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tv   Noticias 65  FOX  February 15, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and homicide rate. the school is also very near where a 15-year-old honor student was gunned down. hadiya pendleton just performed at the inauguration of the president. >> last year there were 443 murders with a firearm on the streets of this city. and 65 of those victims were 18 and under. so that's -- the equivalent of a newtown every four months. >> reporter: before the chicago visit he awarded presidential medals to the six educators killed in the newtown school has shooting. the president is urging congress to pass new gun legislation renewing the ban on assault weapons and banning high capacity clips. >> we don't need a cheerleader right now for new gun laws. we need somebody to enforce the laws we have. >> reporter: many lawmakers say enforcing existing laws including those on background checks will do more than writing new ones. the head of the nra is even more outspoken in opposition to any new gun restrictions. >> we will not be dupes by the
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hypocrisy in the white house or the congress who would deny our right to semiautomatic technology and the magazines we need to defend ourselves and our families. >> reporter: the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing on legislation banalling assault weapons the last week of february. it will be the second full hearing in response tot president's push to curb gun violence. in a washington, craig boswell. fox 5 news. more testimony heard from connecticut. the governor malloy set up the meeting following the deadly school shooting last december. it heard from retired fbi agents the head of the national school safety group and the focus of course on school safety, mental health issues and gun violence. >> the key component of a safe and secure school is the idea of situational asituation. can our builds and can the people and the technology in the ecosystem help us better understand what's going on. how do we assess the conditions that we're in. how do we know what's around the corner. >> the commission will present recommendations to the governor
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next month. it's been a rough road for two of president obama's nominees awaiting confirmation from the senate. senate republicans blocked chuck hagel's vote for secretary of the defense today. they needed tone more about the form -- to know more about the former senator. republicans say the block isn't a filibuster but it does delay the confirmation until february 24th. meanwhile also delaying a vote to confirm john brennan to head the cia. dianne feinstein postponed the vote saying she wants more details on the white house drone program. despite the setbacks the expectation is that both the nominations will eventually go through. another big story following tonight the meteor explosion. the dramatic video right there from russia moments after fragments from a meteor crashed onto a quiet street. the meteor even left a thick trail of smoke in the sky.
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really it's worth going down a rabbit hole on youtube. i mean russia is covered with dashcam cameras all over the place and there's video over where of this ting -- everywhere of this thing. an amazing event and also destruct specific the explosion ironically on the same day as the asteroid buzzing by berth. it has ohm -- earth. it has people wondering what's going on. bob barnard went to find some experts. >> they are not related and as you said in this day and age when nearly everybody everywhere has a smart phone and more and more cars and trucks have dashboard cameras we can see from the people of russia experienced today. that meteor about the size of an suv is falling through the earth's atmosphere at more than 33,000 miles per hour. a massive fireball over the russian skies. [ sirens ] his camera caught the meteor breaking the sound barrier. the shock wave attering windows and damaging buildings. more than 1,000 people have
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been injured mostly by flying glass. the video seen around the world. and it's amazing. >> it's amazing you would think that the world would come to an end right now. >> it's pretty scary. >> to have a big impact like this and have a big massive material is actually a very rare occurrence. for it to land in such a populated area is very, very vary. >> reporter: emma is a geologist with the smithsonian institution speaking to us at the museum of natural history. >> this is a piece that fell in mexico of a meteorite in 1969. part of a huge shower of stones. >> reporter: this is home to the u.s. national meteorite collection. some of the rocks more than four billion years old. >> so we're looking at a snapshot of the very beginnings of our solar system when we look hat this type of rock. >> reporter: the doctor says the russian meteor likely came from the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. >> once in a while we get lucky and we get a piece of rock from mars or the moon.
