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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 16, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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halftime at candlestick. it's the niners by eight. across the country we go to dan, tony, and rodney. >> all right, bob. thank you. back in our 30 rock studios. their comments on the replacement officials in the area of the game where they are having the biggest problems. week two highlights, though. unbelievable finishes and we start with the new york giants. against the tampa bay buccaneers coming off the home loss to the cowboys. how would eli and company respond? three first half interceptions. but then 25 fourth quarter points, including this to martellus bennett. tom coughlin not amused with greg schiano's team going after eli in the kneeling-down. they exchange words after the game. rg threw for 2 and they are in field goal range. josh morgan. this would set up a 47-yard game tying field goal but penalized 15 yards on unsportsmanlike
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conduct and they miss the field goal. cowboys back in seattle for the first time since the wild card debacle in '07. ben roethlisberger to mike wallace. steelers win it over the jets. ben threw two scores in the game and darrelle revis not playing in that game. cardinals and patriots, sloppy performance. young had a chance. stephen gostkowski from 42 yards out. he doesn't even hit the net! cardinals shock the patriots! ravens/eagles. ravens up by three in the fourth. joe flacco. jacoby jones, offensive interference. they only got a field goal. michael vick, there is your game winner. eagles now 2-0. saints and the panthers. cam newton held to four yards rushing last week. he had 71 today. 40 on this run. panthers win it. saints drop to 0-2. get all of the sports news and highlights in 20 minutes every
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morning on the nbc sports network at 6:00 eastern. it's called "the lights." turn out the lights on the saints, tony? >> i think maybe so. what we're seeing is how much they miss sean payton. we last last year with the colts when peyton manning went out. sean payton did so much for that team. they are not sharp now and they miss their coach. >> a week ago when you said the patriots were the best team in the afc. do you remember that? >> i remember that. >> i do. >> i do too. >> what are they this week? >> they are struggling. >> the best team is struggling? >> my biggest concern with ther life. aaron hernandez is a huge part of that offense and versatile going into baltimore next week. that's a tough one. >> you got the patriots against baltimore next sunday on nbc. up next more on the replacement officials. first, we check in on coach t.
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with a peek at one of his halftime speeches. >> with great mileage comes great opportunity. you're part of this as much as the hybrid technology or mind blowing fuel economy. you've got the heart, the brains, as much road knowledge as any family i have ever seen. am i right, coach? >> that's right,oach. >> i'm proud to take the freeway with you. ma? pa? baby? listen up. it doesn't matter what you choose. original preas, the plug-in. i want you to take it off the board and put it on the road mpg! >> back in san francisco where the niners lead the lions 14-6. this was a day when, once again, much of the focus across the nfl
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was on the replacement officials and frustration seems to be growing now. obviously, until the lockout is resolved, these officials untested at the nfl level will be highly scrutinized and today some key calls seemed to influence the results of games. baltimore quarterback joe flacco certainly no hot-head. a man who usually speaks in measured tones, minced no words following the ravens one-point loss to the eagles. >> you know, they always talk about, you know, the nfl and everybody talks about the integrity of the game and things like that. i think this is kind of along those lines. you know, not to say these guys are doing a bad job, but, you know, the fact that we don't have the normal guys out there is pretty crazy. >> well, obviously, everybody wants the officials back. hopefully, it can happen in the near future. >> obviously, many in the league agree with mike shanahan. now to get the perspective of a former coach and a former player on these replacement officials, we will send it back to dan who
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is with tony and rodney once more in new york. dan? >> all right, bob. the biggest concern for you as a coach watching the first two weeks is what? >> well, it's the down field action between wide receivers and defensive backs before the ball is thrown. they are not used to calling illegal contact and this is what is happening. a lot of contact, rodney, before the ball is in the air. >> and players, especially offensive players, must adjust their game. you can't get to the point where you're frustrated, you pushing off because they are going to call a pass interference. >> but i don't understand how they don't know that you got to call a little bit of this contact down field, even though they don't call it in college, gout to call it here. >> well, they are learning but, you know, as a coach, that's what do you. you say we're going to adjust. fnels the way the game is going to be played, we'll adjust but you can't let your players get officiating. >> you may go out of retirement
