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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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from six to eight months and he's hopeful for a return next season and devoted this earlier today saying thank you for your prayers and support of god, my family, and my team. we'll see you guys next season. here's a statement from dr. andrews who performed the surgery. robert griffin 3 had successful knee surgery earlier this morning. he had a direct repair of his lcl and redo of his previous acl reconstruction we expect a full recovery. it's everyone's hope and belief that due to his high motivation, he'll be ready for the 2013 season. there is precedent for quick return. the vikings running back adrian
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peterson tore his acl last year and came back for an amazing season this year and our lindsay murphy has been on the story and joins us now with more. lindsay? >> reporter: yes, scott. robert griffin 3 story has been the great debate since sunday night. redskins fans on twitter have not been shy when speaking about the situation. but when news came out he was having surgery this morning, many shared the same thoughts, that they can wait however long as long as robert gets healthy. he was an unstoppable force on the football field this season and candid off of the field. >> we never shared a burrito. for the first time since he was drafted second overall last april, robert griffin 3 proved he is human as well.
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earlier this morning he tweeted this. quote, thank you for your prayers and support. i love god, my family, my team, the fans, and i love this game. see you guys next season and that was the final tweet before undergoing five hours of surgery on his right knee. to repair damage to his lcl and acl. griffin had surgery on that same acl in 2009. his sophomore season at baylor. >> robert griffin 3. rg3! >> reporter: he went on to win the high schoolman trophy the next year vikes running back
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adrian peters improved and anything is possible this season eight months after having surgery on his acl and mcl, he nearly set the nfl rushing record. not every case is simple. the former redskin tim hightower tore his acl in the 2011 season and he suffered a setback in his recovery and missed all of the football season. >> and can you understand the battle robert was having with himself and he felt he had to be out, there even though he knew he should not have been? >> and that is a tough part. it's easy for people to say, you know, he should not be up there doing this or out there doing that and he has a lot of
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pressure on him and exceeded every single expectation. and when you're in that situation where you're constantly facing a franchise and you have a lot of expectations and put a lot of pressure on yourself, he came in with a lot of expectations for himself that i think exceeded those around him. >> reporter: the nose tackle for the redskins e-mailed me with his response to the news a couple of minutes ago and saying in part the recent success of guys coming back from the serious knee injuries gives you hope that hcan bounce back strong. he will attack the rehab like every other obstacle so far in his career and he doll better than ever in 2013. a lot of people feel optimistic about his recovery. >> thank you, m runs ph. we asked our fans on facebook what impact do you think rg3s
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knee injury will have on the redskins in the future. latici awhiles i think it will make them pay more attention to when a player hurts themselves and i don't think anyone thought the injury was as severe as it was and chrised rg3 is not going to last long in the nfl if he's playing the way he is and he's good, i would keep her cousins around and -- writes with technology -- for $2,000 he is a front runner to win super bowl. our team is just fine and we have excellent backups in cousins. to share your spots g to my fox d.c. facebook page. >> the pressure is on rg3 to do everything he can to heal fast. scott smith, lindsay murphy, thank you. shawn, over to you. >> and for what is ahead for robert griffin 3, we should let the audience know you're the head physician for the washington capitals. we appreciate you being here.
