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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 18, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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the crisis between hamas and israel escalates today. >> drivers finally hit the road on virginia's new express lanes. we'll break down how the first day went. >> back to work for the skins. eagles come to town. and another nfc rival is on the horizon. good morning, welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm melanie alnwick. coming up, president obama kicks off his three-day visit to southeast asia.
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plus, tense moments in dubai. wait until you see the video of a high rise fire. first, let's get a check of how things look outside. a live look now from -- what was going to be veterans plaza in silver spring. don't know if that's a cloudy day or cloudy lens. good morning, gwen. >> the clouds are rolling in, and we are going to see them increase into the course of the day. so still going to have sunshine. not going to be all cloudy. beginning with our satellite radar composite, high clouds. sunny breaks in the morning to mid-part of the day before the clouds start to take over a little bit. here is a look at the numbers from yesterday. right on the mark, close to where we should be pretty much.
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few degrees above. 55 at reagan national airport. 58 dulles. 53 at bwi thurgood marshall. chilly start to the morning. 46 annapolis. 39 baltimore. 42 d.c. dulles at 34. 32 at frederick. cumberland only 27 degrees. today we'll be warming up to about 54, becoming mostly cloudy into the course of the day. light winds. that will continue into the evening as well. winds remaining fairly light. as we head through the course of the week, not bad at all, because the week ahead is looking very pleasant and nice. i'll have a special forecast to let you know in terms of thanksgiving day. we'll let you know what's going on then. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. on to our top story this morning.
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president obama launched his tower of southeast asia, arrived in bangkok sunday afternoon local time. the president is holding a news conference with the prime minister now. the two leaders are fielding questions from journalists. he is scheduled to sight see, a private meeting with the prime minister and official dinner. the president will visit cambodia also. the visit to my an mar is the first by a sitting president. escalating conflict between israel and gaza strip. militants fired another rocket at tel aviv today but was intercepted. here's more. [sirens] >> reporter: the violence in the middle east continues to escalate. militants in gaza have
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unleashed hundreds of rockets against israel, including new weapons aimed at tel aviv. in response, the israeli military has deployed a rocket defense system. >> slight probability it will hit inside tel aviv. the iron dome brings down this possibility to a very small probability. >> reporter: a convoy of israeli troops and tanks can be seen driving towards the border saturday. video reportedly shows the navy hitting close to the home of the prime minister. >>(translator): all night we we worried whether they would shell or not and whether they will target our house or not and if anything would be left for us or not. when we came in this morning, there is nothing. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say a residential building was hit in
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gaza city. >>(translator): now we are talking about one thing, which is to stop the aggression against our palestinian people. to stop killing our citizens, and destroying houses in the gaza strip. >> reporter: israel began its military offensive wednesday after months of rockets from gaza hitting israel. so far, they have struck 700 targets. the israeli military says that mostly consistents of weapon storage facility and other militant locations. leyland vitters. fox news. backlash is building over the release of an accused terrorist by the iraqi government. the vice president called iraq's prime minister this week and told him not to release him. but the prime minister said they no longer had legal grounds to hold him. iran has been pushing for the release. he's now home back in beirut. senators john mccain and lindsey graham are calling this "a result of the obama administration's failed foreign policy." the white house says it did
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not change the cia's talking talking points in libya. at some point it was changed to extremist organizations. friday former cia director petraeus said the cia always knew terrorism was involved in the attack. >> the issue is from what was released cia friday afternoon to the moment it was changed to the sunday morning talk shows, there's a gap of 48 hours we need to account for. >> all the intelligence community have told us that initially they recognize there were extremists and terrorists involved but thought it came from a protest, that it took them time to sort that out, that there was no political spin in this. >> u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice said on the sunday after the attack it had been provoked by an anti- muslim video. we'll have more when we get a
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preview of fox news sunday at 8:30. here at home, nine teenagers are under arrest after a pair of attacks at the woodly park metro station. it started with a robbery friday night. 18-year-old olijawon griffin was the victim. later he ran into some of the robbers and there was an altercation and he was stabbed to death. >> still in the process of analyzing video along with metro transit police to determine what if anything else was captured. >> officials say the system is safe to use. montgomery county police are still on the hunt for a robbery suspect. he's on the right. he's got a gun held at the other man's back in front of an atm. this robbery happened 8:30 thursday night in the 13000 block of new hampshire avenue in colesville in front of the victim's 4-year-old daughter. if you have information, please call montgomery county police.
