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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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afternoon, and that is this extensive wind advisory, from parts of new england and to florida, folks, are watching out for strong winds, potentially damaging wind -- winds. while they have not gotten to an extreme extent, we might see our wins gusting to 45 or 50 later tonight and overnight, the front is in indiana ander at the moment, we're getting winds gusting to 25 to 30 miles per hour and some rounds of rain to the north and they have cooled. there is more rain to come is come drops some heavy rain and i know gary was driving. can you attest to the fact that that was hard to be on the road in, wasn't it? >> reporter: this is not typical for january. we don't get this tropical atmosphere around here very often in january, and that is what we're getting now. what we're going to see when
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these waves of rain come through, they're going to be heavy at times. i will show you what is going on as we look at the larger picture. we have had one round come through and now we wait on what is taking place to the west of us, and you can see that is some fairly heavy rain as well and i zoom in to roanoke because there is a fairly heavy line of thunderstorms coming through there and that is moving up in our direction, and we're going to see just how far north that can get with the strong therm characteristics. okay. and seeing lightning in that particular line and no doubt, that will have some wind in it as it comes in our way. right now, we scoot up to the north and this is sentinel radar live. the rain here for d.c. moving on through and sue said it was dry out there and that is north of the station. back to the west, western secs of loudoun county and into frederick county, all that orange and red, some very, very heavy rain and that is going to continue on and off throughout
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the evening and into the overnight hours. we'll talk about this flood, flash flood watch we have in place in just a about the. >> we'll see you in a few. -- in just a bit. >> we'll see you in a few. a wind restriction is in effect in the bridge. meanwhile, the state highway administration is warning truck drivers to watch out for gusty wins when they're on bridges while motorists are encouraged to stay vigilante and to stay off the roads if conditions get worse. wouldn't you to keep it here on fox 5 for continuing coverage. remember, you can track the forecast 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app. download it to droid, iphone or ipad. our other big story tonight, seven people, including four firefighters, all hurt when a tractor-trailer hit a fire truck on the beltway. the wreck happened in prince georges county near route 50. it created a massive backup and left commuters crawling along for hours.
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fox 5s paul wagner is in the newsroom tonight with more details. paul? >> reporter: will, prince georges county police say the driver of the fire engine was attempting to make a u-turn from the inner loop to the outer loop through a gap reserved for emergency vehicles when the engine was struck from behind. all five, all four firefighters, i should say, in the cab of the engine were hurt, including one who lost an arm. from sky fox, you can see the gap in the median where the driver of engine 28 was trying to turn. when the engine was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer. although no charge iss have been filed at this point -- charges have been filed, police say the driver of the tractor- trailer had the right-of-way. >> by this time, we believe in the early morning hours, approximately 2:40 a.m., a fire engine was dispatched to 495 southbound near route 50 to assist the maryland state police department with a minor vehicle accident. the fire engine arrived on scene of the accident and quickly determined that there were no injuries and cleared the scene.
