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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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bye! have a beautiful time. our top stories tonight, tragedy in brazil, as hundreds are killed and hundreds more wounded in one of the worst nightclub fires ever.
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>> and the caps' craze erupts in to see tonight as they pull out their first win of the season. we'll get to those stories in moment. first, cold temperatures overnight could make for slick and icy roads on your drive to work tomorrow. let's get to gary mcgrady for a look at the forecast. >> have to be careful to watch and see how much we get prior to the commute. now temperatures are dropping. we've had a few hours of clear skies. temperatures this evening have really been allowed to fall. 25 now for frederick. temperature here in the city is down below freezing. may actually come up a little bit. i think we'll settle down in the upper 20s in town and probably sneak up around 30 by early, early tomorrow morning. this is coming in our direction. you can already begin to see some of this pink coming in to
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western maryland. i've checked all through eastern sections of pennsylvania, up into west virginia. not seeing any reports of anything touching the ground. a lot of this that's coming in aloft, it's very dry air in place now, lower to the ground. so most of what you're seeing in pennsylvania in western maryland, most of west virginia is not touching the ground. once you get up into ohio, things change. reports of snow and sleet around cleveland and columbus, ohio. it's moving in our direction. i think several hours before it really begins to get here. all indications are it's going to be fairly light. winter weather advisory in place for everybody starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. and will run through noon. we think by early afternoon tomorrow temperatures should be up above freezing. chance of sleet and freezing rain, maybe initially we get a little bit of snow mixed in,
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the way it's looking now. shouldn't amount to much. talking about very, very minor accumulations. all this coming up in the full forecast. >> gary, we should mention we're getting word into the fox 5 newsroom that arlington county government is reporting open option for unscheduled leave and tell live work and the -- telework and government suggesting staying off the road until 10:00 a.m. >> i think we'll see a lot of that in schools tomorrow morning, probably delays early tomorrow morning. >> we'll have all those on thanks. see you soon. now to our other big story, massive loss of life in santa maria, brazil after what is now the deadliest nightclub fire in the world. at least 230 people are dead, and at least 200 injured. witnesses say a flare of fireworks shot off by a band mmay have sparked the fire. we know at least one of the exits was locked, trapping
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hundreds inside. most of the people at the club were university students. anna kooiman has more tonight. >> reporter: a nightclub tragedy in brazil, where a fire and panic leaves hundreds dead. male party goers joining firefighters wielding axes and hammers in an attempt to free those trapped in the club. rescue crews counting more than 200 people among the dead. dozens more hospitalized. witnesses saying a flare or phi work lit by a band member may have set off the fire. the roof of the kiss nightclub caught fire early sunday morning. more than a thousand people were in inside at the time. some people were crushed as patrons rushed for the only exit. firefighters and civilians pulling people from the smoking building. survivors carried injured and burned friends away in their arms. the united states saw a similar tragedy in february 2003 in
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rhode island during a show when 100 people died after sound proofing foam caught fire. brazil in mourning, hundreds of people standing by, as families tasked with identifying their loved ones were brought to a gym to survey the bodies. an emotional president trying to soothe her country. >>(translator): in these times of sadness, we are together. and out of necessity we will heal. but we'll do so remembering our sadness. >> reporter: brazil's fire being called the deadliest nightclub fire the world has seen in more than a decade. the mayor there declaring a 30 day mourning period. those on twitter calling it sadness sunday. >> for more on this fire and a local perspective, i spoke with a news anchor who has been covering the story all day in brazil. >> how many wounded as far as
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you know? >> what we have now is 231 dead. we had 233, but 2 names were doubled. went down to 231. i don't have the number now about the wounded. but mind you, this number, 231, it may raise because we're talking about injuries of inhalation and smoke and everything. so the next 48 hours will be very important to have this number right. >> absolutely. are the bodies, are they all out of the nightclub now? >> yes. they are now. and now it's the bad part of it. all the families have to recognize the bodies and since it's a college town, they were all students from all over the country. so a lot of families are flying down to santa maria to identify
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their children, which is terrible situation. >> i know you've been on your station with continuing coverage since 8:00 this morning. it's now midnight your time in brazil, in rio. even speaking with a lot of members of your community, too, tell me about what people are saying, what's been the reaction to this. >> a lot of people are very concerned about safety on this kind of events. they happen a  
