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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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senate with a deadline to get something done bearing down on everyone. the legislation raises revenue by increasing taxes but contains almost no spending cuts. it makes the bush era tax cuts permanent for families making less than $450,000 per year and provides another year of extended unemployment benefits for 2 million people while raising the value of the states protected from the death tax. but payroll taxes are going up. vice president joe biden who negotiated the deal with mitch mcconnel also on the hill trying to get support from house democrats. and the political rangling is far from over no matter how this deal turns out both sides headed for a major clash by the end of february over whether or not to raise the nation's debt ceiling. ed henry, fox news. >> fox 5 political analyst to join us now. mark, seems like it's hurting cats in the house
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these days with the republicans. >> this is really the major dilemma, will erik canter and john boehner which is outlet of the picture, it's up to canter to whip republicans. and also what was mentioned no amendments. i thought they'd go to the floor with a rule which means no amendments. you rule up or down like they did in the senate. if they can't do that, back to square one. >> republicans in the house have said at least the vast majority of them don't want to vote for any tax hikes. but how can they vote for a bill that has no spending cuts? >> as mitch who is a republican said look we're just going to concentrate on taxes. what republicans won't say is they don't want to be blamed for raising taxes for everyone. and that's what would happen if they don't come up with a package. and it's up to the republicans or enough republicans to vote
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that's where nancy pelosi said bipartisan enough republicans to breakaway from their caucus and vote with democrats so they get to the magic number of 218 without amendments so it won't go back to the senate. republicans are the party of no raising taxes on anybody. and for the first time in 20 years there will be republicans for this package to succeed will have to vote to increase taxes. >> what about all the drama leading up to this and the doom's day language of going over the fiscal cliff. technically we've gone over the cliff. doesn't feel any different. >> doesn't feel different. they did a clever thing which i haven't thought of is today there is no stock market. there's a holiday. remember for the package that in the days of the bush administration, the market went down over 700 points and all of a sudden they found religion and they passed something. there is no market today.
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so we don't have the injury or pain but tomorrow there will be and believe me, if there is no deal and it doesn't vote favorably in the house and the president doesn't sign the bill, watch the stock market. >> is this whatever happens do you get the sense, this is going to be a short-term solution until we get to this february debt ceiling? >> oh, absolutely. the debt ceiling is going to make this look like kindergarten. >> fox 5 political analyst. >> another big story we are following don't same sex marriage in maryland it's now officially legal for couples to wed. and what a way to start the new year. john was there to witness history being made. >> reporter: the proprietors of the black wall point in who rent their facilities for weddings allowed same sex couples to come and marry for free to celebrate
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the decision by maryland to legalize such unions. michelle miller and nora exchanged vows which seemed pretty traditional. >> i promise to love and support and cherish you. >> all the days we have on this earth. >> not only did approximated medical doctor's governor support gay marriage, so did the state's voters. >> and now by the authority given to me and by the legal authority granted to all citizens of the great and courageous state of maryland, as voted in the affirmative by the people of maryland, i now pronounce you married. you may kiss your spouse. >> the newly married couple who said they don't get emotional, we want with joy. they have been together for 15 years. 8 years ago they exchanged engagement rings. >> we all want to be equal. >> do you feel equal?
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>> almost. this is one giant giant step. >> this is one step. i think there's a long way to go. certainly for us in this moment. this is more than we could ever have imagined. >> at the legal wedding of nora and michelle miller, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> several other new laws taking effect credit for good behavior. parents can now freeze a child's credit to prevent identity theft and virginia governments will have a harder time seizing property and insurance agents must now tell owners if their policies don't cover earthquake damage. >> how about the first baby of the new year. born at holy cross hospital in maryland. here's the bundle of joy born to maria at exactly midnight. the baby is 7 pounds and 6 ounces.
