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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 23, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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wes welker now working down the middle of the zone. lar darridarius webb but in a zd not man coverage. any time you give tom brady, four, five seconds to allow these deep crossing routes to come in there against the zone defense, there is almost always a hole in there. typically, against the baltimore ravens, when suggs was here, you would not have that much time to make that throw. you wouldn't even attempt it. >> al: with 13 seconds left, welker is 3 for 96. brady has thrown for 207 yards. there is suggs on the sideline. first and goal. they still have a time-out. >> cris: brady with ellerbe looks like on man coverage on gronkows gronkowski. >> al: brady stepping away and
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pressure this time. pass is thrown out of the end zone. seven seconds. you have a time-out. do you take one quick shot or not? it appears they will. >> cris: gronkowski here. i think you'll see ellerbe in man coverage on him. as we saw earlier, you have ed reed over the top. a good job by ellerbe. >> al: this has been to be a very fast developing play. before you have it, you've got the ravens who want to take a look at the offensive set, taking a defensive time-out. >> referee: time-out, baltimore. >> al: brady knows he has to finish whatever he is going to do in no more six seconds. >> cris: yes. this is when you trust your quarterback because you certainly want to be able to get out of here with the lead with a field goal in this situation. but the slightest bit of a scramble, you know, any kind of a step up in the pocket, have
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the guy grab your arm, any of that stuff and the half is going to end so this is going to be some kind of a slants, some kind of a quick throw here to take advantage. >> al: he is with mcdaniels and belichick. dan pees was on the new england staff for about four years, the linebacker coach, defensive coordinator of the team here. so he would know as well as anybody what they are likely to run in this situation. >> cris: defensively if you can hold them up and if you can make a tackle and not allow him to get to the ground and let the seven seconds run off, gets the job done too. >> al: second and goal. brady firing to the end zone and caught for the touchdown! julian edelman got free over the middle with two seconds left on the clock. so they had the sure three but said let's take a shot to get seven and into the end zone they go.
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>> cris: that time able to get the wideout inside on ellerbe and that was the difference. gronk is one thing. he did okay against him, but to go against julian edelman, a little different story. >> al: 35 straight games in which brady has thrown a touchdown pass. gostkowski's kick is good. with two seconds left in the half, the patriots are back up on top. >> cris: get the motion and then the crossing route inside here on the linebacker ellerbe. just one-on-one. he could go in, he could go out and really that is too much to ask of a linebacker. watch this passing lane as brady steps up, everybody on the ground and that allows you to work tightly over the middle. >> referee: after the play, personal foul. defense, number 91. that penalty will be enforced on the kickoff. >> al: that would be courtney
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upshaw. 35 straight games, drew brees with a touchdown pass today. that's 46 for him. week. if he does that, we will see new orleans on sunday night against san diego as edelman goes back to the locker room. 'maybe eclipse unitaagainst san diego on a sunday night. >> cris: i might put my helmet on in that moment. these people a little fired up around here. >> al: there it is. johnny unitas back in the '50s. 47 straight games. brees today makes it 46. favre had a 36 game streak. brady tonight with that touchdown pass, 35. the equipment valent of tom's c three seasons plus two games. that was a beautifully manipulated drive with 81 yards
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on nine plays, one rush and a big one for a first down. eight pass plays and brady, already, tonight, thrown for 214 yards. i just want to make sure this is not a long return and pitta has to reach up and haul it in. to the 24 yard line. that ends the half with new england on top by a score of 20-14. coming up next, the toyota halftime show after these messages from your local station. .
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down 13-0, the ravens came back to briefly take the lead and reseize the momentum at 14-13 but then in the last two minutes of the second quarter, brady takes the pats 81 yards and they lead 20-14 at the half. from baltimore to new york and dan.
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>> all right, bob. with tony dungy and rodney harrison. what do you expect in the second half? >> i'm offensive coordinator josh mcdoneaniels. put the ball in tom brady's hands and pass the ball 50 times. they can't stop you. no terrell suggs. >> al: don't forget about ray rice if you're the rains. stay with your game plan. >> week three highlights with you and end with a couple of bizarre endings. kansas city in new orleans. saints struggle continues. drew brees sacked in the end zone by justin houston. we have a problem. big second half -- >> a lot of problems. >> kansas city comes back. >> don't say it. >> it it finishes with ryan succop! >> you love saying that name. >> detroit at tennessee. music center park. six seconds to play.
