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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 25, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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as you know and we're always concerned about that, especially with the cold temperatures. many places still in the teens. let me show you wisconsin avenue. it does not appear to be causing any problems for drivers here. the road crews did an amazing job of getting the main roads treated so they are clear and no problems. as we look at our sidewalk, a little bit of snow tracking on the sidewalk. no particular problems for people. but i was looking here on the wall, and it looks to me like we, believe it or not, got about an inch of snow out of it here in northwest washington. and it is just about over. let me take you to radar so you can see that we're really seeing a back edge. this thing is racing out of town and now you know why we call them clippers. because they clip away very, very fast. the bulk of the measurable snow that is accumulating now east of the bay. we still have a little bit more up to our north and west, but as we close in here right on the metro area, we're seeing this back edge as the snow really quickly departs. so very fine flurries now that will probably cause little
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additional accumulation. and we're going to be watching these temperatures now because i can see that the roads are a little bit wet out there where the cars have allowed some melting to go on. and it will be mighty cold tonight with this fresh snow back. in general it's produced annual additional inch. we've had a few spots that got a little more than that. we'll show you what has fallen this afternoon and evening and what we're expecting as we head toward the weekend. but do be careful on the roads because i can see some of the side roads definitely have a covering out here. >> you can monitor the next wave of snow with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, ipad and also the senate set to vote monday on a more than $50 billion relief bill for superstorm sandy. the money will help the hardest hit areas in new york, new jersey and connecticut. some arked it will add to the nation's growing debts unless spending cuts are made elsewhere. president obama has promised to sign the bill if it makes it to his desk. the battle between lawmers over gun control.
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tonight vice president joe biden took his push for tougher gun control laws on the road as a prominent democratic senator vows to passault weapons ban. jennifer davis has that story. >> reporter: vice president joe biden continues the administration's push for tighter gun restrictions following the massacre in newtown. today it's a round table discussion in richmond, virginia with gun safety experts called in after the 2007 virginia tech shootings. thursday it was an online discussion. >> just like you don't have the right to go buy an m1 tank, just like you don't have the right to buy an automatic weapon. >> reporter: biden says the administration supports the second amendment but believes tighter gun laws are needed to protect americans. >> i'm much less concerned quite frankly about what you call an assault weapon than i am about magazines and the number of rounds that can be held in a magazine. >> reporter: thursday democratic senator dianne feinstein unveiled a beefed up
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assault weapons ban proposal to outlaw the manufacture and sale of 157 types of semiautomatic weapons and magazines containing more than ten rounds. the national rifle association responded saying lawmakers should focus on prosecuting criminals and fixing a broken mental health system, a message echoed by other gun rights activists who believe bans just don't work. >> connecticut had an even stricter semiautomatic ban and that didn't stop adam lanza from killing his victims and his mother. >> reporter: it won't be easy to get the gun proposals passed so the president will also be traveling around the country trying to rally support outside the beltway. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. president obama named his newest chief of staff today. dennis mcdonough becoming the fifth person to hold the position. 's been an advisor on foreign policy for several years for the president and served as deputy national security officer. the president says he has played a key role in every major national security decision during his presidency.
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>> man be the war in iraq to winding down the war in afghanistan, from our response to natural disasters around the world like haiti and the sue tsunami in japan to the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, to countless crises in between day and night. >> he replaces jack lou who recently appointed treasury secretary. mcdonough does not need senate confirmation. a senate appeals package ruled the president violated the the president did not have the power to make three recess appointments to the national labor relations board last year because the senate was in session and not in recess at the time. the white house had no comment on the ruling but is expected to appeal. if the ruling stands, hundreds of decisions from that board could be invalid. today is the 40th anniversary of the landmark supreme court ruling roe vs. wade. thousands of right to life protesters desended on the national mall to mark the occasion. there was a mass at the national cathedral. there were speakers on the
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national mall and peaceful demonstrations. many who traveled across the country for the event stay they're standing up for their beliefs. >> this isn't just a police where people are -- trip where people are going from one place to the other. this is people traveling for moral reasons, of significance of life. >> smaller life events are taking place this weekend. a recent high school graduate was shot and left for dead. it happened early this morning at the intersection of 5th and nickelson streets northwest. police tell fox 5 they don't believe the 18-year-old was a random target. bob barnard brings us the story now. >> reporter: that's right. late today d.c. police announced the arrest of a suspect in the murder. he's 21-year-old alexander buckley of northwest washington, a man police say was acquainted with the victim. she was an 18-yard from -- 18- year-old from takoma park, maryland, a 2012 graduate of
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montgomery high school in silver spring. she was shot in the head, her body found on a sidewalk next to a bus stop. a 911 call brought them to the crime scene just after 3:00 this morning. as far as a motive behind the killing, neither the police nor the victim's family is offering any theories. a man who livers near the crime scene didn't hear a gunshot and wonders if she was shot some place else and dumped on the sidewalk in front of his home. we spoke with the victim's family this afternoon. they tell us they're not sure who she was with last night or where she was going. her friends are taking to twitter to remember her saying young other things they can't believe the news and that she'll be soarly missed. >> bob barnard tonight. straight ahead on the news edge, creating your own currency. a local lawmaker wants to do that. the idea raising a few eyebrows. >> sour apples for one of the world's biggest tech companies. >> in sports, how in the world do you prepare for your son to square off in the super bowl? plus, time is running out for
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the caps but can they afford to panic? more on their rough start later in sports. >> call the fox 5 tip line. there's the number and the e- mail address. we're back. 
