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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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closer into d.c. or east, but we will certainly watch the areas s out to west and heads up for the lightning and the heavy brian, if we get anymore an warnings, i let you know in the next few minutes. now to the tragedy in oklahoma. president balm wil obama will to the oklahoma on sunday. the entire town of moore was ravished by the twister. fox's correspondent nicole collins live with the latest lae tonight in moore, nicole. >> reporter: good evening,, brian, new numbers for you today. we have learned from state frome officials that perhaps as many as 13,000 homes were hit by monday's ef5 tornado. to we also now know from them the director of the oklahoma department of energy managementa that six adults do remainn missing at this hour.this hour he says they may have simplye si walked away from their propertyy or they may still be purr reed in th-- buriedin the rubble. ru. those numbers coming out from t the state officials.
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>> nicole, have they started clearing the rubble in the arear >> reporter: yeah they,they, absolutely have.have the volunteers are amazing.amaz. everywhere you look, people peop around clearing debris, we see e power lines starting to go up. the big issue is clearing some a the bigger debris. we heard from the janet napolitano, earlier today, she e is saying that the federal fede government is helping to to expedite the removal of that bigger debris because it'suse is difficult to get the power backk on, in terms of that bigger debris. thousands still without power i they do have their house house standing. that power won't be restored for another week 1/2 at the very earliest.iest. >> nicole collins live in oklahoma. i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. laws >> pleading the 5th, a top official in the irs is grilledgl by congress after the fire storm of controversy surrounding her r agency.agen fox 5's tom fitzgerald followsds
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that, it was a day of denials di and then deflections from the irs. >> reporter: lois lerner runslu the irs but today at capitol hill she refused to answer anyy questions. as rights of tea party groups are any question, a top irs official invoked her 5th amendment right to silence. siln >> i will not answer any any questions or testify today. >> reporter: instead lois lerner director of the irs tax x exempt office asserted her innocence in a written remark. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations and i have not provided false information o to this or any otherr congressional committee.nal co >> reporter: soon after the the chairman of the house oversightt committee told lerner to leavete the hearing.the >> the witness and counsel are
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dismissed. >> reporter: also testifyingg doug shulman the former director of the irs is testifying that h didn't tell congress for two o years the irs was being probed. >> i had some the facts, not al of the facts. i had no idea of the scope and severity. i didn't know the full list, i t didn't know who was on the list. >> reporter: communityity members frustrated over the lacr of irs cooperation grew angry. >> miss lerner gets to exerciser her constitutional rights butst she won'itt stay here and answer questions about theq constitutional rights ofs thousands of americans who weree denied by their actions. th >> reporter: it lead to a a special prosecutor.sp it wilecl lead to special counsl being appointed to get to theed bottom of this. so i hope that is not the approach of the irs going forward. because there will be held to pay. >> later the former irs directoe was asked why lois lerner was awarded performance bonuses while her office was the subjece of an inspector general probe. b
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>> miss lerner who is the header of it, got the total of $740,000 between 2009, and 2012 over $42,000 in bonuses. >> i didn't individual maket inu decisions but i probably signedi off on overall agency. >> and have you participated -- after hours of testimony,, republicans and democrats remained unmoved bit irs denials. prompting more questions and d more hearings in the weeks ahead. and we also learned today as the house oversight and reformfm committee will be holdingtee il another hearing with the newew acting irs commissioner aboutmmi what he is going to do to to address the scandal.. brian. the news edge on virginia. i an investigation underway afterf a sheriff's deputy from arlington allegedly shot and and killed a young man on lin havene drive in alexandria overnight. v the victim is 22-year-old july2d an dawkins.ins.
