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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 15, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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leonardtown. by afternoon we should lose the showershou activity. keeping the clouds around. storm system passes to the south and east. lots more on the weather. things warming up starting tomorrow. we'll have details in a moment. back to you. it's nearing the end of day in north korea. no sign that the communist nation will use this day to launch a missile as many expected. >> north north koreaans are celebrating the birth of the country's founder. the u.s. and allies are mushing for new tawbs doug has the latest from capitol hill. >> there's beenm a great deal o speck thraition a north korean missile launch could come today. as john kerry tries to diffuse d the ongoing crisis. in north korea a celebration. the birthday of country's founder as the world wonders whether his grandson is ready to
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wage nuclear war as he is threatened. at the very least the north has the ability to launch a conventional attack. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in japan which w could be in the flight path of any north korean mifl. mif it's call for a diplomatic resolution. >> the united states remains open to authentic and credible negotiations on the denuke larrizeation but the burden son pyongyang. >> but the end game is unclear.. is he simply trying to strengthen his hold on power. the pentagon has positioned warships and anti-missile batteries in the reej gallon case of a launch. in the u.s. white house critics say the kerry policy is flawed that anything talk of negotiations or more international aide simply encourage what's can amount to north korean tantrums. >> i don't see that this policy of pay age ransom to get him to tone down rhetoric is
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successful. it's like a bad movie. >> in the meantime north korea's holiday is almost over now leaving open the possibility that kim jong-un's bluster was just for show in washington. fox news. >> now to iraq where at least 32 people were killed and more than 200 injured today in a series of explosive attacks. most involved coordinated cared bombs that went off in baghdad, fallujah and towns south of capital. viet lens comes less than a week before iraqis are scheduled to vote in the first elections since the 2011 u.s. troop withdrawal. >> tony lots of big news set to be made on capitol hill this week. we begin with gun control and three republicans are reportedly now backing a senate bill that expands background checks for gun buyers a vote on the proposal is believed to be too t close to cawsm the bipartisan bill would close the so called l gun show loophole.
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opponents say any control measure impacts the second amendment's right to bear arms but the supporters disagree. nothing guarantees a criminalrii will get a gun but we can reduce the chances they'll be successful ands that progress without infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens.izen >> the senate is expected to take a vote this week. a similar measure could be unveiled this week in the house where it would face significant opposition from republicans. >> a bipartisan group of senators known as the gang off seat set to release an immigration reform bill tomorrow. republican marco rubio says the plan includes stronger border security and would require illegal immigrants to pass background checks, pay fines and application fees to receive a permit to work, and pay taxes and apply people to pay legal
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immigration. applicants would not be he will inlible for federal benefits.eft >> another candidate from the 2010 d.c. mayoral campaign says he was pressured to quit. the reports leo alexander says mayor vincent gray urged him to drop outut before the democratic primary. he claims gray told him to talk with jean harris, a degree supporter admitted she was part ofitte an illegal shadow campai. alexander had a meeting with w harris and another with gray.y. despite saying he was deeply indebt did he not ask nor was he offered any money to leave the race. there are new developments in the search for a missing fair fax county boy. detectives say they have reason to be concerned for thehey five-year-old's welfare.fare melanie joins us live from police headquarters with the latest on the investigation.
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melanie? >> sarah it's been 15 days since cameron's father has seen him and now police say he was spotted along with his mother at the birmingham, alabama, airpora on they believe that she flew there from bwi.. now the f.b.i. has stepped in charging the mother with felony parental abduction. cameron's picture is posted ont the national center for missings and explitted children's web site. he was last seen on april 1. he has been absent from school h ever since. rebecca's car was found last wee can in the parking lot of the t lion village shopping center.. her exhusband believes she may s be traveling to the west coast. her exhusband said she had a heroin problem and arrests for illegal drug use.. >> i mean physical -- has she fallen back to any of those ways and that's what we just can't
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know and that's why i believe my son is in danger. >> rebecca may have changed her appearance and may have been changed her son's the pair hey be using his mother's maid yen name of love. back to you guys.ys. police have veghtding sexual assault cases in northeast. a victim said she was tacked byy three men before 2:00 a.m. saturday. the second attack happened on sunday morning in the 1900 bloco of lincoln road. the victim says a man knocked on her door asking to use the phone. once inside he attacked her. >> said to april 15 and the tax deadline is here. you have until midnight tonightt
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to get the forms in the mail. white the internet has made it easier this time of year can be stressful for some people. even once you get them done there's a concern you'll get audited. maryland's office of comp stroll comptroller said the best way to handle sit to be prepared.pare if you owe money but cannot can afford it know your >> anybody that has a situationi where they can't pay because they've lost their job or don't have any any money. talk to we're the opposite of irs we're not interested in making life m difficult for people. >> he said interestult and penalties penalties can be waived for f people who can't pay right away as long as they contact his office to set up a payment plan. >> a little heads up for you. police in laurel maryland are using two new decoy speed cameras to get drivers to slow down. they look like the six real ones already in place until the
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region. the cameras have been set up in a school zone on montgomery street and outside a busy senior living apartment complex. once police see a change around the decoys they plan to move them some place else in an effort to get you to slow down. >> yeah. >> police are not thrilled about that. >> it is now 9:08. the best seller 50 shades off grey finds itself on a differene book list that is not so great. we've got details coming >> later with spring here your pet pet has by he outside and there are bugs to watch out for. what you should know about your if you arey friends and the upcoming cicada invasion. >> oh,. >> time now is 9:08. we'll be right back. sick qaeda. kick qaeda. sick qaeda.
