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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 2, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight a truck driver delivering packages robbed at gunpoint. it's happened twice in the last three week. are the crimes connected? >> a fox 5 exclusive, the emergency crew emergency, why the d.c. fire department was severely understaffed new
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year's eve. >> and getting ready for the round 1 battle with seattle, rg3 talks about playing with his knee injury and we're there as we plays a prank on the head coach. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. we'll begin with the truck driver delivering packages robbed at gunpoint in southeast. >> it's happened twice in the last three weeks, the latest time this morning. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story. >> detectives say there are a lot of similarities between the two robberies. both drivers were ambushed as they walked back to their trucks by armed men wearing masks. i talked with a couple today who witnessed the first robbery and helped the driver who wound up face down on their front step. >> very scary. >> reporter: reverend willie wilson says his wife mary who was also a pastor heard their doorbell ring at 11 a.m. december 22nd, a signal to her the fedex driver had just delivered a package. >> she went out to holler at him and said hey. then she noticed there were
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three guys with masks on with the cab loading up packages. >> reporter: reverend wilson and his wife called 911 and then went down to check on the driver who was literally face down on their front steps. >> we were very much concerned about the driver because we couldn't see him anywhere, thought maybe they had harmed him, but it was a great reliefton he hadn't been hurt. >> reporter: that -- relief to know he hadn't been hurt. >> reporter: that robbery was in the 3600 block of highwood day and now today blocks away at nearly the same time of day another driver was robbed at gunpoint, a ups driver who was just delivering packages in the 4300 block of southern avenue. he was ambushed by two masked men on his way back to the truck. they forced him inside the truck at gunpoint and drove to alabama avenue at reed terrace and started unloading packages into a white cargo van and then fled leaving the driver behind unhurt. >> working with ups to do an inventory of the vehicle and all the packages that were
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included in there and what was taken from the driver. >> reporter: even though the get-away vehicles are different police are trying to determine if the two crimes are related. >> we're looking at the similarities and talking with our partners in the region to see if there are any other connections we can make. >> reporter: reverend wilson said he hasn't seen the fedex driver since he was robbed last month, but they've been told he's okay. he's hoping police catch those responsible before someone gets hurt. >> bad situation. i hope they can find out who is doing this so we can stop it because it's t speaks of what might happen -- it speaks of what might happen worse than what already happened and i hope that doesn't happen. >> d.c. police detectives are also working with capitol heights police about a similar robbery there. drivers are warned to really pay attention to their surroundings as they make deliveries. now to a fox 5 exclusive, the d.c. fire department found itself in a crisis situation
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new year's eve after more than 100 firefighters called in sick. at least 11 ambulances went unstaffed and supervisors had to ask for help from prince george's county. fox 5 also learned 1 man died waiting for an ambulance and a stabbing victim was transported to the hospital in a fire truck. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: the firefighters union is denying there was any kind of a coordinated sickout and said the problem new year's eve would could have been averted had the department staffed up like it had in recent years. ed smith, union president, says the department is choosing cost cutting over public safety, a claim the fire chief denies. if you call for an ambulance in the district of columbia -- called for an ambulance in the district of columbia new year's eve, you were likely waiting for quite some time. multiple sources within internal department documents to back it up say ambulance crews were in constant motion criss-crossing the city trying to keep up with demand. on lane place northeast fire engine 30 transported a stabbing victim to the hospital
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because an ambulance was not available. it's highly unusual for a patient to be transported on a fire truck. at this house on 44th place southeast it took 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive from prince george's county for a man in cardiac arrest. a relative says the man later died. chief kenneth ellerbe declined to point fingers over the large number of firefighters calling out sick but admitted it was highly unusual. >> to me we have 26 people off sick, but it could be that members waited because they have an option to use sick leave three times a year without going to the clinic. it's called our minor illness program and new year's eve, it could be a lot of folks just wanted to be off or they were sick. >> reporter: the chief described the manpower shottage as a challenge rather than a crisis -- shortage as a challenge rather than a crisis and said he attempted to find replacements asking the deputy mayor for public safety to waive the cap on overtime that prevents some firefighters from working extra hours. >> my understanding is that he
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talked to the mayor and phil mendelson and there was an agreement we could relax the cap for this instance, but it turned out only two members took advantage of it, so it doesn't make sense for to us talk about those kinds of things as opposed to us working together to make sure these kind of things don't help again. >> reporter: 48 out of 50 firefighters turned the department down when asked to help christmas eve. it's no secret the fire chief and the union have been at odds. about a year ago a roomful of firefighters turned their backs on the chief and walked out of a state of the department speech he had just given. in 2010 the district put a law into place limiting the number of overtime hours a firefighter can work, a law the union would like to see overturned. one other note, fox 5 obtained an internal document showing new year's eve the department was looking for staffing for five medic units and eight ambulances for a total of 13 units, not the 11 we were originally told.
