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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i'm standing out here and it's cold. feels like the teens outside. we're already seeing this clipper system on the radar map. it's way up coming out of canada. still bringing snow for parts of minnesota. i wanted to touch on this quickly with the advisories. as of a few minutes ago, the weather service had been issued an advisory. you can see the winter weather advisories are surrounding the area. put one up later on this evening. if not, in a very short order here. more snow on the way. first look at our forecast for this cold evening and talk about when we get more snow. >> i thought it was the only person who go outside who think we can tell the temperature by the way it feels. now we see the professionals do it too. the wind hits you and it's going to stay breezy for the next couple hours too. layer up. you are going to need it. >> good advice. gary, thank you. >> it was far from the snowstorm but the little snow
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that did fall, coupled with these freezing temperatures made for a rough commute this morning. reports of car crashes and a handful of school closings and delays today. karen gray houston has been out in the elements checking things out for us. live in northwest with a closer look. karen, slick roads out there. >> reporter: the roads were slick. where we are in northwest now by fort reno park, the roads look dry. i've seen more salt on the roads than snow. and if you take a look behind me, there's hardly any snow left on this hill. normally when you come out here and there's a really good snow, you see lots of kids sledding. you see those folks over there, running into people bringing their dogs out for play dates. generally, looks as if people have come to grips with the fact this is january. and you can expect it to be cold and snowy. at the first flush of day, the snow on the ground was in a word, pretty. a little hassle having to scrape it off your car
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windows. but the kind of snow you don't mind that much. except. >> it's very cold. >> a church group of teenagers posed for pictures in the shadow of the capitol. like everybody else downtown, they were all bundled up. or like almost everybody. you could always find those die hard runners on the mall. >> do you do this everyday? >> i try to. most times in the morning but this morning was a little chilly. >> yeah, and you didn't go oh, maybe not today. >> no. >> since he's training for a 50 miler. a lot of people out at lunch time looking for exercise at the smithsonian sculpture garden. we found a former resident lacing up her skates and the pa system was
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singing about feeling the heat. >> do you have extra socks? >> no. >> are your feet going to get cold? >> no, these are pretty warm. i have extra socks if i need them. >> you don't have to be the greatest skater out here. some people use their time to take the lessons. but everybody was having fun. >> it's nice. i like having winter weather for a change. >> so much for climate change. >> it makes me nervous. >> woke up this morning and saw snow and went crazy. >> we woke up this morning and there was snow everywhere. >> and what's a little snow ball fight among relatives. >> reporter: well, there's hardly enough snow out here to make a snow ball but stick around for a few weeks. winter
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is just getting started. will. >> good day for those extra socks. karen, thank you. following breaking news this timeout of dulles airport. a wing tip from united flight 951 made contact with the wing tip of a second united plane parked at the next gate over. the passengers and crew deplaned. no passengers were on board the parked plane. united maintenance workers are trying to figure out if any damage occurred. >> also breaking tonight, prince georges county police arrested two people in the shooting death of a high school student. killed over the weekend. audrey barns is live. >> reporter: prince georges county police chief says 16-year-old marcus jones was killed in a gang related shooting this weekend on webster lane. the chief says the victim was a member of a gang called the danger boys.
