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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 11, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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answers. >> a video to make you smile. you don't want to misthis adorable concert crasher and his great move. at first he probably thinks they're clapping for him and sees the baby. >> right. do you know what i love about that? i love how dancing comes naturally to babies. >> right. >> it's something we do. preprogramed in. >> right. >> just moving around. >> they do the same little move. >> right. >> some people get other moves and some don't. good morning, tucker. >> good morning. i was going to mention, looks like that little guy stole some of tony's moves. >> we're talking about you. >> i got it. i could use practice myself. cool start to your day. 30s and low 40s in town. rain showers moving in shortly. if you need dry weather to do anything outdoors, painting or whatever, do it now. we have showers moving in shortly. 40 at reagan national.
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dulles and bwi marshall, 38 degrees. here are your rain showers, moving in from the south and west. all along and ahead of some warm air that will surge in later tonight aduring the day tomorrow. most of the shower activity not touching the ground at the moment. but it will be later this afternoon. we'll have scattered showers around for the evening rush hour into the night time hours tonight. we'll see fog overnight tonight as the warmer air continues to push in. forecast today, more details on the weekend forecast coming up. talking about warm stuff saturday and sunday. 51 with showers developing later today. allison, tony, back to you guys upstairs. this morning's big story, gun control. the white house summit on gun violence is wrapping up today. >> but there are no signs of a broad consensus as the president gets ready to push new gun control measures. doug luzader is following the latest from capitol hill this morning. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning, guys. today the focus at the white
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house summit will be on violent video games and the role they may play in gun violence. we know where the white house stands on this. despite meeting yesterday with gun control opponents. >> i thank you all for being here. >> reporter: they may have been sitting around the same table, but there was a wide gulf, as vice president joe biden met with the national rifle association and other groups that oppose white house gun control efforts. >> because there's got to be some common ground here, to not solve every problem, but diminish the probability that what we've seen in these mass shootings. >> reporter: the nra says they walked away disappointing. other groups that attended said the agenda was clear. >> we had the opportunity to speak, and i think there were a lot of things we agreed on. but at the end, he chose instead to focus on our differences. >> reporter: the white house has made no secret of the fact
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the president wants a new ban on assault style weapons as well as a crackdown on large capacity magazines in the wake of last month's school shooting in connecticut. absent that, they may try to clamp down with executive action. pro second amendment groups are pushing for a greater focus on mental health issues and the role of violence in the media. gun rights groups are planning a gun appreciation day next saturday to help rally support, a day before president obama is sworn in for his second term. the time frame is pretty brief. the vice president is supposed to report back to the president with his recommendations for additional gun control measures on tuesday. tony and allison. >> doug luzader, thank you. we want to let you know a new poll find people in virginia overwhelmingly support background checks and armed police at schools. the new senator from virginia,
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tim kaine, told allison earlier he remembers the virginia tech shooting when he was governor. >> you can take concrete steps to reduce gun violence and you should. now, all the steps we need to take aren't just about guns. mental health, hugely important. campus or school security protocols, hugely important. some of the steps we took in richmond and in virginia and some of the steps we need to take now do involve guns, better background record checks. there's no reason that nonpolice officer military need combat weapons. no reason we need to let these killer magazines be sold. and these reasonable restrictions are supported by the gun owners that i know. >> he is a gun owner, and he worked to make sure the virginia state constitution guaranteed the right to hunt. less than a monday after the shooting in connecticut, a 16-year-old fired a shot in a california high school yesterday. his teacher is being called a hero this morning for talking
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the teen down. that teen did critically wound one student and missed another and told the science teacher "i don't want to shoot you." he put the shotgun down and that's when police arrested him. he was reportedly bullied by the victims and was suspended last year for making a hit list. students warned each other by text message even before police arrived. man accused of shooting into the pentagon and other military targets is scheduled to be sentenced today. his lawyers want the plea deal reviewed because he has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. he pleaded guilty to the shootings last year and accepted a plea deal in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence. the judge overseeing a preliminary hearing into the colorado theater shooting says the case can go to trial. he says there is enough evidence from james holmes. he faces up to 160 felony
