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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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thanks-for-joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. the top story, the restaurant skins face off against seattle. fans could not be more pumped for the burgundy and gold. the first playoff game in 13 years here. lindsay joins us now with whose hot streak is going to continue. who is not excited about the
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game? >> i know your family is. can i see your earrings? >> i know. i have my robert griffin iii earrings. my husband gave them to me. >> he is crazy. your family is excite > we are on a roll. >> five years ago today, the redskins lost the nfc wild card game at seattle. the final score was 35-14 and it was the final nfl game for head coach joe gibbs. the hope for the redskins was that with seattle on their home turf, the outcome will be different. the revved skins have not lost since november 4th. they have reeled off seven straight wins fueled by rookie running back alfred morris. the seahawks, they are hot, too, they have not suffered a lost since november 25th. they enter tomorrow's show down with a five-game running streak. players say, hey, we would choose being the hottest team, not necessarily the best. >> we have experienced it
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before and i have seen it happen year in and year out. that's the thing. whoever is the hottest, a lot of times,is the best team in the season we are hot right now but i that come to a screeching halt. momentum can be fleeting if we don't come out and play well and don't protect the ball. >> we want to be the hottest team. we want to be the team that's playing the best. there are teams that start best and end winning the division early, secure a playoff spot but, you know, if they have a week off or so. and especially in the last couple of years, theteams that have caught fire i'll be right back the giant, you know, the poith -- not the poith, the green bay packers who caught fire at the right time, they were able to ride that all the way through the playoffs. it's not always the best team but who is playing the best at the right time. >> right now, that is the redskins. they line up on fox at 3:30.
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we kick off coverage from fed ex field with a special pregame show. 4:30 is a special kickoff. the revved skins say they have already forgotten the severn- game winning streak, forgotten the division title because they are just focused on the postseason. they say that the one team that's happy at the end was the team that wins the super bowl. >> and you said you were surprised how subdued they were. >> yes, i was really surprised about that but that shows us they are focused. this year's team has people convert the. >> if you take a look at a road map of the state of maryland, baltimore here, washington here, right between the two cities and the two nfl franchises is laurel, maryland. that's where we went today, spent most of the day trying to find out which way the fans are
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leaning. about 25,000 people live in laurel, maryland, which is located exactly between baltimore and washington. nfl teams from both of those cities are on the hunt for playoff victories that will hopefully lead them to the super bowl. if you look around laurel, you will see tomorrow redskins paraphernalia on cars but, more cars in the laurel area are carrying stickers and license plates that label their drivers as fans of the baltimore ravens. where is your heart? >> ravens. >> i started off as baltimore colts fans. evenly grew up in pg county, never switched to the skins. >> you are sticking with baltimore. >> oh, i'm stake r sticking with baltimore. >> if it's baltimore versus washington in the super bowl? >> ray venlsz all the way >> reporter: if you ask don chin who runs pies deli in laurel, this is redskins territory. >> my customers, they have
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redskins t-shirts, redskins cats. >> some locals say a slight shift in geography mix a difference. >> the further north you go like jessup, more redskins fans. >> right near. >> more redskins fans >> reporter: because baltimore harass been serious contenders, some are beginning to pull for the team from the south. >> actually, i would like to seat redskins win. >> redskins? >> yeah. >> even though you lived baltimore? >> yes, because it's been so long. >> cory is not the only one who says that he is ready to pull. >> i've been with the ravens but now that rgiii is with the ravens, i feel restaurant skins, you know >> reporter: super bowl between the two? >> i will go with redskins. >> with the pass, with the run, he opens the whole offensive scheme, you know, for the
