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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 21, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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martin luther king, jr. and finally, dogs and the people they serve from the group canine companions for independence including some fauquier county, virginia. they will come down pennsylvania avenue. >> that will be fun to see. and the other big story we are following, the baltimore ravens are super bowl bound. dave ross is here and there is a little controversy over whether you actually picked them or not. >> first of all, i got a hug from tucker barnes when i picked them. that does not happen very often. for the record, i picked the ravens to win the super bowl in the proseason and i gave up on them halfway through. i cannot believe they went to denver and beat peyton manning and yesterday going up to new england and beating tom brady and those boys. incredible, incredible performance. we'll get to the highlights. they were 10-point underdogs going into new england yesterday and somehow, some way, joe flacco and company, john harbaugh, they got it
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down. this is how they got it done. nifty footwork there, tucker barnes. scoots into the end zone. there is the hoodie. he looked discombobulated all day. it was 13-7 new england at the half. here is the funny stat. the patriots, 67-0 with tom brady and bill belichick when they led at the half. they didn't care about that staff. joe flacco got it done. the first and two to antoine bolden. if you liked that one, you will love the next one because it is the same play a little bit more to the right side. ravens shut out patriots 21-0 in the second half.
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they are going to the super bowl. what about another half? 49ers in hotlanta. there is jim harbaugh,ed older brother of john harbaugh. it is the terps helping to bring them back. just before the enof the first half, atlanta would strike again. he will find tony gonzagaally he's who would have to retire. he said he is retiring if these lose. tony gonzalez dunking the ball over goal post because here come the 49ers. watch what he does? dirty bird. san francisco completes the harbaugh bowl. this is going to be an exciting two weeks as we talk john versus jim, ravens versus 49ers. great night of football. big crowds already streaming in to witness history. we'll check out the scene on
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the national mall and while you're out there today taking all those pictures, why you share some of them with us. we would love to see them. e-mail them to 2013 at can you accepted us your pictures on twitter. time now is 4:28. we'll be right back. 
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good morning. it is january 21st, 2013, inauguration 2013 set to get under way here as we will follow it throughout the morning hours as well as taking a live look outside for those of you driving around maybe heading home from some inaugural balls or festivities or perhaps getting ready to head in. this is a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge as traffic seems to be moving along pretty well. we'll check in with julie wright for more in just a second. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm melanie alnwick. thank you for joining us whether one of our regulars or checking in from out of town. >> glad to have you glad to have tucker as well. >> lots of layers particularly early this morning. temperatures are falling back into the low to mid-30s. we are 35 in town. it will feel cold today. we have sunshine early but we'll cloud up and then eventually things are going to get windy later this afternoon as we have this arctic front
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that we've been talking about coming in. >> i have my layers ready to go. i know what it is going to feel like. >> not as cold as it was four years ago. >> it will be on the brisk side. >> just north of chicago, there is this arctic front that will be working its way towards us a little later this afternoon. that will set us up for a very cold week. today will be the warmest of this entire week for us with temperatures expected to be in the low to mid-40s. we might make it to 45 degrees for a few hours today as the winds will push up out of the south up ahead of this front. we'll get a temporary warm-up but don't be fooled by t mother nature is going to bring in the cold air here. the hounds of winter will be here later tonight, i promise. here is a look at your satellite-radar. a little bit of cloud cover to start your day. we'll see some peeks of sun and we'll get a deck of clouds midday as the front starts to
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approach from the midwest. let me mention the possibility of a few snow showers around late, late this afternoon and tonight as that front starts to move through. not expecting any accumulating snow but you might get a little bit to talk about later this afternoon. >> we haven't seen much. anything in the immediate area. >> not so far. >> as long as it's pretty. >> this will be scenic if you see any at all. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> as long as we don't have to start at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> that is a very good point. >> all right. we are talking about what is closed coming across the freeway. you are denied access to the third street tunnel, ninth street tunnel, 12th treat tunnel. awful those will shut down today because of the inaugural activities. -- 12th street tunnel. limited parking. metro will be your way to go. service has been suspect pinnedded on the marc service line so no service on marc and penn brunswick lines are
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running a special inaugural service pattern for you so keep that in mind for you. we are going to see, as the day continues on, as people try to make their way into union town, a lot of pedestrian traffic and limited parking. allow extra time out there if you have to make the trip in towards downtown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. d.c. streets normally packed with cars will be abuzz with people in just a few hours. >> this as president obama prepares for a public swearing in, his inaugural address, a parade through the city streets and two official inaugural balls. listdom martin on the national mall where people are already lining up for the kickoff. >> good morning. people are starting to filter in. it is pretty quiet down here right now but you can best believe that, as the day progresses, the crowd will get larger and larger. the first time the president
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got sworn in, are there were people on the national mall from the capitol as far back as the eye could see. they are not expecting a crowd that big. there are a couple of thins to know about what not to bring down here to this event. we will put that up on the screen for you right now. firearms, alcohol, backpacks, large bags, thermoss, coolers, posters, animals. don't bring any of those items if you are coming down here. also, you may want to get down here real early because, like we said last time, the crowd was huge and it took a long time to get in here. you will have to use public trance toit get down here. keep that in mind. fox 5 will be here all morning long. we have crews everywhere to give you the latest on the practicessial inauguration and we will give you those updates throughout the morning. back to you in the very warm
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studio. >> i'll be out there soon enough. -- you will have to use public transit to get down here. >> metro says it learned from 2009 and will be doing things differently this time around. fox's karen gray houston is live at the gallery place station with details on that. >> reporter: metro is up and running and the best way to get downtown. when besay the streets are blocked -- when we say the streets are blocked, believe us. they have hutch industrys down here. you can't get through. so if you want to come down to see the swearing-in. you want to check out the parade, really, you got to do metro. they opened early. supposed to open at 4:00 a.m.