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she and mom are doing well. and a mere 5 seconds after midnight, another baby girl was born in the district. and the third new year's baby was born at shady grove. born at 2:43 this morning. congratulations to all the parents. >> pretty good start to the new year weather wise down in with the first look. >> from first babies to first forecast. you don't need me to tell you it's been cloudy all day. i know there was a sprinkle on my drive in. that was about it. let me show you the radar. you have the clouds and a little bit of radar. the rain as anticipated stayed mainly to the south of us across southern sections of virginia. most of north carolina today getting some rain. you see the snow back out to the west and still this possibility higher elevations back out to the west
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that you may get a flake or two. in terms of where we are now with temperatures. 44 here in town. 30s north western suburbs down to the south in fredericksburg it's 45 degrees. clearing overnight certainly by sunrise see some sun tomorrow. low temperature here in town will be down to 31 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. and here's where the lows will drop down to. again, this is not bad for january. it looks like we're chilly for the next couple days but not too bad for the next several days. i don't see any major storm systems coming our way. if you look at the 7 day forecast which i'm not going to show you but i'll tell you, lots of sunshine and temperatures fairly seasonal for this time of year. so not too terribly bad. coming up, we'll take a look at the evening hours out there and another little first crack at your forecast coming up. >> see you in a bit.
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>> doctors say they are confident hillary clinton will make a full recovery. after doctors discovered a blood clot in her head. between her brain and her skull. it formed when she fell and had a concussion. she remains in a new york hospital now and taking blood thinners to breakup the clot. a man scaled the scaffolding and a banner demanding the pope stop terrorism. boep benedict the 16th celebrated mass saying that peace will prevail. the man did not appear to disturb the services but he was arrested. today is an holy day of obligation honoring jesus's mother mary. >> a developing story from the ivry coast. more than 60 people got crushed to death in a stampede after a fire works display in south africa.
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hundreds more injured. local hospitals expect the death tolls to rise because of lack of supplies. 7 people killed in an ambush in pakistan. five teachers and two health workers who were working for a nongovernmental association. oppose female education. they may have been targeted because they worked to eliminate polio in the region. >> coming up tonight, a woman stabbed in the chest. and police say it all happened on board a metro bus. >> this is just such a shock, you know. i started to cry right away. i'm thinking my little church is on fire. >> plus a local church congregation in shock after a fire rips through their sanctuary. >> the nation's capitol is gearing up for president obama's second inauguration. the press and why things will be scaled back this time around.
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 a house of worship in prince georges county goes up in flames this morning. luckily no one was hurt but the church has severe damage. bob joins me now with the latest developments. >> investigators say they haven't determined what caused the early morning fire. nothing suspicious at first but for the members of that church community, this is a sad start to the new year.
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>> we're very sad. this is our church. we were here last night. and we had such a grand celebration. we welcome in a new year and here we are again and our church is destroyed. >> they call it the church on top of the hill. the first church on iverson street. >> it's a new year, starting to the new year. looking forward to a lot of things for the new year. but not planning out the way we planned it. >> the pastor and members of the first community realize repairing the damage will be costly. >> the roof and the interior are burnt up, two offices and everything is gone. >> fire investigators searching for the cause know the power went out late last night in the church and surrounding neighborhood. >> we had no electricity like 12:00 the lights went off. and we left with the lights being
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off. >> people are using the light from their cell phone. that's how we made our way out. we left here and everything was fine. >> then i got a call saying the church is on fire. >> these photos were taken by the first responding firefighters around 7:30 this morning. took them almost a half hour to get it under control joined by atf agents who help investigate all church fires. this one not considered suspicious. >> any time you have more than one point of origin which arriving firefighters located two points of origin, that's always a red flag. however, knowing the power was out that everybody had left the church prior to the power coming back on, it's also a possibility when the power re-energized, something could have happened like a power surge that ignited something come bustable. >> god has a reason for allowing things to happen. and he's going to work it out.
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>> we're a strong community, we're a strong church so we're going to be okay. >> fire officials put an early cost estimate at about $100,000 but realize it will likely cost much more than that to rebuild the church for members who look for a temporary home. >> very sorry. bob barnard, thanks. >> an attk on a metro bus. a woman stabbed in the chest on mlk avenue. the man who attacked her took off on foot. the woman was struck in the head. the bus driver pulled over and called police. the victims expected to recover and remain in the hospital. >> starting today it's going to cost you more to use the dulles toll road. tolls will increase by 25 cents. and tolls on the on and off ramps will now be $1. will help pay for the dulles
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metro project. new york avenue back open after a 7 car crash. traffic in both directions had to be rerouted after the collision which involved 18 people. several of them were hurt. but their conditions have not been made public. >> the district has closed the books on the lowest homicide rate in decades. 88 murders in dc in 2012. that's 20 fewer than 2011. cathy has had a longstanding goal to keep murders down under 100. there are several reasons including gang busts, gun seizures and camera monitoring. >> gray day out there but all things considered, not quite too cold. >> no. >> not bad at all. >> see how things are looking for the rest of the gear. >> yeah, there's worst ways you can enter a new year around here. just had some clouds and as you mentioned, laura, 40, 44 degrees or so is wind blowing not that bad at all. cooler up
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to the north and west. but we've had most of the presip down to the south of us. the clouds have been thin enough they've allowed the solar energy to come through. some places have been pleasant. 44 in town.that's the warmest we been so far. fredericksburg is 45. i showed you the overnight lows. 36 for hag er z erstown. and winchester 37. the farther up to the north and west you go for the western suburbs, that is where it's a little bit cooler. but again, you don't have a wind, don't have a problem and temperatures out there today have been quite comfortable. grab a sweater, grab a jacket and just go with it. it is a little colder back to the north of us. international falls 11, fargo 19 degrees. there was a little hint some of the real cold stuff may try and slip down through the midwest and midatlantic.