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counts for allegedly killing 12 people and injuring 70 others and is due back in court later today for an arraignment. his lawyers say they are not ready to enter a plea. the president of afghanistan has an appointment with president obama at the white house in less than an hour. karzai got a tour of the pentagon's 9/11 memorial from defense secretary panetta yesterday. last night he had dinner with secretary of state hillary clinton. this morning's meeting with president obama will focus on the future of afghanistan and u.s. troop levels there. today is the 11th anniversary of the day that the first prisoners were jailed at the u.s. detention center at guantanamo bay. there's a rally planned in the district today. amnesty international and other groups will gather outside the supreme court at noon to march down pennsylvania avenue. the protestors will call on president obama to close the prison. checking our top stories
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now, an indiana mother starting off the new year with very good news, after she learns her son who was abducted nearly two decades ago has been found safe in minnesota. the boy was just five when he was taken by his grandparents. he is now 24 and married, expecting his first child. investigators tracked him down using his social security number. closer to home, police are searching for a man with a history of violence who escaped from washington hospital. police say he suffers from paranoia and is suicidal. he escaped from the hospital wednesday night. he is known to carry weapons and has extensive martial arts training. police believe he may have left the area, but if you see him, do not approach. a veteran d.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl pleads not guilty. wendell palmer was director of a church choir in southeast washington at the time of the alleged abuse.
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according to a court affidavit, the woman accusing him says palmer abused her for two years inside the church and other places in and around d.c. she says it started in 2004. the judge has ordered palmer held pending a preliminary hearing tuesday. the georgia pastor picked to deliver the benediction during the inauguration has pulled out of the ceremony. it comes amid criticism over a sermon he delivered 20 years ago condemning homosexuality. in a statement, louie giglio said he withdraw because his prayer would have been a distraction. some members of the d.c. council are heading to the white house today. they're hoping to get the president to agree to put the taxation without representation license plates on his limousine and other vehicles, especially since they'll be on national display during the inauguration. council member mary chay will be part of that mission. >> we have supported president obama beyond any measure and
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have been as loyal a group of people that you can possibly want. so this modest little gesture, which is again, not ideology, but rather a fact, we thought was something he could and should do for us. >> she says she and the council chair will sit down with representatives from the obama administration to discuss their request. president clinton used the tag during his second term in office. president george w. bush used alternative plates that omitted the phrase. the revenue from the speed cameras in the district reportedly skyrocketed from 2011 to 2012, according to the washington times new figures show a 100% increase in the cash brought in. it went from $42.9 million in 2011 to $95.6 million last year. to virginia now, fairfax county school superintendent is
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out with his final budget proposal. the $2.5 billion plan increases a moderate raise, including a moderate raise for teachers and more foreign languages in early grades. it also calls for hiring nearly 300 new teachers and administrators to cover. expect a scrunch in enrollment. the school board would have to approve. new mortgage lending rules forcing banks to verify a borrower's ability to pay loans and stop loans for those whose debt exceeds 43% of their income. lenders will face bans on the risky interest only and no document loans that helped fuel the housing crisis. the new regulations come from the cfpb, a consumer financial protection bureau. some staggering numbers coming out of a new report on food waste. about 4.4 billion tons of food is produced each year, but about half of it is never
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eaten. study claims up to 30% of vegetables in the u.k. are not harvested because of their physical appearance. grocery stores in the u.k. are rejecting some of those claims. there are a number of methods people use to try to fall asleep. >> but if you're among the many who use prescription drugs, there are big changes that you need to know before you take that pill tonight. sherri? >> reporter: tony, the nationwide flu outbreak has people scrambling to get the flu vaccine. some doctors and pharmacies in the washington area are running out. the latest on the shortage coming up. you're on timeout leo!