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the lions backup shaun hill. it's tipped. titus young, he titus this up. we go into overtime. >> don't go for it, dan! >> they go for it. titans win it. jets/dolphins. sloppy game. in overtime, miami misses a field goal and dolphins try to ice nick folk before blocking his field goal attempt. he gets another attempt. he makes it. jets have the niners coming up next week. looks like they lost darrelle revis for a while. carson palmer to denarious moore. raiders win. michael vick somehow missed kerry rhodes and james sanders is gone. philadelphia lost three fumbles on the day. 12 turnovers through three games. arizona is undefeated! falcons undefeated.
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chargers were undefeated. ryan to tony gonzalez who can't dunk any more. >> he can. stop it. >> yes, he can. this was peyton manning's first pass of the day to andre johnson. texans undefeated. those are the highlights. can you catch them every morning on nbc network from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. eastern. got this from peter king. you had the nfl and representatives for the locked out officials. they met all day here in new york city in front of a mediator. the talks have just broken up about an hour ago. substantial differences remain. no further talks are scheduled. what does this mean, tone? >> as a coach, dan, i'm disappointed but you can't worry about it. i got to tell it my players, we have to concentrate on football. don't complain about calls or anything. it is what it is. >> as a player, block it out. nothing you can do about it and you can't worry about something you can't control.
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go play football. >> up next, hines ward in enemy territory in baltimore. he weighs on the first and a half. a glimpse into the wild world of recruiting as coach t talks to a new recruit after practice. >> that's one of the best .
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back now in baltimore where clearly the most popular visitor is the former steeler hines ward. the ravens trail by six. they trail by 13 and briefly took a one-point lead. what do they do to get their offense back in sync after a slow start? >> i agree with coach dungy. have you to go ray rice, ray rice, ray rice. this offense goes through ray rice because he enables you to set up play action. he converts first downs and get the crowd into the game. everybody is doing the first down marker, the first down marker. but he gets the whole crowd up. but also he sets up torrey smith deep down the field so you have to go through ray rice. >> it's unanimous. collinsworth and dungy an harrison say run your game through ray rice. this game is important to both teams for the following reasons. houston is 3-0 and play in a relatively easy division. if you're going to claim home field advantage throughout, you have to keep pace with the texans. >> yeah, no question about it. houston has the easiest path to get the number one seed. so it's important for both teams
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tonight to try to get the second seed or at least try to be a game behind so they can't get that home field advantage. >> hines, thanks. tomorrow, on the "today" show, set your alarm and get up early. three-time olympic beach volleyball champion kerri walsh jennings reveals a secret fromg. i have no idea what it is but i do know we are coming back to baltimore after this. . [ male announcer ] this telecasts copyrighted
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by the nfl for the private use of our audience. any other use of this telecast or of any pictures, descriptions, or accounts of the game without the nfl's consent is prohibited. ♪ we know what we here for. ♪ ♪ waiting all day on sunday night ♪ >> al: buys time and it's intercepted by steve gregory. the handoff to the rookie bolden and he is in to the end zone. ♪ >> al: flacco going deep and
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it's hauled in. torrey smith with the touchdown! dennis pitta, the tight end breaking the tackle and goes into the end zone. ♪ the nfl rocks on nbc >> al: plenty of action in the first half. new england leading by a score of 20-14. you can follow your favorite team all season long by going to al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya on a beautiful night in baltimore. this is a beautiful shot of the halftime moon over the maryland. the first half numbers look like this with baltimore getting that running game going to get back in the game when they were down by a score 13-0 and look the lead by one only to have new england march down the field in the waning moments of the first
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half to take the lead again. >> cris: a great game, though, it really is. i mean, the quality of play, the quality of these two teams, it's showing up. it feels a little like that playoff action that we're used to seeing from these guys. >> al: the intensity would be always fun when we do a game with the ravens especially at home. touchback begins here. let's go to michele. >> michele: i spoke to john harbaugh at halftime. he said the game changed to them when they returned to their running game and ray rice got going. he likes that and expect more in the second half. bill belichick about slowing down ray rice you have to play them honest and they can run and you can't take one thing away from them. you got to play everything. al? >> al: rise with 11 carries and 50 yards. baltimore balanced. 16 running place and 16 pass plays.