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prince george's county, police are looking for the person who shot a man outside a gas station. it happened after midnight on saturday morning in the parking lot of the lowest price gas station in the 5600 block of martin luther king junior highway, near the d.c. border. the victim's name has not been released. the state of the skins' playoff chances likely on the line today. the skins head become to work after the bye week they'll be facing the eagles this afternoon. both come in desperate for a win with 3-6 records. robert griffin the 3 was voted cocaptain of the team during the time off. they say there's still something to play for. >> it's one game at a time. you don't look to the future, because you have to take care of what you have in front of
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you. so yeah, i think the playoffs are a realistic goal for us, and i don't think there's a guy in that locker room that doesn't believe that. >> i think our football team understands we have to play our best football second half of the season. i think all teams do regardless of what your record is. you want to play well. our focus is on winning the game. let's play our best football and concentrate on one game and do it that way, the old fashioned way. >> it begins with it's fox 5 pregame show at 11:30 this morning followed by fox nfl sunday at noon and then the eagles and redskins from fed ex field here on fox 5, kickoff at 1:00. four veterans were killed when a train plowed into a parade float in texas. now three days later, a ruling on whether railroad warning signals went off before the float crossed over the tracks. >> plus, terrifying moments in the united arab emirates.
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we'll tell you if everyone got out safely. >> and the new express lanes in virginia are open and we have a preview.    
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making headlines, scary moments at a highrise in dubai. the 34 story tower caught fire today sending residents scurrying to the streets in their pajamas. rescue crews got everyone out safely. the building largery consistents of apartments and shops. cause is under investigation. divers recovered a body last night during the oil platform that caught fire in the gulf of mexico. one more person is still missing. the fire also 74 people to the hospital with burns on most of their bodies. oil leakage at the site was minimal. update now on the parade float filled with wounded veterans that was hit by a train in texas. a terrible story here. investigators now say the float
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crossed onto the railroad tracks after warning signals went off. four veterans were killed, 16 others injured, one in critical condition. some witnesses said the train hit them without warning. kickoff to the busy holiday travel season is upon us and appears travelers going to have a little more company this year. aaa expects 43.6 million travelers for the thanksgiving holiday, and that is up less than 1% over last year. 39million of them will go by car. good news, the cost of thanksgiving trips expected to drop on average by $56 and the average distance will be down by 16%. this is something that virginia motorists have been looking forward to. the new express lanes in virginia opened this weekend. the 14-mile stretch runs from the string field interchange to north of the dulles toll road. fox5's john henrehan took a
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spin on the new express lane. >> reporter: for most of the beltway, this roadway offers four lanes of traffic in each direction. but now in virginia, for about a fifth of the total beltway, there are 12 lanes of traffic. the extra lanes were paid for privately and for solo drivers this will be a toll road. the tolls will be collected electronically using the e- zpass system. if you have accidently get on the express lanes without an e- zpass, don't panic. >> please don't turn around or try to cross the white barriers. you can visit and you can pay that toll and a small fee on the web site. once you're in, take it to the next exit. >> reporter: what's the fee? >> the fee for the missed toll is $1.50. there are steeper fees if the operator has to chase you down sending a bill based on your license plate. tolls for solo drivers will
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vary depending on traffic. it was cheap on opening day, but during regular rush hours, solo motorists could pay 3 to $6 for a one-way trip. so during rush hours will motorists pay the premium prices to use these new beltway express lanes? we asked a few. >> how much time will it save me? >> reporter: they say you'll go at least 45 miles per hour. >> well, i would definitely use it -- what was it, like last tuesday, was it, that the beltway was really messed up, and i definitely would have chosen them on that day. >> i would. >> reporter: you would spend the money? >> i would. just because my leisure time is very important to me. >> i'll use it if my time to get to my work, like early or on time. >> reporter: will you pay that price to get there quicker? >> i would. >> reporter: you would? >> but i don't think the ordinary person would. it depends where i was going.