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in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. a news alert out of d.c. tonight, police are asking for your help tracking down four men in connection with a violent attack on a metrobus. these men are suspected of attacking two women on the known 93 bus in southeast. investigate -- no. 93 bus in southeast. the men got on the bus in adams morgan. the women got on at an cost why. one of the men touched one of the women inappropriately. -- at anacostia. one of the men touched one of the women inappropriely. there was a stab. >> we do recognize that we are a part of the overall society in the washington d.c. area and crime does happen. so we're putting our resources in place to make sure that we can limit these type of crimes from happening again. >> police don't believe the suspects and victims knew each other. metro transit police are asking you to call them if you know who those guys are. you can get a closer look on the our website the two women were treated and
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released from the hospital. funeral plans set for the prince william county police officer killed in a crash monday. is of chris yung was on -- officer chris yung was on his motorcycle when a minivan turned in front of him on route 20 gate bristow. both vehicles caught -- 28 in bris tomorrow both vehicles caught fire. no one -- both vehicles caught the funeral will be friday morning at 10 a.m. in woodbridge. both are open to county employees. the burial will be private. secretary of state hillary clinton walked out of a new york hospital today. she spent three days there after doctors discovered a blood clot in her head. they say clinton is being treated with blood thinners and is making good progress. she's expected to make a full recovery. former president clinton and daughter chelsea were with mrs. clinton today when she was released. it is unclear when she will return to work. the fiscal cliff deal is done at least the tax portion
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anyway. today many house members reflected on the legislation they passed late last night. some are praising it, others denouncing it saying it didn't go far enough to get the fiscal problems of the country in order. >> the failure to step up and do the big thing when he could, could he have brought leadership to the table. he didn't. >> i want to salute president obama. he campaigned on strengthening the middle class. i think all of us probably did and this is one way for us to fulfill that promise. >> the bill approved by congress delays any spending cuts for two months. that issue will come up before the new congress being sworn in tomorrow. the battle with seattle just four days away, the burgundy and gold hit the practice field today getting ready for this weekend's playoff crash. meantime a big honor for a redskins rookie. fox 5's bob barnard here with the details. >> it's the heralded no. 46, alfred morris, today named the nfc offensive player of the
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week. he's the first redskins rookie running back to be so honored. morris racked up 200 yards and three touchdowns last sunday against dallas. of course, it wasn't only alfred running the ball sunday. quarterback robert griffin, iii also rushing for more than 60 yards and a touchdown. it was clear watching the game, however, griffin was not his same explosive self. it's now been nearly a month since his knee sprain. griffin says it's feeling better every day with no setbacks. today he was asked which hinders him more, the brace or the injury itself. >> it's getting pretty close to just being mostly the brace, but the doctors aren't going to let me take it off i don't believe and i try to do as much as i can without the brace and then whenever they find out that i don't have it on, i have to throw it on. >> so while captain griffin plans to lead his team again sunday with gritty play at fedex field, he kept things
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pretty light today stealing the show at coach shanahan's press conference. take a look. ook. >> coach, we just wanted to know -- [ laughter ] >> you got me by surprise there. who is this guy? >> what did you do for new year's? >> fried to put a good game plan -- tried to put a good game plan together. i wasn't sure how healthy you were, so it was hard without you calling me. you got me good. >> he's a jack of all trades. rg3 will take the feel with his brace sunday at -- field with his brace sun at 4:30, kickoff at fox -- sunday at 4:30, kickoff at fox 5. show us your redskins spirit for the playoff push. send your pictures and videos to redskins at your kids, pets, tattoos, home
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decorations, we'll air them all right here on fox 5 leading up to the big game. fireworks on capitol hill today, lawmakers lashed out in anger after a plan to help superstorm sandy were scrapped, their harsh words and how congressional leaders are reacting. >> a lot of people still suffering from the aftermath of sandy. tonight it's all about the cold. our temperatures are already into the mid-20s. i'll let you know how low it goes and whether or not we have a january thaw on the seven-day forecast. >> it's cold outside, but do you really need to wear a hat? why a professor says he's busted a winter weather myth at 11:00. 
