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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 2, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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. a local police officer accused of a cover-up, exclusive surveillance video that could show what really happened when a prince george's county gun went off last winter. the race to the white house turns to north carolina. final preps are under way for the democratic national convention. a preview and roundup of the two campaigns in a live report from charlotte. >> and can you believe it? the regular season is almost here. the burgandy and gold preparing to make more player moves today. we'll break down the skins and the nationals with rocky parish. good morning, and welcome to fox morning news sunday. happy labor day weekend. there are plenty of holiday events going on across the dc region today. among them, annual labor day concert on the west lawn of the capitol, beginning at 8:00
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tonight. gates open at 3:00 this afternoon. the national symphony orchestra is performing. if it rains, the concert will be moved to the kennedy center's eisenhower theater. also on the national mall today, a replaying ceremony to commemorate the 56th anniversary over victory over japan today at the world war ii memorial, beginning at 9:00 this morning. peter pace will be on hand. the day marks the anniversary of the ally's victory over japan during world war ii. and let's take a live look outside right now and we're going to keep fingers crossed here that mother nature will cooperate for many of the holiday weekend events. to check in on that, we'll go to fox 5 weather center. >> good morning, melanie. mother nature hasn't been too kind to us in the past 24 hours, because last night we got a lot of storms that came through, lot of lightning as well. today, we are under the gun once
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again for the possibility of showers and storms. let's take a look at radar. we have a frontal system here gradually going to sink to the south, but along and ahead of it, always a chance of showers or storms popping up. that is what's in our forecast. to the weather maps, you see the bigger picture. look the a the moisture moving to the east of illinois. that's the remnants of isaac. that is also headed our way. we'll get some of that tropical moisture and feel that humidity as well into the course of the day. yesterday's rainfall, look at this, more than an inch and a half at national airport, just a trace at dulles, 0.3 at marshall. high of 85 degrees today with a chance of storms this afternoon. i'll have the details a little later. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. the storm may be over in the gulf coast, but now the heat is back on and hundreds of thousands of people are sweltering without power in louisiana and mississippi. jonathan ferry has the latest on
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the isaac aftermath. >> reporter: recovery efforts are under way after hurricane isaac ripped through louisiana, but parts of the state are still under water. >> outside of the hurricane protection district, we were brought face to face again with devastation of homes and businesses that are outside of the 100-year protection. on the east bank of plaquemine, particularly, down the entire side of the east bank of plaquemine. >> reporter: extreme heat now returns, but hundreds of thousands of homes remain without power across the region, including new orleans. >> i've got two children under two. it's miserable. i have a generator now, bought a generator yesterday, which is better, but it's still miserable. >> the city is feeling the strain and the stress of being without power. this is more than an inconvenience. it continues to be dangerous for everybody and i want to ask everybody to continue to be very, very cautious as we work through these very difficult issues. >> reporter: meanwhile, workers heading back to oil and gas platforms in the gulf of mexico.
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about 400 production sites were evacuated earlier this week, as isaac approached. the remnants of isaac now dumping heavy rain in missouri and illinois. the national weather service says at least two tornadoes touched down, but no damage has been reported. gop presidential nominee mitt romney visited storm-damaged areas in louisiana on friday. the white house has announced president obama plans to visit louisiana on monday. in new orleans, jonathan surry, fox news. . and new this morning, the hunt for a gunman who shot a gas station clerk in maryland. this is new video of the scene. police say a man walked into the ex on on sandy spring road in laurel with a gun around 8:00 last night and demanded money. the cashier refused to and that over. the suspect shot the cashier, then took off. injuries are not life threatening. and now to a story first on fox 5. a prince george's county police officer accused of a cover-up.
