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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  January 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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it on my own time from my phone. that way she feels like she has a little bit of independence, but i also keep an eye on her. >> reporter: not just an eye. an eye guardian. the news is far from over. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. . we are on the eve of the most important game of the season for the redskins. tonight, fans are on the edge of their seats, hoping rg-iii and the skins can pull off another win. it is deja vu for fans tonight. this time last week, we were crossing our fingers for a push into the playoffs. tonight, that energy lives on, as the redskins get ready to take on the seattle seahawks at home tomorrow. it has been a long time coming for fans in maryland, so much so, even baltimore ravens fans are secretly rooting for the skins this post season. >> i have been going with the ravens, but now since rg-iii is
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with the redskins, i do -- i'm starting to like the redskins as well. >> whoa! now, if it comes to a super bowl between the two? >> i will go with redskins. >> by the way, also in a wild card game, they take on the indianapolis colts in baltimore tomorrow at 1:00. as the skins make their playoff push, team memorabilia is flying off the shelves ahead of tomorrow's game. >> a manassas family is hoping to add to their collection, if they have the room for it. audrey barns took a tour of the ultimate redskins man cave at the duval family home. >> reporter: a lot of football fans have a signed helmet or two, but a manassas family has dozens of them. in fact, they have so much redskins memorabilia, it fills an entire garage. jimmy duval started collecting redskins stuff with his dad when he was just a kid. he basically built an addition to hold it all. we have autogra, flags, pictures, just collectible shot glasses, you know, whatever's got red skin logo on it, we buy it.
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>> ever try to sneak stuff in without your wife seeing it? >> all the time. >> reporter: there's a lot of history in the collection. like this ticket, back when seats went for $9. and signed momentoes from all the redskins greats. >> what's your favorite thing? >> probably the sean taylor autographed stuff. my favorite stuff. >> he was special, wasn't he? >> he was a great player. i enjoyed watching him play. >> reporter: john riggins is another idol. >> when i was playing football, he was a runningback, so i wanted to be just like him. >> reporter: duval has passed on his love of the redskins to his kids, abby, and jimmy, iii, who has a collection, too. his prediction? >> the experts have us winning by four. >> what about you? >> i believe we're going to win by like 20. [ laughter ] >> all right! we like you better! >> reporter: his dad thinks the game is in the bag, too. >> i think we have a good chance, because they are coming
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to us and they don't travel well and, like i said, i think we're going to win by seven. >> reporter: with any luck, thed duvals might have a redskins super bowl poster to add to their collection. >> i like the call, duval family. catch our special pregame show on sunday, starting at 3:30. we'll cover all the inside angles, as the skins take on the seahawks. kickoff, right here at 4:30. stick around for our post game special. there's a new chapter unfolding in an 11-year-old debate over a murder case in virginia. justin wolf was ordered released by a judge last week, after a previous conviction and another attempt to try him were thrown out. but now an appeal has ruled that wolf must stay locked up. tonight, protesters lined the entrance to a fund-raiser for virginia attorney general. they were demanding that wolf be released once and for all. among those protesters was wolf's mother. >> why is it, if he's such a pro life advocate, he's so anxious to have my son executed?
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>> we are just disgusted at what's happening with justin wolf and the case and the amount of money that the state of virginia has spent on appealing. >> wolf was accused of ordering a hit on a drug dealer to avoid having to pay him. the man who actually pulled the trigger testified that wolf had given him the money, but he's changed his story several times. . turning to a developing story now in alaska, more than 600 people working recovery the oil drilling ship that ran aground on new year's eve, still could take until spring to remove the barge because of harsh weather-related difficulties. fox news correspondent dominic has more. >> reporter: weather conditions have plagued this recovery of the rig off the coast of alaska. what's being described as a coastguard-led -- is bringing in a fleet of 14 support ships, as well as dropping off those crews
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onto the platform. the job is to deliver new power generators this weekend, replacing those damaged by water during the storm. it's dangerous work. >> with so many people involved in this response operation, we have air assets, a float assets, people staging in different areas. it's maintaining that safety. we've been going on -- this operation's been going on for days, as you're well aware, in very challenging conditions. >> reporter: a blessing so far that there's no sign of any fuel leaking, which is the other major concern. 150,000 gallons of fuel aboard. shell's drilling in the atlantic, one mishap after another, clearly nervous it could end up with an oil disaster. >> they want to make sure there are no spills. right now, we're pretty confident there are none, but of course weather is in charge here. >> reporter: upping the pressure are environmentalists and some lawmakers saying alaska is too extreme to safely explore for oil. the conditions of salvaging the ship right now, certainly play
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to that assessment. fox news, los angeles. . let's check in with tucker on the forecast. >> couple showers moving through at this moment. we'll take a look at radar together and we have the redskins forecast for you. that one looks great. sunshine with temperatures in the 40s. i'll have all the details coming up in a couple of minutes. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's.
