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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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homeowner to sell energy back to the grid, the solar tax credit and also the geothermal tax credit, when you stack those credits, it brings down the initial selling price of the house so that it's really competitive in the marketplace. >> reporter: the seller telling us about 10 to 15% more than a new home that's not green. in frederick, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. tropical storm isaac is losing strength as it spirals over land on the gulf coast, but it's also losing speed which means the wind and rain could last throughout the night. there's a mandatory curfew in new orleans until dawn tomorrow. hundreds of thousands of residents without power, rescue boats are rescuing people and their pets from a flooded parish in the southeastern part of the state. louisiana governor bobby jindal met with evacuees tonight. >> here in plaquemines parish on the east bank they have been
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conducting active search and rescue missions, national guard working with local officials including sheriff's deputies, private citizens and others have reported at least 35 people have been rescued. >> at least two people have been killed in the storm. let's go to sue palka for the latest update from the national hurricane center. >> the latest update just came out. it's now moving north west at 6, but the national hurricane center thinks it will begin to pick up a little speed tomorrow and start moving faster through louisiana, but tonight it's still crawling and you can see it here on radar, very heavy rain from new orleans east with strong feeder bands coming right off the gulf of mexico into mississippi and alabama. here's the latest track. it puts it 70 miles west of new orleans and about 15 miles south of baton rouge. it didn't lose any strength in terms of the wind speed with it, still at 60 miles an hour. the worst of the window is still in the gulf of mexico, but it's all about the rain and threat for inland flooding. so in the next 24 hours it's
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still in louisiana. tomorrow evening probably an area of low pressure getting ready to cross into arkansas. it's probably going to bring a tremendous amount of rain in there. we know 7 to 14 inches easily with some isolated 25-inch amounts in the gulf coast and i would say this track is a little bit slower. that last position over ohio is monday. that would have winds of 15 miles an hour. so definitely weaker, but it's really not about the wind, but about the rain this thing has been producing. speaking of the rain, we can give you the estimates here. while we see the heaviest rain from new orleans to biloxi down through southeastern louisiana into mobile, these have definitely been approaching continue inches and i'm would the sure those will go up. we'll have -- quite sure those will go up. we'll have much more in our weekend and local forecast in a few minutes. soon we'll go live to new orleans and a look at how the storm has impacted gas prizes. one day after nominating
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mitt romney several top republican figures are showing their support for him at the national convention in tampa. speakers include vice presidential nominee paul ryan, of course. let's go to fox's craig boswell live at the convention with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. paul ryan is on the stage right now. he has this crowd absolutely transfixed. at times they're so quiet and right now they're on the end of the phrase. he's weaving in and out of personal anecdotes, professional policy care into medicare and moms and this crowd is ready. looks like he's wrapping up. his family coming on stage. kids are lisa 10, charlie 7 and sam 5. paul ryan is on the stage tonight. here's how things have gone throughout the evening. >> i accept the duty to help lead our nation out of a jobs crisis ad back to prosperity and i know we can do this. >> reporter: the 42-year-old lawmaker has been a harsh critic of the president and a
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favorite target for the democrats. >> what did taxpayers get out of the obama stimulus? more debt. that money wasn't just spent and wasted. it was borrowed, spent and wasted. >> reporter: former secretary of state condoleezza rice thought to be a possible vice presidential contender also addressed the crowd. >> my fill low americans, we do -- fellow americans, we do not have a choice. we cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lied from behind. [ cheering and applause ] >> mitt romney and paul ryan understand this reality. our well-being at home and our leadership abroad are inextricably linked. they know what to do. >> reporter: in 2008 republican presidential candidate john mccain passed the torch to this year's ticket. >> when we nominate mitt romney, we do so with a greater purpose than winning a party advantage. we charge him with the care of a higher cause. his election represents the best hopes for our country and