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so, we talked to suntrust... looked at our options... remodeled... for family, you make it work. he taught me that. (anncr) join the thousands of people switching to suntrust's award-winning service. how can we help you shine today? for me it was disappointing and disgusting to watch. it is why the american people hate congress. >> new jersey governor chris christie not mincing words, he and other lawmakers expressing outrage that house speaker john boehner left congress without
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taking up a vote on an aid package for victims of superstorm sandy. boehner didn't just hear it from the democrats. republicans also lashed out at the house leader, as you heard. >> it is the most disgraceful action i've seen in this house in the 20 years i've been here. >> this is a disaster on top of a disaster. >> reporter: house republicans who opposed quick passage of the sandy aid bill primarily house speaker john boehner are getting blasted from both sides of the aisle, but lawmakers like california's darrell issa say they were never going to vote for a bill they say is full of all kinds of pet projects that have nothing to do with those devastated by the superstorm. >> the fact is the senate didn't do their job. they sent us a bunch of pork and left town and that was wrong. >> reporter: critics of the $60 billion senate bill which was going to be broken into two separate house votes, a $27 billion primary bill and a $33 billion amendment say it was loaded with pork. they point to $600 million for the epa to support climate
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change issues, $348 million for the national park service and 188 million for amtrak among other things. >> i doubt that darrell issa would say when california god forbid has an earthquake or a fire that relief to them is pork. in fact, he has not. so i'm infuriated, infuriated by comments like that. >> reporter: also infuriated, new jersey governor chris christie who says boehner refused to take his repeated phone calls last night as it was becoming apparent the sandy aid package wouldn't go to a vote in the house. >> when you sit around and you delay and then you give assurances to people things are done and they're not, that's not doing your job. have some guts. put it up. vote yes nor and let's move on. >> reporter: this afternoon -- yes or no and let's move on. >> reporter: this afternoon boehner spoke with christie and then met with the congressional delegations from new york and new jersey and assured them a sandy package in a new form is
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their top priority, a package republican peter king says will be pork free. this friday the newly sworn in house will vote on getting immediate resources to the national flood insurance program and then on the 15th the first full day of the new legislative session there will be votes on the rest of the sandy aid package. in washington shannon bream, fox news. in maryland investigators in anne arundel county are trying to find out what caused the deadly mobile home fire. flames broke out around 8:30 this morning at this mobile home on zoner road in maryland city. one person died. the name of the victim and cause of death are being withheld pending autopsy. in virginia the bomb squad called to a vienna tire shop to deal with a grenade. police shut down maple avenue between center street and lawyers road. turns out the grenade was real. there were no explosive components inside. investigators are still trying to figure out where it came
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from. a new beginning for students and staff traumatized by the horrific school shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> reporter: signs welcoming students and staff of sandy hook elementary line the road leading to their new school. >> the students coming in completes the circle. that's what's missing now is getting our students back. >> our goal is to make it a safe and secure learning environment for these kids to return to and the teachers, all of. >> reporter: parents and students getting -- also. >> reporter: parents and students getting a first look at in building monroe connecticut that has been renamed sandy hook elementary. workers and teachers spent weeks getting it ready for the children. staff brought in desks, backpacks and other items left behind at the sandy hook campus to help make the kids feel more at home. the newtown superintendent says fellow educators from monroe helped ease the transition on
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sandy hook teachers. >> at times when i walked through last week, there would be one of the newtown teachers with three of the monroe teachers in a room with a monroe teacher volunteering to help set up the classrooms. it took a great deal of stress off our too muchers. >> reporter: experts say it's important for -- off our teachers. >> reporter: experts say it's important for children to get back to a normal routine after a traumatic experience. >> it won't be heavy curriculum, but they need to do the kind of things that are important for kids and to have normal routine. >> reporter: today's event was a so-called open house. actual classes will begin thursday. in monroe, connecticut, david lee miller, fox news. up next a new year, a new apple rumor, when the iphone 6 could hit shelves. >> plus getting the most for your money, kiplinger's released its annual 100 best values in public colleges, one of the top five in our area, details next. 
