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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  July 9, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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earthquake we had a couple of years ago.s it's beautiful this morning.g. i'm sarah simmons. i'm wisdom martin at fox 5 morning news. it's time to say good morning to tucker barnes. good morning, sarah and wisdom. highs will be in the upper 80s, threat of showers and thunderstorms, although thes, at morning commute should be nice and quiet. let's get to the radar, shower activity out to the west, western maryland and westand we virginia, and we're watchingtchg tracking the line of showers out there.e. the expectation is that most of those will make it out beforefoe they make it into the immediate metro area.a. there's more energy up stream here up in ohio, and just likeke yesterday, we will likely see se some scattered showers andd thunderstorms develop during thu course of the at a today. temperatures right now very wara out there, reagan national enjoo ago i very balmy 77 degrees.77 g better out of dulles, 75, upper
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80s, partial sunshine, and, and once again we can see a scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. lots more on the forecast, arect nice cool down on the seven day, i will have that coming up, back to you, guys. all right, tucker, thank you. power is restored for most residents at a d.c. neighborhood, last night about 4,000 customers lost power in the shaw neighborhood. on sunday about 5,000 customerss lost light at northeast do you to a failure on a south station now to the search for an autistic boy. >> more than 32 hours after he disappeared, officers found him in a car, just steps from whereh he disappeared. the younger sister told the th mother she saw him skipping down an alley way.way. a death investigation is underway, including how officers
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and search teams missed michael. we will have more on the story coming up in a few minutes. now to a beautiful sight on the washington monument is all aglow. the ceremony mark a special landmark on the repair headlines, dar horn lauren demas there with people who marked the ceremony. >> reporter: with the push of a button and a previou pause the washington monument has a new look. more than 148 lights were installed on a scrim. the work extensive restorationst following the 2011 earthquake,
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no one inside was seriously hurt, but the earthquake caused and exposed cracks in the stonee and mortar forcing officials tos close the >> the real damage that happened at earthquake was at the top the pyramiddian level, so the substantial work is going to start next week. >> reporter: the kids had ha high expectations. >> christmas i think it looks more like a christmas tree except without wi the green. >> reporter: the glowing tower did not disappoint. >> i think it's pretty. >> you yelled out happy new year. you're a little bit of a comedian in. >> yeah, pretty much. >> reporter: young andd tourists ask residents along seemed dazzled by the sight. >> this is so incredible.le there's so few times in our ou lives we get to see the monuments in different stages, to have the scaffolding and the lighting, other generations maya
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never see this, they will seeill the pictures. we got to see it live. >> there's very few countriescor where people can rise from modest circumstances, and i wana people to think that they caney rise as well. ultimately if they will, they can give money back, but you bu don't have to be wealthy to give money >> reporter: he donatednate $7.5 million, a gift matched byy congress for the restoration of the monument. it does, construction willti continue through the spring and the monument will be lit every night until the scaffoldingaffod comes down. the weather, traffic and all top stories.storie fox 5 morning news starts right now. good morning to you, livelie look outside at 430, today isis
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tuesday, we are glad that yout are with us, if you are starting to wake-up and starting to turno the t.v. on, we appreciate thatp as well. it's going to be a busy day, wee will talk with tucker and get an update on that. good morning, i'm which is tom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons,.s,. let turn to tucker and gett latest on our weather. humid. >> yes it is. >> it's easier than usual, i don't know what happened, i guess it's the cham pooh. shampoo. >> i guess. >> more humidity, and yesterday turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. >> yeah, it did.ea the humidity went down after the rain came through. >> the humidity wasn't terrible during the afternoon, and theooa temperatures only got into the mid-to upper 80s, more of thehe same today. it's not going to be a perfectpt day, no doubt about it. we will have clouds, and threatd for showers, thunderstorms will be back later today. however, it's not going to bego raining for you for the morning commute, and much of the day should be just fine.fine. 77 in reagan national.
