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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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yellow police tape, right above where those blue garbage canscas are, the car was parked just beyond that and that is where the police officer found himer inside of that car, just before 6:00 last night.night. law enforcement sources that i have been talking to say it's inconceivable that car was not looked into, so tonight, that i the big mystery. just after 9:00 sunday morning, family members and police say 7-year-old michael7-e kins purr bury wearing a t-shird pull ups bounded out of his apartment and disappeared. two witnesses spotted the child on two different streets nearby, but his whereabouts were a hiss mystery, until a police officerr saw him parked in this space just steps from where he lived. this woman, watched police watce search the area sunday morning. it was about 100 police, both alleys, and both ends, they wery
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all in the vacant houses, they s were in the car around here. >> reporter: if they looked in the cars anthd the 7-year-olr was inside how did they miss him or is there some other explanation. >> if the body was in there sunday they would have found itd on sunday, because they searched everything. >> you sure of that. that >> they were looking all underal the houses. >> reporter: law enforcementenc sources familiar with themiar investigation say the childhe ousts floor owason the floor ofa the front and back seat, it's is possible that someone could havd looked inside and missed him. h. >> the whole community wants to know what happened. happ evenerybody got involved, i hady kids canvassing, like not even moments later, it's all confusel and chaos and he is right here. >> reporter: all day longlong just steps from where the 7-year-old was found. people stopped to leave flowers, stuffed animals and mow me mow . >> they were searching how theyh overlooked it, that is my big b
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question, how did a small childd with those challenges get in a locked car? >> reporter: a questiona certainly in the minds of many. it's inconceivable that vehicle wasn't looked at leastleast immediately, it shouldn't havetd been one the first placesplaces searched, this is the procedure that were laid out by the national center for missing and exploited children.te when there's ad missing child an i turned to page six on this list of procedures, and it says, quote, special attention should be paid to enclosures such as refrigerators freezer and the interior of parked vehicles where limited breathing air mayh place the child at greater riskk if these procedures wereedures followed by the police, then thn that is one of the first placess they would have looked, shawn. all right, paul wagner, thank you.ank yo we want to take you live to police headquarters where a press conference has just wrapped up on this case.
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bob barnard is there right now. bob, take it away.e it >> reporter: you are lookinglon at a saifn assistant police chis you might have reported at the top of the show, the autopsy is basically inconclusive, itve, it doesn't tell investigators their cause and the manner of death, but it does say that there were no signs of trauma to michaelto kins bury's body but his body had started to decompose, so hee had been dead a while when they found him.d although they don't know exactly at what time he tied. also, they are not sure if michael was in that car the whole time from the time he wasa reported missing sunday morning around 9:00, 9:30 until he was found yesterday afternoon, a a full 30, or 32 hours later. what they can tell us now, is there were four police officerse who at some point during thatng long search for michael looked inside the car.
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they never looked inside of the trunk, but they say they for whatever reason they asked the trunk of that car withoutcar opening it, but that four separate officer as early as 1:30 sunday afternoon a few hours after he was missing, looked into the car and tnt see michael. first officers got on the scene and they were fold that the family had looked into that into vehicle and not seen michael where hese was ultimately foundd dead. just checking my notes here. again, fist look inside of the f car was at 1:30. 1:30 was the first mpd officer, onr,n sunday, there was an officer on the overnight shift and again roughly 1:40 in the afternoonteo yesterday, the last look inside before detective actually diddid see michael's body, broke the window and found him there on the floor in that car in theth
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alley, a couple of houses downhs from his family's home there one west virginia avenue yesterday.. that is kind of the time line. there's still a lost questions, investigation why they didn't actually, you know, perhaps break into that car or any ofr the other cars that were there, but you know, that michael diedl they believe in that car, how long he had been there, they're not sure how he got in there whether it was foul play oror whatever, they're not sure, guys. >> let me ask you, did theydid expect to ever get anymore anor answers about the cause of death here? >> yes, they're doing some teste on some of the body fluids, you know, it gets more into theinto weeds here of some thety tailedt examination that they can do with -- detailed examinationdeta that theyil can do tests with should the fluids in his body, which should tell him when hehih died or how long he was deadwas before he was found and how he died. they do expect to have thatha information at some point, but not today. >> all right, bob barnard live
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at t.cdcd.c. police headquarter. three women locked away in y cleveland home, are speaking out. the cleveland courage fund is fd helping them to make the transition from captivity to independence. so far the fund has more than $1 million. the three women speak of strength and courage, while maintaining a positive outlook on life. life fox's ainsley earnhardt has thes first look. more than two months after their rescue, we're getting ag a look at a much different amandaa parry, and gina de jesus, de de jesus was 14-year-old when shewn went missing. sitting by her parents, she addressed public with a brief statement. michelle knight was 21-year-old when hes taken and imprisoned.