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>> it may get tougher for maryland drivers to use hand- held cell phones. a delegate is proposing legislation allowing officers to pull people over. audrey has the latest from the newsroom. >> he doesn't want anyone to
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use a cell phone on the road. he is hoping a ticket and a $500 fine may make drivers think twice while reaching for the phone. >> it is illegal to drive with a cell phone, but we saw many people do it. because it is not a primary offense, police can only penalize you if they pull you over for something else first. that would all change if delegate james malone's bill goes through. >> i would support that. telephone calls in the car should be hands-free. >> getting support of six other legislators, including michael bush. it is all about ending distracted driving. state highway officials say drivers using hand-held devices are four times more likely to get into a crash than those driving hands-free. denise watts doesn't take a
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chance. >> i will pull over into a parking lot, park, and then i will take my phone out and take a call or check my e-mail. >> would you like to see other drivers do that. i think it is dangerous. >> and deadly. >> 1.2 million crashes each year involve drives using cell phones. 331 maryland drivers died in crashes involving inattentive drivers in 2011. >> i can answer the call right here -- i have a button. i only use my phone if i need it for gps or something like that. >> with all of the technology around these days, thomas said there is no excuse for not complying. whether it is a primary offense or not. >> does it bother you when people are holding their phone and trying to drive at the
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time. >> it does a live bill. seeming how economical bluetooth is and cars come with them and if you don't have a bluetooth, you are just being lazy because they are affordable at this point. >> and delegate malone agrees. and in fact, if the bill passes, first-time offenders could have their citations thrown out if they prove in court they purchased a hands free device. no word when that comes up. >> audrey barnes tonight. thank you. >> a little boy is recovering after being mauled by dogs. now questions over whether the person who helped save his life should face charges for how he did it. we'll be right back. [ woman ] my boyfriend andnd i were going on vacation,
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11-year-old district boy who was mauled by three pit bulls last sunday is recovering from his injuries. but there are questions that are being raised about whether the neighbor who shot and killed one of the dogs should
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now face charges. karen gray houston is in the newsroom with more on this. karen? >> first of all, relatives tell us the boy is fine, but he's had to undergo rabies shot. a neighbor and police officer on bike patrol both shot at the dogs to get them off the boy. the officer killed two of them. the dogs are now all dead. but the neighbor could face charges for violating d.c. gun laws. >> reporter: the fifth grader is set to be holding up after surgery. he was at the hospital getting a shot when we stopped by his house. he is now undergoing a rabies shot. this is his third one. i believe this should be his last shot for the vaccine. >> reporter: his uncle says since the three dogs attacked him while he was riding his bike, he's afraid to go outside. >> brand-new bicycle for christmas and it was three, they mauled him. neighbor, they kind of seen
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what was going on. so he went into the house and grabbed the handgun and came back out. >> i was in my living room and it was a blood curdling scream, and i knew something intense was happening. i looked outside my window in time to see the dogs being shot. >> reporter: we stopped by the house where neighbors say the dogs' owner lived. but no one answered. police have cited the dog owner with failing to have his dogs on a leash, $75, and a $100 fine for menacing people. >> that's it? he got away pretty good. >> reporter: then there are the questions about whether the gun the neighbor used to shoot one of the dogs was registered and whether he might face other charges for firing the weapon out in the open. >> to having charged the dog owners only $175 fine, versus you going to charge a neighbor
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for saving a boy's life for helping him out, you know, that's pretty ridiculous. >> i think he shouldn't, they shouldn't press charges on him, because he tried to save someone's life. he risked his life by coming out here, attending to the boy. >> his gun should be registered but it's absurd to charge that man for saving a kid's life. >> the neighbors have spoken. and the police chief tells us the case has been turned over to the u.s. attorney's office and the office of the attorney general. they will make a decision on whether the neighbor will be prosecuted. we spoke to that neighbor tonight and he didn't want to comment and referred us to his attorney who didn't return our phone call. >> thank you. a look at world news headlines now. in turkey, a frantic search is under way for a missing american woman. the staten island mother vanished while vacationing in instanbul and traveled there alone after a friend backed out of the trip. she was supposed to return home
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january 22nd, but never made it. a letter from the place where she was saying said she left her phone and bag in her room. a pastor was just sentenced to eight years in one of iran's toughest prisons for threatening the country's national security. he was arrested last summer while working at an after phenomenonnage in -- orphanage in the country. people across the globe today are marking international holocaust remembrance day. on this day, 68 years ago, soviet troops liberated the largest concentration camp in auschwitz. in london, candles were lit and prayers said.