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redskins. it's dynamic right now >> reporter: we found over and over today in laurel, the mid point city, rgiii is not only winning games for the redskins or helping them winning games but he is wins fans for the franchise. robert griffin 3 is carving away some fans in what used to be ravens territory in central her land. >> very interesting. john henrehan, thank you very much. take a look outside right now. beautiful day, albeit and the chilly side. >> should fans stock up on hand and feet warmers? tucker barnes joins us. >> not bad at all. afternoon in the mid-40s, there will be sunshine. let's get right to the forecast, again, we are looking at quiet conditions by game time. temperatures will shall in the mid-40s at kickoff and will be falling back near 40, programs
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some upper 30s there by the end of the game. breezes out of the north and west at about 5:00. we should be dry. considering january, pretty much uneventful here for the seahawks and redskins. >> quick tipoff for tonight. might be a rain and or snow shower after midnight. overnight lows here in the low 30s. more details on the forecast here. this is no big deal and, of course, we want to talk more about the big football game on sunday coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, tucker. redskins memorabilia, as we just said, flying off the shelves? >> okay. >> as the team prepares to battle seattle this weekend. >> a manassas family is hoping to add to their collection if they have any room for it. audrey barnes took them to the ultimate redskins man cave at the family home. >> a lot of football fans have a sign, helmet or two but a manassas family has dozens of them. they have so much redskins
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memorabilia it fills an entire garage. >> reporter: jimmy duval started collecting redskins stuff with his dad when he was just a kid. he built a garage to hold it off. >> we have flags, pictures, collectible shot glasses. whatever has a restaurant skins logo. yes. >> in is a lot of history in the duval collection like this ticket. from chris han berger. what's the favorite thing? >> probably the ought hamburger autograph. >> john riggins is another one. >> he was a running back when i was playing football and i was a running back. i wanted to be like him. >> abby and jimmy iii with his room striped like a football
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field holds an impressive. >> the experts have us winning by 4 >> reporter: what about you? >> i believe we're going to win by 20. >> all right. we like you better. >> reporter: his dad thinks the game is in the bag, too. >> i think we have a good chance because they are coming to us and they don't travel well. and like i said, i think we're going to win by 30 >> reporter: joontd duval might have a redskins super bowl poster to add to their collection. back to you. >> we want you to us your redskins spirit for the playoff push. you can send us an e-mail. the address is red we are following a developing story out of the district. d.c. police are in the midst much a death investigation right now. a man'sody was bound in the anacostia river laid this morning. it was located under the being
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road bridge. no word on if foul play was involved. a deadly hostage situation in aurora. four people are dead including the gunman s.w.a.t. team was negotiating with people. meanwhile, several homes in the area were evacuated. you will remember aurora is also the location of that mass shooting in a theater. anne arundel owe physicians say a 40-year-old woman died after suffering injuries from a house fire. it took 40 minutes for firefighters to take the blaze under control. nine adults, two kids were displaced. to brentwood, maryland, where a two-story duplex went up in flames. luckily, nobody was hurt here.
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damage estimates are about $25,000. fire investigator are still looking into the cause. also in maryland tonight, police are investigating a string of theft in montgomery county. potential victims are putting their outgoing mail in their mailboxes and suspects come by, steal the mail looking for checks and once they find the check, they alter them to get it cashed. police are warning residents to drop important mail at the post office. still ahead, saving people's sentimental pictures. how one volunteer group are working hard to save memories damaged by super storm sandy. back after this. share everything.