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the acl, torn meniscus, tell us what he is going through? >> and that is in the right knee and we see the cruciate ligament. it prevents abnormal -- between the femur and the component of the at the time -- [ indiscernible ] [bad audio] outside of the knee and this is here. no audio ] -- this is the second time the acl is being repaired. >> well, it makes it more technically difficult as the surgeon in terms of the
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recovery. it's probably not appreciably different. statistically, the success in place of return and the previous levels of activity is lower the second time around and because it's -- to other injuries to the knee. sounds like he had a fairly straight forward repair. the acl and lcl. i would expect he's going to recover very well despite the fact it's a revision. >> thank you very much for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, shawn. thank you. >> will. a developing story in new york city tonight. dozens of people seriously hurt in a crash. the ship was carrying more than 300 passengers from new jersey this morning when it crashed into a manhattan dock. fox's rick leventhal has more. >> reporter: the morning commute ends with a volt when a
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ferry the people were on crashed into the pier. >> the captain called out saying get ambulance here. >> reporter: more than 300 passengers were on the ferry when it smashed into a dock in lower manhattan. >> and there was a loud bank and my face catapulted. >> people lined up on the stairs and they were go thrown forward and people were standing in this area to where they served breakfast. >> reporter: police and rescue crews were on the scene in three minutes, using the dock as a makeshift triage area. 57 people were injured, at least two critically. >> and 20 some-odd patients were wounded. >> the national transportation safety board or ntsb has a go team on scene assisting the coast guard with its investigation. >> a lot of people used ferry system at new york city every day and, if there is an accident, we want to be there
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to investigation it to -- investigate it to make recommendations to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: c street confirms the ship's propulsion system was upgraded and that there is no reason to believe it was the cause ofhe crash. >> we are cooperating fully with the u.s. coast guard and new york city police department and who were on board right now pulling data. >> reporter: the coast guard said the five-person crew have been tested for drugs and alcohol and that so far, they came back negative. rick leventhal, fox news. more on the ferry crash at 5:30. meanwhile, seven people were hurt and three seriously when a crane collapsed in queens. it happened this afternoon in the east river. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. another big story we're following tonight. vice president joe biden met with victims of gun violence and safety groups at the white house today. the first of the series of meetings this week as biden
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prepares to draft proposals. president obama wants congress to re-enstate a ban on military- style assault weapons, and close loopholes for buyers to skirt -- that skirt the background checks. >> he wants to hear through the effort that he assigned to the vice president from stakeholders of all kinds and that is including gun owners and organizations that represent gun owners. and he hopes and the vice president hopes that these organizations will bring constructive ideas to the table. >> vice president biden will meet with the nra and other gun owner's groups tomorrow. president obama thes the new policy proposals on his desk by the end of the month. >> and. the labor secretary is leaving the obama administration n. an e-mail message, she submitted her resignation let or wednesday
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afternoon and made the decision to leave after discussing it with her family and close friends. the white house chief of staff is expected to replace treasury secretary tim geithner. white house officials have not confirmed it but sources are saying that president obama will choose this man, jack lou, to lead the treasury department. an announcement could come by the end of the week. he previously led the office of management and budget and oversaw international economic issues at the state department. more details are coming in now about the presidential inauguration. the inaugural poet is richard blanco. he's the gay son of cuban american exiles whose work explores his family's experiences and in a new country. the inauguration is monday january 21st. [ singing ] mesh, america. >> she's got that song down, doesn't she? beyonce is so good. the presidential inaugural
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committee announced a super star performance list for the ceremony. this beautiful woman, beyonce, will sing the national anthem. kellie clarkson is going to perform "my country 'tiz of thee" and james taylor will sing "america the beautiful." >> going to be great. >> a-listers for sure. >> indeed. coming up, the national cathedral makes a big announcement about gay marriage. >> capitol punishment, transportation, education and more. some of the big topics that will be debated in maryland and virginia as lawmakers get back to work. we're live in annapolis and richmond tonight with the latest. >> and a drunk driving crackdown now underway in the district. we'll show you the new technology that officers will have at their disposal. scare. >> and not much sunshine today and a few showers. don't worry, though. we'll take a first look at the forecast coming up. 
