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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the storms now well off toward the east. out there toward del marva. for our southern portions of maryland, still seeing some fairly heavy rain down here. that's the only area that we're still under the gun as far as the strong storms go. everybody else just seeing some light to moderate rain going through and we're not done with it quite yet. take a look at the latest warnings. the watches. the yellow bos. these are the tornado watches of dropped everywhere else. the severe thunderstorm warnings toward delaware. that is it. no more severe thunderstorm warnings for our region. the green areas here, shaded to the west including winchester. this is a flood warning until 7:00 tonight. another flood warning for loudoun county and frederick county, maryland. this is because of numerous downed trees. some flooding problems there. also seeing numerous road closures around that area and this is why. thurmont, maryland, almost five
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inches of rachbl and three inches in middletown. the good news is most of the heavy rain is now starting to get out of here. everybody is still seeing some rain but the back edge of this. just off to our west. once this moves through, we are going to clear out dramatically and we'll be waking up to something completely different. my forecast coming up. a look now at the latest outage numbers. pepco is nearly 13,000 customers without power now. most of them in the district. dominion, virginia, has about 4,500 customers in the dark. bge reports nearly 3,000 outages. the majority of those are in anne arundel county. those storms brought down trees and power lines in bethesda. wires fell about 1:30 this afternoon. the neighbors there say they saw the wires on fire after a tree fell. a car was damaged there but nobody was injured. a whole lot of rain fell quickly causing flooding in frederick. roads turned into rivers during
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the height of the storm. some kids got stuck walking in water up to their knees. some parts of frederick saw between two and four inches of rain. on days like these, people live in the bloomingdale neighborhood in d.c. aren't taking any chances. they're doing anything they can to prevent flooding. a problem they've had to deal with several times already this year. jackie benson has more on how residents are trying to keep things dry and when a real solution to the problem might be ready to go. >> reporter: there is a lot of anxiety here. people are still dealing with insurance claims from multiple floods. their d.c. councilmembers say they've waited too long for helps. >> you can ask for a flood assistance fund to be established. it hasn't happened. tomorrow we'll introduce legislation designed to address this. designed to create a fund to compensate victim of these horrible floods. >> reporter: it was already drizzling as people came to the
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corner of north and v streets to pick up sandbags. >> i'm planning on using them to barricade the stair wells for the basement. because we did have some water creep in. but it was rain water. not the awful stuff that people have been getting. >> reporter: d.c. water stationed an army of employees in the bloomingdale neighborhood. it was hard hit by flooding three time this summer. the culprit, an outdated 19th century storm drain system. a task force has determined the solution will cost tens of millions of dollars and take a decade to complete. frustrated residents have pressed city officials for a more immediate remedy. earlier today, d.c. mayor vincent gray said that may be on the horizon but he would not get into specifics. >> we're looking now at a solution that could be implemented in the shorter term. we're working on something and hopefullye'll have something to announce soon. >> reporter: meanwhile as they stock up on sandbags have their fingers cross that had this
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storm won't hover over bloomingdale too long. it is still raining here. people have their fingers crossed that it won't last much longer. >> we hope you'll stay with storm team 4 for our continuing coverage of the severe weather. we have crews across the region. we'll have an update in the next half-hour. police in baltimore are looking for the person who killed a researcher at the national institutes of health. somebody shot 51-year-old dr. peter marvit at about 10:30 last night. it was just a few blocks from hi house. according to the baltimore "sun," he was home from practice with a chorus in which he sings at the time. investigators believe robbery might have been the motive. he worked as a contractor for nih and taught at the university
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of maryland. and 20-year-old kelly he will ellerbe jr. who lives in baltimore has been charged with attempted murder, assault and a weapons charge. he is accused of critically woomding 20-year-old michael campbell. campbell was not a student but he was on campus visiting a relative. police say witnesses were able to identify the suspect. he is also wanted a drug charges. >> to presidential politics. now president obama is in new york for a night of politics and late night tv taping while mitt romney mass moved into damage control mode. a tape was secretly released last night. >> reporter: mitt romney went to salt lake city but the focus was on his florida fund-raiser in may that was secretly tamed. romney said there the 47% of americans who pay no federal income tax feel they're victims. >> who believe that they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. that it is an entitlement and the government should give it to