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the world. >> reporter: earlier today mr. romney visited indiana to meet with veterans. >> the problems of the va are serious and got to be fixed. we're in danger of another generation of veterans losing their faith in the va system. >> reporter: paul ryan, the vice presidential nominee, accepting that nomination tonight wrapping up undoubtedly the biggest speech of his career, delivered plenty of very large speeches, this one at the a, of this crowd very appreciative -- the apex of this crowd very appreciative, quiet but erupting into applause this, crowd getting what they want. tomorrow night it all culminates with mitt romney's acceptance speech for his presidency and one more night here at the republican national convention. >> we want to look more at congressman ryan's address tonight. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has been monitoring it this evening. paul ryan is known in d.c. as the republican chairman of the
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house budget committee, but a lot of americans only know hum for all those attack ads. how -- him for all those attack ads. how did ryan try to counter ha? >> this was interesting because what -- that? >> this was interesting because what paul ryan was trying to do was turn the obama campaign swords against him. we got a preview of this in a way when paul ryan campaigned in springfield two weeks ago and tonight he basically said the attacks on mitt romney and himself are unprecedented in presidential politics in ryan's words. >> i have never seen opponents so silent about their record and so desperate to keep their power. they've run out of ideas. their moment came and went. fear and division is all they've got left. with all their attack ads the president is just throwing away
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money and he's pretty experienced at that. >> the obama campaign is trying to paint paul ryan as someone who wants to gut medicare, slash federal spending but not going along with the white house's hopes of raising taxes on the wealthy. how do republicans talk about the need to fix med occasion which has to be fixed but not -- medicare which has to be fixed but not scaring off all the seniors they have to get in florida? >> it's a delegate balance. paul ryan has been at the table with a lot of republican leadership as they've negotiated with the democrats over these issues and negotiations have broken down several times, but rather than just blanketly blaming washington for all this because he was involved in many of these talks what ryan did tonight was to address the economic crisis that the president inherited and talk about medicare, specifically how the president's healthcare plan in ryan's words is putting medicare at risk and ryan tonight tried to explain and put into words exactly how
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that's happening. pening. >> even with the new law and new taxes on nearly a million small businesses the planners in washington still didn't have enough money. they needed more. they needed hundreds of billions more. so they just took it all away from medicare. $716billion funneled out of medicare by president obama. [ booing ] >> an obligation we have to our parents and grandparents is being sacrificed all to pay for a new entitlement we didn't even ask for. >> those are themes we are going to hear a lot over the next two months. >> as a well known conservative commentator on the internet said, paul ryan represents president obama's worst nightmare, mathful we'll have to see how it plays out, 69 days left, tom fitzgerald tonight. t. monitoring metro this evening and a creepy incident
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on board a train. a 48-year-old capitol heights man is headed to jail after exposing himself. metro riders are getting credit for robert scott's arrest and conviction, the first one hinged to the transit suspect's -- linked to the transit reporting system. >> there have been several complaints about criminal sexual misconduct and harassment on the trains. robert scott has pled guilty to indecent exposure and faces more than four months behind bars. metro riders at the reagan national airport station saw something they never expected last month, a man toughing himself inappropriately on the -- touching himself inappropriately on the train. >> witnesses to the exposure called the metro transit police. we sent officers to the scene who interviewed mr. scott and determined that he did expose himself and he was subsequently arrested. >> reporter: 48-year-old robert scott jr. of capitol
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heights pled guilty to two counts of indecent exposure. our charges are pending based on an online complaint. >> mr. scott had on distinct clothing when was contacted by the officer that day. the day before we received a call for indecent exposure and the day of his arrest we received an online complaint for indecent exposure for a person wearing similar clothing. >> reporter: scott is expected to receive a misdemeanor charge for the incident on july 25th. >> we offered victims the opportunity to make anonymous complaints. we know in law enforcement usually sex crimes are underreported. >> reporter: there have been 70 online complaints of sexual abuse or harassment on metro trains since the system was activated march 9th. a team of transit police officers will follow up on every one of them. the online reporting form is easily accessible on a smartphone. both these women busily