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it looks now like the coldest of those core temperatures is going to actually stay a little farther to the north of us. so it will be a little chilly the next couple days but sunshine. as we transition into the weekend, it does look like we're talking sunshine and temperatures in the 40s. as i mention before, we're not talking any big storms coming our way. we may get to the middle part of the month without having a big storm come along. look at new orleans and tampa bay. loving the 70s down there. just another shot to show you the rain today as stayed to the south of us. hasn't been such a great new years day for most of north carolina. they've had cold rain. don't worry. temperatures aren't dropping off fast tonight. we'll stay cloudy for the next 6 to 8 hours as we
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start getting to 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. the clouds are going to breakup. sunshine comes back tomorrow but that doesn't mean it's going to be warmer. we're going to be sunny tomorrow but we're going to be colder. just like temperatures tomorrow will struggle to get out of the 30s. we'll show you that complete forecast and for the first week of 2013. all things considered, not too terribly bad. >> more than a million people from around the world packed into times square last night to usher in 2013. one of the biggest parties in the world but now comes the task of cleaning up. crews have their work cut out for them. sanitation pick up 17 million pieces of confetti. >> rgiii steals the show. >> it's january and the redskins are still playing football. more on the young guns. many of the players were infants the last time the skins won a superbowl and creating new memories. brian. >> and if you have a story idea,
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give us a call 202-895-3000.
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the new year starts with playoff preparation for the burgundy and gold thanks to a run to end 2012 spear headed by red skin rookies. scott smith is here now. >> after 16 games that regular season now done, they focus on the playoffs where alfred morris and robert griffin iii have left their imprint in just one year shattering records and chartering direction.
5:24 pm
the future is bright with these two. each could make a case for the rookie of the year. both are similar in that neither care about individual awards. instead both hoping to continue the 7 game winning streak into the playoffs. they've accomplished the first task. a division title, just 22, understands how important it is. >> i think it's safe to say i'm the happiest guy in the room. i was 9 years old in 1999 so i stand before you at 22 and the redskins are the nfc champion. to me, it's just incredible. talking to alfred after the game. the first time the redskins have been champ since 99 and we came in and did it in one year. the sky is the limit for this team. and we're looking to capitalize on it this year. >> the future bright for those rookies but talk for redskins considering an extension for mike shanahan. this is what we have lined up on fox starting at
5:25 pm
3:30. a special pregame show followed up by nfl fox network show and 4:30 kick off between the seahawks and the redskins. this will be a playoff rematch. they met back in 05 and 06. redskins lost both those games. >> should be fun. thanks. >> seems you can't get away from rgiii fans. listen to this. >> rgiii, rgiii, rgiii. >> those were chants of rgiii that broke out during a taping of monday night raw at the verizon center. it's the second time the stand out quarterback has gotten attention at this show. the chants caused interruptions in the show's action. >> any time the wizards are doing well, they chant rgiii. >> coming up the local basketball community comes together to remember a ledge avend whose life was taken too soon. >> president obama's inauguration is not on the rl
5:26 pm
front pages but fast approaching. i'm jennifer davis in the nation's capitol. i'll tell you how they are getting ready coming up. >> and a senate approved measure to avert the fiscal cliff. the latest from the hill at the bottom of the hour. irene, drop the itch. we dropped the itch, you can too. with maximum strength scalpicin®. it's not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch.