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but in this instance we think it's most likely came from the asteroid belt. >> reporter: not the asteroid that just passed our world that close encounter was predicted. the russian meteor came out of the blue. >> this is another piece of mars. >> that is? >> this fell in egypt. >> reporter: believed to have struck and killed a dog in 1911. this photo of a meteorite crater in arizona one of the largest impacts on the planet. and this is the so-called warton meteorite. it crashed through a doctor's office in northern virginia in january 2010. >> and this is the ceiling tile above the exam room where the meteorite actually landed. >> reporter: today's event might have been rough for the russian people. but vital for science. >> it's incredibly important. every single one of the meteorites gives us another piece in the jigsaw puzzling of what the solar system looked like when it first formed and how it's evolved since. >> reporter: so far there's no word of any deaths or anyone
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being struck by frackments of the russian meteor. the doctor reminds us most showers are dust particles falling through everth's atmosphere and that most meteorites land in remote locations or in the oceans. brian? >> bob tonight. pakistan touting the success of a short range ballistic missile test. it's the second test this week. the missile has a range of 111 miles. police arrested a man in connection with an explosion at a virginia sub shop. horace thompson was taken into custody after leaving the washington burn center on thursday. the 25-year-old is accused of detonating a device inside the shop on february 6th in lorton. he's awaiting extradition to fairfax county. the owner of the sub shop now recovering at home. the acting county executive in anne arundel county says he's interested in filling in until the next election. following the resignation of john leopold. hammond made the announced today at hiss home in annapolis. leopold resigned earlier this month. the council is expected to
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choose a replacement on thursday. monitoring metro and you can expect delays if you plan on taking it this weekend. scheduled on all lines. shuttle buses will be designated at the stations to help commuters. give themselves an additional 15 to 20 minutes and on presidents' day monday it will run on a saturday schedule. post office problems. coming up on the news edge despite the criticism eliminating saturday service, doesn't seem to be bothering you much. >> then you may want to check for green ring around your finger. a lawsuit sheds light on costco diamonds. sue? >> hey brian. 60 degrees today on this friday with a lot of sunshine. but the clouds have come racing in, the temperatures are going to crop and some of -- drop and some you are going to see some snow showers before this night ends. we'll have your weekend forecast, scott i'm jealous down there with the nats. i hope it stopped raining on you. >> reporter: yeah. it's nice and clear out here sue. looking good. you know one player still yet to arrive. another player gets a new contract today.
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altogether another great day of spring training here in viera, florida. we'll bring you bryce harper and ryan zimmerman ahead in sports. >> if you see a story idea think we should look into. there's the number and e-mail address. we're back. 
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most americans, they're okay with losing saturday mail delivery. the pew research center found 54% of americans agree with the plan. it will save the postal service $2 billion a year. 19 libraries in prince george's county could be facing budget cuts soon. $25million budget normally designated to the library could take a hit of $3 million. this year they received a 1.5 increase in the annual budget. those not in favor of the cuts say the libraries play a vital role in the county. nothing says marry me like
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a lawsuit. tiffany and cosuing costco over fake engagement rings. they sold knockoff engagement rings to customers and the lawsuit cites trademark infringement deceptive business pack sis and face advertising. costco not commenting. just ahead here on the news edge, home free. >> it was a little definitely stressful. panellic at first. -- panic at first. nobody really knew what was going on. >> passengers back on land at after the eight day nightmare on a crippled cruise ship. >> they are courting red skins' rookie rg3. >> it's a great way to release tension, a massive pillow flight. feathers were flying last night in san francisco at the justin herman plaza. they came out as they do every year to have a good time.