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an august indictment alleges a veteran cop lied about why his gun went off during an incident in february. a cottage city 19-year-old spent nearly four months in jail as a result. fox 5 obtained surveillance video and we have the story. >> i'm not resisting. i wasn't doing anything wrong. >> reporter: ryan dorn says after being jailed for four months, it's painful to watch the video. he's 20 now, angry, still unnerved by his encounter with police. >> i heard a shot, seen a flash and i felt something. so i thought i was dead actually. >> reporter: the video shows ryan smacked in the head, a flash as the gun goes off. prosecutors say that's contrary to the story corporal donald taylor first told about being assaulted by an aggressive youth, resisting arrest. >> he didn't just assault my client and violate his civil rights, but he made up a story to right false charges against
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my client. >> reporter: his lawyer says this video came from a surveillance camera on a title store in brentwood a couple of blocks from rhode island avenue. it all started late on a wintry evening. the convenience store at the lowest price gas station was open. >> me and my friends, we were going to the gas station to get a snack. >> reporter: two prince george's police officers thought the two young men looked suspicious, especially ryan's friend who was wearing a ski mask. the cops grabbed his friend, ryan left the store. >> this officer has not spent one day in jail. >> reporter: we watched the video with ryan and his lawyer, who say police reviewed it two days after the arrest and should have let ryan go. >> yeah, i'm trying to walk away from him. >> you can see, you turn around? >> yeah, he never said anything to me. >> he's got the gun drawn. did you see--
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>> before i turned around, no. >> reporter: the courtroom is the appropriate place to explain what's on the tape and what led up to it. they have filed a $10 million lawsuit in the case. karen gray houston, fox 05 news. well, police are trying to figure out if home burglaries in dc are connected. the first one on 46th northeast, the second, a little later, and the third on hartford street. thieves were armed in two of those cases. georgetown community members are hoping security cameras will they them deter crime. the citizens association of georgetown is putting up private cameras. the idea is to make it harder to break into cars and houses or to mug people for their phones. dc laws do restrict how police
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can use cameras, but the civic group has more leeway. the group says the cameras will not intrude on residents and video will only be turned over in the event of a crime. a prince george's county fire engine and car collide, sending two firefighters and the other driver to the hospital. this crash happened just before 10:00 yesterday morning on kettle worth avenue near the beltway. the green belt firefighters were not badly hurt. the engine was damaged and will need repairs before it can be put back in service. investigators are still determining exactly how the crash happened. other fire units did handle a call that that engine was going to. . president obama now in colorado for the second time this week. he'll be speaking at the university of colorado's boulder campus today. now, this is one of the president's last speeches before the democratic national convention. and this year, that convention is being held in the key battle ground state of north carolina. supporters and delegates are already arriving in charlotte in order to see president obama
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accept his party's nomination for a second term in office. fox's craig boswell has the details. >> reporter: here at bank of america stadium on thursday, the president of the united states will accept his party's presidential nomination at the conclusion of the dnc. >> choosing charlotte to host our convention was no accident. north carolina is a critical battle ground state in the election. >> reporter: the dnc chairman says this convention is anything but conventional. >> we're doing things differently than any convention you've ever seen. we're throwing the doors open and inviting thousands of americans to be part of this convention in many different ways. >> reporter: the dnc is known for its firsts. in 1832, the first dnc was held in a baltimore saloon. a hundred years later, franklin delano roosevelt was the first major party candidate to accept the nomination in person. in 1940, fdr's wife eleanor was the first woman to address a national political convention. in 1984, geraldine ferraro was the first woman placed on the
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national ticket by a major party. in 2000, the first jewish candidate. and this year, the first hispanic to deliver the keynote address at the dnc. preparations for the four-day convention have been under way for months. the time warner arena is going through a $7 million renovation. 400 seats will be temporarily removed to make room for the stage, podium, and of course television cameras. >> from day one, all of our efforts, from format to funding, have maintained a singular focus, to put on the most open and accessible convention in history. >> reporter: mayor anthony fox hopes the convention will showcase what the queen city has to offer. >> the convention will beincredh carolina to demonstrate that we are a dynamic, diverse, and vibrant state, that has historically looked beyond the present to ensure that its people are stronger in the future. >> reporter: charlotte will host the democratic party's first southern convention since
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atlanta in 1988. it's the first national political convention to be held in north carolina. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> now, before heading to the convention, president obama will make a stop in norfolk, virginia. he is set to speak at norfolk state university on tuesday as part of his road to charlotte tour. as for his opponent, mitt romney left the campaign event in florida and is now in new hampshire to begin preparations for the upcoming presidential debate. ohio's attorney general says he will appeal a federal judge's decision to allow all ohioans to vote in the three days before election day. the state wanted to end early voting on friday, november 2, but wanted to continue to allow active duty military and ohioans living overseas to show up in person to vote between then and election day on tuesday the 6th. the obama campaign and ohio democrats argue that ohio's plan favored just one group of voters over the other. and just ahead, the u.s.