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if you got an iphone 5 for christmas, guess what? apple is testing the new generation. it's reported application developers are checking out new software to use alongside an operating system. the iphone 5 just launched in september. the new version is expected to be released sometime in mid- 2013. it's the time of year when many high school seniors are deciding what college to attend next fall. kiplinger's is out with a list of some institutions where your money will go further. >> reporter: kiplinger's has released its 100 best values in public colleges listed on outstanding education and economic value. >> we start with things like graduation and admission rates, test scores. for cost we look at financial aid, sticker price, debt upon graduation and take all those
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data points and put them together into a formula and out comes the list. >> reporter: university of north carolina at chapel hill has taken top honors every year since the first analysis in 1998. >> it stands out for one reason. it meets 100% of financial need. that means if you qualify for financial aid, you're going to see a generous financial aid package. it has a low admissions rate, a high graduation rate. >> reporter: university of virginia, university of florida, college of will jam and mary and the university of player -- william & mary and the university of maryland college park rounding out the top five. five california schools landed in the top 20. for uc schools academics are key. sixth ranked ucla admits just 25% of applicants with 44% topping 700 on the map portion of the sat. also you see schools offset high tuition costs with liberal financial aid.
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suni genyseo tops the list for best out of state value. when it comes to making your decision, snyder recommends applying to as many colleges as you think you may need, visiting campuses and understanding the pros and cons of each academic institution. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news. coming up the outrage on congress almost meeting the fiscal cliff fiasco. >> and they are criticized as being cash cows for local governments, but a new report shows just hspeed cameras can be. >> reporter: get it while it's hot, new redskins playoff gear on sale throughout our area. it is going quickly. i'm matt ackland, that story coming up. >> if you see a story we should look into, 202-895-3000, [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're back with more on the fiscal cliff fallout. one day after the vote regular americans are weighing in on the last minute deal. fox 5's beth parker stopped by a local diner in arlington today and customers shared some of their thoughts. >> okay. how do you want your eggs? >> reporter: they're working 24 hours a day at bob and edith's diner in arlington. the customers wish congress would do the same. >> i'm really upset with congress right now. i just feel like it's a complete failure. >> reporter: they watched the nation edge toward the fiscal cliff. >> i've been in suspense the whole time like i worn what's going to happen. >> reporter: what -- a wonder what's going to happen. >> reporter: what happened was a deal sort. >> i know we got a deal, but two months we'll have to go through the whole thing all over again. >> reporter: dice it up, there's plenty of blame to go around. >> men with power and people who don't walk in the shoes of the everyday man and woman. >> you know what i'm sad about
10:31 pm
is like the great compromiser, you know, like inouye and kennedy and even like senator byrd, they're gone and those are the people that were reaching across the aisle working together. >> reporter: when the government is finished spending, there's not enough left on the table. >> bottom line is when you got $100 coming in, $100 is the limit to spend. >> we all are expecting everything, but we need to make a little sacrifice to get there i think. >> reporter: the deal includes a 2% social security payroll tax increase. does it upset you? >> no more than a speeding ticket. it's all money i wished i could keep in my pocket. >> i say 2% probably won't kill me. i think i'd rather do my part and contribute. we're in a world of hurt right now i think financially. >> it's a part of the thing that must happen in order to make things better, whatever that means. >> reporter: now some of the people we approached wouldn't even talk to us. they said they are so angry at
10:32 pm
congress that they were worried they might swear during the interview. pay lot of the people here are getting -- a lot of the people here are getting back in the groove heading back to work after a holiday break. congress is not in session, on the other hand, next week. as one customer put it, wouldn't be it nice to have another vacation? in arlington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin is here tonight. i can certainly understand people's frustrations, even though this deal is done. we still have like three more cliffs to avoid, the sequestration, budget and now the deficit ceiling. >> we absolutely do and if it's the same scenario, people will get even more disgusted. today moody's, the rating aircrafts agency -- agency, said even if we don't go into default, there's not assurances that they don't downgrade our
10:33 pm