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investigators say that two suspects now in custody are part of a rival gang. detectives say they confronted jones outside a party and that's when he was shot. a handgun was recovered at the scene. the two suspects are 17-year-old akeel lings and 19-year-old fisher. first degree murder charges in a shooting that has uncovered a deadly gang problem at friendly high school. >> on going investigation has revealed rival gang members were present at a birthday party. as tensions escalated at the party, additional gang members arrived. witness accounts and crime solver's tips played a big role in this case. >> i'm still in shock. it is a big tragedy. i know there is debate in regards to gun violence and we're looking at assault weapon ands things of
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that nature. i'm just gasped that handguns are part of that tragedy and we're not addressing that tragedy. >> reporter: that was principal friendly high school shaken up about the death of one of his students. they have determined there is a gang problem there and they are reaching out to those gang members and trying to mentor them. there is an increased police presence now at the school. besides the two suspects in custody, detectives here say they are looking for a third suspect in connection with the shooting death of 16-year-old marcus jones. back to you in the studio. >> audrey barns, thank you. developing right now it has been a hectic day for firefighters as the cold snap continues. people are cranking up the heat and some cases, it is leading to serious consequences. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: now, this house fire in temple hills started
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around 11:00 this morning. just an hour later a half mile away, another fire. this one on curtis drive also in temple hill. >> whenever the weather gets colder, we go from being a busy fire department to being an extremely crazy busy fire department. >> often because people are fighting to stay warm. >> your space heater, or furnace or fireplace, give them space. three feet away from anything. >> a space heater sparked that fire in temple hills. >> a married couple in their 80s had gone out, left the space heater on. >> firefighters from other jurisdictions were called in. >> we had firefighters from fairfax, dale to fill in in this area. >> a neighbor knocked on the door and said it was a fire. >> audrey lives right next door. >> the windows were cracking and smoke. smoke then fire. >> the fire started in a first
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floor bedroom. >> firefighters arrived, put the the fire. during the search, found a 60-year-old female unconscious. firefighters were able to revive her prior to her arrival at the hospital. she remains in extremely critical condition. >> i hope she's all right. and my prayers are with her. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> in virginia, fairfax county officials identified one of the victims in yesterday's house fire. they say laura snyder gardener were killed and waiting for positive confirmation on the second victim. they were mother and daughter and both hearing impaired. investigators still don't know what sparked the fire. >> another big story tonight, victims of sexual assault in the district are speaking out publically to bring attention to problems they've experienced when reporting their assault. the group?
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human rights watch is exposing dc police for what it calls failures. matt is here following this one. >> it is a thick report. take a look here . almost two years to put it together. the human rights watch claims it conducted 150 interviews, went through 250 case files and found very disturbing issues. it says some sexual assault cases have not been processed and victims haven't been treated properly. and to back up the report, they had three victims who volunteered to speak about their experiences. >> made me feel like i was making something up. >> definitely felt just traumatized all over again. >> i think the way i was treated was so traumatizing. >> this video was produced by the human rights watch. three victims sharing their experiences with dc police following their sexual assault. >> and in fact, when i sought mental health services after the
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crime occurred, i focused more on my treatment than i did with what happened with the assault. >> briefed the media at the national press club thursday on its findings. some detectives were calis and questioned the credibility of victims and minimize severity of their experiences. >> many victims did not get the response that they deserve and have a right to expect from the police department. >> chief of police cathy issued a statement today in part saying the report makes sweeping allegations that are not backed by facts and under mine the credibility of human rights watch. the organization claims 170 sexual assault cases were not reported by police after they were called to hospitals to investigate. those numbers are based on flawed methodology. she also claims progress has been made when it comes to
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outreach programs. >> they never really gave me straight answers. this guy was never caught. i knew the second he ran away if they didn't catch him that night when he was in a shirt covered in my blood, they were never going to catch him. >> this is just the beginning. the chief asked the justice department to step in. and tommy wells who heads up the public safety committee says he will hold public hearings. >> as you said, just the beginning. thank you. >> it's official. women who want to serve on the front lines of the military will soon get their chance. the defense secretary lifted the ban on women serving in combat. if women are qualified to serve they should be given the same chances. >> women represent 15% of the force. over 200,000. they are serving and are growing
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number of critical rolls on and off the battlefield. >> 152 women have died serving in iraq and afghanistan. the ban on women have been in place since 1994. president obama praised the decision today saying it marks another step toward the country's founding ideas of fairness and equality. >> questioning senator john kerry on whether he's prepared to takeover as secretary of state. will likely be confirmed now that susan rice is no longer an option for the position. >> and i'm already excited by the many ways we can work together and in which we must work together. in order to advance america's security interests in a complicated and ever more dangerous world. >> senator kerry chairs the committee that's holding the confirmation hearings. kerry's entire life has prepared him for this job. his father was a
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diplomate and democratic presidential nominee and served numerous committees. >> coming up tonight, a study that may surprise you about smoking. people who quit before a certain age could live almost as long as nonsmokers. >> fox 5 is monitoring metro. proposes new tunnels to help keep up with the growing demand. >> and a baby girl thrown from a car during a horrific crash. what happens next nothing short of a miracle. 