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training of afghan police in the wake of attacks on their police. and customs enforcement director has resigned amid allegations of lewd behavior towards employees. >> and what has to happen before smart trip kiosks can be turned on and the changes to metro's smart trip cards, when we come back. 
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. making headlines this morning, u.s. officials have halted the training of afghan local police for at least a month. the move was made in order to carry out intensified vetting on new recruits and this is following a string of attacks by afghan soldiers and police on their international allies. u.s. special forces will be reexamining any potential ties to insurgents. a senior appointee in the obama administration has resigned after allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. suzanne barr is the chief of
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staff to the director of the department of immigration and custom enforcement, otherwise known as ice. that falls under the banner of homeland security. barr is accused of behaving inappropriately toward three employees, but the exact nature of the behavior has not been made clear. well, changes are coming to metro's smart trip cards. they went into effect this weekend, but there's one change that didn't happen, involving new machines that sell the cards. they are in place, but still wrapped in plastic. john hanrahan is monitoring metro. >> reporter: metro is a pioneer in implementing electronic fare cards, costing metro less to maintain than paper-based cards. the paper fare cards primarily used by tourists are still available, but paper users pay a whopping $1 surcharge for every train trip. metro buses are also cheaper when smart trip cards are used to pay. earlier this year, metro estimated more than 80% of bus
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users pay with smart trip cards and nearly 90% of rail riders also use smart trip payments. as of september 1st, most smart trip cards will need a minimum of $1.20 for customers to enter the system. if users register their smart trip cards online, metro will put a $3 credit into their account. that makes the effective price of a smart trip card only $2. metro had also promised to expand the dispensing machines for smart trip cards to all 86 of its stations. well, the new machines are in, but they are wrapped in plastic and not operational, unlike the existing machines which have braille on their surfaces for instructions for the blind, the new machines have no braille and no audio component. metro spokeswoman caroline lucas told us by phone the transit managers have made an internal decision to keep the new distribution machines turned off until they are fully compliant
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with the americans with disabilities act. some metro customers question that decision. >> metro has a lot of problems. why not make something a little easier for the public? >> you say turn on the machines? >> turn on the machines now. turn on the machines now and make it widely publicized when the other features are added. >> reporter: although metro promises to have working smart trip distribution machines at every station, you may not find them at every entrance to every station. >> this is the jennifer street side of the friendship heights station on the red line. and on this side of the station, no dispensing machine for smart trip cards. >> reporter: metro managers say the new machines that are in place should be retrofitted with braille and audio and therefore turned on sometime in the next two months. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. a high speed rail sprojt one step closer to reality in virginia. federal state officials have issued a final environmental impact statement for routes