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(woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles
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in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> a new green champion in golf and a half rick is celebrating
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his 25,000th point. >> a lot of points. >> it is. >> coolest thing about aaugusta. you can be an old guy like me or say there was a 53-year-old up there with freddy couples, a 55-year-old in bernhard longer who was two shots off on sunday. it's an ageless game. adam scott is a guy at 32 whoho kind of, the hopes of aws traila had been with this guy for somee time he had never broken through. it had gotten close a couple times. he wasn't talked about until the back nine of that seems to happen all the time at augusta national. you never know how the story is going to my out each and every year. that is what makes the viewing so, so important. it's rivetting every single yeay it seems like. yesterday tiger woods made a little run but never was really into it. you never felt like tiger hit and it was his to win.
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finishes four shots back. tied for fourth place, it's pretty good but not where tiger judges himself. h here is what it came down to, t adam scott on 18. 1 come on. oh, yeah, rolls it in. look at the celebration. celebrating with stevie williams tiger's caddy like he won augusta. cabrera was in the fairway while that was going on in the rain. the argentinian who already has a green jacket undeterred. to do that after what adam scott had done he taps that in. fist bump. we go on to a playoff. scott with win right here. >> and does. >> he does. that is the life changer, the big huge from stevie. you see cabrera gave him a hug. good sportsmanship right there. a stirring victory yesterday at augusta and all of australia. this guy is like the king of australia today. t >> i love that he has tiger's tg
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old caddy. this caddy is pretty good. >> tiger's caddy has more imaginers without tiger than tiger does without him. >> do all of the caddies wear the white jumpsuits? he. this dough and maybe some should wear shirtz. [laughter] national rough weekend.kend they get swept by the braves. tomahawk chants going on at national park. come on, guys we've got a rivalry, it's official. they are 11-1 sitting pretty. it's april. a let's talk again in august and see if they are hanging around. they did beat them up today at the jackie robinson day around major league baseball. a great, great day for baseball. here is the history. dirk know vitsy knocking down
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the jumper for the 25,000th point of his career.eer. very, very impressive. conbeforegreat laitions to dirk. the university of al sl going to the white house today. they won the bcs by beating notre dame in january. they were supposed to do this last month but we had the big b snow storm so it got backed up. >> was it storm we had or didn't have. >> the march one. is that the one we had? >> the one that was predicted pe that can't dom.t do >> is he still in the corner for that? [laughter] >> they didn't come up for thehe first time. they are visiting with president obama today. always nice to see that for thee kids to come up here. we have one d.c. guy on thehe alabama team, too. cool for him to meet the president. congratulations to alabama. it's what happens when youons , to the victors go the spoils. >> that's right. very good. thank you, sir. >> coming up, as the united
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kingdom prepares to bury former prime minister margaret thatcher, a music campaign celebrating her death making headlines.head why some are taking pleasure inn her passing. >> it's 9:16. stay tuned for more news and a your forecast is coming up fromm tucker in a little bit. we'll be back. 