rating anyway. this didn't solve anything. all this did was give us some breathing room. >> we also heard today democrats including virginia congressman jim moran have been very critical of this deal. do you think president obama gave up too much leverage? he's saying he may not have the leverage he needs moving forward with these other cliffs we still need to avoid. >> as you'll remember, he said he's not going to play the game with the debt ceiling. let's see if he does. he said we're not going to play that game. doesn't have any personal relationships -- he doesn't have any personal relationships with these people, a lot because he just came to the senate a few years back, but he also is not very good with dealing with people that he has problems with and look, joe biden had to save him. >> might that be the person we see come forward in the future with these deals, joe biden? >> yes. worked once, why not try it again? >> i understand d.c. councilwoman mary cheh will introduce a bill tomorrow to ask president obama to use the
10:34 pm
license plate on his car that says taxation without representation similar to the way president clinton did. what do you know about this? >> i know that mary cheh is going to get every council member to adopt this resolution on tuesday. it's right in your face to president obama who got 92% of the vote four years ago, dropped down to 91% of the vote, carried every precinct in the primary, in the general and has really treated the district in a very shabby way and the council is fed up and they are going to have this resolution that says do what bill clinton did. put it on your limousine and they're going to vote on it on tuesday which will give plenty of time to raise the visibility of this entire issue before the president is sworn in january 21st. >> is this more symbolic realistically? i know they all want this to happen, but how realistic is it do you think the president by inauguration day is going to change the license plate on the car? >> we'll soon find out. they're not going to take it
10:35 pm
anymore. mayor vince gray said to me that when he had lunch with the president before he was sworn in after he was elected he said well, this is the secret service's decision. well, that doesn't really rung true. the whole idea, shawn -- ring true. the whole idea, shawn, is to raise the issue of 60% of college ed -- the issue. 60% of college educated americans don't know that d.c. doesn't have state representation. >> maybe the president is watching tonight. >> i hope so. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks for coming. in. d.c. has a new council member tonight along with five on incumbents. david -- five other incumbents. david grosso was sworn in today. he says he's looking forward to working on ethics reform after the council was battered by accusations about two of its members in the past year. >> i'm standing here today because 80,000 residents in all eight wards spoke with one
10:36 pm
voice in favor of reform. this feeling i believe is shared by many in the wilson building because we all know we can do other. >> five other incumbent members sworn in today. the man beat out for the seat says he'll be back as a democrat. michael brown was previously an independent but now is switching parties to run for another spot. brown needs 3,000 signatures from registered voters to get his name on the ballot. he has 13 potential challengers. speed cameras appear to be working in maryland. a recent study shows traffic is slower on seven state roads. aaa mid-atlantic backs the study saying it's seen drops in speeding up to 80% in montgomery and prince george's counties and it doesn't seem to matter the day nor the time. still to come, the manic rush for skins merchandise. >> plus a surprising new study about your waistline, why new research suggests a few extra pounds might be good for you. jumping for joy for not
10:37 pm
falling off the cliff, wall street celebrating washington's deal to avoid the fiscal cliff even though the deal did not fix the debt mess we're in, still the dow soaring more than 300 points on the first trading day of 2013. builders are taking a break, spending on new construction down in december, the first decline in eight months. they say caring means sharing and for zipcar sharing means making money. that's because avis is buying the popular car sharing company for nearly $500 million. zipcar allows its customers to rent bars by the hour, big let in a -- cars by the hour, big hit in a lot of metropolitan areas across the country. hyundai and kia are going google to let drivers access the popular google maps in some new vehicles and some kia drivers will be able to send a location to their car using a smartphone. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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a virginia judge ruled a capital murder suspect should be set free. justin wolfe has been charged twice in the 2001 death of a drug dealer. both times the courts have thrown out the cases because of alleged misconduct by prosecutors. a judge ruled today wolfe must be release nodularity than tomorrow. pennsylvania's governor is sue -- released no later than tomorrow. pennsylvania's governor is suing saying sanctions put on penn state's football program are unlawful and overreaching and unfairly punish the students and the surrounding community, not jerry sandusky.