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connecting hampton roads area to richmond and the southeast high speed rail corridor. the route would be from norfolk through petersburg to richmond. the project would maintain amtrak's current service from newport news through williamsburg to richmond. well, work to install new smart meters in dc taxi cabs is being put on hold. dc's contract appeals board has issued a stop order because work to install the meters began before a disapproval order had been settled on the project. ward 8 council member marion berry filed the complaint, saying it is not in the district's favor. the appeals board says installation now must be put on hold until the protest is resolved. well, coming up, a song writer who helped pen a slew of mega hits has passed away. >> and at the movies this weekend, long lost enemies are now business partners and roommates. [ indescernible ]
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. >> the new comedy at the theater, "for a good time, call." we sit down with kevin mccarthy. ñ
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. in the buzz bin this morning, a famed song writer has passed away. hal david died from complications from a stroke in los angeles. you may not know him by his face, but he cowrote a slew of songs with burt bacharach. they received the gershwin prize from the library of congress
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earlier this moving into the ap. you do it as necessity as opposed to wanting to do it. was there ever a role in your career you took out of necessity as opposed to wanting to take it? >> oh, gosh, no. i'm just at such a point now
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where i'm just starting out and i'm excited and i've been hungry enough, that i've been lucky that i haven't gotten anything that has been really scary or not fun to do. at this point, no. we'll see moving forward. i should be so lucky to have something that scares me. >> when you guys do the actual commercial scene and justin long is directing, i love that scene so much. if you could have a famous director direct that commercial, what would it look like? and who would be the best to do it? >> that is interesting. well, god, why wouldn't we go for, like, stephen spielberg and the bubbles would be really big, maybe et would come out from the bottom and he would be touching our noses with his finger? let's go crazy! >> so is this new raunchy comedy worth the price of admission? here's kevin's review. >> reporter: this particular film deals with two girls who hated each other in college. they become roommates out of necessity. one of them is operating a phone sex line out of her apartment. lauren miller, the girl who moves in, joins her and they
8:26 am
create this business. they are making thousands upon thousands of dollars a week and obviously drama and hi later ensues. what makes this movie so good is that formula of having a raunchy movie at the same time of having a sweet film. you care for the characters, witty, fun, engaging. justin long is absolutely hilarious in the movie. but it's a movie you watch and the cameo performances, the guys who call in to the line, you'll see famous faces. one particular director, which i won't say who he is, he's a director. it's a movie that you go in and have a great time watching, no pun intended. >> kevin gave "for a good time, call" four stars out of five. . the democratic national convention kicks off in charlotte this week. fox news sunday gives a sneak peek and sits down with a top obama campaign advisor and the chairman of the convention.
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we'll have a preview with host chris wallace when we return. and final preps are under way for tonight's labor day concert on the u.s. capitol west lawn. glenn will be back with a look at your holiday weekend weather. stay with us. fox news sunday will return.
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. mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states! [ cheers & applause ] now is the moment where we can stand up and say, i'm an american, i make my destiny, we deserve better, my children deserve better, my family deserves better, my country deserves better! [ cheers & applause ] >> mitt romney makes his case to the american public, as he formally accepts the gop nomination for president. now that the republican convention is over, the attention turns, of course, to the democrats. their convention kicks off in charlotte, north carolinaon tuesday. chris wallace is the host of fox news sunday and joins us live from charlotte with a preview of today's program. good morning once again, chris.
