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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 16, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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among theee dead an 8-year-old boy. the number of people hurt in the twin blasts is as high as 144. >> new this morning, we'reing, r learning about a possible persos of interest being questioned by the fbi. fox has identified thai person. he is a 24-year-old saudi national who entered the countrn on a student visa. overnight law enforcement officials searched an apartmentr in the southern suburb of revere, but so far officials are staying tight-lipped about this person of interest. meanwhile, the white house sayss the attack is being treated astd an attack of terror.terror. we will have more investigatione and the local security responseu in just a minute, first we want to check with tucker for a chec on the forecast. good morning, tucker. good morning, tony.ning, we got a nice mild start to thee day. the temperatures in the 50s, th, it should be a decent afternoon. i know we got a parade downtown and a big day for many people outdoors. we should highs in the low low
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70s, it won't be a bad day atat all. bwi marshall at 52. at starting the day with cloud cover. the thinking is the clouds willl trend, we will start to see the clouds breakup during the course of the day. day. we got a little maritime layer r as wind have been out of the east. you can see the cloud cover, that is the light gray you see.e we are hoping that those will wl breakup and we will get partiala shine in here later today. to as we get the sun, things will gradually warm up into the lowlw to mid-70s. out to the west if you're out it west virginia or western maryland you will see sun firsts your temperatures will get well into the 70s, you will have will more in the way of sunshine suni later. you should remain dry, high temperatures in the low to mid-70s by 5:00 p.m. lots more on the weather, a nice warm up by the middle of theeid week. we will have details in an a minute, and take a look at look traffic and get the latest fromm julie wright. >> reporter: we will start l off in virginia. this is where we do have ve problems to report, northbound 395, definitely below speed eed leaving the beltway and and
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continuing toward seminary road. they're checking in the back upu why for a stalled vehicle near edsall road tying up the left lane. lane. eastbound 66, heavy volume heav coming in from 234, and headed past the rest area. i do see something stopped on sp the shoulder. we will keep an eye on this ares for you and update on our nextrt report. we will continue with the maps,, westbound on the dulles toll tol road. this is where we had a car fire on the right side of the highway, lanes are openanes aree eastbound, no problems to report on the beltway traveling between a 91 dalannandale and maryfield. powder mill road has cleared cla still headed from before 410re 0 headed into laurel. laurel that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. the city of boston remainsis on high alert this morning inthn the wake of the deadly marathon bombings. >> the extent of the carnage is hard to wrap one's healed around. the story of two brothers in in their 30s who were there to
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cheer on friends running in the race, both losing legs in the te explosion. all of this in the backdrop of a massive federal investigation. n jenniferve davis is live in bost with more for us.r >> reporter: tensions arer: ts high in boston as the city isty reeling from these blasts that tike took a joyful celebration seconds turned it into somethine full of fear and police are investigating anves apartment in connection with wih deadly explosions at the finish line at the boston marathon on monday. the police presence is leaving some people on edge. ege. >> my sister is upstairs cryingi not knowing what is happening ha thinking we can get attacked int a minute. >> reporter: the federal government has taken the lead id this investigation. inve >> it's asserting federal jurisdiction. it will do so through the boston joint terrorist and task force. >> reporter: the attack leftck more than 140 people injured, ie many of whom who lost limbs, li,
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many runners and spectators, an 8-year-old boy was killed. killd >> where the bomb hit, there were family and fans cheeringani you right near the end. unfortunately they're the peopl that got injured so badly. >> reporter: in addition to losing arms and legs, victims suffered broken bones, shrapnell wound, and ruptured ear drums. the doctors are giving a bleak a outlook for some of the patients. >> they're not doing okay. >> reporter: president obama has spoken to federal andand massachusetts officials in thehe aftermath of the blasts and he e is proposing that who whoever is responsible will be held accountable.acco in boston, jennifer davis, tonyn and sarah, back to you. since security has heightened in a number of locations in a number of citiesi across the u.s. as a precautionc that includes the nation's natis capital. >> the city's emancipation day y parade will go on as scheduled.. melanie alnwick is live at freedom plaza with more on the e extra police presence, good pres morning melanie.
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>> reporter: good morning, tony and sarah, yes. freedom plaza right behind me is where the parade is going togoio wrap up, and there will be al ba street festival following the te parade. and yes, there's additional addi security here. a little wider perimeter, peri perhaps than they would have hae ordinarily had.had. notice that both security ask on display across the area from areas of the national airportnal all the way to the white house. the u.s. secret service has expanded its perimeter aroundmer the grounds of the white housete but we're told not because of any specific intelligence. inte and pennsylvania avenue sealeded off, that area where people pe would normally gather to take photographs, extra personnel pes could be seen on the ground and on the white house roof.te hou . a spokesperson saying the sayi actions are taken out of an abundance of caution and it's not unusual for the agency toto move its you are askty boundariesecurity boundariesfroe
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that has not meant extra hours r or shifts that may have been ordered but so far none of that, d.c. emancipation day parade iss due to start at 11:00 along pennsylvania avenue, it goes from third street to freedom plaza. police chief saying there's no information that would suggest a threat in d.c. for today's festivities. able to defendthat we're well the 632,000 people who live hee and the many thousands of people who visit the city. city >> come downen and joy thewnen y event. we have a strong sture key plan in place. in p we are the nation's capital. we do that on a regular basis. a we will have enhanced security that some will, some will not be visible to the people who come down. i want people to take public transportation, come and enjoy yourself. we feel very comfortable it'sryc
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going to be a safe event. >> reporter: d.c. police poli along with transit police are ae asking people to be alert to report any unusual behavior oror suspicious activity. tony and sarah. >> melanie, thank you very much we want to keep you alerted with metro who went on high on alert after the bombings of of boston. we spoke with metro's dan, andad he sell tells us that security u be hig heightened in metro rail. they stress there's no specific threat against metro or any any transit system.sit syem. for more on the response onn yesterday's attack and the the investigation, we cur turn to bl brennan. bren >> he is the national director for the association, of response to national terrorism. good morning, thanks for coming in. >> good morning, thank you.mornn >> tell me a little bit wheng, u were initially seeing the the
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reports coming in, what werewere your thoughts as you saw theaw e event transpire, what were going through your mind as to what you thought this was? >> as soon as you see the second explosion, you realize you're y' looking at something out of the ordinary. if you look at the history of of terrorists in the united statesn going backited to 1970, there'sn over 2300 attacks in the u.s., less than 13% have involved complex attacks, using more than one phase or more than one explosive. you know you're looking atoking something out of the ordinary >> historically speaking that makes it a pretty rare type of event? >> it is, if you exclude 9/11 the average terrorism incidentit has generated 1.4 casualties pet attack, and we're talking 140, , this is two orders of magnitudea greater in terms of the numbers of casualties re generated. less than 2.5% has generated. this is not the norm even authoh