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>> an effort from former primeor minister mash get tacher goat g song ding dong the witch is deaa has failed. it peaked at number two. there was debate as to whether the bbc should play it. in the end the bbc opted to play a five second excerpt from the wizard of oz while a radio reporter explained the actions of opponents. the prime minister died last
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week and the funeral is set for wednesday. >> the popular book series 50 shades of gray is topping charts. it's among the books most likely to be removed from library shelves. the trilogy faced fourth on the american library associations annual study of challenged books. that means it's subject to complaints from parents, educators and others. number one on the list. l the captain underpants series for kids. >> i could see how that could be worse. [ laughter ]laug famous space mountain roller coaster at disney land remains r closed this morning. following safety citations. they say it's voluntary and related to an incident in november. not 20 now still head remembering jackie robinson. a look back at how we jackie robinson changed the face of baseball and how husband legacy
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is living on today. t >>o controversial comments what superstar justin bieber saidber about what of the most well known holocaust victims. fox 5 morning news continues after the break.
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>> nation yag cherry blossom festival to an end on saturday.t i love the blossoms, so pretty. this is followed by the efficient end on sunday and capital bike share has the cherry blossoms to thank for business. the red bicycles set a daily record on saturday with more than 11,000 riders. the previous record was set tuesday during peak bloom. the bike sharing system serves the district, arlington and alex cree dreea and has 175 stations a good way to do it. it's difficult to get down there, parking and serving really tough. good idea. >> i saw those red bikes everywhere down there yesterdayy great. >> a good way to see it.
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>> the only thing missing is the cherry blossoms thench were done. a week ago over before they hit bloom. >> gorgeous weekend saturday and sunday. turned out great. gre we're doing the april showers. s those are important, too because -- >> should we say hi really quick to all the people we met. tucker and i went out to maryland live on saturday night. >> how many people did you meet? >> there were a lot of people. >> we'll mention one person we met. >> i'm not sure if he's watching. we met derek jeter. >> we did. >> not the derek jeter but a gentleman named derek jeter. >> i'm sure everybody listened. >> he said hey, hey, hey, you, o
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have to say hi to me. he showed us his license to prove it. >> derek jeter. >> they have to lower the limits on the tables. table games they started. $50 and $100 that's expensive. >> minimum it's crazy. bring it down. >> i'm not an experienced enough gambler to lose that kind of >> tony doesn't have that kind of money. >> most people don't. d >> tucker doesn't.'t. >> thanks to everybody. >> you are regulars.ular >> i want to be a regular. >> light rain shower activity across the region. mostly wet of town is where theh rain is hanging out. we're not going to get a lot off rain here. a few 100th of an inch of rain.
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pushing up towards manassas.assa it's possible a few more showers could move through the district and points north and east.ast. i'm not sure we're done with the rain but you can see it's highly scattered and will remain so. s as we get to the afternoon hours its main system should get dragged far enough to the east that most activity should taper off we'll be left with plenty of clouds. not sure we're going to see sun. let me show you the stmple it's the same storm bringing rain r late yesterday afternoon. caught any of the masters in georgia same little storm system. it's pushing off the peninsula. light leftover showers there up to washington. a lot of that is not touching the ground as it pushes off to the north and east we should see improving conditions as mentioned. clouds this afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 60s 6s and we'll get warmer temperatures in here starting tomorrow. back to the 70s and well not 70s by wednesday and thursday. temperatures roo it now here in washington 58-55 in leonardtown.
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62346 fredericksburg. 55 in winchester and 56 in hagerstown. if you are sneezing and you are wondering why and you want to blame it on the aler dpiz, it's trees. tree poll season high.. forecast here remains eye for the remainder of the week. if you are sneezing likely grasses and mold on the low tide side. 67 the daytime high. mostly cloudy skies.. showers continuing a few more hours. later tonight 55. plenty of clouds. cool over night. south and east. accu weather forecast 72 tomorrow. warm it up near 80 wince. thursday looks good, too. to could be showers wednesday and thursday. neither will be rain outs.uts. best chance of rain this week late friday with a strong cold front. check out your that's a look atl the weather forecast. f
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>> we'll have the latest from our favorite dogs. (inaudible). (inaudible). >> i'll tell what you. annie stand by. we'll get your microphone fixed. we'll come back to you in a moment. so we can hear you. we want toe ca hear what you hao say. stay with us. we'll be back with more in a couple moments. we'll be right back.
