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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. it is official, president barack obama has begun his second term, a quiet and intimate start to the next four years ahead of tomorrow's very
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public ceremony. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm laura evans. we begin tonight with the reason at least half a million people are in the district this weekend, president obama's second inauguration. it is an event that expanded into a weekend full of exciting festivities. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom with a rundown on today's events. >> a smaller crowd is expected for tomorrow's public swearing in than the one four years ago when barack obama took office for the first term. even though it's the second time around for the president and his supporters some of those planning to attend say it still feels fresh and new and most importantly, historic. >> i, barack obama, do solemnly swear -- >> president obama's second term officially began at noon today when he took the oath of office in a private white house ceremony. it's the public ceremony on the
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west front of the capitol monday that lured people from around the country to d.c. for some it's a repeat trip. >> absolutely we were here four years ago. >> reporter: jay and kioka marks weren't here in 2009. they'd just had a baby, but this time everything worked out perfectly. >> we just wanted to be part of it, be able to tell our kids, you know, about our adventures and everything. it was just really important that we make it. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to tomorrow? >> oh, just seeing the president in person. so we actually got invitations to be here, so we're real excited. >> on both sides of the badge they have the family's portrait on the opposite side. >> reporter: as she stocked up on inaugural souvenirs, minitia hicks of clarks texas, was overcome thinking about tomorrow. >> fighting tears, just a wonderful time to be part of
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history and watch our president get sworn in for a second term. >> my birthday is monday, too, so that just makes it even more exciting. >> reporter: for georgetown student nicki dubois, tomorrow's ceremony will be the culmination of a real life history session that she helped happen. >> i worked on the obama campaign this fall, so i love being a part of history. it's wonderful. >> reporter: her mom from akron, ohio, said it best. >> these are the real patriots of our nation. they've come to see the most important ceremony we have. >> and the public swearing in ceremony is at 11:30 tomorrow. there will be plenty to entertain the early birds. kelly clarkson, alicia keys, james taylor, the list is long, but the star of the show, of course, president barack obama. >> thank you, audrey. as you mentioned, the crowds will be smaller tomorrow, but you can expect tight security for president
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obama's second inauguration. thousands of out of town police officers have been sworn in to help d.c.'s regular contingent of law enforcement. fox 5's karen gray houston has that part of the story. >> i will perform the duties of a special deputy -- >> reporter: a u.s. marshal deputized 150 law enforcement officers from around the country at a special swearing in ceremony to help out metro transit police. >> we could not do it without you. we know the history of the last inauguration and what a visiting officer from houston did to save the life of a 59- year-old lady. >> reporter: the officers received last minute training on the campus of the university of maryland university college. they also got special presidential inaugural badges. you can't be too secure on inauguration day. not only is metro swearing in officers from out of town, so is mpd.
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across town at american university's bender arena more than 2,000 visiting police officers were sworn in to assist mpd during the presidential inaugural. their training comes as the city lowered crowd estimates to around 600,000 people. that compares to nearly 2 million in 2009. whatever, d.c.'s police chief says they are ready. >> we're more than ready. we've rehearsed in our sleep. >> reporter: these officers come from 86 departments all over the united states, from utah to kentucky to california and lanier says she needs their help. >> if you think about the vast number of things that we have to do during this event, we still have to do our daily job, police the communities to make sure our neighborhood are safe. the secret service, fbi, capitol police, national guard and other agencies will also be on duty. in the district, karen gray houston, fox 5 news.