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a terrorism incident in the united states. >> looking back, obviously, we went back to 911, but boston inn particular when is the last timt they have seen anything this this magnitude. ma >> they have never seen anythint of this magnitude. only two have involved fatal, fa each of those was an assassination and those occurre in the 1990s.1990 this is the 4th attack since 1990 in the bonu boston. boston is the 14th most frequently targeted city in they united states. it's not among the states that has been most frequently targeted. it's a state with a tremendousia amount of infrastructure andand they're more than capable of handling this even without the e kind of experience that new york and l.a. has had in terms of attacks. >> in terms of this particular t event does it have the earmarks of any particular terrorist terr group or anything like that, or
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does it have the earmarks of being, perhaps a domestic terrorist event or something soe that originated from outside ofr the united states? >> terrorism is a tactic, and, d it's an equal opportunitynity tactic. groups of all have adopted thes sorts of tactics. ta the idea that an organization oa an individual would pick a high-profile event in which thec no the cameras will be rollingil to conduct an attack, means that they don't have to worry of propaganda and media. the cameras are going to produce that media for them. for th you will say that a more healedd organization is going to have he their own media capability mayby not rely on an event of this magnitude. however, this is not something that is unique to anyone one ideological group. this was a lot made of thee timing of the attack, this is on tax day, near the event patriots day and the near the event of waco and et cetera. cetera. terrorism is an opportunity of
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capable and motive. moti someone had the motive, developed the capability and the opportunity happened to be thiss on this high-profile event on-po this week. week that may be a coincidence, basen on the opportunity of having a i lot of people and a lot of cameras. >> we also, we understand andndd have over the years when iraq and afghanistan you hear about improvised explosive devices ieds, this thing described as as that as well.that we are used to hearing about it happening overseas but not heree at home when you look at what we know, which isn't everything evr about these explosives now, is , this something that is pretty common, the makeup of these thes explosives that we have dealthat with overseas, that our military offices have had to deal with il the past in. in. >> in the united states, ki sayy that over the last year -- i can say that over the last decade da the use of ieds has decreased relative to the previous decadee that is a relative term. term. other tack takes hav tactics hae
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rise. there's not that many incidentsi to compare against. i will say that -- if it's -- it turns out that antipersonnel ano metal fra fragments were put ine device, it says something aboutt the lethal intent about the perpetrator as opposed to the bombs generated their own slalnal. shrapnel. the homeland explosions arer the department's homelandland security areas in terms of research and development inlopmn terms of trying to understandnd this phenomenon. phen it's not to say this is aa surprise the use of an ied and explosion. >> thank you for coming in, wewe appreciate snu, thank you inside and stay, th with you fox 5 on and online for the latest on
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yesterday's attack.erday'attack later this mower, we will ll hear from the runners were who the scene while the explosionsns occurred and we will show you yu the messages of soldareties and how the sports teams are paying tribute to the victims. it's 7:13. we will be ligh right back. i'm with joe and belinda, they don't think walmart
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we are back now with details of terror from boston.error thefrom city's two major newsps with dramatic headline and images which you can imagine today. marathon terror, you can see a dramatic image of a wombing wo helped by bystander along boylston you the picture you can see thee of the smoke and bomb and peopl scrambling to get a way amid the flags from around the world worl
7:17 am
representing runners from many y different countries.t >> more than 23,000 runners were signed for yesterday's boston marathon. from those 17,000 had finishedfi race when the attack happened.ha >> many runners who were not injure chose to jump to action c to help those in need puttingtig themselves in greater danger. dave ross is joining us. >> it's not just a u.s. race. ra people come from all across thee world to enter the boston boston marathon. it's the number one premierpr marathon that we should have. you knew there was going to be o lot of people. it's highlighted by the marathon itself, there's a red sox game e at 11:00 a.m. and then aa marathon and then the bruins or celtics game at night. the red sox game went offnt without a hitch. hitc and later the explosions ex
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happened as a good number of the runner runners were crossing the finish line. line. the people were forced to to scramble for their safety. the power of the blast knocking over some of the runners themselves as they crossed overr the finish line. despite the dangers, dozens of f first responders including in marathon runners themselves rushed to help the wounded. some the runners who were not nt injured describe the horror they witnessed firsthand. firsthan >> we stopped for a second to to kind of collect ourselves andesn heard the bomb and looked behine us and there was a second one oe and we knew there was a bomb. bb you need to run, everybody started running as much as they could. >> where the bomb hit they were 10 and 15 deep. de they were families and fans fans cheering you right near the lines. it was deafening loud.. they were cheering like it was s their job, and unfortunately, they're the people that gott
7:19 am
injured so badly. >> we couldn't see the patients in the back of the fanner vanfan but whavan but wecould see the e of the driver. >> most the injuries deal with h the body.. threes been signs of solidarityr and beyond.d beyond. the brooklyn academy of music offered this message, darkness cannot draw out darkness, onlyry light can do that. that. the yankees and the red sox had a melding of their emblems to show solidarity between new york and boston. after niven-less than, yo 9/11,w firsthand what the bostonnians are going through today. to it's food to see the sports spos world coming together.rld coming >> it sure is. is. tucker barnes is here to to update us on today's forecast. o we do have emancipation day day parade taking place. a lot of folks looking at thists
7:20 am
forecast with interest.h >> yeah, and the good news isooe the weather is going toto cooperate. it's not going to be a perfectle sunny day today, but we will wil trend toward more sunshine as su you get into the late morning mo and afternoon.rnoon. it should be temperature te pleasant in the mid-70s. mi it should be dry, that is the most important part of thert o forecast today. we will take a look of the 57 th washington, it remains cold,s cd really in boston 42 degrees this morning. 62 in atlanta. notice that sort of orgy sea on the map, that is where the warme air is hanging out. out to the west it remains coldd and believe it or not another an winter storm is developing out there. denver is 23 degrees, casper is 20, and cheyenne, and laramierae are both expecting up to to 10 inches of snow in the southern parts of wyoming later today and with the windchill, wi their temperatures are going tor be in the teens and low 20s. 20. there's the developing it's not just wyoming, parts oft
7:21 am
the dakotas and nebraska ne expecting the winter storm as sr well. for us, we do look dry. dry. we have the cloudiness associated with the maritimeme layer, once we burn that off, we will get partial sunshine.e. the front that is out in ohio io and indiana will present a few w showers tomorrow afternoon andmt tomorrow night. mid-70s wednesday, upper 70s 70s tuesdaythursday, there could beg storms on friday, that will cool us, but sunshine back for the weekend. let's find out what isfind happening on the roads. julie wright is here with that. >> reporter: right now we'rere looking at 66 eastbound that has been tied up badly because of a crash. cr as tucker was doing the weathere they switched everybody to the e shoulder. the lanes are open, big tie-ups traffic will fre flow from 286 o 183. we had problems with a vehicle e fire before 7, there's still stl
7:22 am
activity on the right side of sf the highway. this is inbound, claire approaching the chain bridge. this is where we had the accident activity. you can see the flashing lights. for the most part they pulled it on to a parking light on thelig roadway at this point, but it'ss just before the chain bridge and that is why it's so slow on thee claire a barton parkway. park we have the delays forming on fo the inner loop of the beltway, leaving 210 headed to the wilson bridge, nothing out of the the ordinary. traffic continuing across thethe 11th street bridge. 295, the delays back up to the suitland parkway to the inland bridge. that's a check of on fox 5 on f time traffic. it's 7:22 on this tuesdays y morning. coming up, not letting the tra jedntratragedy in boston stop a tradition. we will talk with al sharpton.