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at this time, preliminarily, we believe that as the fire engine was clearing the scene, they were heading southbound on 495, and their intension was to make a u-turn through an emergency vehicle turnaround. we believe they slowed and began making the u-turn when they were struck from behind. >> reporter: emergency vehicles can use the turnaround, even when not on an emergency call. the pictures from sky fox show the backups that ensued. traffic was tied up throughout the morning r hour and through -- rush hour and through the mid-day. at the fire station where engine 28 was dispatched from early this morning, no one wanted to talk about the accident or any of the firefighters who were on board. all of them are volteers. we understand three of the injured firefighters were treated and released. the 40 issue a 29-year-old man s still in a -- the fourth, a 29-year-old man s still in a baltimore hospital where surgeons are trying to attach his severed arm. the conditions of the others
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are unclear at this hour, will. >> i am sure we hope the surgeons will have some luck with that surgery. thank you. developing in culpeper, virginia, today, sentenceing for the former virginia police officer convicted of voluntary manslaughter has been delayed. the defense harmond wright are a mistrial because of alleged jury misconduct. john henrehan has the detail. >> reporter: on tuesday, the former town of culpeper policeman daniel harmon wright was found guilty of manslaughter and two other felony counts in connection with the february shooting death of inarmed motorist patricia cook. after the jury went home for the night, a clerk found twodictionaries and a thesaurus in the thesaurus in the jury room and said they were unauthorized research materials and ordered that jurors be isolateed and questioned one- by-one. according to the jurors, some of the words they looked up
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included murder, malice, and unlawful. one jurorel to the judge she thought it was okay to bring the reference works into the jury room on the last david trial and ran the idea by a bailiff who raised no objection. another juror said under oath the panel was, quote, really hung up on the written definitions provided in the judge's instructions. we felt the dictionary gave us a straight answer, said that juror. the defense attorney daniel haas asked for a mistrial, arguing the jurors appeared to have been confused and saying his client has been denied due process. the special prosecutor james fisher said the jurors' concentration on the word malice worked in favorite of the -- favor of the defendant, as the jury didn't find malice in his actions and declined to convict on the more serious charge of murder. the circuit. >> reporter: judge susan whitlock ordered written arguments from the attorneys and announced shewill decide the issue friday morning in case the prosecution prevails,
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she called jurors back to consider a sentence for the former policeman who is facing up to 25 years on the convictions. in culpeper, john henrehan, fox 5 news. also developing at 5, three people are in the hospital after being shot at an office complex in phoenix, arizona. the shooting happened this morning. police are still searching for the gunman. we learn a s.w.a.t. team is surrounding a house about seven miles from the crime scene believed to be connected to the shooting. we're told that one of the victims is in critical condition. the office building houses medical, law, and the law and insurance businesses. on the day of another multiple shooting with multiple victims, gun control took center stage on capitol hill. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, her husband, mark kelly and wayne lapierre from the nra testified and frequently sparred with the senate panel about how to solve the gun violence problem. fox's jennifer davis has more
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now. >> you must act. >> reporter: former congresswoman gabby giffords makes an emotional appeal for tougher gun laws. speaking haltingly two years after she was shot in the head during an assassination attempt that killed six. >> too many children are dieing. too many children. >> reporter: giffords made her dramatic surprise appearance at congress's first hearing on gun controlness is the newtown massacre. the white house and many democrats are pushing ifer re- enstating the assault weapon's game limiting the ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and mandating universal background checks to close the so-called gun show loophole. >> the best way to stop a bad guy from getting the gun in the first place is a good background check. >> reporter: the head of the nra said more school security and mental health resources are what is really needed, adding his group opposes expanding background check.
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>> law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals. >> reporter: this clearly highlighted vastly different and emotional views on the subject that many believe will make passage of any gun control legislation challenging. >> i'm not an unreasonable person for saying that in some circumstances, the 15-round magazine makes perfect sense and in some s, the ar-15 makes perfect sense. >> reporter: following her capitol hill appearance, gabby giffords and her husband, retired navy captain mark kelly, paid the president a visit at the white house n. washington, jennifer days, fox news. coming up, the search continues for a gunman who boarded a school bus, shot the driver to death and kidnapped a young child. >> you have been warned. where police are starting to crack don on drivers making i -- crack down on drivers making illegal u-turns. >> and the damage caused by a massive storm system creepingbo -- into our area. >> we're going to get the rain from that, shawn. no worries from tornados.
