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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  September 23, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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de la liga, el objetivo es que lamentablemente hoy día los some of the ravens were on hand. lewis, reed, and brady marquee names on this sunday night in baltimore. a fake toss to boldin. a slant caught on the outside by lloyd. first down. let's go back to the fourth down stop. >> cris: yeah, it was the pressure by mayo that forced vonta leach here and basically left patrick chung alone on the ends of the line of scrimmage to make the tackle. the inside pressure by mayo is really what made that play. >> al: first and ten at the 47. lloyd has caught nine balls now for 109. welker 6 for 120. so two receivers in triple figures tonight. this is the rookie bolden who scored his first nfl touchdown
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in the first half. ngata makes the tackle. belichick normally with a lot of veterans on his team. this is about the youngest team that bill has had. we asked him last night. he said, yeah, he would have to think this was the youngest on balance in his 13 seasons in new england. >> cris: i thought they needed to get young, especially on defense. you can see the energy level on that side maintaining throughout the game. >> al: second and eight. the ball is at the 49 yard line. and that is caught and it's a big night for welker and a first down to the 40 yard line. so welker, who doesn't start last week and that becomes a big issue in new england and patriots poo-poo'd that of course. >> cris: we told you about the matchup inside and wes welker is
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starting to make a few plays on lardarius webb and it's moving the chains here. >> al: brady begins to milk the clock a little bit. ball at the 40 yard line. and woodhead did not get out of the backfield. ellerbe, fourth-year linebacker out of georgia stopping him in the backfield. the stars tonight as we take a look at new england. tom brady, over 300 again. welker with those seven catches and lloyd with nine and both in triple figures. >> cris: it's kind of interesting. aaron hernandez was taking some plays away from wes welker. they are both inside slot sort of players and now that hernandez isn't there, welker has that full-time role himself. >> al: second and 14. whoa! another shot taken by branch! jimmy smith comes up to whack him or whether it was read who what kind him before. >> cris: another blitz inside. and jimmy smith read this one
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all the way and before welker could get there, his partner was taking a shot. deion branch probably wondering why he came back. >> al: i'm thinking the same thing! hey, i got to go back on the couch at home! third and 14 from the 44 yard line. brady sliding right. throwing and that pass is incomplete. intended for danny woodhead. so it's fourth down. ravens do their job and a two-possession game, at least get it back with half the quarter to go. >> cris: yeah, and kruger is going to force the inside pressure and brady had to bounce out to the right. there just wasn't but one receiver over there and ravens
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defense, when they had to, got it done. >> al:zoltan mesko will try to pin the ravens deep. the catch is made at the 8 yard line. 7:29 left in regulation. new england up by nine. . ( laughsokay i'm taking the bus and you will not see me at the pancake social tomorrow! geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> al: a few years back, josh mcdaniels on the right was add belichick's staff and then head coach at denver and it all fell apart and got fired before the second year was done. then to st. louis. bill was able to bring him back and actually had him on the staff during the super bowl last year and now back full-time. flacco dumps it off underneath. here is rice who jitter bugs his way out to the to yard line before he is tackled by mayo. so flacco and down by nine and working against the clock with a long field at the 20 yard line. >> cris: a lot of offensive to be had jumping that ball to ray rice. obviously, the patriots now will be a little more cautious and
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don't want to give up the long up with. you may have two or three throws to rice before they really start getting on him. >> al: flacco throwing deep on the sideline and smith unable to make the catch. covered by mccourty on the play. >> cris: almost gave it an old lynn swann effort on that one, jumping over the top and had a chance. >> al: a flag on the play. been a busy night for hermansen's group. >> referee: five yard penalty. repeat first down. holding on the offense number 23. >> al: on marshal yanda. >> cris: he will give it a grab. cunningham on the inside. a rushing defensive end and a tuck if you will and move him inside and get the passing ends against the guard who aren't used to seeing that kind of speed and he is back in there again. >> al: you saw that graphic last
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year -- a game and, tonight, a dozen. last year, 5.8 average. the decal, logo on the ravens uniforms, put there after the passing of a couple of weeks ago of art modell who brought the team over from cleveland, but left the name of the browns and records back there and restarted the franchise here in 1996. second down and 14. flacco. incomplete. mccourty is there, gregory comes over to help. another flag is thrown and intended once more for torrey smith. >> cris: that is going to get them out of the hole if that is against the patriots. those little five yard penalties but you get the first down are. >> referee: holding, defense, number 32. five-yard penalty. automatic first down.
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>> al: mccourty. >> cris: here we go, out here. >> al: you tell me. >> cris: wow. wow. guys, keep negotiating, will you. >> al: first and ten. that is caught by jacoby jones! and he takes it out to the 42 yard line. tackle by gregory. under six to play. 21-yard gain. >> cris: jacoby jones has really added an element. whenever against the baltimore ravens, it was deal with the running back ray rice coming back and deal with torrey smith but didn't have the deep threat on the other side. now they do and he has really helped the ravens oh. >> al: from the 42 yard line. flacco good protection. to the outside.
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that is smith on an out pattern and able to haul that ball in at the new england 42 yard line for a first down. >> cris: they really doubling torrey with a safety underneath, steve gregory and still able to get it in there. sign of a pretty talented young man when you grab that double coverage and still pick up a first down. >> al: from the 42. in the flat to the tight end, this is pitta tackled at the 38 yard line by moore. we are down to five minutes to go in the fourth. >> cris: if they had attempted a 50-yard field goal before, it would be nice hanging on the board right now. >> al: second down and five.
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flacco sliding away to rice. inside the 30! ray rice inside the 15! to the 10 yard line goes ray rice who has gained a hundred yards on the ground tonight. 27 through the air here. rice 5 for 49 yards. >> cris: working against brandon spikes who is not the swiftest of linebackers and when you can get a back with that kind of a mo move. >> al: you have kyle arrington down so you have an injury time-out here. >> cris: almost the hold on michael oher on the outside, but protection has been good and the defensive line of new england is getting awfully tired. >> al: the ravens tonight, 455 total yards. rice has been responsible for 149 of those.
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flacco has thrown for 333. you've had 842 yards of offense collective in this game. and arrington has to go to the bench for at least one play. number 23, marquice cole comes in to take his spot. does flacco target him right here? >> al: i'd target ray rice again. >> cris: pitta is a big target for him lately too. >> al: flacco unloading one. incomplete. intended for pitta. covered by the safety chunk. chung. second and goal. 4:15 to go. the drive that began at their
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own 8. second-guess that maybe harbaugh to the 50 yard line before. now in possession to take the lead and still need a touchdown and a field goal. second and goal. flacco will get buried at the 20 yard line! flag is thrown. chandler jones, the first guy in and kyle love comes in second. and another penalty. we have already had 20 accepted penalties in the game. >> referee: holding, defense, number 55. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: there is 21. spikes. >> cris: take a look. you do get five yards for contact. well, it looked like he got the left arm wrapped around dennis


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