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the nightmare is over -- >> every time the boat listed or leaned, the sewage would spill over. >> everyone has their own breaking point but everyone kept on going through and it working through it. >> the nightmare over for more than 4,000 passengers and crew members stranded at sea on the disabled cruise ship. the ship lost power after the fire in the engine room and stuck at sea for eight days. passengers complained of overflowing toilets and unsanitary conditions and the ntsb investigating and carnival is reimbursing passengers for the full cost of the trip. also still alive. talk about that? this isn't the first time carnival cruise lynns found itself in troubled waters. so will the latest deal hurt business? tracy byrnes takes a look from the fox business network. >> reporter: after days adrift at sea, carnival's cruise ship triumph docked in mobile, alabama last night. passengers were kissing the grounds after disembarking with what some are calling the
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cruise from hell. an engine fire stranded the cruise ship and her 4,200 passengers last sunday and left them with no electricity, plumbing, running water, and a shortage of food. carnival is no stranger to disaster. it owned the costa concordia which ran agrounds along the coast of italy last january. killing some of its passengers. and another carnival ship also suffered an engine fire and was adrift in the indian ocean a month later. carnival seems have to mastered the pr clean-up. the stock barely hit by the three unfortunately i -- unfortunate events. >> carnival in my opinion is doing the best they can do. they're getting them home for free. they're giving them 100% refund and 100% ticket to another cruise. i don't know how much more they can do. because they can't just start handing out money to everyone. and we're giving you $5,000 cash to everyone on the ship. that would set a horrible precedent. >> reporter: the cruise line is offering passengers of the
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triumph full reimbursements and full cruise credits to make up for the conditions aboard the stranded ship. but carnival will have to make some big financial sacrifices now to save itself from having to pay in court later. log on to for more. in new york, i'm tracy byrnes. the stranded carnival ship and the meteor explosion just two of the big stories this week. if you had to choose would you rather be injured by a meteor or spend five days stranded at sea on a cruise ship? heck of a choice. we asked the question on the facebook page. mark ebber hart responded -- basketball mean writes -- and katie hernandez says -- share and pose if question to your -- the question to your facebook friends and share with us on our facebook page my fox d.c. >> if i had to i take the cruise ship because the meteor is serious business. >> yeah. i agree. you can die. you can't die from overflowing
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toilet. >> that's right. two chances for snow this weekend. first one is tonight north and west and maybe some snow showers you know the small accumulation on grassy areas. and then tomorrow night, see if that southern storm that goes to the coast may be clips the eastern and eastern suburbs on the -- southern suburbs on the eastern side of 95. what a great day today. oh it was such a beauty with alot of sunshine. yes we did absolutely get up to 60 degrees at reagan national and you can see the cloud cover really come racing in. we've had a few showers now to the north and west which we will check on radar and yes some of you are going to see some snow showers out of that a little bit later tonight. but first pavement will be warm because these are the temperatures we hit today including 58 at dulles. a gorgeous day. and temperatures you'll see quite a contrast here. 50 degrees here in the city and look at the blue colors, gaithersburg just up 270 already 43 degrees, farther north and you get up to
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hagerstown it's 37 degrees. and then we widen out the picture down to 33 in pittsburgh. 28 in detroit and chicago. colder air is coming in. this is the cold front we told you about that would have arctic air behind it. somewhat modified that's for sure. it would produce some showers and that's what we're seeing. we've had a little batch north of d.c. come on through. it's affecting baltimore now and more showers to come. and eventually once it gets a little bit colder some of these could change over to snow showers. we've certainly seen the back edge of that trying to produce a few snow showers along the interstate 81 corridor and the higher elevations. so don't be shocked if maybe later tonight surprisingly you get a vigorous enough snow shower and it cover the grass a little bit like we saw i believe it was on thursday morning. or was it wednesday morning? the whole week has been so wild up and down. anyway we've got tonight though are the showers that are coming with the frontal boundary and then tomorrow is a little bit of a different situation. as that frontal boundary crosses, we are going to find it trying to develop an area of low pressure. sort of at the southern end of
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it. so tomorrow's definitely going to be a day where we'll feature a lot of clouds. much colder than it was today. be the big question is -- and the big question is where will the area of low pressure track? will it go farther out to sea? well i would say the models right now are favoring enough snow that it's just a little bit south and east of95. not a lot for the metro area but there could be a little and of course that scenario if this storm system were to make take a nudge back closer to the coast would be more snow for the i-95 corridor. i think seeing some up to boston and maybe even into maine and canadian portions of the atlantic where you could be seeing blizzard conditions up there over the weekend. so let's look at the futurecast and decide what's going to be happening here. at 6:00, rain showers out to the west. there's the snow along the i-81 corridor. we run this through to 11:00, 12:00 and yeah rain mixed with snow showers maybe enough to coat the ground north and west. but at 7:00 in the morning
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fairly quiet. then what wee see is during the afternoon and evening that storm tries to develop down to the south and maybe it puts down a coating and this could even slide a little bit closer in the afternoon and evening hours. then it kicks on out to sea and we get kind of blustery as it strengthening going up the codes. we might have a passing snow flurry as well on sunday but what we're thinking right now is in the blue area just some passing snow showers during the day tomorrow. but we get again east of90 to the other side of the bay and anywhere from a coating to 3 inches of snow could happen late tomorrow night into sunday. so hang in there for that. and in the meantime your fox 5 accuweather seven day forecast with the high of 40 tomorrow and a holiday weekend. you will see that there aren't even any winter weather advisories issued now. if anything changes, we'll let you knowen that but it will be a much colder weekend brian. looks like presidents' day will be rather quiet at 42 and maybe some showers on tuesday and we jump right back up to 50. >> thank you sue. rg3 may be soon able to add
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commencement speaker to his resume. students at broad run high in fairfax trying to woo the star. they sent countless tweet invitations to rg3. they sent photos of themselves and cafeteria workers griffinning around the school. he has yet to respond. coming up the nats' training camp in florida. sports director scott smith with moments from space coast stadium. and the latest on the defending nl east champs. >> a mob of kangaroos interrupted the first day of the lpga's australian open and it happened on live tv. the kangaroo mob was seen crossing the greens and causing the delay.
