medicaid. we have seen that broad side, fired. it took 15 or 20 seconds, after the name escaped mitt romney's lips for them to send out the first e-mail. the smallest of indications, of how this is going to go over the next three months. you know, a lot of us here in washington are very familiar with congressman ryan is he well known across the country? >> he is not well known across the country his record inside the belt way is well known, attacks by democrats have spread the word about paul ryan at least from their perspective but in terms of you know, folks in the heartland, florida, they don't have much of an idea who
8:33 am
this guy is. you know they know he is young, very good looking, very well in shape man he still leads fitness classes at the capital building almost every day but he does have a very interesting back story growing up wisconsin father died when he was a teenager he had to suddenly, grow up and be a man you know at one point his father was worried he would turn out to be a ski bum but that shook up his wife he has a lovely wife janet, three kids, charlie, e eliza and sam. suddenly, he will seem to be a fairly normal guy from the midwest. >> you will have debbie wassermann schultz on the show, no doubt she will have a few choice things to say but also you will have john mccain he knows a thing or two of course about pearls of selecting a running mate but wants to talk
8:34 am
about syria and the dangerous of the u.s. hands off approach. >> yeah, if you were reading the washington post last monday. he and his colleagues, penned an off ed piece saying the u.s. has to do a lot more to support the rebels, in syria, that are just letting it drag on would be a radicalizing process at the end, syrian rebels may not be too inclined to be very friendly towards the united states. we are at a crucial time right now and of course there was big developments in syria over the weekend, secretary of state clinton was in tour key, they were having a conference -- turkey, they were having a con fence what to do over turkey, should they use chemical weapons or should a sudden influx of refugees come over the border they talked about a no fly zone is that something that might be enforced with nato, turkey taking the lead, americans getting involved a lot to talk about with senator mccain. >> certainly a touchy situation looks like a very interesting
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show thanks john. >> thanks melanie. you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. after our show. >> a taste of what folks in the southwest deal with every single year check out this dust storm hit central and west earn parts -- wow that is unbelievable, central and west earn parts of greater phoenix, with wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour visibility fell to a quarter of a mile or less. an excessive heat warning remains until tomorrow night. >> i have never been caught in one of those. >> a haboob? yes, i have been. you can imagine how hot it must be in phoenix with excessive heat. 115, 120 in some places melanie you see that, what happen it is heat lifts the dust up and keeps it suspended, up into the air so the warmer and hotter it is the worse these can be and i think that is the third or
8:36 am
fourth they have had this year. >> it must be awful, respiratory and cars. >> the worst thing is some times it happens where wind from a thunderstorm will push these up and rain comes into it and you literally have rain balls of dirt. >> mud balls, mud rain. >> you don't want to get caught in it, it ruins your clothes. >> no dust storms here. feels like the heat is not quite so bad. >> correct but it was 89 yesterday and 88 dulles, and 88 bwi. humidity has come down right now we have clouds, district to the east, we have clouds, there may be a few showers, very very light showers, out towards calvert county and mostly across the bay this morning temperature 73 degrees, humidity 64%, which isn't that you will bad, for the first time of this morning, winds 6 miles per hour. start off 70s warm back up into the 80s and talk more specifics
8:37 am
about the next chance we have for rain but, i don't see any haboobs. >> well, we are thankful for that. >> right. >> thank you very much gary. >> new this week, a new edition to the bourne franchise but a new leading man. jeremy inner takes over the super soldier role from matt damon. kevin mccarthy sits down with edward norton @ñ
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aerosmith brings its global warming tour to jiffy lube live tonight. it was cancelled last month to allow steven tyler to rest his vocal cords. the show starts 7:30 p.m., cheap trick is the opening act. start to consider the magnitude of what we are
8:41 am
facing. >> at the movie this is weekend, edward norton plays a pivotal role in the bourne legacy this is the fourth installment of the popular series although this is the first without matt damon in the lead. norton sat down and talked with kevin mccarthy about tackling a complex character who has to dance that line between good and evil >> i love the fact that your character is on the -- in between a villain and good guy he has to make bad is he significances but looking -- bad decisions but looking toward the greater good of the country >> i think you are right this guy is not a villain. villains enjoy what they are doing, they are doing bad and they know they are doing bad you know, they like it. i think tony in this film, all of the characters, jeremy and rachel's and mine, they are all people participating in the system, that they know has very
8:42 am
very tough -- they are in a tough, quiet part of the system they believe is necessary, each of them is doing things they know are ethically in the grey area, but they believe serves the greater good. >> your character is over seeing this program they are giving these guys drugs that enhance them in a cognitive and physical way this may sound goofy say there was a super actor program a program where actors were enhanced what would that be like? enhancement that could be done to actors? >> i would like to talk as fast as vince vaughn. that would be amazing. like he is obviously taken some sort of pill that lets you speak fast and get through every word. that is genius. you know, like i don't know, who else? i would like to play some of meryl streep's parts that would be amazing. >> what meryl streep part?
