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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 4, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am EST

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♪ [ male announcer ] when it comes to miller time ♪ battles aren't just fought by the man in the ring. ♪ they're shared by the men in his corner. ♪ it's not just a good time. it's miller time. tonight's game is sponsored by -- >> gus: 41-13. a&m. oklahoma, first down and 24 at
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their own 13-yard line. jones. underneath to williams. williams taken down. stewart slows it. the great tackling we have seen all evening from texas a&m. >> charles: as this game winds down, texas a&m went to alabama and won. beat the number one team in the country on the road 29-24. it's one thing to be the team where you are hunting. but tonight, texas a&m came in as the hunted. everything was about them and johnny football. they have worn that mantle very well this evening for a team that hasn't had to do it all year long. it's going to dallas, s.e.c., playing with the big boys, on the road. tonight they handled being the team chased quite well. >> gus: and another flag.
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>> referee: delay of game. number 12 of offense. five-yard penalty. second down. >> charles: i know that goes against landry jones, because he is the quarterback. but that may not be all him. not sure what is happening with the plays coming in. there is confusion about personnel. is there a delay? right now this oklahoma team is struggling in all aspects. trying to get something done down the stretch. >> gus: second and 28. jones, the throw. over the middle. and he has his man. at the 22-yard line. kenny stills. stopped by dustin harris after 15-yard gain.
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>> charles: sew how deep he plays in coverage -- see how deep he plays in coverage as a middle linebacker. >> gus: third and 13. landry jones. in trouble. and goes down. landry jones taken down by sean porter. that brings up fourth down for oklahoma. and they will punt. >> charles: outside. porter bounced between the outside linebacker. and moves inside to the weak side inside linebacker position. outside linebackers remain the reputation for the pass rusher. and you saw him on that play. >> gus: fifth punt of the game for tress way.
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harris back pedaling. and harris gobbleed up quickly at the 25-yard line. january 1, 1988, last time a&m in the cotton bowl against notre dame. heisman trophy winner tim brown put the irish ahead, after notre dame made the score 10-3. a&m, alex morris made a leaping interception in the corner of the end zone. six plays later, running back darren lewis ended the drive. a&m won the game 35-10. >> charles: cotton bowl all-time wins, a&m with four. texas way out ahead. notre dame with five. bucky richardson, quarterback of that team. >> gus: here is manziel breaking free. manziel, at midfield. and pushed out of bounds. johnny manziel, gain of 31.
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>> charles: i met bucky richardson in new york city this year, national football foundation dinner, gus. and said, "hey, you were a running quarterback." he said, "don't even try to say that when johnny manziel is playing that position. what i did wasn't anything close to what this man does." >> gus: what a performance by the heisman trophy winner. here is a handoff. williams. [ whistle ] you have to give so much credit to kevin sumlin, 48 years old. in his first season at texas a&m. it looks like they are on their way to their 11th win. bear bryant coach of the year finalist for the second time in four seasons. named s.e.c. coach of the year by a.p. came from houston, where he was 35-17 withhree bowl berths in four seasons from 2008 to 2011.
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and we called a number of a&m games last year. this is a totally different team. they are more physical. their mentality, c.d., certainly changed. >> charles: they don't get the lead and quit attacking. we saw that a lot last year. tried to hold on to leads. that is tough to do in the big 12. you just mentioned kevin sumlin. five years as a head coach, partner. three times, conference coach of the year. he is carving out quite a resume. he took over in difficult circumstances. this team liked mike sherman. it wasn't their idea that mike sherman should be gone. so kevin sumlin and his staff had to win over these guys. >> gus: told a great story in our meeting with him. he said the guys weren't responding in spring ball. they were in a meeting, and he turned off the tape. he said hey, guys, i'm here. i'm here for you. we're going to play a little
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different but i need you to understand that things can change. and that you have to roll with the punches. the kids responded. >> charles: seminole meeting right there. to be able to lay it out in proper terms. he didn't tell them that they shouldn't have liked the priest coach. that ipriest -- previous coach. that's fine. we get that. heck of a coach, mike sherman. heck of a man. this is the situation we have. how are we going to make the best of it? these kids would do anything for not just kevin sumlin but the entire staff. he pushed spring practice back weeks to get to know the kids better and get the strength and conditioning intact. put that in play and helped the team out. it's all paid dividends. >> gus: played a hunch. he said i think i'm going to go with a redshirt freshman at q.b. he should have bought a lottery ticket that day.