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verizon. some things won't last 25 years. for other offers. ah! woof! some things will. this year's flu season is hitting our nation hard. the cdc reporting more than 40 states with widespread outbreaks. >> that number could go higher when the agency releases new numbers later today. fox5's sherri ly is live at
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washington hospital center this morning. sherri, how is our area faring? >> reporter: we already know the numbers are alarming across the country and here as well. people are swamping the hospitals, trying to get care. d.c. is reporting more than 300 confirmed flu cases. that's triple the number they had for all of last season. maryland and virginia are also reporting unusually high numbers and that's caused a run on the flu vaccine. doctor's offices and pharmacies are running short. some don't have any at all. the first cases showed up in this area in october. it's spreading fast. people are going to three and four places before they can find the vaccine. some health care providers who ran out do expect to get more in the next few days, but others aren't sure if they can get any more at all. >> the season started early this year, and we have a long
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ways to go, so. you know, so yeah, i'm exposed every day. >> we wait in line there and they said, we're out. then we went to the one in my neighborhood, and said, we're out. won't have them until 2:00 tomorrow. we came over here. >> reporter: part of the problem is that 95% of the doses made this year have already been sent out, so that leaves a limited supply left. many places are telling people just to keep checking back, but no guarantees and given the supplies and high number of flu cases, we're told the shortage could only get worse. tony and allison? >> sherri, a quick question, what should people do if they think they have the flu? >> reporter: first of all, stay home. don't go to work and spread this. and see your doctor. the cdc says in most cases people can get well at home and won't need any additional medical care. but there are groups of people, the children and the elderly
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who are most vulnerable, and if you see some of these emergency signs get to the hospital. things like shortness of breath, trouble breathing. if you have a child that is turning bluish or is not waking up or interacting with you. if there is some confusion. these are the types of signs to get to the hospital. the emergency rooms, remember, they are already maxed out. so you don't want to go there unless it is a true emergency. >> all right, sherri ly reporting. thank you. well, if you are one of the many who rely on a sleeping aid at night, listen up. the fda has ordered the makers of drugs like ambien to cut the dose in half. they say it will protect patients from injury due to morning drowsiness. it's also in effort to reduce drug abuse. about 70 million americans
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suffer from chronic sleep problems according to the cdc. >> apparently the big problem with that, people driving. they take it at night and go out to drive the next morning, to go to work, and they're heavily drowsy. big issue. coming up, a local radio station honoring rg3 this weekend. we'll tell you how. >> and caps fans, are you ready? the ice and players are. a look at preps for the season next. >> first, ravens' linebacker ray lewis weighs in on what could be the last game of his career. it's time to check in with holly. >> reporter: we're talking inaugural fashions. before you pick out your dress, the color of the year, emerald green. might want to consider it as an option. this dress retails for $345. you can rent it for $60 from rent the runway, which has a pop up at the living social
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building this morning. coming up later we're not only going to talk about how you can rent your dress, but accessories, too. how it all happens with celebrity stylist george worrell coming up later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
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major league baseball expands testing. the tests will begin this year. the decision comes a day after the national baseball hall of fame announces no former players were selected for induction this year. we know it's going to be a long road to recovery for robert griffin iii. not only did he injury his acl and lcl, but he had a meniscus tear repaired, also in the knee. >> there may be an investigation launched into the
9:23 am
handling of his injury. if they go forward, independent doctors will be brought in to see if the redskins followed the recommendations of their medical staff. wpgc wants robert griffin iii to know he's got their support. the station will change their call letters this morning to wrg3. it will be in effect all weekend and fans can call in to share their words for him as he recovers from knee surgery. this is the first time in the station's history the station has changed its call letters. the redskins may be done for the season, but we need to giver love to our neighbors to the north. the ravens take on the denver broncos tomorrow afternoon. it's their last chance to head to the afc championships. linebacker ray lewis says the key to winning is scoring more points. no, is using plays that peyton manning can't figure out.