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>> our four legged friends have little dhois stay cool in the
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coming summer heat. h recognizing signs of heat stroks can save their lives. joining me is the c.e.o. of washington rescue league. >> you brought along is on r chy friends. >> i did. this is sunkissed a puggle, five years old, a bawfl persona. she's wonderful but a greatreat compliment to your little friend there fishy wishy. w she's eight weeks old. she's a lab beagel mix from alabama. we bring a lot of animals inn from participating partner shelters. we just have such a great dog and cat loving area here that we're able to place them. we're lucky. >> fishy wishy is snowld. >> eight weeks.eeks she's been neuter and ready to go as is sun kissed. >> they are both great with kids. fishy wishy likes to chew. >> that's a puppy thing. if you -- we've got all different kinds of animals ats t
9:34 am
the washington animal rescue league. we've got younger puppies like fishy wishy. middle aged girls who are crazy like. >> i have four of my own and a baby. >> it reminded us how d.c. how weather can be.athe >> did it. i we do this topic every year butt it's so important. >> it's so important about pets and the heat.e the first thing i always say is imagine yourself in washingtonai humidity and the heat wearing aa fur coat. that's what our pets are. trims are very, very important in terms of getting your dog or cat groomed never, ever leave your dog or cat in a car even in a little bit. kit get so hot so quickly. >> a lot of indoor play is important when it's so hot justs
9:35 am
like people.. it's so common sense fumple hoth think of your animal with a fur coat on. plenty of water. try to good out on walks in the morning or evening. especially the morning when it's really cool and great time. so that's always important.mpor >> a lot of people think it's okay if you run to the store for a few minutes it can get really worm quickly. so quickly. they are panting and overheatino in a quick second. whenever i travel i have cool fres water as well.e >> i noticed more and more retailers in the d.c. area are having bowls of water outside. >> the ones that fold up and gog in your purse. p >> yeus. we're becoming more pet friendly. bring your animals. ask your favorite retailer if they can come in.e >> that's right. speaking of pet safety we're having a cicada comeback. a swarm will be in the area. should we be concerned aboutbo this at wall dugz and pets?
9:36 am
>> you should. there's all kinds of cicada recipes for people. it's okay if the dog or cat es a few. they shouldn't george themselvee and they could be allergic so watch that and especially if those have been sprayed with pest crieds it's in the a good thing either. e you know it's okay for them to eat it. but be careful, the wings wingse hard. if they throw up monitor them.m. don't worry a cicada or two is not bad. >> okay.k we're happy to work with d.c. united the local soccer team we're there with the rescue r swran a lot of adoptable animals sunday tarting at -- starting at 3:00. the one of things the washington
9:37 am
animal rescue league vuns a food bank. we're asking for donations of pet supplies andor pet food forr the food bank for uncome qualified dog and cat owners in the if do you that the d.c. united is doing a 2-1 voucher. come out, support your team. support the washington animal rescue league. maybe take a great animal home and one of great things i wantew to emphasize is summer say wonderful time to bring an animal into your home. kids are off from school.l. it's a little.e. the asked jewel better to acclimate your animals. >> absolutely. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> hopefully sunkissed and fishy wishy find great homes. h >> i'm sure they will. >> log on for more information. time now for the bet of the dayd spot is from fredericksburg,g, virginia. what an adorable face there. e-mail a photo or video to pet pix at back to you sarah and tony.ony.
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cute, cute. cracking open the buzz bin, teen pop star justin beeber is in hoh water again. we're mentioning him every weekk it seems now following a commenm he made this past weekend. he was visiting the anne frankak house museum in amsterdam. in the guest book he wrote quote truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a belieber. >> ugh. u that's the fan the fans -- fan phrase the fans use to describe critics called him too full of himself and said he missed the lessons of her story. the museum said frank's diaryiay shows she was into pop culture write being her collection of film star photos. bieber as fans sent messages of support but they admitted they e didn't know who anne frank was.
9:39 am
>> that's worse. wor that's the worst part of thehe story overall. o kevin hart opening up after his dui bat of over the weekend. >> he later failed a field sobriety test. he tweeted quote this say wake-up call for me. i have to be smarter and last l night i wasn't. everything happens for a reason. >> from now on your job is to be a distraction so people forgeteo what the real problems are. >> for fans this is the trailera for the next movie of hunger games. it's called "catching fire" it's the first images fromel film.m. they were debuted last night. actors jennifer lawrence, josh hutchison and liam helmsworth
9:40 am
all return. ret it hits theaters november 22. >> more on the mtv movie awards. brad pitt had the honor of top prize, the movie of year, take a listen. predict the startling accuracy the winner of this years award. ha! marvel's at vengers. [cheers and applause] the show hoafts were double winner. usually are. >> come up fashion for a cause. >> i big hollywood names give u a preview of a star studded show set to take place right here in d.c. we'll have that after the break.