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thank you, sir. thank you, ma'am. you're welcome. gate 40, ma'am ? straight over that way. thank you. you're welcome. would you like the window ? no, i'm fine. thank you, sir. there you go, sir. thank you, sir. have a great trip home. oh, thank you very much, ma'am. would you like some help ? yes. let me get that. have a nice night. thank you, ma'am. thank you, sir. no, thank you. >> gus: manziel. on the sideline. got the coach's visor on with 2:23 to a&m punting it away. saunders back deep. he has a fair catch at the ten. take a look at the reese's perfect play from tonight.
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>> charles: and of course; it's going to center around manbe manziel. it has to. it started early. johnny manziel from the pocket. scramble. tightropes his way with the gallop in to the end zone to get a&m off and running this evening. >> gus: heisman trophy has taken manziel by storm. talking to the texas a&m public relations department. as they hand it off. clay. a lot of running room. talking to the public relations department at texas a&m. they say now for johnny, it's almost like he has taken on rolling stones/beatles practice. every time he practices, there are swarms of people just coming to watch him and wanting to be around him. >> charles: at the lunchen,
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do you remember what happened when he came up on the stage? he and landry jones were going to throw a football out. something that gabe ikard, the center for oklahoma, and he saw landry jones to get out of the way to get a clear shot for a picture of johnny manziel on the stage. nothing, personal, bro. that guy won the heisman. >> gus: but you kind of knew, or his family knew that very early on in his develo development that he was going to be a special athlete. he played multiple sports growing up. >> charles: they say that his third best sport is football. baseball and golf are his best sports. how about that? >> gus: second down and one. we know him now as "johnny
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football," but back then, "little johnny." as a baseball, had a ball if his hand. mom said his name was jonathan until 11 or 12 but he was called "johnny" and she lost the battle. see the yankees outif it there? that's why he wears number 2. derek jeter. he had 15 last year as redshirt freshman. he had an opportunity to go to number 2 and seized it. all due to baseball. >> gus: 42 seconds remai remaining. landry jones. and sumlin gets the gam gatorade shower. i think he has won them over, charles. >> charles: you think? >> gus: took a minute. bob stoops, disappointing cotton bowl. but he has been a part of
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eight championships as the head coach at o.u. they will bounce back. and they are two very good friends. bob stoops gave kevin sumlin a great opportunity at o.u. where they spent five years together. left oklahoma, went to houston and now at a&m and picks up his 11th win of the season. a&m defeats oklahoma 41-13. go to l.a. and erin andrews. >> erin: thank you. impressive victory for a&m and johnny manziel. we're all saying, "he did what tonight?" coming up we head to arlington for trophy preppation. and they'll say "wow" more and break down johnny football's historic performance, next on the at&t cotton bowl post game. wow! [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] [ birds chirping, whistling ] ♪
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>> erin: welcome to the at&t cotton bowl post-game show. you see the texas a&m aggies celebrating. they deserve it. absolutely. well, moments ago, guys, julie alexandria caught up with the man of the hour, man of college football season. the one and only johnny manziel. >> julie: johnny football, what an incredible, incredible performance tonight. do you feel a sense of relief knowing that this incredible season is now over and you were able to cap it off with a victory here at the cotton bowl? >> player: too much talk. been too much talk about how you perform after the heisman,
11:46 pm
how the layoff, all of that. good to just get back and play. no rust, no nothing. we came out and played at a unit. that's all you ask for rest of the team. >> julie: how proud of you of your team? >> player: couldn't be more proud. for seniors to go out and win 11 games a donald what we have done, incredible. >> julie: amazing pe performance. >> erin: absolutely. erin andrews, eddie george, joey harrington. the keyword that johnny said. "no rust." no kidding! >> eddie: yeah. they came right out and rolled over top of them. close in the first half, but they had no answer for him in the second half. i mean, johnny manziel was simply fantastic. you got to think about, i'm looking at 2013. look at the schedule they have. >> erin: i have the schedule here. >> eddie: four away games and the team could be in a position for a national championship. they are bringing the key guys back. there is no defense to stop this guy. >> joey: depending the f the
11:47 pm