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them. >> reporter: he said they won't take personal responsibility. >> so my job is not to worry about those. they should take personal responsibility. >> republicans like msnbc's joe scarborough are angry at romney. >> chris christie, paul ryan, they would never say that in a million years. this guy is seeming to be, he just seems too insulated by wealth and life experience. >> other republicans say romney drew a useful line. >> we have a campaign in which those that support big government are on one side and those who support the private sector approach are on the other side. >> reporter: on fox this afternoon, romney clarified. >> the problem right now is you see in this country, so many people have fallen into poverty that they're not paying taxes. they have to rely on government. the right course to help them is not just to have government handing out but government helping people to get back to
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good jobs. >> reporter: more than 16 million seniors are exempt from income taxes. the white house said president obama does not see them as irresponsible or victims. >> he certainly doesn't think the middle class families are paying too little in taxes. >> reporter: romney did say something both sides think. the race is down to 5% to 10% of vote here's could decide based on who they like more. now the question is, have romney's new rereleased private remarks made him more or less likable? steve handelsman, news4. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is in virginia speaking at a rally at christopher newport university at newsroom news. congressman ryan will be in virginia tomorrow when he is scheduled to speak at a small business that grew out of a machine shop in danville, virginia. a decision today by the pennsylvania supreme court could be a blow to the romney-ryan ticket. the controversial voter i.d. law
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may not be in effect for the november election. the high court sent it back to a lower court today. the pennsylvania justices want them to take a closer look at how difficult it will be for minority voters to get an i.d. before the election. the commonwealth has two weeks to decide. the voter i.d. law is backed by most republicans. they say it cuts down on voter fraud. coming up, al qaeda calls for new attacks. and insider attacks escalate in afghanistan. on the heels of a win in court, the royals fight is spreading and crashing servers around the world. the senate race in virginia could force a power shift on capitol hill. and the battle could come down to the thousands of defense joks on the line. and what is
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$350? al qaeda issued a fresh set
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of threats. it come as the fallout grows over an anti-islam video. now the latest on how the outrage is affecting the u.s. mission in the middle east. >> reporter: afghans in kabul carried away the victim following a suicide attack that killed 12 people. no americans were hurt but the bombing was out of revenge for that anti-islam video made in the u.s. >> they're resorting to efforts that tried to strike at our forces. tried to create chaos. >> reporter: the bombing is the latest sign of turmoil as nato scales back on afghan troop in training following an unprecedented amount of attacks on international soldiers. >> we thought it would be smartest on a temporary basis to reduce the. a exposure to our troops. >> reporter: jay carney insist it won't delay the plans to leave the country in two years
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and transfer power to afghan forces. >> the transition that the president has laid out will absolutely continue. >> the u.s. state department is now accusing extremists of trying to take advantage of muslim outrage. al qaeda today has called on protesters to kill more u.s. diplomats and continue destructive scenes like these. and pakistan protesters stomped on images of president obama and in kashmir, crowds set fire to a police vehicle. >> that's very concerning. the sort of pile-on agenda that's happening now. >> reporter: circumstances according to the state department reinforcing the need for a u.s. presence in the region. today white house is saying that they haven't ruled out the possibility that the attack on the embassy was planld but they say at this point in the investigation, they still don't have any information to indicate that. in washington, nbc news. tonight officials at the bank of america say they're working to fully restore the
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website after terrorists claim they took it down. bank of america's website has had sporadic outages since early this morning. members of a terrorist group angry over the anti-islam film claims responsibility. they call themselves cyber fighters and they're threatening to take down the new york stock exchange next. those claim have posted on the website. today britain's royal family won a court battle over topless photos of kate, the duchess of cambridge. but some experts stay damage is opportunity. a tabloid photographer using a telephoto lens took photos of kate sunbathing with her husband prince william at a french chateau. the pictures were published by a gossip magazine last week. today the french court ordered the magazine not to publish any more pictures and to hand over all digital copies within 24 hours. but an italian magazine and an irish newspaper have also published the photos and servers around the world have been crashing from the search volume.
