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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  August 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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famous skyscraper. the police identified the gunman as 58-year-old jeffrey johnson. authorities say he was killed by police in a shootout. they believe he was laid off from his job last year as a women's accessories designer and that there a longstanding dispute over harassment claims and joe wouldman has more. >> reporter: during the morning rush hour, chaos on new york city's iconic streets of the empire state building. a disgruntled employee, jeffrey johnson, opened fire, killing his former 41-year-old co- worker. >> and in a dispute with the former employees in front of the building, johnson produced a pistol and fired at close range, striking the victim in the head. >> reporter: the alleged shooter took off on foot in
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manhattan. a construction worker flagged down cops who tracked down the suspect. >> and as the two officers approached johnson, he pulled his .45-caliber semi automatic pistol on his bag and fired on the officers. >> reporter: a gun battle erupted on new york city streets. >> i heard multiple gun shots and a single gun shot and it was surreal. >> reporter: when the gun fire stopped, the suspect was dead and nine others injured. some of them were inadvertently struck by policibilities. >> i ask everyone to keep the rooms with victims in their thoughts and -- to keep the victims in their thoughts and prayers. this is a terrible tragedy and there is no doubt the situation would have been more tragic, but for some extraordinary acts of heroism. >> reporter: police work to cordon off the areas. the workers and tourists struggle to keep their nerves in check. >> and that is nerve racking
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and -- >> reporter: the accused shooter was laid off a year ago. he and the intended victim, the co-worker, filed formal complaints against each other with nypd. in mid-town manhattan, joel wouldman, fox news. new tonight, less than an hour ago, todd akin held a press conference reaffirming his plans to stay in missouri's u.s. senate race and he, of course, has been under fire for a comment he made last week, suggesting women's bodies have waysof avoiding pregnancy during what he called legitimate rape. the top republicans asked him to drop out of the u.s. senate race. >> apparently, there are some people having trouble understanding our message. i would like to be clear on that today: we're going to be here through the november election, and we're going to be
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here to win. there may be negotiations, but they don't include me. >> and death the press conference, akin didn't address the remarks he made last week. a news alert from montgomery county where a man accused of stealing a car with a toddeler and mother inside pleaded guilty in the case. and in july of last year, police say white carjacked the vehicle at a baltimore gas station. the nightmare ended on the beltway past cabin john. when the 24-year-old victim bailed out with the son. >> reporter: this is quite amazing when you're going to see this. police say that white not only kidnapped the woman but terrorized her the entire way down i-95 and to the beltway,
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telling her what she was going to say if lice caught up with them and this mother was able to summon up the courage when the mother got to the beltway to open the door and jump out to safety this is the scene on the beltway in montgomery county on july 13th, 2011. police following a carjacked lexus. inside, a mother, alyssa samuels and her 20-month-old son taken against their will. behind a wheel, a man who car jacked them. >> and they attached. >> reporter: the police trailed the car for miles, and have even having one state trooper side swiped. when he approached, the passenger door opened and the
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victim jumped out of the car with baby joshua in her arms. >> the female jumped out of the car in the far right lane. >> this is a woman who feared for her life and her child's life. she didn't know if this was going to be a violent assault against her or a sexual assault. i am sure there were many terrifying thoughts. >> reporter: in court friday, the 23-year-old white of west baltimore pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping. the authorities say the carjacking began when he forced his way into her car at a west baltimore gas station and court documents said she begged him to get her baby son out first. instead, he used a piece of glass as a weapon to threaten her. jumping out of the car, officials say, may have saved her life. >> i spoke to miss samuels today. she saw her chance to escape and took it. she didn't know if he was going to take off again and she was fearful he might crash the car. >> reporter: during the chase,
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white ordered his victim that if they were caught, to tell police she was his girlfriend. the police were able to stop white and arrest him only a few minutes after samuels jumped out of the car with her baby. and luckily they suffered minor injuries. white faces about 40 years in prison on november 21st and authorities told us when he was arrested, he was under the influence of marijuana and percocet and he is not done by a longshot. after he's done, there were detainers on this case in baltimore and in to prince georges county. he took police on a ride and all of the places are going to want to have their say with