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. the washington national cathedral announced it will soon begin hosting same-sex marriages. the cathedral officials will be among the first episcopal churches to allow the weddings. individual priests can decide whether they want to officiate. mary ann edgar booed the side of the new policy when they became legal in d.c. and maryland. maryland's general assembly is back in session. among the likely issues, how to pay for highway transit improvement, fraction error hearing for natural gas and
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whether maryland should repeel the death penalty. john henrehan is live with more. john? >> reporter: last year, maryland's legislature tackled several hot button issues: gay marriages the dream act for undocumented young people. this year's legislative session is not going to be so headline making on the first day of the legislative session, there is a tradition. bringing families, especially babies, on to the floor. >> and our newest and my most important constituent, kaitlin maya. [ applause ] >> reporter: although democrats dominate both chambers, michael bush appoint -- poignantly invited republican participation. >> this chamber is all about -- it's a laboratory for democracy and everyone's views and philosophies are welcome here. >> reporter: governor o'malley wants to find some way to increase highway and transit funding. that idea went nowhere last year when gas prices were over $4 a gallon.
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the senate president mike miller said republicans in his chamber would prefer allowing counties to levee for their transportation needs. >> and in '92, both republican leaders voted for it. i think i can -- and some will vote for it today but they want what mass transit will vote for. >> reporter: senator miller is not completely closing the door to a gas tax hike for roads and bridges. the house republican leader said now is not the time. >> this economy is going to get hurt and it's still fragile. what maryland shouldn't be doing now is to raise gas taxes. >> seeing drinking water contamination and climate pollution and tremors in states like ohio and arkansas. >> i believe there are enough
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safety measures in place and ongoing that we can move forward with this and try to help out the economically depressed areas, particularly allegheny and garrett county. >> reporter: another issue that will likely a rise here, the death penalty. governor o'malley wants the death penalty to be abolished. some legislator agree with them and other legislators and some from each otherra want to reserve capitol punishment for those committing the most heinous of crimes. they expect a fight over the death penalty. shawn, back to you. >> thank you for the update tonight. the virginia general assembly gaveled into session today in richmond and it comes one day after virginia governor bob mcdonald proposed eliminating state gas tax raising the sales tax and tom fitzgerald live with more. let's start with how the governor's proposal is being received out there. >> reporter: as expected, republicans today said the governor's idea to do away entirely with virginia's gas tax and raise it and replace it, rather w a nearly 1% hike
5:19 pm
in the state's sales tax is an idea in the gop's view that deserves merit. as quickly, the democrats dismiss this idea, one leader saying the governor's proposal n his words, was a stunt. for the first time in 2013, the virginia house of delegates. >> the house will come to order. >> reporter: and the virginia senate. >> senate will come to order. >> reporter: return for the general assembly session and quickly the it turned to the $3 million transporting a plan. tuesday, the governor proposed changing how virginia funds transportation. he wants to, eliminate the state's 17 1/2-cent gas tax and raise the state's 5% sales tax by -- .8% dedicating the money to transporting a. the virginia republicans say the idea has merit. >> i spoke to people in the more rural areas where the income tax does not amount to
5:20 pm
much and they say hey, that is fine with us. you look in areas in northern virginia where you have a higher income level overall, and there is concern. >> reporter: democrats are widely dismissing the governor's plan, which includes a $15 hike in virginia's car registration fees. the springfield democratic senator richard saslaw said the plan will receive no support from democrats. >> and he could get the money he wants by raising the gas tax 4, 5 cents a gallon and this whole thing. this is the most absurd thing i have heard of. >> i have seen screwed up bills in my life and this takes the cake delay. is concern over the governor's plan to impose a $100 fee on all alternative vehicles in virginia. mechanic said by using less gas, the vehicles don't contribute the gas tax revenue to rhodes, others say it discourages drivers from buying
5:21 pm
energy-efficient cars. >> and they going to say they don't buy gas or pay gas tax. if yew about -- we're going to eliminateinate, that i don't know why we would have the fee. >> abortion stands to be a big debate as a build a grant personhood brights to fetuses and seems to be a major battle between pro-choice and pro-life forces in virginia. clearly if the debate was any indication the transportation aspect of all of this is going to be a major focus of the general assembly getting underway in two hours. >> and let the games begin. thank you. today seemed like a spring day to me and that is gray, sprinkled a bit and it was not that cold. >> it doesn't feel like, you know, january. >> yeah. >> and more like shawn said, a crisp spring day. >> if all things go as planned, shawn yancy for the weekend, it will feel like spring.