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>> reporter: good morning, melanie. >> so give me your rating of now that the republican convention is over. how would you rate it? two stars, three stars, four stars, more? >> as we're talking, they are playing music and testing the sound system here, but i did hear you. i thought it was a successful convention. they didn't have a lot they had to do. i think the two things that were most interesting is, one, that romney needed to show he was a credible alternative, that if you're not -- if you're fed up or you're thinking of switching from obama, that he would be, you know, a reasonable person to have as your president, to have, you know, on the tv show that is watching the presidency over four years in your home. and i think he passed that test. the other thing that was very interesting, and you heard a little bit about it in the clip that you just played, they went after obama in a very delicate way. they didn't just try to rip his skin off, but rather, to say, because they feel there are a lot of people who were obama
8:32 am
voters in 2008 who were disappointed with him. and so they said, look, we were all excited about him, it hasn't worked out and it's time to make a switch, as mitt romney said, we deserve better. but it's a much more subtle way of going after him than just to say he stinks. >> okay, and so what do we expect from the democrats this week? >> well, i think they have a couple of things they have got to do. one, they have got to say that, because obviously the obama record is disappointing on the economy, they have got to say he hasn't failed, it's just that he hasn't had enough time. then they have to -- and i think in a much less delicate way, really go after romney. i think the main point, you know, their slogan is forward, and i think you'll hear a lot of talk about backward, that romney will take us back, back to the bush years, even further back. it was interesting on the campaign trail yesterday, the president was talking about, you know, as i was listening to the
8:33 am
republican convention, looked like they were talking about the fifties, almost black & white television, could have had a couple of rabbit ears on top of the television. i think they are going to say he wants to take us, wants to take women, wants to take gays, wants to take america back, u know, and we've solved a lot of these problems and moved on. >> so chris, earlier in the show we played a clip from debbie wasserman schultz and she was saying the selection of charlotte, north carolina for the democrats was no accident. how important do you think that's going to be to the democrats? >> north carolina? >> yeah. >> i think it isn't working out so well. generally speaking, parties hold conventions in states that, swing states that they want to win. republicans held it in florida. at this point, at least, they are trailing in florida. democrats held it in north carolina, a big surprise, because north carolina hadn't gone to a republican since i think 1976, jimmy carter. and right at this point, they are trailing in north carolina.
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so it is possible that they will each hold a convention in a swing state. they were hoping to swing their way and they will lose those swing states. we'll see. >> i can't wait to see how it plays out. chris, thanks for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> let me say quickly, we'll have david axelrod, chief strategist for the campaign. also the mayor of los angeles, antonio villary goessa, prominent role is no accident. >> thanks, chris. we appreciate your time. have a good time in charlotte. >> thanks, melanie. another look now from the national mall, if we can. the annual labor day concert on the west lawn at the capitol will begin at 8:00 p.m. tonight. big question, will the weather agree? gwen, you're the person! >> the pressure is on for this holiday weekend. mother nature, not so great to us this holiday weekend. we've got the threat of showers
8:35 am
and storms lingering over. >> right. >> today could be a day where the showers become more widespread than they were yesterday. we got a lot of storms last evening. let's take a look at radar and show you what's happening. this is our fox 5 accuweather. we've got a frontal system, the trigger of showers and storms along and ahead of it, gradually moving to the south. as we go to our weather maps, you can see some of the rain totals we had yesterday from that. look at this, more than an inch and a half at reagan national airport, just a trace at dulles, 0.32 at bwi. the morning is starting out not quite as mild as yesterday. 8 to 11 degrees above the seasonal average, 95 degrees at national yesterday. current temperatures now, into the mid to upper 70s pretty much everywhere. for today, we are talking a chance of showers and storms. so definitely keep our eyes to the skies for anyone going out there today, really keep the umbrella handy and be cognizant we could see a thunderstorm
8:36 am
popping up. >> all right. we'll make sure we pay attention. and there's always the fox 5 weather app you can check as well. this is not what you expect to find when you're hitting the beach in southern florida. more than 20 pilot whales beached themselves this holiday weekend, setting off a frenzy to save them. we'll tell you how it turned out, when we return. how does it feel to try smooth, delicious hershey's chocololate with 30% less fat? new hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious.