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here at gallery place. -- they have humvees down here. metro says it is ready to deal with the expected crowds. >> i will perform the duties. >> i will perform the duties. >> reporter: for starters, 150 officers from law enforcement agencies rob deputized to help out metro transit police. officers from as far away as baitier and seattle washington tasked with a big job. >> moving crowds. that is the whole focus for metro, making sure that people move safely from point a to point b. visit irs coming in for the first time, we want to ensure they have a safe and placent trip while they were on the metro. >> reporter: metro wants to avoid what happened in the 2009 inauguration when long lines of cars spilled out onto streets and highways trying to get into suburban metro parking lots because metro charged as cars were going in. >> we are not doing that again. we are, instead, charging for parking as you exit and can you
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pay for that with a credit card or with value on your smart trip card. >> reporter: speaking of smart trip cards, here is some important advice y the number one tip is to get your smart trip card or fare card in advance. >> reporter: and load it up with enough money to pay for your trip to the mall and back. >> now you got to scan it again. >> reporter: we found lots of metro riders tenleytown station trying to do just that. >> i'll probably get here early and have breakfast on the stairs. >> reporter: how early? >> i think my friends and i are leaving at like 5:00 a.m. >> reporter: you don't have enough on your card for tomorrow. >> no. >> reporter: you've got the high demand for the commemorative smart trip cards and fare cards. >> it is a keepsake. it is a part of history. it has the image of president obama on it and we are all seeing every time we mention the special sales locations on
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twitter, we hear from folks who are outside the region who are asking folks inside the region to pick them up for them. >> reporter: one last note, if at all possible, plan your travel so you don't have to transfer. in the district, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> not done yet. one more reminder. three stations are closed, archives, mount vernon and smithsonian are closed. >> a look at the morning's headlines. five people shot and killed in new mexico and police say a 15- year-old pulled the trigger. >> our inauguration coverage continues all day right here on fox 5 news and you can go to our web site to find out how to share your photos and video. get latest on news alerts and road closures and much more. 
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taking a look at some other stories making headlines today, taliban is taking responsibility for an attack ate police headquarters in kabul. it happened early this morning. police say at least one taxer blew himself up outside the building's entrance. other attackers entered the building and at least two of them were killed during an hours-long gun battle with police. the death toll from the siege at the natural gas plant in the sahara has climbed to at least 81. algerian forces searching the complex for explosives found dozens of bodies. many were badly disfigured. officials are having a hard time determining whether the dead are hostages or attackers. algerian special forces stormed at facility on saturday to end the four-day siege. also making head lines, a 15-year-old is charged with murdering his new mexico family. boy has been identified as nemiah
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gmplet ri. ego. -- griego. several guns were found at the home. a motive for the killings has not yet been released. up next, when it comes to security, we live in an area that is used to being on high alert. >> when it comes to events like the inauguration, it is time to call in reinforcements. we'll show you how the d.c. area is getting help from around the nation today. >> temperatures overnight falling back into the low to mid-30s. it will be a chilly day and a changing forecast here. you want to check out our accu- weather forecast. we'll have a look at the traffic coming up after the break also with julie wright. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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welcome back. many of you actually staying in bed late this morning, we hope, and the rest of you probably getting up heading to work or heading downtown for the big festivities today. >> you can see the lights already shrining bright down there. >> a big day. weather will generally cooperate. it won't be as warm as yesterday. but we should be in for a decent day. lots of changes and we are
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still talking about this arctic boundary coming in later this afternoon. the good news is it will come in late today. i think at the noon hour, we'll probably be in the low to mid- 40s for everybody standing out there. >> not as bad as it could be. >> yeah. it will be windy so you want to wear layers. cold front arrives, arctic air and maybe a few snow showers developing late this afternoon and tonight. not expecting any accumulating snow there might be enough to coat some of the grassy surfaces as this front comes barreling in a little later today. 35 in washington. we are getting cold. 28 in gaithersburg. 30 in baltimore. 32 in leonardtown. 30 in fredericksburg. so much of the area here has crossed below the freezing mark and it will be -- it will be a decent day. i mean really, all things considered, not a bad looking forecast. a decent amount of sunshine and temperatures expected to top
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out as mentioned in the low to mid-40s. we'll get to 44, 45 here in the city. a little bit of cloud cover to start your day. off to the north and west, we have clearing skies. well off to the north and west, up into the great lakes, or arctic boundary is up here. i know it is still several hundred miles away but it is charging to the south and east and will get in here later this afternoon and bring us some cloud cover and the potential for a few snow showers developing late this afternoon and tonight and then the wind pick up behind the front. the wind will be out of the north and west gusting to about 25. look out. these temperatures will be on the cold side for the remainder of the week. that is the real deal. winter is here to stay. partly sunny skies. snow showers a possibility late this afternoon. they will not be here at the noon hour if you are going down to the mall. 45 today. winds out of the south at five to 10. getting cold tonight. 24 the overnight low. winds pick up during the evening hours. snow showers possible. very cold and windy overnight. teens if you are off to the