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>> woo-hoo. >> and you're going to think the birds are chirping and the leaves are popping and we're going look for blossoms. >> i heard birds yesterday. i was trying to figure out what in the world was going on. >> and did you see robins. temperatures out there now and in cumberland, 52; winchester, 50; fredericksburg, not a mistake, $63 and -- 63 degrees and maybe shawn it was south, that was spring-like down there. the front is moving on through and into the evening hours, cool clouds around, 46 and clearing is happening between 9 and 11 and that is when we will be mostly clear tonight and the sun is shining tomorrow and again, wait for the weekend. >> all right, bring it on. thank you, gary. coming up on the 5, a fun day on the ski slopes turns
5:23 pm
deadly. and it's all caught on camera. >> and it's not the wedding day they hoped for. find out what happened to this couple who exchanged their vows in a hot air balloon.
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. caught on camera, a popular winter ride turning deadly on the ski slope. two men trade ride down a mountain in the plastic ball called the zorb. it bounced off the path and rolled over a ledge into the gorge. one man later died. a spokesman from the company said safety rules were there. a romantic wedding aboard a hot air balloon took a sudden twist. >> yeah! >> and a bride and groom finished exchanging their vows when a strong gust of wind caught the balloon causing it to sway over a san diego neighborhood.
5:27 pm
the couple and 14 others on board. it was obvious a big hot air bronx made a crash landing into a fence behind the house and one turn suffered a minor back injury and no one else was hurt. >> thank goodness. >> and that is a wedding they will remember for sure. coming up tonight, d.c. police are doing breathalyzer tests again and this time with new machines. why officials say acrace is not an issue anymore. >> plus, the lawmaker accused of causing a boat crash while drunk confronts his issues with alcohol. >> and metro riders demand answers about a long awaited metrocenter. droid dna augmentation initiated.
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. drunk drivers beware. a crackdown in d.c. is underway. two new bills were signed into law putting stricter penalties in place and the mayor and police are showing off new
5:31 pm
breast technology. matt ackland has the story. >> again, long deep breath, and into the tube and to hear the beep. >> reporter: testing the equipment for all to see, district officials showed off their new and what they believe is a new and intoxy meter. >> we're clear. >> reporter: because of serious issues uncovered, for two years, d.c. police stopped using breath tests for those suspected of drinking and driving. now, the chief medical examine erstads behind the updated machines. >> and this meets the requirement of the national standard. it meets the objective and meets the instrument requirement of the national highway traffic safety administration. >> and having the proper technology or calibration is critical to make sure that those who violate the public's trust and drive drunk are held accountable. >> reporter: so far, there are three intoxymeters and more are expected to be put in soon.
5:32 pm
31 officers have been trained to use the new technology. dui defense attorney is not convinced they're full proof. and. >> i am always concerned when law enforcement said they're confident something will work. >> mayor gray and police officials saned -- signed into law stricter dui penalties for first-time offenders, repeat offenders, takes drivers, chauffers and impaired drivers with kids in the vehicle. >> and there is nothing more heartbreaking for a police officer than to respond to the scene of a crash where there is a child, an innocent child victim. >> reporter: the district wants to move forwards -- towards what it called an ignition inner lock system. 14 drivers to blow into a device to start their cars. 15 states already require it. in the district, matt ackland,
5:33 pm
fox 5 news. a maryland lawmaker uses his facebook page to announce he's getting help for substance abuse following a boating accident. the delegate posted a statement saying he turned to alcohol to cope with personal and professional challenges and that he's entered and completed an alcohol intervention program, including attending aa meetings. dwyer was charged last month with operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol and following an accident on the water last summer. he does not plan to soak re- elect. metro riders want to know when it will be ready in silver spring. the transit center was initially supposed to be finished 15 years ago. then there was a series of problems, including unsafe concrete. >> we would like the county to have a public hearing and to
