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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  September 2, 2012 12:15am-12:30am EDT

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that frontal system and end up see tropical moisture as we head into the course of the week and across our area. that frontal system is going to end up stalling. it's going to move to the south and end up stalling out. then we're going to see the remnants of isaac interacting with it. a lot of wet weather ahead of us in the next few days and some is going to be heavy rain fall as well. be prepared. tomorrow morning, we're talking a chance of some showers and a chance of storms. that will be the story over the next few days. expect patchy fog into the course for tonight and tomorrow as well. we take a look, how much rain are we talking into this holiday weekend? when it's all said and done, we can have 1 to 2 inches of rain fall across our viewing area. be aware of that if you are planning anything outside. a little bit happening in the tropics. not expected right now to take a turn towards the u.s. coast, but it's on a track to head straight for bermuda. it is expected to be a category one hurricane by the time
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tuesday rolls around. we'll keep an eye on that as well. if you're heading to the beaches, once again under clouds and sun, but also some showers and storms possible. temperatures anywhere from 79 to 81. here's your day planner for tomorrow. starting out with fog and showers in the morning. we could see showers off and on. also a chance of storms as we head through into the afternoon hours. we'll keep our eyes to the skies. 73 degrees for your overnight low and for tomorrow, 83 for your daytime high. here's a look at your fox 5, yes, your fox 5acuweather seven- day forecast. i'm trying to remember to say that. as you can see, those storms kicking up through wednesday before we get back to some dryer conditions and some sunshine. temperatures will be close to seasonal, which aren't all bad. now tomorrow, do you like pie? >> of course. >> we all like pie. having their third annual bake bethesda. there's a category for children and category for adults and
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judging is going to be at 11:00 a.m. and winners will be announced at noon and you can sample all the pies. the good thing is, it's to support foods and their whole goal is to make sure they eliminate hunger in montgomery county. hopefully people will get out and support it. it is at arlington at bethesda elementary school. >> a great and delicious cause. thanks, gwen. want to remind you, you can check the weather any time when you down load the fox 5 weather app on your smart phone. and search for d.c. weather. you'll find it on our website, for most of us, the days of flipping through the tv guide are behind us. now there is a new app for ipad, iphone, or ipod touch that is helping you gear up for fall tv. >> do you want to watch your favorite show or movie right now?
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there's a simple way to do so. go to tv guide and i'm here with cristie who will tell us about the latest upgrades to tv guide's new app. >> sure. so tv guide's new app is a one- stop companion for watching television. it allows you to watch tv instantly anywhere, any time. and allows you to manage and organize your favorites. so this is my watch list. i can add my favorite sports teams. my favorite actors. my favorite tv shows and favorite movies. >> not only shows you where you can watch on tv, but directs you to other sources for on demand or streaming online. >> i love the office. i watch it any time, any place. there are 39 episodes on tv, 148 free episodes through my service providers and 161 episodes that i can stream. so, we have about a dozen streaming sources with app to app links in this app. and one of them is hulu plus.
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i can instantly start watching this episode of the office through hulu plus on my ipad. >> interested in what others are watching? >> we also have exclusive content that only tv guide has. celebrities that we interview tell us what is on their personal watch list and what they like to watch. >> and the tv companion allows you to be social through your personalized list. >> what is trending on tv for tonight? we have our own check in feature on our website and in mobile and we're tracking in real time how many people have checked into tonight's new shows. this gives me a list of what everybody else is watching and it's one more way to discover great things to watch. this is a 360-degree, 24/7 tv app. there's something for everybody. not only will we tell you what's on, but we'll let you watch it instantly within your device. >> in new york, meg baker, fox
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news. coming up, the storm may be over, but the aftermath of isaac is being felt in more ways than one. just asked the four legged animals left in their home. could prove a police officer tried to cover up evidence. that and more when we return.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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hurricane isaac has done a lot of damage. it displaced dozens of cats and dogs. kristen kaine is in houston where animals are being sent from louisiana and mississippi with the hope of being rescued. >> left without a home, left without a loving family. these dogs and cats have just arrived at the houston spca after quite a long journey. >> it's amazing how animals roll with the punches.