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north and west. check out your daytime high tomorrow, 27 degrees. that is it, your daytime high tomorrow, 27. 30 on wednesday, 33 on thursday. look like we could be doing the dreaded wintry mix around here on friday and we're right back into the cold saturday and sunday with highs struggling to get to the freezing mark. this is honestly our cold of the week coming up in about two years' time. make sure your furnace is working and you have lots of layers over the next couple of of days. let's get latest from julie wright. >> i'm going to be sleeping in my puffy jacket now. >> you do that anyway. >> pulled up the tr bridge right now. you do have access now but you will be blocked off at 23rd street. traffic is diverted to e street at this point. memorial bridge, not a good option. that will be shut down to pedestrian traffic only. keep this in mind if you are accounting about heading across the potomac. the tr bridge will only get you as far as e street and then
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traffic will be diverted offer at 18th street. better bet is to use metro. we are finding that we have closures downtown. the southeast-southwest freeway is open but you are denied access to the third street tunnel, the ninth street tunnel and 129th street tunnel. independence, constitution all closed off. we've heard from folks who said yes, i'm going downtown. they are making their way over towards the metro. that is the way to go because of the limited parking. there is a number. streets that will be closed off right now because of the festivities throughout the day. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ime traffic. >> thank you. up next, today is the big day but there were plenty of events and festivities leading up to this inaugural weekend. >> all right. coming up next, today is the
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big day. there were plenty of events leading up to it. >> we'll show you how a group of future voters geared up over the weekend. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right back. 
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people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. the historic howard theater hosted the inaugural hope youth ball standing for honoring our president-elect. it gave young people the chance to share in the inauguration festivities. >> we are here to celebrate the inauguration of the president barack obama and the first lady but it is about getting young people involved in social action which is what the president, the first lady have called on today and tomorrow. >> money raised through the event will go toward opening the very first youth shelter in
4:54 am
prince george's county. >> we want to see your take on this day in history for inauguration 2013. show us how you are taking part. accepted your pictures and video to 2013 at you can also use the blue upload button on the top right of our food and food and -- top of our inauguration page. let's not forget today is the national holiday honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. >> it is a very big day. up next on fox 5 morning news, see how the civil rights leader was honored over weekend with an event meant to carry on his message of action. time now is 4:54. we are back after this. 
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as we mark the second inauguration of president
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obama, we remember the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. president obama announceed a weekend of the national day of service on saturday. it is an event encouraging everyone to take time out to volunteer in honor of dr. king's message of positive action. president obama and first lady michelle obama visited burrville elementary school. they helped fix up a bookshelf and talked with more than 500 volunteers at the school. >> the national day of service got some boost from some other star power. john henrehan has that part of the story. e story. >> yolanda adams made her pitch with a song. chelsea clinton personally viesated booth to help the youngsters there write letters to sick children. -- visited a booth. >> make the difference in one child's life. mentor a student, don't ate a
4:58 am
book to a library, donate supplies to a neighborhood school, help paint a classroom or clean up a playground. >> reporter: thousands of people in town for the inauguration and many locals packed into a huge tent on the national mall where nearly 100 service organizations tried to entice visitors into making a commitment to volunteer. big brothers, big stores has northbound pairing younger kids with mentors has helped the kids. >> the grades are better. they have higher self-esteem. they have better relationships with their peers and their teachers. >> at the sunshine found aights, 7-year-old addison rose was helping chelsea clinton compose letters. >> i'm making a card for kids who are ill and i'm trying to make them feel better. >> reporter: computer terminals around the room allowed visitors to register their
4:59 am
interests in different kinds of voluntary activities. >> it kind of gets you motivated to say you are part of something bilger that will help our community. so that is kind of an inspiration for me. -- you are part of something bigger that will help our community. >> martin luther king's legacy is one of volunteerism and service, self-service. i think this gives americans and the metro d.c. area an opportunity to live his legacy. >> that was fox 5's john henrehan reporting. plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. coming up on 5:00 here on january 21st, 2013, inauguration day as we take a live look at the capitol dome this morning. all lit up and the west lawn is where the swearing-in ceremony will ta


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