offensive line -- depending if the offensive line stays. joeckel stays. coming in the fourth quarter he was putting up such numbers he finished the games 12 yards short passing of being on the second, the second player in college football history to throw for 300 and rush for 200 in the same game. that close, that close to joining marcus tuosofo in the only person in history of college football to do that. incredible performance after the heisman rust. >> eddie: yeah. freshman. >> joey: freshman. >> eddie: impressive. >> joey: freshman. >> eddie: performance after winning the heisman. >> erin: we said this in the pre-game meeting this will be incredit to believe see how the story with him -- incredible to see how the story continues to unfold to this year and the year after. unbelievable performance from him. get it back out to cowboys stadium. charles davis with the trophy presentation. >> erin, thanks. with tommy baine, chairman of the cotton bowl. you get the honors to present the cotton bowl trophy to coach kevin sumlin and the
11:48 pm
texas a&m aggies. >> thank you, charles. coach sumlin, on behalf of andy geisse and at&t and the entire board of directors of the at&t cotton bowl, it's real pleasure to present to you the 2013 championship trophy. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> now coach, in ordinary circumstances i'd have you go and lift it, but that wears a ton. let you get weight room work in first and come back to lift it. it's there and your team earned it. give us a quick description of what it has been for you and the staff and the team coming together from the time you took over at texas a&m culminating with tonight? >> coach: first, i want to say, you know, we played pretty well tonight. but it wouldn't have happened without the 12th man. thank you for being the 12th man. the best fans in the country! [ cheers & applause ] the seniors, i can't say
11:49 pm
enough about those guys. they fought hard all year, believed in what we were telling them. new change, coaches schemes, everything else. a lot of young guys got awards this year. telling you, the senior class, we would haven't won half the games without the senior class. [ applause ] >> complete victory for you tonight, offense, defense, special teams. the seniors with the leadership you talked about. but of course, you have a redshirt freshman, who won a heisman trophy named johnny manziel. did you really tell him in the spring that if he didn't get better with the football, that somehow we might not have seen number two on the field this fall? >> don't worry about that. he did get better. thank goodness he did. right now, you know, with what we do, took us a while to get going. but you know, like i said, you can put those numbers up against anybody any year. and it's a team effort. we look at all the individual
11:50 pm
trophies as a team effort. this is the first team to win 11 games in a long time. one of four teams in the history of texas a&m. they played great all year. more than one guy. it takes a great effort by all guys but i couldn't be prouder of this coaching staff and this football team. >> coach, congratulations to you and the team for winning the championship. 11 games that the coach talked about first time in a long time. since 1998, the first time that texas a&m won 11 games. it looks like maybe the wrecking crew might be back in force. >> erin: unbelievable, charles. congratulations to texas a&m. heiseman trophy winner johnny manziel capped off a dream season with tonight's record-breaking cotton bowl performance. right back with more from the at&t cotton bowl post game show. what's better -- bigger or smaller? bigger! bigger! bigger! bigger! so, which would you rather have -- a big treehouse or a small treehouse?
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11:54 pm
inside look at how rg3 and the redskins have revitalized our nation's capital. also, seattle's russell wilson sits down to talk about his remarkable rookie season. all that and more on the fort fox n.f.l. sunday pre-game. the final score from arlington, texas a&m 41 to oklahoma's 13. congratulations again to the aggies with their cotton bowl victory. it's been a great season here on fox. behalf of eddie george, joey harrington and the entire fox sports crew, i'm erin andrews. good night, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we've got the best team to get it done and all the crowd noise we'll be looking for. >> tonight we're going one on
11:59 pm
one with head coach mike shanahan as the skins prepare for the battle with seattle. >> plus a call for action after more than 100 firefighters called out sick on new year's eve. but we begin tonight with judgment day for a former fbi agent convicted of hitting and killing a teenager in a drunk driving crash. thanks for staying up with us. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. >> 18 months is how long the offender will stay in prison. >> adrian johnson was convicted by a jury of that deadly crash a few months ago. the parents thought he'd be going to jail for a long time. turns out johnson got one month for every year lawrence garner jr. was alive. j.r. garner was killed in february of 2011 in a car crash.