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if i was late somewhere, yes. if i was not in a hurry, no. >> people do use it, not such traffic. >> reporter: on the regular lanes? >> on the regular lanes. >> reporter: that in part why virginia approved the project, tolls for those who want the quick ride and maybe less traffic on the remaining beltway. john henrehan, fox 5 news. two accidents were reported in the first day. two teenagers were hurt. both accidents began on the regular part of the beltway and spilled over into the express lane. maryland now, where a car veered out of control and ran through the front doors of a 7- eleven. this is the scene in camp springs saturday afternoon. the building is being inspected for signs of structural damage. thanksgiving also means of course holiday shopping season is upon us.
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coming up, black friday is turning into black thursday. we'll tell you when you'll be able to snatch up the big deals. >> could be a grim black friday for wal-marts. employees getting ready to protest. we'll tell you what's got some wal-mart workers up in arms. where others fail, droid powers through.
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now more than ever droid does.
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wal-mart employees may walk out on the job on black friday. some, but not all workers are planning the protest. the idea is to push the chain to give workers better pay and benefits by making their point on a very busy day. >> a lot of them that have to work might not walk out, but a lot of them are proud are going to walk out. >> it's not clear whether any stores in our region will be affected. wal-mart is among the stores that will be opening earlier than normal. no doubt millions of shoppers will be looking to cash in on
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the deals. >> reporter: every year people line up early to get the black friday sales. but this year black friday is starting on thursday, and stores will be opening earlier than ever. >> they want to shop early, they want to shop early. >> reporter: for the first time, wal-mart, sears and toys "r" us will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. target will open at 9:00. best buy, sports authority, macy's and kohl's at midnight. that's more stores opening on thanksgiving than last year and earlier hours, showing the competition for your dollars. >> other places are doing it, you'd better do it, because otherwise they won't have money left when it comes time for your opening. >> reporter: some shoppers are thrilled. >> i think it's a good thing, because you don't have to wake up at like 3:00 in the morning and wait in line in the code. >> reporter: others think it's a terrible idea. >> i think it's a shame. i think it's like, there are special days out of the year and i think that's one of them. >> reporter: many want to save holiday as a time to spend with
8:23 am
family. >> want to go shopping on thanksgiving or have turkey? >> i want to have turkey. >> reporter: online petition on asks target to save thanksgiving by not opening on that day. more than 170,000 have signed. one person calling the early opening a tad evil to make people work that holiday. but for many wanting one of those door busters prizes, it all seems worth it. >> that was kim posey reporting. last year the black friday weekend accounted for 11% of total holiday spending. coming up on fox 5 news sunday, a discussion on the deadly benghazi attack, and what members of congress learned from the closed door meeting with the former cia director david petraeus. plus, gwen will be back with a look at the weather.
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we're back with your look at what's upcoming, new and note worthy, it's your capital run down for the week of november 19th. monday, november 19th, d.c. council chairman continues hearings on the closing of buildings. tuesday, the senate committee considers the nomination of robert okun at 2:30 p.m. wednesday, november 21st, the electric vehicle association of greater washington holds its monthly meeting look into ways drivers in the capital region can expand use of evs. it starts at 7:00 p.m. at the silver spring library. thursday, november 22nd, the washington national cathedral will conduct its annual thanksgiving service. that starts at 10:00 a.m. on wisconsin avenue.