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77 at dulles, bwi marshall 73, and we're off to a warm start. plenty of clouds in forecast, fo kind of a partly sunny day and look being back to the north and west, toward ohio, see thee shower and thunderstorm activity, it's what we call a short wave and as that piece of energy reaches our region we will likely see showers and thunderstorms pop up by mid-to late afternoon. upper 80s today, wait until you see the 87, very mild temperatures for mid-july on the seven day. nice day there, tuck. let's go to the morninging commute. julie. >> reporter: we're off to a slow start. overnight construction off to a slow pace. 395, coming across the inbound 14 street bridge. this is called a dwight squeeze, trying to -- dwigh tight squeez,
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coming to the pentagon, stay ton the left as you continue to go acrogoss the southeast freewayus right now with little delay.del. traveling southbound 270, lanes are open coming out of high yanthyattstown, and traffic is e to get through under direction but you will need extra littlete time getting through the workrk zone. >> that's a check of fox 5 on fo time traffic. thank you, julie. we have more out of that tragic story where the search for a 7-year-old boy came to ann end. >> he was dead in a car just steps away from a scene. the car was parked on private property. he was last seen on sunday morning by his 5-year-oldld sister. his family is grateful for the h community support.pport. >> i'm coming out to thank everybody in the community foryo coming out to assist and help to find my child, i thank
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everybody, everybody, thank you, please. >> know that i was in thatthat alley, and i missed it, becauset i was a part of the search team, to know that i missed it, i'm really destroyed.yed. >> the death investigation isato now underway, among the unanswered questions is how michael was missed by officers and the search team. >> new this morning, the three women held captive for nearly a decade in a cleveland home are speaking up publicly for first time. amanda barry, gina de jesus, and michelle knight posted a video thanking the public for the support they received since being reunited with their families. >> i want everyone to know how o happy i am to be home with mymy family and friend, it's been unbelievable. weyandt to thank everybody who h has helped me and my family. through this entire ordeal, thank you for the support. >> i want to thank everybody who
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donated to the front for these girls, and all, everybody, that donated. i also like to thank the families for having so much passion and faith and strengthrh it depo along with us. >> i just want everyone to knoww i'm doing just fine. i may have been through hell and back, but, i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face, and with my head held high. ariel astro is charged with kidnapping the three women, hehe has pled guilty to a 233 count indictment. more than a month after edward snowden first blew the whistle, the nsa leaker has new
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revelation. we are hearing more of the interview with the guardian. he is making claims that organizations are helping the nsa. and snowden said y he said the information. >> reporter: snowden is at itit again more video has been released. in it he alleges that major companies are in line with nsa, companies like google, apple,pl, microsoft, they get together and provide nsa direct access to the back end of the all the systems that you use to communicate andn even to send birthday wishes. asked why he leaked th the information. >> i don't want to live in a l world that everything i say, eff expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded.
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>> reporter: snowden isow believed to be stranded in a moscow airport trying to reachah any country that has granted him asylum, not an easy task since his passport was revoked by washington. the obama administration,on, advised governments against allowing snowden to land on their territory. >> we are clear we would like to see him return, if he was granted asylum that would impact our bilateral relationship. >> reporter: his is one of several country that has offered asylum to the snowden.own. >> the united states does not do govern us. we are a free country andcountr sovereign and no one governsgo ups. >> reporter: the brazilian government has begun an investigation of its own.ow officials are there checking whether telecommunication firmsi operating inside of the firmsrms cooperating with the u.s. spying program. in new york ainsleyer tha ainsla
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live in new york. the military released videod says that the gunmen fired on soldiers. prosecute testers are angry at last week -- protesters are angry at last week's coup that removed morsi. and some are saying that the we should cut off aid, but the th government says that that is not the best into the united states. caribbean island bracing more rain as tropical storm chantal is headed their way. later d.c. council members are cracking down, the steps being taken to protect the elderly from financial abuse. ♪
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the death toll continues to rise from the trainh derailmene in eastern quebec. at least 13 people are confirmed dead, 50 others are still missing, search teams are ableae to get close to the wreckage and fear that they may find moremore bodies in the area.n the all but one of the trains, 73 cars jumped the tracks on saturday triggering severalng explosions and a huge fireballfa that destroyed much of the town. also, a maiming or thunderstorm is wrecking havoc in toronto, record rains fell during last night's rush hour knocking touti power to 3,000 people. some areas got up to 4 ifn 4 4-n two hours, water reached windows of abandoned vehicles. and some parts had to be closedb because of flooding. some passengers on a commuter train had to be rescued when wh
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water reached its windows. it's been a wet start to th summer and tropical storm chantal could bring more rainin over theg weekend. the system is a couple of hundred miles from barbado, with wind, growing stronger. and the rains the island don't need, and san juan pure at the t rico has had 13-inches sinces june first. the storm is on path to hit the bahamas on saturday, but itur won'tda be as strong. it's a bit earlier in the seasoe than usual to have a thirdd tropical storm.ical we will check in with tuckeh in just a bit meanwhile. we are going to be talking about staying safe in prince george's county. coming up next, governor o'malley's plan for pedestrians and drivers, that could bring ag lot of jobs to the area. the time is 4:42. we will be right back. [ wind howling ]
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i guess what is what it was. so -- >> anyway we got tropical storm. >> yes, chantal. ch we will take a look at chantal n and talk about that. believe it or not, that could be working its way up toward the mid-atlantic by next week. it's not a major storm but anytime you talk about a tropical storm or a hurricane,e, you want to look at it. it will be a warm and humid afternoon with a couple of showers and storms. >> chant alraichantal rain is tt thing we need. >> you got a point. we have been very wet around here. >> we have been wet in june andd wet in july, this is a rainy summer. >> my lawn is loving it, but that is about it. it very warm start to the day. particularly reagan national. and the 77 in annapolis, remember yesterday we werewe wer getting 60s breaking out, not t the case this morning, everybodr is in the 70s with the exception of those in west cumberland. 72 this morning, winchester, 73
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in hagerstown, fredericksburg,k, 73, obviously very warm, tou point temperatures are in then upper 60s and low 70s, plenty of humidity to start the day as well. here is the satellite-radar, sa nice and quiet at the morning, partial sunshine, we will have overcasts to be working through, we are watching what we call upper level trough that is the s piece of energy that is working in the showers and storms, that will become enhanced as we push it into the mid-atlantic, we mi- will see the threat of showers and i don't think we will rain all day but bring an umbrella aa we will see scattered showersers and perhaps thunderstorms as we get into the mid-to late afternoon. here is the latest from chantaln not terribly impressive tropical storm, the wind approximate apox 45 mile4545 milesser per hour, i move into the lesser antilles, i and get less organized as it pushes up to haiti and esha hesn
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ola. and not expected to strengthen n whole lot today. a very small system but we will keep an eye on chantal over thev next couple of days.ys. scattered showers and storms back in the forecast for the afternoon, and once again, we're talking about temperatures expected to be just a few degrees above normal this afternoon, 89, partly sunny, scattered showers and storms, 87 tonight, and there's at cue weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow about 90, that is goinn to the hot one, a cold front gets in here on thursday andsd brings us pleasant weather forhf the weekend. week check out the mid time highs, upper 50s to the 60s even here in the city. ci the temperatures below normal for the middle of july. >> we will take it tucker, than you. time to talk to julie wright about the morning commute.
