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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  January 5, 2013 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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so, won the franchise's 14th division title. but according to the skins, what they did the last seven weeks doesn't mean anything, because the playoffs are a whole new ball game. >> you can't ever take a play back. so it's -- everything's on the line, one game, one-game season. one mistake could cost you the rest of the season. that's what makes it really important. >> what's done in the regular season is done. now it's a whole different year. post season's a whole different ball game. you got to take whatever you came off of into this season, whether you're hot or cold. a team that ends the season cold during the regular season, come in the post season and still win, so i don't think it means much. i think we have to stay, keep the same mindset that we have and just know that, you know, it's not over yet. this is tomorrow's game day lineup on fox at 3:30, kicking off coverage from fedex field with a special pregame show. fox network pregame show starts
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at 4:00. 4:30 is kickoff between the redskins and seahawks. after the game, post game live on fedex field. redskins-seahawks is the late game tomorrow. andrew luck and the colts play at the ravens in the 1:00 game. as for today's games in the nfc wild card game, packers hosting the vikings. afc, texans hosted the bengals. that is where we will start. texans quarterback matt schaub making his first playoff start. he had a foot injury last year. second quarter, texans lead 6-0. schaub's pass to the outside, intercepted by leon hall. he returns it 21 yards. that would give the bengals a 7-6 lead. let's go to the third quarter. texans leading 9-7, arian foster who rushed for 140 yards on 32 carries punches it in from 1 yard out. houston is up 16-7. with just under 3 to go, bengals down 6, 4th and 11 at the texan 36. dalton complete to jones, but tackled well short of the 1st down. texans hold on 19-13. houston plays at the patriots
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next sunday at 4:30. tonight, the nfc wild card game, vikings at the packers. joe webb in at quarterback for the injured christian ponder. webb with only 6 yards passing in the first half. packers leading 17-3 in the third quarter. aaron rodgers out of the pocket throws to jim coon, helicopters off a tackle, 9 yards for the touchdown. packers defeat the vikings 24-10. green bay will face the niners next saturday night in san francisco. time for a quick break, but when we come back, hoyas are back from holiday break and their first big test in the big east proves to be tough to pass. hoops highlights, next. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios; it's about getting fios.
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each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exp number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now, save 50% on the final closeout of our silver limited edition bed. . it's been two weeks since the hoyas hit the hardwood. today was the long overdue big east conference opener between georgetown and marquette. the 15th ranked hoyas riding a seven-game winning streak. john thompson, iii and hoyas entering the conference opener with a 10-1 record on the year. another low-scoring affair for the hoyas. first half, baseline three beats the buzzer. georgetown down 20-19 at the half. sparks with the big steal, takes it all the way for two of his game-high 18 points. this game was tied at 46-46. doesn't sit well with buzz
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williams. too bad. final seconds, georgetown down three. hoyas go to porter, drives, finds whittington on the baseline. the three-pointer to tie it does not go. but he fouled. whittington makes the first two free throws, gets frozen at his timeout, then misses the third that would have tied the game. marquette gets the rebound. georgetown falls 49-48 in their first big east game. mark turgeon and maryland tipping off acc play at home against virginia tech. first half, check this out. every one of the five turps touches the ball. then point guard howard goes inside to lund for the dunk, 16 points and the terps had a 9-point lead. first half, dominated by the shooting display from the freshman lehman making his first start, scoring 18 of his 20 points. maryland led by 16 at the half. the crowd was amped up at com cost center. second half, another freshman took over. seth allen would score a game high 21 points, giving maryland
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the 18-point lead. later, allen takes advantage of a hokie turnover, scores on this lay-in. terps crush virginia tech 94-71 with a big boost from the freshman. >> it's great to see jake play well. jake's a heck of a player, hasn't really performed up to his capabilities and he got the start today because of nick's injury and he took advantage of it. lot of guys played well. charles was great in the first half, mitchell, seth allen was great in the second half. all in all, great win for us. george mason and william & mary. mason up three in the first half, playing heads-up defense. col away, the steal and spin. edwards to williams. patriots, however, would be down by four at the half. early in the second half, tied game. wright intercepts the pass. two of his game-high 28. mason was up by two. late in the second, mason still in the lead. wright gets in the lane, sinks the hanging layup and fouled. patriots up 68-61 after the three-point play. they go on to win 73-66.
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off the wall, coming up. we're talking redskins because there's nothing else to talk about. that's the biggest thing going. >> that's what we talk about. last week, you gave us a very scientific explanation as to who wins the game. >> and i was right. >> another one? >> of course. i'm 100%. >> can't wait to hear words of wisdom. off the wall is next. >> 100%.
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. off the wall, dave ross, wisdom martin, all washington redskins. >> what else is there? >> that's all there is to talk about these days. >> i want to talk about the rookie of the year, the roy. >> rg-iii. >> there are four candidates. andrew luck, robert griffin iii, russell wilson, and alfred morris. only non-quarterback in the group, who gets your vote and why? >> robert griffin iii gets my vote because he's the best player on the team. >> okay. >> and in the nfl. >> body of works, 16 weeks. 16 weeks. he didn't play 16 weeks. >> right. that's fine. >> he missed eight games. >> they were 3-6. >> didn't finish three others. >> they were 3-6. now they are division champs. >> correct. he won 10 games. but he didn't play in all 10 of those wins, is my point. >> it's not rookie of the year-- >> andrew luck has 11 wins. >> that's fine. >> russell wilson has 11 wins. >> look at his numbers. the numbers speak for themselves. look at rg-iii numbers.
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>> sound like a politician. >> look at andrew luck's numbers. rg-iii wins. >> no, he does not. >> easily. >> you say hands down, i say hands up. should be alfred morris. it's a quarterback-driven league. we get that. >> okay. >> this guy broke the redskins single-season rushing record. we're talking about for the team, the storied franchise that is the washington redskins. we can't discount that. >> let me ask you a question, who set record for rushing for nfl quarterback in the history of the league in one season? >> rg-iii. >> case closed. >> case is open. keep the case open. i'm still voting for you, alfred morris: rg-iii against rw 1. seattle seahawks, 11-win team. good defense. how good is this team, who wins this game? >> if you break it down. >> break it down. >> it's clear if the redskins can stop the seahawks from
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scoring points -- [ laughter ] >> and if they could outscore the other team and score more touchdowns and more points than the other team-- >> greater combination of safeties, field goals and touchdown, they win the game? >> you've been stealing my notes. the one who scores the most points, that's who wins the game, 100% so far. >> i love when you break it down scientifically. >> the numbers don't lie. >> who will do that, wisdom martin? >> the team that scores the most points. the nfl team with the most points. >> who wins? [ laughter ] >> that's who is going to win this game. >> you only get that kind of insight from wisdom martin, right here, on off the wall. enjoy the game. >> what about your prediction? >> i'm taking the washington redskins! >> of course you are. >> win on sunday, to beat the seahawks and move on in the playoffs. what say you? >> the team that scores the most points! that's who is going to win. 100% accurate. never fails. bet your house on it. >> hit my music!
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[ laughter ] . the days of wisdom martin being a redskins hater, long gone. that's all the time we have for tonight's show. thanks for letting us be a part of our weekend. hope to see you tomorrow, 3:30 on fox 5, stay there all day. good night. 


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