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. >> the latest now on the vote to avoid the drastic spending cuts and increase income taxes. house majority leader and erik canter says he does not support the bill currently up for considerations. there aren't enough spending cuts in the bill. they are suggesting amendments which would send the bill back to the senate. the bill would keep taxes from going up on the middle class but raise
5:30 pm
rates for those making $400,000. $450,000 for married couples. block spending cuts for two months. extend unemployment benefits and prevent a spike. we're joined now by peter fenn and republican strategist jordan liebermann. how did the republicans convince the country this isn't a civil war in republican controlled house? >> it is a civil war inside the republican caucus. there's no way around it. i would love to be in the room right now listening to these two fractions of the party. on one side we go over the cliff but remain pure republicans. on the other hand we cut a deal. it's a hard place to be right now if you are a republican. >> i guess the question a lot of people from both sides would wonder common sense prevailing why is it important to remain a
5:31 pm
true republican or a true democrat. doesn't look like president obama is getting his way either. >> no absolutely not. i think the president is getting almost everything he wants. these are folks that come from relatively safe seats outside this listening area where they are typically elected by primary voters. the way the districts are drawn, moderation is not necessarily in the vocabulary. >> when it comes to scoring political points, the narrative is changing a little bit. looks like president obama had the big clear winner. now everybody is talking about how great a job joe biden is doing. >> i'll tell you, joe biden and mitch mcconnel have served today for three decades. they know each other well. it was a good call to have the two of them negotiating. obviously the president was involved. the big thing about this is this was a big vote. it was 89-8. you had bipartisan support
5:32 pm
for this. the republicans wanted the senate to take the lead. they took the lead. they sent it to the house and they said they'd have a vote on it. my hope is they have a clean vote on a clean bill. then let the chips fall where they may. it is difficult for the republicans with canter going over the edge and it's tough. i mean is that's what's going on with john boehner? is he looking over his shoulders? we'll see. >> great question. is this a canter/john boehner showdown? >> may well be. canter has a bright future and he's playing smartly. he can do anything he wants after this. >> peter, i guess i'm curious, how does the senate which oftentimes looks like the adult in the room to begin with, how does the senate handle this? this is an overwhelming yes
5:33 pm
vote. marco was the loan no votes. he's positioning himself for a presidential run down the road. with such an overwhelming vote in the senate and adults taking control here, how do they reconcile with hurting cats in the house? >> it's very difficult. your point is right. there's a lot in this bill. there's a lot still that hasn't been done and will get done in the next two months when it comes to a lot of other budget matters. the hope now is that there is this up or down vote in the house and it passes. if they put a poison pill amendment as speaker boehner warned them about, they are in trouble. and then what happens if there's another bill coming through? there's not enough time. what will happen is they go into the next congress. it will start again at the end of the week with a newly elected senators and house members and they'll try again. in the meantime, the markets are going to be furious. you are going to see a very
5:34 pm
tough week on wall street i think. >> we're watching this real time along with you. thank you guys both. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> as the calendar turns over to a new year, washington is getting ready for the president's inauguration which is a few weeks away. president obama is restricting inaugural balls to the lowest number in 60 years. jennifer davis shows us there is still a staggering amount of prep work underway for the big dachlt >> reporter: you could say this hum of construction that fills the capitol grounds every four years represents the foundation of our country. these are the stands that will show case the peaceful passage of one presidential term to the next. >> we feel good that america has had this tradition for hundreds of years. >> they aren't expecting the record setting crowds of four years ago but senator chuck says they are planning plenty of pomp
5:35 pm
and circumstance. >> seems to be gaining in the number of people who want to come. >> two ceremonies. the private one sunday and the usual public one monday. the military's role is so involved that officials have constructed a giant map of the city to prep and plan. they will do many more before transitioning to city streets in a couple weeks. thousands take part serving a variety of roles. a military tradition that dates back to the beginning. >> the army military veterans and veterans of the revolutionary war paraded. it reflects our respect for our commander-in-chief. used to chronically. gearing up to give the public a front row seat. >> the museum sold $100 for
5:36 pm
inauguration day and give people access to the views from indoor balconies. tickets sold out in three weeks. >> not everyday you get to watch history happen. and that's one thing folks will be able to see. >> so where will visitors say? the 3500 square foot presidential suite. if you are willing to fork over $15,000 a night, you too could enjoy these luxurious accommodations. if you want this suite, you better act fast. >> we're real close to having it sold. >> jennifer davis, fox news. >> 150 years ago today president abraham lincoln made a stunning declaration. today is the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. a copy of that document is hanging in the oval office. but the original is on display at the national archives. the nation was still in the civil war
5:37 pm
saying no american can own another american and declaring slaves free. >> why giant pandas made aid in the fight against drug resistant bacteria. >> why some pediatricians say recess is a crucial part of the school day. [ male announcer ] now atat your neighborhood subwa: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami,
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breakthrough in medicine today. the fda has approved a drug to fight tuberculosis. the drug is made by johnson & johnson. a third of the world's population is infected by the bacteria. scientists say giant pandas may be the source of antibiotic compound. the ability to kill bacteria and fungi. naturally produced antibiotic killed within an
5:41 pm
hour. this discovery comes at a good time. many officials say people could grow resisted to antibiotics. >> recess is crucial for kids. should be a part of every kid's day. and never taken away as a form of punishment. children just like adults need time to decompress during the day and on top of that, there are physical benefits when you consider more than a third of u.s. children are over weight. >> survivors of the school shooting prepare to return to class. find out why the first lawsuit filed has been withdrawn. >> plus he was a popular player in the dc area. how the community is planning to pay tribute to a local legend. >> stay with us. y with us.