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. a judge denied sandusky's request for a new trial. the attorneys for the former penn state assistant football coach argued they were not given enough time to prepare with a trial that ended with a
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45-count guilty verdict against him. he's serving a 30- to 40-year prison sentence for sexually molesting young boys. he maintains his innocence. his attorneys say they will appeal his conviction. out of alabama, the standoff between police and a man holding a six-year-old boy hostage in a bunker continues. it's happening in midl.a. city, in the southeastern -- midland city in the southeastern part of the state. a man boarded a school bus yesterday afternoon, shot the bus driver to death before taking the boy. fors say the child has been able to receive medicine and watch tv. fox's elizabeth prawn has the latest. >> reporter: police expanding the evacuation area around a standoff in alabama after a man allegedly gets on a school bus and kills the driver and kidnaps a six-year-old child. the suspect opening fire on the driver, 66-year-old charles albert pillen jr. after he would not let the man take the child off of the bus. pullen dieing of multiple gun shot wounds. >> what he did was the right
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thing to protect the kids, but i feel sorry for him. >> reporter: authorities -- authorities releasing the audio detailing the situation after the shooting. >> most of the kids, not all of the kids are accounted for. they believe other kids ran into a house that was being built. we don't have all the kids accounted for. >> ten-4. we know there is one child hostage. >> reporter: the suspect now believed to be holding the child and hiding in a homemade underground bunker. very little information is being released, but we know that swat team are in the area and authorities are in contact with the suspect using a pvc pipe into the bunker. local parents showing concern for other students who were on the bus and hoping safety procedures are changed following the incident. >> i hope that they have a better setup now and have more protocol, you know, and security. >> reporter: there is still no connection between the suspected shootert and child involved. schools are closed today in the area and will remain closed until further notice. in mid-land city, alabama, elizabeth pran, fox news.
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>> the owner of a brazil night club where hundreds died over the weekend is partly to blame. a lawyer representing the owner said his client's responsibility is having trusted too much in the inspectors and those responsible for the construction. 235 people died in that fire, which was sparked by a band's pyrotechnics. many of the bodies were found piled up in a bathroom because they confused the door with the front door to the club. the club had no sprinklers or an emergency exit. the can't of the italian -- captain of the italian cruise liner wants his job back. francisco shatino was in an italian court fighting his dismissal. the sunken ship remains in the water more than a year after the boat went down. a los angeles judge delayed lindsay lohan's trial. she appeared in court this morning and spoke to confirm that she was changing her attorney. lohan is charged with lying to
5:16 pm
police, wreckless driving, and obstructing officers from performing their duties. her new trial date is march 18th. >> we don't have to worry about tornados in our area but wind and rain in the mix. >> it's humid out there. i turned on the air conditioning and my car was warm. >> reporter: my goodness, as sue told me, the high temperature for the day came in at national, and we were struggling for awhile. we jumped into the lower 70s. >> wow. >> and with 72 there and this is not unusual in january to number this, haven't -- even in the mid-sents. that happens from time to time. and to be in the lower 70s to the mid-70s and have this coming through, this is unusual for january. it's going to be good rain, too, and in some cases, heavy rain. we have to watch out for the possibility of that and speaking of the severe weather we're talking about to the south, so you know, it doesn't
5:17 pm
look like we're into a situation where we're talking about tornados or anything like that, but we will get some gusty winds as the heavier bands of showers move on through. we have had some already, let's show you what the temperature are. it's cooled off a bit for national. 65. gaithersburg came down. frederick, too and some of the rain up there and still 70 for culpepper, 72 for fredericksburg and leonardtown, 70 degrees. one thing you can say when you see 70s in january, something goofy is going on and most of the east coast is very, very mild again today. flash flood watch is in place as we're going to run through tonight and this rain really begins to move through for everyone this evening. we'll keep a close eye on the potential of flash flooding and it was summer-like rain, very, very heavy and that will slow the traffic down, too and be
5:18 pm
