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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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lemon is marrying diana carol. both women. both episcopal priests. >> i acknowledge that it's difficult for some people that i am gay and i was created that way by god. >> reporter: they met at yale divinity school. they had a blessing ceremony in connecticut. they married friday afternoon. the church registry they signed still says bride and groom, but times are changing. >> for us it's actually about upholding the importance of marriage, which we believe in so strongly. >> reporter: now, ironically, they are having their reception at a polling place. back in november people came here to vote for or against same-sex marriage. but even those who voted in favor may still need a little education about what it all
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means. >> i think people hear marriage and they assume that all of the benefits that come with being married recognized by the federal government, health care and in this case immigration benefits, come with that. but under current law these couples are not covered. >> marylanders are very surprised. they are like, we did it. it's done. you've got all the rights. and we have to say not all of them. >> reporter: sarah's visa expires in 2014. unlike a heterosexual married couple, diana cannot sponsor sarah for permanent residency in the u.s. even though same-sex marriage is legal in maryland. >> it is going to be huge for us being married. it will be more like are we single, partnered? what are we? >> reporter: what they want now is to ensure the happily ever ever. now, the group immigration equality estimates that there are 36,000 couples who share this same immigration issue.
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about half of them are already raising children together. now, this could change in a couple of ways. number one, if the supreme court overturns the defensive marriage act, or if congress passes legislation to change it. >> all right. beth. another story you saw first on fox5. one d.c. lawmaker speaking out following a big problem fire officials faced on new year's eve. more than 100 firefighters called out sick on new year's eve leaving 11 ambulances understaffed and forced supervisors to call in help from fire crews outside of the district. tonight ward 6 councilmember tommy wells is speaking out saying he is disturbed at the low level staffing that put the safety of residents in jeopardy. he issued the following statement and spoke with mayor vincent gray and chief ellerbe saying it's an issue that must be resolved and never repeated and that the safety of the residents of the district of columbia are nonnegotiable. the edge on virginia where idaho senator michael crapo has
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lost his license for a year after driving drunk in northern virginia. he was also ordered to pay a $250 fine. the senator apologized for his actions today. he was arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated after running a red light around christmas. in addition to losing his license and paying a fine he must complete an alcohol safety program. the house takes the first step in providing relief to victims of superstorm sandy but many lawmakers are still up in arms. meanwhile, agrees confirms president obama won the election. fox's jennifer davis has more. >> reporter: a little more pomp and circumstance on capitol hill as lawmakers engage in the long standing tradition of bringing the electoral college votes into a joint session of congress to be counted. >> barack obama, the state of illinois, received for president of the united states 332 votes. but that lawmakers syrphid president obama is re-elected to a second term. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: earlier they approved $9.7 billion in flood
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insurance aid for victims of superstorm sandy. >> i want to emp fa size that this legislation is vital. >> reporter: tempers continued to flair among some new york and new jersey members still seething that they let a bill die with the last congress. >> now another three or four or five. this was the most callous action i have ever seen. the leadership of the house should be condemned for it. >> reporter: some republicans reject to more government spending without cuts to offset it and some say there was too much pork in the senate bill. >> we need to get the pork out. none of that pork we're talking about is in new york, new jersey, or connecticut. in fact, it's as far away as alaska. >> the measure is agreed to. >> reporter: they approved the smaller sandy measure and some stressed it can't end there. >> what is not in this bill is dollars to rebuild our highway and most importantly our mass transit systems that were flooded, damaged. >> reporter: the house is now