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metro officials say they learned from the 2009 inauguration and they are more prepared this time around. instead of charging for parking on the way into a lot they'll be charging as you exit. they held special weekend hours to sell those cards along with the commemorative version which are sold out. like 2009 you should get your smartrip card tonight if you can instead of waiting until tomorrow and they are urging you to plan your trip so you don't have to transfer lines. you can pick up any line you need. they all get you close to the mall. you do want to give yourself some extra time tomorrow if you plan on driving downtown. several roads will be closed as crowds begin to gather for festivities. spanning from pennsylvania avenue to second and up to 15th streets, those will be closed and beware, the smithsonian archives and mount vernon square metro stations will be closed as well tomorrow. now weatherwise a nice end to the weekend, but how much will people need to bundle up
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for tomorrow's events? fox 5's gwen tolbart joins us with more on that. how low are we going? >> we're going to get into the 40s, but we've got wind chilled to be concerned with and maybe even a little precipitation. let's look at our maps and put it all together. toes highs 62 degrees for reagan -- today's highs 62 degrees for reagan national, 58 degrees at bwi and dulles. i wish it was going to happen tomorrow, but it's not. here's our sky conditions. we'll see a few clouds rolling in tonight. some of those clouds linger tomorrow, a little sun as we start out and then things change. right now temperatures are in the 30s and 40s, but moving into tomorrow we're dealing with a frontal system that will push through, arctic air and a chance of precipitation. now here's what we're speaking about. mostly cloudy skies. it will be cold. we have a period of time where we'll see brief gusty winds,
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temperatures in the low 40s, but wind chills will make it feel like it's in the low 30s. a chance that we could see an isolated rain or snow shower, a passing flurry, i can't rule it out. it looks now like the chances are slight between threatt clock and 5:00 hour and get a little -- the 3:00 and 5:00 hour and get a little higher towards the 11:00 hour. the winds will be gusting through a couple periods through there and especially into the evening hours we could see what might look like snow squalls as we get light flurry activity coming down. we're not talking any major accumulation, but it could make the roads a little tricky especially if you're heading out on the night. you'll definitely have to bundle up. more details later in our full forecast. >> pack your layers and hold onto your hat. an inaugural ball allowing those who can't vote just yet the opportunity to celebrate. the historic howard theater in northwest hosted the inaugural hope youth ball, hope in this
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case standing for honoring our president elect. the family friendly gala gave young people a chance to share in the festivities. >> we're here to celebrate the inauguration of the president, barack obama, the first lady, but it really is about getting young people involved in social action which is what the president and first lady have called on today and tomorrow. >> money raised will go toward opening the first youth shelter in prince george's county. y. barbara walters is hospitalized tonight after she fell at an inauguration party. the veteran newswoman reportedly slipped on a step at the residence of britain's ambassador to the united states and cut her forehead. a spokesperson for abc news says the 83-year-old is awak and alert. it's not know when she may be released from the -- no. when she may be released from the hospital. getting ready for tomorrow's inaugural parade, several new floats are preparing to make their way down pennsylvania. fox 5's lauren demarco has the story. >> reporter: the floats have
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arrived. they'll stay here along c street overnight until they're ready to make their debut along pennsylvania avenue. four of the eight official inaugural parade floats represent the states where the president and vice president were born as well as where they served as lawmakers. >> for the other four pneumatic floats we have the our people our future float which represents the theme that our people are the greatest strength of this country. tomorrow you'll see the eight citizen co-chairs on the float. >> reporter: they were picked from across the country to represent the president's achievements in the first term and goals for the next four years. >> this is our float we're riding in tomorrow. >> reporter: louie griego of denver is one of them. the single mother works two jobs. thanks to pell grants and financial aid her son is now standing! >> to be here to witness this is -- is now attending college.
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>> to be here to witness this, we're so honored and overwhelmed with excitement. >> reporter: there's also the civil rights float and a float paying tribute to dr. martin luther king. >> then you see the tuskegee air american float which pays tribute to the young african american soldiers which fought in world war ii, the first aviator military to fight in the war. >> these boys helped win the war and preserve our freedom that we have today. you know, i don't want people to forget that. >> reporter: along with the eight official floats there are 11 others commissioned by groups marching in the parade including nasa. look out for full size models of the curiosity mars rover and orion, the capsule that will take humans farther into space than ever before. >> the astronauts will be riding in that going on the next mission, so we have four, five or six astronauts that will be in the parade along with that. >> reporter: passers-by delighted to get up close with these works of art.