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we're going to have more on the boston terrorist attacks ali morningst long, but first we wat to take a look at the other top stories. good morning to you sarah and good morningning tony. we begin with breaking news from iran where a massive earthquake has shook the ground. the u.s. cisemology has said sad it's center in the iranian city near the border o of pakistan. it was felt as far away as the e capital of the inia. india. >> it harked six years since the gunman killed himself and people
7:27 am
in the virginia tech campus. afterwards the capital square bell tour will ring 32 times once for each victim. vi on capitol hill support for expanding background checks on n gun sales appears to be fading.. yesterday the bipartisan groupta of senators who crafted an earlier compromise seemed to accept the willingness of some change that would exempt those s from licensed armed dealers. the biggest hiccup in the gun gu control laws. laws a vote was expected to take place today or tomorrow. tomo now while the details of aoa sweeping immigration reform bilo arrme out, the actual unveilingf the legislation scheduled fordu today may be delaye delayed becf yesterday's terror attacks in boston. senator john mccain says the the roll out could happen tomorrow instead. it would secure border, and put 11 million people living here illegally on a path to
7:28 am
citizenship. tony and sarah, back to you. >> wisdom, thank you very much. still ahead in our next half hour, how the district school so system is responding to reportso of a widespread cheating scandal. >> school chancellor will joinjn us live with an update and ad a look at the plans that the district has for the upcoming year.
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welcome back, a live puck tur at 7:21 of the u.s. capitol dome. you can see on the lower left-hand side of the screen, the flag to left of the capitoll at half-staff this morning ing response to the attacks in in boston during the boston marathon. we of course, are continuing to cover that story throughout theo morning. we will have the latest developments. in the meantime tuckerme barnes is here once again toagai tell us about today's weatherwer forecast. not a bad one?not na yeah, things will gradual wi he get better. you look at the live shot in thh cloud cover, you got the low-teclowdeck of clouds develoo overnight. once you we have the clouds wewe should partial sunshine this afternoon. af it's not going to be a bright it and beautiful day, but it should be nice with the sunshine 70snss in the forecast. >> all right. ri >> yesterday we were on the coow
7:32 am
sidee with highs in the low to mid-50s. reesy 10 degrees warmer and the 70s will be back warmer for tht several days. nothing te terribly extreme, but the remainder should wreck into the low to mid-70s. mi 57 in washington, they ca checks out, from the lower easternea shore from cumberland 55, wembe5 don't have a whole lot in theinh way of differential here in ourr temperatures, most of the area is hanging out right in the the middle 50s, not counting withcoi the cloudng cover. cover. 55 in frederick, 53 in fredericksburg. out to west sunshine first. typically out to the west cooler. the temperatures could warm up well into the 70s later thislats afternoon. there's the gray, les there's ts the cloud cover across the region. we're starting to see we should get at least some sunshine this afternoon, partlyt to mostly cloudy afternoon.
7:33 am
this could bring showers tomorrow, that won't get in here until tomorrow afternoon. until then, we're fairly quiet and a nice moderating trend with temperatures expected to be in the elow to mid-70s. that front will come down, the e real cool down won't get in here until late friday.unti we will get stronger thunderstorms and the much cooler a warm afternoon, not bad, sins south 5-10. 69 the overnight low, mostly moy cloudy with winds out of south h at 5-10. there's at cue weather seive day forecast. thursday looks decent with highh in the upper 70s, by friday could be strong showers and thunderstorms. and along withth the cooler temperatures, highs only in then low 50s. that's the weather, get the th latest from julie wright. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to i you tucker. we had our handful on westbound dulles toll, southbound 270 behind me you see in the
7:34 am
distance, this is where we havee the person in medical distress, southbound coming out of germantown and out of way to rockville all the way to the the southbound first. first. inbound on the clearance bartona parkway before the bridge there's an incident there, th that's what is tying up the right side of the highway, heads up as you continue over the bridge. no incidents to report out of of canal avenue headed toward to arizona avenue. av the bwi parkway is an eyesore,e, earlier problem at powder mill l road now cleared. now that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. d.c. public schools ares are making critical investments in the upcoming school year in ye hopes of improving opportunitieo for students and educators. those areas include lit literard including an effort to better engage parents. joining us miss henderson. >> before we talk about all of l that the event yesterday in
7:35 am
boston tragic and terrible. tere we do tend to think when you seu something like that our own area where we live, how safe are we,, and all of that type of thing? you are charged with the education of students, childrenh and also keeping them safe. how comfortable are you with thi level of safety of children in n the d.c. public school system? >> tragedies like this remind us that whatever we do, there's always something that we can't control. that being said, i think the events in new town and boston bo have caused us to sharpen our r safety and security measures. not i tip my hat off to the me metropolitan police department, and those who have been gauged d witengagedwith us, to make surer schools are safe. s nothing is full proof but we'ree taking the precautions that are necessary. >> i want to ask you about a another matter.
7:36 am
the usa last week reported on a memo written by an outside ouide analyst about the possibility of widespread cheating on the standardized tests in the d.c.d. school system. that would have occurred 2008 possibly implicating 200 teachers at 70 schools. we know that the reports went to the then chancellor deputies inn charge of accountability. were there any actions taken as a result of that report. >> that report was not a report which surfaced these issues. it was a report or a document in response to information that dcps had received from the superintendent saying these sayh classrooms had been flagged. what the document says is, i i don't understand the flagging methodology. in fact, i caution us not to to move forward, we don't enough th investigate because of thise bef information. that was later confirmed by
7:37 am
mcgraw hill, and it was confirmed by the office of superintendent who directed dcps not to investigate because the methodology was flawed. >> there's been a number of investigations into all of this type of thing. thi the d.c. office inspector general, do you feel that those investigations have beenbeen thorough enough, are youareyou satisfied with the findingsd wie there fand where things stand d now? >> we have had six different investigations that have foundhe no evidence of widespreadwide cheating in d.c. public schools. i have done everything in my power, i've called for the've cl inveedstigation with the inspecp general. we actually cooperated with with every single investigation, and, still no findings of cheating.e. the question around whether or not the investigations were were thorough enough, i think is a a question that we have a country have to grapple with.with. two years ago i was a keynoteken
7:38 am
speaker at the u.s. departmentpt of education where i said we need a standard for flagging and a standard for investigation. in absent a universal standard that we agree upon, then everything is open to question. i think that is what we're wh seeing >> i want to talk to you about the investments you're makingakg regarding the upcoming school sc year. have you a number of areas that you're working on, let's talk tk about hu human capital, that's e people. >> we have a dogged focus in making sure that we have the best teachers and principals, pr and to continue the investment n in the fantastic people.c i would say that i have some ofo the best staff in the country ao this point. we will see significant investment in professional developments, opportunities toen train them and grow them forts e challenges around educatingg folks. we have the common course cour standards which call forrds whha teachers to teach differently and we want to make sure that
7:39 am
our teachers are equipped to to meet that challenge.challenge. >> we have teachers but some the numbers continue to be disheartened.dishea literacy rates.. there's problems there, tell me how you plan to address that. >> having people is only theonle part of the you have to have rigorous academic content for youngyo people including ways to help struggling readers and challenge the most gifted and talented students. you will see over a $12 millionn investment in literacy this year, new staff to help folks fs who are struggling while we we expand our advanced advanc opportunities. you will see technology infusedd across the curriculum in a new ways, and we're excited thatexci goring to be able to offer our r children something more rigorous. you are also, i know, working toward encouraging moree family involvement, more family engagement with students in the school system and indeed thatdet seems to be a hallmark of of successful school systems, sy parent that are involved at the
7:40 am
school, how do you try to to improve that?that how do you encourage more oforef that? th h i think it's actually both engaged families and motivatedtd students swrevmen.. we have to make schools a place where student want to go by offering, foreign languages andd extra curricular, so you willul see more robust investments inve there. we have partnered with a a foundation here in town to teach teachers and principals how to actually make parents better att helping their kids in the classroom. we're seeing some tremendous tr results and so we will spill spl that work across the district in the coming year.coming >> that's something that everybody hopes you're successful. we are with you on this.u on thank you for faking the time tg time to come in talk about that. >> kaya han der son o hendersonl system. the grief was staggering. one hundred days after us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous criminals. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks.