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they begin with rice with a big hole! rice starts the second half with a first down on with a gain of 16. >> cris: i think jerod mayo ducks inside and vonta leach, fullback, has nobody to block. he goes on the wrong side of the block inside and here we go. >> al: without a huddle and pick up the pace again. rice over the right side this time for a minimal gain. >> cris: well, it is a very difficult proposition and only the best of defenses can stop a running game like this, like ray rice and vonta leach without bringing a safety down. and at least until they get across midfield, we're seeing the patriots staying with those two guys back in the middle of the field and the ravens keep dialing up the run. there it is again. down and eight. flacco is going to throw into the coverage. a flag comes in. boldin drops the ball.
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kyle arrington with the coverage. a hold is indicated against new england. so this is going to be an automatic first down. >> referee: holding, defense, number 24. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: arrington. >> cris: i think the officials are taking back control of this game. julian edelman going back in. you can tell he was hurt a little bit at the end of the half. see if arrington doesn't grab the back of his jersey just a bit here as he goes. he has x-ray vision if he saw him grab the back of that jersey there. it's almost like the officials are making a statement early in the second half. >> al: play action buys time and dropped off down to rice. over the middle. rice gets out to the 46 yard line for a gain of four. >> cris: it was so interesting talking to some of the ravens. they practiced all week because they felt like the philadelphia
10:22 pm
eagles grabbed and held and maybe this is the way the nfl is going to be this year with the replacement officials and so they spent all week practices getting help and getting those cheap shots as they call them, and they have done a better job tonight. >> al: second down and six. hire is rice. no question with the replacement officials, the coaches understand what they will call and what they won't call. even the inconsistency. as you say, they coach them up in that manner. >> cris: no doubt about it. watch vonta leech, going up against jerod mayo. old school. first day of training camp. one-on-one. the fullback takes the inside linebacker and go back, make a cut. a drill you do a hundred times when you're growing up in pee-wee football. >> al: third and a deuce from midfield. blitz coming. flacco steps away from it and throws.
10:23 pm
smith, who sort of cuts out and is pushed out of bounds by gregory. so a big third and two conversion for the ravens on the opening drive of the third quarter. >> cris: torrey smith makes another play here coming across the formation but for cam cameron, that was a big completion last week on their third and fourth and short situations. they threw it all six times and didn't convert any of them and stayed with the pass there and got it. >> al: from the 39. buying time. play fake. going deep! and it's caught buy jacoby jones who was juggling it. they say he was inbounds and now the officials rule -- each confer for the moment and they spot the ball at the 7 yard line. belichick is ready with the challenge flag. the coverage is by mccourty. does he have control and both feet in is the question. >> cris: there is one-- no, sir. no, that is going to come back. >> al: it's going to come back
10:24 pm
because one official will say i had a better view than you did. >> referee: there is no catch. the receiver did not maintain control. >> al: so belichick doesn't have to challenge here because they get together and get it right. >> cris: it wouldn't have mattered either way. the old what are you guys doing? he is coaching everybody out there. jacoby jones -- he puts it back in his sock. i love that he keeps it in his sox. white socks out there. old school. >> al: second down and ten. pierce is now the running back. the pass over the middle and that is caught and that is smith! and smith playing with the heaviest of hearts, will set up a first down and goal. torrey smith. 32 yards. three catches tonight, including one for a touchdown. >> cris: now they are going more to the single safety look and they are getting one-on-ones on
10:25 pm
the outside and able to throw that little skinny post in there that they have tried earlier. and for torrey smith, somehow, his focus has been maintained through the day. >> al: somehow is the key word. rice. touchdown! ray rice getting in behind birk and left guard harewood and ravens in 3:30 go 80 yards for the touchdown. >> cris: dont'a hightower has to go over the top quickly. he doesn't allow quickly at all and looks marshal yanda up on him. he is feeling his way through this new defense but he has to be a little more explosive than that one. >> al: justin tucker, the rookie out of texas, trying to tack on the extra point to put baltimore in front again.
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and the ravens have scored three touchdowns on their last three possessions after their first three resulted in two punts and a pick. baltimore 21, new england 20. . ♪ ♪ people all over the world ♪ join hands ♪ start a love train, a love train ♪ [ male announcer ] frost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer. inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ man ] ...once again has created le mans history... [ male announcer ] and once in a great while...