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. welcome back. got a couple late showers, some cases even pretty good showers moving through the region at the moment. not going to last long. quickly pushing off to the east and to the north during the overnight hours. but you can see if you're out driving in the next hour or so, particularly south of washington, down 95 towards fredericksburg, might encounter a couple of showers. further north and west, currently it's light sprinkles, but possible that it could mix with snowflakes as we get further north and west, as temperatures out toward frederick and leesburg, close to
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the freezing mark. redskins forecast, going to the game tomorrow, tailgating, switching maps, we look just fine. should be just ideal conditions for first week of january here. partly sunny, cool. temperature at kickoff, about 45 degrees, falling to near 40 by the end of the game, with a bit of a breeze out of the north and west at 5 to 10. otherwise, ideal conditions. guarantee dry for you by tomorrow afternoon and plenty of sunshine if you're out tailgating. we've gotten cold in parts of the area. 39 in washington. 39 in annapolis, particularly north and west. temperatures have fallen near freezing. 32 in frederick. 34 at winchester. close to the freezing mark later tonight in washington, as we get clearing. satellite and radar, mentioned the shower activity, there you see it moving through. it's a very, very weak upper level disturbance. it doesn't have a lot with it, but a couple light snow showers up into central pennsylvania. dragging it down into the carolinas, few light rain showers.
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the whole thing pushes through later tonight. tomorrow morning when you get up, we'll have a little cloud cover to start your day. by late morning, early afternoon, plenty of sunshine and again, temperatures, a few degrees above normal with highs expected to be in the mid-40s. if you are looking further down the road for the rest of the week, nice warming trend around here by the middle and end of the week, with temperatures back in the 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast, 46 tomorrow, enjoy. there are your 50s. maybe rain around here by thursday. that's our next chance of widespread rain. maureen, laura, back over to you. >> thank you, tucker. taking the edge off tonight with the fearless feline caught on the wrong side of the law. >> mm-hmm. prison guards in brazil caught a cat red-pawed, so to speak, while attempting to enter a jail with contraband strapped to his body. the guards found cell phones, chargers, memory cards, attached to the cat. >> the cat is being taken care of at a local animal center,
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awaiting a forever home. >> poor thing. we are counting down to the redskins first home playoff game in 13 years. >> lindsay murphy is here with more on sports extra. >> coming up, highlights from the two playoffs games today, plus why the redskins say winning their division means nothing at this moment. and on the hardwood, hoyas and terps, conference play begins today. for one, a great start, the other, not so hot. and off the wall from ross & wisdom is coming up. ladies? >> that does it for us. fox 5 news always on at our website. >> keep it right here. sports extra, just two minutes away.
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. hello and thanks for staying up with us. i'm lindsay murphy. >> the playoffs are under way in the nfl. we'll show who you has already advanced. but we start with the redskins. five years ago today, redskins lost the nfc wild card game at seattle, 35-14. it was the final game for hall of fame coach joe gibbs. tomorrow, the hope for the redskins is that with seattle on their homefield, the outcome will be a whole lot different. the seattle seahawks have won five straight. the skins, seven straight. but those streaks mean nothing now that post season play is under way. following a 3-6 record at the bye, redskins had no other chance but to win out and guarantee their first playoff appearance since 2007. they d


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