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it's 7:43 right now. w. we want to talk with talker andn get the latest on our forecast.t so far, how does it look right
7:44 am
now. t looks like cloud.clou we will see more shine than sunn yesterday. >> a little drizzle throughoutze the day. >> a little drizzle in the the maritime layer, the moisture hao been pressed up against the mountains. that is worst.that is wors we're not expecting any shower activity until tomorrow.omorrow. 42 in boston, it's chilly out there. 40 in detroit. that colder air is durking touri thlurking itthe north. north. we have a frontal system to theo north and west that we are are expecting to make its way in in here tomorrow afternoon. afte that's the chance of aof a measurable rain.rain. maybe a thunderstorm as well.we. we will keep the temperatures iu the 70s rein the next couple of days. the temperatures will remain ren nice and mild for the foreseeable future. there's the seven-day forecast,, 70s today, a few showersshower around. upper 70s, maybe a little little humidity on tuesday, up ahead of
7:45 am
a nebilitier nex next next frony and sunday sunshine within temperatures in the low 60s.60s. >> it's kind of what we had this past weekend, isn't that where we were? n it's highly reminiscent. remis >> thanks, tuck.s, tuck. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on the traffic out there. >> reporter: we got a lot of things happening here. re. this happens to be the inboundin stretch of the clara barton barn parkway, the accident activity pulled out of the roadway, but t heavy delays coming on the chain bridge, be on the look out for this. there's slow traffic from 123 headed toward, and southbound sb 270, that's where we had had accident activity just before we reached the boulevard. boule let's see if we can get the cameras to work with us. us. that accident activity should not be out of the roadway, big tie-ups coming out of germantown heading toward 370. 370. there's accident activity activi
7:46 am
eastbound along of the icc. as you continue to columbia para with a crash involving the the overturned vehicle. vehicl crash before 29 moved to the shoulder, tie-ups continue from business 234, trying to get past the scene from 283 to 183. that's a check on time fox 5 traffic. it's 7:46 we will be back it's 7:46 we will be back with more fox 5 morning news in just a moment. he but i want something good to do that. i love the aroma, i love the taste. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'! america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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since boston has been the story are the morning. afterston the marathon officials post pond the laspostponed lasts game as well as a game today. two guys with one last gamee
7:50 am
played big part in last night's are you bound. pitcher george zimmerman zir pitched his second career full l game and his second career game allowing only six hits. and brian zimmerman drove in in four runs. the final score 10-3. nats win, both teams paid paid tribute to jackie robinsonnson during the game with every every player hi wearing his number, 4. robinson's widow rachael was there along with their daughter sharon and actor harrison ford d who stars in the bio pick 42 throughout the ceremonial first pitch. >> all right, and from college basketball, two local teams will have to say goodbye to star players today, maryland alex alx glen will announce his plans too go pro.
7:51 am
otto porter announced his nba intentions yesterday.yesterday. today the d.c. region celebrates emancipation day. da. it marks the abolition of slavey slavery at d.c. d.c. >> a.l. sharpton is the keynotet speaker at the breakfast. good morning to you both. both. i'm glad you're able to make it. councilman, i want to start witr you first,t wi in thlight of the attacks in boston and the heightened security. secu what can you speak to the security here in the region, mayor gray, and chief kathy lanier speaking about that yesterday. shed more light on that, please. >> we have been prepared,prepar, there's been security sweeps down pennsylvania avenue, checked the garbage containers i and there will be a strong police presence here.nce here. we will have eight federal
7:52 am
units, the marines, the navy, n, the air force and the we rl prepared. prep we're ready to go and want people to come downen and joy the 151st anniversary of d.c.y y mancemancipation day. >> what is your message aboutmes the importance of this day and making sure that people do still come out and take part? >> i think the significance of f today is that we celebrate one e nation on a day that we are are seeing the tragedy in boston. what we are celebrating with emancipation is that president d lincoln freed those who are free here. we're celebrating an american freedom and a commonality herehe today that this nation is mourning those that were killedd yesterday in boston, that we don't know what the motive or who did it, we know that all off
7:53 am
us must come together. togeth this celebration shows how we we can rise above our circumstances, and stand stand together and show the best of of human spirit. >> councilman orange, i want to tuck to to you a little more ttm about the event itself, what all can people expect to take part in today. >> this morning, we're going to start with a prayer breakfast bf here at the hotel where the th reverend al sharpton will be our keynote speaker.yn we have the major circus will wl play a major part as well as the high schools here in the district of columbia. we arerict having, lamborghinisr coming down pennsylvania avenue and we will end the day with a concert, kirk franklin, the nine time a grammy award winner. as well as a beautiful day fordy people to come downen and joy. we will have the -- down and
7:54 am
enjoy. we will have the battle of thee band at 1:30 p.m. 1:30 p the district some people may not know how the there that this particular distinction on this day. we talk about emancipation dayai throughout the u.s. and its meaning to the country, talk tak about the district's particularc distinction on this day? >> well, i think the distinction is that lincoln freed the enslaved first here in the district. when you see it was a cost of $1 million at that time, which h was a large amount of money, the district is the first step toward america eradicating slavery and raising the scar of this bond ag bondage on the narf american history. at the same time, 160 years later, we still don't have the vote enfrance choicement that s
7:55 am
deserved of this district. on the other level, you still sl cannot have your vote in the the senate and voter in the con con grerks ancongress, and voters ie district do not have equal vote to those that are afforded in the nation's it's the finish to emancipationc >> and councilman orange, speakk more to that. that. where do things stand. things are busy in congress andd capitol hill. where do things stand with the e attempt of d.c. toward state hood. >> we think that it will be aa big step in the right direction to achieving voting right and ultimately statehood.d. we have a lot of momentum. mome we are moving forward.forwd. we are thankful that president d obama has put the license plates
7:56 am
on taxation withoutthout representation, he is supporting oughautonomy for the i districtf columbia. we need to have two senators and a representative in congress cos that have the power to vote. >> councilman vincent orange and reverend al sharpton, thank youu for taking the time to talk with us today. >> thank you. >> tony. >> it's time for our facebook fan of the day. today we say hello to christina. she is a big fan of fox 5 news 5 and that makes us a big fan of hers. christina, thank you so much for watching. for a chance to be tomorrow'so t fan of tomhe day, just like our facebook page and post a comment below christina's picture. still update on the breakini news from iran where there's th been a major eart earthquake. we are receiving reports that 40 people have died.ople have we will tell you more about that. our coverage of the boston
7:57 am
marathon bombings continues.con. right now the fbi is interviewing a possible person n of interest. we will have the latest on the investigation. it's 7:57. fox 5 news continues next.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> everyone said run you need to >> terror attack at the boston marathon. three people are dead. injured. 100 this morning a look at how the e celebration turned into complete chaos. >> meanwhile the search is on for answers overnight. police comb through an apartment in a boston suburb. a person of interest is being i questioned by the f.b.i.. we'll have the breaking details. >> treating the wounded as boston emergency rooms quicklyuk filled with bombing victims, a new race began to save lives. our fox medical team will join us live to discuss the wide variety of injuries and why some of those hurt may not yet know it. good morning, i'm tony perkins.r >> i'm wisdom martin in for
8:01 am
allison. let's talk about weather. >>talk tucker barnes joins withs look at what happening acrossnig the region.egio >> cloudy yesterday.terd temperatures not out the 60sday. we're starting with clouds, hoping we're going to seeng w breakings, get sunshine and thaa allows them to warm up to the t low 70's today. spring-like weather. somebody asked me to describe it. ask i said springy. >> springy? >> works but okay. [ laughter ] >> i'm working on what to say.y. >> 57 reagan national, dulles 55 this morning. 54bwi, marshall. we have cloud cover to start the day. that's the gray you see out there. starting to see a breakthrough as thesee sun gets up. should be able to mix up the the atmosphere a little bit.ittl not a perfectly sunny great afternoon. at least partial sunshineshin expected for tuesday it should remain dry. we're not checking any rain until tomorrow afternoon with a cold front. low to mid 70s today. the more sunsin we get the