8:43 am
>> anything. i think you know, like i often sit around thinking how come i didn't get called for you know, julia julia. maybe he could have. who knows. gary seems to think he would have done a fine job. >> kevin was disappointed he said the new bourne film lacks solid action and could have used matt damon he gave it 2.5 stars out of 5. nats battle back being 4 runs down in arizona. could they make it 8 wins in a row? highlights and final day of action at london olympics coming up. i stayed up late last night and finished watching the nats game. what about weather wise. a few clouds this morning, but we are hoping for much more in the way of sunshine later this afternoon. stay with us, melanie is coming back with more news i will have
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your full forecast when we continue [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works.
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[ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. some of the top storys we are following, three overnight shootings in the district the first happened 11:30 p.m. a juvenile male was shot in the 1300 block w street southeast, so far no word on exactly what happened or the condition of the boy. the other shootings were reported midnight one in the 100 block 36th street, in northeast, the other in the 300 block 37th place southeast. one man was found shot in both of those cases. new republican presidential ticket continues its campaign swing with a stop in paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. the pair also made a stop in manassas their bus tour will take them to north carolina,
8:48 am
ohio and florida. happy sunday morning. >> you too. i guess this comes as a sunday morning show. >> welcome. >> glad to be here. >> it is good and looks like the weather will be pretty good next few days >> exactly right. next chance of rain comes up later in the week. >> don't give it away yet. >> right but the rest of the day looks nice and i can tell you tomorrow looks real good too. in time for most everybody else to go back to work. the outside, yes, we do, that just seems to be the way we do things whether it is sunday morning or friday night. as you can see all the way out to national, the tower the river virginia in the background, a little cathedral, it is a little hazy but not too hazy we can almost make out the planes at national coming in and going out. we start with a look at the headlines for this morning i still think we will have some cloud, from dc on, off to the east, at least for the first part of the day, we are not
8:49 am
talking, completely sunny this morning, but agab, as we progress through the day, looks like we will stand a better chance of sunshine for just about everybody. western suburbs, sunny to mostly sunny a little cloud cover late this afternoon, building up but for tomorrow, looks like we are going to be sunny everywhere. or at least mostly sunny everywhere, high pressure really builds on in. in terms of when we are going to have more rain looks like for tuesday, showers, and thunderstorms in the offing with the next frontal system headed on in here for us. you can see in future cast, we start off the heaviest, thickest clouds on off to the east of us, this is 9:00 a.m. basically a few showers dotting along the eastern sections of our viewing area, really a few clouds for dc as well as we progress, through the afternoon, and into the evening we become mostly sunny for just
8:50 am
about everywhere, you see these green dots, a little upper level system swinging through with instant, afternoon, our extreme northwestern counties may have a few clouds building but not expecting rain by tomorrow 3, 4, 5, we look good, a little cloud cover back out to the west of us tomorrow and maybe a ridge top shower or thunderstorm but not expecting anything here for us, until tuesday, this is where future cast gets out, 5, 6 tuesday at least a chance for a shower, expected and then thunderstorms tuesday evening, temperature 73 degrees, gaithersburg 70 degrees, manassas, 72 during the day, we will warm right up a few clouds during the morning hours mostly sunny late in the afternoon frontal system, clouds to the east, high pressure comes scooting in will make thing as whole lot better
8:51 am
for us clouds, dc to the east. up to 87 degrees. mostly fair skies, mid- to upper 60s out on the suburbs next five days one thing we don't see, extreme heat, we will warm up to 90 degrees not a lot of humidity, on tuesday, showers and thunderstorms and as the front passes tuesday, a little humidity wednesday and thursday, gets nice after that. >> all right. i am writing it down i am thinking i might have outdoor painting projects to do. >> you are supposed to give those to your husband >> i like doing it but you can come over if you like. >> no. >> well t nats looking to make it 8 wins in a row, top of the fifth, and the nats are rallying from three runs down ryan zimmerman continues his timely hitting base hit to the left, scores danny espinosa, game tied at 4. michael will hit here, to right center and he scores zimmerman nats go on