9:24 am
>> arguably they're the best team in football. >> the game is tomorrow at 4:30. peyton manning is pretty smart, so will be hard. and he's good. capitals are back on the ice. >> players have until 5:00 a.m. to cast their vote on the labor deal and the union will announce the results shortly afterward. as everyone prepares for the season, check this out. it's time lapsed video of crews at the verizon center preparing the rink for the players. you can see workers getting the ice ready after a very much delayed season. if a deal is ratified, training camp will begin on sunday. >> wait a minute -- >> what? >> is the ice painted white? no? it's what? it's paint? i thought that was the national way it looked, because it was frozen. >> can you share what he said? >> he said the ice is down and
9:25 am
they paint it white, right? >> is that what you said, mac? >> what did you say? it's going to be an ask tony and tucker. >> got anything, tuck? >> there is someone talking to me. >> he's still on medication. the most adorable concert crasher you'll ever see. you don't want to miss one toddler's attempt to be with daddy. that's coming up. >> when to keep others out of your relationship. my opinion coming up in today's ask allison. >> first, here's a live look outside. it's going to be cool today. but you don't want to miss tucker's weekend weather forecast. it's coming up. it's 9:25. thank you, max, for that information. ♪ get yourself a coozy, let's go ♪    
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this is the cutest concert crasher you will ever see. his dance moves quickly steal the show during his dad's new year's eve's performance in texas. he burst out on stage to give dad a hug. the singer posted the adorable video on his facebook page. his son always dances along when he practices at home. the video has received nearly 200,000 hits on youtube so far. >> oh! >> great. >> that's great. >> just about the cutest thing. i like that little move. did you see that? i like that. >> not sure what kind of new year's eve's party there is. people dressed up as fiddle faddle in the background. >> kind of a wild family themed party. >> maybe one of these first night events. >> that's about the cutest thing. i love his outfit, the long t- shirt and high tops. >> kids get into it. >> yeah. >> better moves than i do at
9:30 am
this point. >> better moves than me, too. >> as handsome as you are, tucker, you can't touch his cuteness. >> i realize that. >> it's okay. very cute. nice way to start the weekend off. >> it's friday. got a nice weekend to look forward to. some clouds around saturday and sunday. i want to play it down a little bit. >> okay. >> going to be beautiful. very warm. not going crazy here. >> not super sunny. >> right. i'm hearing things like -- >> you had forecasted a little bit warmer -- everybody did -- but it changes. >> well, things change. >> glad i'm not in the business anymore, tucker. >> it changes. what? >> going to be mild to warm. not necessarily sunny. >> right. thank you, tony. thank you very much for coming to my aid here. i want to point out, yeah, it's going to be a nice weekend, but not talking may or june around here this weekend. 41 now in washington. 40 quantico. 30s north and west.
9:31 am
frederick 36. 37 in culpeper. today highs about 50. today even though temperatures will be above normal, average daytime high of course 43. still going to feel cooler than that because rain showers moving in from the south and west. yesterday with the sunshine, we were in the mid-50s. cooler than yesterday. here come the rain showers. will be scattered. won't rain every minute this afternoon. if you're going to be out walking about here later today, you'll want an umbrella, as we'll have scattered showers from time to time later this afternoon. much of this not yet touching the ground. the real rain mid- to late afternoon and will be with us for the evening commute before we quiet things down by tomorrow. here's your future cast. there we are at 1:00. scattered nature of the shower activity. but i think most of us will get a little something later this afternoon, and there we are at 5:00. scattered showers moving through the area. evening commute likely to be a wet one. we'll get it out of here later tonight and early tomorrow morning want to mention we'll
9:32 am
have fog develop. warmer air as it pushes in here will cause fog to develop late night tonight and early tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning at 11:00 starting to get breaks and by tomorrow afternoon should get some sunshine along with mild temperatures. highs tomorrow upper 50s to about 60. looking forward to the real spring time air, sunday highs mid-60s. maybe upper 60s. maybe a few close to 70 allison on sunday. 51 today. mostly cloudy. showers likely later today. lingering into the night time hours. 44 the overnight low. fog developing late. wind out of the south at 5. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, 58 tomorrow with afternoon sun. sunday nice and warm. mid-60s. could do better than that if we get more sunshine. keep things nice and mild. 60 monday. will turn cooler by the middle and end of next week, in time for next weekend of course inauguration. now that looks much colder by a week from monday.