8:02 am
warmer the temperatures. we'll keep our fingers crossed o that we get a decent amount of sun. >> thank you, sir. let's get a check of your ontime traffic with julie wright. >> a lot happening out here on r the roads. r right now we jest received word that police are investigating a suspicious package and have hav closed off a portion of outland suitland parkway at stantonnton road. thisesome coulding from d.c. headed in the dissection ofcoul beltway. outbound lanes remain closed at the at this time. there's still a water main break in northeast. west virginia avenue and fenwick street remains closed off. the crash involving an overturned vehicle. delays on kenilworth avenue stacking up towards 19 1-7b8g street bridge. metro running on time. ifnnin you see something, say t. write this number down: it's the number for transit police. out on the roads busy as well.
8:03 am
slow traffic as we pop up the cameras, outer loop and inner loop quite close springfield to gallows road. eastbound 66. 66 traveling from gainesville a slow roll. slow traffic on the top side outer loop. college park headed towards bethesda. eastbound on the icc approaching georgia avenue. the crash there had traffic squeezing by to the right.o th that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you, julie. >> we continue to follow the developing story out of bostonry this morning. the f.b.i. is now leading the investigation into the deadly explosions at the bostonio marathon.ns attack is called an act of terrorism. police are also searching an apartment in a boston suburbton only saying a search warrant related to the attack has been issued a federal source confirm that's a saudi national in the t u.s. on a student visa is being questioned in the bombing. but so far not classified as a suspect. president obama vows to bring
8:04 am
whoever is responsible toob justice. >> we still do not know who did this or why. w and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all h theav facts. but make no mistake: we willke get to the bottom of this and a we'll find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. >> three people were killed in the explosions including eight-year-old martin richard.lm he was reportedly watching his father run the race, giving his father a hug moments before as he crossed the finish line. his sister and mother were seriously injured in attack.ta >> there's heightened securityut at a number of high risk locations as precaution. >> that includes the white house and today's emancipation day parade.. melanie is live along the routeg with the details this morning. melanie? >> good morning, wisdom. we can definitely see a noticeable police presence herer in downtown d.c. behind me is freedom plaza wherh
8:05 am
the parade is supposed to wrap up today. pennsylvania avenue closed to most of road traffic but footoot traffic as well as vendors certainly also here setting up. notice the security as we said. not only here in the metro area but extending to national airport and even to the white house. the u.s. secret service has expanded its security perimeter there but apparently not becausb of specific intelligence.ntel pennsylvania avenue has beeneen sealedled off in front of white house where tourists gather to take their pictures of the white house. extra personnel could be seen both on the ground and also on the white house roof. a secret service spokesperson saying the action was taken outk of an abundance of caution and it's not unusual for the agency to be seen moving its security boundaries from time to time. meanwhile, homeland security officers have swept the freedom plaza area with canines in in advance of this morning's
8:06 am
emancipation day parade. and police in d.c. have announced the department son heightened security status. sta it's supposed to start at 11:00 this morning down pennsylvania avenue. the mayor and the chief saide there's no information that would suggest a threat in d.c. for today's festivities. >> come down and enjoy the event. we have a very strong security s plan in place. we are the nation's capital so we do it on a regular basis. we will have some enhancedance security. some will, some will not be visible to the people who comewo down. i want people to feel comfortable to take public transportation and come down ana enjoy yourself. we feel very comfortable it's at safe event. >> tom: our knowledge extra shifts or hours have not been b ordered for d.c. police officers but they've been told to make themselves very visible. d.c. police along with metro transit police reminding peoplep that we have a responsibility for security as well.ell.
8:07 am
that any suspicious behavior,ehv any unusual behavior, suspicious packages should be reported to police. u.s. capital police as well on heightened security letting folks know to expect longerr lines today as they go through security and perhaps the occasional canine spot check there as well. back to you. >> all right, melanie thank youn very much. >> "washington post" editor vernon lowe ran the boston marathon yesterday. he was not injured. he joins us now by phone from f boston with his eye witness account of the chaotic aftermath. are you there? >> yes, am. >> glad you are safe. tell us what you experienced. where were you when the explosions occurred? >> i finished the race a little bit before the bombs went offen and i was kind of in the. when you heard the explosions i
8:08 am
need immediately they were bombs. they were unmistakably loud, unlike anything, you know,no industrial type noises you are a apt to here. h and, you know, i immediately i sent an e-mail back to the post saying two bombs went off at the boston marathon. >> you had no doubt right away. you didn't think because i knowi there wasnk speculation during early moments maybe this was a gas explosion, natural gas explosion or something like that you didn't think so? >> i didn't. i heard people here say they the thought it was a sell bra tory cannon or something but there was one blast and then another. maybe it's by background, i've v written about national security. bombings at mass events are not beyond my imagination. that's the first thing i thought of. look the boston smart an iconic event. it's been run 117 times. there are thousandsful people there. if you are some deranged personp
8:09 am
wanting to mick a statementnt planting bombs there is something one could imagine. i >> you were a couple blocks away. what went on with the runners and people near were you where? did people run back, run away? >> they didn't run back to see what happened? the police closed off boylston street which is the finish line pretty quickly sox you really ra couldn't run back. you know -- pretty quickly. so you really couldn't run back. it was pretty chaotic. i think 4,000 people never finish. they were stopped at mile 25 and then there were probably tens of thousands of family members ands friends sort of waiting aroundru the finish line area where thert bombs went off for those people who never, who never made it in and you know, their cell phones were on school buses and their equipment bags off the finish line. many of noise people were stranded. familyir friends and members just couldn't connectn'
8:10 am
with them for hours. >> give me a sense of city this morning. obviously yesterday was patriots day. it's a big day, a holiday in boston. today theoretically people are going back to school and that type of thing. tell me what things are likeike there this morning. can i see from my hotel boylston which say crime scene. it's a major intersection in boston. there's the charles river and i see thechar skulling, the crew s out practicing. life goes on but you know, i think, this city will be changea for a long time and maybe forever. certainly the event will be changed for athe long time thes no doubt they'll have it next year but there's no doubt in my mind but it will be different somehow. there's more intense security. it's incredibly sad to think that what is really a joyous
8:11 am
event here has been marred in this way. >> it's been marred next year likely will include some type of memorial service. vernon lobe -- loeb. thank you for joij us. we're glad you are safe. see you soon. >> thank have you he much. >> thank you. >> time now is 8:11 on this tuesday morning. our coverage of boston marathon will continue. >> we'll look at the rush to save the injured and the role r social media played during the chaotic aftermath. aft before we head to break an update on a breaking story. we told you about last hour. a major earthquake killed at k least 42 people in iran and iranian authorities areauth expecting hundreds of more to be dead. the 7.8 quake was center fielded near the -- near thed near the border of pakistan but it was felt as far away as india's capital. we'll be back.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> welcome back. 14 minutes actually coming up on 15 minutes after 8:00. >> time now to check in with
8:15 am
tucker barnes. not just the weather but for for something else a little extra. >> we can use it today. >> we sure could. >> cuteness factor of day, everybody. time now for the my first 55 picture of the day.of t this shouldn'ter, everybody. he is six months outfield. in this picture. if you look carefully, looks, lo like he is doing a littletle shopping with his parents.ith >> own yeah.eah. >> he is sitting up in the shopping cart for the first time. >> that's nice. >> does he have on a hunting cap? looks like it, yeah. y >> there you go. >> he has a guitar on his shirt there. >> very cute. >> you are right. y >> maybe he could play rock 'n'o roll before long.roll >> apparently before you know it, he will be on his own, mayby pushing that shopping cart. >> shopping on his own. >> send us your child's picturer go to and click on mornings, hunter we love your smile and great big thank to you your mom for second the picture. 57 at reagan national.