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and go back in if they keep going this way. >> they will get it right next week. >> the latest tomorrow on the kate middleton photo controversy. back with the second half right after this. . this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education,
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by the nfl for the private use of our audience. any other use of this telecast or of any pictures, descriptions, or accounts of the game without the nfl's consent is prohibited. ♪ ♪ waiting all day waiting all day for sunday night ♪
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>> al: smith to the end zone! caught! touchdown, vernon davis. what a perfect start for the niners. >> cris: one thing you will see out of the 49ers, it is a real rarity when they miss a tackle. >> al: stafford throws. a wobbly duck that is intercepted by goldson. >> cris: what was that out of matthew stafford? >> al: then he goes for a san francisco touchdown. ♪ the nfl rocks on nbc >> al: start of the third quarter. 49ers on top of the lions 14-6. you can follow your favorite team all season long. go to al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya at candlestick park. you look at the golden gate bridge and the home of the 49ers since 1971. but not for much longer as they
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will move down the peninsula in 2014. numbers through the first 30 minutes of competition. 49ers 2-1 on the ground. passing yardage even. each team with one turnover. >> cris: you have to remember the detroit lions and matthew stafford passed for over 5,000 yards a season ago and to see 67 yards in a half, that means they are playing in jim harbaugh/san francisco 49er kind of football. somehow, the lions have to get it into lion football, you know? i know they are being patient, they want to get some catch and runs, but, at some point, maybe you take a deep shot against these safeties and just give calvin johnson a chance to go up and get one. >> al: 49ers get the ball first. kendall hunter is back to receive the kickoff from hanson. ch team coming off a week one
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win and the 49ers will start from the 20. >> cris: one of the things you want to do against an aggressive pass rushing team are some of the whams and the traps. delanie walker here is going down on ndamukong suh. a big run. same theory on this one. back down inside with a different angle, a different way of doing it. and then just the guard pulling across and trapping yet another big run. that has been the way that the 49ers in each of the last two meetings now have been able to move the football against the lions. >> al: 49ers with 12 rushes and 15 passes in 27 plays. hunter starts as the running back here. a little toss to him. a toss back to smith. avoids the sack at first. but then he is going to go down in the arms of a flag thrown.
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kyle vanden bosch got him and takes him back behind the line of scrimmage. >> referee: personal foul. face mask. number 93 on the defense. >> al: there is vanden bosch signaled for it. >> cris: it just kills you, because you've got a big play opportunity for -- look at alex smith. he is helping the refs. they are replacement revs. helping them in the middle of the play there. instead of a sack and move back easy way. >> al: you have 31 personal foul calls against the team so that is two a game on average against the lions last year. from the 32. give it to gore. frank up to the 34 yard line. >> cris: there we go. anthony davis.
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he was in the middle of all of it last year. that time what did they say? play until the echo of the whistle? he drove his guy about five or six yards down the field and just buried him. you see him right there. there is cliff avril, he ends up on his back. it was those two, even on twitter afterwards, you would be proud to know, continued to battle. >> al: i never heard of echo of the whistle. i thought it was to the whistle. second and eight. flip out to manningham. he picks up a first down up at the 47 yard line. >> cris: that was close. there was one of the dbs is going to end up circling down into this play and had a chance at the interception and just never really saw the whaul. looked like deandre levy was
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looking more at the receiver than he was back at the ball. he might have had one. >> al: 200 without a pick. it's gore. gore just pulls his way behind a vernon davis block for a first down to the detroit 42 yard line. >> cris: one of the things that you'll see is the way that they move various people in this offense. start everybody right and then frank gore stayed patient enough to stay in behind this fullback. frank gore is one of those guys. you talk to defense players and they just hate him. he is only about 5'9" or so and they say it's almost impossible to get underneath his shoulder pads to make a tackle. >> al: vanden bosch in there as well. great blocking up front.