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the commonwealth could soon have its own currency. robert marshal wants the state to consider an alternate currency. they say it will serve as a backup in case of a breakdown of the federal reserve system. the study alone would cost $22,000. we asked you, our friends on facebook, to weigh in on the topic. one says it's the dumbest idea i've ever heard. if they waste the money on this instead of fixing the education system, i can say there are incompetent politicians out
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there. mark says, i think the cost of the study should come out of his pay. join the discussion on our facebook page. time to load up on those forever stamps. on sunday will cost you a penny more to send mail. first class stamps go to 46 cents. there's a new forever stamp for international letters. that's a buck 10. you can get anywhere, any destination around the world for that stamp. exon took a big bite out of apple. the tech company moving its -- losing its lace to exxon-mobil. -- its place to exxon-mobil. some analysts wonder if apple can keep growing by releasing new versions of the same products. just ahead on the news edge, not the only ones dealing with the bitter cold. the chilly weather creating quite a scene in other parts of the country. >> last year a man saved a neighbor from a burning building. this time a dog from the bitter
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cold. he tracked down the owners. at last check, the dog is doing fine.
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you think it's cold here? other parts of the east coast and itself u.s. are dealing with bone chilling temperatures tonight. we have more on the extreme cold. >> reporter: bitter cold putting a deep freeze on new york city. the bryant park fountain in midtown, manhattan, turning into an icy work of art. >> it's the perfect display on instagram of just how cold new york is right now. >> reporter: pedestrians
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bundling up to protect themselves from the weather. >> i have another pair of pants underneath. >> reporter: the chilly weather also creating quite a scene in deluth, minnesota where the temperature below zero cost steam to roll off lake superior forming clouds. causing trouble in chicago where firefighters returned to a burning warehouse after a two day old blaze reignited inside the ice covered building. the fire first breaking out tuesday night. burning inside as the exterior and infrastructure of the warehouse was covered in a coat of ice. icy roads leading to dangerous driving conditions in west virginia. one driver on interstate 79 losing control of his truck whether it hit a patch of black ice. the vehicle flipping over. >> my door wouldn't open. his door would open. we crawled out of it. >> reporter: driver and passenger were unharmed. the temperatures are expected to rise modestly friday when a snowstorm is predicted for the midwest and states on the east
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coast. in chicago, mike tillman, fox news. the polar bear plunge is tomorrow, sue palka. >> oh, you're not doing it. >> i've been bullied into doing it. >> by my wife. >> well, i've enjoyed working with you. >> i'm dreading it. >> it's going to be a cold one. we've had our snow. the snow is moving out. with the snow pack the air will be really cold. yikes, i'm worried about you. >> it's for a good cause. she said you can go in as far as you want. >> i think i would dip the little pinky toe in. i can barely get in the water anymore in the middle of july. it's got to be tropically caribbean type water for me to get in. you know what? before you know it, warmer weather is going to be here. we'll be talking about that for next week. but we have the cold stuff tonight. you and i just discussed this, brian. i can't believe the inaugural was this week. between the two snow storms and a lot of other news this week, it feels like a couple of weeks ago.
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wanted to show you what we're seeing on radar because so much of this is just about gone. almost over to the other side of the bay. some lingering flurries out here to the west. you can see just how cold it is everywhere. we're down to 21 degrees here in the district. that's why i feel kind of bad we had to send gary mcgrady outside. someone has to talk about how much snow fell today and we're pinning that on you. >> reporter: you need to be honest because you don't feel bad at all. >> i've been out there twice. i'm still one up on you. >> reporter: it is cold and a little bit breezy now. the snow is abating just a bit, though. let me show you some of these totals. i guess i would say that officially here in northwest washington, i think i agree with sue that we've got about an inch of fluffed up ?oap. real dry -- up snow. real dry snow. reagan national came in just a little bit earlier this afternoon. maybe they have a little bit more. leesburg half an inch and chesapeake beach a half an inch. they may get more fluffed up as well. frostburg pretty much the only
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spot we were able to see more than one or two inches. three inches out there in western maryland. college park just a trace. i bet they got a little bit more now. ellicott city up there in columbia just south of baltimore, about an inch. this was a general half an inch i would say to one-inch snowfall, sue, with this clipper. as you mentioned, it is moving on out. the good news for me is i get to go back inside. but everyone else, there's a warm-up in the forecast. >> that is a good headline, gary. i think that after this long week of very cold air and dry air, people are kind of ready for a little bit of a break. still, we have yet to get our first inch of snow in washington. we're putting everything in motion here. you can see it really did cover a wide area, but it is moving out rapidly. we're down to just the lightest of flurries. that is going to be it with this thing. but extremely cold. here's what we missed out on, guys. i want to show you this. it was freezing rain. there are a lot of problems across the carolinas. previously problems in tennessee as this very cold air is all the way down there.
