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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  August 12, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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on tuesday and chance for thunderstorms. >> great day to get out and enjoy it. >> fun spending sunday with you. >> you too. >> stay tuned for fox news sunday join us back here tonight at 6 for the latest newweather. have a great day >> john: i am john roberts in for chris wallace . mitt romney chooses paul ryan for his running mate. >> i can tell you who will be the next vice-president of the united states. >> john: how will the mitt romney/ryan ticket be received. we'll have john mccain on "fox news sunday". can special with the republican ticket set how will democrats campaign against it we'll talk with debby wasserman schultz who is the chair of the democratic national committee.
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we are 86 days from the election. both sides are filling the air waves with with campaign ad. we'll ask the panel if they are going oo far on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. governor romney and newly minted running mate paul ryan are compaining in north carolina and wisconsin today . we'll talk with our guests in a moment. first latest from james rosen in moorsville, north carolina today. >> john good to be with you. by one measure governor romney's selection of paul ryan is a success. it took in four million in the first seven hours. aides to mitt romney was hoping
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it will pull. the polling for the gop nominee was not encouraging. latest polls showed president obama opening up a nine-point lead with registered vores and independents. one marked change. romitt romney was not putting it as a revverundum. but used the language about the contest that the obama-biden campaign had been employing. >> america is going to have a choice. they have seen the product of the obama plan. it was executed for three and half years and it hasn't worked. middle income families are getting squeeze asked people can't find work . we have a different plan. >> open change is now call would attack and blame. we are not going to fall for it. >> now our setting it the nascar
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technical institute vocational training institute. republicans have high hopes for the state of north carolina. george bush captured it in 2004 and obama's margin of victory was just.4 percent. they will go to a state today in a state that has not gone republican since 1994, that would be wisconsin. >> james rosen hanging with the nascar crowd. now reaction from the rommny-ryan ticket we have senator john mccain, welcome back to "fox news sunday". good to have you with us. >> thank you john. >> john: what are your thoughts on the pick? >> excellent choice. a man who understands the most compelling challenges that this
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nation faces obviously a jobs and the economy. i am convinced that he will bring the kinds of ideas and thoughts that he's been pursuing in the house and the important position he held. it is a small example . 12 years medicare is going to go broke. the medicare trustees say that. paul ryan rhine is 42. and 12 years from now he will be 54 and it will be a long way of elibility. and the obama campaign brought in obama care. there is no effort of the administration to address the looming crises of social security and medicare . you will hear from democrats to push grandma over the climpt they have not had a plan yet to save social security and
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medicare. paul ryan has taken the courageous steps to bring the issue to the forefront. we'll have to address it and under a romney-rhine administration you will see it addressed. the last administration hasn't even passed a budget in three years. >> are be you days and counting. do you senator fully embrace the ryan budget. romney campaign likes elements of the plan but will come up with our own budget proposal. >> i think so. i think that is appropriate for the top of the ticket. i would also like to point out when the democrats talk about pushing grandma over the cliff on medicare, you know that ron widen, a bipartisan democrat senator joined with paul ryan on a voluntary program for seniors they can be responsible for
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their own health care. that kind of proposal is something we need to carefully examine and pursue. we have to ask what is the plan the democrats have besides negative attack ad. and the obama budget was voted on and didn't get a single democrat vote. >> john: senator, many republicans are enthusiastic some democrats are saying it is not the best pick because the danger mate that the running mate may over shadow the actual candidate on the important issues of the day? >> i had that problem. no, i didn't. i don't think that is the case. i think this is a team that understands the challenges that we face and obviously there is very good chemistry between the two of them and americans
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recognize that running mates are important but it is the top of the ticket is what the voters decide on as they enter into the ballot both. >> john: ryan has little private secor but most of his life in the beltway. romney an outsider and wants to shake up washington if the person he is running with is an ultimate insider. >> first of all someone has to tell me what experience president obama has in the private sector and he is abysmallyy ignorant of. paul ryan brings the balance of how the congress and budget process works and understanding the entire process and established relationships that i think will make him most effective in getting the mitt romney aa through the congress. it is the first secretary or 90