8:16 am
51 in new york city.y. boston son the cool side. 45 this morning. chicago is cool as well. 40 grows. cold air is lurking off to the north and west. we're going to remain on the mildside for the next couple ofo days before a cool down this weekend. there's a look at your satellite radar. we have a lot of cloud cover. you have to look real carefully. you can see light gray across the mid atlantic, the washington area here.. that is this little maritime layer. we've had moisture overnight ang with the winds phtushing off the ocean we develop this low level deck of clouds. clo that trends towards breaking up later today. we should see more sunshine than yesterday. should remain dry with high temperatures topping out in the low to mid 70s. the more sunshine you see, the sooner it arrives. rain off to the north and west.. the cold front should bring us u few showers tomorrow afternoon. today 73 the daytime high. sun this afternoon.ft 76 tomorrow with a few showers. strong cold front by friday could bring us showers and
8:17 am
thunderstorms friday afternoon and evening. check out yours coolfr temperas for the weekend only in the 60s. billy over there shivering. let's do the weather. wea >> can we keep it in the 70s for a while?fo how about that? >> on the roads we're looking aa a delay on the inner loop of the all of lanes here are open it's definitely a slow go. better news along the suitland parkway. the roadway has been reopened ii each direction. outbound approaching stanton road. police were investigating a suspicious package. the activity now cleared. we'll pull up the cameras. we'll tell you what else we outer loop slow 95 to georgia avenue. columbia park road crossing over route 50 police investigating an owfer turned vehicle. eastbound along icc at the t georgia avenue accident. a slow go eastbound 66 from gainesville to centerville. along that path two separate
8:18 am
incidents have cleared. 395 below speed to glebe road. delays southbound on the gw parkway south of 123 to spout run. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic.time >> thank you very much, julie wright. the brotherhood summit aimedz to uplift young men in the area connecting them with the resources they need to do better in their lives. it's an event someone snin can attend if they are looking for a mentor or a summer job. joining us with more is angela. thank you for coming in and talking with us.ta >> thank you. >> right out of the gate we need people to step up and assist in this program. talk about we need men and people providing jobs. >> this is our opportunity as a community to step up but not only to save a life but change a life. young men 13-18 we'll be looking for them from may 4 at 8:00 in the morning.orni we need men to step up as well
8:19 am
to mentor the young men in the community. we talk about the violence thatn has occurred. this sour chance to save and tot change lives. >> all right, now we talked to you last time about the sisterhood summit in is that what prompted this? >> absolutely. as soon as we ended the sisterhood summit, we had a a wonderful time. t they were ready for the young men to talk about character, chy responsibility and to have resources present that day that will answer our young men and their families. >> you talk about the character and spont is that the executive to each these yuck men and in hopes of guiding them in the right direction? >> it is the objective. i talked to a young man recentlr who said to me at an anteviolence seminar he said every time i see a person from a different neighborhood i'm going to hurt that person because i b don't like them.n' we have to broaden the scope of young peoples' experiences and
8:20 am
show them how to be on a path to succeed. >> you have special guest? >> absolutely. >> when you start talking about guests people get excited. >> greg mathis will be there. he has a story i think ever young person ought to hear fromo a rough life to a judge. we have former nfl player michael westbrook who will be there and another nfl player has agreed to come back. we'll have a number of other guests really exciting. exc prizes, tickets to games, opportunities for golf and original we want the young men to come it's going be a powerful day. we'll have jobs for some of these young men as well. we need men to to show up to mentor. we don't have enough men. we have young boys. we need our men to show up and stand up for the young men. if you want to register. if you are a man or a young man who wants to be a part of this,, how do you do that? >> call our office. ola schill by the phone waiting
8:21 am
to receive calls. we have an e-mail address omhill@cm. >> we talked about why this is so important and how it worked out with the young ladies when he had the sisterhood summit but this is crucial to the development of men? this is crucial.cial we ask any business under the sound of my voice in the county who can employ a young person for the summer call s now. we do not have the same number of job opportunities as we have interest. these young men. we need them on a positive pathv the way to doe it is occupy the, show them a better way. this is really going to contribute a lot not only to thl lives of young people but will also assist our community to continue to drive down crime numbers. we want to prevent them from coming to me in the first place. >> keep them from coming into your office and lives in this good way. >> we want to support our young men. we know they can succeed with
8:22 am
our support. that's what we're here to do, d support and help our young people succeed. >> when they succeed they cany c give back. >> our whole community rises. >> thank you for tawnling with us this morning. m >> brotherhood summit. we're back after the break.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> 8:25. michael skakel will be back in a connecticut court today. he is trying to get his 2002 200 murder exon viks overturned by arguing that his trial attorney did not competently defend him. he is the nephew of robert f. kennedy's widow ethel. he is serving 20 years to life for the 1975 murder of martha moxley when the two were 15 years old. >> a rockville teen killed in a murder sue slide be laid to rest today. police say 17-year-old michellee miller was shot to death by 31-year-old army staff sergeant adam arndt.dt sources say they were romantically involved althoughnv he was marriedol to a 21-year-od woman who was already a recruit. >> an officer on capitol hill is named for gabby give towards.