5:34 pm
announce a public hearing to tell us the details of the report, answer questions that we have. we may not be thrilld with answers but we would like ton what is going on. >> and apparently at first there was no public hearing. the group has been told that the county doesn't plan to sue. we're following a developing story in new york city tonight. dozens of people are in the hospital after a commuter ferry slammed into a pier and it happened during rush hour. more than 50 people hurt, at least two critical and 9 listed in serious condition. the ntsb is investigating the accident and for more on this accident, fox's linda schmidt joins us live from the city. commuters are being tossed around like rag dolls into the air and against walls and windows. what are you hear something. >> reporter: absolutely. we were talking with the folks on that ferry this morning and, first of all, they were saying
5:35 pm
as the-for-ry was coming into the dock and, by the way, the ferry is behind me, the company is called c streak and this ferry will remain on the scene and passengers say it seemed to come into the dock per normal and many people take the city every singy day and said suddenly they slammed into the dock and there was no warning. people went flying. they were thrown out of their seats and there is an upper level and people were standing in the stairwell and they were thrown down. the two critically injured people were standing on the steps and fell. one has been updated to stable condition. >> good news there. you mentioned the five crew members. >> uh-huh. >> will the captain and crew undergo alcohol and drug test something i imagine that is routine in cases like this. >> and that is and that is
5:36 pm
standing operating procedure. the nod was telling us earlier the five crew members passed their alcohol breath test. the ntsb, though, as you know, they sent an 11-member team from d.c. up here and got here about two hours ago. they will be leading the investigation here and they have already conducted their own alcohol and breath tests. excuse me, those results have not been released yet and they will interview the captain tomorrow. >> sure. >> and to share a big question mark and what happened out there but looks like the ntsb will try to get to the bottom of it. linda schmidt, thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, two nba all- stars involved in a post game screaming match that almost turned physical. >> and lance armstrong wants to lay it out there. find out who landed the first interview. rview. 
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. baseball hall of fame voters decided to exclude steroids-taking stars this
5:41 pm
year. barry bonds, roger clemons and sammy sosa left out in the vote. in fact, voters didn't elect any baseball candidates. none got enough votes to clear the bar. only the second time in more than 40 years that happened. bonds, clemons, and sosa have 14 more years to make it in. lance armstrong will speak out the first time since being stripped of his world titles in response to doping allegations. he will open up to oprah winfrey on her show's "oprah's next chapter." it will be a no-holds barred interview. and it will air a week from tomorrow on the oprah winfrey network and streamed live online. coming up tonight, a lottery winner poisoned to death. find out who police questioned hours after he died. >> plus, this could be one of the worst flu seasons in nearly a decade. find out how researchers at a local university are tracking the viruses. >> and what about this one? temperatures in the 60s? >> yeah. that's right. >> gary's going to tell us about that next. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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. we have been telling but fast and furious spread of the flu this season. it's gotten so bad in boston, the city declared a public health emergency. 700 confirmed cases in boston go far, compared with 70 all of last season. the city is working with health centers to offer free flu shots. health officials say massachusetts is one of 29 states reporting higher-than- normal rates of flu-like illnesses. the spring-like flu cases are being tracked closely. the university of maryland, school of public health is setting the virus and how -- studying the virus and how it's being passed. joining us now is the doctor behind the study, dr. donald milton. thank you for joining us this evening. >> good evening. >> the study is tracking flu infection and how it's transmitted. what are you find something. >> well, we are finding that