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share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a spectrum 2 by lg for $49.99 big story we are following tonight. a teen rape case that is make can headlines all across the country. outrage in a small ohio town over an alleged rape involving
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the town star high school football players and a 16-year- old girl. this year is video from a rally held today for the victims. people are protest what they say is a conspiracy by the town and the school to cover up the rape. back in august, the teen girl was allegedly raped at a high school party. the incident happened allegedly each several hours. members-of-the-football team snapped photos and posted disturbing things on facebook. president obama to cap the next secretary of defense as soon as next week and signs point to former gop senator chuck hagel. >> reporter: the white house has confirmed that no selection has been made but source, say
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that chuck hagel has been thought. he opposed the surge. marco rubio of florida says that he might block the nomination unless he withdraws his on cyst to the u.s. embargo to trade against cuba. and he is balking at the designation of hezbollah has a terrorist group. there are the remarks that he made to david aaron miller. n m >> i'm not an israeli senator. he says, i'm a united states senator some gay be a lesbian groups are unimpress the with the apology that hagel offered harass months for comments he made in 1998 about the first openly ambassador jay hormel who he called openly gay. >> others say that the two
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purple hearts that he earned qualifies him for the job. and the white house has lined up many to defend his record on israel. >> he has been a supporter of the state of israel and its security requirements. >> president obama told nbc news last weekend he sees, quote, nothing to disqualify hagel. in washington, james rosen, fox news. super storm sandy destroyed thousands of homes and destroyed special keepsakes. care stands for cherished album restoration effort were founded after storm hit and has been recruiting photo editing experts from all overt world to help remove mud, scratches and stance and even reconstruct missing pieces of photographs that were damage the usually, you give money and that's all you can do but here is something that i actually felt like my skill set allowed to get more than just the bare minimum. >> reporter: care set up a collection point once a week to help with the photos. all the time and effort needed
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to restore them, by the way, is donated. next on fox 5, medical marijuana coming to the district very soon. how many residents will be able to buy it legally and if you have a story idea, call the fox headline. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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marijuana about to be smoked legally in the nation's capital. was given the number bees up by district voters 15 years ago. now it's about to become reality only if you live in the district and get a doctor's order. >> reporter: occupying that distinguished bright blue looking store front just off new york avenue is a company called capital city care getting ready to open its doors in a matter of weekings, what should be the first of four businesses in the city to begin legally selling marijuana. >> some of them will be open by early spring and the rest of them will be opening for the rest of the year at which point, qualified patients who had a doctor's recommendation will be able to purchase marijuana from these stores and take it directly home and use it in their homes. >> reporter: but only if you live in the district. and only if you have anyone of the four qualifying conditions. glaucoma, hiv-a.i.d.s., cancer
6:21 pm
and multiple sclerosis. >> we thought long and hard about this but there are so many people out there who have chronic illness. we thought this was a good thing for the residents of the district of columbia. they convinced us that this is working in other states. so we're going to give it a try in the district of columbia. >> marijuana is still outlawed by the federal government but now legal for medical purposes in 18 states. approved by 69% of the district voters in a referendum 16 years ago but delayed by congressional concerns and need for tight restrictions. morgan fox is with the d.c. base marijuana policy project. >> it had to be very, very tightly structured to make sure that it did not draw the ire of congress. now that it's going into effect, it's providing an excellent resource to show how this works. >> reporter: there are four dispensary centers and six caught stations centers are to
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be license the by the city. yvette alexander is chairman of the council's health committee. >> it is not a step toward the legalization of marijuana. it solely for for medicinal purposes. >> this was not something that was applauded. some who live in the district expressed concerns about having marijuana sold legally in their neighborhood. today, parents say that kid got to check out at tistles to neighborhood public schools. today was the d.c. charter school expo. the idea ills to give parent and students all the information they need for every public charter schools in the district. the charter school board is launching a new app to help make a decision a little easier. >> we want parents to have easy access to all information about charter schools in the district of columbia. we are launching a new mobile app that works on android as well as iphone that can give
6:23 pm
parents and children easy glance into all the schools in the city. you can see where they are. you can see what the rating is and you can see what special features they offer. >> public charter schools have the same acceptance policy as regular public schools. the application deadline is march 15th. >> all right. looks like good weather for tomorrow. >> yeah. >> you should be fine. going to be a little cool, it's january. >> yes. be expected. >> talking mid-40s at game time. we're going to be fine. >> look. looks good, too. >> yeah, there we go. i'm confused now. >> yeah. >> we are looking fine out there this evening. if you have plans, going to be out after midnight, don't be shocked if you see a rain and or snow shower late. this is not a big deal. not a lot of accumulation. you get very weak disturbances moving through the overnight hours.