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news world is mourning the death of journalist stanley karnow. he died in his sleep this morning. he is best known for his book and television documentary about the vietnam war and later won a pulitzer for a history of the philippines. he was 87 years old. and a proposed gas tax hike in maryland and a redistricting controversy in the commonwealth. we'll be right back.
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the news at 10 returns with lots of hot topics in politics. voter redistricting in the commonwealth and another gas tax hike in maryland. mark plotkin joins us. thank you for being here.
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>> good to be here. >> accusations that senate republicans pulled a dirty trick to get the redistricting measure passed. tell us about that. >> this has to do with state legislature in virginia and most states draws the lines. only supposed to be done once every 10 years and republicans who are tied with democrats at 20-20 knew senator marsh of richmond was going to the inaugural and took advantage of his absence and by a vote of 20- 19 started redistricting, saying they were doing it to enhance minority participation, but really democrats say they were diluting minority representation, and state senate minority leader says he's going to go to court to try to block them from doing this. it will definitely pass in the house and governor mcdonald said he'll sign it. >> the reality is, you think it will end up in courts? >> definitely will end up in
10:32 pm
courts. it's a constitutional question. they're doing redistricting more than once in 10 years, and thus the court has to intervene. >> i see. let's move to maryland now, and the gas tax proposal. currently we're paying 23 and a half cents as a gas tax. how much does he want us to pay and what does the governor say? >> the governor is missing in action. he said when state senate president mike miller, who has been there for so long, he has a building named after him, and he pretty well can get his way in the state senate. what the proposal is for the counties to add on a gas tax, based on whether they want to or not. and in some counties that might mean 15 cents more per gallon in maryland. the gas tax has not been increased since 1992. we'll see what the maryland house does and what the speaker does there. but also we have to find out what the governor thinks of
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state senate president miller's line. he sort of initiated this action by himself. >> what's your take on this? >> my take is that probably maybe not that much, but the principle of having the counties add on particular amounts will probably pass. >> okay. >> that's my feeling. >> okay. meantime, at the rnc's winter meaning in charlotte, the gop proposing a shakeup in the electoral college. they want to change things. >> now this is a big deal. now, except for maine and nebraska, if you win, i.e., one vote, you get winner take all of all the electoral college votes. in virginia, for instance, obama won by about 140,000 votes. and he got all 13 electoral votes. the republican senate and house, the republicans there,
10:34 pm
it's tied in the state senate, want to divide the electoral college vote by the -- by congressional districts. if you win a congressional district, then you get an electoral college vote. if that had occurred this time, the president would have gotten four electoral votes, and mitt romney would have gotten nine. and republicans control state legislatures and governors in a lot of states. what they think is because of the changing demographics, this is what they want to do. and governor mcdonald -- >> a lot to about, about making a change. >> governor mcdonald says, no, he will not approve this. and so it probably will not happen in virginia. but nationally, you have to watch particular states. for instance, in pennsylvania they want to do it by just what the state wide vote is.