careful. the heavy yesterday of the rain is to the north of us here and to interstate 70, closing back around to the east of interstate 81 and in terms of what this is doing, you can see most of the movement is to the northeast. this is part of a big broad line that runs some 1200 miles from north to south. and that whole line is creeping to the east and eventually, that comes on through and brings us the potential of heavy rain. right now, western loudoun county, this is heavy rain into parts of frederick county, too and leesburg, you're getting heavy rain. to clarksburg and damascus, there is some heavy rain in that particular cell right here just to the east of frederick. again, we'll continue to watch this. there is more heavy rain through columbia, northern sections of howard county and
5:19 pm
into western parts of baltimore. i want to take you to southwestern virginia and this is important for us. this is a strong line coming up and we'll watch to see how far north that gets and that has wind in it and some lightning and thunder as well. and i want to take an opportunity, of course, again, to talk about our fox 5 weather app. it's handy and can you download it and that will keep you up to date. what you're seeing is what were looking at over here on the radar and can you keep up with the current radar and give you notifications for the current warnings. if we get any type of warnings, if we get a severe thunderstorm warning, that will be because of the wind and what we're going to get is gusty wins and an occasional flash flood
5:20 pm
warning pop up. i think this is a rain e haven't as we get into 10, 11:00 midnight, something like that and some cold air is coming in overnight tonight and tomorrow. say goodbye to the 70s. we're talking about that feeling like it's in the 30s tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. >> and that is a weird day where you want to put the logs in the fireplace. >> and that is looking colder than it s. not unusual in january to have temperatures in the 70s and that happens almost every year. when you talk about this big rain e vent and this type of weather producer to the is out, this is unusual. >> good enough. see you in 20 minutes, gary. thanks. coming up, the ravens head coach reacts to a report that his star player used a performance-enhancing-drug. scott? >> we're live at the verizon center on a big night of college basketball. georgetown is on a roll after a couple of big wins last week. tonight, seton hall coming up. will. >> thank you, scott.
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. it's a big night for college basketball. four local teams hit the hardwood, including georgetown at thever irk zon center. scott -- verizon center. scott smith has more. >> reporter: the hoyas host big east rivals seton hall tonight at 7:00 and it's one of the longest running conference rivalries they have going. here at the verizon center, the hoyas are unbeatable, a 10-1 record and in the immortal words of spinal tap, they hope to go one more tonight, go to 11. they want to keep the winning streak going and they coming off a great work week. two huge wins last week, over
5:25 pm
notre dame and to 33% in the field. they followed it up on saturday and edging louisville by 2. the hoyas are 4-3 in conference and hoping to take last week's momentum into tonight. >> that will be great. and don't think we can look at it like that but look at the next game in front of us. you start talking about multiple games and we can't focus on. that. >> and i think we have a good thing going here and coming off of a huge win here and we have to stick to our stuff, you know, and we're ready to move forward here. >> and at the same time, we have to play, you know, each team the same and whether that is louisville or notre dame. >> and seton hall is 2-5 and one of the hotter teams in the conference. they will have to defend them
5:26 pm
well and some payback on the hoyas mind. they suffered their worse loss of the season to seton hall. back to you. >> wisely focusing on one game at a time. scott, thank you. of course, the super bowl is sunday. the rumors still swirling about lewis. they linked him to a company that makes a banned performance enhancer. he told the ravens head coach there is nothing to the report and he's never take know any prancing-drugs -- transing drug. >> and he knows there is nothing to it. i understand there is nothing that he's ever been involved with and that is keep of too bad someone else give know an opportunity to get free publicity out there undeserved and unearned for no reason. >> "sports illustrated" claims that lewis sought help from the company to help him recover from the torn tricep.
5:27 pm
baltimore takes on the 49ers this sunday in the final game of lewis' career. today, a warning. tomorrow, a ticket. coming up, where police are going to go after driverring making illegal u-turning. >> and a huge re-- u-turning. >> and a huge retail project in the district. >> i felt i met somebody whose heart was so clearly dedicated to the, to our mission. >> and a well-known non-profit gets a new president with a pretty impressive resume. her story is next. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal.
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. it seems more and more people are choosing bicycles as their way to get around the district. when bikes and cars try to co- exist on the same roads, there can be problems. so d.c. police are cracking down on one of the district's most travelled avenues.