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and on friday, november 23rd, the national park service will offer its evening special presentation at the national world war ii memorial from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. telling the history of the memorial and the war it commemorates. that's your capital rundown for the week of november 19th. you'll find us on and our hashtag is capitalrundown. i'm tom fitzgerald, see you next week. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>>briefing was comprehensive. i think it was important, it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> we've still got to determine number one how did this group penetrate this -- the facility that we had in benghazi? and who were these folks? >> lawmakers react to the testimony of former cia director david petraeus on the
8:29 am
attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the discussion focused on the talking points initially released on the attack that was reported by ambassador susan rice. it's one of the big topics today. chris wallace joins me now with a preview of today's program. >> good morning, melanie. >> president obama speaking in bangkok about the continued shelling in israel, saying israel has the right to defend itself. where do you see this going? >> well, obviously they have the right to defend themselves, and obviously if another country is raining missiles down on your people and killing some of them and throwing millions more into terror, you're going to respond. the question is, can they keep it at this level, where it's missiles and air strikes? are they going to have a cease- fire or a full scaled ground invasion? at the top of the hour we're going to be talking to two top
8:30 am
senators on national security issues, saxby chambless, joe lieberman, the chairman of the senate homeland security committee. obviously we were going to and still will talk to them about benghazi, but at the top of the hour we'll talk to them first of all about the situation in gaza. four years ago israel invaded gaza and ended up being blood ier than they thought. they killed over a thousand palestinians and there was a big international uproar over it. it's not an easy call for netanyahu and the israels to go into gaza, because it's hard to get out. >> there were questions about general petraeus would testify, he's the man with the answers. he finally did testify friday. do you feel like the congressmen got the answers they were seeking? >> i think they got some of the answers they were seeking. there were two things that seemed to have come out of the
8:31 am
petraeus testimony, and again we'll be talking to the two senators about that, because they were in some of these closed door sessions. first of all, petraeus says he always felt and in fact told congress when he testified back on september 14th that this was a terror attack. some of the congressmen who were in the earlier sessions said no, you were talking about the video and a spontaneous demonstration. there's a discrepancy about what he said then. we don't know because that was closed door as well. the other thing is, he says the cia talking points from the start talked about an al-qaida link, but that that was taken out and the reason that was taken out was not for political purposes, but because they didn't want to tip off some of these groups that they had intercepts, sources and methods of finding out what they were saying and doing and tracking them. if that's true, and we're going to talk to the senators about that, that would seem to get the white house off the hook and the idea they scrubbed this
8:32 am
for political reasons. >> going into your second topic today, we know republicans are doing soul searching. you'll be talking to governor jindal and governor scott walker. >> what's interesting about this is mitt romney held a conference call with some of his top donors this week, and you may have heard about it, where he said, listen, the reason the democrats won is obama and the democrats were giving, he said, gifts to hispanics and young people, pell grants, tuition aid, and things like that and obama care, that those were gifts. republicans like jindal fired back, can't divide the country, and the people who voted for democrats didn't just do it because they want things from government. there's really an effort to turn the page on 2012 as quickly as possible and try to reshape this party. we'll talk to bobby jindal and scott walker at the top of the
8:33 am
hour about that. >> lots to talk about. thank you so much for your time. >> you bet. >> you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. after our show. video captured by nasa friday still making headlines across the web. this is incredible. this is the sun unleashing a monster eruption of super hot plasma. fortunately, it wasn't aimed at earth. if it had been, we could have experienced problems with communication, navigation and power systems on the ground. gwen, i am amazed first of all that we can get pictures like this. then when you think about the effects it could have on earth if it was aimed in the wrong direction, little scary sometimes. >> it is. dodging a bullet for sure. speaking of sunshine and plenty of sun, don't have a whole lot today. but we'll get some. let's take a look at our maps and show you what's happening
8:34 am
now. you can see some clouds streaming in. very high level clouds. throughout the course of the day those clouds will continue to increase and filter in through all of the mid- atlantic. we'll become mostly cloudy before it is all said and done. as far as temperatures go, yesterday's highs, close to where we should be. double 5s kicked in at reagan national, same at dulles. cooler at bww marshal at 53. definitely seasonal. we were spoiled a couple of weeks ago. 39 at baltimore currently, 34 manassas. 34 dulles. 32 at winchester. here's a look at your day planner. midday around 51 degrees. cool down a little bit into the later part of the early evening hours. becoming mostly cloudy throughout the course of the day. big football game happening today, typical football weather as well. we'll have those details and a look at the turkey day forecast. >> i would say that's definitely a big game.