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from the 42. play action to manningham and he'll pick up six or seven yards. >> cris: kind of the same play. fake it in there a little bit. come back the other way. now we are starting to see a little of that chippiness we saw from the first game. just going to nak fake it out t kendall hunter and out the other way. something i think the 49ers are doing a much better job of. alex smith was athletic in college and ran all the time. here they put him on a three-second shot clock in practice and got him into habits of not using his mobility. >> al: the toss. it goes to hunter. and hunter for a first down to the detroit 25 yard line. tackled by the safety wendling. >> cris: one of the things that the 49ers do a great job of is they use motion to outflank their opponents. that time, delanie walker goes in motion and they end up
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getting the edge on the outside. staley with a good kick-out block. very rarely will you see at any time the 49ers just come up and get set in a formation and run the play. they are going to get set. they are going to shift. they are going to motion and give you a lot of looks. >> al: from the 24 yard line. smith gets chased. gets away just for a second and then goes down. that's suh who breaks that whole play. corey williams comes in for the cleanup. >> cris: moved ndamukong suh into the outside there in sort of that bunch formation right there. all of those extra linemen. he just splits between them, saw it all the way. really he is not going to get credit for the sack, but it was his. they were not too happy with ndamukong suh last year. gunther cunningham said he gave us 25% of his ability last year
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and we expect more this year. >> al: on second and 20, here is davis. breaking tackles! and vernon davis, one of the premiere tight ends in the national football league, finally taken down by stephen tulloch. >> cris: ndamukong suh, since he has switched back to the stance that he wants, this sprinter stance, can make moves like that to get to the quarterback, just missed another sack. but vernon davis arguably one of the best athletes, if not the best athlete in the nfl. tough guy to get on the ground. >> al: from second and down and 20 to third down and seven. opening drive of the second half. 49ers up by eight. caught inside the 19 but shy of the first down. crabtree is tackled by coleman
10:19 pm
and akers comes out to try to extend it to an 11-point lead. >> cris: but that was just a matter of what they were talking about with alex smith. do what they give you and that time, they came with a slot blitz off the edge. he threw right into the blitz and picked up a few yards. big deal. we will kick a field goal. no problem. >> al: andy lee will hold it. 36-yard attempt of a longtime philadelphia eagle and now a san francisco 49er. the kick is good and it's 17-6, 49ers. . ♪ ♪ ♪
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't hide no more ♪ ♪ got to be true to myself ♪ >> al: one of the premiere football programs in the country, de lasalle of concord. they were at stockton on friday night. 21-13 victory. john maddon is watching a lot of those games through the years. >> cris: nothing better than high school football. take a friday night and go enjoy yourself and root on the guys out there. >> al: logan back to receive the kick. detroit getting the ball for the
10:22 pm
first time in the second half. and it blows off the tee. >> cris: you know, this 49ers defense has just gotten it done tonight. matthew stafford, 350 yards the last four games, five counting the playoffs. tonight, 55 yards passing. >> al: that is that 49er "d" that was so brilliant last year. did its job well enough, obviously, in green bay last week and tonight has limited detroit to just a pair of three-pointers. logan from a yard in. and around the corner he goes. a good runback before he is shoved out of bounds by culliver. a look at a beautiful sunset over the pacific!
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>> al: of course, this was the big story line in this game during the off-season after last year.
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this took place before the game, a greeting between schwartz and harbaugh after last year's handshake was the one that launched 6 million hours of frame-by-frame cable coverage. but all is good! we can all get along now. 17-6 san francisco. from the 39 yard line. logan's fine runback. smith. a gain of three. second and seven. mere is michele. >> michele: i asked jim schwartz at halftime how they can get the ball down to calvin johnson down field and get him open. he said we had him open a couple times. we just missed him. we got to get him a better ball and put in position to get yards after the catch. he acknowledged the missed field goals and penalties and interceptions. hurt them in that first half and says we have to put those mistakes behind us and move on. >> al: thank you, michele. johnson is limited to three catches and 36 yards.
10:26 pm
the longest from the 24. been on balance. niners doing an outstanding job on defense. they g this into johnson again but he is still short of the first down. third and a couple of. navorro bowman making the tackle. >> cris: jeff backus, a guy who has been around a long time, is blocking one of the great young stars in the game, aldon smith on the outside and he is not getting any help. they are getting the ball out of there pretty quickly. could use a little prime block maybe. third and a long one here. big play for the lions. >> al: twelve years and finally got to play in a postseason game for the first time last year. third and a long one. they flip it out. it's a first down for kevin smith as he scored the game winning touchdown on a pass from stanford with six minutes left
10:27 pm
in st. louis last week. he moves the chains. >> cris: calvin johnson moves in motion. look at this down in here. nobody takes a running back coming out of the backfield. actually, it was the tight end releasing up the field and got a little pick against navorro bowman that created the space. >> al: from the 40. to the halfway mark of the third quarter. smith is taken down in the backfield by justin smith. >> cris: pretty tough to cut off the old cowboy they call him. right here. it's just jeff backus across his face here. and that is what happens. you don't double team that guy and he makes plays in your backfield. pretty smaamazing. i talked to him before the game. he said i was a step slow to
10:28 pm
play out there. now they bring in inside in the defensive tackle position and now he's a step too fast. >> al: 172 consecutive regular season starts for him. and here is smith. before he gets knocked down by dashon goldson, a big gain. it's going to set up a third down and one. >> cris: you got to get these combination blocks going right here. can you get up on the linebacker? that is always the question. dominic raiola gets up inside against navorro bowman and creates that space for kevin smith to get down the field. >> al: they run it on second and ten. get nine. third and one. joique bell is the running back. and here is bell and bell is able to twist his way past the line of scrimmage and into first down territory to the 27 yard line.