8:26 am
that aide gabe zimmerman organized the event in tucson. he and two others were killed. giffords and her husband are a expected to dedicate the room in his honor.s >> time now 18:26 on this tuesday morning. stilltues ahead, patients have everything from minor eardrum type blasts through to really serious limb injuries and some serious head injuries as >> treating battlefield likee wombs in boston emergency rooms. chaos from the streets spilled over to hospitals yesterday. >> coming up our fox medical team will join us live to discuss the variety of injuriesi and yesterday's medical response. we'll be right back. it's 8:26.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
flags flying at half staff inly honor ofin victims of boston b marathon attack. police are advising members off congress and their staff to be
8:30 am
on guard. capital police say to expect increased security checks and tighter security overall. they say it's a proactiveroac response to what happened in boston and not because of anyy specific threats. better safe than sorry. >> that's right. >> tucker barnes. good morning to you again, sir., >> good morning. m clouds to start your day. it's relatively mild. m temperatures in the 50s out there should warm up to the low to mid 70s. more sunshine the warmer the temperature today.atur i know we have a big parade downtown. should remain dry for it. i i'm not sure it's perfectly sunny today but it's dry. >> let's do temperatures reagan national looking at 57. haven't budge aid whole lot. overnight low is 56.6. we're starting to hear towards bottom of morning. 55 in and annapolis. a notice the temperatures in the 50s. 57 a winning number for the great majority of area.
8:31 am
57 in martinsburg and winchester this morning. you can read it too.t out to the west, you are going to get the sunshine first. you are starting to get it. you'll probably warm up first in the west. we're get something breaks. the cloud cover should erode during the day. we'll see more and more sunshine. day not a perfectly sunny but we should get partial sunshine this afternoon. this front to the north and wesw will not impact us today. that moves in tomorrow and it could bring us a couple showerso the measurable rain is tomorrow with a couple showers. another look at it.he sun andr cloud today. more sunshine this afternoon and warmer than yesterday. yesterday we didn't get out of the low to mid 60s. there's your front for the day tomorrow. that brings us a couple showers. perhaps a thunderstorm if you are further south and west tomorrow afternoon. here is your accuweather seven c day forecast.
8:32 am
73 this afternoon. shower possible tomorrow. 76. warming up to the upper 70s thursday. good chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday. that's arsto strong cold frontdr coming through on friday. we have to watch that for the potential for rain.ial much cooler for the weekend with sunshine saturday and sunday in the low to mid 60s. it's cooler again this weekend. that's weather. tony i'll toss it over to you. >> tucker, thank you very much. our coverage of the terrorist attack in boston continues this morning. i want to warn you. some of what we're about to talk about may be disturbing to younger people particularly.rly. while three have been killed more than 100 treated at hospitals across boston.ton. we're told many of them are in critical condition.tion for more on the tra mattic evene we're joined by dr. joe from tampa this morning. good morning.go good to see you here. let's talk first of all about the -- you know, you think that hospitals would be overwhelmed e
8:33 am
by something like this, obviously a lot of people coming in. all at once but really hospitals in major metropolitan areas hava to be ramped up and prepared for something like this at any given moment, correct. >> that's so true. >> ever since 9/11, i can remember the mobilization thatnh occurred after that, where tha groups of volunteers, the staff was notified that they could bee called. in there have been disaster drills for decades. we go through those mock drills where there's some sort of a a scenario that is concocted wherd you all have to go in and respond. certainly we have people thatpep served in the military who haveo seen things firsthand. all of those forces get together and it sounds like in boston that happened and it resulted in an amazing coordination of efforts. >> good coordination of efforts. tell us how doctors and the other medical personnel begin to treat people in dramatic dra
8:34 am
situations like this. >> well, you know there's a triage set up so you want the t most serious people -- thee -- people that are -- have the moso life threatening injuries that are salvageable to go first. so it sounds like that happened. those people got to the hospital first. we're hearing that there were a lot of limb injuries, traumatic limb injuries, amputations. we heard of head trauma. there was also is shrapnel injuries, chest trauma, eardrums ruptured. there was a lot out there. you have to take that and partition it out to the different hospitals.di you want the levelff one traumam center to get the worst trauma cases and then you go down fromo there. >> the fortunate thing in boston if anything can be said that iss fortunate, is the number of hospitals they have there and really, really fine hospitals there. you mentioned the amputations we're told at least ten took place. how was that decision made and what is the recovery process
8:35 am
like for those people? >> well, you know, the primarymy thing that they are doing is trying to stabilize. we're hearing that many peoplett did have surgery yesterday. that may have been a preliminary surgery trying to preserve the vascular system, reduce the bleeding. rrying to cover up the area, make it, clean it out. debride it. you want to make sure infection doesn't set in. when a bone is exposed you are very, very concerned about the infection. all after this happening and trying to stabilize that tha individual making sure that the fluid balance is appropriate. the thing that really struck me was the shock aspect of it. there's shock, emotional shock but shock to the bod qulism youo lose that much blood, the body has to exen safety. it -- has to compensate. at one point in time or another they are going to reexpakd. your body -- reexpand.
8:36 am
getting the blood to them quickly in the emergency room. we know that those universal donors the o negative people, that's where the blood is goingg to do initially. trying to maintain them becauseb your lungs go into shock, kidneys going into shock. all of these things can happen and that might be what they are battling in the icu for the critical patients. >> you pensioned the blood. i wanted to mention quickly -- you mentioned the blood. the red cross in boston said they are in good shape as far as blood supply goes. >> that's right. >> thank you.nk >> wisdom? >> thank you, tony. our team coverage continues right now with dave ross with a look at the outpouring of of support that has come from across the nation. social media say powerful $ helping to get loved oness connected to each other. search engine google steppingtep into their part as well as to help the victims. v >> as you can damage, in the
8:37 am
chaotic times, everybody is going to try to reach out to the loved ones see yacht cell phone. after a while it's not the best way to try to get ahold of a something in the chaotic situations. what google has done, a two-fold approach to help out via social media. they set up something called people finder. by late yesterday afternoon the web site contains thousands of runners names. on the site you can search for information or provide information. simply type in the person's name and status. if known it will come up. once you find a person you can n click on the name and see if more information is available and even post a message toem. the other thing that has google has done and this is pretty cool here, they've offered people a place to say. so far hundreds of people living in or around the boston area have made rooms, beds, spaces available in their noarms runners or visitors to stay. each post provides a contact name, number, e-mail and description of what is e-mail.
8:38 am
one says i don't live in the city but i'm willing to pick upu anybody who needs a place to stay. another post will pay for a taxi fare to anybody who needs a ride. also the red cross is offeringrg its own database to find loved ones it's called safe and well program. wisdom, as you can see the social media is say powerfull instrument in times -- is a powerful instrument in times i like. this we're seeing it on twitterr facebook and here on google. let's go back up starteds. -- upstairs. 8:38 on tuesday morning. security is expected to be tighi today following those big b explosions yesterday.est the next big marathon is set to take place in london this sunday. official there's already reviewing safety measures. coming up the mother of a virginia tech shooting victimtim takes on capitol hill. hear her message to lawmakers lw
8:39 am
when we come back. ♪
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q. 8:41. back now with a look at some of stories making headlines. in the wake of boston tragedy, the gang of eight could waith aa until tomorrow to unveil their immigration bill. bil the legislation ames to better secure the u.s. border with
8:42 am
mexico and put 11 million people here illegally on a path to citizenship. >> on the gun control front both democrats and republicans arean trying to drum up support in the fight over background checks. zmat is due to meet at 10:00 this morning. it's not clear if an expansion of background checks will getet enough votes to pass. as a measure, makes its way through the amendment process it could end up changing.hang >> today marks six years since the virginia tech massacre. 32 student and faculty membersee were killed. a mother who came close too losing they are daughter thaty day isar refusing to give up her fight for gun reform. beth parker has her story.tory >> lori is a mom on a mission. >> we wanted to deliver this to the senator. >> okay. >> and ask for his support. >> her daughter was in french class at virginia tech in 2007 2 when she was shot twice in the back of the head. hea emily has recovered. her mom says the nation has not.