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off for a week and is said to take up another $51 billion in sandy aid. the senate is due after that. a lot of vacation over there, don't they? house minority leader nancy pelosi is defending an altered picture on her flickr account. four house members were photoshopped in. officials say she arrived to the capitol late. nancy pelosi says it's not false. she says it's an accurate record. as we mentioned the new congress approves aid for victims of superstorm sandy sanchez. they voted yet for $9.7 billion in aid. it comes as lawmakers in new york and new jersey say they are frustrated with the process as many continue to struggle after the storm. >> i want to emphasize that this legislation is vital. this is not a handout. this is not something we're looking forward to favor. what we're asking for is to be
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treated the same as victims in all other storms, all other natural disasters have been treated. >> another vote is expected january 15 for an additional $51 billion. if you are not yet excited for sunday's game, get pumped. the washington redskins will take on the seattle seahawks in their pub for the playoffs. expected to be a good game. scott smith got one-on-one with the head coach and joins us live from ashburn. >> reporter: with as young as this team is and as much as they have accomplished already in rg3's first year, there is certainly hope that not only in the skins' locker room but in this town of a return to glory. among the things that mike shanahan and i discussed today, his relationship with his fan base. >> well, you bring this city its first nfc title in 13 years. how does it feel from your perspective to give that to such a hungry fan base? >> well, i will be honest with you. to come in here and find out how the washington fan is, i really didn't know. and enthis you come in and you
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know they know their football. and they're really gracious. they are saying, hey, coach, this is not going to happen overnight. hey, we believe in you. be patient. do it the right way. and i was really surprised on how many people said that consistently. trying to tell me not get down. when you are used to winning, you want to win. it's really tough when you are not representing, you know, your fans the way you'd like to. at least your football team. they hung in there and they were always positive. so i'm very happy we got to the first stage anyhow. >> reporter: so we look at seattle. a team many similarities on the offensive side of the ball. they are well coached. they have a lot of talent. red hot. five straight wins. how do you get the win on sunday? >> you got to want to more than them. all teams are talented this time of year. and it's a game by game. it's do or day. hopefully, put our best game together. we have the best fans get it done and i know that crowd noise will be a big advantage for us. >> reporter: well, we will have much more with head coach
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coming up this sunday on our special pregame show. we will preview the match-up as well. that is sunday. our special pregame show is an hour before kick yauch. here is the whole lineup on fox. pregame show at 3:30 followed by the fox network show at 4:00. 4:30 we have kickoff of round one. playoffs. after the game we will bring you all the players' reaction with our special postgame show. now, coming up in the sports edge at 6:00 we talking about these two running backs taking the field this weekend and how exactly must you tackle marshawn lynch. we'll answer that coming up in sports. >> . lucky fans may not be too cold. >> definitely warmer than last week. you will probably be able to add seven or eight degrees to what you experienced last week. we will let you know exactly what is going to be coming your way with that. redskins forecast in a few minutes. >> then supreme court justice
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making history at president obama's second inauguration. >> [singing] >> the kindergartners showing that i pride for the redskins, wishing the team big luck for the big day. we love seeing your videos and photos. upload them on our website or send us an e-mail. 
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it's official. the electoral college votes showed that president obama won re-election. final votes show 51.1% of the vote compared to romney's 47%. chief justice john roberts will swear in president obama for his second term.
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the presidential inaugural committee says roberts will administer the oath on january 20. the public inaugural ceremony january 21. this election makes her her the first hispanic to do that job. vice president biden says it's an honor to have her at his official ceremony. gabrielle giffords visited newtown, connecticut today. she met with families of the victims of the deadly sandy hook elementary school shooting. the former arizona representative survived a shooting herself at a campaign event in tucson two years ago. giffords now advocates tougher gun laws. just ahead redskins fever full effect from quilts to cars to fingernails. fans are definitely showing their spirit. one virginia couple says they are the biggest fans and have the goods to show it. 