6:24 pm
eventually, we get it out of here by tomorrow morning. we'll be back in the sunshine just in time for the game. here are the temperatures and enjoy temperatures in the mid- 40s today. we got up to 46 at reagan national. currently 41, 37 in annapolis. leonardtown with temperatures of 36 degrees. let's see some more spots, culpeper and dallas. that's what the best chance is going to be. we are not expecting any accumulation as the system ace very, very weak one. we saw a little bit of warm air trying to work in aloft. >> here is the satellite radar. in the last couple of hours, the clouds started to roll in here from south and west. as we opened up a little bit, you see the cloud cover and very weak disturbance. most of the energy well off to the north and west. some sprinkles of the showers. tomorrow morning, when you get up, you'll have a few clouds out there but we should stay up
6:25 pm
until the afternoon. here is the plan if you are going out. mostly cloudy here, right through 10:00, 11:00 tonight. until 12:00 or 4:00 a.m., chance for snow showers. we should be right back in the sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. here is your accu weather seven- day forecast. looks fun. let the colder in temporarily, for the day on monday. if you need a january thaw, check out that seven-day. we have lots of 50s by the end of next week. by friday, saturday, mid- to upper 50s. >> wow. >> long term, we are not looking at anything -- >> well, we are looking warm at the end of next week and then we take a turn for the cold. >> so enjoy the warmth while we have it? >> yes. >> looks like some good weather, as we were talking about for the game tomorrow which, of course, is on everybody's mind. d.c. mayor vincent gray was
6:26 pm
sounding off against seattle. he had a friendly wager going on with his counterpart from seattle. >> i have a bet with seattle's mayor. the team who loses has to fly the other's city flag over city hall for a day. >> the mayor's score prediction for tomorrow's game, 31-26. >> it is one thing to be a redskins fan and quite another to alter your body to honor the team. tonight, one native washington is showing how she is not only cheering the burgundy and gold but helping them claw their way to the top. >> you might hear the click of her heels but it's the tap of her finger nails that will get your attention. >> art. >> reporter: art, all eight feet of it. that's how long her finger names would be if you lined
6:27 pm
them all up. >> altogether, 97 inches. >> she is a proud native. >> southeast d.c >> what's going on now with the redskins? >> oh, my gosh. >> has her pretty excited. her favorite player. >> come on, now, rgiii. >> reporter: her advice to the skins savior. >> relax, take it all in. nfl means not for long. >> how long has she been growing her finger nails? >> 11 years. >> reporter: she has been painting them every season since. even with critics. >> i love him. i need an offensive front line but i love him >> reporter: not arch as much she loves her grandson. he is also a 'skins fans. >> she says, my grandmother has long nails. >> reporter: she mate it to a few games but she'll watch it from a friend's house.
6:28 pm
>> how loud will it get? >> we have 30 deep. we are pretty loud that neighbors want to come and join us from blocks away. >> she works in i.t. for the federal government. she can dial her phone. >> i dial with the knuckles. >> she even crochets. >> i've been crochet forever. >> reporter: is there anyone thing that you can't do with these nails that you wish you could this. >> fold socks >> reporter: of course, if she would fold socks, they would certainly be burgundy and gold. >> how does she put the coat on? so many questions. that is commitment. coupon cutting. we'll tell you why you might want to pick up a paper with sunday's@.   sunday's ad. 