12:00 am
it happened in brandywine. it took only two hours for a jury to find adrian johnson guilty of homicide by a motor vehicle while intoxicated. the former fbi agent who once protected the attorney general faced up to 10 years in prison, but received much less than that as jr's family watched in court friday. >> it wasn't fair. 18 months, that's crazy. >> being a law enforcement officer i think he should have gotten more time. >> these are the pictures of jr his parents have around the home. they show the good times, but it's an autopsy photo of him that his mother sees most often. she carries it around with her to remind her of what adrian johnson took away from her that night. >> truly i look at this all the time. this is how he left my son and he shows no remorse. >> johnson's attorney told us in october he would appeal the guilty verdict. >> we thought that the vehicle
12:01 am
that he struck pulled out of a blind intersection in the middle of the night. the evidence was there was about two seconds to react to that unforeseen development and it was our position that a stone sober driver would have run into that vehicle. >> still jr's parents were expecting some kind of an apology from johnson in court but once again they were disappointed. >> in the courtroom he had no remorse. mr. johnson had no remorse. he never said i was sorry. he focused on himself. >> prosecutors were asking that johnson serve over 10 years in prison. he was taken into custody but once again his attorney is appealing the conviction. . >> matt ackland tonight. t. a news alert from d.c. this evening. the man convicted of brutally assaulting an elderly woman in 2005 could be getting out of prison. james dorsey's conviction was overturned by the d.c. court of appeals. he admitted to beating and robbing the 83-year-old t-shirt vendor known as grandma to
12:02 am
those who knew her who lived in her apartment in foggy bottom. a spokesman for the u.s. attorney tells us he is still in custody for now and they have not decided whether to retry the case. first on fox 5 there is a call for immediate action in the d.c. fire department after more than 100 firefighters called out sick new year's eve. that left nearly a dozen ambulances unstaffed and supervisors scrambling for help. one d.c. council member is asking the mayor and the fire chief to do something now even if it means taking disciplinary action. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> our firefighters are paid to do a job and there's just no acceptable excuse of how this happens. >> reporter: d.c. council member tommy wells is angry, upset that the safety of district residents was put in jeopardy new year's eve when more than 100 firefighters called in sick. wells who has oversight for judiciary and public safety in the district says he met with the deputy mayor, fire chief and the head of the
12:03 am
firefighters union friday to try to get to the bottom of what happened. >> we did not have an unusual case of the flu going only through the fire department. this was a choice made by our employees and it was definitely not sanctioned by the union. i've been assured of that by the head of the union. this is something the firefighters chose to do on their own and it's absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: 11 ambulances went unstaffed forcing supervisors to ask for help from prince george's county. the gap created chaos. a 71-year-old man at this house on 44th place southeast waited 40 minutes for an ambulance. the air force veteran later died of a heart attack. on lang place northeast a stabbing victim was transported to the hospital in a fire truck. >> our residents pay for city services. we have a firefighting department along with the ambulance services and i expect to be fully staffed. >> reporter: while union officials deny it was a coordinated sickout they say the trouble could have been avoided if the department had staffed up as it did in recent
12:04 am
years. cost cutting measures and low morale have been issues between the firefighters union and fire chief, but council member wells says a sickout isn't the way to make a point. he says action including perhaps disciplinary measures must be taken now to send a clear message. >> i expect this will not happen again and if it does, i know that we're in contract negotiations around the services for our employees. i understand also that if you want to work for d.c. government, especially in emergency services, you have to show the kind of commitment that we expect as an employer, as a city and as residents of this great city. >> reporter: maureen umeh, fox 5 news. now a news alert from fairfax county, police believe the serial fondler may have struck again. the latest assault happened last night in the 4400 block of briarwood court. police believe a man grabbed a female jogger. after the woman yesterday the man took off.