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but this has been coating bridges. they have had hundreds of accidents and quite a mess. and they're looking forward to the clipper clipping on out of north carolina because they're going to be stuck in the deep freeze. we are real cold. 21 degrees here. and it'sage 6:00. we barely got up to 21 degrees today. it's 18 in baltimore, gaithersburg, and at dulles. 19 at winchester and martinsburg. hagerstown at 18, too. i saw some wet spots out there. they could be in untreated areas, mighty slippery later tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. we're likely going to be spending most of the night in the teens. keep in mind the clouds are going to clear out. i think these temperatures could drop just a little bit more. so we worry about slippery spots and expect those testimonies in the suburbs to -- temperatures in the suburbs to drop to the lower teens. tomorrow a warm-up, 33 degrees. we'll get above freezing for the first time in a few days. and the sunshine will do a number on that snow pack. notice the wind northwest at 10 to 20. that can get a little bit uncomfortable. so dress to those windchills tomorrow. at 8:00 in the morning lots of
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sunshine, 25 degrees. and maybe a slick spot here and there. by the noon hour, we're about 31 degrees. by 4:00 up to 33 degrees. we'll give you a look at temperatures around the region tomorrow. yeah, it is still cold for this time of year, but there is going to be a trend where we start to get a little bit warmer. sunday 35 degrees and a few late clouds. beyond that next week, we do see a warm-up coming as the jet supreme is going to -- jet stream is going to change its position a little bit. while we're still cold for the weekend, the cold air will are retreating and mild air will be pushing in. we may actually see one or two days next week that try to challenge the 60-degree mark. so quite a change from 33 and of course 20 degrees -- 21 degrees today to about 58 on tuesday with a few showers. 58 on wednesday with a few showers. thursday about 43 degrees. and even on friday we get back to the cold stuff again. but i think the thing we all enjoy is getting a break from the cold. i'm looking forward to not hearing my furnace running 24/7
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and all the dry air. air. >> thank you, sue. beyonce reuniting with destiny's child. we have new details about the performance beyonce is expected to perform her hit crazy in love and she'll be joined by michele williams to sing a medley of their hits. she said she can't wait to sing at the super bowl in the wake ever the reports that she lip sinked the national anthem. all in the family for this super bowl. we'll hear from dad, jack harbaugh, as he weighed in on when he realized this har-bowl
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was actually going to become a reality. >> don't mess with firefighters. this appears to be a gang throwing snowballs at a fire crew. the firefighter pulled up a hose and started spraying the group till they ran away. i guess they were getting on his nevers. -- on his nerves. 
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[ indiscernible ] [ audio technicalities ] with only 45 games remaining, there is not much room for error. last night the capitals gave up all four goals in the second
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period enroute to a loss to montreal, including back-to- back power play goals in less than 60 seconds. coach, what's the problem? >> i think at times it's effort. you know, you've got to want it. you've got to realize that the team on the other side, they want it too. you have to fight through stuff and you've got -- you know, you've got to really want to do it. it's very upsetting. i'm not pushing the panic button but obviously it's upsetting. >> the capitals are in new jersey tonight to face the devils. another home coming for oates who was an assistant there the last two seasons. >> two brothers will square off on the biggest stage but only one will realize their dream. will it be jim harbaugh or john and the ravens. last night was a wild ride for the harbaugh family. early in the day the younger brother had led the 49ers to a win in atlanta. because of travel he didn't have the means to watch his older brother john's ravens
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upset the patriots in new england. during the game he phoned a friend, his father. now jack harbaugh tells the rest of the story. >> about the middle ever the 3rd quarter, jim calls from the airport. he didn't talk about his game or what did you think of that. tell me what's going on with john. tell me what's going on with john. i said, i'm watching it right now. there's a fumble. the ravens have recovered. what happened now? it's a touchdown pass. we're up by two scores. jim is going wow, do you realize what this is setting up? i said, i think i do. >> it's setting up the har because bowl -- harbaugh bowl. tiger woods had himself a day. look at this action. he nearly spins it back for an eagle. his final hole of the day, trying to reach it in two. even through the raindrops, no problem for tiger. he would miss the eagle again but settle for another easy
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bydy. he's the clubhouse leader through two rounds. trent williams has been replaced in this year's pro bowl due to injury. there are reports he was involved in an altercation last night and needed to get stitches. the pro bowl is sunday. it will feature london fletcher and lorenzo alexander. brian? ♪ ♪ what do we play for ♪ we are baltimore >> remember this group? the ravens parody of "call me maybe." now the super bowl.
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♪ >> one tiny 49ers fan releasing a supportive song of her own. she's just five years old and she's dedicated the song to her favorite player, the team's quarterback. time for shawn yancy with a look at what's coming up tonight at 10:00. >> coming up tonight, brian, it's a highly controversial topic. tomorrow the gun control debate will hit the streets of d.c. thousands are expected to flood into the district for a giant march. we'll talk to organizers about what to expect. >> plus, we're also checking out a new kind of gym. there's one requirement to join. you have to be at least 50 pounds overweight.
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