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now, on fox 5 news at 6:00, a disturbing story tonight the gunman in the connecticut school shootings and what happened before his autopsy. was his body mishandled? online safety. you can never be too careful. and are you looking for love? >> why this is the month for online dating a town that's already witnessed the horror of a mass shooting is hurting again after four people were killed in a
6:32 pm
shooting. and that includes the gunman. >> we have made numerous evacuations of the neighboring townhomes. >> reporter: those calls alerting the people of aurora telling them an armed man was holding several people hostage. s.w.a.t. team members arrived in the early morning hours to negotiate with the suspects. >> they made contact with the suspect at several times over the past hour. >> reporter: but that contact stalled and the suspect, instead of complying began firing his gun outside the windows, even hitting cars and. s.w.a.t. members shot a gunman after he went by a window. the police went in and found
6:33 pm
three people dead inside and the gunman prosecutors will go to court monday to outline the case against the suspect james holmes on monday. >> the real reason for preliminary hearing was just screening device. do we have the right guy? did he really probably commit these crimes? it's not to determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> now, aurora police are remaining tight lipped for the mow tip for there are morning's standoff. a fourth person was able to escape before police arrived. an employee in connecticut's medical examiner's office is on leave after allegedly letting her husband view the body of the newtown school gunman. jean henry was put on leaf back on december 21st. henry showed her husband adam lanza's body on december 16th, two days after lanza killed 20
6:34 pm
children and six adults. lanza's body was recently claimed by his mother. the students who survived that shooting just finished their first couple of days back in class. they are attending school in a new building in a different town. >> meanwhile be connecticut leaders announced the first measure being taken to try to prevent another mass shooting tragedy in that state. fox's anna koimann has the story. >> reporter: buses are picking up schools all over newtown taking them to a new school in nearby monroe, connecticut. this is the first day of school back for children. residents lined the roads leading to the school with welcome signs. local police described the police. >> the kids got off the bus, lots of people were happy to see their friends they had not seen in a while. they were excited about the new school>> reporter: police say that parents were allowed to
6:35 pm
stay on came pus for a while with their kids and school officials health an assembly to answer questions. they maintained their presence but they are careful to maintain a balanced approach. >> we don't want them to think this is a police state. we want them to know that they are secure. >> the commission will look for ways to make sure that our gun laws are as tight as they need to be, that our mental health system can reach those who are in need of our help and that our law enforcement agencies have the tool that tools that they need to protect public safety, particularly in our schools. >> the governor is expected to receive the initial report by the commission by march 15th,
6:36 pm
in time for the general assembly to take action during the next section. in new york, anna kooiman, fox news. more than 150,000 children could be affected if bus drivers walk off the job. parents had to find transportation to take their schools. the drivers are threatening to strike if the school board gets bids for driving kids. that's the first time that a bus company change is considered. 11-year-old julia harvey, younger than the age requirements for facebook has been facebooking about a year now. a page her mom is well aware of. >> i can play games on it. >> reporter: julia's play on facebook is serious for mom. >> i monitor every single person that comes in contact
6:37 pm
with her. sometimes, she runs across friend requests from suspicious profiles. i'm concerned to keep her protected and making sure that everything is pg >> reporter: now, she has help a free software program called iguardian. >> that gives you images to a lot. that gives them images to what they are liking. the parent is alerted via e- mail or text is anything suspicious is. >> stephen white is the creator of the free eye guardian program. he runs image vision which has created software for note yo bucket, yahoo, twitter, facebook, helping them protect their sites against illicit images. >> we teach computers to see. before they came out, they take a look at the image and
6:38 pm
determine the con tent. >> they teach computers to recognize nudity through math particulars. >> we look for nat at this and determine if everything is covered. >> we break it down in 1s and 0s that computers can understand. for mom anna, it works. >> without sitting over her shoulder and monitor her, i'm doing it on my own time, from my phone and that way, she feels like she has a little bit of independence, but, at the same time, i get to keep an eye on her. >> not just an eye, an eye guardian. coming up next on fox 5 news at 6:00, an important consumer alert. just wait before you head to the floor to shop. we'll show you how to save big on coupons this weekend. we'll be right back. ht back. 