10:29 pm
>> cris: that time the lions take a shot at a wham themselves and really don't get it but joique bell just makes a nice little spin move at the point of attack and somehow manages to pick up that first down. so linehan is staying patient. as long as those two safeties stay in the middle othe field he will take his shot with the running game and short passes. >> al: four-man rush. gets it away quickly. johnson. a very short gain. he gets taken down by tarell brown. >> cris: there is the safety. there is the corner. that is the look he's gotten all night long. but watch out calvin johnson lunges with this ball at the end. that doesn't look like much, but instead of like second and seven, you end up with second and about five and now you're on
10:30 pm
pace to get another first down. >> al: 65 johnson springing forward for the extra yards. aldon smith is right there. joique bell goes no farther to the 22 yard line. >> cris: i thought that was a bad run that time by joique bell. really jeff backus had a pretty good block going on the outside on aldon smith. they had a good hole up inside of him. and there just is nothing outside. watch backus. he has got him pinned to the outside. they have got a good block going on the inside backer, but don't stay on the pads. >> al: third and five. that is caught, but calvin johnson is stopped at the line of scrimmage at the 22 yard line. >> cris: another bad throw by matthew stafford in a big
10:31 pm
moment. i mean, that's a simple little screen pass. they have got some blockers out in front of him. he threw it in the dirt. you got to give your guy a chance for a catch and run here. >> al: this will be a 40-yard attempt. again in the swirling wind at candlestick park. hanson 2 out of 3. he has hit two uprights. one was good. the other came back at him. from the 40. knuckleballs its way through. he is 3 out of 4. it's a one-possession game. 17-9, san francisco. . ioni like the entune. and it's fast. [ male announcer ] see ja ne't's story and more at the camry effect.
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>> al: this coming saturday, a great rivalry in prime time. michigan against the fighting irish who, last night knocked off michigan state. notre dame d live in prime time saturday 7:30 eastern only on nbc. the bay bridge. cantilever portion from treasure island and over to the east bay and now at candlestick where, once again, for the 4,000th time in the history of this stadium,
10:34 pm
the wind blows the football off the tee. >> cris: you're so used to seeing the bill walsh and joe montana and eve young offensive juggernaut kind of teams. this team looks more like the baltimore ravens or the pittsburgh steelers. they are going to the win with this defense and you can see why. >> al: and they hope enough offense, as the kickoff by hanson is taken four yards in. kendall hunter is going to come away with it. and he gets bumped down at the 15 yard line. 3:33 left in the third. san francisco by eight. . 's it end? with you driving us to wendy's. wendy's asiago ranch chicken club is totally unexpected. our boldly spicy whole filet...