9:33 am
allison and tony, back to you at the desk. thanks, tucker. that's mary j. blige, "looking for something to love me." the question is, my cousin is always saying to me that my husband loves me too much, pays too much attention to me. my husband is very kind, loving and respectful to me and my children. he surprises me at work with roses, love poems and we text each other to say hi. my cousin who is single says i should cheat on him because he is now. i know it's wrong for her to say and wrong to ask him to send her roses and chocolates. my husband doesn't trust her. how do i let her know i'm uncomfortable with her flirting
9:34 am
with my husband without making a family feud? okay, i can hear everybody out there saying, this is simple. just shut this whole thing down, right? but it is complicated by the fact that this is her cousin. viewer, thank you so much for writing in. it's only two-fold in my opinion, protecting your relationship and dealing with family members who cross the line. clearly your cousin has issues. she really needs to focus on herself now and getting those straight. because what she is doing is absolutely wrong. she is totally out of line by asking your husband to do anything romantic for her. that sounds incredibly insane to me. then turn around and say that he does too much for you? come on. you know this is totally out of line. so yes, i'm sorry, but you have to have a sit-down conversation with your cousin. your husband seems to be on the same page, so that's not a
9:35 am
problem, thankfully. your job is to talk with your family member. she's infringing on your relationship and you aren't going to stand for it. that's the end of that story. tell her you don't appreciate her advising you on anything, and then turning around and wanting the same things, kindness from her cousin in law, if you will. she is jealous, period and trying to get in there and cause damage, perhaps so the two of you can sit around and be filled with issues together. that's what it sounds like to me. that's plain talk. to the larger point, though, and this is for all of us as we move into the new year, because this situation sounds sort of ludicrous and focused on just this person, but for all of us. it's a new year. let's start this thing off the right way. let's get rid of all toxic relationships in our life, get rid of people in our air telling us something when they know that they really want whatever it is that you have for themselves. get rid of that moving forward in 2013. make it a great year.
9:36 am
you have to talk to your cousin. in it does not end, you might have to talk about cutting her out of your life in some way. everyone around you will know that you're making the right decision. good luck to you. it's not easy. but it's so -- who would do that? >> crazy. >> but there are people in the world, they don't want to see other people happy. if you have a question you'd like answered, send it to me, head to, click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. >> that is something you're right, there are people who don't want to see other people happy. >> because they're not happy. >> jump in and mess it up. >> the second they get somebody, where did my friend go? thought we were in this together. kate middleton gets her first official portrait. we'll show it to you. plus, why some are speculating the baby she's carrying could be a girl. >> first, a former boy band heartthrob may be heading back to the studio. why fans expect new music from justin timberlake after years doing movies and other things. we're going to be back with the buzz bin.       
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you just don't get that every day. you have to wait for it. >> that's justin timberlake. he's promoting his new album. i like him. i really do. he goes on to say he's obsessed about his music and doesn't like releasing anything he does not loved. no word on an official release date. but his video tease does end with the clock counting down set to go off on monday. >> oh. >> we know music comes out tuesdays, right? >> he's multitalented. hours after ben affleck was left out of the academy award nominations yesterday, he won best director for argo at the
9:41 am
critics choice awards. and argo won best picture. daniel day lewis took home the best actor award. jessica chastain won best actress. the queen has made an official decree? >> if prince william and kate middleton has a baby girl, she'll have the title princess instead of lady. hey, lady! >> maybe that's why she changed it. >> the declaration comess a parliament plans to make an amendment that would allow for any royal baby to become heir to the throne, no matter the gender. >> that's great. >> and there's the portrait. that's beautiful. you don't like that? >> i think she's prettier than that portrait. >> i agree.