8:35 am
thanks, gwen. a bittersweet moment for twihards. the final installment of the franchise will hit theaters at midnight. kevin mccarthy had a chance to sit down with the movie's three main anchors. coming up, kristin stewart's take as the series comes to an end.   
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it is truly the end of an era, the "twilight" franchise opened its final chapter this weekend. the franchise has gathered a legion of fans since 2008. fox5's kevin mccarthy sat down with the two leading actors and asked them to do a little role reversal. >> if you could drop the "twilight" cast into a classic film, who would it be? >> imagine them in "grease."
8:39 am
>> yes. >> i can imagine them in like "west side story" or something. >> how would bella interact -- >> i always imagine like before we did anything, let's do the musical version, and then we'll do our version, then we'll do a parody version. >> this process, in this particular series, you've gone through an emotional transformation. now breaking dawn, the physical transformation. what is the role you think you transformed the most physically and emotionally for? >> doesn't really describe -- it's so crazy to say you can be like a different person. it's always, you know, like you read something, and something about it surprises you about yourself. you go, i responded to something i didn't know i had inside of me. so making the movie is figuring out why you responded that way. i never felt like i was being somebody else. i found i was finding a
8:40 am
different aspect of myself. >> when your character wakes up as a vampire, she's stronger, and a down side, can't eat food. you have ups and downs as vampires. as an actor in this business, what are the up sides of being an actress, and what are the down sides? >> i've been working so much, and i love that. i would go -- i really love being challenged, especially right now. maybe-- i'm 22, definitely an age you want to use what you've got. you've got so much bubbling underneath the surface. you can let a lot out as an actor. so that's my favorite thing. i love feeling challenged at a young age. it's hard what finds challenging you in life. it's a lot of people's goals and it's hard to achieve. i'm really lucky for that. the down sides of being an actress in hollywood, it's weird, like, it's hard to be
8:41 am
specific about it, because you start to sound like you -- i mean, obviously i don't really know anything that loves paparazzi and stuff like that, but at the same time it's like, i don't care. it's so worth it. >> i love the line, where you say, i have a bad habit of underestimating you. have you ever underestimated yourself as an actor and said, wow, i pulled that off? >> i never felt that way through an entire movie. sometimes there are certain things which something comes out which you have no idea where it came from. it's like the best feeling in the world. >> any particular scene you can remember where you felt that way? >> in this there was a scene when bella dies, extremely nervous about it, because you can't do anything. can't cry, can't do anything. and you don't breathe. i think there was one shot
8:42 am
where i was like, something happened. i was doing it with a dummy of kristin. but i thought that was quite cool. >> kevin says breaking dawn is a great sendoff of the cloudy skies sendoff of the franchise and the best of the films. the bye week is over for the skins. now it's philly time. robert griffin iii vows to be a better quarterback the second half of the season. that's coming up in sports. >> i think mother nature is a football fan. she's serving up great football weather for today. we do clouds moving in. overall, not bad at all. we're going to see a day where it will be a little bit on the cooler side. here's a look out in silver spring. people are out enjoying the morning. we'll have a look at your full forecast coming up. stay with us. we'll be back after the break. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. some of the top stories we're following, president
8:46 am
obama launched his three day tour of asia with a stop in bangkok. the president and prime minister held a news conference in the last hour. there will be an official dinner. the president will visit cambodia and myanmar. the new express lanes on the beltway in virginia opened yesterday. if you are by yourself in the car, you'll have to pay a toll by e-zpass. if you have a carpool, you can ride for free if you have the flex e-zpass. generally a toll is between three and sixdollars. hopefully the weather is good, because we don't need rato complicate things people trying to navigate the new lanes. >> rain-free, so that will be good news. everybody geared up for thursday. we'll get to that forecast as