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doug is here with more about our weather. so most of this has left us now? >> it is really dying out. we'll still see some rain through the next couple of hours. don't let your guard down too much. if you're thinking about driving, still a the love trees down and still some power outages to go around the region. take a look at some video around the bethesda area. this is along burning tree road along bradley. power is out there and pepco said it could be out for about the next 24 hours. they do have to replace a pole and replace a transformer. any time you're replacing that stuff, you know it will take a little while and they have a lot of work to do there overnight. they are going to be dealing with some rain. you can see the rain on the radar. still seeing mostly light rain across the region. saint mary's county, calvert county, southern portions of charles county, extreme southern prince george's county. you're still seeing some moderate to heavy rainfall and that looks like it will continue here for about the next hour to two hours. the rest us still have a little ways to go before the rain
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finally ends for us. here was the line of thunderstorms that came through a little bit earlier. look how fast it has raced from the warrenton area. watch this through our area and all the way toward philadelphia and about the four, four and a half hour time period. a very fast moving line of storms that came through. winds upwards of 60 miles per hour. now well to the east. a severe weather threat greatly diminished. nobody in our area no longer everybody, no longer under a tornado watch. that is very good news. we have some severe thunderstorms watch toward delaware but for us, the threat is out of here. the flood threat still continues. back toward frederick, clark county, in through portions of virginia, we have some flooded roadways. we have a lot of road closures out that way so be careful if you are driving in this area. around the district, we are really starting to calm down and will continue to do so. everybody will calm down tonight as the frontal boundary moves through the region.
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that front will take the rain associated with it out of here. it will bring in some much cooler air. you will feel the difference when you step outside. a very sticky 80 degrees after a low of 69. over an inch of rain at the airport. the severe threat, as i mentioned, is now over. we needed some rain and we did get some rain from this storm. a little rain left over. 70 degrees. the winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. they were gutting at 30 to 40 miles an hour. now things are starting to calm down. temperatures in the upper 60s. 68 in martinsburg. down to the south. 69 in friendsburg and still raining with the temperatures at 69 degrees. as far as the frontal boundary is concerned, we have to wait for that front to move through until our storms are completely out of here. the rain is completely out of here. high pressure will build in very quickly tomorrow. we may see some breezy conditions early. and again, tomorrow morning will
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be on the chilly side. not bad with sunshine on thursday. temperature around average and a very nice day on thursday. we watch another front that tries to come through the area. that one on saturday. so this evening, storms quieting. the rain ending around midnight. temperatures 64 to 68 degrees. tomorrow morning, we'll wake up to some cool numbers. especially in the suburbs. 51 to 57 degrees. and a little bit of a breeze out there will make it feel even cooler as we move through the day. we'll be clearing out and we'll see temperatures that are seasonably cool. temperatures thursday morning in the 40s for many of you to around 56 in the city. highs in the mid 70s. that's a pretty nice day. friday very good. saturday, another strong front moves through. this one only a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. that will bring through the coolest air so far this season. sunday, sunshine. a if you clouds. a high of only 71. monday morning will be the
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coolest numbers that we've seen quite some time. maybe low 40s in some of the outskirts. fall is here and it looks like it is here to stay. >> the last day of summer only a couple days away. right now, is that space shuttle endeavour is getting ready for its final flight. sitting on top of the 747 jet in florida now. tomorrow it begins a journey to california. it will be the last time that the shuttle will be flown on a jumbo jet. endeavour will fly over several nasa sites before it reaches los angeles airport on friday. it will go on display at the california science center next month. nasa retired the shuttle fleet, all of them, last year. the shuttle "discovery" is at the smithsonian. >> coming up, a live report on a big mess in prince george's county. the professional baseball player made a statement with his eye black.