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we already know that smoking is hazardous to your health. but a new study found smokers who quit between 35 and 40 can erase most of that risk and quitting before the age of 35 erases an he entire decade of lost life expectancy. dr. keith joins us now. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> how many years does smoking take off a person's life? >> smoking reduces one's life by approximately ten years. >> explain the damaging effects smoking has and how quitting can reverse or erase that damage. >> the damages are widespread and numerous and can effect almost any system of the body. the heart, the lungs, the vascular system. >> how all of a sudden if you quit can you erase that? >> the study that was published
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yesterday found that the risk of dying from various causes is reduced significantly when one stops. and if one stopped smoking before the age of 35, they can regain almost those entire ten years that otherwise would have been lost. >> is tissue regenerating? how does the tissue become healthy again? >> the tissue doesn't actually regenerate. most of that benefit from the life expectancy is from a reduction in both heart and vascular disease. some of those changes can happen quickly when somebody stops smoking. the effects someone can see can linger longer. >> just yesterday a report came out that said more and more women are smoking and starting at a younger age upping their risk of death. do you think these results might prompt people to quit or make them think it's okay by the time they quit by the time they hit 40? >> i certainly hope so. and the study found yesterday if
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somebody stops smoking before the age of 40, they can reduce the excess risk of death by almost 90%. >> all right. very fascinating. dr. keith, thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> get ready for this one. talk about a close call. the story here in russia. a baby survives a horrible car crash and the whole thing caught on camera. the driver of a small suv loses traction on an icy road and skids into the truck. launches a one year old girl. another truck barely misses her. the father scoops up the father. police faulted the dad for placing her by the back window and not the car seat. >> the real story here for us, the roads are slick. i was
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sliding around myself today and you've got to take it slow. >> the roads are starting to freeze over. >> absolutely. even where we've had shadows today and no sunshine, pretty much stayed frozen. because temperatures haven't gotten above freezing again. the roadways are incredibly cold. so keep it slow out there tonight. temperatures start dropping down around 20 degrees and some of the coatings on the road lose some of their effectiveness. just keep that in mind. here we go again. because more potential snow tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening for the afternoon and evening commute. and so it will be real slippery out there tomorrow afternoon. no advisory for us yet. but we are anticipating that winter weather advisory will be issued probably now later on this evening. 27 degrees now in town as we talked about earlier. the windchill factor is what is going to get you.
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we have a 16 degrees and feels like it's in the teens. increasing clouds overnight tonight. we won't have any snow tonight. and temperatures tomorrow will be right back up to around 30 degrees or so. and i think the next graphic -- no, that's not going to work. take it down. i didn't have the right graphic to show you the evening forecast. it's going to stay bitterly cold. more snow is coming. show you potential totals coming up. >> round 2 on the way. >> that's exactly right. >> thanks. see you soon. >> no matter what goes on, our daughter's dead. >> coming up, parents break their silence as lawyers hold meetings. >> plus an arrest is made after a young doctor is found dead in her burning home. wait until you hear who has been charged in the case.
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warning from police for folks from georgetown about a man who exposed himself on or near campus. a student reported man who was seen yesterday morning in an alley off p street near 36th. hispanic about 5-7 with a medium build wearing a red v neck sweater. white trim and blue jeans. asking anyone who knows anyone about this man, the incident to call. >> tonight for the first time wear shearing from chandra levy's parents. investigators have been holding secret meetings about the man convicted of killing her. she was killed back in 2001. her body found in rock peak park. this new information though involves prosecution witness and could apparently put his appeal in the case on hold. >> he's a convicted rapist and illegal alien. he's not legal
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at all or working. he's just a criminal. he shouldn't go free. but if he's innocent of murder, he shouldn't be in jail for it. >> they say if for some reason the evidence reveals he did not kill their daughter, they want to find the person who did. >> coming up here, the prosecution rests its case in the trial of county executive. we're going to have the latest from inside that courtroom. >> and virginia's governor hits the road to rev up support for massive transportation plan. >> metro has big expansion plans. find out where metro wants to build new tunnels to keep up with the growing demand. stay with us. jwwñ
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fox 5 is monitoring metro and metro has just released a sweeping plan for the future of transit in our region. among the most expensive items on that list new under ground rail lines
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through downtown dc and georgetown. don is live in the -- john is live in the news room. >> huge, multi billions. 49 page report for metro that predicts population will continue to increase in dc and the surrounding suburbs. this is a blueprint for future transit planning with multi billion dollars as a price tag. >> metro's problem is its popularity. the rail system carries 750,000 fairs a day over the next 25 years. that's expected to grow to more than a million riders a day. even with all 8 car trains, the central core capacity of the system will become constantly jams. >> where there is no longer capacity in the system. whether it's east/west, north/south. you have to split the system apart and provide additional
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tracks. >> metro's general manager outlined for the board a plan that calls for consideration of new under ground metro tunnels in dc beneath 10th street northwest. and beneath m street northwest. those under ground lievens with new tracks would include a new tunnel under the potomic river. that opens the tant lysing possibility that georgetown could get a metro station. >> georgetown at one time had rail service. 100 years ago trollies ran here. and you can see remnants of tracks on some georgetown streets. >> the trollies went away in the 1950s and community leaders were cool to the idea of a metro stop when the system was being designed in the 1960s. attitudes may have changed. >> a metro rail station in georgetown? >> yeah, that would be good to help with the business and the community as well. >> i would like it very much.