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him. >> thank you, tom fitzgerald. to the distribute now with the news edge on d.c. the accused family research council shooting suspect was in court this afternoon. the 28-year-old floyd lee corkins pleaded not guilty to charges he opened fire inside the g street building's lobby on august 15th. one person was injured in the shooting. a security guard shot in the arm. corkins is ordered to be held in jail and until his next court date. the edge on maryland now where the driver turned himself into authorities. neil is accused of driving a stolen car that is being followed by police. a popular rookie officer, 23- year-old morris, was killed in a crash during the pursuit and earlier, police arrested mitchell, a passenger in the stolen car after turning himself into police and right now, the men are charged with
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felony theft. we're tracking tropical storm isaac. and haiti is more vulnerable to the storm and the good news, forecasters believe isaac will bring heavy rain and believe it's unlikely to become a hurricane. it's expected to stay to the west of the florida coast. sno and gary mcgrady has the latest. what do you think? >> reporter: isaac is trying to become a hurricane, basically and it's gotten better organized and stronger and show you where it is. about 100-miles to the south- southeast of port-au-prince there for haiti. the winds up to 65 miles per hour and that is moving to the northwest at 16 miles an hour and that is looks like it will bring heavy rain to most of the dominican republic to haiti and to cuba. and it's trying to get better organized and stronger. the mountains around haiti and,
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well, the dominican republic, they really do inhibit the strengthening and so it looks like it stays below hurricane strength all the way across cuba. tropical storm watches have now been posted for the extreme southern secs of florida and that -- southern sections of florida including the keys there and that is with the track north of florida and that is going to the east closer to florida and this is one to watch. once it hits the open waters of the gulf of mexico, very, very warm there. temperatures in the upper 80s and that will get much, much stronger and this is one to continue watching for. >> thank you. >> breast feeding battles still ahead on the news edge. local hospitals want to adopt a new policy for new moms. what some of you have to say about the breast-feeding proposal. and coming up in sports, the redskins swap for suits at the welcome home luncheon and
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the battle everyone wants to see. rg3 and lockhard are downplaying the game. 
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parts of the new healthcare bill could mean new penalties for america's top hospitals. under the affordable healthcare act, the hospitals would be rewarded for the quality of care they deliver instead of the quantity of services anding ifs are debating whether readmission rates are better quality. the medical experts estimate about 2 million medicare beneficiaries are readmitted every year 30 days after discharge. >> and month patients with heart failure, hospitals have lower mortality rates and which windshield we have? a hospital readmission or death? >> hospitals disagree on how much control they have on
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preventing readmissions and argue poor patients lack adequate primary care and need followup services. the state of maryland wants public input on new hospital breast-feeding policy regulations. among the recommendation, encouraging breast-feeding on demand, praying rooming in where breastfeeding mothers and infants can repain together 24 hours a day giving the new borns breast milk only and not allowing pacifiers or artificial nipels to breast feeding infants in the hospital unless medically indicated. on the facebook page, dawn said that is a great idea if it's the mother's choice. megan writes if you want to formula-feed, that is your decision. i think encouraging mothers to breast-feed is awesome; however, only if it's their choice. tasha said i'm all for breast- feeding but the bottle only, if medically necessary, is too far. it's a woman's right to choose what is right for her and her
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baby and not the hospitals. coming up on the news edge, startling new information about the colorado movie theater suspect. the admission he made coming up.
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. we have new details about the man charged in the colorado movie theater shooting. newly filed court records show james holmes made a violent threat four months before the july shooting. prosecutors say in march, holmes told a classmate he wanted to kill people. the second known threat he made before the shooting and in june, he left the university of colorado denver's neuroscience program. holmes is charged with killing 12 and wounding dozens more during a midnight showing of the dark knight returns. firefighters gaining the upper hand in northern california. close to 28,000 acres across two counties are scorched and
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more than 80 homes are destroyed and 900 homes are in the direct path. some residents fear they may not have a home to go back to. >> i understand when people say they not leaving. i always tell them i wouldn't leave either unless it gets bad. >> and that is one of several major fires n. idaho, they created a backburn and crews near seattle-washington are still working on which one which, destroyed more than 50 homes. >> every year, doesn't it? >> every year. >> and a beautiful day here at home, though. >> pretty good, 88 and i looked. came across the computer and not nearly 88 tomorrow. >> okay. >> dramatically cooler. i think that is what everyone needs. >> okay. >> and focused on the number and clouds and showers.