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5:44 pm
held tonight for a prince william county police officer
5:45 pm
killed monday. 35-year-old chris yung was on his way to another accident when he struck a mini van. he was a 7 year veteran for the department and worked for a traffic unit. a roadside memorial has been set up where he was killed. >> washington d.c. basketball legend. played for the dc good man league. he was well-known and well respected in the basketball community. paid his respects by putting rest in peace on his sneakers. joining me now is miles. thanks for being here. i know you knew him very well. he played in your league. what does this loss mean to you and the basketball community? >> it's a big loss. he was a good kid. a little boneheaded
5:46 pm
but who is not? and as far as the basketball community big loss. and the basketball community has stepped up tremendously in helping his mother and family get through this and helping them with the services led by former all star steve francis. i'm going to miss him inside those gates and wherever else i announce games. i gave him that name from the sweet game he had. >> tell me more how he earned that nickname. >> as you watch and showing these highlights sweet jump shot. he could do almost everything offensively. i try to get him to d up a little more. he was one of the premiere scores played. >> and aside from that sweet shot, what was so special both on and off the court. >> had a son. son just turned a year old. he was turning the corner. everybody said he had a bat attitude here and there. a little attitude has to go with
5:47 pm
that. but as far as being a good guy a total stand up guy. nobody is perfect and that's why he was held close to me. you know why i try to cuff him in. teach him things in life. we had our ups and downs but it was all a teaching point in life and basketball community is very stunned. and we're having a vigil tonight in his honor. >> give me some of the details. >> starts at 6:30. they do the vigil inside the galt s gates. >> and so i'm looking forward to a good turn out down there. and the serverances i believe will be saturday we're nailing that
5:48 pm
down. like i said, basketball community has been great to his family and appreciative and grateful for the community stepping up. >> he will always be remembered as a legend on the court. >> at a young age. >> yeah. still more answers to be forthcoming on what happened to him as well. we appreciate you joining us today. sorry for your huge loss. we wish you all the best. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> espn award winning sports caster is back to work after a horrible grilling accident. the host of the 2013 rose parade this morning. suffers first and second degree burns three weeks ago at her home. she's just lucky to be alive and feels grateful. 43 floats, bands, unions and millions of people watching. this was the 124th rose parade in pasadena. about 700,000 people lined the route to watch. this year's grand
5:49 pm
marshal, jane goodall. >> looks like their weather was much like ours. a lot of gray. wasn't in the 30 s and 40s. a lot of gray. >> a little marine layer out there around la snuck in for them. we don't have the marine layer but clouds on top of us. as we've been talking about, listen, first day of january around here could be a lot worse. we're talking middle 40s for highs in town today. a little cooler up to the north and west. it's not going to be a bad evening. the wind is cooperating. let's show you temperatures right now. 44 and holding here in the city. a little colder back up there frederick way, hagerstown way. 41 around dulles and 39 foreman's and culpeper. temperature wills cool off tonight. but the temperatures won't be dramatically dropping or anything like that. there is a frontal boundary. you can see it here behind it. pittsburgh is 28 degrees.