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day to determine that. >> john: what about foreign policy and one of your strongest points and this ticket when you look at governor romney and congressman ryan has the least foreign policy experience of any ticket that i can remember. do you have concerns about that? >> john: i think rom no has the least since ronald reagan. i think that mitt romney understands the nation's challenges and proven that by the understanding of the importance of our relationship with israel which is hardly ever been worse. his understanding of american exceptionalism which president obama has abandoned and i happening that when you look at congressman ryan's in the house since 1998 and involved in these issues, his proposals do not prevent a sequestration from
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taking place and the vice-president of the united states has been wrong nine times out of 10 on every major foreign policy issue and challenges that we faced. >> john: you mentioned the idea of american exceptionalism. and talking to the council of foreign relations in 92 2009, said obama is an exceptional nation. it is a shame he doesn't believe in american exceptionalism . do you see this idea as american exceptionalism as an national security. >> it is vital. this president has not led. today there are people being massacred in the streets of syria and damascus and aleppo and dying by the thousands. 20,000 so far. has the president spoken up once in their behalf. do you think reagan would say nothing . don't you think we should help
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the people where they are being butchered by oomers frome ran and russia? this president when a million and half people were demonstrating in 2009 chanting obama are you with us and them, he refused to peek up on their behalf. this president does not believe in american exceptionalism and doesn't believe that america should lead. it is a disasterous foreign policy. >> john: i will have a lot of qstions. but back to the ryan nomination. comparison are made from the roromney pick and your pick that you went with a bold short and good for you in the short term but long term may not have been the best choice and same thing is said of paul ryan. what do you say to those observations and those
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observations come from republicanns? >> first of all, the selection is made as to who will best help you get nominated and who you believe is best suited for the role of the vice-president of the united states. i am still proud of my running mate and proud of sarah and her family and the work we did. i think in this case it also a bold choice. many people thought other people being considered might bring home the state in the romney comum it is a good match up because of paul ryan's ability to carry the agenda through the united states. and the intimate knowledge of the budget. we know that economy and jobs are the issues. no one knows these issues better than paul ryan. >> there are a lot of attack ads to be aired in the next 75 or so days. there was an ad coming out that
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recently taking the idea of negative advertising. came from priorities usa the super pac . let me play that and get your reaction to it if i could . >> one day she became ill and i took her up to the jackson county hospital and admitted her for punonia and they found cancer, it was stage four. there was nothing they could do for her and she passed away in 22 days. >> senator, the implication is there between him losing the job between what bain capital did and losing his wife. his wife didn't have coverage under his insurance and she lost that. what do you think of that ad? >> disgraceful obviously. you run out of adjectives and adverbs and even more so. closest advisors to president obama are the people responsible
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for that ad. we know those connections are there. i am also a little sad, john. in 2008, this president and the people around him promised hope and change and new environment in washington and now, it is probably deteriorated into the most negative and most unpleasant and disgraceful campaign that i ever observed and i have been intimately involved in them since 1984. it is remarkable. this president cannot run on his record and now their strategy. they have succeeded to a certain deagree of painting with attack ads mitt romney as an unacceptable alterative. because he can't run on his record. >> where do you draw the line
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and should the president denounce the ad? >> clearly the president should denounce an adthat paints a good and decent man governor mitt romney w may disagree with to a person who was responsible for a man's wife's death. i don't know how you get worse than that. we grieve for a person who loses a loved one but to mortray mitt romney as responsible? that makes me sad more than angry. >> i would like to talk about syria. big conference in turkey, talk of a plan if assad frauls and uses chemical weapons. are you concerned that the assad regime could reach out and use chemical weapons? >> i am concerned about it and
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enflux of jihadist and extremist. and i am concerned about the mount of refugees and murder and torteur and rape that is a policy of bashar assad and we stand by and our secretary of state and un representatives and the president said nothing . they say it is unacceptable and we literally do nothing. a young person and i heard this from the syrian resistance. we'll remember, who helped us and who didn't. the president of the united states abrogated our responsibilities to help these people in an unfair fight. it doesn't mean boots on the ground but does mean a sanctuary of organizing and fight. every day it goes on, the more difficult it is to repair the country when bashar assad goes.