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hello, julie wright. >> reporter: hi. >> what is going on? >> reporter: well, it depends on where you there's a little bit of things going on. i don't know where i'm looking. there's no camera here to talk. you just keep talking. >> connecticut avenue, between deerville and university boulevard, that is tying up the right side of the highway. you will find the lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway between college bark and bethesda. you look lovely in blue. 395 coming northbound, we started off the show, we had the construction tying up the rightt side of the roadway, it has has since cleared, and no issues to crossing the potomac. lanes are clearing, and coming out of hyattstown headed 109 al9 the way to germantown, that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie, thank you. a boost for prince george's county that could help drivers,
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pedestrians examine anybod and t commutes. it's not not easy road forad people to cross, and maryland o'malley says this problem and other number of others may be fixed by some projects that he has been of planning. of it will make our roads safere and better for pedestrians and d also better to move traffic; the governor announced a $50 million investment for a new access road into the branch avenue metro station and a pedestrian bridged across route 5. all right, well, cool. it's interesting.. it's hard to imagine someone soe would take advantage of an elderly person? >> we have all heard aboutard physical a pews of the elderly before, but have you ever heardd of elderly financial exploitation. the senior citizens was the focus of a d.c. councilcil committee yesterday, and matt ackland has more. >> reporter: the bilk discussed is -- the bilk
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discussed is the called the hilda mason act. her daughter said her mental nt health began to fail as she left the council in 1998. 1998 >> in cases of elder financial exploitation, only one in fourur cases are made known. >> reporter: her mother and stepfather were financiallyncial abused after naming a trustee t handle their affairs. af but she claims the trustee didn't do the job.b. >> all i wanted was for her to clean out the place, and give them good care. they would sneak out and steal their food. >> reporter: we heard of seniors who are victimized by strangers. her was mom was befriended by strangers who gained the guardian ship of her mother's affairs. >> when i went there and saw she hadn't brushed her teeth. this was a lady who was very
4:51 am
particular, and everybody around her were people that i didn't expect, if i had died and come back i wouldn't have respected p those people.thos >> reporter: courte appointed guardians provide the tender care needed. tommy wells called this hearing to root out those who commitmmit financial abuse. >> i hope to hear ideas on how w we can implement better toolss and procedures in the grardian ship to help citizens and prevent all abuse. matt ackland. they want to pass a bill that will prevent a person who has been abused a senior to inherit money from that senior. the coming up the washington kastles, d.c. world team's am franchise are just one game -- one win shy of get setting a a financial record. re len three weeks before the
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redskins hit the field for training camp. it will all take place at a brand new multi-million dollar facility. find out what is inside. coming up at 4:52. 
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welcome back to fox 4 busines4 -- fox5 morning news. under the nba scale forfor rookie salaries, porter is expected to get $19.4 million over fourge seasons, that is not bad, a nice chunk of change, but 51st two seasons being guaranteed, now both porter and rice will play for washington's team in the las vegas summer league. all right,let talk tennis, the washington kastles made history in front of a packedpacd
4:55 am
crowd including first lady michelle obama. they beat new york 23-15. it's the teams 33rd con consecuv win. it ties the record set by the lakers. they could break the recordrecod tonight against the boston lob sisters. >> th-- lobsters. >> the first lady was there. thr >> the show i was big deal and they're making history in the process. the team hosted the grand gn opening of the new trainingning facility down in rich mopped. richmond. the brand new facility, a separate room for locker rooms, high-tech training room. room governor mcdonnell, were guestt speakers at the unveiling on monday, and they took time to give praise to the cha franchise
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quart back. >> you're dealing with a ultraua smart, and ultra gifted athlete. when they said his rehabilitation is ahead of schedule, robert would say it's right on schedule. i would be very surprised if he is not dressed up on the first game. >> the new will he wette new wi. is the key to losing weight the amount of water you drink and twifngies tha twinkies that. it's been studied for years, and researches have found the answer. it's coming up next.
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