5:50 pm
and columbus 25. look at detroit and chicago. that's cold stuff too . temperatures in the lower 20s. come through with fan fair overnight tonight. not going to bring us any rain or snow. but it will cool temperatures back a little bit. so for tomorrow not talking about temperature inside the 40s. this is the evening forecast. cloudy for the next few hours and begin to break the clouds up a little bit. what's important here, it stays dry and the winds won't be too terribly bad. with a front coming through, it looks like it's going to be cooler the next few days or so. 38 for a high tomorrow even with loads of sunshine. a few clouds on thursday. temperature of 39. you get the idea at least for the next couple days we'll be below normal with our temperatures. rain has stayed to the south of us today. there was a sprinkle here and there and way up to the north and west maybe you got a flurry or a flake.
5:51 pm
comes down from the gulf of mexico being pulled up here in our direction. we've had nice high pressure to the north of us and that's been keeping all the moisture down to the south. we haven't not had to worry about it. what i want to talk about is the lack of any big storm systems. this is tomorrow at 5:00, pretty much clear skies in place and all that rain will stay to the south of us as we take you into thursday. it's pretty much the same deal. and as we take you into friday, look back out to the west, we have clear skies all the way across into the rocky mountain states. pretty much all the way back out to the west coast. and that means as we progress into our weekend, it's going to be real nice. we get through the first week of january with no major storms for us that could bring us any snow or any real cold air. tonight we're down to 31 in the city. out in the suburbs you are talking 20s and it looks like we'll get pretty good clearing
5:52 pm
arched here by sunrise so when the sun comes up tomorrow morning, it's going to be on the chilly side. only have a few clouds. sunny chill 36. and mid to upper 30s. going to be a cold day even though we have the sunshine. as you look at the fox 5 accu weather 7 day forecast, no big storms here. 38 tomorrow. 39 on thursday. 40 on friday. and then we progress into the lower to mid 40s on saturday with sunshine. a few clouds on sunday. little cooler back down into the upper 30s and by next week monday/tuesday we're close to 50 degrees. at least that's the way it looks right now. and sunday is the big game. remember? the seahawks come to town. the forecast looks dry but does look a little on the cold side. and the redskins play well in cold weather. the seahawks don't like cold stuff. >> what happened happen last sunday let's do it again.
5:53 pm
exactly. thanks, gary. here's living proof you are never too old for love. the 86-year-old playboy magazine founder exchanged vows with his bride in a private ceremony. there is a 60 year age difference between these two and this is his third marriage. jessica simpson is expecting again and showing it off. simpson tweeted this picture over the weekend. the the singer and her fiance had a. baby girl in may. >> ahead on the news edge, a deal in jeopardy. angry over proposed from the senate. fox 5 political analyst weighs in. and just when you thought
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classes will resume for the survivors of the connecticut school shooting this thursday. desks, backpacks and other belongings have been taken to another school nearby where students will finish out the school year. it's important for those kids to get back to routine after what they have been through. the first lawsuit that was filed in the deadly school shooting has been withdrawn. a connecticut lawyer was suing the state for $100 million on behalf of a 6 year old survivor. the lawyer withdrew the suit because he might refile after reviewing evidence on the school's security system. 26 people died on december 14th. a shooting inside a california restaurant left two
5:58 pm
people dead as 2012 ended. the shots were fired in the sacramento sports bar. witnesses say the gunman was just screaming and shooting. some say they heard as many as 7 shots. >> the security guard was on the ground and that's when the horses and the cops came up and told him to get on the ground. >> where were you guys? >> we were right in front of it. >> three more people were hurt. police are saying little about the circumstances or the suspect. new year's eve celebrations in paris provided cover forearmed thieves to rob an apple store. the store is missing for than a million dollars worth of items including iphones and ipads. the heist happened about 9:00 p.m. which was three hours after closing while police were concentrated on new year's eve security. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> 60 vote threshold as amended is passed. >> trouble on the hill tonight despite a last minute senate bland. earlier today republicans refused to even consider the deal unless certain amendments are removed. until then it's a waiting game. bob bardner joins us now, sir. >> reporter: there is a plan on the table that was passed 89-8 around 2:00 this morning with the backing of the white house. now the ball is in the court of the republican controlled house of representatives. its leadership still hasn't decided whether to vote on the package. the number 2 republican in the hauser i can canter says he opposes the bill. it would raise taxes only on the very rich individuals earning more than $400,000 a year and couples making a combined $450,000 annually. and put off for another two


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