12:05 am
this would be the 15th assault in fairfax county. if you recognize this man, call police. thousands gathered today to remember a virginia police officer killed in the line of duty. prince william county motorcycle officer chris yung died in an accident new year's eve. today his family and friends gathered in woodbridge to honor his sacrifice. fox 5's john henrehan reports. >> reporter: services today to remember a fallen motorcycle officer. 35-year-old chris yung was responding to a call on new year's eve in bristow when his bike collided with a minivan. a firing party on a nearby hill honored the former marine and a lone bugler sounded taps. reporters were asked to stay outside the funeral, but an audio feed supplied the many testimonies of the character of this policeman. >> he wanted people to be safe. a few years ago we received a message of thanks from a woman
12:06 am
who had been in distress with her disabled vehicle off a very busy road. off duty chris stopped to help the woman. not only that, but the road was so busy that he had to go past the vehicle, turn around and return to provide her and her daughter assistance. >> reporter: chris yung's brother dale is also a police officer with prince william county. dale yung offered an emotional tribute to his brother's always sunny disposition. >> as you guys all know, he had that smile, that smile that could light up any room, brighten any day. you know, if you were having a bad day, you could count on chris to put a smile on your face. >> reporter: the assembled crowd heard a final unanswered radio call over the loud speakers. the dispatcher's voice then declared officer chris yung to be cleared from further duties. his widow and three young children were escorted to a police cruiser and a long procession which included a
12:07 am
riderless motorcycle then wound its way through prince william county. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> officer yung will be buried tomorrow in a private ceremony in charlottesville. a retired prince george's county firefighter and homeowner's dog are being haled heroes for saving a woman's life. smoke coming from this house in bowie on pond meadow lane caught the attention of lieutenant billy mills. the lieutenant rushed to the house where a dog directed him to the backdoor. inside he found a disabled woman and pulled her to safety. she was taken to the hospital to be treated. the fire destroyed her home no, word on the cause. we are getting closer and closer to kickoff, sunday's battle with seattle the first redskins playoff game in the mike shanahan era. sports director scott smith went one on one with the head coach today. what did he have to say? >> when the team was 3-6 you heard talk of him on the hot seat. now they're 10-6 and there's
12:08 am
talk of a contract extension. we covered quite a few topics today in our sitdown including his relationship with owner dan snyder. dan snyder had kind of a reputation of being a hands on owner. not necessarily the case since you arrived. how would you describe that relationship with him? >> it's been great. he's allowed me to do what we needed to do to make some tough decisions with players that have been here and cuts in salaries and get younger, move in the right direction, got to count on a lot of young guys to kind of change the atmosphere of the organization which we felt like we had to do, make some tough decisions on some veteran players that weren't buying in, but the guys in did buy in we wanted to keep here because we've got some great character of guys who have been here in the past. >> reporter: has dan given you any indication he would like to extend you? >> there's rumors and speculation. there's an article and i just laugh. i don't even know how they get
12:09 am
out there because i haven't had any concentration. nobody would have concentration at this time of year anyhow because your consequence operation level is on your job. >> reporter: you bring this city its first nfc east title in 13 years. how does it feel in your perspective to give that to such a hungry fan base? >> i'll be honest with you. to come in here and find out how the washington fan is, i really didn't know and then you come in. you know they know their football and near really gracious saying hey, coach, this is -- they're really area saying hey, coach, this is not going to happen overnight. we believe in you. be patient, do it the right way and i was really surprised how many people said that consistently trying to tell me not to get down. when you're used to winning and want to win, it's really tough when you're not representing your fans the way you'd like to, but they hung in there and they were always positive and so i'm very happy we got to the first stage anyhow.