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patricia campbell says it helps teach her granddaughter about patriotism. >> the beauty of some of these floats is we can explain to her some of the things that our foreparents and those that have gone before us have done in order to afford us the privilege of all that we're observing right now. >> fox 5 wants you to share how you are participating in the inauguration tomorrow. you e-mail your photos, send a tweet with #2013 to my fox d.c. or upload them to our website by clicking the blue upload button at the top right of our inauguration photo page. add titles and descriptions like name and location, if you wish. we invite you to stay with fox 5 for our inauguration coverage from the ceremonies to the parade. we are monitoring metro and we have everything you need to know if you're heading
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downtown. it's all on air and online. we'll have wall to wall coverage beginning at 4 a.m. monday. coming up on the news at 10:00, the death toll continues to rise out of algeria, the latest on the aftermath of the terrorist attack there. >> and it's happened again, another mass shooting claims the life of innocent children, this time a young teener behind the gun. >> plus tragedy on the slopes in maryland, we'll tell you more about that, those stories and more when the news at 10:00 continues. 
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we are following a developing story out of algeria tonight. a security source tells reuters news agency the hostage death toll after a four-day siege is 48, but other reports have the numbers higher by dozens. >> reporter: algerian security forces spent the day combing through the debris at the
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remote algerian gas plant that was attacked by al-qaeda-linked islamic terrorists four days ago. five surviving militants were captured today by algerian troops. inside the facility mangled bodies of those killed reportedly litter the ground making it difficult to tell hostages from terrorists. efforts to recover bodies have been slowed by fears of booby traps. freed hoages continue to describe their ordeal. >> you -- hostages continue to describe their ordeal. >> you could hear gunfire outside. we knew it was a really, really bad situation. >> reporter: the lack of information and cooperation from algeria raises the question about the current u.s. policy in north africa where islamic extremist groups appear to be flourishing. many american and western officials are furious algeria launched a unilateral rescue attempt and did not notify them before doing so. despite calls from some in
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washington to take a more muscular role in north camp, the white house has resisted relying instead on partnerships with regional leaders to dismantle extremist -- in north africa, the white house has resisted relying instead on partnerships with regional leaders to dismantle extremist groups. algerian officials said today they will not allow foreigners to secure the country's oilfields, yet another indication algeria is unlikely to strengthen ties with western governments in an effort to stamp out islamic extremists. five people are dead in new mexico, three of them children. authorities say a 15-year-old pulled the trigger. the boy has been identified as nehemiah griego.
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what we do know is the young victims were between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. the adults were one male, one female. friends say the male was a minister named greg griego but the relationships have not yet been sustained. closer to home we are following a out of ft. washington, maryland, where a teen was shot and killed overnight around midnight in the 7700 block of webster lane. prince george's county police say 16-year-old marcus jones was shot while walking to his car. the suspect took off. jones later died at a hospital. if you know anything about in deadly shooting, police would like to hear from you. also in maryland a followup to an armed robbery earlier this month in glenarden. prince george's county police arrested 20-year-old wayne hunter, jr. they say hunter was wanted for robbing and shooting a delivery driver on hamlin street. the driver is doing okay tonight. the suspect is facing attempted murder, robbery and assault charges. police say he became combative
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toward an officer while he was being arrested. tragedy on the slopes in maryland, officials say a rockville man is dead following an accident at wisp ski resort. 40-year-old james jung-jin park lost control while skiing this morning and ran into a tree. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. still ahead the latest on the gun control debate and what the washington national cathedral is doing to keep the discussion in the public eye. >> and later police officers may soon have a new hi-tech tool to catch criminals that's raising some concerns about privacy rights. the news at 10:00 returns in just minutes. 