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he was attending a party for his cousin who just signed with the washington mystics.on the shooting happened down the e street from the party. >> i had no idea why he would wl have been in this yard. yard. i don't know what direction hea came from, because if he camecae from that direction where i'm hearing the incident, whatever happened, he would have went to my sister's house. >> it is believed there was soms type of confrontation betweentie the sheriff deputy and dawkins. the deputy craig patterson on on administrative leave. the former lacrosse player convicted of killing his his girlfriend is being sued. he refused to answer questions from the insurance investigatore while under oath.der oath now aig wants totnd whether the company is obligated to defend hughley. hugh he was convicted of second-degree murder in thethe death of love. he is serving a 20 year sentence. bob mcdonnell is underis unr
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investigation.nves a richmond prosecutor pros investigating whether the the governor violated the gift and disclosure law. according to ken cuccinelli, he initiated the probe, and confirmed to review the mcdonnell's disclosure last november. the fed is also investigating. former congressman anthonyty weiner is running for mayor ofyo nerw york. york. >> i made big mistakes and i lel a lot of people down. i have learned tough lessons. i am running i hope i get a a second chance to work for you. >> he announce his candidacy if that video posted on the internet. he renounced from congress two o years ago after a text tinning g scandal. the boy scouts are votingvo tomorrow on their ban on gay. and they the proposed ban willwl
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lift the ban for youth members but it will continue to excludee gays as youth leaders. le what we're learning aboute'e the suspect, th and the victim.i choppy waters for the acosta concordia. they called bryce harper fo a mistake he made last night. that is ahead in sports. ♪
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for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. police in london> po investigating a suspectedspecte terrorist attack. police officers oned the man w n during a shootout. shoo the only reason he killed thelle man is because, quote, muslimsms are dying daily. da prime minister cameron called cl the attack shocking. the captain for th the
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acrosstyithe a acostaconcordia r murder. more than 4 you thi 4,000 passen crew members were still on board. if to convicted. co >> we will look at it after thet break. ♪ roundup
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the nation's capital amongtn the top 10 destination insidest the country. they found one-third of one- americans are traveling for the holiday. 86% planning a summer vacation. one of the places high on the te list came in number six.numb new york number one followed by san francisco and chicago. well, we're finally gettingy a little bit of that deep-sea
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summer. >> oh, my gosh, it was so humidu when the dew points get to 70, 0 it's really uncomfortable. a little early in the season for that. it has fired up a few thunderstorms which we will talk about in a moment.ut in there's nothing in the d.c. area. everything that we have seenen tonight, is off to the west thes getting a i little bit of a lift from the mountains. at the moment in our area there are no severe thunderstorm thun warnings, but we do have ahave couple of flash-flood warningsln that i will be telling you about. i start with radar. rada from d.c. we don't see much. mu as we look off to the west. this is where we're seeing a little bit of activity. activit this is not moving in a big hurry. heavy rain, a lot of it, , estimates of over 2.5 inches has fallen because these have beenbn stubborn and slow, lightning, lh heavy rain the big concern andnr that is where we have a flash blood warnings. let me take to you sentinel radar and show you what is goini on. in the green area, these are th flash load warnings ask they'rek going to go until 8:15. 8:15
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these regions around winchesteri this is where the heavy rain ha been off to the west, the north and the south. and everything seems to bebe running just a little bit west t of interstate 81 so that isthat where we're seeing the lightning. as i put this in motion, youmoti will be able to see that thehat storms are moving in that direction with one little renegade storm that has poppedpd up here in the clarksburg area in montgomery county. this came out of nowhere andre this dropping heavy rain,rain exactly what they don't need on 270 right now.righ let me put that in motion, andnd see what is happening with thatt that has propped up, it looks lk like something up is west of of brunswick, too.brunswick, we're going to see very isolate activity in and around this region tonight until the sunil u goes down, and what we're seeinr out here tt west is part of a huge line as you can see of a a lot of activity. yes, this is actually a littleut bit of activity that we havehave been watching for the last several days, oklahoma, texas louisiana, and now we're seeingg that move in this generalal