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a consumer alert right now for anyone looking for a good
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deal and who isn't. >> smart source will put out its largest coupon source. tomorrow, they are throwing in 60 pages ever coupons. some papers will have as many as 100 pages. >> we're going to have coupons for the whole array of consumer packaged goods products, including food, health and beauty, wellness is a big focus in 2013, especially because one of our inserts will focus on new year, new you, all about starting 2013 off and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. >> smart source is owned by news corp which is this television station's parent company. did you get a lot of gift cards for the holidays? a lot of people sure did and now they can use some this weekend. it is a chance for people to swipe those cards and get some extra savings. shoppers who use their cards can also score special offers. >> consumers and their families get 8 to 10 gift cards per year
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and it was not an organize the effort to get you come in and organize and redeem. >> some par first paiding retailers include amc theaters, olive garden. >> did you get any? >> i did. >> but little worry because of the he can prayers issue. >> i don't. i did not buy any vision ya gift cards this year because i did not -- i don't like paying 4.95 or 4.50 for a piece of plastic. >> well, you saw the consumer report warning. >> i wouldn't either. >> solidarity. >> all right, good. >> coming up, with the new year comes new goal. is one of yours to find love? why online dating sites sizzling right now? i'll be back. 
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6:46 pm says that there is actually a big increase in the number of members between christmas and valentine's day. that may be predictable but that may mean there are more fish in the internet sea right now. you theoretically have a better shot at finding a match. took says that relationship statuses changed more this time of the year. there you go. >> all right. >> good luck to you. >> you know what it is? they didn't want to buy gifts for their mates for christmas so they dump them and pick them back up. >> i heard that happen before. we are all cynical. >> i heard that happen. that's very cynical. >> i know. i'm sorry, sorry. >> new year, you want the fresh start. >> on the other side, you want to cuddle up. >> yes, true, you do. >> very important to have cuddl it's cold outside. >> yes. >> chance for a snow shower. >> lots of cuddling there? >> yes. >> no big deal there. there is a live shot. clouds moving in late this afternoon. should be dry for the evening hours here. so if you are headed out to,
6:47 pm
you know, moveis, that kind of things, no issues there. there is a look at the radar. we'll start with that you can see generally quiet across the mid-atlantic here. here are your head lines. a couple of showers and couple of snow showers late tonight. i think after midnight. that's going to be the timing on this. know, you have the evening plans, no issues. cloud cover and then we'll trend towards more and more sunshine during the afternoon. again, for the redskins game, pretty close to perfect. temperatures in mid-40s. plenty of sun for tailgating. as the sun sets, temperatures will fall. >> right now looks like it will be rain by the middle of next week. january thaw on the way. if you had enough of the recent cold spell here, just hang in there. by the end of the week, our temperatures are going to surge above norm yaw, maybe 15, 20 degrees above normal in some
6:48 pm
spots. >> here are the highs for today. 46 at reagan national, 45 at dulles and 43 at bwi marshall. current temperatures, we are falling back here. 41 in washington. 37 now in annapolis. north and west where your temperatures get closer to the freezing mark, already 32 in fret rick. that's where we have the best chance for a little bit of light snow shower activity during the overnight hours. disturbance coming through. 39 in quantico, 36 in cumberland. here in washington, we'll get awfully close to 32 here by early tomorrow morning. looking at satellite radar, starting the day with sunshine. here comes our weak disturbance. most of this is not touching the ground but there are some indications, some the computer models suggesting you gets enough moisture that we could
6:49 pm
see a couple of flurries or sprinkles during the late night hours, again, midnight to about prime time. you can see just a week little upper level disturbance coming through. not going to amount to very much. that will bring some cloud cover and as we get into the day, right back into the sunshine. let me show you the future cast. putting into motion, here we are at 1:00. future cast not very impressed with anything at all out there earlier, a couple of flurries to the north and west. here we are at 4:00 a.m. with the possibility of a couple of sprinkles or snow showers here. we'll clear it all out by early tomorrow morning. here we are by 4:00, game time, sunshine, temperatures in the mid-40s. things get better and better during the day tomorrow. >> 33 tonight. mostly cloudy. a rain and or snow shower a possibility. again, chance, not great, winds out of the south here. 46 tomorrow, early cloud, afternoon sun. should be perfect for the restaurant skins game. keep our fingers crossed.