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> al: talking about old school and jim harbaugh, louisiana year, only 77 rushing yards a game. just ten turnovers in the 16 games. 38 take-aways. most in the league. 44 net yards per punt. 44 field goals made for jim harbaugh's team. so a lot of it was defense, 13-3. they had that phenomenal win over the saints in the playoffs and then the agonizing, excruciating loss to the giants in the championship game. and this is hunter for a gain of nine. and don't forget the 49ers flirted with peyton manning in
10:37 pm
the off-season. >> cris: that would have been interesting, wouldn't it. you kind of got the feeling that jim harbaugh was going to keep his system and peyton manning, obviously, wanted to see his thing and had a better opportunity to put his style of offense in in denver. but if you put peyton manning with this defense, it would have been a little frightening. >> al: 49ers called it "we are evaluating him." second and one. from the 24. tucker turning the corner and picking up the first down and fullback block was bruce miller. first and ten. >> cris: you can see how many times they move vernon davis back and forth and back and forth. the entire point is they are trying to outflank the defense and trying to gem him to shift inside. when he goes back inside and
10:38 pm
then hope that athletically he can create a first down. the lions answer to that would be we are not shifting. they do all of this stuff presnap. we will just let them do their thing and set in their defense and not worry about it. >> al: two minutes left in the third. gore looking ahead and trying to find the open spot at the right moment. second and four. >> cris: coach gore working with kendall hunter, the backup running back and said the relationship has been great. gore has taught him everything he knows about running back. kendall hunter is a kid that is bubbling with enthusiasm every single day and just loves the game of football. he thought he reenergized frank gore as well. >> al: gore is coming back in. hunter back on the bench. he could get lost in there at
10:39 pm
5'7", 199. quick drop. a quick pass to michael crabtree, to the 46 yard line and a 49er first down. >> cris: you get run, run, run. then, finally, decide to throw it and you got one-on-one coverage on the outside against a guy that was relieved by the indianapolis colts earlier. good, solid throw in there by alex smith. those are the kind of opportunities you get. when you can run the football, eventually, you get that single coverage that calvin johnson hasn't seen all night. >> al: that's moss in motion to the inside. pass is caught. hunter, he's out of bounds at the 42 yard line. and that is a gain of 12 and a first down. >> cris: pretty interesting move. i don't know if it was intentional or not on the part of kendall hunter. he looked like he was almost
10:40 pm
going to do a chop block down inside and kind of goes down. his hand goes down and then he comes out of it and fools stephen tulloch, the middle linebacker, who thought he was blocking on the play. >> al: from the lions 42. to gore. and gore with a first down. terrific drive by the 49ers. gore taking the ball to the 30 and that is the end of the third quarter. san francisco 17, detroit 9. "sunday night football" back after these messages. .
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>> al: aerial coverage tonight being brought to you tonight by geico. collinsworth and michele tafoya
10:43 pm
three runs, three passes. they are now at the lions 31 yard line. smith will go to the fullback who will juggle the ball out of bounds. bruce miller. it will be second down and ten. the former defensive end miller. >> cris: go back to this move by frank gore in the open field working against coleman. that is a knee buckler right there. and then on the other side, stephen tulloch gets rolled up on by joe staley and he limped out of the game. >> al: palmer a linebacker out of mississippi takes his spot. second down and ten. smith stepping up in the pocket. that is douglas. two drops here. one by miller, one by walker. it will be third down and ten. >> cris: i keep waiting for one
10:44 pm
of those wham passes, you know? they have hit them with about four or five of those fake the wham blocks and try and get a pass out here. but they are in field goal range but in this stadium, this is a tough kick. you just don't know what the wind is going to do. i think you have to stay aggressive here offensively and at least try to pick up six, seven yards. >> al: the prevailing wind is wind shear here at candlestick park and always has been. third and ten. smith fires and that is incomplete. that was manningham. hit him in a bunch of blue and white shirts. fourth down. >> cris: looked like he had a shot at this one too. let's see if he did. that have been three straight balls that were -- yeah, i mean, that's, for alex smith, he got it done and his guys just couldn't catch it. >> al: well, it will be a
10:45 pm
48-yard attempt for david akers. get the ball to the 38 yard line. lee will put it down. and akers is ageless. 49ers back up on top by 11. . so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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wild stuff all day long. one thing about detroit, they proved it last year, they are not out of it. four times last year, big, big, big time comebacks including one against oakland across the bay. detroit begins its next drive from the 20 yard line with 14:42
10:48 pm
left in regulation in candlestick park on "sunday night football." . hey. hey eddie.
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i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ >> al: 60-degree night in san francisco. lions, last year, three
10:50 pm
comebacks after trailing by 17 or more, four. by 13 or more. three of those four cobacks came on the road. tonight, they will try to come back from 11 down here. they start this drive with a kevin smith three-yard run, up to the 23 yard line. lions receiving tonight and the 49ers have bottled them up. johnson has been thrown to ten times, caught six, 46 yards. burleson, 3 for 11 yards. everybody else with one. they are averaging 4 1/2 yards per pass play. >> cris: two deep safeties in the middle of the field are preventing anything deep being thrown down the field and, so far, it hasn't looked so good either. >> al: second and six. >> cris: there he is.
10:51 pm
>> al: stafford. they will spot the ball at milled field. tackled by goldson. >> cris: carlos rogers got fooled on that one. one-on-one with this matchup. watch this move. still have safety help over the top. a little outjuking and carlos rogers went that way and calvin johnson went the other way. that's what they needed to get something going. >> al: 26-yard gain will try to work his magic again in the fourth quarter as he did last week against the rams. smith. three-yard gain to the 47 yard line. second and seven. last week, stafford, after he threw the three picks against the rams in the first half, fourth quarter, 10 out of 15, and the touchdown pass came with ten seconds left in the game to smith. >> cris: something about the fourth quarter and this football team.