10:35 pm
so each party is trying to angle for their greatest advantage. >> there's another story that chokes you up, and that is the taxation without representation issue in d.c. you brought that up when you saw the vice president the other night. >> i want to report that i was dining at cafe milano where the president had been earlier that week, and the vice president was dining. didn't ask me over to the table, i don't know why, with mike bloomberg, who is very active of course in the gun control measure. and as the vice president made his way out, i thanked him for the license plate, the taxation, and i said, why don't you come to d.c. and talk to d.c. about d.c.? and that was all -- that motivated him to quickly exit to the dor. so my influence is very limited. but at least i had a cryptic brief conversation. >> you got your words in. >> yes. >> probably won't invite you to his table next time, either.
10:36 pm
i hate to say it. we'll invite you next sunday. >> thank you. >> thank you, mark plotkin. the virginia state flag is flying at half staff tonight in honor of the late former virginia supreme court chief justice. the 96-year-old died this morning in richmond. he served 42 years on the supreme court, serving the last 22 years as chief justice. his tenure as a justice is the longest in the court's history. sports is up next tonight on the news at 10:00. coming up, scott smith is up with sports. >> we may have a few delays tomorrow morning for the kiddos. freezing rain, sleet, little bit of snow moves in just in time for the morning commute. we'll have your complete forecast that does, by the way, include a warmup. all that coming up with your, i guess right after sports. it will be your forecast and more news. stay with us here at 10:00. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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scott smith,. >> it's about time. get that first win of the season. >> that's right. >> knock that out. they have this new system in place. it's like, trying to catch up to where they are. we'll see. share a building in common, but the wizards and caps share the distinction of being the last teams in their leagues to get the first win. needless to say, verizon center crowds have been a patient bunch. caps hosting buffalo today. hoping to get off to a fast start. instead, sabres rolling off the take-away. stafford to ott. buffalo up 1-0. caps neutralize it later. caps take a 2-1 lead. this team won't get really
10:41 pm
going on the season until he can start scoring and does there off the power play. caps finally get that first w. 3-2the final. took a little while to warm up, but they finally got it done. >> i was a little concerned at the beginning. thought we were a little flat. maybe because we pushed so hard the other night, that you know, a little bit of jet lag early, right? once we got going, tied it up, and after that i thought we started playing much better hockey. to golf now, tiger woods back to work at torrey pines after fog postponed play yesterday. third round, tiger's approach on number two from 100 yards back. this is beautiful. spins it back and going to creep on back, yes. within 7 inches of the cup. easy tap in. shot 3 under, 69 in the third
10:42 pm
round. final round, off the green. drops it in for birdie. 11 holes to play tomorrow, seeking a seventh win at this event, 75th of his career. hoops, george mason in boston tonight facing northeastern. huskies unbeaten in caa play. second half, joel smith goes inside to wide open reggie spence. huskies increase their lead to 13. george mason goes on an 11-2 run. johnny williams, hits the three. deficit cut to 4. northeastern ends the game on a 22-6 run of its own. smith canning the 3 here. george mason loses 71-51. pro bowl is wrapped up from honolulu. 62-35. and leading the way for the nfc squad defensively, in tackles, lorenzo alexander. >> love to hear it. thanks, scott. up next, gary has your full
10:43 pm
forecast, including a warning for drivers heading off to work tomorrow morning. the news at 10 will be right back.