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he will go. it is shameful that we will not help these people out as they are struggling for the things we stand for and believe in. >> john: your colleagues had pened a post. the u.s. reluctant to intervene in syria is allowing it to be longer and bloodier. and the syrian people are leakly to feel little gowill. you believe that we should arm the rebels, are you stronger on that now? >> i always felt the same way about it. it is an unfair fight. russian equipment is coming in and this administration based their strategy on the belief that the russians will have a beneficial affect on assad. there are reports of eric bolling coming back out of lebanon to help the syrians slaughter their own people. this is one of the more
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disgraceful chapter in american history and the president is awol. and it is incredible. >> john: talk during the meeting between the secretary of state and turbish officials about establishing a no fly zone. who should enforce that and would you support that? >> we have sought that for a long time it cries out for american leadership. i know the leaders of these countries. they seek american leadership and that does not mean boots on the ground. they will follow us and they will agree in operations in libya but it will be a different scenario if america will lead. well, i think that it is time and it is not too late for america to step forward and establish a sanctuary and help arm and train alongg with the other countris and bring the
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massacres bordering on genocide to a halt. >> john: thank you, always good to talk to you. up next we'll get democrats reaction with congresswoman debby wasserman schultz who is the chair of the democrat national committee. down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment.
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together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. it's law that just makes sense. >> for reaction now from democrats on the omney/ryan ticket we are joined by debby
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wasserman schultz chairman of the democratic national ticket. >> thank you. >> john: you were work came out with strong criticism of congressman ryan said he is a serious person but he and romney have flawed ideas for our economy that have failed us in the past. >> i have had front row seat to witness the architect of the romney-ryan budget embrace extremism, suggest that we should end medicare and shred the safety net for seniors that we had in place 50 years and turn medicare and send it to the states and jeopardize seniors in nursing homes and potentially take 10 million students, off of pel grants and cut health care and cut education. paul ryan has embraced an extremist proposal and goes not only too far, but according to
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every independent economist if would stall or slow our recovery which we know it fragile. >> john: focus in on medicare . end medicare as we continue. we know that if medicare goes on the path it is now it will end itself. and you heard john mccain said it will be in 12 years can earlier reports of nine years and now extend to 12. there need to be changes made and the changes that congressman ryan in conjunction with ron widen have been making, mirror very much the provisions in the lower income care act. how can you embrace for lower income and say we can't do the same for seniors. >> guest: ron widen voted against the ryan budget when it came up for a vote in the
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senate. ron widen believes that the approach is too extreme and turning the medicare in a voucher program is not the way to go. the affordable care act that we have 12 that added eight year was solvencey but we need to continue to shore up medicare so that my generation and paul ryan's generation have that safety net in place . that mitt romney is embraced by choosing paul ryan is shred that shaste net and tell seniors, well, you no longer have a guarantee for health care. we'll give you a voucher and make you pay 6300 more in premiums in order to pay for that health care and essentially leave you with a gap between what the voucher provides and what the insurance company charges you. that's the wrong way to go.
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>> john: and couple of important points it was a voucher program in 2011. the new plan would allow the senior systems to stay in the medicare system. it is no such scores of the new budget and you are giving an old figure. depest guest no that is on the table from paul ryan rhine and we voted on and he has championed and mitt romney has chosen paul ryan who was the architect of that plan as his running mate. mitt romney had embraced the budget that is extreme . someone who represents thousands of seniors in south florida. what would happen in either proposal in ryan two or 1, insurance companies would cherry pick the healthy people and best people to insure and as a result the folks who remained in
9:25 am
medicare would see their costs go up. either way whether it is ryan one or son of ryan, that is going to leave seniors in a diruation as opposed to traditional medicare which is a safety net for more than 50 years we'll not let seniors fall throughh. >> john: you said in the past people could be excluded for preexisting conditions in the ryan budget. >> guest: under the ryan budget he repeals the affordable care act. we'll return to the days. >> john: but not senior citizens. ryan plan specifically said that senior citizens with preexisting conditions could not be excluded from medicare. >> guest: paul ryan rhineplan sleds the safety net. >> john: and only for those who
9:26 am
want to choose to go with privatized system. >> guest: we made's decision to make sure that families were no longer going to be medicalally bankrupt as seniors were aging and health declining. paul ryan and mitt mitt romney would allow the seniors to go through the floor. they would tell them they are on the own and drive up health care costs and cost $families more monies because someone will have to make sure they don get sick. >> john: when it come tots president's health care plan. there are potential problems. it would increase taxes over five billion over the course of 10 years and by slog the growth. >> taxes of 500 billion. >> john: there will be a 500
9:27 am
billion tax increase . it would slow the growth of medicare and not cut it by 500 billion over the same period. >> guest: not cut benefits. >> john: talk is slow the growth of medicare. >> guest: paul ryan's plan that mitt romney embraced they do not repeel. it is cuts >> chris: back to the point i was making. the report from cms found the slowing of the growth of medicare under the affordable care ippact would impact by 2019 15 percent of the hospitals and skilled nursing facility . home health would have to with draw from providing care to
9:28 am
medicare payers. >> guest: there is a difference between the romney and ryan approach and republican extremist in the tea party who proposed 31 different times in the house of representative to repeal the affordable care act. they want to go back to the day when insurance companies can deny coverage or drop you. they want seniors to go back to the time when the dought hole was a thousands in gap of prescription coverage. i thanks to bark obama stood behind the last senior when five or six prescriptions come to the counter they leave two orly of them behind because of the de donut hole. it makes sure seniors have acess to well visits and instead of waiting before they are sick before they go to the doctor. we'll keep them healthy .