8:47 am
well. let's begin with a look outside. skies not too bad. a few clouds starting to roll in. will become mostly cloudy during the course of the day. this is a shot from silver spring, people getting out for a nice fresh walk this morning, or going to morning services, or just enjoying the morning as they might have the day off. relaxing on this sunday. not bad at all. our weather headlines begin with the fact it is going to be a pleasant day on tap. hopefully you'll get out and enjoy it. high pressure in control most of the mid-atlantic. seeing the clouds rolling in from the south. temperatures remaining close to seasonal. not too far off the mark there. watching for a coastal low. i'm going to talk about that as well and the potential the impact it may or may not have on us. reagan national airport yesterday, 59, same at dulles. bwi53 yesterday. these temperatures are a couple of degrees where we should be.
8:48 am
we're pretty close. the clouds will continue to increase into the course of the day. it will become mostly cloudy a little bit later on by this afternoon. you'll get to enjoy a fair amount of sunshine before that happens. currently, 42 at d.c. 44 fredericksburg. 34 at dulles. 33hagerstown. and 39 at baltimore. as we take a look at temperatures and put everything into perspective for you, the national picture showing big changes. not a lot of warmth across areas of the midsection of the country. you can see 30s to the west coast a little bit better, into the 40s. there's that warmer air that's down to the southeast is not going to filter up towards u.s.s., unfortunately. we are going to see temperatures stay pretty much on the cooler side, until we get to the later part of the week, and then we'll start to see changes there. definitely keeping an eye on the southeast coast. this is where we'll see a low pressure system develop and gradually push its way to the
8:49 am
north. what will it do for us? right now looks like it's only going to provide us with some clouds. that system is expected to bring rain showers to the carolinas and then veer out to sea. between this ridge of high pressure that's affecting us now and this low pressure system, we're going to get a northeasterly flow that will continue and that will help also to push the clouds towards us. other than that, right now it doesn't look like we're going to see rain from it. could be a few sprinkles over parts of central virginia. game today, 52 as we kick off at 1:00 today. mostly sunny, but the clouds will roll in. so by this afternoon, mostly cloudy conditions. about 51 degrees by midday. heading to the game, bundle up, because it will get a little cool with the northeasterly breeze. for today, 54 degrees, becoming mostly cloudy. light winds. tonight it will be cool as well. northeasterly flow from 5 to 10 miles per hour. accuweather seven-day forecast,
8:50 am
no precipitation across the board. thursday looks like a great day with mostly sunny skies if you're heading out to make sure you have your turkey dinner, guests coming your way, no problem at there. we warm up to near 60 degrees, upper 50s by the end of the week. so far it looks dry. the question is, with that system if it will bring a few showers or not, but now it doesn't look like it. >> thanks, gwen. i like that, good news. moving to sports, the wizards against the jazz trying to avoid a second 0-8 start. tied at 23. first half, crawford dribbles into traffic and loses the ball. williams tracks it down and lobs it to hayward, who will take it for the jam. utah wins 83-76. washington still winless at 0- 8. to college hoops now, george washington in boston for
8:51 am
their road opener. big game from freshman mcdonald. he scored 21 points and the only gw player in double figures. they win 72-59 for its first win of the season. virginia hosting the red hawks of seattle. remember justin anderson? here's what maryland fans are missing. adds another highlight reel, the cavs route seattle, 83-43. talk is swirling at college park. sources reporting the university of maryland in serious negotiations to join the big 10 conference. one block could be the price tag. acc recently raised exit fee to $50 million. if maryland makes the move, rutgers is also expected to make the switch. terps hope to add another upset of florida state to their