10:52 pm
sort of like the nba they talk about. tune in the fourth quarter because that's when the show starts. >> al: second and seven. stafford out of the gun. protected well. that's a first down. that is caught by tony scheffler, the tight end. and they will spot the ball at the 35 yard line. >> al: after you hit a big play down the field. you use two guys as the decoy. >> cris: let calve johnson go deep. you know everybody is coming with him and let scheffler come back underneath. >> al: at the 20 after the kickoff, to the 35 quickly. two rushes. two passes. stafford is going to run it! first down to the 23 yard line. so he spread them all out.
10:53 pm
middle was open and he exploits it. 1s. >> cris: that is a great job. the cover two man means everybody is chasing the wideouts. now move the defensive tackles outside the guard. no problem with that. i'm going to take off and run with it. the quarterbacks running with the ball in that coverage has been very effective. late hit. >> al: yeah, by whitner. no call. first down at the 23 yard line. to the ground again. smith, stopped at the 20 yard line. a little more than 11 minutes to play in regulation. >> cris: now is when you need your big play guy. you know, we have seen it last year. you remember the game down in dallas where at the end of the game and everything on the line and matthew stafford basically threw into triple coverage down there and calvin johnson went up
10:54 pm
and got it from everybody. he is 6'6", can come up like a 44-inch vertical jump. sometimes you take the best guy and just give him a chance. >> al: stafford, a deep drop. running out of time. thought he stayed up and then finally back at the 37. aldon smith is the first guy there. felt his knee wasn't down. the play kept on going and brooks comes in to finish the play off. >> cris: i think his knee was actually down or it looked like to me right there. so that ball should have been on the 30 yard line. strange way here -- >> al: yep. >> cris: that's a big six yards. in this situation, uvyou're goi to have to take a look at that one. there you go. >> al: here comes the challenge flag. the only way you can do it by a detroit challenge.
10:55 pm
and he wants to save those six yards. he is saying, wait a second, he was down. there was no whistle. so it was a minus 15 on the sack. >> referee: detroit is challenging the play, saying the quarterback was down by contact. >> al: schwartz is trying to saying it's eight or nine yard sack than 15. first challenge of the night. . now when to stop. [ honk! ] the all-new nissan altima with easy fill tire alert. [ honk! ] it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪
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10:57 pm
>> al: we thil the call will be overturned. it will be a sack at the 30 yard line. will make it third and 17 instead of third and 23. it is pretty clear when you take a look at the replay. >> cris: stuff standpoint from the 49ers is that they blew a first down and. brandon pettigrew on the play. patrick willis doesn't see the snap count and you get pettigrew wide open in the middle of the field. should have been easy first down but too locked in on calvin johnson cost matthew stafford a sack. >> referee: on further review, the quarterback was down on the 30 yard line. the ball will be spotted at the 30. please reset the game clock to 10:37. the clock will wind on the ready. detroit is not charged with a
10:58 pm
time-out. >> al: other things, too. you look at a possible field goal here so it could be a very big six yards. it's third and 17. the ball at the 30 yard line. >> cris: i think they are going to try to do something underneath to get this thing a little closer. they have been using calvin johnson rubbing underneath and i think they will come back with it and try to get him a catch and run here. sn snap. >> referee: false start, number 13 on the offense. five-yard penalty. remains third down. >> al: nate burleson, a big five yards. >> cris: you give up what you just got back. watch the linebackers on the snap of the ball. they are going to give you that
10:59 pm
seven, eight, nine-yard pass underneath, but not picking up this first down. >> al: third and 22. at least try to get back into some semblance of field goal range. in this ballpark, who knows what is field goal range. third and 22. three-down linemen. eight men back to cover. here is smith who starts to stumble' he gets the ball to the 30. so you're looking at right now about a 47, 48-yard field goal to try to make it a one-possession game in the swirling winds of candlestick. >> cris: he already hit a couple of goalposts, a couple of uprights. so you know it's in your head. the ball probably blew left on the first one and blew right on the second one. you aim down the middle and hope. >> al: screwballs, knuckleballs, you name it, you see it all


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