10:42 pm
>> these sanctions did not punish sandusky, nor did they punish the others who have been criminally charged. rather they punish the past, the present and the future students, current and former student athletes, local businesses and the citizens of pennsylvania. >> the lawsuit claims the ncaa was motivated by a desire to gain leverage in the court of public opinion. the ncaa says it's disappointed in corbett's lawsuit calling it meritless and an affront to sandusky's victims. relatives of the victims killed in the colorado movie theater shooting are rejecting an invitation to attend its reopening calling it a disgusting reoffer. the families received a letter saying they were invited to what's called an evening of remembrance followed by a movie. they said it was awful timing sending the invitations two days after christmas. the aurora theater is expected to reopen after renovations in
10:43 pm
two weeks. no one more excited this week than the original hogs. hall of fame redskin fans are fired up about the sunday game. >> you may have a hard time finding a 75-watt light bulb, why they're now a thing of the past.  there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now, save 50% on the final closeout of our silver limited edition bed.
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the long time powerhouse with the baltimore ravens defense is calling it quits. ray lewis made the pro bowl 13 times as a middle line backer in his 17 year career with the ravens, but he tore his right tricep in october and hasn't played since. today he announced he will retire when the ravens finish this year's pro season. he will suit up for sunday's game against the indianapolis colts. redskins nation is pumped days away from the team's first playoff appearance in five years. when the skins win, everybody wants a piece of the action at fedex field. fans couldn't get enough of playoff gear. so some waited for the
10:47 pm
deliveryman to arrive. fox 5's matt ackland was there. >> reporter: the phone was ringing off the hook all morning at the hall of fame store at fedex field. poor tony was breaking hearts forced to tell skins fans at first there was no playoff gear in stock. everyone was on the lookout for the delivery guy. >> no. they haven't came in yet. >> reporter: some fans so dedicated they waited for the new merchandise to arrive. >> i definitely need a hat. >> reporter: no hats at first, but lots of smiles as the shirts were rolled out into the showroom. as you might imagine, a plot of money is being made from all -- lot of money is being made from all this playoff gear. this shirt right here set you back about $30, this one a little more, $35 we're told later in the day they're going to be getting in hoodies, hats, pennants, much more to be sold here. with a big smile mike rogers
10:48 pm
was buying up all new gear for his family to wear at sunday's game including a $115 rg3 jersey. >> it's close to 600, yeah. >> reporter: all worth it? >> definitely. don't know that my wife will be that crazy about it, but it's all worth it. >> reporter: meanwhile that phone continued to ring even as tony helped hang up the new merchandise. >> i'm putting them on the rack as we speak. >> reporter: but one thing he couldn't answer, how long it would all last. at fedex field, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> got it all covered on fox 5 this sunday, a special live pregame show at 3:30, fox network show at 4:00, kickoff 4:30. show us your redskins spirit. brush off that conway jersey if you have one in the basement. >> i have one! it says 5 on it. >> e-mail your pictures and video to we'll show them on the air.
10:49 pm
these guys call themselves superskin and rg3 woman. check out this future cheerleader. however your share your redskins pride we'd love to see it. >> even if it's a conway jersey, sue palka. >> he was a great kicker that. would have been brett conway. he was no. 5. we loved him in the weather center. >> i have been here 15 years, don't know that dude. >> i think he's out of the business. it was so exciting watching them play. i've been a steeler fan for a long time. i'm crawling under the bandwagon, got me very excited about what's going on and it's a two for one special on sunday, weather will be good, 41 degrees and 8:30, i'm on that bandwagon, too. you don't know what i'm talking about. >> yeah, i do. >> i'm excited for sunday. meanwhile if you need excitement tonight, i've got something. we have a few clouds, but a pretty good meteor shower will occur after 1:00.