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welcome back to florida. spring training home of your nl east champions washington nationals. i'm scott smith and we start off with some really good news. the team successfully avoiding arbitration for starting
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pitcher jordan similar -- zimmerman. reporting day for position players. after practice today davey johnson with some high praise for his pitching staff. more specifically newcomer dan haren. the nats ow new starter threw a bullpen and he looked great today. the early arriving position players also got some voluntary workouts in as well. adam laroche and span the new center fielder they were out there. third baseman ryan zimmerman didn't take part in today's workout but i caught up with him and asked him about the memories of last year and that division title run. >> we look back on it quite a bit. a bunch of us would text each over and keep in much -- other and keep in stuff and we could talk about things and how it ended and how much that kind of still stung in the off-season. you know obviously being that close to kind of going to that next level and then you know, once you play you know get past that first round and you play them. i thought we played the giants you know you never know. you get hot in there and once
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you get to the world series anything can happen. we learned a lot from the success last year and also we learned a lot from how all of us failed. >> reporter: now he did have surgery in the off-season to repair his right shoulder. he says that he's going to gradually get back into things but he expects to be a full go by the sometime the season -- time the season starts. soriano is en route to florida and davey johnson expects to see him here tomorrow morning. we have been talking a lot about price hamper. we -- bryce harper. he's price 2.0. he's bulked up and gained a few pounds. i asked him about the off- season workouts today. so the big talker coming into spring training is how much muscle mass bryce harper has gained. you built like a linebacker. >> i wish i was a linebacker. no, you know, i just take a lot of pride in what i do. and you know, i love working out. i always have since i was younger. you know when i was in high school you know i took it
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really you know, i took it really hard and really took you know pride in eing that i -- everything that i did. and i think if you know you work hard on and off the field it's going to help you out through the year. >> you're a cagey vet. what's that experience like? you look back on last year what you guys were able to do. how much better prepared, what's your mindsets going into this spring training? >> you know i just want to get better dave i. you know every sing -- every day. you know every single time i come into spring training i try to get better, base running, hitting, outfield working out, anything i can do to help my team and help me you know further myself every year. you know i think coming into this year we have you know a lot of goals for our team. and i think a lot of people have a lot of goals you know we have a bullseye on the back and we've got a lot of guys that i think are ready to go off and really get deep into the playoffs and get into the world series hopefully and bring something back. >> reporter: and one final
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basketball note. maryland's howard will miss saturday's game against duke for violating a team rule. brian? back to you from florida. >> scott thanks. time to shawn yancy for a look tonight at 10:00. >> both of beyonce's shows in d.c. sold out this morning in a minute. outraged fans are crying foul. what some people are doing to fight back against ticket master and wait until you hear how much the tickets are going for on line. >> jesse jackson jr. facing serious conspiracy challenges tonight. the outrageous amount of money that prosecutors say he stole. those stories can much more tonight on fox 5 news at 10:00. >> hope to see you as well. have a great night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] 
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