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these guys are very sweet and friendly. they had a long trip and they are ready to go home and get adopted. >> the spca tells me 22 cats and seven dogs from st. bernard parish in louisiana have been rescued and brought here to houston. an additional 60 arrived last week, just ahead of the storm. and another 50 from mississippi will be arriving over the weekend. >> these animals all need a loving home. we don't know everybody's background situation. they are innocent animals. they fled this awful hurricane. they could have been stuck there. we may not have ever met them and now they are here and this is their turn to have a second chance at life. >> for just $5 this holiday weekend, you can give one of these adorable animals that second chance. and rest assured the spca is making sure they are ready to go home with you. they have been vaccinated, spayed or neuters and microchipped. while the animals are coming, the supplies are going. >> we are a supply distributor
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for a year around the time of katrina. >> so right now with hurricane isaac, american textile recycling services is gathering everything from clothing and shoes to toys and blankets, sorting everything and then sending to hurricane victims. >> when they are displaced, obviously they might have to leave their house without clothing. they may not have items with them. they may need blankets for shelter. they may come up short on all of these items. they may need toys and little items to comfort their children. we really feel all of these items are being requested. >> it's easy for you to help. look for these recycling bins in your neighborhood. there's more news straight ahead with the news edge right now. >> this is fox 5's news edge at 11:00. >> thanks for staying with us, i'm maurine. prosecutors say a veteran prince georges county police officer lied about his gun
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going off during a confrontation in february. take a lock at this video. 19-year-old ryan says he and a friend had been in a convenience store for snacks. he was wearing a ski mask. the dorm left the store. the flash you see is corporal donald taylor's gun going off as he hits him in the side of the head. he later told officials he had been assaulted by an aggressive teen who was resisting arrest. >> he never said anything to me. i heard a shot and i seen a flash and i felt something. so i thought i was dead, actually. >> ryan dorm was on probation for an assault conviction at the time of the incident. so his arrest sent him back to jail for four months. the assault charges against him in this case were dismissed. he is now suing county for $10 million. the edge of the district in several burglaries since yesterday afternoon. investigators are working to find out if they are connected. the first one happened yesterday afternoon in the 1100 block of 46th street northeast.
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the second just a little while later in the 2700 block of southeast, it happened a few blocks away. the thieves were armed in at least two of the cases. a private surveillance cameras will go up in georgetown in the hopes of curbing crime. installing the cameras. the washington post reports that the group is hoping the cameras will discourage crimes like break ins. d.c. law limits the way cameras can be used, but the citizen's group isn't subject to those same rules. the group says the cameras will not intrude on residents and video will be turned over when a crime is committed. >> virginia state police say there have been two deadly accidents on the roads in the last two days. the first one happened at 4:00. this is where that accident was on route 17 just south of i-66 in fauquier county. a car ran off the side of the road, hit a fence, and two
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trees. the victim's name was todd nichols. he was not wearing a seat belt. neither was phillip oliver when his car crashed. that accident happened on route 616. the car ran off the road hitting a ditch and several mailboxes before it flipped over and hit a pole. the edge on maryland and a crash that killed two people. one was a woman and the other was a 14-year-old boy. 36-year-old carrie was driving when police say her vehicle veered out of control at a curve in davidsonville. both she and the teenage boy were pronounced dead early this morning. the boy's name has not been released. >> expect delays if you're heading to baltimore this weekend. the city is hosting an indy car race. several roads are closed, but the highways are still open. you might run into some traffic. the indy car race is tomorrow afternoon. there are other series races leading up to that main event, beginning late in the morning. >> the democratic national
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convention kicks off on monday. this year it's being held in the key battleground state of north carolina. sharla will hold the event with thousands descending on the queen city to see president obama accept his party's no nomination for a second term in office. craig boswell has the details. >> here on thursday, the president of the united states will accept his party's presidential nomination at the conclusion of the dnc. >> susan charlotte to host our convention was no accident. north carolina is a critical battleground state in the 2012 election. >> the chairwoman says this convention is anything but conventional. >> we are doing things differently than any convention we have seen. we are throwing the doors open and inviting thousands of americans to be part of this convention in many different ways. >> the d.n.c. is known for its first. it was held in a baltimore saloon. 100 years later, franklin roosevelt was the first major party candidate to


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