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>> why? >> because it's hard to park in many places and getting the metro could take us to national gallery. all the smithsonian plus national press club. many of the places we go. >> dr. silverman's husband expressed concern over what would be years of torn up streets in georgetown if the traditional trench format is used for constructing the proposed new under ground rail lines. >> there are many other recommendations in this report including extending metro rail and to centerville and virginia. also calls for developing priority bus quarters as another way of moving people around in the future. we'll have a link to this full report in about an hour on our web site, >> john, what do you think? can we anticipate a fight from georgetown leaders on this? >> georgetown used to be bustling at night and not so much. the recent would love it.
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older long time resident s maybe not. >> so could pit businesses against residents. john in the news room, thank you. >> virginia governor bob mcdonald is trying to gain support for virginia's road to the future project. promote his plan to change the way transportation projects are funded. wants to eliminate the gas tax and replace it with a sales tax increase. generating more than $3 billion. >> the revenues are going to continue to decline. might as well be bold and innovative. replace it so we don't have to come back and talk about raising the gas tax or indexing it. let's replace it with something we know grows. the gas tax does not. >> the governor says the five year proposal would provide additional funding for rail and
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transportation projects. >> the governor's race is in a debt heat. a survey finds democrat terry and ken neck and neck. 31% to 30. with a third of voters still undecided. >> the state of maryland rested its case against john leopold. tomorrow it will be the defense's turn on the stand today. a man who claims he got paid overtime just to keep an eye on his lover. paul joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. sergeant timothy told the court today in 2010 he and another officer were ordered to take john leopold to the park. on the orders, they were told to keep his lover on way from him. no contact with this person. and that was their order of the day. sergeant is the 5th
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officer to testify that leopold had told them to do things that absolutely nothing to do with his protection. >> on a sunday in may 2010, sergeant timothy told the court he was working overtime at an event in quiet waters park. under normal circumstances, it would have been just him guarding john. but on this day the county executive wanted two officers providing security. testified the county executive told him his lover was going to be there. and he wanted the officers to keep her away from him. when asked if she was a security threat, he replied no. the supervising sergeant for the executive protection unit told the court he wanted off the deal because he was losing sleep and under stress. he said he would send complaints up the chain of command. in his words, there was never any remedy.
5:35 pm
prosecutors then called a state elections official who testified the campaign had a war chest of over $560,000 in the summer of 2010. apparently suggesting the county executive had plenty of money to hire his own campaign and didn't need the help of his officers assigned to protect him. officers introduced evidence showing officers asked to work overtime were guaranteed four hours pay. he is accused of fraudulently miss appropriating funds. since leopold waved his right to a jury trial, it will be decided by judge sweeny. >> the defense in this case aggressively questioned every one of the state's witnesses except one. a little while ago the county executive came out here. we tried to question him.
5:36 pm
he said he had no comment. i asked the defense if they were going to put him on the stand. they would be tip their hand. >> you paul, thank you. >> prince georges county police officer accused of assaulting a teenager learns his fate in court. >> the latest on the hoax that caused a lock down on a virginia college campus. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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a prince georges county police officer sued by a teenager has been found not guilty on all counts. corporal ricky addy was accused of holding a gun to this 13-year-old's head after hitting him in the face. he hadn't done anything wrong. addy had been hailed a hero days before the incident for running into a
5:40 pm
burning building to save people's lives. >> reports of a gun man on the campus was a student hoax. authorities say brian called 911 and reported seeing a man on campus around 9:00 p.m. last night. police officers from several departments flooded the campus and began a building by building search. the student confessed while being interviewed. >> manti te'o comes clean in an exclusive interview and wait until you see the exchange he had with the man behind the hoax. >> and more snow could be coming our way. gary is back with your extended forecast.