9:42 am
>> the royal mother-to-be has her first portrait. it's supposed to depict her natural, not official persona. it was done by award winning artist paul inslee. >> i agree, she's prettier than that. >> that to me looks royal and official. doesn't look like a natural -- >> i think it looks like the hair is, you know, kind of loosely curled and just a regular dress. i think it looks okay. >> okay. there it is. coming up, the battle of the congas. you'll want to hear about this. dozens of go go percussionists, and i mean dozens, will take to the stage this weekend to take all. we're talking with the event's host to find out why you don't want to miss this. >> and hey, if you're going to arrive, you need to arrive in style, if you are attending an inaugural event. holly is showing us how you can look glam without emptying your
9:43 am
wallet, because that's not glam. time now, 9:42. it's not cute or good. >> empty wallet? >> yeah, no. we'll be right back. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free.
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today the presidential inaugural committee is hosting the grand opening of its merchandise store in the district. collectibles will be on sale. the store is at 1155f street in northwest. starting today you can buy official memorabilia blocks from the white house. it's not just the merchandise. the marching knights will perform. the grand opening is set for noon today. >> also can buy unofficial memorabilia blocks away. >> right. if you're running out of time figuring out how to get glam for the inauguration, you're in luck. >> we're learning how to find that perfect style and you don't have to break the bank to
9:47 am
do it. holly morris joins us live from northwest. i have enjoyed this. >> reporter: how did we not think of this idea, allison? >> i know. i know. >> great idea. >> reporter: it is a wonderful idea. here it is, rent the runway. it's a popup show room for the next couple of days here at living social. here's an example. i'm wearing this wonderful rebecca taylor ball gown. retails for $925. i can represent it for $150. they send a prepaid envelope, so when i'm done with the dress, i can mail it back and they take care of the dry cleaning. it's brilliant, brilliant, as is george worrell, who is our celebrity stylist. >> thank you. hi allison, hi everybody. >> reporter: why did you not think of this idea either? >> yeah, and a lot of other things, like the brooklyn bridge. >> reporter: i hear you. we're talking about renting the dresses, but people may not realize you can rent accessories. >> yes, which is very important. i think when you do your hair
9:48 am
and make-up you want to have the right accessories. they have brilliant stuff here. like if you're doing something like this, you would wear a ring or -- >> reporter: pick one big piece, right? >> one big piece. >> reporter: starting as low as ten dollars. >> you can also get a bag. let me say this, ladies, do not bring the new louis vuitton bag you got for christmas to the ball. i had to put my ipad. no, no. you want an evening bag, something small you can put a credit card in or just, your little whatever. >> reporter: we have pictures of celebrities that were at the inauguration four years ago. as we kind of take a look at their looks, one thing is, while you can rent the accessories, if you save a lot on your dress, you can splurge on the accessories as well. >> do a wrap. do not wear your camel hair coat you take to church every sunday. a wrap, a scarf.
9:49 am
they look elegant and wonderful, don't you think? >> reporter: and it's about the total look. >> inside. inside, take some time off. don't rush all week trying to go to different places. you can spend on your make-up, hair, get a facial. >> reporter: we have one last fashion show we're going to have here, courtesy of our wonderful models. first up is lacy. >> white and the designer is carmen mark valvo. retails at $1,295. you can get it for 175. >> reporter: wow! while they are gorgeous girls, they are not models for a living. they are fashion bloggers. tell me about yours. >> i have a personal style blog, doing it three years now, called a >> reporter: there are lots of fashion bloggers in the district? >> over 600 in the d.c. maryland area. >> reporter: wow. and she's getting married four
9:50 am
months from today. love that. come over. our next model is allison. >> allison is wearing red and it's a pamela roland. you can get it for $250. >> reporter: i love her little animal print clutch. >> my blog is >> reporter: last but not least, liz. >> retails at $395. guess what? seventy-five dollars. >> reporter: seventy-five dollars. your blog? >> >> reporter: love it. what do you focus on? how do you set yourself apart? >> d.c. coverage. trends, and just sort of outfit ideas. >> reporter: very good. there you go. come back out, ladies. i want everyone to see everything. with this, we've been having wonderful feedback on facebook and twitter. what are the biggest comments? >> the elegance, color, style
9:51 am
and regalness. >> reporter: there you go, regalness. we can all try to be kate middleton. is our web site. we have a link to the living social web site, $8 is the experience. come in. you get a glass of champagne, tote bag and hopefully you'll rent a wonderful dress. and 20% off the next time you rent. >> guys renting tuxes forever, why not the ladies? thank you, holly. design for the new memorial for godfather of go go has been unveiled. it's being built by the same company that restored the howard theater where brown was a regular performer. how about that? when you hear chuck's music or any go go for that matter, one of the driving forces behind the unique rhythm is the conga drum. not just anyone can keep that beat, and this weekend the battle is on to find out who is the best.