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tourists travel here to d.c. from all over the world and this is normally the slow time of year for tourism. but a new ad campaign is designed to remind people how much fun d.c. can be. as beth parker shows us, the ads are raising some eyebrows. >> ha ha ha. >> oh. what kind of ad is this? >> very inappropriate. >> is this a joke? >> what are they selling? >> reporter: what they're selling is d.c. but not the d.c. that is this and this and this. this is a sassy new ad campaign from destination d.c., the folks who bring tourists to town. >> it's like a jolt, if you will. >> reporter: one ad is a man and a woman, another targeted
10:47 pm
to the gay and lesbian community. slogan, get a room. >> that's tourism. looks more like sex to me. maybe i'm wrong. >> reporter: the message, visit d.c. and bring your sweetheart. >> the goal of the campaign is pick development for washington, d.c. >> reporter: february is slow around here. they're mostly targeting folks who live between philadelphia and richmond. they don't mind sending the message world wide. >> a large portion of the global audience doesn't view d.c. as a glamorous destination. >> reporter: you have the warner theater on one side and the national theater here. and that illustrates something else the destination d.c. folks like to point out. washington has more theater seats than any other city in the country, except new york. >> people have perceptions of our destination that don't necessarily match up with the reality of d.c. as a destination. we continue to change in such a
10:48 pm
positive way, about every few years it's like we're almost reinventing ourselves. >> reporter: but not everybody is convinced. >> a little racy for my taste. but i think it might get people to come to d.c. >> that's interesting. >> reporter: do you think it will make people come here? >> no. >> no. >> good luck with that. >> reporter: do you think we're too stuffy? >> i think we're too stuffy, but i think people think we are. i love d.c. >> intellectual capital. we are proud of this city. >> what they say is d.c. has a reputation for being too stuffy. >> not anymore. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. i think it's kind of funny. my opinion. i think it's cute. >> why not? >> why not. >> if it works, it works. >> makes you laugh. everybody laughed. makes you turn red, too. tomorrow, so -- >> i usually have something to
10:49 pm
say about everything. in this case, i shouldn't say what i want to say. >> say it. >> no, because i'd get in trouble. it's not bad -- >> let's move on to the weather. >> -- it's not for news at 10. >> likely delays, delays already. >> i think so. not a major ice storm, but probably slippery spots tomorrow morning. a lot of the roads have been treated. residual salt and chemicals. if you're out and about early in the morning, there's a chance we get slippery spots, especially on the bridges and overpasses out there. temperatures right now are plenty cold. we'll show you temperatures here in a second. let's get all the business out of the way. winter weather advisory in place. they're issuing this in case there's a little bit of a slippery condition out there tomorrow morning. we had the possibility of a little bit of snow. little bit of snow initially. going over to sleet and freezing rain. and then eventually by late
10:50 pm
morning, early afternoon, looks like everybody will be above freezing and we should be in pretty good shape. again, this will go overnight through about noon tomorrow. some of these counties, some of these places the times are a little different. but in general, overnight through about noon or so. possibility of sleet, freezing rain, initially maybe starts off as a little bit of snow. not expecting any real accumulation. mostly it's just a messy mix that will be with us through the morning hours. the surface temperatures are below freezing. most of the temperatures are below freezing right now. sleet, freezing rain starts coming in, probably for some as early as 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. will become all rain by afternoon. and it's not even going to be very heavy. i think the rain tomorrow afternoon more just in the form of showers, looks like they'll be fairly spotty in the afternoon. i think only minor ice accumulation, and here in the city maybe a couple of slick spots. i don't perceive there to be many worries out there with any
10:51 pm
ice. what i mean by that, we're not talking about ice that's going to bring down power poles or cause power outages or really accumulate on the roads and things like that. keep in mind, bridges and overpasses, especially, and listen, even around your house, as you're walking out to the car tomorrow or taking the kids out, could be a few slick spots in front of your house. 31 in town. frederick 27. temperatures have dropped a little bit. some of these numbers have started coming back up as the clouds are coming on across. pittsburgh is 30. columbus reporting sleet earlier. 32. detroit 28. up here it's generally in the form of snow. but a big area of precipitation is moving in our direction. look at these mild temperatures summering up today up -- surging up today to st. louis. cincinnati 36. we'll be able to taste some of this. looks like wednesday before we have the warm temperatures coming in. a lot of what you're seeing now