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the caps are back on home ice tonight still in search of their first victory. they are playing host to the montreal canadians. scott smith live at verizon center tonight. >> reporter: yeah, tonight is an important one for the caps.
5:44 pm
nearly two decades hosting the canadians at 7:00 is when that puck drops. hoping maybe a few line changes will change the result. he's adding to the top line andd nick. also michael will start in goal for the first time this season. i caught up with nick a few moments ago to preview the game and talk about the shortened season. >> what's it like to adjust to the fast and furious season out of the gates? >> it's a little different from the last year. but it's good. a lot of game s and we got to get into it right away. had a tough start here for the first two games. >> still adjusting to adam's new system. do you find yourself thinking more and reacting less? how does that balance out? >> i think it's a little different. and it takes more
5:45 pm
time. but at the end of the day it's hard work. and we haven't been working hard enough and creating any good chances. we have to get back to work hard and every scores and goals off the rebounds and stuff. >> not the start you wanted to. what have you been able to pull out of the first two games? >> well, you got to be good on special teams. first two games winnipeg scored two the other night and tampa scored two or three the first game. we got to be able to shut them down and score a couple goals in the power play. and go from there. >> line changes coming in this one. what have you seen in him that gives you a little confidence coming into this game? >> i think it's starting good. i mean, he's a good player. and he can do a lot with a park and
5:46 pm
that's what we need. hopefully it goes. >> is there a message being sent in terms we need a spark in terms of shuffling the lines we need to do that? >> it's going to change a little in the beginning but i don't think it matters who you really play with. you got to work hard and do it together, everybody. that's what we're trying to do. >> we don't want panic to ensue. the caps need this one tonight and had success in recent years. they've won 6 straight against them last year. they never trailed. the puck drops tonight 7:00 and more coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> see you then. >> we're still more than two months away from opening day. but fans have something to get excited about. another president. this weekend they unveil which president joins the team on the field. the nats made the announcement via
5:47 pm
twitter saying fans can find out who at nats fest on saturday. >> so the tease continues. >> the dc one of the local blogs did a poll. >> very interesting. stafford county schools closed tomorrow. reports coming in early already. >> okay. >> you are surprised by that. >> i'm not saying a word. more snow is coming . and big area of some snow it looks like. of course, we all woke up this morning. most of us woke up to some of that fluffy snow this morning. real easy to shovel. saw some of the guys using the blower to blow it off. it was real nice and fluffy. and you know what? this snow we're expecting tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening is not going to be a back breaker either to shovel or use the leaf blower. get right out there on it early. not expecting a lot but will expect
5:48 pm
a little bit. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening's commute will be compounded a little bit. there will be impact with the commute tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening. 21 gaithersburg now. 25 for frederick. 26 at quantico. the winds are gusting 26 miles per hour here in town. that gives us a pretty cold windchill factor. 16 the feels like temperature. this is not a constant. it goes up and it goes down with the gusting of the wind. but just to kind of give you an idea of what it feels like out there for just about everybody. feels like it's in the teens. winchester and on the hour they measured 9 degrees in the single digits. breezy at 7:00. layer up if you have to be out and about this evening. if you don't, stay home and stay warm. a few clouds by 11:00. temperatures will be dropping quickly. and i think it will be a while before the clouds get in and start
5:49 pm
acting like a blanket. by 11:00 even though we're lower 20s here in town already could be in the teens out in the suburbs. more snow is coming. looks like it's going to be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. the set up now mainly clear skies. ignore these little specs of what you see with the white. we didn't have any snow. the wind is blowing here. i'm going to pull this out. these will start coming across later on this evening. and they'll be fairly thin and thickening up overnight tonight. that will put a lid on the low temperatures and keep them crashing overnight tonight. let's fly you back up to the north and west here. this little snow coming out of north dakota coming into minneapolis here and between minneapolis and international falls real cold up there. this is that next little clipper. it's going to bring us a chance for snow. and looks
5:50 pm