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anybody trying to block you, that's personal! we on fire tonight and when you on fire, they got to get their hands off of you when you're on fire. let's see who we are tonight. let's see who we are tonight. let's go. 1-2-3. >> woo! >> al: ray lewis with his weekly sunday fire and brim stone sermon. >> cris: that song was playing payback, revenge. whatever that one was, they were playing. >> al: synonymous. ray lewis still going strong. ravens came in '96. third linebacker in history to play 17 or more seasons. only ronde barber is an older defensive player, the defensive back for tampa. only jack hamm in the history of the league at linebacker has more career take-aways than ray.
10:29 pm
12 times to the pro bowl and a super bowl champion in 2000. >> cris: if you like to watch football, it doesn't get a lot better than ray lewis and ed reed and tom brady staring each other in the eyes. >> al: first offensive play for new england in the second half. the pass is caught by brandon lloyd. a 12-yard gain. williams makes the tackle. >> michele: patriots without julian edelman. after halftime, he sprinted back to the locker room. he has a hand. he is questionable, al. >> al: we saw that. thank you, michele. we saw him go into the locker room at the end of the half and coming out to try to start the second half and couldn't. the ball at the 31 yard line. the handoff goes to ridley who gets out just past the 35 yard line. second-year back out of lsu. there is lewis on top of him. >> cris: yeah, ray lewis may
10:30 pm
have lost a few pounds here, but taking on michael hoomanawanui. thank goodness. still able to get that one done. patriots coming right back with a little bit of that isolation football. trying to attack ray lewis, the smaller version inside. >> al: b plus you get. that is pretty good. second and six. pass is incomplete. intended for kellen winslow. his father, of course, the hall of fame san diego charger tight end and winslow signed this week by new england after they looked at him in camp and didn't sign him and he was in seattle last year but had to bring him back with hernandez on the shelf. third and six. >> cris: it was a big miss on this first opportunity. >> al: done more time throwing and handling than any receiver this week so they could get it together. third and six.
10:31 pm
play clock at 3. >> cris: he is coming. brady caught him. >> al: create just does get it away. welker to led the league in catches 122 last year. pollard coming around the corner to get to brady and they met in 2008 when pollard ended brady's season on opening day. >> cris: brady is audible he saws poleard coming up here. able to get the play off. terrific quarterback play. >> al: ball now at the 47 yard line. deion branch at the bottom of the screen. and hand the ball off to danny woodhead who worked his way up to the 50 yard line where lewis pops him. three-yard pickup. >> cris: that was logan mankins trying to get up on ray lewis that time but he was able to beat him over the top here and get in on the tackle. lewis really feeling like the game of football has changed.
10:32 pm
it's no longer in a phone booth. >> al: second and seven. work the ground again and getting nowhere after a gain of one is danny woodhead. ngata right there. it will be third down and six. >> cris: watch the tail end of this play. ed reed coming in. don't want that running back to fall forward. he is going to get him and cram him straight back. >> al: brady with time. third and six. to the outside to lloyd and lloyd is able to haul it in for a first down. >> cris: i tell you, brandon lloyd got away with a big push there. no other way to say it. on the outside. protection still rock solid. top left of your screen you'll see brandon lloyd just give a
10:33 pm
big pushoff. cary williams there. >> al: quickly, no huddle. woodhead takes the ball to the 36 yard line. >> cris: here we go. logan mankins in middle of another one as pollard, sure is. >> al: pollard, of course, with a history with new england. he knocked brady out for the season. welker was trying to avoid him in the final game a couple of years ago in houston and welker went out with an acl. >> referee: personal foul, defense, number 31. 15-yard penalty from the end of the run. automatic first down. >> al: tackle on gronkowski. gronkowski had a sore ankle and that limited him in the super bowl. the personal foul here is on bernard pollard. >> cris: and logan mankins got a little bit of a late block and then mankins just backed off and said, what?