5:46 pm
people have a lot of flu a and some flu b going around and some other infection, some other viruses are co- circulating right now. >> are being -- people being infected with more than one flu strain? >> some people are. some people are having a couple types of flu at the same time and some people are coming in with another virus called rsv, a repraitory virus. >> doctor, i will try to play one on tv here. let me ask you this. the co-infection of more than one virus, would that make them more contagious then? >> it may. that is one of the questions we're asking. >> what do you think so far? request any evidence that is the case? >> it's too early. i don't have the results yet, but that -- what we're looking at is how much fire -- virus do people spread in the air from their exhaled breath and we're measuring their exhaled breath and what is in it and and we're
5:47 pm
recruiting people actively right now. we hope people come to our website at or call us and volunteer if they have just gotten a recent onset. >> i understand it's the first time flu surveillance is done on the college park campus. are the participants you're encouraging to take part and the ones that are doing so now, are they all from campus? >> oh, no. we're getting people from all around the area. anybody 10 years or older can come in and give samples. >> and last question, i know we have hit this hard here on fox 5, is it too late to get a flu shot? >> no. >> all right, there you go. we should all do it. dr. donald milton, umd school of public health. good to hear about your research and it's timed well, during one of the worst flu seasons in years. >> thank you. >> and that is weird, you know, flu season back and early and
5:48 pm
feels like spring outside. >> yeah. >> we should ask the flu doctor, if you get the flu shot, is it guaranteed you won't get the flu? >> no. >> darn it, i got it. my daughter got it, too. >> i got it but not the shot. i have myself to blame. >> you got the flu? >> i did. >> i'm sorry, you were saying before i interrupted you. something about sunshine? >> talk about whatever you want. >> reporter: am just letting him know. [ laughter ] >> sorry, shawn. we'll talk later. okay, the accuweather forecast is coming up. temperatures in some places very spring-like. you might be surprised a little bit when we show you the temperatures here. because down to the south of us, fredericksburg at 62 degrees and they were 63 earlier and look at dulles, they're 43 degrees here and the spread from north to south is not unusual but, i mean, this time of the year, it's fairly unusual to be honest with you. leonardtown, 59. and across the bay here for
5:49 pm
salisbury, they're 59 degrees. you can see the 40s basically here. that is not bad for winchester and cumberland. the temperature is around 50 degrees. the cool clouds at 7:00. cool and cloudy at 7:00 and we'll start to get clearing, though, after 7:00 and actually a cold front is going to move on through and that will take the clouds away from us and it will take awhile. 44 degrees at 9:00 a.m. and 43 degrees. it's at 11:00 and already, you have had spring-like conditions down just to the south of us with 60s today and it looks like as we head through the weekend, okay, it -- all things are a go for just a spring-like weekend as we're talking about. the temperatures surging for everybody into the 60s. maybe some places, dare i say, up around 70 degrees on sunday? that might be a bit of a stretch, but may not be too much of a stretch. because i am thinking we're going to be mid-60s in town and we may be a little on the conservative side. a couple of showers moving
5:50 pm
through and in advance of the cold front. look back to the north and the west. we're already beginning to see some clearing skies up there. western maryland, most of pennsylvania has cleared out. and that is good. it looks like overnight tonight, we'll get the clearing and the sunshine is back for tomorrow. another big storm out of texas here, severe weather down the deep south is fairly important for our weather for the next couple of weeks, it looks like. we're going to continue to have these storms move out of the south, come through the south and up the east coast and that might just be because of the storms coming through, and it looks like we'll have several of them coming up over the next few weeks and that may keep the coldest of the air locked back to the west and to the north and we may get a reprieve from this cold weather for quite awhile. tonight, your accuweather forecast, 38 degrees, clearing skies and cooler on the suburbs, north and west into the lower 30s and some clouds tomorrow morning.