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knight says despite her ordeal she remains positive. >> i may have been through hellg and back, but i am strong enoug to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high, and my feet firmly on the ground. >> amanda barry has been hailedd a hero. she managedded to escape the two story home where she and the other women were held andan contacted police with the help of the neighbor. >> i want everybody to know howw happy i am to be home with mymy family and friends. it's been unbelievable. i want to thank everybody who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. i'm getting stronger each day. i ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life.fe. >> barry also gave birth to a child now six-year-old while being held in that home. former bus driver, ariel castro
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is the lone suspect in the case he has pledded not guilty to a 3 dwi count indictment, that includes, charges of rape, kidnapping, and one charge of aggravated murder. the trial is scheduled to start next month. they are considering, the death penalty for castro. in new york, ainsley earnhardt, fox news.x the latest in the george zimmerman trial. a forensic pathologist, testified for the defense, that zimmerman's account is consistent with the evidence. a foa forensic pathologist taking the witness stand in the zimmerman second-degree murder.d the defense attorney is trying to convince the jury that the trayvon martin was on top of th neighborhood watch volunteereer straddling him during the fatala confrontation. >> if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the
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clothing tends to fall away from the chest, so that is a fact that if you know the clothing i two to four inches away, it's existent with someone leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> dr. vincent de mayo testifying about zimmerman's injuries. >> i think you have six identifiable injuries, the two lacerations on the back of thehc head, the impact on both templep lesions, that is full on. the nose, and the forehead is 6. meanwhile in an evidencen hearing earlier today, the defense saying it wants to use an animated depiction of the deadly fight, at least the lasth couple of minutes, but the judge clearly annoyed postponing the t rest of the hearing and her decision until later tonight. >> 45 minutes, no. >> we will afterwards, i'm not having the jury sit back here for another 45 minutes doing
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nothing. >> prosecutors don't want this jury to see this animation, saying it's inaccurate, itcurate doesn't show the spire incidenti between zimmerman and martin from beginning to end, and it'sd paced on a partial eyewitness account. in sanford, florida, phil keating, fox news. coming up, vice president joe biden, salutes the 1 19 men that lost their lives in arizona. if you live in d.c. pal mart may not be coming to your neighborhood. we will show you the violene video that got a manager of a buffet chain fired, gary. we have had showers today, maybe a few more this evening, n but radar is all clear for now, and shine popping through, it'so been hard to come by today, the evening forecast is all coming up. stay with us. 
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tonight nsa leaker edwarda k snowden has a destination.dein earlier today he accepted venezuela's offer of political asylum. the question, can he get therete and avoid capture from the u.s. tom with the latest on this one. >> reporter: this news wasas announced by the head of the foreign parcellialmen parliamenn committee. they repeated that the hand in
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that snowden be allowed to travel to one place and one place only, that is back here to the u.s. to face criminal charges. >> reporter: at venezuelan embassy little activity was seee outside, but inside of they warned of consequences. edward snowden is granted asylum in venezuela. >> we would clearly like to seeo him return, and i don't think it should come as a surprise, but if he were to be granted asylum, that would impact our bilateral relationship. >> reporter: snowden accepted that, and south american countries, have lost, and hugo o chavez and his replacement shows no sign of. >> we are a sovereign countryy and no one governs us. >> reporter: it would need to issue travel documents, he woule also have to figure out how to get there, ob only direct flight
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from moscow, stops in cube, ande but that flight depose to the ge and the usa. now edward snowden is making is more headlines. the newest interview claims that google, apple, and microsoft are working with the nsa. >> i don't want to live in a world where everything i say, everything i do, every expression of creativity or of friendship is recorded. >> snowden's claims have been disputed by the company sayinga while they comply with nsa requests they are not partners e in any u.s.-government surveillance. well, we tried contacting officials at the venezuelanelan embassy throughout the day, but did not receive a response. the president of bolivia, nicaragua say that snowden isis welcome in their country, but so
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far, we don't know if he hashe accepted those invitations. tom fitzgerald.gerald firefighters from acrossgh could not tree payte their -- country pay their final respecti to the firefighters killed inghs the line of duty. so many people attended today's ceremony, crowds were forced to watch outside of the arena' doors like the vice president joe biden also attended today's service. >> embrace life to save lives, a cliff jumper or a mountain climber, an iraqi vet, a marine, a son of a firefighter, all i know, confidence committed, determined, trustworthy,or passionate, they were firefighters. this particular service was theh last of a handful of vigils forr the men before the fist of 19 19 found rales bega19found rales be
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week. >> reporter: in most casess it's regular citizens who arewho first on the scene. the can you take control in the chaos until first responders arrive? tonight at 10:00, we will tellwl you about a program that willth give you the confidence, the capability, and the calm in thei face of >> once again kind of a mixed bag outside, today a little heat, humidity, and hopefully some of this humidity, shawn,n, what do you expect. gary mcgrady, what can we can expect as we roll into the reste of the evening hours tonight? you rest your voice, i will take it from here. you don't have to worry. >> few words, you don't need thought. >> listen, here is what is goins on right now.on r we have the showers rolling across, and they have been real, real light ia lot of cloud cover, the cloud, were so persistent, they didn't want to yield to the sunshine, until pacecally righbasically right n.