12:10 am
>> certainly has the team heading in the right direction and at the right time, more from my conversation with the head coach sunday at 3:30 during our special pregame show. this is the game day lineup fox. 3:30 we have kickoff coverage live from fedex field, the fox network pregame at 4:00 and a 4:30 kickoff between the seahawks and redskins followed up with a special fox 5 postgame show. you want motivation? the redskins are the only home team playing this weekend picked as the underdog. we'll try to prove those oddsmakers wrong on sunday. you can see the fedex crew at work in this video from sky fox earlier today getting the field ready for the game. what kind of weather will greet fans going to the stadium? gary mcgrady is here now with the game day forecast. >> it's going to be a pretty good day out there on sunday. we may have some clouds early, but as we progress through the day i think we're in really good shape. of course, it's a 4:30 kickoff at fedex field. so i think by 4:30 temperatures
12:11 am
should actually be up into the lower 40s. we'll have good amounts of sunshine, too. there's going to be a few clouds, definitely on the cool side and it's going to be dry. that's the good point, too. we start off with kickoff in the lower 40s and temperatures will be dropping down into the upper 30s or so by the 4th quarter. so it looks like all is good with forecasts for this game. let me show you briefly out there now temperatures dropped to 37 in town, some places manassas, culpeper already down to the middle 20s. once the wind dies down temperatures will drop for about everybody. so we're definitely talking a real cold overnight tonight. weekend forecast is coming up and beyond as well. to show us your redskin spirit upload your pics and videos on our web page. look for the link under the sports tab. you can also e-mail us, another big story tonight, a u.s. senator admits to drunk driving in alexandria, virginia.
12:12 am
what he said after pleading guilty and hear his punishment coming up. >> later a pilot arrested for failing a breathalyzer test, the fallout from this airline scandal. we're back in a few.  there is no mass-produced human.
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today admitting he was driving drunk the night he was arrested in alexandria two weeks ago. senator mike crapo apologized for his behavior. fox 5's bob barnard was in the courtroom with the senator this morning. >> reporter: the third term 61- year-old republican senator from idaho leaves alexandria general district court having just pled guilty to driving drunk in the city two days before christmas. >> i sincerely regret the choice i made because tragic consequences can result from combining drinking and driving. i'm grateful, truly grateful, that no one was injured. >> reporter: this is senator mike crapo's mugshot taken in the early morning hours of sunday, december 23rd , when he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.
12:16 am
his blood alcohol concentration reported to be .11, slightly over virginia's .08 legal limit. >> it was a poor choice to use alcohol to relieve stress and went at odds with my personally held residence beliefs. >> reporter: a lifelong mormon in congress since 1993 crapo says he'd been drinking vodka tonics when he got in his vehicle to wind down. >> i was not with anyone or traveling to see anyone. i was just driving and actually when i realized in my drive that i was not in a condition to be driving, i turned around and started to return and that's when i was apprehended. >> reporter: crapo was pulled over for making a turn on a red light at this intersection of commonwealth and mount vernon avenues in alexandria. he subsequently failed field
12:17 am
sobriety tests. crapo says mormons don't drink alcohol but that he had on several occasions in recent months. >> i will carry through on appropriate measures for forgiveness and repentance in my church and ask all of you for your forgiveness. >> reporter: in alexandria bob barnard, fox 5 news. a howard county teenager remains in critical condition after a car crash yesterday in front of mount hebron high school. 18-year-old jeffrey sinclair was driving with four other students in the car. the other teens were treated and released. sinclair was pulling out of the school parking lot when a mack truck hit the car. they believe the teen may have failed to yield the right-of- way of the truck. a former corrections officer has pleaded guilty to 1 count of obstruction of justice in the 2008 death of ronnie white. anthony mcintosh admittedly lied about what he did in the minute after finding white unconscious in his prince george's county jail cell. white was facing charges of killing a prince george's county police officer and had been in the jail two days when
12:18 am
