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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> announcer: >> this is breaking news on news 4 at 11:00. >> a standoff on the water tonight near the bellhaven
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marina. there are reports of a man with a gun on a boat. >> reporter: we are being kep several feet away from the scene. you've got some f.b.i. investigators here on the scene. wha we are told is at about 8:00 this evening, u.s. park police stopped a boat. we don't know why this boat was pulled over, but what we do know is the individual that was on the vote is believed to have within armed, possibly with a gun. again, we just found out here a few minutes ago and investiga r investigators are staying very tight-lipped. again, this began about 8:00 this evening. the individual on the boat, possibly armed with a gun. we're in alexandria this
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evening, back to you. >> more breaking news as the nationwide man hunt for a murder suspect ends in virginia. we've just learned the suspect recently resigned from his job in quantico. >> reporter: a lot of the people that we spoke to tell me that this is the most excitement that they've seen in quite some time. kerry says it was like a scene from a crime show. >> that easterl's exactly what d like, a cop show. >> she watched murder suspect anthony taglioneti.
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>> federal marshal on the top of him. >> reporter: investigators say they spotted him in the car while on patrol. d don. >> out of the vehicle and on the ground. >> reporter: what was your reaction seeing that in your nay w boar hood? >> it was something. >> reporter: he's smt suspected murder of keith reed. law enforcement believes it may have been a love triangle. >> i don't know. the guy lost it. >> just before his capture this evening, the u.s. marshal service warned that he had
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firearms and training 234 t ini marines. >> will you ever forget today? >> no. . >> reporter: why not? >> it was exciting. >> reporter: well, a lot of folks tell me that they will never forget today. as for antny ta grksz lionetti, they will eventually turn him over to new york law offers. n >> police are on the hunt for this man. it happened in silver spring this afternoon. the man grabbed the boy outside claiming to be a police officer. a mcdonalds security officer jumped in.
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a student faces charges in a fight at a football game. richards is still hospitalized tonight. tonight, extra security is on hand. >> a worker being called a hero. darren washington is the station manager at the roslyn station. he saw a 55-year-old man collapse near the ticket county. he called for the nearby day fib ri later and applied a shoek. >> she came back. i saw him breath a little bit and relieved that he was breathing on his own andish withing himm quick recovery in y
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mind. >> he is expected to make a full recovery. >> now, to wther tonight, some areas still seeing rain. doug ram ron lets us know what's in store for the weeke. >> we'll call it half and half. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies and some rain. especially down in through here. you have been in the rain throughout the last few hours. same thing back toward the west. back towards fredericksburg and the culpepper region. that's not the only thing moving in. this rain will move out. but something else will move in bhind it. for the weekend, i'll show you just what that is. >> a man wanted for three sexual
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assaults may be behind more attacks. police say he may be linked to as many as six attack. just last weekend, a woman reported a suspicious man peering into parmts in german town. >> i am determined to do everything i can to see to it that this arrogantlile tw irkir doesn't get a way with it. >> pliolice are looking for two men who used pepper spray.
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fair fax county police are searching for a man who struck at least seven times since june. police say he poses as a maintenance work ir to get into the billings and steals wallets and purses. a fifth shooting victim died this afternoon. he killed hich eed himself yest. he had been fired from his job just hours earlier. among the victims, a ups delivery man. the owner of the company was also killed. >> rub irksz n was e normally
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important. >> nothing you can say can help us. >> two shooting victims are still in the hospital tonight. thousands of drug havens in massachusetts are now in jeopardy after a chemist adm admitted faking results. prosecutors say she admitted about lie gd for test results. she was involvedd 60,000 tests for nine years. his biggest leads are in ohio, new hampshire and iowa.
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in iowa, e lelected o fishlts s they have a record breaking amount of voters. breathalyzers are back in the district. and, tonight, officers have another tool to crack down on drunk driving. the breathalyzers return comes nearly two years after they were found o to have calibration problems that led to false readings. dozens of drunk driving convictions were tossed out. the city received a grant to purchase the new breathalyzers. carmegeddon part ii. the road will close from 1:00 a.m., our time, early monday morning. last year, a similar closure and
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similar warnings didn't cause any major problems. tonight, apple is apologizing for sending customers in the wrong direction with the new map app. it's available in the iphone 5. he admits apple fell short in itsz commitment to making world class products. and he says empl yeployees are everything they can to correct the problem.