10:34 pm
what? and mankins who sort of initiated a little bit and there are certain players in the league, let's face it, we all know who they are. they are a little bit of a hot head and so you give them one little push and hope they react like that and that is what happened to pollard on that one. >> al: the personal foul takes it to the 21 yard line. they work the ground again to danny woodhead and woodhead picks up three more. >> cris: it's not like the patriots are coming up with big runs, but it's having a little bit of the same effect. you're starting to see these linebackers walking up. you're starting to see a little bit of the play action working. a little bit of the playbook that we saw from the ravens in the first half. >> al: keeping the defense honest. right on, cris. ten carries for 28 yards for woodhead, so the stats don't stand out but it changes the tempo and the defense to think differently. second down and seven.
10:35 pm
brady. to the outside. that is going to be another first down. and that is caught by brandon lloyd, another catch along the sidelines as he continues that one-on-one battle with cary williams. >> cris: you know, this is exactly what it is. you described it well. just battle on the outside. and tom brady, for a guy that hasn't been around very much, brandon lloyd has become a debit of his go to guy in the toughest of situations. >> al: first and goal at the 9. brady with that person-to-person communication because of the crowd and woodhead again. some effective running over to the right side which sets up a second down and goal at the 5 yard line. >> cris: logan mankins every week has gotten a little bit healthier. when this guy is good, the patriots can be great. i always thought he was probably the most physical of their guys up front.
10:36 pm
>> al: here is woodhead again and woodhead will take the ball to the goal line for the touchdown! danny woodhead, nothing spectacular, nothing electric on that drive, but so efficient and effective and new england has the lead again. >> cris: watch mankins get the cut block on the back side and that what allowed this play to take off. you get a guy on the ground on the back side. that's a tough reach block for a guard. he had to get inside and he got arthur jones on the ground. and opened it up. >> al: twelve plays and seven of them were runs. putting the finish touch by woodhead. gostkowski to try to make it a six-point lead, which he does. so each team has driven for a touchdown on this opening possession of the half. 27-21, new england. .
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r the ryder cup returns to american soil. team usa takes on medina.
10:39 pm
leading up to the ryder cup on nbc live saturday. the ryder cup at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. steve ba sh steve bisciotti, the owner of the ravens and robert kraft the owner of the patriots. ravens with the ball at the 20 when we come back on "sunday night football" in baltimore. . ng display of common sense. pretty sure it's the common sense thing.
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[ construction sounds ] ♪ ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ police radio chatter ] ♪ [ tires squeal, siren wails ] we gotta be out of here in a minute. ♪ [ construction sounds ] [ coughing ] [ loud engine start up ] you ok? [ engine revs ] you ok? come in. ♪ got the coffee. oh...right... that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
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>> al: friday night, indianapolis fighting panthers wing 22-15. bill belichick with the maryland roots in baltimore tonight where his team is back up by six and the ravens have the ball at the 20 yard line. a whistle before the snap for a
10:42 pm
false start. cris, you take a look at this game -- >> referee: false start, offense number 82. five-yard penalty. still first down. >> al: torrey smith. 81 yards and 92 yards by the ravens, 81 by new england and 80 by baltimore and just now 80 by new england. >> cris: i told you, it was going to be a defensive struggle. >> al: well, it was for new england anyway in the first quarter when they jumped out in front and baltimore couldn't do anything but now the ravens with three successive touchdown dr e drives. flacco throwing it into the bench. >> cris: here is what the patriots have been doing all year this year and their defense has been playing much better. the cover two they got the two corners up and two safeties back. the key is you beat up the wide receivers coming off the ball. and certainly we have seen what the replacement officials, you
10:43 pm
can get-aw awas he with a littl more than the regular guys but the teams are adjusting to it and playing the way it's being called. >> al: second and 15. flacco with time. flag thrown. smith for a big gain, pending the call. the flag thrown back at the 32 yard line. sterling moore covering. everybody moving up the field indicating the penalty is against the patriots. and it will be. >> referee: holding, defense, number 29. the penalty is declined. first down. >> al: that is sterling moore and it's declined because the gain is 37 yards. >> cris: patriots trying to get cute and running their safety back after disguising up front. chung unable to react to it
10:44 pm
because he is going backwards so fast. he couldn't turn and make the play. >> al: the running back is pierce at the 47. he gets the ball and he goes through the middle and cannot get out of the grasp of mayo. he takes the ball to the 43 yard line. >> cris: again, now the patriots have almost admitted that they can't stop the run with seven. you know? that is something that they have been able to do thus far this year, but joe flacco has kept the hammer down on them and when they have gone back to that two-deep, he just keeps hanged the thing off and it's changed the game. >> al: flacco throws and despite that very tight coverage by downing, pitta makes the catch and another flag is down at the 42 yard line. >> cris: vince wilfork was not happy and marshal yanda may have grabbed him.