5:31 pm
matt ackland shows us. >> reporter: as the youtube clip from a helmet camera shows you, a bad accident can happen in a flash. a close call here and another along pennsylvania avenue for russ long this morning. the problem? drivers making u-turns crossing over bike lanes. >> and i was literally right beside his door and i had to slap on his door to stop him from making the turn. >> reporter: in an effort to cut down on the accidents, the mayor issued an emergency order making the u-turns across bicycle lanes illegal. the d.c. police spent this wednesday morning stopping drivers, handing out flyers, reminding them of the rules. >> we want to make sure everyone knows the rules. we're focusing on education. >> reporter: the law has been in place for several months now. the signs are up here along pennsylvania avenue and warnings have been issued. tomorrow, though, they turn
5:32 pm
into tickets. the cab drivers seem to be blamed the most for making the u-turns across bike lanes. >> this is a lack of knowledge, the fact that they're in the taxis, there is a money agenda to get the next fare. the person standing on the other side of the road. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, pay or not, crossing the bike lane will get you a $100 ticket. in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. fort taunton is undergoing a change. there was a groundbreaking on ridge street to kick off a long awaited project that the whole neighborhood has been behind. the brand-new urban retail and residential complex. fort taunton square is building a wal-mart and apartment complex with more than 300 units. >> we got started a long time ago with two woman. they came to me and said we have to do something about the corner issue we want more retail, we're tired of leaving
5:33 pm
our communities to shop and do everything we want to do. >> it's just the groundbreaking. it will be another two years until the retail and residential community is ready to be open to the public. a d.c. shelter is getting a big helping han. the diy network star and kitchen crashers person is there. these are pictures from the demolition. the projects underway and victoria said things are going great so far. >> and we're in day 3. the new flooring, new paint, tore out the garage style door in here. >> okay. >> and made it feel commercial. we took that out and today, we're getting the new granite tops. >> uh-huh. >> and it will be the residential feel. >> and that is going to look great j. she's teaching them ways to enhance their overall quality of life by making small and affordable improvements to the living spaces. >> another d.c. non-profit gets a boost. not a free kitchen renovation
5:34 pm
but a hardworking new president who plans to work for free. that's right, no paycheck. beth parker has more. >> i'm patty. >> reporter: as a microsoft executive and ceo of the bill and melinda gates foundation, patty stone got a broad view of the world. she's going local. >> everybody's reaction was wow, really? yes, really. well-known philanthropist patty stone saw the ad for the president of the d.c. non- profit martha's table and thought? >> how about me? >> how about it. >> it will start april 1st as the leader of one of the well- known local non-profits. a place offering food and section. >> do you see yourself in the mirror? >> and people who need it most. >> and i inherited six children. six girls. my great nieces and trying to
5:35 pm
teach them this and they help me out with clothing and food and i appreciate it. >> reporter: she made her share of money in the tech world will accept no salary. >> i was in the right place at the right time and played a role. research was far disproportionate to others i see. >> and they grew up volunteering at a food pantry bearing her late father's name. his name is on the sign and the message is in her heart. >> the last few years, we chaired the white house council for community solutions and we focused on where there were organizations, partnerships, collaboratives, making needle- moving changes on the biggest problems of the community willful. >> reporter: her table has been a fixture here for 32 years what they want is to do more. something bigger. they serve about 1,000 people a day. in the city, they're 110,000
5:36 pm
people -- there are 110,000 people living below the poverty line. michael bartshare will leave martha's table expansion -- judge i can't make everyone have a healthy and productive life. everyone should have that opportunity. >> reporter: with a new leader, they hope not to just react to poverty, but actually find ways to solve the problem. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> great program. >> yeah. coming up tonight, an olympic gold medalist is making a big donation to a local museum. also ahead, basketball great lynn vallez's mother talks about drugs. >> and in president obama's hometown, another kill. the heartbreaking story is straight ahead here. head he. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. mother of a legendary local basketball player spent the morning teaching kids about the dangers of drugs like the people in some of the photos,
5:41 pm