6:50 pm
and your accu seven-day forecast, let's talk january thaw. temperatures, after being on the cool side monday will warm up into the 50s by wednesday and then we are off and running. we are awfully close to 60 around here behind some rain on thursday. look at friday and saturday, mid- to upper 50s. looks great. >> okay. that's weather. we'll toss it back to you. >> thanks, tucker. >> too cold to talk about this. if you are ready to start talking about swimsuit season -- i know, summer is still five months away but that means more dieting, plans healthier life styles. swimsuits already trickling to retail shelves. some are vacationing. the spotlight is on one pieces, not bikinis, halleluiah. one-piece bathing suit sales are up 20% a sign that the women are saying halleluiah, not the men, right? this is about covering it up instead of bearing it all. feeling good about that. >> hey, i am not complaining.
6:51 pm
>> the guys are like, they are not likings that. >> forget them. >> coming up, we'll hear from the redskins who talk about the upcoming season and, of course, the georgetown hoyas starting big east play against marquette. lindsay murphy is up next. initiated.
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6:54 pm
georgetown hit the hard court. and today was the long overdue opening in the big east opener against marquette. john thompson's hoyas come in with a 10-1 record before the big east. georgetown down 20-19 at the half. two-plus minutes left. the deficit is 2 as marquette starts with the steal. this game was tied at 46. that was not sitting well with buzz williams. final seconds, georgetown trail by 3. they go to otto porter who fines whitting ton on the baseline. the three-point tore tie is no good but he is fouled. he would make the first two free throws. marquette ices him. and he misses the second one. marquette wins. a.c.c. play action against virginia tech. first half, check this out. everyone of the five terps
6:55 pm
touches the ball and then it's point guard p. shawn howard inside for the dunk. terms had a 9-point lead. but the first half was dominating by the shooting display from the freshman jake layman who was making his first start. maryland by 16 at the break and, of course, the crowd amped for this one. second half, another freshman took over. seth allen scores. he canals the 3 and that gives maryland an 18-point lead. later in the game. allen take advantage of a hokie turnover. he scores on the transition. terps crush virginia tech 94-71 with the big boost from the fresh man. >> jake played well. jake is a heck of a player. he has not performed up to his capabilities. he got to start today because of nick's injuries. he took advantage of it but a lot of guys played well. seth allen was great in the second half. all in all, great win for us george mason at william and
6:56 pm
mary. mason up 3, in the second half, playing heads up defense. spin move. cory edwards to johnny william. mason trailed 37-33 at the half. early in the second half. more good d for the patriots. tie game. sherrod wright, the interception, goes coast to coast for 2. wright brings his team back in the game. sherrod wright down the lane gets the hanging layup to fall and one. mason goes on to win 73-66. last year, the bengals andy dalton and the texans t y yates set the table. first time that two rookies started in the playoffs. this time, it's rgiii and russell wilson who set records of their own. the streaks now mean nothing because it's poat season play. the skins had no choice but to win out and guarantee their first playoff appearance since
6:57 pm
2007. they did just that. after that, they won the 14th division title in franchise history. but the playoffs are a well new ballgame. >> you can't ever take a play back. it's everything on the line, one game, one, you know, one mistake will cost you the rest of the season. so that's what makes it really important. >> what's done, the regular season is done. now it's a whole different year. the postseason ace different ballgame. you have to take whatever you came off of into this season, whether you are hot or cold. i i have seen plenty of teams cold, during the regular season, coming in the postseason and still winning. it does not mean much. we still have to keep the same pinned set that we have and know it's not over yet. tomorrow on fox, 3:30, we kick off coverage from fed ex field with a special pregame show. at 4:30 is the kickoff for big game.
6:58 pm
following the game, our post game show. last night, cotton bowl, texas a&m against oklahoma. look at manziel. the aggies led by him up to a 7- 0 lead. second quarter, 7-6. mans yel, first and goal. he fakes the handoff and you know what he's going to do. he rushes for 2292 yards, and, of course, texas a&m wins that one. >> oh, my gosh. what a great show. >> thanks, lindsay. >> that does it for us at 6:00. see you at 10:00 and the fox 5 news at 11:00. >> look at us on ir, online and app. >> sorry, tuck. >> okay. 
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