10:45 pm
yanda got a little bit off balance. >> referee: holding offense number 73. ten-yard penalty. second down. >> cris: reggie white, they used to call this the hump move and he could almost throw you in the air with one arm. "get off of me!" then you really have no choice but to grab something at that point. marshal yanda a pro bowler from a season ago. a good player also. >> al: wilfork with a tremendous career. their first round pick back in '04 in young. second and 15. pierce, the rookie out of temple in the backfield. and they will check it down and it's dropped out in the flat by leach. he started to look up field. third and 15. >> cris: i think flacco really wanted to throw this thing to torrey smith but he kind of geared it down in the middle of the field instead of just
10:46 pm
ripping across there in man coverage. you know, a lot of times if it's a zone, you'll settle down, but watch him at the tail end of this. he's open. he just keeps going but he stops and that allows chung to catch up and flacco wanted to get him the ball. >> al: third and 15. flacco time again. going for smith. deep down the field and incomplete. mccourty is there to help break it up. that will make it fourth down. >> cris: a great job by devin mccourty. watch the contact. push him toward the boundary. now torrey smith has almost nowhere to go out here and mccourty is in position to make the play. when you can squeeze that receiver into the boundary it makes playing defense so much easier. >> al: he wound up getting the inside position and glances off his helmet. sam koch now to punt and welker back for new england.
10:47 pm
and there is a flag, as welker takes it from the 12. had nothing to do with the punter. it's at the 48 yard line. at the line of scrimmage. it was fourth and 15. line of scrimmage infraction. offside. now he's going to go over the referee hermansen to ask harbaugh if he wants to accept or decline. >> referee: offside, defense. >> al: i think harbaugh wants to know where is the ball going to be spotted? before he makes the call on accepting or declining here. so it's not -- by no stretch
10:48 pm
will it be a first. it's fourth down and ten but does he want to punt again or have them take it? >> referee: number 90, defense lined up in the neutral zone. five-yard penalty being nverenfd on the end of the kick. >> al: that is the issue right there. so they will take it and enforced at the end of the kick and brady goes to work again. . ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] can you change your world
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>> al: next week up the interstate we go to philadelphia. eli and michael vick. dallas, the giants and philadelphia all 2-1 and washington now 1-2. now, when we went to commercial, the official said tack on the five yards at the end of the penalty. you can't do that. so you have to accept or decline. it's either a kick again or new england would have gotten the ball where welker was tackled. so now harbaugh figures he can gain a little bit more advantage. it will be a better opportunity for koch to pin them deeper by
10:51 pm
accepting the penalty. >> cris: that is exactly what i'm thinking right there. what the heck? and that is what is happening. there are full-time employees of the nfl that aren't locked out that are in the replay booth that are calling down when there are mistakes made, so all of the administrative stuff that is going on and there is some mistakes, they try to correct it, at least give them credit for that. >> al: meanwhile, the two down boxes, it's not a first down. it's fourth and ten. look to punt again eventually. and welker back to receive it. nose down and backspin and welker will let that go into the end zone. so the ball will come out to the 20 yard line. >> cris: they lose a couple of yards on that. tom brady, for me, the difference has been all of the time. in the huddle when we call crossing routes, we used to
10:52 pm
always tell our offensive line, give me laemt time. a little bit more time. there are big holes in there and happening with the new england patriots. this offensive line is giving them an extra second, second and a half and the crossing routes have been wearing out the baltimore ravens. >> al: brady, last year with two picks in the afc championship game, but the pats prevailed. tonight, 19 of 27 for 255. on the 20 yard line. brady slings it to the outside and they begin with a first down. kellen winslow, ninth-year man out of miami, son of the hall of famer, makes his first catch as a patriot. >> cris: yeah, and tom brady, obviously, looking for somebody that can take the place of aaron hernandez. this is a guy who has 70 plus catches in tampa bay. he was traded to seattle and cut by seattle and brought back in here to new england.