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people in the d.c. area know redskins fans are not shy about waving the burgandy and gold flags and a family in manassas is taking a lot further. they have dedicated their entire garage to all things redskins. audrey barnes gives us a tour. >> reporter: we have been looking for the ultimate redskins fans and we found them here in manassas. i am at the home of jimmy and tanya duvall. this is their redskins man cave. they have a signed jersey. chris cooley signed his and their personal favorite john riggins. that's also a signed jersey. they have all kinds of mini helmets. they even have pierre garcon's already. brian orakpo and robert griffin iii and these are all signed. so we talked to this ultimate redskins collector. come on in jimmy. tell me, how in the world did you get started with this tremendous collection? >> it all started when i was a kid collecting football cards. >> reporter: and then just everything redskins, you just pick it up? >> if i found something
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redskins as a kid i picked it up. so did my dad. >> reporter: what do you like the most? >> sean taylor autographed stuff. >> reporter: and you have these mini helmets and they look like they are all signed? >> they are. >> reporter: and this is a family affair for you? >> oh, yes it is. we sit down on sundays if they are not at home and we watch it on tv. >> reporter: from what i understand the dogs are named after redskins players? >> yes, ma'am, they sure are. >> reporter: what about sunday and the redskins' chances against seattle? >> i think we are going to win about theby at least 7. >> reporter: and you guys will be in the stands watching? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: we are going to have much more on jimmy duvall and his redskins man cave later tonight. back to you. >> show us your redskins spirit. up load your pics videos to the web page. look for the link andit sports tab. you can see the redskins right here on fox this sunday. it starts at 3:30. there is a special pregame show
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from us. a 4:00 show from fox and then the kickoff at 4:30. after the game a fox5 postgame show. be sure to join us for our show as well. that's it? that's all we're doing on the redskins? >> i know. starting at 3. that's going to be great. and they are very loyal fans. >> i have a friend out in seattle and he is concerned because he saw the field last weekend. he was like that's going to be messy. our team doesn't play well. i said i think that's because of the snow showers. remember a couple times we had snow showers? >> yeah. >> this time it's going to be a hard fast surface fast? >> yes. there will be a couple of sun flurries or sprinkle tomorrow night. nothing that would divot up the field like that. ing anything that helps the redskins out. maybe they need to put some divots in that thing. there is not much in the way of moisture for sure. that's going to be a pretty good field. let's start with the redskins forecast. we might as well jump to 4:30 on sunday when the seahawks come to town and fans that were out there last sunday for the
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8:30 game i know it was so cold. this time there will be a few clouds but it will be a cool dry evening. good tailgate weather. i think kickoff temperature could be 42 degrees. we will drop to 38 degrees. so you will definitely still need layers, but it's going to be a lot better. saturday we will go back one day to get you caught up on the weekend here. looks like it will be 42 degrees tomorrow with a good amount of sunshine. late in the day a deck of clouds comes through. it will be a very weak system in the upper levels of the atmosphere. as it passes through late saturday night into the first part of sunday it could squeeze out maybe some sprinkles south and east of d.c. or some flurries from d.c. north and west. definitely in the no big deal category. our temperatures sunday about 44 degrees. so not bad at all. today's temperature 46. doeslis getting to 44. dwi thorough good marshall 42. yesterday we didn't crack the 40-degree mark. that felt a little bit better. lots of sunshine. but a bit of a breezy out there
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tonight. even so temperatures are warmer than they were at this hour last fight. 36 degrees in gaithersburg. also in frederick. 34 for martinsberg. also for winchester and hagerstown. here in the district at 43 degrees. so a little bit of a breeze out there. still some colder 20s lurking on the other side of the mountains and they will be back again tonight for another cold overnight. the air is very dry. it's going to be clear and it will be cold as we head down into the 20s. there were a couple of spots in the teens again last night. we may do that again tonight. but i'm thinking it will be mostly low 20s far to the north and west. 21 for hagerstown. 28 the anticipated low here in the district. so we'll call it fair and cold with some late day clouds in the forecast for us tomorrow. we could get up to 42 degrees. and again that west-northwest wind at 5-15. so we won't call that windy but you will notice a breeze from time to time and you will also notice some clouds coming in late in the day tomorrow. as mentioned we will start out with a lot of sunshine. 30 degrees. so a chilly start.