8:52 am
to win 6-5, teams go back at it later this afternoon. >> rain forced a 3 hour rain delay in baltimore it was eddie murray night, carl ripken, weaver and palmer helping honor the great. as for the game itself the very first batter, alex gordon he takes tillman deep left for the home run instantly, royals. 1-0. that set the tone. they will wrap up the series at 1:35 p.m. this afternoon. chris in the d.c. united and taking on sporting kansas city. corner kick for casey, and it is headed in to take a 1 goal lead. then in the 23rd minute, brings down the long ball get as fortunate bounce and punches it into the net, 1-1. dc got a goal 23rd minute wouldn't be enough kansas city wins 2-1. third round of the pga championship under way in south carolina i think there may be a
8:53 am
rain delay there now. lightning cut short play yesterday, the tournament is the final major of the year. rory mcilroy tied for the lead, 6 under, solid day shooting 4 birdies first 7 holes yesterday. the coleader, vj singh. tiger rounds dropped from the top of the leader board to 1 under and 5 shots back. >> red skins gearing up for the next preseason game they head out on the road again to face the bears, coming off the 7-6 win. >> we all know about the debut of robert griffin the third but how about richard crawford. the confrere smu is turning heads he is trying to stay humble as he fights for a roster spot. >> never seen a rookie out of camp before. made some plays you know, got
8:54 am
stuff to improve on i think i did pretty well you know, i wouldn't call it perfect. >> when i won the game i was nervous you get excited when you do well but got to stay humble, it can all end fast. >> look at all those cheers behind him. pirrer garcon looked good he joins the skins from inned ap police after signing a five year deal. he inned ap police -- indianapolis after signing a five year deal. >> one injury related note, trent williams questionable for next saturday's preseason game in chicago with a bone bruise on his foot. the london olympics wrap up today, one of the highlights of the final day of action, gold medal game in men's basketball the u.s. faces off against spain tip off 10:00 a.m.
8:55 am
our time. closing ceremonies going to get spicy, 90s pop sensation, spice girls will perform, pictures already surfacing online of the girls rehearsing the group hasn't performed together since their 2008 reunion tour. also rumoured to perform, one direction, muse, the who and george michael. an update where the medal count stands, u.s. strongly in the lead, 44 gold, china 38 gold, russia nine medals behind. there is a larger than life tribute to gabby douglas in virginia beach. she is from there now there is a giant more real congratulating her -- mural congratulating her she sent a tweet saying it is amazing. todd and eric lind burg painted the mural on the tside of a sports bar.
8:56 am
dealing with just one wedding can be stressful how about five. just ahead may sound like the plot of a movie and probably will be but five siblings take on the impossible, planning a wedding marathon on the same day. when we come back [ malele announcer ] the choice on debt... mitt romney's plan: huge tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, adding trillions to the deficit. president obama's plan: a balanced approach that asks the wealthy to pay a little more, eliminates tax breaks for outsourcing and oil subsidies, cuts government spending, and reduces the deficit by four trillion. two plans. your choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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this gives new meaning to stress when planning a wedding five siblings from an arizona family got married on the exact same day n. all three sistertwo brothers tied the knot at the same time the parents of the five say they have been running around finalizing the celebration with very little sleep but get it all over at once don't have to go through five weddings every parent should say at least two of you have to get married at the same time. >> how do they make up their minds on everything? my wife couldn't make up her mind on one thing for the wedding much less five of them,. >> maybe each person got a say on a different aspect. >> i guess so. your five day forecast today, looks good, clouds this morning through the day, we will end up with more and more sunshine, temperature 87 degrees, high temperature not too humid, beautiful tomorrow, plenty of sun, warmer humidity, held down just a little bit


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