10:50 pm
it's called the quadrantid meteor shower. if the cloud deck were to break up, let me show you where to look. it's a pretty good meteor shower. it's short. look after 1:00 until dawn and that's about the best that we get. a lot of you can find the big dipper in the northeastern sky. look in that direction and just underneath it is where you'll probably see those shooting stars if we get some breaks in the stars. unfortunately there's a little waning gibbous moon, so it might not be that easy to see. you can read more about it by going to check the weather tab and the sky guy blog. he'll give you that map again, but the other problem is it's really cold right now, gaithersburg and baltimore down to 27, martinsburg and
10:51 pm
hagerstown down to 25, culpeper already down to 27 degrees. so we expect temperatures to drop a little bit more. the clouds out there now protecting us for the time being. d.c. down to 33 degrees and annapolis 32, mighty cold to head outside any length of time. really bundle up or take your sleeping bag out on a lawn chair. i know that's what some folks do. good visibility if the skies clear just a little bit. we think we're heading for obviously mid-20s in many areas tonight and maybe some spots down to 21 degrees including hagerstown and cumberland and would not be surprised if we get some breaks in the overcast some upper teens. these clouds have been persistent today down to our south. there's a little moisture trying to sneak along the virginia/north carolina line. that is not expected to get in here, but it is part of a system that will be suppressed to our south by high pressure
10:52 pm
that's building in. there will be a couple slick spots here and there, see a little snow trying to pop through kentucky and tennessee as well as the moisture we're seeing through the deep south which they need and it remains dry. high pressure for us is going to be building in to kind of hold that moisture at bay, but it will also give us that very cold night and a little bit of a cloud deck the next few hours or so. the high slips off the coast tomorrow. we start getting more of a south wind. while it will be chilly, i think we'll get close to 40 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. some spots may still be in the upper 30s tomorrow, but thursday looks a lot like today, friday 42 degrees. we're definitely staying chilly, but the pattern will not feature any big storms the rest of this week. we've got the cold air locked up through canada, mild in the west, but we're close enough to the colder air we've got to keep temperatures in the 30s and 40s about, even looking
10:53 pm
into the first part of next week also looks very quiet, but we'll advertise a mini january thaw. that will start to be noticed monday. tonight 26 degrees, partly cloudy, teens possible in the suburbs, so a very cold start tomorrow morning, about 40 degrees, but a nice bright day, chilly, a few passing clouds. we'll certainly have a cold overnight, 29 degrees at 8 a.m., by noon 37 with a few clouds and by 4:00 mostly sunny and 39. here is your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got three days, maybe four in the lower 40s including sunday. i think kickoff temperature at 4:30 for the skins and seahawks will be right around 41 degrees dropping into the upper 30s, so a lot better than last sunday night, but check out sunday, monday, tuesday pushing 50 degrees by the time we get to wednesday. that will feel pretty good for this time of year, good 7 or 8 degrees above average.
10:54 pm
>> thank you, sue. a little surprising news, a new study claims if you're slightly obese or overweight, you're actually less likely to die prematurely. research in the journal of the american medical association says being severely obese does cut your life expect is -- expectancy, but if you're overweight, you're less likely to die early. >> it's not a green light to go out and binge. it's a little bit confusing because being a little overweight encompasses a very large group of people. muscle mass is heavier than fat. it doesn't speak to body built or the other major risk factors we know cause disease and death. >> the numbers are distorted critics say and send the wrong message that it's okay to be overweight. not just people's health drawing some attention today, earlier the chesapeake bay foundation released its annual report that says there's been incremental progress in protecting the bay.
10:55 pm
>> our index shows that over the last four years the bay has improved 10%. coops and science have overcome the narrow interests of opposition. >> chesapeake bay foundation president william baker says the bay's health still only gets a grade of d plus. he remains optimistic the bay can be restored to health if local governments work together to monitor pollution and provide the money necessary to clean up the bay. coming up next a paparazzi chase turns deadly, new details about the photographer killed while taking pictures of justin bieber's car. >> playoffs, time to talk trash, d.c. mayor vincent gray and the mayor of seattle both join me next to talk about their bet surrounding this weekend's big game. 
10:56 pm
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10:59 pm
a photographer trying to get a picture of justin bieber inside his ferrari during a traffic stop was killed moments after snapping a picture. friends tell tmz chris kerrera had followed the ferrari all day. he spotted the car pull over in los angeles, took the picture, but police told him to get away from the car. as he was walking back across the street, another car hit him killing him. turns out justin bieber was not in the ferrari. >> i came out to pay respects to him because he was a great kid. he was just a kid. some people will say another paparazzi trying to make the money. actually he was not a paparazzi. he was just another kid from new mexico. >> justin bee beer released a statement saying his -- bieber released a statement saying his thoughts and prayers are with the man's family and he hopes this will trigger legislation in the interest of everyone's safety. ♪ i remember


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