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>> and this is when we're enjoying the changes. >> and i love it farther north than you do. >> and this is what it looks like. not so much in the city and that is a slight change farther away and this is what is going o. can you see to the river and to the jefferson out there. a pretty good visibility is what i'm trying to say and temperatures have cooled off a bit and we have some we didn't watch this and driving across to fauquier county. and this is north of you. south of the planes -- plains. and haven't seen any lightning. the reflectivity pattern is so strong from some of these thunderstorms and they have a thundershower out there. i am working on it. very few and far between.
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i think that by 7:00, temperatures will cool down into the lower 80s and a possibility of the spotty showers and storms. i wouldn't worry about an umbrella and you -- umbrella. you will need it for this weekend, though. clouds at 9:00, 78 degrees and some clouds at 11:00 and with that 74. there are a possibility of -- possibility of light showers from the south later on this evening and some better chances of that this evening and overnight tonight and look at the rain from the south and that is what we're getting into. had this is the setup. the area of low pressure tomorrow and all the slow will be coming off of the ocean bringing in this moisture in. at times, we're going to have some periods of showers and looks like cloudy all day long. optimistic and put some glimmer of sunshine. some of you may see it and that does look like a cloudy and wet day tomorrow. the temperatures in the 70s, 82 and more optimistic on sunday and that is looks drier.
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definitely the better of the two days. seventy degrees or so overnight tonight and some places in the upper 60s. tomorrow's temperatures are all over the place and some upper 70s. that won't surprise me to be cooler than that for tomorrow and if we get stuck in heavier bands of showers. again, on through the day, parts tomorrow and we'll keep the showers in the forecast. and, you know, know where the umbrella is tomorrow. you will need it if you're out running errands and whatnot. better on sunday and i don't want to say it's going to be gorgeous. sometimes it takes awhile for the lows to push off to shore and clear things out a bit. bet or monday and tuesday, and better wednesday. >> okay. keeps getting better. >> thank you, gary. and check the weather any time and go to apples app store or -- and put it together. search for d.c. weather and you will find it on our website,
6:21 pm >> a woman in hawaii caught a 12-foot marlin and that took four hours. even though it's a record- setting fish and over 1,000 pounds, get this. the 28-year-old woman won't get her prize money and officials say she had to have rolled in the fish herself to have qualified for the cash. because she had some help from her friends there. >> is that right? >> she won't get the cash. >> 1,000 pounds. >> and that is big. >> that is not fair. >> and she should get a smone for her work. [ laughter ] coming, a look at the readskins welcome home lunchon. >> and take this trio.
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the chocolate lab who ate two sticks of butter on a pound cake. a beagle who harasses children for food and a dog who loves to sleep in the dirty laundry. the owners of the misbehaveing pets are not taking the lack of disobedience lying down, though. and instead, they're turning it to a tumbler. where humans air their grievances for all to see. all
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. hello, i'm lindsay murphy. tomorrow is the day that many people have been waiting for. the redskins third preseason game will feature the top two picks in this year's until draft. and robert griffin 3 and because it's the third game, the starters can't expect to play into the third quarter and with the redskins, both teams made it clear that griffin and
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luck are their guys. they struggled in the second preseason game and griffin was sacked three times. regardless, the hype surrounding saturday's game makes it feel more than the preseason contest. >> and i have known him since high school. we were not best friends but met each other at the heisman the first time, i think, or the college football in florida and other than, that we told each other good luck in our careers and moved on from there. he is trying to lead his team and i'm trying to lead mine. i won't truly get to face him. and that is the one thing i said and i will continue to say. >> and just, you know, realize that that is not what the game is about. i think we both know that very well and that is not hard to stay clear of it.
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>> and today was the 51st annual luncheon, a great event and bringing together current and former players, as well as the staff and fans of the burgundy and gold. they honored 10 new members of all-time. and always at the center of attention is the fashion. and the debate over which redskin came best dressed. san tan, what are your thoughts? >> to me, is best dressed. d. hall is always one of them. >> and he's been in the league and has a lot -- . >> how do you pull it off every year where you're voted best dressed? [ laughter ] >> and i didn't know i was. i don't know. >> a loss for words? never and the usda stripped
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armstrong of the titles and that he -- he said, quote, the toll this has take own my family and the work on our foundation and me leaves me where i am today, finished with this nonsense. he will not only be stripped of his times, he will be banned from cycling for life. after a day off yesterday, the nats are in philly tonight and the orioles host the blue jays. that is all for sports. >> thank you, lindsay. now you have the news edge. the news is always on keep it here. tmz on the is up next. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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