5:51 pm
mostly sun and we end up tomorrow with temperatures, actually, about like today. lower 50s, 51 degrees and this is your accuweather seven-day forecast. a little cooler and a chance of showers on friday and up, up and away, i would say, with the temperatures for the weekend. >> all right. >> all right, thank you, gary. >> you bet. to the talk of the town on tmz. a near fight after a knicks- celtics matchup. two hoop stars got heated. harvey ref sin live in l.a. i understand, harvey, mellow is as in carmelo anthony and celtic kevin garnet went at it. what happened? >> they did. well, during the game, apparently kevin garnett talked smack about carmelo's w. >> oh. what we're hearing is -- carmelo's wife. we're hearing she tastes like honeynut cheerios. yeah. that did not sit well with anthony. we got video after the game. carmelo, actually, was waiting
5:52 pm
for kevin garnet outside of the stadium and they got into it, shawn n a big way. i mean they were screaming at each other and you can see them towering over the crowds. >> uh-huh. >> and they were, definitely, a lot of heat, especially from caramelo. >> that is too bad. i know they do a lot of trash talking in any professional sport you and are to know to leave it there, i guess. anyway. let's talk about what is going on with the mayor of l.a. and charlie sheen. >> well, you are in a very political town. >> right. >> and so you will probably get this better than most people in my up to, l.a., but this is the dumbest political movie have seen in a long time. mayor villaraigosa went to party in cabo san lucas over new year's and went to a place where charlie sheen was opening a bar. >> oh. took a picture with charlie sheen. and so somebody asked him about it in l.a. and he said i was only talking to charlie for three minutes and i take pictures with lots of people. charlie tells us come o mayor,
5:53 pm
we partied for two hours. >> huh! >> he was drinking with the the best of them. he was -- there were girls around and whatnot. the guy's single, anyway, the mayor. >> yeah. >> but the may sor damage -- dodging this like it's watergate and just say yeah, you know, i was with him for a couple of hours, what is the big deal? he turned it into the big thing. >> yeah. >> it's crazy. >> i think he's in l.a. t to. people out there will probably forgive him. hey, you were partying and you're a single guy, enjoy yourself. we'll see. >> exactly! [ laughter ] >> and there is rumors that he wants to be in obama's cabinet as transportation secretary. >> oh. this could have gone away. >> yeah. >> and now it's a big thing in l.a. >> we'll see how that plays out. thank you for the scoop and see you guys here at 6:30 for tmz on tv. gangnam style. >> not even the super bowl can escape the gangnam-style fever. the global phenomenon rapper will star in a commercial.
5:54 pm
it was filmed in hollywood last week, the first super bowl commercial and will be psy's first ad air negligent u.s. >> can you do that again? >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> offcamera, she's a star. and let's go to our other star. brian bolter, he is staying by with what is coming up on the news edge at 6. >> working on a news edge exclusive. our own paul wagner with a preview now. >> fox 5 learned the d.c. police officer is in custody charged with sexually abusing a young woman he met in a local church choir. after an areawide search, the officer turned himself in today. tonight at 6, the details of the disturbing case. >> and we'll see you then. also, cabinet changes and other high-profile member of the obama administration resigned and that and much more when i join you in a few minutes at 6. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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get to your local subway and taste some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh. . we will know by friday if the gunman accused in the
5:58 pm
colorado movie theatre shooting will stand trial. james holmes' preliminary hearing ended today after prosecutors presented a number of witnesses and photos from his cell phone taken before last summer's attack. 12 people were killed, 58 others wounded. the injuries he will rule by friday on whether holmes should stand trial. chicago police question the wife of a lottery win for hours after dieing of cyanide poisoning. the wife hasn't been named a suspect and has repeatedly deny good involvement in the man's death. he died days before he was due to collect $425,000 in lottery winnings. >> and a regular customer, i would say, very friendly, good sense of humor, a working type of guy, you know, i always ask when he comes in, he greets us, you know, and a very appreciative person. >> a relative asked investigators to take a second look at his cause of death and
5:59 pm
that is when they discovered the cyanide. thank you for joining us tonight at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. right off the top, a fox 5 exclusive. a d.c. police officer is in custody under arrest and charged with having sex with an underage girl he met in a church choir. the sixth district patrol officer turned himself in. fox 5s paul wagner starts off now. paul? >> reporter: the court affidavit connected to the search warrant said that the abuse began in 2004 when palmer was the director of the youth choir at a southeast washington church and the girl was a member of the choir. the woman told investigators palmer abused her for two years inside the church and other places in and around the district. the day after christmas, d.c. police executed a search warrant at this church on martin luther king jr. avenue


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