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today the washington national cathedral made a point to applaud president obama's 23 executive orders. >> americans of every background stand up and say enough. we've suffered too much pain and care too much about our children to allow this to
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continue. then change will come. e. >> the cathedral says they will continue to do their part to keep the problem of gun violence and its solutions in the public eye. meanwhile the white house has said the president does not expect to get all his gun control proposals through congress. fox's doug mckelway has more on the effort to prevent further gun violence. >> reporter: after the trauma of the sandy hook massacre the urgent call to limit americans' easy access to guns has met with some stiff resistance and exposed america's cultural divide over firearms. the president offered 23 different executive actions which would strengthen background checks, better address the issue of mental health and call for armed officers in schools that want them, but the politics of gun legislation are fraught with danger for the president. there are 24 senate seats up for grabs in 2014 including in the gun friendly states of arkansas, new hampshire, iowa, louisiana and south dakota which suggest any gun control measures will have to be a
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compromise. >> everyone is trying to divert from the core issue which is there is a huge consensus in the country including a vast majority of republicans that things like assault weapons, high capacity magazines, universal background checks, making progress on mental health, these are things we should and can do to help reduce gun violence. >> i think this is a moment we can do something about mental health, about information sharing, maybe about background checks and other things as well, but it has to be a plan that could possibly work or the president won't get it done. >> reporter: but the president has promised to put to work the very same campaign organization that brought him an unprecedented turnout last november to work now for grassroots changes to gun laws. coming up tonight it may only be day one of president obama's second term, but some of his peers re already putting their two cents into his next four years. what they think he needs to do, plus our fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin will weigh in on the discussion. we'll be right back.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. as president obama begins his second term, there are questions about what he wants to get done. he's tackled several big issues in his first four years and now he's working on gun policy, but with today's political climate can he get anything done this time around? fox 5 political analyst fox 5's political reporter melanie alnwick has the current thinking. >> reporter: as president obama takes the oath of office for a second time, the white house is well aware that history has not been kind to presidential incumbents. >> second terms have been tough. george w. bush left with the economy melting down and the lowest approval ratings practically in history for a president. bill clinton was impeached. richard nixon resigned his office. >> reporter: american
10:30 pm
university historian dr. allan lichtman says president obama must use the power of the people to sway congress and it appears that will be part of the inaugural address. >> he's going to talk about our political system doesn't require to us resolve all our disputes or political difference, but it does require us to seek chop ground when it can and should exist. -- common ground when it can and should exist. he's going to make that point very strongly. >> reporter: a new public opinion group will be made for public action. >> we want to make that there is people out there pushing for action. >> reporter: tax reform, entitlement, jobs and spending among the top issues for americans. gun control, climate change and international affairs are also on the agenda. you really don't have four years now. it will start to slip away very quickly. you've got to set some priorities because the president's time, the secretary
10:31 pm
of state's time, secretary of defense's time is pretty limited. you better know what you want to a believe in this three years or so. >> reporter: -- want to achieve in this three years or so. >> reporter: so will the outside ga really work? former insiders aren't sure. >> i think that's a new way to play it, a tough and dicey way to play it. >> reporter: the new harder line was evident from democrats on meet the press, senator schumer pushing back they've months on the budget in exchange for cooperation on the debt ceiling. republican senator roy blunt of missouri says president obama should study president lincoln. >> when hard things get done, they get done because a president decided he was going to do what was necessary to get them done and that means you got to realistically look at the world you live in and the washington you've been given by the american voters to work with. >> reporter: and that means a divided congress and another election season not far away.