10:53 pm
they look at him and chose not to sign him and hernandez got hurt, re-sign him and feel like he is a factor for them. >> al: from the 32. and that is ngata making sure that ridley couldn't get out of his tracks. meanwhile, gronkowski, minus hernandez tonight. they have been doing a good job on him because he has caught just two balls, both thrown his way. targeted twice and caught two for just 21 yards. second and 11 from the 21. blitz coming. and that is lloyd who gets a block on the outside. he gets taken down a yard shy of the first down. maybe a couple of yards shy. they will spot the ball at about the 40 yard line. >> cris: they have been coming about this lardarius webb blitz more often than not. when they do, tom brady gets the
10:54 pm
line out in front and good block by welker as well. >> al: third and one. ridley to the outside and backs his way to a first down at the 45 yard line before lewis makes the stop. 3:30 to go in the quarter. >> cris: one thing that ridley does well is work the edges and also the pitches. remember, this was a team in baltimore that, for years, you didn't even try to run on the edges. they had jared johnson out there and terrell suggs and corey r d redding. those guys are all gone. not qis the defenuite the defen on the edge. >> al: brady. again, working the outside. that is lloyd. close to a first down. should have it it. >> cris: in the hey day when you have terrell suggs and jarrett johnson on the outside you see those guys squeeze down from the
10:55 pm
outside/in and make it so heart to run. watch suggs here just get bent over and set that edge. you have to keep them from going outside and also squeeze them down from the inside and what the ravens are missing just a bit now. >> al: from the 45. brady dancing. throws incomplete over the middle. had a ton of time but the secondary did great work. >> cris: ray lewis with a hold on gronkowski. i'm getting a little older and my eyesight is fading but even i could see that one. >> referee: holding defense number 22. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> cris: there you go. not even the officials wanted to call it on ray. >> al: right! >> cris: all right. right up here is the one they actually caught. jimmy smith fell down and had to grab. >> al: first and ten at the 40.
10:56 pm
woodhead to the outside. stopping the run there. you're talking about the ravens stopping the run and the history of the team going back to '96, they never have allowed the opposition four yards per carry over the course of the season which is astonishing. >> cris: right there is kruger. this is setting the edge. make sure he doesn't get outside of you but buy a little time for the inside receiver to get there. >> al: second down and nine. 2:15 to go, third quarter. patriots up by six. brady off to the left side he goes. and that is wes welker making the catch. hit hard. by cary williams. and it will set up a third down and three. >> cris: watch ray lewis right here and come up and hold danny woodhead coming out of the backfield and just grab him around the neck.
10:57 pm
that's what the patriots used to do to marshall faulk in the super bowl. >> al: cried rises as one at m&t bank stadium now. third down and three. >> cris: trying to slow it down. >> al: over the middle and caught and what a shot taken by deion branch and flags -- you can see three of them right there. ed reed popped him. branch takes a big shot and welcome back, dio deion. >> cris: oh, my gosh. i don't know how deion branch is smiling after that one. that's the second one that ed reed took a shot to the head. this is enforcing over the middle but this is what the league is trying to eliminate. >> referee: half the distance to the goal. automatic first down.
10:58 pm
>> cris: that's just -- that is big-time money out of the wallet right there too. >> al: no catch on the play because the ball came loose. so they bring it back to the line of scrimmage and enforce it from there. it will be a first down. >> cris: wow. >> al: yeah, you're right. i mean, you can't believe he is not hearing things in his head right now. >> cris: that's back in the day. that is no more. and i think it's a big reason why you're seeing the passing numbers the way they are any more, because receivers don't have to worry as much about taking a shot like that. that was considered a great play. at least a little sportsmanship on the part of ed reed. he knows the foul is justified. >> al: crowd is upset with the administration. they know it's a foul.
10:59 pm
the official coming in and clearly he is in touch with somebody who really knows what is going on. >> cris: the replay guy upstairs. you have the bermuda triangle now. >> al: you hope. ball at the 18 yard line. first and ten. good hold. ridley picks up a first down as he takes it to the 4 yard line. it will be first and goal and a drive that began back at the new england 20 yard line. >> cris: boy, i tell you what, i like this kid stevan ridley. a year ago with benjarvus green-ellis, he was between the tackles kind of runner. but this young man, ridley, has given them that stretch play, he has given them the toss play and really added a dimension to this offense. >> al: nine carries for 36 yards tonight. first down and goal. from just inside the 5 yard line. look at that!


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