vallez died of a drug overdose in 1996, two days after being drafted from the university of maryland to play in the nba. >> and len was getting ready and playing ball and in college and we were going along and that looked like he will be drafted and that is the good life. one morning, we received the phone call and then the nightmare began. >> recent information shows 1 in 15 high school seniors smoked pot daily, new synthetic drugs are easier than ever to get and kid are less likely to think drugs are dangerous. gabrielle douglas is donating some personal items to the looseium of africa american and culture. she won the olympic gold last year in london at 16 years old. she's giving the leotard, her mom's ticket to the games, uneven bar grips, olympic
5:42 pm
photos and credentials. they will go on display this friday at the natural museum of history. and i hate it -- . >> those are the worst. >> no worries, man. everything will be all right. >> coming up, what viewers think about a super bowl ad that some people are calling racist. >> and why lady gaga is striped of millions of views on youtube. >> and gary's back with the latest on the storms that are heading our way. we'll be right back. rig hey! did you know that hohoney nut cheers has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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that storm system is creeping into our region and left behind a heap of damage and deaf station in the south. two people are dead flipping over cars and demolishing homes. a georgia interstate shut down because many cars were blown into the air or flipped on their roof he more on the
5:46 pm
deadly storm. >> reporter: high winds and heavy rains pounding tennessee where a tornado and flash flood warnings were issued. the storm system knocking down trees and severely damaging buildings. >> and our officers responded to the scene where the most damage was reported and found a three-story building. the third store was gone. people were inside and everyone got out safely. in addition, there was an 18- wheeler that flipped. >> reporter: thousands are without power and at least one death is being reported in nashville result of the storm. residents in missouri already dealing with some severe weather on tuesday. emergency workers cleaning up the mess that the storm left behind. >> and that got windy fast and hard and we out here cleaning up trees. >> reporter: emergency management officials in mississippi are telling residents to watch for thunderstorms throughout the day and portions after
5:47 pm
unseasonably high temperatures on monday. >> and the country is in the longest streak since record keeping began in 1950. the last death caused by a twister was on june 24th in florida, more than 220 days ago. in new york,an anacoyman, fox news. >> and shawn said a lot of damage in the south. >> it will and again, we don't expect anything like that here. >> that is good news. >> and that turns into a bit of a flood issue haven't and this is north of atlanta. okay and that is probably tornadic. and that is probably confirmed being a tornado. >> what a mess? >> i know. and that looks tornadic. >> wow. >> and i want to say we got in a couple of flash flood warnings and we have been concentrating -- and that is a miss. loudoun county, you're under a flash flood warning and so is
5:48 pm
northeastern warren county, northwestern faulkier county and this is going until 9:30. again, this is not a severe weather, vent that we have to worry about. tornados or an outbreak causing problems. and we're going to watch for some locally high wind and one thing i think we're going to keep an eye on is going to be the rain. again, we have had the flash flood warnings going in here and we're getting rain over certain areas for an extended period of time and that is why we were focusing on western loudoun earlier. the rain continues to move over western loudoun and into frederick county and then back farther to the south for northern and northwestern section of fauquier county. all of this right now is inside 81. if i put my fingers there, look
5:49 pm
at how long they have been under heavy rain and nothing is changed. we continue to see all of this rain coming from the south to the west and moving to the east very, very slowly. some rainfall amounts, and this is doppler estimated rainfall amounts just to the southwest of leesberg right there and almost an inch and a half. other readings for western loudoun county nearing an inch, an inch .3, and almost an inch and a half and one spot in fairfax county and that is over two inches. we'll track that and that is -- this afternoon and evening out here, especially western loudoun county, some parts of northern montgomery county, they probably evaluating this area, too and i think eventually that probably goes under a flash flood warning as l. in the district, very little
5:50 pm
rain into the south, but this is a broad area of thunderstorms and rain and expect the heavy rain to continue into the evening hours and into that overnight as well and this is including the district. i believe they're re-evaluating to the southwest where the flood watch is not in place and that'll have to add that into the flood watch as well and this includes the district, northern counties and western counties. look at the broad expanse of rain back to the west and we're going to have waves of heavy storms in our direction and this is unusual. i keep saying not to be unusually warm for january, but that happens and the full latitude storm system, all the way here in maine and chase it into the deep south where there is severe weather connected to it and usually we have to wait to get into march before we see something like this.