9:29 am
paul ryan and mitt romney would lead to massive gaps in coverage and drive health care costs up and shred the safety net. unacceptable. >> john: you saw me talking to john mccain. we air the priorities usa ad. should the democrats accuse a candidate. >> that is not a democratic it is a priorits usa super pac. >> john: it is democrats. >> i have no idea the politicalal? >> john: they used to work in the white house and obama campaign. they are. >> that is not a super pack. what i think . ad, there is no question that the adraises facts such as that mitt romney when he was ceo of bain capital bankrupted companies and laid off workers
9:30 am
and cut their benefits and made millions in profits. that adpoints out that there are consequences to making decisions like that that impacted people's live in a significant way. >> john: but this idea that the time line of the adis such that the different inference he lost his health insurance his wife lost her life to cancer . it was six yearrs later. >> guest: it is no indication of the where is it on the other side that super pac affiliated with mitt romney's campaign. >> john: i don't think they have ever referred to someone has died. >> guest: they have questioned if he is american and his birth certificate is legit mate. and so many questions of his patriotism. where is the same indiigation.
9:31 am
is fox condemning the super pac ads supporting mitt romney in the way there is indignation. bottom line mitt romney ceo of bain capital profited from bankrupting companies like gast steel fired workers and made mon yethere are consequences and that impacts people's lives and the person in the adwanted to talk about the impact on his family life. >> john: you wanted to mention indignation . my colleague george stephanopolis talked to you about harry reid's accusation of romney not paying taxs and he talked about it on the floor of senate. you were accused of favoritism by a source. i don't know what they are talking about. those famous anonymous sources that never have the nerve to say what they are saying make
9:32 am
accusations on the record. there is indignation now and where is the indignation of senator reid>> guest: i am glad you brought it up. it is another opportunity to talk to secrecy of the this issue that harry reid raised was not raised by harry reid. and leaders thatss journalist insisted that mitt romney should release more than one year of tax returns. >> john: where is the indignation of anonymous sources that you had. >> guest: i don't know who harry reid source are. >> john: should he queet nem on the floor of the senate? >> guest: he has his own sources. bottom line. i would like to know how many times of tax returns did mitt romney review and asked paul ryan and if he will require the
9:33 am
release of the tax returns. bark obama and joe biden released 12 years and mitt romney reased one and a partial view of a second one. john mccain released 12 years. >> john: he didn't release his wife's tax return. >> guest: spouses are not running for president. mitt romney is the first major parity for candidate of the united states in modern times not to release 12 years of tax returns it is unacceptable. he's got investment in swiss bank accounts and kaymen and bermuda corporation. why does an american businessman need a swiss bank account if not to be hiding something. he needs to come clean and so does paul ryan. and mitt romney needs to show the same number of tax returns that paul ryan showing >> chris:
9:34 am
always good to visit with the issues with you. thank you. >> coming up. our sunday group talking about mitt romney's choice of running mate. we'll be right back. you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> we took a step forward in restoring the promise of america because i have selected a person who is a leadership. >> we need someone of principle and achieve integrity. that man is standing next to me, his name is mitt romney and he's going to be the next president of the united states. >> that was congressman paul ryan following governor romney on a stop. here is bill kristol of the weekly. and joe trippi. and liz cheney and former democratic senator evan bayh. good sunday morning to all of you. liz, we'll hear from you . joe and bill waxed on eloquently
9:38 am
all day yesterday. and i got a chance to hear congresswoman debby wasserman schultz and the democrats are going to have hard criticism much paul ryan and the budget. what affect do you have? >> she refused to say what their solution is. what we have got in both governor mitt romney and congressman ryan people who have respect for the voters . two candidates who understand we are about to go off the fiscal cliff if we don't deal with the spending and entitlement programs and as hard as you pushed congresswoman schultz all she did was repeat talking points and not say what would happen. i think in congressman ryan we have a person a courage and a person who will deal with tough critical issues. >> john: senator bayh you think