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>> on this day back in 1947 194 jackie robinson made his major league debut with the brooklyn dodgers. as the first african-american a baseball player of modernfr erae opened doors for minority athletes everywhere. as we honor jackie robinson day today we're looking back at a legacy that still lives on. joining us live from new york is the president and chief executive officer of the jackie robinson foundation. thank you very much for joining thus morning. let's talk about this day. it is being marked in a numberin of ways. all the major league baseball b teams will be wearing the number 42 today. of course, we have the debut of the film 42 this weekend which i would imagine, you must take some encouragement from the fact that it was the number one movie of weekend. >> yes, absolutely. not only the number one movie it apparently reached 27 million viewers. so it's apparently that is the
9:45 am
most for any baseball movie in here. we're excited of course.e. >> that's great. g we'll talk about the foundation in a moment. first for those who maybe are too young to know or too remember put this day in perspective for us and a little bit about jackie robinson's legacy. >> yes, it's the 66th anniversary of jackie robinsonon breaking the color barrier in major league baseball which was the american pasttime in 1947. so the impact of his integrating baseball and doing it with grace and courage really impacted our entire social fabric. in fact jackie robinson has beee described as the freedom rider before freedom rides, if will you which means he laid the foundation for the modern civil rights era. if -- and i encourage everyone, especially young people to see the film because it's an aughtentic representation of that point in history which really has impacted the entire,
9:46 am
as i said the entire social fabric of our country and the world. he was -- he laid the foundation for the modern civil righter are and martin luther king himselfsf acknowledges he could not haveae done what he did without jackiei >> we'll talk about your foundition and the work that yoh all do. not only in honoring him but in helping some of our younger people >> i'll make a connection for you actually. seven of the 200 foundationion collars are 200 students we support around the country c served soant as interns during the filming this summer. it's been an amazing tie-in. legendary pictures. pic warner brothers worked closely with the foundation in duplicating and furthering the efforts of marketing the movie. and so we've had a part in the t movie since the beginning. the foundation has and then of
9:47 am
course rachel rob jon the founder and the 90-year-old widow was a consultant on the film. the writer and director did ann incredible job at representing that point in history as i said authentically and really giving it the sensibility that it deserved. in addition, we actually have all of our jackie robinson foundation scholars.olar these are college students we support around the country serving as ambassadors of the movie. this weekend i'm sure they were part of'm getting those numbersp because they were on the campuses encouraging people tora holding theater parties, puttint up posters.ters it's been a wonderful, almost familial effort the publical has been reminded f his contributions is an incredible boost to us. we'll be able to increase and improve our efforts to close the
9:48 am
achievement gap in higher education which sour mission --m which is our mission to make aae college education moreore accessible to more deservingdese young people. they graduated 1400 young people over the past 40 years of ourf u history and we time graduate even more in the coming years. >> what -- well, we only have a few seconds left but tell me about your upcoming efforts or anything else that may be goingg on to commemorate this day today. >> i would love to tell you it't a jumping off point for the jackie robinson museum. it's a project we're working on to build the museum in lower manhattan where they are on the first floor in new york city. i know you are in washington but it's a in additional museum. mus it's part of the efforts to memorialize jackie and rememberr him in a profound way. >> jackie robinson day and on the heels of the movie 42 opening at number 1 this
9:49 am
weekend. president and chief executive officer this weekend. we good to have you here. >> thank you, tony. >> sarah? >> tony, get out your sunglasses because this weekend is the night of 100 stars in washington. its a fashion show featuring local and new york designers coming up on sunday. part of proceeds benefited a children's charity and our fashion guru has a chance to c talk to the organizer and special guests before the runway rolls out. >> all right. we're getting ready to talkdy t about fashion right now and and it's the night of 100 fashion stars we have the stars inar the hous. yeah. >> harvey star washington producer slash designer and man in charge for show the and tracy braxton. you may know her from reality tv braxton family values. she's here from maryland. mar we want to give maryland some
9:50 am