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a 72-year-old man from the bronx is alive tonight thanks to his neighbor's cell phone video that shows them catching him to escape a fire. ronnie post says the fire started in his kitchen and quickly spread. >> i go in the kitchen. i see the flames coming from the curtain in the kitchen. i opened the door. i shouldn't have did that. i opened the door, the flames
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said bam. >> most of his apartment is burned beyond repair. but he says he is just thankful to those who helped him out. >> now, to kentucky, dash cam video showings a police officer slamming right into the fropt of a house in louisville while responding to an emergency. hefgs going about 45 miles an hour when he swerved to avoid a pick-up truck. the cruiser shattered a mailbox. and then, as you saw, the entire front of the home. no one in the house was hurt. the officer only suffered a minor neck injury. >> it's been a mystery for nearly four decades, but, tonight, new tests could reveal what happened to jimmy hoffa. today, investigators removed soil samples from a yard in detroit. this, after a dying man said he saw people burying a body there hours after hoffa disappeared in
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1975. there have been rumors over the years of hoffa's final burial. >> spirlt airlines is raising fees even higher. starting november 6th, the carrier will raise the fee for passengers who pay for carry-on bags up to a hundred dollars. if airline says the fee for carry on bags will be $50 if passengers pay pr their carry on bags at the ticket counter or kiosk. a new twist after an awe thentic renoir painting showed up for $7. it's now worth $75,000 the company learned it had been reported stolen back in 1951. >> we contacted art loss
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register, which is a lond london-baslondon-bas london-based registry of stolen and missing art. we also looked at the f.b.i.'s list. you can check a lot of bags with that painting. [ laughter ] >> very upsetting. that was spirit airlines? >> hmm. every destination they're flying to tomorrow has just rained ou. tor mnadoes and floods and all that. >> out there rieg now, let's show you, if you are taking an air travel from maybe out towards reagan national this evening, not bad at all. temperatures today got up to 81
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degrees. a nice, early part of the day. lunchtime, a lot of people realitily out enjoying as we did see some sun. the clouds moved in. the rain moved in, too. just over three quarters of an inch in the d.c. area. 68 degrees, the number out there right now. we do have temperatures that are going to be going down at 9 miles an hour. that wind coming behind the frontal boun tri. it is going to be a cooler start, but not as cool as it's been over the last 1-2 weeks. down to the south in through southern maryland, you can see the rain. notice the green around fairfax and washington? that is not rain. that is something we call ground
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clutter. heads up for that as you're making your way out and about. behind it? nothing. you're going to be clearing out. that's why we're going to cool down. that's why we're going to see some fairly cool numbers. look at the high in pittsburgh today. only 64. those numbers will be moving in. tomorrow will be 10 degrees cooler than it was out there in the day today. if you were in the '70s tomorrow, you'll be in the '60s. tomorrow morning, a bit cooler, 49-59 degrees. a nice start. tomorrow, cooler and more fall-like. a lot of you were hoping for the fall temperatures.
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there you go. saturday, looking good. sunday, however, going to be watching another storm system on sunday that will spin just to our north and west. that will bring in some cooler conditions. 71 doesn't seem all that cool, but it will feel a lot cooler. a lot more moisture in the at moss fear. tuesday, another storm system moves in and then it does look like things dry out and get pretty nice. so we've been talking about, all of this time, how we still need to see rain. it's still 7 inches below average. >> that's surprising. thank you, doug. coming up next, not your typical wedding proposal. we'll tell you how a pi lot really caught siz bride-to-be off guard. >> and in sports, the
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. tough night for the nat. boy, it was ugly out there. >> losing is something winners just have to go through sometimes. it hurts a little less knowing that the braves lost, too. >> thank you. >> wedwin jackson won a world series title last season. tonight, he probably give anything short of his brain to have another chance at his former mates. jackson comes in with the first inning e.r.a. over k4r6b :00
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6 6 6.00. second inning wasn't any better. now, 7-1. malina crushes jackson's pitch. just one and a third giving up nine runs, eight earned. the good news again, the clinch for the division is at 2. oriole, fans better buckle on up. we get it. we get it. hosting the red sox tonight, first inning, os up 2-1. and they're all coming home. first-career grand slam. os take the 6-1 lead. they go onto win 9-1. they're stil a game behind the
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yankees in the a.l. east. the orioles magic number to clinch a playoff spot is three. cincinnati pitcher bailey has a historic night. that ties a major league baseball record. full name, i know you're wondering, david dewitt bailee nicknamed "homer" after his great grandfather. head coaches that are good friends and even used to coach together. screaming eagles head coach, fred kim, there he is. he left to take over at seneca valley. forty quarter valley, up 6-0. just six minutes left to play.
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eagles come right back. kevin jaffee. so the cougars miss and the e eagles up 14-9. the eagles first win over the cougars in 10 years. >> the guys always beat my rear end. it's been tough for our program because everyone feels that se snr neca is the old hat. >> all of these years, they've been able to finish it on us. we were able to close it out ourselves tonight. >> still friends but a s
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