5:51 pm
slight risk of thunderstorms up and down i-95. it looks like the primary threat for us in terms of severe weather will just be some localized high wins around some of the stronger storms. okay, tonight, eventually by early tomorrow morning, temperatures will get into the lower 40s as the front comes through and that will bring in some colder air. heavy rain showers expected, gusty wins around the heaviest storms and the wins will be out of the southwest 15 to 20 but higher gusts in places. tomorrow morning, 40s. we're gusty, we're still in the mid-40s. we don't warm up much tomorrow and we probably begin to trend down hill in the afternoon but it will be much colder than what we have had today and it will be a little bit on the breezy side as well. back to reality, say goodbye to the 60s and the 70s because the colder air is coming back. again, 47 for a high tomorrow but it will be briefly and it will probably be early in the day. friday we'll have early flakes,
5:52 pm
know there for the high and saturday, saturday night into sunday morning looks interesting because we have a clipper coming our way, so we'll see if we're going to get accumulating snow out of there and -- out of that and what you're seeing is typical january weather than what we had to start january or what we have had the last few days. >> kind of crazy. >> yeah, back to the cool area. -- air. >> and fauquier county, until 930time. >> okay. >> more to come. i am sure we will have more. >> thank you. check it out. u2 is doing house-- on you itube is housekeeping. it's been striped of 156 million views. the site cleared out the stats because they were being dummied up by hackers and view count generators. makes you wonder to check out gaga's bad romance video on
5:53 pm
youtube, 506 million views, really? last month, sony and universal lost 2 billion views. >> wow. >> everything will be all right. yeah, man. >> -- . >> sticky bun come soon. >> it's volkswagon ad for the super bowl and some people are calling it racist because a white man is talking with a fake jamaican accent. the volkswagon spokesman said the commercial is interned to be simple and humorous, to make people shy. he said the company tested the ad with consumers, including 100 jamaicans and didn't get negative feedback. facebook fans said what is racist about it? i like it. erica wrote there are white jamaicans who have this accent and i am glad we're on the same level. it's a somewhat funny
5:54 pm
commercial. >> and i watched the ad before the show. there are white jamaicans and asian jamaicans, you know, i know a lot of people have their opinions about it and i don't know that it makes me want to buy the car. >> controversy sometimes sells. >> right. >> and gets the eyeballs to your commercial. >> right. >> and maybe there is something behind it. >> yeah. and brian is here with what is coming up at 6. >> new on the news edge, mayor o'malley delivered the state-of- the-state speach. the plans on two controversial issues: gun laws and the state's death penalty. plus, john kerry addresses the senate the final time. his emotional speech and reboot, an overhaul of black perry, giving a chance to take on the smart phone market. a closer look when the news edge at 6 continues.
5:55 pm
we gotta sell the e car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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. just one week after performing at president obama's
5:58 pm
inaugural festivities, a chicago teenager was shot to death near her school. it happened on the sea's south side. she was with a group of friends standing under an awning to get out of the rain when a gunman ran down a nearby alley and opened fire randomly and took off. pendleton was hit in the back. >> i'm not worried about where she's going. i know who has him. i miss her my heart -- a whole section of my heart was gone. >> reporter: she was a majorette and performed with the band. she was an honor student, a member of the volleyball team as well and she was killed less than a mile away from president obama's chicago home. the gunman is still on the loose. former illinois governor george ryan has been released from federal prison. the new 78-year-old is headed straight into a chicago halfway house after serving more than five years for corruption. and a jury convicted ryan in 2006 of racketeering, conspiracy, tax fraud and manning false statements to the
5:59 pm
fbi. thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 is coming to you now. >> in maryland, governor o'malley gave his state-of-the- state address and called on lawmakers to re-enact a ban on military-style assault weapons and to do away with the state's dent. >> reporter: governor o'malley didn't waste a second declaring the health of the free state. >> the state-of-the-state is strong, and we're growing stronger still. >> reporter: the governor's 35- minute speech played out a -- laid out a long list of priorities through the general assembly and the centerpiece being the proposed law for stricter gun control in maryland. >> i ask you to ban the sale of military assault weapons in maryland. >> reporter: the governor went on to call for thim


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