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checking theirs at reagan national airport stop say it's a great option, especially for women traveling alone. >> oftentimes i think women don't know where to go to if something happens. so i think it's good. >> i would be interested in that kind of communication. i think you'd be able to respond quicker and faster to situations that might occur on metro. >> robert scott was sentenced to 12 months for each of the two indecent exposures he pled guilty to. all but four months was suspended and he's expected to serve his time in the arlington county detention center. we're putting a link to metro's online crime reporting system on our website continuing our coverage as tropical storm isaac stalls over louisiana, new orleans has been battered 24 hours now. we'll go live to a reporter down on the streets of the quarter coming up. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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tracking the tropics once again, isaac has diminished in power, no longer a hurricane but just dumping tons of rain on the gulf region. the battle against the wind and water proving damaging. fox's nicole collins is live in the new orleans area. how are things there tonight, of course on, this seventh anniversary of katrina? >> reporter: yeah, brian,
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things are still a little questionable here as this storm moves towards the plains state. we're catching the back end of it. so those outer bands, we're catching gusts of winds and downpouring of rain intermittently, but the real issue is in southeastern louisiana, plaquemines parish where some homes are almost under water. officials say some of the damage there is even worse than in hurricane katrina. >> isaac was a test to levees and buildings battered by hurricane katrina seven years ago today. the mayor of new orleans says the levee system is holding exactly as it was expected to do. the flooding is much less severe than in 2005, but some of the katrina's survivors are taking no chances. the boat ravage casino closed tonight as a precaution. >> you know, if something would
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give it an oomph, 5 miles an hour, not going to go far. >> it went up to 6 miles an hour at 11:00. they hope it will start moving a little bit more in 24 hours. then louisiana can look at what they have as well as mississippi and alabama. i think we'll find some big stories out of that region because of the huge amount of wind and rain they got and the surge. in d.c. a beautiful evening, perfect for football. i bet the fans enjoyed that final preseason game, didn't have to worry about rain and it wasn't too humid. it will be a lovely evening, tomorrow much more of the same, maybe a few degrees warmer, but the humidity will say nice and low. back down to the gulf of mexico -- stay nice and low. back down to the gulf of mexico to see our radar area, in the light green areas are the flash flood warnings. at 11:00 the update, headed 70 miles west of new orleans, 50 miles south of baton rouge. on radar it almost looks look
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only half of the circle to the east side and north. now we're finding a lot of dry air apparently trying to push in eroding the other side of tropical storm isaac, but these bands in particular are very dangerous. they have tropical storm force winds and have produced four tornadoes and it looks as though we have a tornado warning again for a portion of extreme southeastern arkansas -- alabama rather or western portions of pensacola. so that is still remaining very active. the storm has not moved very much because high pressure to the north is blocking it. that high should start to shift a little bit tomorrow and perhaps we'll start seeing it move a bit. in terms of the tropical wind gusts a 43-mile an hour wind gust at hammond, baton rouge 37, around new orleans a 47- mile an hour wind gust, definitely still strong drops force winds pushing the water -- tropical storm force winds pushing the water around. it's the inland flooding we'll
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see. now we'll take the remnants into the future and see what happens as new orleans and jackson, mississippi, getting a lot of this rain the next 12 to 24 hours. by 7:00 our futurecast is trying to get it out of louisiana with most of the rain pushing into arkansas. maybe memphis is getting some of that. as we head into the weekend and friday st. louis maybe getting heavy rain. they've been very dry, so that will probably be appreciated, although they'll have to watch out for flash flooding. into saturday we go. this has slowed down. we find our remnants trying to push between st. louis and chicago but spreading some showers through the ohio valley. we'll probably see that across kentucky and tennessee. our saturday starts sunny, a little cloud cover and not sure about sunday. we'll say possibility of showers, but if it stays rather slow, maybe we can hole them off till monday, but i -- hold them off till monday, but i think we may see them on labor day. tomorrow we get up to 87. the humidity should be