he was found dead. fox 5's paul wagner reports. >> reporter: four years after ronnie white was found dead inside his prince george's county jail cell former corrections officer anthony mcintosh came to this federal courthouse here in greenbelt and admitted lying to investigators about the circumstances surrounding white's death. after the guilty plea mcintosh's attorney came out and made a statement. >> mr. mcintosh's guilty plea is perhaps more significant for what it does not say. it does not implicate mr. mcintosh in ronnie white's death. ronnie white's death was tragic. anthony mcintosh did not harm, kill or cause the death of ronnie white. with today's resolution mr. mcintosh has accepted responsibility for his false statement. the past 4 1/2 years have been very painful for mr. mcintosh. he looks forward to trying to rebuild his life. >> reporter: two days after 19- year-old ronnie white was accused of killing prince george's county police officer richard finley he was found
12:19 am
unconscious in his jail cell. paramedics performed cpr, but he was pronounced dead a little over an hour after he was found. the initial thought by some including the county executive was white may have been the victim of vigilante justice. in fact, the medical examiner ruled white's death a homicide, but no one has been charged with murder. according to a motion filed in federal court, anthony mcintosh contacted a prince george's county homicide detective after the medical examiner's ruling and admitted he found white unresponsive in his cell but left to perform other duties at the jail instead of calling for help. the document says 15 minutes went by before another corrections officer found white and called for help. the document goes on to say anthony mcintosh changed his story several times during the course of the investigation. mcintosh will be back in this courthouse in early april where he's facing a sentence of up to
12:20 am
2 1/2 years in federal prison. at the federal courthouse in greenbelt paul wagner, fox 5 news. still to come, a pilot arrested at an airport accused of trying to fly under the influence, what tipped off investigators and how the airline is responding next.
12:21 am
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they helped me figure things out. and before you know it, i am doing it... (anncr) at suntrust, helping people shine is what we do. join the thousands who are switching to suntrust's award-winning service. a pilot was removed from the cockpit of an american eagle flight taken into custody because i failed a blood alcohol test -- he failed a blood alcohol test right before getting ready to fly. >> reporter: a pilot arrested at minneapolis st. paul airport after failing an alcohol breath test. this american eagle pilot was preparing to fly to new york laguardia airport friday morning, police making the 48- year-old pilot take a test after officers and tsa agents smelled alcohol on him. >> they're affecting other
12:24 am
passengers. you're affecting your crew members. you're putting them at risk and in danger. >> scary to think of pilots getting away with stuff that -- mine the fact that he was not -- i mean the fact that he was intoxicated but probably hadn't slept much either. >> reporter: american airlines which uses american eagle for shorter connecting flights say the pilot has been suspended pending investigation. the company also says american eagle has a well established substance abuse policy designed to put the safety of employees and customers first. the flight was delayed more than two hours while a replacement pilot was brought in. >> obviously i think they made the right decision not to have him fly and i'm glad i wasn't on that flight. >> reporter: the alcohol limit for flying is generally lower than for driving a car. federal rules prohibit pilots from having a blood alcohol level of .04% or higher. according to the federal aviation administration, more than 10,000 pilots are tested
12:25 am
for drugs and alcohol each year and about a dozen fail the alcohol part. a minneapolis airport spokesman says police will wait until blood tests are process before deciding whether to file charges against the pilot. in new york rick fulbound fox news. coming up next a same sex couple in maryland already tied the knot, but they say they're still living in fear of separation. we'll explain why next. >> also ahead why the fda is proposing the most sweeping food safety rules in decades. >> if you see a story we should look into, there's the number and the e-mail address. there is no mass-produced human.
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go to today call the verizon center for customers with disabilities for america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. verizon fios. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a same sex couple in maryland tied the knot days after it became legal in the state. the women walked down the aisle today with quite a story to tell, but what they fear might
12:29 am
surprise you. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> the cake is there. >> reporter: an anxious bride making sure everything is just right before she walks down the aisle. the shoes, the dress or in this case dresses, sarah lemming is marrying diana carroll, both women, both episcopal priests. >> i know it's difficult for some people, but i'm gay and i was created that way by god. >> reporter: sarah is british. they met in yale school. at the church where sarah is associate pastor st. margaret's in annapolis. they married friday afternoon. the church registry they signed still says bride and groom, but times are changing. >> for us it's actually about upholding the importance of marriage which we believe


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