8:52 am
graveyard of upsets yesterday. off the maryland turnover, 10 yards for the touchdown. seminoles win 41-14. virginia tech on the road against boston college. hokies needing a win to have any chance of become be bowl eligible. a minute left in the game, nails 41-yard field goal to force overtime. first possession of overtime, logan toms will find dunn for a 7-yard touchdown. tech wins in overtime. hokies need to beat virginia next week to become bowl eligible. navy hosted texas state. first quarter, no score. copeland bowls his way up the middle, then runs over defender at the 1 yard line for a 15- yard touchdown. midshipmen in front for good, 7- 0. copeland added another
8:53 am
touchdown. navy wins 21-10. next up, army on december 8 #th with the commander-in-chief's trophy on the line. another local sports, howard beat delaware state to finish with seven wins for the first time since 19 98. good job. georgetown was shut out at home by holy cross, 24-zip. nfc east is far from being decided now. the skins and eagles are tied at 3-6, both two and a half games behind the first place giants with seven to go. now more than ever, the skins need to return from the bye with a vengeance. lindsay murphy has a look ahead. >> reporter: time to say goodbye to the bye week. whether players went out of town or got away from the field, the break was all about rest, physically and mentally. >> it's been a grind. i think everybody needed that week to get away. we wanted to go into that bye
8:54 am
week with a win. we didn't. a lot of guys went out and probably had to do soul searching to find themselves to come back hungry. >> reporter: the skins had pep in their step coming back and they'll need it. phillies today, dallas on thursday. and even though the coaches have prepped for the cowboys, don't talk to the team about it. >> we have one game to worry about now, and that's the game this sunday. all that, you know, we looking ahead, you can't look ahead. you have to look right now. sunday is the most important game. all that other stuff, i'm tired of hearing it. that's what people use to try to get your mind off of the main goal. the main goal is playing this week, and once you get that done be then you can move on to the next week. >> we're just trying to win one football game. the next one is philly. so, you know, you can't really worry about what other -- we're still in it, but if we don't take care of our own business, then we're not going to be in it. so we're going to worry about
8:55 am
philly and go out there and try to get a win this week, and let the chips fall where they may. >> reporter: it starts with the rookie qb who vowed going into the bye he would be better the second half than the first. if that's the case, hold on for the ride. already franchise record holder for rushing yards by quarterback. skins averaging 164 rushing yards per game, second highest in the nfl. >> the coach said every game is going to be playoffs. must win for us if we want hopes of getting into the postseason. >> city like this one, they've been hungry for a victory for a long time. i plan to be the guy who bring it to them as a leader of the team. like i've told everybody, it's not just myself out there. all these guys put in a lot of work and it's going to pay off.
8:56 am
moving to boxing, major setback for seth mayhem mitchell. the maryland native was knocked out last night in the second round by jonathan banks. happy day for dozens of children in the district. finally they are officially home. we'll have a look at d.c.'s adoption day and how you can get involved when fox 5 morning news sunday continues. ♪
8:57 am
♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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8:59 am
this is just wonderful news. about 20 families were officially created at the annual d.c. adoption day ceremony this weekend. the ceremony finalized adoptions that have been in the works for months or even years. it also works to encourage people to become an adoptive or foster parent. there are about 120 children in the foster care program still looking for a home. we have a number for the hot line 202-671-love. >> so happy for them. nice end to our weekend. sunshine out there for people today. and also clouds that are rolling in. the important day is thursday. here is your thanksgiving forecast. mostly sunny skies. high of 54 degrees. some clouds rolling in. partly cloudy by thursday night at 42.


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