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melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> let's bring in now fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin on this discussion about the inauguration and expand a little bit on some of the president's accomplishments and his challenges coming up his second term, mark. let's start with his accomplishments in the first four years. what would you say some of the biggest accomplishments the president made? >> you have to start with health insurance. that's when had he a democratic -- when he had a democratic house and senate. that was his chief legislative goal and he accomplished that. killing osama bin laden, maybe it it was symbolic, but obviously it was important and he accomplished that and then stablizing the economy. it's in free-fall. it's not what it should be, but people do give credit for at
10:33 pm
least stablizing. the stock market is at a five- year high. housing prices are going up, so i would list those as three major accomplishments. >> it's still a challenge going forward because there's more work to be done and let's talk about nose challenges. i know gun -- those challenges. i know gun policy will be at the top and with a divided congress. >> i think that's going to be the least successful. they're going to get extensive background checks with a collection of data, but i don't know about assault ban or any other restrictions on gun rights or gun usage. i think where he will succeed is where republicans learned on immigration. they can't afford -- 72% of the hispanics voted for president obama. they can't afford it. it's a terminal electoral prospect if the country is changing in the demographics like it is. so i think something will be done about immigration and the other thing to watch is with the appointment of chuck hagel
10:34 pm
for defense, if he gets it, he wants the commitment in iraq is over, but he wants to very much diminish any involvement or military forces in afghanistan. >> we're looking at the private swearing in that happened today which per the 20th amendment it must happen at noon on the 20th day of january. what do you expect we're going to hear tomorrow from the president when he speaks following his public swearing in? >> well, i think he's going to try again what he did four years ago to say like we're not red states or blue states. that was actually from the keynote which i was at in 2004 in boston. we're the united states of america. i think he's very confident because of the election victory. he's going to say let us try to come reason together. that's an lbj line in terms of republicans and then he's maybe going to talk about income inequality. you know, he's really got to go for broke in terms of being
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ambitious in terms of an agenda and i think he's going to talk about poverty and talk about the difference in salaries and wealth and then i think he's going to try to say something about entitlements and that the pain and sacrifice will have to be borne by everybody. >> where is he tonight, mark, ahead of tomorrow? >> tonight he's at a thing you party at the national building museum -- he's at a thank you party at the national building museum. this is their day to jockey for ambassadorial slots. it's done with democrats and republicans, but this is a thank you party for people who raised enough money so he could be successful. >> you've covered many of
10:36 pm
these. >> immanent college, laura. >> no. -- i'm ancient, laura. >> no, you are not. give us some of your perspective on past inaugurations. i know you've been to them dating back to the '60s. >> '65. i remember watching john kennedy get up to help robert frost with the wind when he was reading a poem, but i was just a kid, but i came to gw in 1964. so i saw the johnson inaugural. it was facing the west front. it was much more intimate and cramped sort of in the back -- excuse me, the east front and then i remember jimmie walker -- jimmy carter walking. >> that was what the secret service called him. >> yes. that created quite a stir in january of '77. in '80 reagan went to the west front because he wanted to look west and that was something and then in 1996 just a personal remembrance i was at georgia
10:37 pm
brown's eating lunch and i walked out and bill clinton, the great procrastinator, was riding by in his limousine and i saw through the window he was still writing revisions of his second inaugural address, but it's always an extraordinary event and, of course, nobody could forget obama, just the surge, just the enormous, enormous crowds that were unbelievable. so that's kind of a smorgasboard of my ancient memories. e appreciate re a walking the color that you can provide. >> thank you. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks as always. sports is coming up next when the news at 10:00 returns. coming up could joe flacco and the ravens finally get past tom brady and the patriots? scott smith is back with a wild day in the nfl conference title game. >> big change in our temperatures coming, cooler air heading right towards us. we'll have to keep our iced closed. we've got a frontal system --
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eyes closed. we've got a frontal system coming through. 
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i guess if we can't have the redskins there, the ravens will do. >> just unprecedented. we have two brothers heading to the super bowl facing each other, nobody happier than their parents because either way they'll be celebrating. the road to the super bowl is paved with adversity and no team has done a better job overcoming it than the baltimore ravens whether it was heartbreaking personal losses off the field or key personnel losses on the field. they always bounced back, rose to the occasion. tonight's occasion, the afc championship game. john harbaugh and his gang a chance to get even with the team that ended their season on this very stage one year ago, the patriots. 2nd quarter ray rice bouncing it outside. baltimore finds the end zone first. it's a 7-3 ravens lead. bill belichick is one of the
10:42 pm
best playoff home records of all time. the pats answer quickly. tom brady caps a 79-yard drive connecting with wes welker making it 10-7 new england. pats tight end rob gronkowski was out. pats by 6 at the half, but an excellent 2nd half by baltimore. joe flacco to dennis pitta. ravens retake the lead 14-13 and don't look back. anquan boldin was huge for joe flacco tonight, one of two touchdown receptions. flacco 20 it unof 36, 240 yards -- 21 of 36, 240 yards through the air. ravens 28-13. how about the other harbaugh, jim and the 49ers taking on atlanta after trailing 17-0 in the 2nd quarter. colin kaepernick to vernon davis, the former terp making it 17-14. they're within three. davis had 106 yards receiving. just before the half matt ryan hit tony gonzalez. could be it his last game? i don't know.