10:52 pm
moving into western p.a., western maryland and west virginia, this is not touching the ground. i can't find any reporting stations there showing any snow. it's evaporating before it gets to the ground. rain through the southern sections of ohio. a transitional period here with sleet, freezing rain, and then farther to the north it's mainly in the form of snow. this is tomorrow morning. see the pink. a messy mix here for the d.c. area, north and west. more so rain down to the south. and up into central p.a. snow. 11:00or so, colder air moving out. will move to the north. few showers of rain left over at 5:00. tuesday, we get sunshine tuesday. we'll warm up. a chance we're stuck in the clouds and lower 50s. tonight, 29 here in town. cloudy skies until the sleet and freezing rain gets here. and that ll last through the morning commute hours. just some showers at noon. hopefully we'll be able to be above freezing at noon. take the threat of freezing
10:53 pm
rain out of here. again, tuesday temperature really depends on the cloud cover. if we're stuck in clouds, we're upper 40s. if we get sunshine, we're mid- 50s. wednesday looks like pretty warm day. 64 or 65 with showers and thunderstorms. delays tomorrow morning. we'll wait and see if there will be cancellations. >> federal agencies are urging employees to use caution on the roads tomorrow morning. they have issued a delayed arrival, saying workers should stay off the roads until 10:00 a.m. >> i think that's a good idea. >> federal offices opening 12:00. employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. arlington county, the government in arlington county, virginia is giving employees the option for unscheduled leave and telework as well, which i know you would agree is probably prudent. >> always be on the safe side. better safe than sorry. i think will be a lot of school delays because of that. >> again,, we'll have all the updated information throughout the night and into the morning as the schools make their decisions on what to do
10:54 pm
tomorrow morning. thank you, gary. the pirates were back in tampa, florida this weekend for the annual gasparilla parade. nearly 300,000 people were there ready to fight over beads. here's more on america's third largest parade. ♪ >> reporter: it's that time again, when pirates rule, and tampa goes batty over beads. >> i think it gets better and better every year. >> reporter: plenty of people packed bay shore as far as the eye could see, everyone clamoring for the perfect spot to watch the floats sail down bay shore. millions and millions of beads. >> it's really fun this year. my favorite part is when we all catch the beads and have fun as a family. >> i think it's great for the kids and families. >> reporter: of course, with so many pirates and wicked wenches out there, officers were out in force. they had eyes in the sky, using
10:55 pm
mobile cameras to keep everyone safe. >> i think it's good for the city image. >> reporter: diane has made the last 49 out of 50 gasparillas. she's a pirate pro. >> we have a blast hanging out here. >> reporter: what's the secret to getting a lot of beads? >> i just wave and say, hey. >> reporter: whatever works for you. tampa's big party of the year, and the third largest parade in the country. prepare to have a good time or walk the plank. >> gasparilla is going to be a blast today as usual. the news edge at 11:00 is coming up next. we'll have more on the tragedy in brazil after hundreds are killed in a nightclub fire. the news continues in just moments. 
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a dream fulfilled for a florida girl battling cancer. she got to walk the cat walk and become a supermodel for the
10:59 pm
day. here's that story. >> that feels so weird. >> reporter: brianna is getting all dolled up for the ms society of south florida's fashion show. >> i like it. >> reporter: the 10-year-old was chosen to be supermodel of the day. >> when i saw her at the miami children's gala, i said what can i do to make this girl's life special? she has an incredible personality. everything she's going through makes you fall in love with her. >> i feel lucky. i'm glad i get to do something fun before i go in the hospital. >> reporter: the past year has been tough on her and her family. she was diagnosed with leukemia last february. but this makeover is making her feel normal again. >> my eyelashes. because i used to have really long ones and i lost them. now they look a little bit back to normal. >> reporter: back in december, we were with her as she picked


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