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mostly sun at noon. 1 4-1 degrees. by 4:00 clouds coming in. our temperature 40. it will be later than that when we may see actually a couple of flurries here and there. temperature-wise around the region tomorrow 40 for gaithersburg. 41 for annapolis. 47 for culpepper. just a quick look at some of the clouds that are coming in now. the moisture that we see very late saturday night will be a combination of some energy coming up from the south combining with a very weak system up to our north. here is your accuweather 7-day forecast. we're talking about temperatures that are going to take us into the low 50s by perhaps tuesday or wednesday of next week. still keeping us dry to thursday, brian. some indications that some storms may be getting formed up in the middle part of the country that will send mild air in this direction. did you see that 55 on friday? we will see how that pans out next week. coming up scott smith one-on-one with mike shanahan talking about his rookie gem in
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the backfield. this ice rescue is amazing. two teenagers clung to a tree after the ice on a frozen lake in arizona started cracking. each lost a shoe as they scrambled out to run the breaking ice. brothers ended up using hats to cover their bare feet. the boys hung on for four hours until firefighters came to the rescue.
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welcome back to redskins park. i am scott smith where it's week 18 of the redskins season. week one of the playoffs. the redskins still making some moves today. they moved d.j. johnson to the reserve/injured list and they put cedric griffen, defensive back cedric griffen back on the a active roster for the first time in four weeks. he served a four-game suspension. nice to have him back. he will certainly help that defensive backfield. alfred morris. how about the year he has had? he has been the steel of last
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april's draft. the sixth round pick shattered the team's single season rushing record at 1600 yards. last sunday his 33 carry 200-yard 3 touchdown performance against the cowboys earned him the nfc offensive player of the week. last year mike shanahan's staff actually coached morris in the senior bowl. today i asked mike shanahan how much did that play a fact are with him being a redskin? >> if you don't coach in that game, is he on your team? >> yeah. he is definitely on our team. we really didn't get anything from the senior bowl. we knew he was a nice kid. he came in midweek because whoa lost a fullback. he practiced as a fullback. we looked at his college film and they were a 1-11 football team. they weren't very good. you could see, man, this guy has some running skills because they weren't as talented as the other team yet you would see a four and five yard run and it would
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stand out. so you break down the film our coaches studied and we thought he would be a guy who could compete for a job. obviously, we were wrong. we didn't know he was going to be -- could be one of the best players in the national football league. >> the seahawks answer to morris is marshawn lynch. he has been given the nickname beastmode. the five foot5'11" 220-pound running back was acquired in december. just 23 yards behind morris who is second. i asked deangelo hall where lynch stands in the hire arcty of nfl running backs. >> he is right at the top of that list. he is right at the top of that list. we've known that over the past couple of years. even in buffalo, man, i thought he was a hell of a running back then. i didn't understand why they got rid of him. one man's trash is another man's treasure. when we played adrian peterson, you know, marshawn lynch is
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that same kind of guy. will bring that same kind of intensity to the game for him, too. so, you know, it's nothing special you do. but like i said, you always have to know where he is. you know, we got to get as many guys around him as possible because one time is going to have a hard time bringing him down. >> it's a big sunday on fox5. start thing at 3:30 our special pregame show. lindsay, doc myself, we will break it down. at 4:30 kickoff between the seahawks and the redskins. round one of the playoffs. we will follow it up with a postgame show. the redskins happen to be the only home team playing this week and it is actually the underdog. to hoops now. a programming note. maryland and virginia tech will lock horns on our sister station tomorrow at noon. wdca my 20. the wizards take on andray blatche and the brooklyn nets. and 8:00 tonight on fox it's at cotton bowl between oklahoma and how about johnny football?
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the heisman winner from texas a&m coming up tonight the a 8:00. let's head over to shawn yancy. >> it is judgment day for a former fbi agent convicted of hitting and killing a teenager in a drunk driving crash. the victim's family tells us why they are outraged about the sentence that he received. also a pilot arrested for failing a breathalyzer test. we will have more on the fallout from this airline scandal. and we will see you tonight after the cotton bowl. >> of course, the news is only on. we are back late after the cotton bowl. hope you stay up late with us. meantime, have a fantastic night. see ya. there is no mass-produced human.
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