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comfortable. at 8 a.m., 74, by noon 84 and by 5:00 87 degrees. here's a quick look at the weekend, about 91 saturday, sun and clouds, so not expecting showers on saturday. sunday showers and storms, look, if it does hold off more, perhaps we can take the showers out of the first part of sunday. that would mean the temperature would warm up. i'd say sunday might still have a chance to be a little drier the way things look now, but we'll keep a couple showers in and certainly for labor day. i know you don't want to see that either. temperature 86 degrees for our long weekend. that's how your five-day is looking. we're going out for a two for one special, dave ross and lindsay murphy at fedex field phoria fifth preseason game -- for our fifth preseason game. >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> reporter: and day of ross. we are tac teaming -- and dave ross. we are tag teaming our redskins coverage just wrapping up a
11:20 pm
victory over the buccaneers. >> reporter: the last three games they scored 30 or more points. what does it mean for regular season? only time will tempt. >> reporter: at least it means some confidence. let's check out the highlights from tonight. we start with billy cundiff just picked up yesterday from the ravens, a 39-yard field goal and it's good, redskins have a 3-0 lead. >> reporter: he did miss one kick later, but kirk cousins from the shotgun steps up. he decides to run. he can move it, too not just robert griffin, iii. 11 yards sets up another cundiff field goal, 6-0 skins. >> reporter: 2nd quarter more from kunz. this i'm he's going to show off the -- cousins. this time he's going to show off the gun which we knew he had to anthony armstrong, a 46- yard gain. aaa needed that catch, one of the bubble guys. >> reporter: evan royster looked good tonight, down to
11:21 pm
the 1 scores on the very next play, 10 carries, 44 yards for royster. >> reporter: second drive of the 3rd quarter, cousins play action up to brandon banks, another guy on the bubble, a 47- yard gain down to the 15. cousins finishes his afternoon or evening 15-27, 222 yards, one int. >> reporter: roy relieu had been injured -- roy helu had been injured but looked great tonight. skins cruise 30-3, helu 15 carries, 90 yards and afterward the receivers just playing the waiting game. >> i've been through it a few times. you just kind of keep the phone nearby. hopefully you don't see that 703 number come from redskins park, but if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. usually it's kind of a no news is good news type of thing. >> i had an opportunity to play a little bit at wide receiver and got ad by catch. i was hoping for more but it is what it is.
11:22 pm
i went out with my best so much whatever happens happens. >> i'm glad i'm not the coaches. from des and briscoe to banks and armstrong and robinson, the list goes on and so. there's so many guys on this team who can help us. if they're not with us next week, they may be back. >> reporter: not sure we got much clarity. all the bubble guys seemed to step up. we'll know friday when the roster needs to be trimmed to 53 players. >> reporter: tough decisions, but coming up the nats in miami trying to break that five-game skid could. they do it? bryce harper on fire tonight. stick around. highlights are next. we're sitting on a bunch of shshale g.
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>> reporter: welcome back to fedex field. redskins win 30-3 over tampa bay, but nats fans getting nervous trying to end the five- game slide in miami. >> reporter: no need to panic. davey johnson hoping the nats can split this two-game sees. bryce harper with a blast to right field, a two-run shot. the nats have a 2-0 lead. >> reporter: but young bryce far from done, up again and again. he goes deep right field his second home run on the night, 14th of the year. nats are cruising at this point up 5 -0. >> reporter: sometimes when you have so much good, there has to be a little bad. in the 8th harper would lose his control, grounds to first. they turn the double play and harper slams his helmet and gets ejected by the first base umpire. the nationals hold on to win, 8- 4 the fine pall. the orioles lose 8-1 -- final.
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sir. taking the edge off tonight, a young couple got engaged of the floor of the republican convention today. brad and laura have been dating three years. they're both working on the
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convention. no word when the wedding will take place. now you have the news edge. thanks for staying up late. see you tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over go. to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.   


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