10:43 pm
ryan with a playoff career 271 yards passing just in the 1st half, 24-14 at the break. 4th quarter it's frank gore, the game winner 28-24, does the dirty bird, same frank going to the super bowl the first time since 1995. yes. it will be a har-bowl february 3rd when the two meet in new orleans. two more redskins heading to the pro bowl, linebacker london frencher and defensive end ryan care -- fletcher and defensive end ryan kerrigan. up next gwen tolbart has your full forecast. >> and it looks like a tornado tore through this home. you'll never guess who was responsible for this loss.
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a new fingerprint scanner technology is helping catch criminals, but some critics say it's going too far. we have more as this new crime fighting technique is tested. >> reporter: mesa patrol officer todd reed is working his beat armed with a new tool in identifying suspects. >> just wonderful because where we used to be chasing a rabbit around the bush trying to identify them. >> reporter: trying to avoid what they call the name game in a high crime area he pulls out his new fingerprint scanner. with the man's consent officer reed takes scans of the left and right index fingers, takes it back to run against the name the man gave and it's a match. it took seconds to confirm. standard methods can take hours. it's a clear message to those who might give a false id. >> i think the truth would help, especially if you gave the wrong information and they can pull it up anyway. >> you can catch another charge if you are dishonest with the
10:48 pm
information. >> reporter: mesa police department has been trying out six scanners and want a federal grant for 30 more. officers want it to go further. >> the gentleman i spoke with did make admissions he's been arrested in kansas city and mississippi where he had committed crimes and since the system is not tied in nationwide we don't get any information back on that. so it would be very handy if it was tied into the national is. >> reporter: that raises serious questions about privacy and rights as more law enforcement officers are equipped with scanners. >> the police need rules and restrictions around how they use in technology. for example, they shouldn't be able to ask people to voluntarily turn over their fingerprints because when a police officer asks you to voluntarily do something, it's never truly voluntary. >> reporter: the scanners don't turn over data and police say the devices have become invaluable. in one case a suspect for a
10:49 pm
crime turned out to be wanted separately for a homicide. taking a look at the weather now and fox 5's gwen tolbart doesn't have very good news for us when it comes to the mercury. >> i wish it was today. we were 62 degrees today. it was unbelievable, what a surprise, but things are going to change because we've got a system coming through. it will give us a lot of changes in sky conditions and temperatures. i want to get right to it because i've got lots to talk about. let's begin with live look outside. you can see not much going on there, beisel shot. we've got a few clouds roll -- a beautiful shot. we've got a few clouds rolling in. we've had a ridge of high pressure in control, lots of blue skies today, but temperatures were well above the seasonal average today, 62 d.c., 58 at our other two airports, 17 to 19 degrees warmer than we should have been. that was a big treat. right now temperatures into the
10:50 pm
30s and 40s pretty much everywhere. we'll see a huge temperature drop. here's the national map, colder air starting to filter in across areas west of us and to the north and this is what's coming our way. we'll start to see temperatures take a plunge because we are dealing with an arctic air mass that will start to move in. right now a few clouds across the area, not too much going on. we'll see these clouds increasing into the course of late tomorrow into tomorrow and it's all in advance of a frontal system that will move through as we head into monday. we have one frontal system that's pretty much clearing the coast through the course of tonight into the evening hours. for tomorrow the second frontal system will kick in and in between that we're looking at some cloudy skies tomorrow for inauguration day, a chance of some rain or snow showers into the late afternoon, a chance of flurries into the late evening. we may see some. we may not. it's a 20 to 30% chance, but i cannot rule out the chance we won't see anything because this frontal system will be responsible for shifting it in
10:51 pm
along with the arctic air that's behind it. that arctic air mass will kick in a little later into monday night. if you're going to any evening events, any balms, you'll see a big significant -- balls, you'll see a big significant temperature drop than you did in the afternoon hours. we'll have wind chills in the afternoon where it feels like the low to mid-30s, but this colder arctic air mass will kick in at night. by the time you're heading out into the nighttime activities all dressed up you'll be talking about temperatures in the 20s with wind chills that will make it feel like it's in the teens especially once we get past midnight. by midday tomorrow 42 degrees. i expect the winds to pick up briefly and then they'll increase a little bit closer to 4:00, die down and pick up into the evening. we have some gusty winds to talk about. it will feel like the low to mid-30s before it's all said and done. i put together a little bit of what to expect with some of the variables we're talking about. there's a chance in the afternoon and evening we could