much like what we had overnight. it's real dry air. so you don't need much liquid to really fluff the snow up. so all around, most of maryland, most of northern virginia up into pennsylvania, it looks like we're going to see the potential for a fluffy one maybe in a few spots could get as much as three inches of snow. it's looking right now farther to the south. maybe one or two. it was a higher snow totals to the south. 21 tonight. no snow. just increasing clouds. teens out in the suburbs. winds will stay northwest at 10. tomorrow morning's commute no problem. watch for the slippery spots from the snow today. light snow by noon with cloudy skies to the west of the metro. slippery commute as that snow starts coming in early as 1 or 2:00 tomorrow. so seriously, let's be careful tomorrow in that afternoon and evening commute. you are going to see the salt
5:51 pm
trucks all over the place tomorrow afternoon. 34 on saturday. 37 on sunday. mostly clouds on monday . monday night could have a shower or snowflake depending how cold we are. and we're talking better 60 on wednesday. that's right nearly 60. >> nice little warmup. thanks, gary. >> brief too. >> i like your blower's idea. smart thing. >> why not? >> thanks, gary. all right. notre dame football player manti te'o admitted to katy couric is did perpetuate the lie of his girlfriend. he continued to talk about his so-called girlfriend even after he found out she wasn't real. >> this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6th saying she's alive
5:52 pm
and then i'm going to be put on national tv two days later and ask me the same question. what would you do? >> the plot thickens. a woman named diane says she received an apology from the man she thinks was behind the hoax. she went to high school with him and manti te'o. her photo was used on media sites. manti te'o apparently had an awkward exchange with the man behind this hoax. harvey levin joins us live. this exchange was caught on camera right? >> yes. we put it up on the web site and on the show tonight as well. on our show. this happened i believe it was november 18th at usc after a game. actually sought manti te'o out found him and gave him this awkward hug. this hug tells a big story.
5:53 pm
you can see manti is tentative and keeps tapping him on the back asking him to unlock. and he wasn't. he was maintaining the hug. we know from people who were very close that he had developed this intense close emotional feelings toward manti. and that's one of the reasons that he did this. he was living in a fantasy land. he was living in a fantasy land and i will say this on the other side in terms of manti, to me the headline was when katie said are you gay, he was so nervous not that he is, i'm not suggesting he is. but says something about our society. it was almost like a scarlet letter saying no i'm not. he was so adamant about that. >> i saw you posted clips from the interview on
5:54 pm
bottom line here for us. do you believe manti has really come clean? >> i think manti te'o was a complete victim in this. i think he stupidly naovely believed that she was a real person. and i think that raniah who used his own voice to sound like a woman and pulled it off, he was living in a fantasy land and has had a lot of family pressure and i think it's a very sad situation all the way around. >> just an unbelievable story. more of this coming up tonight at 10:00 and you'll be covering it on tmz on tv. thanks. >> let's check in now with brian for a look at the news edge at 6:00. >> sandy hook advisory commission meets for the first time since the deadly school shooting. the newly released footage from the deadly hostage stand off. and hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters
5:55 pm
begin to arrive in washington. that and more on the news edge at 6:00.
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strangling a doctor, tying her up and burning her body. jason smith had an argument and strangled her with a rope. investigators say he never met her before. he went to a home for an appointment about an hour before police were called. charged with murder and other counts. >> a not guilty plea. charged with stocking and threatening a former girlfriend and a plastic surgeon who gave her a breast augmentation. the 56-year-old voice actor paid for his surgery and demanded the money back when they broke up. he even threatened to kill her and her son. if found guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of 9 years in prison. >> the woman who was blinded
5:59 pm
when her lover hired hit men to throw at her face. served 14 years in prison for the crime. after he released he divorced his first wife. she died tuesday of heart failure. she was 75. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> the snow has come and gone and round two is on its way. the snow hit the ground overnight making for a messy commute. now with the cold temperatures, there's concern of a refreeze. sue live in northwest starts us off. >> reporter: round two definitely starting to show up. it's going to be a while before it gets here. yes, we will have to watch temperatures tonight. there could be slippery spots in the morning. mostly dry pavement i've been seeing and a lot


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