9:39 am
it is a help. instead of a revverundum on his points. the president turned it on the revverundum that mitt romney advanced. is there a sigh of relief in this pick? >> there probably is. he is a good and smart guy. but this shifts the debate from economy and jobs to reforming entitlements. and you get down to the details which were included in mr. ryan's budget people are less supportive and given the choices this is a good pick for mitt romney and it doesn't change rom romm . i think it is still uphill for him unless he has a outstanding debate performance. >> john: does the obama administration want to talk about anything other than the economy. >> i think they want to talk about who you trust for the
9:40 am
middle class and reform the entitlement programs and that is the debate paul ryan rhine gives them. >> you want to stay away from third rail entitlements . mitt romney grab embraced it full force. is that a problem for him in the campaign and it is not about entitlements: >> it is what the obama camp wanted. you look at they have tried to figure a way to get from the bain problems that romney has and connec them to the ryan budget. if he fired people and cost you yourr pension. is that the guy you trust to reform medicare. if you tie it together. they have had trouble doing it and now mitt romney picked paul ryan, the architect of that. that make its easy to make it what the new york times talked
9:41 am
about. a choice between two philosophies and two futures and not a referundum on the last four years. >> john: bill, if you were advising gov mitt romney would you fight on entitlementings. >> and their relationship to the economy. if we are going to go broke we'll not have a healthy economy. i say we are a great country but we are going broke. and president obama doesn't understand the sourceness of our greatness and doing nothing about the fact we are going broke. that is the big picture debate and the key for romney and the romney campaign is to understand that this pick is a beginning of the strategy. if he makes a pick and people are like two or three days. and back to the same old romney campaign that will not work.
9:42 am
this is the first card in a series of cards where he make its as a campaign about the future. voters are not stupid. they want to know about the next four years and he has to clarify the choice. >> the real danger and i agree with what bill said. if romney lookks like he's backing away from the rhine plan and doing signs of doing that. that plays in the flip flopper and other things that people and wonder about it and it could be devastating if he pulls back and doesn't embrace and doesn't push forward it is a big, big problem. and senator bayh is nodding and liz is shaking. >> you have policiless that have failed and made the economy worse and the dereliction of
9:43 am
duty. the president who repeatedly walked away from possible solutions and what this pick has done, not only demonstrate that the republicans are the party that will be responsible about these things and they will tell the american people the truth and governor romney gets that you simply ignore it for political reasons which is what the president has done. and as long as the republicans point out it is three years of failed politics. we have a good shot in november. >> clearly mitt romney was losing the mud slinging contest. >> things were not looking good and he had to change the subject . this may have been a good choice among the very difficult choices and can try to elevate the debate about where we are going. i agree with bill and liz. historically for conservative governments for here and
9:44 am
elsewhere. talking about entitlement reform is difficult politically. >> it creates a very difficult environment for governing. if you win ugly you have tow consensus or man date. >> john: let me ask you >> it is difficult but people are doing it. they are called governors and they are making tough choices and the voters are seeing the choices in real time in new jersey with chris christie and wisconsin itself . scott walker and other, mitch daniels in indiana and it is working with policy and so i don't agree you can't win the political fight. i agree it is different than running the old fashioned campaign. you can win the fight.
9:45 am
i have an e-mail from a good friend who serves in iraq and afghanistan. he is a republican nominee for congress and going to win the race i believe in arkansas. he learned in a near ambush turn in the fire and assault through the ambush. that was his advice in the romney campaign after 2:00 a.m. . i am passing it on national television. listen to tom cotton. he will win his race and he served with honor. you have to turn in. >> good wisdom to face your enemies. you may not like the ryan plan but hoe has the plan where has sant democrats been for the last are be you days on the budget? >> they are not running, the romney rhine is not running against reid and the u.s.