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coming up in sports, the nats getting ready to play two tomorrow. one nfl player has an unbelievable claim about a replacem takes the place of his
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teammate and mennor. people who live in the bloomingdale part of the district did not take any chances. they had sand bagss ready in case the streets began to flood again. d.c. officials say they're working on short term and long term solutions. >> crews are working to restore power to thousands of people who lost power. pepco has more than 11,000 customers in the dark. dominion, virginia, has about 1,200 outages and bge has about
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3,500 with most in anne arundel county. >> reports of damage still coming in. a huge old tree has fallen into a house in prince george's county. >> despite the damage the woman in the home said she is feeling blessed that it wasn't worse. darcy spencer is in cheverly. >> reporter: the woman was inside the house. she said she was in her bathroom when she started hearing the winds whipping up and suddenly she heard a loud sound. and let me show you what that sound was. it was this tree here falling on to the side of her house. you can see it simply uprooted. here along the length of the tree. along the side of her house in cheverly. she was in the room ajason ento the bedroom. when she ran in, she saw the
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damage to the ceiling as well as to the wall. >> felt a little vibration. i feel very blessed. not lucky but blessed. it would have land in the my bathroom with me. >> reporter: yes. the woman again said she feels very fortunate. she is not able to stay in the house right now because there is some damage of that roof collapsing. but again, she was getting ready to go pick up her grandson from daycare and happened to be here at the home when it happened today and she is going to be staying with relatives tonight. reporting live from cheverly, darcy spencer, news4. >> thank you. doug here now with the check on the conditions. >> the kids continuing to improve. seeing some light to moderate rain across the area including the d.c. metro to the south and east. some heavier rain into saint mary's county, toward calvert county. no severe thunderstorm warnings. we no longer have the severe weather threat. we no longer have that tornado threat. that's why that threat has been allowed to expire and continued to be canceled as this storm
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continued to move to the east. we still have the rain out there right now. the cold front still well back to the west. we are going to wait for that cold front to pass through before our rain finally ends. speck to see more shower activity through at least probably around midnight tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you won't be seeing the rain. you will see much cooler air. >> thank you. weather was not a factor in a deadly crash in mclean, virginia today. a van crashed and burst into flames killing the driver just after noon. a woman was driving a 2011 toyota see everybody a on lewinsville road when she lost control near a curve. the van rolled back and caught fire. police are still trying to figure out what may have caused this accident. the virginia u.s. senate race between former governors george allen and tim kaine is still a dead heat in the polls. both men spent time in northern virginia focusing on the looming
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defense cuts. julie carey is here to tell us they have very different solutions to this. >> they do, tim kaine and george allen do agree on this. those automatic defense cuts, the fallout from the stand-off on capitol hill need to be stopped before they kick in next year. what's on the line is up to 200,000 virginia jobs. many of them in northern virginia. >> reporter: northern virginia defense contractors are hosting a lot of campaign visits this fall. george allen huddled in stafford county with company leaders. their frustration clear. >> if we can just make a decision and then move forward. >> reporter: tim kaine toured a business called mvm that does arms training. the northern virginia defense contractors say they feel under siege, caught in the cross hairs of the sequester. $500 billion in automatic defense cuts, set to take effect january 2nd. unless congress can come to terms on another way to slash
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spending. the democrats' kaine solution will raise revenue while also raising cuts. like president obama he supports ening the tax cuts for the wealthy. he proposes cuts on those who earn more than $half a million. >> that brings $500 billion revenue. now it becomes a $500 billion issue. repeal the part of medicare that says we can't negotiate for prices on prescription drugs. if you do that you save $250 billion over ten years. >> reporter: he would also end subsidies to the biggest oil companies. the republican said he is opposed to ending any tax cuts. >> what we need to do is avert the cuts. set the priorities. we need fiscal sanity in washington. number one, repeal this tax care law that is adding over $1 trillion to the deficit which is harmful to small businesses as well. >> reporter: kaine charges the math doesn't add up.
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>> the idea of no new revenue, can't touch defense, those are mathematically impossible. >> reporter: allen fires back. >> what the other side is advocating is tax increases. tax increases with this weak economy won't help anyone. >> reporter: as we mentioned off the top of the race between tim kaine and george allen, a dead heat. they were each at 46% which means this is really about finding independent voters. that's who they are after. >> is there any connection, coat tail factor from the presidential contest to the senate contest in virginia? >> it will be interesting to see how that plays out in an election day. the thing that's curious about the polls is president obama, a democrat, is doing better in virginia than tim kaine. it suggest there are some virginia voters who favors president obama but also george allen right now. >> interesting. it will be interesting this week. we'll get to see the two candidates side by side. >> you'll be able to watch them


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