8:43 am
>> there have been over 187,000 gun deaths since virginia tech. that's its society we want to live in. >> this summer there was newtown, connecticut -- this winter there was newtown, connecticut.ecti >> newtown was the last straw. enough is enough. >> she started a web sites. >> within 24 hours and that petition grew and grew and grew. >> by the time she arrived onrr capitol hilliv monday to deliver the petitions there were 1.3.3 million signatures. >> americans understand that gun violence hits home. it hit ours schools, our movie theaters our grocery stores our neighborhoods, our family andod our friends ands, americans are sick and tired of the carnage. >> with move on nationall director garland hass visited the offices offices of senate
8:44 am
democrats dhesm not meet withwih the actual lawmakers but didid tell staffers what they want.he >> the background checks bill, the limit on high magazinee capacity and regulate and ban weapons. >> she delivered petitions to six senate offices including thu office of mark warner from >> they need shoring up, encouraging and demanding. d the reality is americans are dying, americans are dying at alarming rates.alar >> her daughter say survivor. she has gotten married and is now a school teacher. >> she supports my work. she's quiet and private but she calls me often and said i'm so proud of you, mommy. >> an capitol hill, fox 5 news.. >> more threats from north korer this morning but so far no n missile launch.ile the u.s. and south korea are watching for signs of a launch. the white house thinks the north could make trouble at any time.
8:45 am
>> any absence of provoke active behavior or -- provocative behavior or rhetoric is a good thing but i would not suggest s that we believe the cycle of behavior has ended necessarily. >> meanwhile an american a helicopter crashed on the border with north korea this morning.hs all 21 on board are okay and oka were take fon -- taken to a hospital in seoul. 15 were released. the chopper was participating in the joint military exercise witw south cree yanch coming up how -- korea. how to strike it rich. a lock at the best ways to build wealth. the editor of kiplinger's willes join with us tried and true tragedies. >> have to write those down. >> me too much we'll be right back.
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fan of the day go to our facebook page and click under u her pick twiewr a comment. c >> money does give you flexibility with retirement or buying a dream home. the first step toward gaining swelt improving your personal investment knowledge. it's one of few things discussed. here to tell us more about that editor and our good friend. f what else is in the issue other than how to get rich. >> we have lots of good things in this particular issue. we're talking about -- i'm talking in my column in particular about something, a woman that we had on the covero several years og on the subject of getting rich. she was a chef, a rising chef in miami. she was an immigrant from venezuela and she's now become a celebrity chef. she was on top chef masters.
8:50 am
she's lorraine garsal. the whole point is to show wew wrote about her. had her on the cover five years ago and she's blossomed and gone on to greater success. when we did our may cover on striking it rich we wanted too show people it could happen to you. >> kind of a success story inside of five years. let's talk about, you knowing doing something with your investment and managing your money. you don't, you may not necessarily get super filthy rich but you can do well. we're talking about tried and a true ways people have made money, built wealth. one starting your own business, it's a dream everybody has. another is real estate. with the market perking up people want to know can i make
8:51 am
money becoming a landlord or perhaps even flipping properties and the third thing is the tried and true way of investing the stock market. it goes up and down like it did yesterday. overtime it really is for most m people probably the best way of building wealth in a conservative way. >> which one should you look at your personal business and see, your personal finances and and e which one is best for you. >> what is the thing that allha the people, we have a lot of real people in this story. it's on our web site they had this bright idea orr passion for whatever it is theyh wanted to do. they and they -- there's three p's, a passion, persistence, stuck with the idea and patience, because it took a while. they knew what they wanted to do. if they wanted to go into real estate. remember the tv shows they had
8:52 am
bubble, flipe,f that house. >> some of those are still on. e >> you know, you have to know the you just can'te go into this because you think i'm going to make money in real estate. the gentleman is a registered agent. he is a real estate agent. a he has done his homework. when he goes to buy a house for flipping purposes he figures out what are his costs going be to get it into shape.hape he works backward to know make sure he know what's place to pay for it. it's complicated. he told us he never watches those shows. >> really? >> he cringes when he seize them because they -- sees them because they make it look so easy. they had roone idea, went with -- they had an idea, went with it and looked into theooke field they were going into it. when you are talking about all these things, like you said thet key thing they had in common was a strategy. it doesn't pop out of the area.
8:53 am
you can't watch a tv show andw say it's a great idea. you have to have a strategy. how do you know a strategy works best for you?ou? >> you have another part of thet story that i really like where the people who start their own businesses again. a woman from the d.c. metroo area, she started a dog, sort of a day care center a boarding center for people leaving their pets when they have to go away. it's called dogtopia. they wanted a place to put her own dog. if you want to make money starting your think about being beaut or licenses -- bought out or lie senting a -- licenning a bisms her franchise is called dogtopis. she has a number of franchises and her husband works within the business.
8:54 am
they have four children. just hadave twins last fall. >> they need franchising. [laughter] >> she said we have to pay for college for four kids. they want to take the money thee are making now and put it to good use so it lasts for 18 years for when the kids are ready for school. >> very good advice. give us the web site one more time. >> it's it's the may issue for kiplinger's magazine it's strike it rich. >> very good. thank you very much. good to see you.e yo >> my pleasure. appreciate you coming in. tony back to you. you >> good information. still ahead at 9:00 our coverage of the boston marathon bombings continues. in our next hour we're expect aa update from boston police as thh search for the person or peoplep responsible continues. get the latest on the investigation right after theio break. n
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>> multiple people down here. >> knocked me to the ground. and then, you know, everybody started running, pan quliking chaos rips through the streets of boston after two explosions. hear from local runners who experience the terrifying scene. >> a look at the increased security in the district across the nation andth around thee w. we have live team coverage as w bring you the latest updates on the tragedy in boston. >> good morning i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. allison has the day off. the sphib leading the investigation treating it as an act of terrorism.act >> a federal source confirms to fox news that i saudi national
8:59 am
in the u.s. on a student visa is questioned in the bombings but so far not classified as a suspect. police searched an apartment in a boston suburb overnight flght investigators will only say sayy search wash the related to the t attack was issued. explosions left at least three people dead and more than 140 injured. the blast happened near the t marathon finish line which was packed with runners and their families and friends. where the bomb hit were 10 and 15 feet. f they were families and friends i cheering you near the end. >> unfortunately they are thelyt people that got injured so badly. >> they are not looking okay o because that's not what critical condition means an eight-year-old boy was watching his father run the race. the boy's mother had to have surgery and his sister was also hurt. >> the investigation into yesterday's bombings widened and as ques


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