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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. shocking scene for beach goers in florida this weekend. more than 20 pilot whales came ashore, triggering a day-long effort to save them. some even looking for a little fun in the sun jumped in and volunteered. ricky clause has the story. >> reporter: it seemed like an endless march for volunteers as they tried to save the whales. >> couldn't get enough water. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers came out to pour water in hopes the 22 pilot whales that washed ashore in fort pierce would live. >> it's terrible, very
8:40 am
frustrating and sad. >> reporter: among the group of volunteers at avalon beach with this husband and wife team. missy is passionate about marine mammals and has rescued beach pilot whales before in the keys. the couple got to work on the whales when they were found trapped along the beaches. >> they were getting crushed by the waves, blow holes covered with water, literally drowning because whales are mammals, need oxygen to survive. >> reporter: each mammal expert took five of the smallest whales for treatment at research and conservation. those whales were said to be the most likely to recover. people who had never seen a whale in the wild helped get the mammals to safety. >> i helped carry one of the last whales to the ambulance. they took him to harbor branch. >> that was ricky clause reporting. we just got word only five of those whales did survive. meanwhile, the unofficial end to summer is just about here and so is the democratic national convention. mary anne rafferty has a look at
8:41 am
the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. >> reporter: sunday, president obama continues his road to charlotte tour with a grassroots event at the university of colorado in boulder. on monday, enjoy your day off as the united states observes labor day. the first monday of every september, we celebrate the economic and social contributions of american workers. also on labor day, the president heads to ohio with a pair of campaign events, one in toledo, the other in cleveland. tuesday, the democratic national convention begins in charlotte, north carolina, featuring speakers by first lady michelle obama and san antonio mayor castro, who will serve as the keynote speaker. wednesday, it's time for football. the nfl season kicks off as defending super bowl champs host the dallas cowboys. if you're not into the game, catch former president bill clinton speaking at the dnc. thursday, massachusetts residents head to the polls for state primaries. voters will pick between a handful of candidates to determine who will face-off against each other in november to replace congressman barney
8:42 am
frank. also thursday, it's the last night of the dnc, with speeches by vice president joe biden and president obama. saturday, the london 2012 paralympic games comes to an end with closing ceremonies taking place on sunday. and that's a look at the week ahead. i'm mary anne rafferty, fox news. . . well, the preseason is over. the final cuts have been made. now comes the real deal. robert griffin iii and the redskins gear up for the season opener against the saints. rocky parrish is here to break it down, coming up in sports. gwen? >> mother nature may not be into the holiday weekend as much as everyone else is, because she is giving up the chance of showers and storms throughout portions of the day. i'll have the details on what you can expect, right after the break. stay with us. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors, you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. ♪ [ male announcer ] and now try new gluten free apple cinnamon chex.
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. some of the top stories we're following this morning, police in laurel, maryland are on the hunt for a gunman who shot a gas station clerk in
8:46 am
maryland. officers say the man walked into the exxon in sandy spring around 8:00 last night and demanded money. the cashier refused to and that over and was shot. injuries are nonlife threatening. and the end of summer. the weather for the labor day is on our mind. >> parts of our area were and you severe thunderstorm warning for a time last night, and today, pretty much the same scenario, widespread rainfall. let's take a look outside first, where people are getting ready for concerts. it's going to start tonight at 8:00 on the west lawn of the capitol building for the labor day celebrations. actually, gates open at 3:00, but i want to tell you, you definitely want to keep your eyes to the skies with this today, because there are chances of seeing rain showers and storms. and i understand if that does happen, they will move the concert indoors to the kennedy center. that's at least some good news for everyone to still enjoy the
8:47 am
celebration. so we begin with a look at weather headlines. unsettled holiday weekend. mother nature, not dealing us a lot of sunshine. more showers and storms in my forecast, as we move through into tonigh tomorrow. and temperatures are going to be close to seasonal and the end of next week, that's when we're talking about getting back to drier and sunny conditions. so as we take a look, here's what we hit yesterday. temperatures from 8 to 11 degrees above the seasonal average. 95 degrees at reagan national airport, 92 at dulles, 93 at bwi thurgood marshall. temperatures now, starting out mild this morning. 79 at fredericksburg, 73 at winchester, 71 at martinsburg, 76 at dc, 74 ballot, and 77 degrees at annapolis. fairly mild. but a lot of humidity in the course of yesterday. we had rain that hit as a result of a frontal system. look at these numbers. over an inch and a half at national airport, just a trace at dulles, 0.32 at bwi marshall. let's take a look at radar and show you what's going on.