10:52 pm
see isolated rain or snow showers 3:00 to 5:00. then 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. we've got a chance of seeing some scattered flurries. we may not get any of this, but the possibility is there because of that front. we've got gusty winds. if we get the gusty winds and scattered flurries around the same time, yes, we could see a squall or two, little or no dusting, maybe less, maybe a little more in some areas, maybe about an inch or, so but we're talking about this happening in the later part of the night. wind chills, in the morning and afternoon it will feel like the low to mid-30s, but by late evening it will feel like it's in the 20s or teens. dress warm. gusty winds late afternoon and late night and if we do get any precip, you have to be careful overnight in terms of the roads and sidewalks being slick. these are the possibilities of what can happen, once again all based on whether or not we do get any of the rain or snow
10:53 pm
showers. if we're really lucky, maybe it will stay away, but i do know that cold air is definitely coming. this is a look at your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. that cold air mass is sticking around tuesday, wednesday and thursday before it goes anywhere where we're going to see our highs only into the 20s and our evening lows will be in the low 20s and teens. >> get ready. >> please dress warm tomorrow. do not underestimate this weather. >> thanks very much. an oregon man is lucky to be alive after a drunk driver pummeled his home at nearly 100 miles per hour. the impact practically destroyed the house. here's a look at the damage. >> reporter: from the damage it looks like the house was hit by a tornado and the homeowner greg bucklin says it might as well have been. >> this was a wall. this was my dining room. this was the living radio.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: greg was heading to bed friday night when he heard a strange noise outside. he didn't have time to react to what happened next. >> as i got about here i heard a loud noise and a car came flying through and landed right about in here. it hit me and knocked me through that wall right there and continued and went all the way out there and ended up being out there. >> reporter: a drunk driver crashed through the middle of greg's house going nearly 100 miles an hour. once greg got back up he confronted the driver who was trying to leave. >> id what in the world did you do and he goes be on -- i said what in the world did you do and he goes obviously i just drove my car through your house. >> reporter: police charged james anderson with driving under the influence, criminal mischief and reckless driving. greg spent the day cleaning up the mess but he thinks the house is a total loss. >> you can see it knocked the entire roof line around 5, 6 inches over right here and just cracked the whole house. >> reporter: in the backyard friends helped fish debris out
10:55 pm
of this koi pond. the fish probably won't survive. >> that was kind of my pride and joy. we built it from scratch when i first got the house. >> reporter: greg injured his shoulder in the crash which was already healing from a recent surgery. as bad as it is, he's lucky to still have his life. >> i'm just thankful that, you know, i'm alive. i thank god for that. could have been a lot worse. so i'm thankful for the little things right now. still ahead some local students pay tribute to dr. martin luther king by reciting his famous i have a dream speech. >> at 11:00 president obama's inauguration, what you need to know if you're headed downtown be right back.
10:56 pm
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10:58 pm
in honor of the date dr. martin luther king, jr. and the inauguration students from watkins elementary school in the district recited his i have a dream speech. they read the famous message on the steps of the lincoln
10:59 pm
memorial friday. fox 5's photojournalist steve jones was there. >> it came as true as daybreak in the long nights of captivity. >> but 100 years later the negro still is not free. >> it does make the speech fun because you get to learn about all the people who have made your life better. >> soldiers have come fresh from their own jail cells. >> and some of you have come from areas where a quest, quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. >> lots of them came from areas where they wanted to be free but the people had got in their way. >> let freedom ring from the snow capped rockies of colorado. >> let freedom ring from the gracious falls of california. >> but not only that, let freedom ring from the stone mountains of georgia. >> this is so important to the kids to know their history, where they came from ad


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