9:52 am
32 go go conga players are going to compete, first time this has been done. joining me to talk about the king of the congas battle is nikko from thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> we were talking this has never been done, not just in washington, but as far as you know, anywhere in the world? >> that's correct, that's correct. because this type of thing is the heartbeat, the congas is really the heartbeat of the metropolitan area. and that's go go itself. and the funny thing about heartbeat, he's one of the hosts, or the host of the event. and he used to be chuck brown's conga player back in the day. basically chuck called him his son. >> his son. the congas, every band has them. you know, go go is all about the percussion and the rhythm. so this is really what defines
9:53 am
in many ways go go music. >> without a doubt, without a doubt. between the drums and the congas, they fit hand in hand. >> i mentioned it, some 32 -- first of all, the number of bands in the washington area, most of them are in washington, d.c. itself, is amazing. >> oh, yeah. >> you have 32 percussionists. give us an idea who will be out there. >> some of the percussionists, smoke from the mix band. hot sauce of back yard band. we got -- >> mighty mo. >> yeah, and the chuck brown band. also got go go mickey, world renowned conga player. both his sons are in the event, b.j. and also mickey junior. >> i want to show a graphic for how this event is going to happen. because it's kind of march madness style, is that right? >> that's correct. >> tell us about that. >> well, we decided to break it
9:54 am
down in a bracket format. we originally started with 24 conga players and once we put that out there, even more conga players requested to be in the event. we said, well, let's open it up and once other conga players came to us, we said we're going to break it down into quadrants. northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, brackets of eight. four brackets of eight. >> look at that. happens sunday night. where? >> at the la fonta blue this sunday night, from 8:00 p.m., doors open at 8:00 p.m. and end at 1:00 a.m. >> 1:00 a.m. it seems to me it's possible this event could still be going on monday morning when they're on the air. that's a lot of music to get in. >> oh, yeah. >> how much are tickets? >> twenty-five dollars. >> twenty-five dollars. >> it's going to be a lot of fun.
9:55 am
it's going to be loud, too. >> well, not necessarily, because really you're dealing with the percussion section. and our music director, buggy, drummer from the back yard band, he'll be directing everything. we'll have a full back line. won't be just drums and congas. we'll have music in between. at the end of the night we're going to have the go go all- stars performing led by bugs from the junk yard band. >> we'll have more information at thank you for coming in. heartbeat was going to be here. he got stuck in traffic. >> he's here. >> we're done, heartbeat. say hi, real quick. come on. good to see you, welcome. sounds like a fun event. >> roadblock. >> i know, traffic is real bad. stay with us. we'll be back with more in just a moment.   
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wrapping up with another dose of cuteness. you can call this adorable little guy china's little gift. he is just five months old. there he is. yesterday he made his first public debut at the san diego zoo. his name means little gift. i could not pronounce it, so i didn't want to mess it up. this little guy's mother is also on loan from china. >> beautiful. time now for our pet of the day. today-- my goodness -- >> lots of cats. katie is a cat person. >> sasha and na 'vi. bengal cats who moved here from florida. owner says they're best friends. >> beautiful. >> they look big


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