8:48 am
we've got this frontal system that's a major player for us. it's going to gradually sink its way to the south and as it does, we're going to see storms and showers develop along and ahead of it. that was the same story yesterday. let's go back to our weather maps, because we've got widespread rainfall to talk about. if you look out here towards areas of the west, this is actually the remnants of isaac. that is going to push its way towards us as well and interact with that frontal system and set us up for lots of widespread tropical moisture. before the weekend is said and done, we anticipate up to 2 inches of rainfall by the time we get into monday. not a lot of changes here. we've got tropical storm lesley pushing its way through, expecting to become a category 1 hurricane as it moves its way a little closer towards bermuda. i don't see much happening for the u.s. coast right now with it, but we will definitely keep an eye on it. heading to the beaches? ocean city, chance of showers and storms there as well. temperatures from 79 to 81 degrees. so as we take a look for today, our forecast, 85 degrees high
8:49 am
today. it's going to be humid, chance of storms. same story for tonight. storms are in my forecast. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. a chance of storms every single day up to thursday. very unsettled. friday, at least we start to get back to drier conditions and the same for saturday with a bit of sunshine for you. let's check back in with melanie now. . >> thank you, gwen. in sports, the nats trailing 8-7 in the 6th against the cardinals. catcher molina throws the ball to second, getting caught in a rundown. but bryce harper surprises the cards and heads home from third to score, but the lead wouldn't hold. st. louis adds 2 in the 9th to win 10-9. teams go back at it this afternoon. orioles blew a chance to get within one place of the leaders. new york takes the lead in the 7th and goes on to win 4-3. o's are 3 games back in the al
8:50 am
east. college football is here. the university of maryland kicked things off against william & mary. the game's only touchdown came here, not a lot of scoring. maryland wins 7-6. terps travel to philly next week to face temple. navy kicked often season in dublin, ireland against notre dame in the emerald isle classic. lot of hype, but it would be a blowout. fighting irish light it up and go on to win 50-10. virginia played host to richmond and that wouldn't be close either. bad snap and subsequent safety, some of the mistakes made by richmond. virginia goes on to win this one 43-19. in other football news, howard also won over morehouse, 30-29. . well, the redskins ended the preseason on a high note, i suppose. that's a pretty good win over the buccaneers, 30-3 this week.
8:51 am
for the most part, the game featured, rocky, a lot of backups looking to make a final impression. real deal on, rocky parrish on, kevin & rock show. we've been talking preseason. now we get to gear up-- >> everything is real at this point. cuts have been made. redskins had their 53-man party last night to bring everyone in, somebody's got to get cut, with moves coming up this week. now the fans can legitimately say let's prepare for the season. >> okay. so we talked a little bit last week about chris cooley. and for some people, that was a surprise. for some, it wasn't. >> for me, it actually was. i've actually been a proponent of letting chris go for about three years now and everyone's, like, you can't let the guy go. he's been too great for the community. but his production hasn't been there. i'm for the team on the front. i happen to be a redskins fan and, you know, no one gets let go from their jobs ceremoniously. i think the redskins gave chris every opportunity to make the
8:52 am
team and then just realized maybe we can shop him elsewhere. and they couldn't even get a draft pick for him and they got a 05th round for barns. >> so who is left on the starting lineup? who will we be seeing? >> brandon bates made it, kind of a surprise, 50/50 within the community. but, you know, you have paul who has to step up. curt cousins, obviously a keeper. anthony armstrong did not make the team, but did get re-signed by miami. and that was not a surprise, because they tried to make a trade for him. so i think you're still going to have the solid core from last year, but obviously we'll have rg-iii at the helm, good for a couple of games. >> i found it interesting only about 17 members of the 2012 squad, when shanahan first started, are there this year. shanahan is saying that this is what he said, he's got a more talented, deeper and more athletic team. do you agree or disagree? >> i agree. lot of people want to criticize shanahan about everything they do.