9:46 am
senate. he's running against obama and bide by. >> senate democrats have not passed a budget resolution for are be you days. >> i am sure the republicans will make that case. what i was going to say, john. there is a problem with the truth tell running in the fire and telling the truth. the carrier of the message is a guy who will not show people tax returns. >> i will tell you the truth and trait and blunt and tell them the truth of what is going on. but i don't want to disclose anybody else. there is a problem with the romney message and it is romney and not paul ryan. >> we'll take a break . we'll be back and talk about the tough negative political ads and are the campaigns going too far in the inference and accusations. we'll be right back.
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9:48 am
panel plus and our special monday preview of the week ahead. and you can find it on fox news stay tuned for more from our panel.
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9:50 am
by then there was nothing they could do for her. she passed away in 22 days. >> what does it say about a president's character when his campaign tries to use a trag edgy of a woman's death. >> john: the adsaid the woman died because of mitt romney with bain capital. debby wasserman schultz said that illuminates the time of romney's time and other people said the adgoes beyond decence yereason. >> i didn't catch a lot of what she said. i was laughing whether she could say the folks at proprietaries usa was democrats there. is a credibility issue here.
9:51 am
over the last couple of weeks. they are raising money for priorities usa . david plouffe runs -- i mean bill burton. and plouffe has been involved. there is no question of a connection between the super pack and white house. it seeps that the american people are not basing a vote based on ugly ads. it hurts the president's credibility. at the end of the day what is mitt romney going to be jobs and the economy. they have seen what president obama has done . the voters would like to see us get off the debates about the adand they do a disservice to people. >> john: senator bayh, it is a ugly win if president obama wins. >> with ads like this it would be. my own view is if they condemn
9:52 am
the other side and go too far. and they have. and we need to disavow ads like we should say that. >> do you think that the president said that. >> it would be helpful. he takes the high ground and in a stronger position when he, too, is subjected to attacks that go too far. this is going to be about substance and how do we create more opportunitis and better jobs and growing economy and deal with entitlement reforms. winning ugly. you have no consensus. and you have on no man date of ideas of your own at a time when the country needs progress and people coming together after an election. winning ugly doesn't help you do that. >> john: joe trippi is this the new normal? where it sounds like you killed somebody? >> this is what is abnormally
9:53 am
normal about this which is scary. this adnever once ran -- there was no adboy. >> john: that is the new normal, too? everybody sees if . you make it outlandish and you cross line on purpose . why? then everybody talkthe ad. they crossed it. the romney campaign and somebody on the democratic smoke said moke and romney campaign screams fire . they pour more gasoline on the problem whether it is reid talking about tax returns and they go put more on it. and now the president comes out and he would say that the adcomes down and bringing more people and people watch it on youtube. that's where we are at. the way this gets covered and
9:54 am
what we are talking about today. strategy actually works. we are all talking about it. >> john: negative ads if they are true or not we talk. we'll go to liz. she said the american people want more of a debate and elimination of the issues. but the addition of paul ryan to the ticket. that will add a level of detail to the discussion. >> a level of deitate and substance if they follow up on the rhine pick by running a romney-rhine campaign and not avoiding e details and wishing only to get people to know that the economy and not in good shape. and they do that for two or three months and it was not working well. and numbers were collapsing in ohio and midwest. i think not releasingment tarks
9:55 am
returns are working. and if it stays at the level of tactics and say that the level of fight, i think the democrats win and they are better at it honestly and it is important to the campaign for romney to make it a better campaign. >> john: how far in the details could they get. i love to hear details. i am not a policy wonk but a details. that is not politics. this that is part of the paul rhine appeal. he's one of the best spokespersons on the republican side who takes a complicated issue and put a plan in place and deliver a message that american people can hear. why it is that we got to address the issues and why it is that private enterprise is the answer and why the obama plan hasn't work. you will see a detail oriented
9:56 am
campaign and one that has a good couple of mess ages to it. >> thank you. it was a good discussion. we appreciate it. >> and don't forget to check out with the panel plus. fox news make sure to follow us on twitter fox news sunday. we'll be right back . has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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>> ninallyy today.
9:58 am
many republican insiders were pushing harder for paul ryan to be on the ticket with mitt romney. chris wallace asked the him for being a candidate. >> i can't answer that. >> you are leaving the door open and saying if i were asked i would have to consider it >> i am not think being it right now. our job in congress is important and what we believe we owe the country. if we don't like the direction the president is taking we owe them a different contrast and path. >> congressman ryan will be part of offering that different path. that's it for us today. chris wallace returns to the anchor chair on next "fox news sunday". i am john roberts from washington. thanks for joinning us today. have a great week.
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