love. >> it's going to be featuring models of all sizes, ages and heights. that's what the show is ball. bl this year i'm giving a portion of proceeds to dream for kids. it's an organization that helps kids from christmas time feed them and give them gifts. i wanted to give back to the community. >> okay. all right. miss braxton is here with you. how did you two hook snupnup reality tv and fashion is a natural -- >> let me tell you honey i haveh to be honest. >> since i met her my life has changed forever. [laughter] >> in a good way. >> it's a good>> way i but she drives me crazy. she's not just my client i style she's really like my sister. so we're friends and she's a sweetheart and the reason i wanted to style her and be inn her life is she's one of people that is not really -- she hadn't got what she deserves and i want the world to know she's talented
9:51 am
and fabulous and let me tell you something, i'm not going to sate but world get ready. don't give out the secrets. you have your own reality showrl with your sisters. s >> yes. >> it's an interesting show. you are called a wildcard in the show. >> at first it was a wanna bye. i ain't a sister. i don't share the same dna. really? >> you had to upgrade. she changed it to wildcards. they are doing a lot this seasot and showinghi tracy and my true self. i'm riding a motorcycle. m i'm like yes, honey i'm doing a motorcycle and showing more of my husband and my son and showing what i do on my side. you know, everybody see my sisters and all all the time. you know, i wanted to show them my personality. >> all right now you've been inn
9:52 am
d.c. a long time.e. >> i have been. >> you are from maryland you are both locals. >> 37 years producing shows. i started fashion here.e. if i wasn't for my sweat and tears there's no fashion. i'm known for thether tv show monique. i love what i do. i produced the blackhawk show. i think fashion is what you make it. but i like to put the class and the elegance and the sophistication and the glamour into it.into >> we're going to look at that right now. >> i brought a little bit of my spring collection.ring >> a bit of your spring collection. miss braxton is wearing it. >> i am. >> show us a little something something. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's tracy braxton stepping out in a harvey star washington original. how to wear a color block for the lady who dare it's be different. they say when you look this fine you have to take your time.
9:53 am
let's hear it for tracy. >> i win. i win! >> i also brought a couple more and let's bring them out. first we have kayla. she's wearing one of my fabulous colorblock dresses for the lady who dears to be different as well. >> okay. very unique and different.i >> all right. harvey tell me about the inspiration that goes into the line. for thisspiration dleaks you are look agent now. i loo wanted it to be colorful i wanted simplicity. >> okay. i don't think women need to come out doing too >> all right.ight okay. this is good for the spring. this is brianna. says in a very cool wonderful dress. you can put this on honey and keep it going. goi that's what you call all purpose. >> yes, honey.ey. thank you brianna now we're giving you something different this is aniah. she's one of my dresses with leggings up under them but you can take them off and wear the dress. give them attitude. >> work honey.
9:54 am
>> thank you. >> next if you a little bit of color this is lady felicia. she's show you just how to do it. hobby it's every color you want. here there and everywhere. we've got lime green, emeraldld green begun black and the lady felicia. shake that hair. my godson did the hair and makeup by ruben and fabulous amber. next full figure women we can'tc leave out. no, we can't we have the lady herself bianca. give them some add ought to. bianca. >> tell me about the molds how do you find them? >> by having auditions. but i am known in the city for giving people an opportunity. you don't have to be necessarily tall even though those girls are tall. >> i do short molds. i use all nationalities and i believe in giving everyone a e chance that deserve a chance. >> fashion show sunday april 21.
9:55 am
>> stand up by the ladies, girl. >> miss braxton stand up by the ladies. >> give them a pose. >> tell us about the show beforw we good. >> watch my show with my sisters the braxton family values at a 9:00 on thursday. >> two local people. we appreciate you come in. >> wow. quite a show. >> it's quite the show. >> all right, very good. >> i like his suit. s i think he can pull that off,, too. >> maybe, i'll try. t >> we'll get you one of those. >> it's:55. we'll be right back.
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because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> we're told as laughing. this is cookity laughing penguin. she's a cutie. a mass cot of the birdhouse at
9:59 am
the zoo. she's a little penguin which are the smallest of all. the video has gone viral and received more than six million views of course.s >> right, so cute. >> very cute. >> yeah, they are tickling. >> i guess, i don't know. >> penguins laughing. >> i don't think anybody could have a pet penguin. >> probably not.ot. not legally. >> in the office at the zoo. >> yeah.>> >> okay, around here clouds starting the t had a few showers move through.r most of shower activity has been dissipating, falling apart.par there could be a leftover sprinkle or shower. s highs in the upper 60s. going to warm it back up to the 70s. most of the week spring like. clouds and showers, too. >> thanks, tucker. >> we thank you for watching fox 5 morning news. the news is always on at >> wendy williams is next. see ya!


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