8:53 am
he's improved this team year after year after year -- or year after year. he's upgraded the quarterback position, which we needed. they upgraded the d-back position this year. and the line, we've yet to be seen. we do want progress. lot of people say we just want the team to be competitive. well, they get blown out, still not a good thing f they are close and still lose, not a good thing. we want to see them get in the playoffs at some point. >> but at some point, people get a little tired of hearing we're rebuilding. >> well, actually this is the thirty -- i don't know if they really came out and said we're rebuilding, but they know that's the path we've always taken. there's always been hopes in washington, dc area. and this year was probably the greatest hope we've ever been sold in rg-iii. >> right. if you look at history and the stats, rookie quarterbacks, no one's ever gone on to have a .0000 .500 year. >> we're hoping rg-iii, touted way better than any other rookie
8:54 am
of the past, should come in and do a pretty good job, but it depends on everyone who is around him. coaching staff, acclimate to his needs and skill sets, as well as the wide receivers. >> we'll see, come that game against the saints. let's move on to the nats, running a little bit out of time. they look like they are doing great. everybody's talking playoffs. do you think they will make the playoffs? >> i would think they would. you know, beginning of the year, everyone was worried about the nats and said, you know, they hit a skid. 182 games left. >> that's a lot of games to play! >> now at the end, we have hit another skid. teams don't win every single game. obviously it's a bad part of the season to have a skid, but going into the end, gio gonzalez ?eedz to step up and strasburg does, too. >> acould they hold him back into the playoffs? >> lot of people don't want to mess with his daily routine, pitching, and i even suggested make him a middle reliever, so he's still getting some time. obviously that's something they will do at the beginning of the
8:55 am
season, probably didn't think we would be in this position. so he's going to be held accountable at the end. if we don't win the world series, and i'm a nats fan as well, there's going to be a lot of stuff to talk about. if we do without strasburg, genius move. >> and we've got a couple games left to really see how that's going to play out. >> yeah. >> rocky, thank you for joining us again. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> have a great show. >> will do. i'm running over there right now. >> great. and hopefully we'll see you again throughout the regular season. >> yes. folks in the gulf coast, not the only ones reeling from hurricane isaac. dozens of pets, now homeless and looking for new homes. we'll tell you how you can help on that one. @ñ he's made his choice.
8:56 am
but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access
8:57 am
to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
8:58 am
. well, hurricane isaac has done a lot of damage in the gulf. massive flooding has forced plenty of people from their homes. it's also displaced many, many cats and dogs. animals are being sent from louisiana and mississippi to houston, in hopes of finding new homes. the spca is hoping people will donate $5 to help pay for them to be ready for adoption. it's one of those things, gwen, you know about it, but don't really think about it until you see it. >> exactly. i hope people will help. it's very, very important. we've got to get them settled. speaking of isaac, it's going to impact our area as well. we've got a frontal system and the moisture from isaac is heading its way to the east. the two will interact and merge
8:59 am
and we'll get a lot of tropical moisture headed our way. let's take a look at our map, taking a look ahead at what we're expecting. today, we're talking thunderstorms and a chance of that this afternoon. not a total washout, but just be cognizant we could see storms popping up. there's a possibility, so keep your eyes to the skies if you're doing anything else. high of 85 degrees. for your holiday monday, same story, as that frontal system stalls to the south and that tropical moisture joins. we'll be in for a round of storms and it's going to be very humid and sticky outside. so a little bit uncomfortable for everyone and that's going to be sticking around into the course of the week as well. we've got a chance of storms almost every day until we hit the end of the week. >> lot of the swimming pools are still open! >> definitely. now, i want to ask you, do you like pies? >> depends on which one. >> well, i love pies, big pie eater. your chance at the central farmers market bethesda pie


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