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direction. best chance of that tonight is west. that is where the severe threate is tonight. is according to the stormm prediction center there's the ch possibility of hail, damaging da wind and certainly some heavy hv rain and that goes up to upstate new york, and down alongg interstate 81. so that is what we're watching tonight that slight risk for for severe storms will continue forr the next several hours. ho for our area, this evening, andd temperature wise, it's still really warm, so the storms areme feeding on the humidity and thee temperatures. while we're 84 degrees, look att what has happened in the winin chesner the last couple of 66 degrees, much cooler and rain cooled out to the west.west a shower or storm is possible, tonight. 71 degrees, after the sun depose down, you will get a preak. pr there may be another trigger trr overnight that may produce showers. a little storm tomorrow, folks, it's going to be cloudy, cl 82 degrees, if we get some sunshine, and the thunderstorms that pop up could potentially bb stronger, but right now we're we thinking there's going to be aia few waves of this so that might
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take a little bit of the energy out of the atmosphere. i wouldn't rule out strongng thunderstorms, again if we getiw some sunshine. it will be a few showers, as early as 8:00 in the morning, mn 72, by noon 81, and by 4:00, 4: 80 degrees between thowrs and sd storms. wetter tomorrow, the frontal boundary is coming through. th from what we are today in the mid-80s, brian, how about friday, 71 degrees, showersgreew around on friday, a couple ofouf days ago we thought they wouldgh be mostly in the morning, i think they will last longer now. saturday, 72 degrees, sundayegre looks enice, good news, memorial day is looking better. >> oh, good. >> but cooler, definitely cooler. coming up another day day another chapter in the sergio sg tiger saga. >> forbes has released its list of the world's most powerful poe women of 2013. 2013. holding the top spot for the the 8th time. german chancellor angela merkel
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i'm scott smith. it's been a rough two weeks for the last night's loss in san francisco, did not help the the temper frustration in the locker room. this is why. rafael soriano delivers theverst pitch and is taken deep to andad bryce harper giving chase.chas and sensing the wall and overhead. the collision split the wall last weekend, playing a factor,t playing the ball tentatively.nt.
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planco ties the game with a triple. and soriano manages to throw th harper under the bus following the game telling "usa today," ta with two outs i can tell my 4-year-old son you know whereu k you need to play and he would foe to the right spot and make the play. play brian acknowledged the collision may have played a factor, of fao course it crosses your mind yo after you jam into a wall and it doesn't feel good. it stucks not making the play,, -- it sucks not making the play. i put that loss on me.n me. they are good and there's no no conflict. the third and final game of thee series between the giants and g the nets. the top of the 6th no score, but who else but bryce harper, harp strokes the option hill, hill 12th home run of the season. se currently in the bottom of the 8th, gio gonsalez is still on the 5th.5th. the nats lead 6th. 6th. the ongoing feud between sergio garcia a isis anything but.hi it started a couple of weeks,
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and the verbal jabs have only garcia at a european tour eventt was asked if he would be inviting woods to dinner duringu next month's u.s. open. he responded we will have him hm round every night and we will wl serve him fried chicken. garcia said he was joking. joki tiger not finding it very funny as most wouldn't.wo tiger tweeted, that was wrongwrg not silly, he followed that upup i'm confident that there's ther regret that the comment was made. tiger was right and here is sergio apologizing today. >> most importantly i want to apologize to tiger and anybody that i could have offended byd y the comment i made, and you know, i just say that you know,, i will think about it, and i'm so sorry, and you know, hope that you know, we can kind of settle things down, and hopefully move on.
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>> sergio's sponsors tailor-made and addida a daze adida is areg the matter. pry an, tonight at 10, we know that the slogan is open opn metro stores, but sheri ly found a metro,. his name is oj richardson. he is a station manager and hasa worked for me fre metro for 42 that in it of itself is is remarkable and it is, but that is not the buonly thing that mat him a welcome sight. sig at school near the station armory, metro stop for disabled students. we will tell how richardson isa lending a helping hand to hand o special young people and how his actions are keeping them onthemo track.
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shawn. >> sounds like a great story. >> it is. thank you, and now we have the news edge. of course, the news is always on. on my fox 
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>> today on "tmz" -- justin bieber's party invite could cost you $5 million.


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