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the showers we had, they were over the eastern shore, we are primarily we could still have a few showers out there this evening. it does look like it will be primarily dry. temperatures right now responding with some of the sunshine, culpeper 90, frees fredericksburg is 90. we have been 84, that may be still going up a little bit with late evening burst of sunshine. you can see winchester out there at 86. so a little humidity, too, there's a little bit of a heat index, so there's not a big deal. a spotty shower at 7:00. at most of us is dry. a few showers, maybe even anan isolated thunderstorm could popd up later this evening, there's ' some energy farther back to theo north and west.d that is going to come on across, at least we leave a chance of aa shower or maybe even aeven thunderstorm in the forecast. i'm even going to think thatthik there's a possibility that we could have a spotty shower
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overnight tonight, too. too. depend, all of this -- again all of this is just spotty. i have slightly better news in the forecast, and we will talkwl about that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. shawn, depend, res again rest yo but it does look better toward the end of the week and maybe into the weekend. >> we like that, thank you. still ahead on the 5:00, on the stars of the reality show basketball live is apparentlyape not taking her divorce too well. wait until you hear what sheshe allegedly did after showing up to her husband's home in a bulletproof vest. [ male announcer ] do you love prime rib?b? get to your local subway
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♪ i'll stand by you ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. kastles are on the edge of making history.nghi they can set a record with one more win. lindsay murphy joins us mores with kastle staduim. >> reporter: i'm already in aia great mood with the guests that i have next to me, it's a huge
5:23 pm
night here at the wharf, last night they beat the third th consecutive streak of matches, that ties the 1971, and 1972l.a. lakers. i'm going to bring in murph. >> a lot of murphies have to stick together.. a pretty good stuff, that streak h row you handling it, because you run around here like nothin is going on.on. >> being a murphy, i have a lucky charm.cky and really pleased to coach the kastles, and we have a simple philosophy and that is to playay for one another and leave it all in the court. tonight's message is leave it all out there, and bring this th train on empty. don't leave anything to spare completely go for it, and kick some butt. >> that is your message you guyu tied the record with thirtywithi
5:24 pm
three wins last night. last you can set a new recordreco tonight. how do you think the team set the record? >> the only time anybody talks it is when people bring it up, , and it's weird, because when iwi watch other teams that hit winning streaks or big thingsg happening for them, it sounds like a lot of cliche's, but thet truth is we have to stay focused on the x's and o's, and at the end of the day, there's going to be intangibles that we can't control. our success not going to begoino measured on whether we win withi the scoreboard. our success is going to be made on whether we give it all we got. we are already successful.succes >> first lady michelle obama waa in the stand you were with the white president. >> no murphies belong in thee oval office. >> we do. >> we do? do this has been the greatest experience of my life, and it'sd going to continue tonight andnit
5:25 pm
froafort of thfor rest of the s fact that i dedicate this wholes thing to my dad and my family,f, and this team plays for onee another, we could -- >> one specific martina hingenge is, wahingis,and now she is plar team. >> not a bad pickup, she is going into the hall of fame, we, have had the william sisters, and martina hingis, but players are dying to come in here to he play for the kastles, and youd know why?kn because of the fans. we have the roweddiest most fun add moss tieadd moss fier you ao find in tennis. we have had the williams, martin hingis has been dying to play pl for this team. every time, she looks great in navy and red, she is rocking the
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red. >> if anybody, the players cana be as lose at their head coach murphy, you guys will be great. the washington kastles lookingog to make history. that is wrap from the wharf. a woman celebrates thethe supreme court ruling. we will tell you why the the ceremony had a deeper meaning. there's a push that every worker in d.c. gets paid sickck leave. we will tell you why the timee for change is now.w. wal-mart may be putting theg brakes on some of its expansionx plans in the district, why the retailer may not be building as many stores as planned. 
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fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ a a symbolic same-sex marriage took place, since gay
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marriage is legal in d.c. the te ceremony is not that unusual. un this ceremony was between a u.s citizen and her undocumented partner. they took vows to strike down si the defense of marriage act. fox 5, john henrehan will splaifn thexplain the politics. >> reporter: a bill hasas passed the senate but gay rights activities are urging proponents of immigration reform to only on support legislation that explicitly offers protection to same sex couples and one of those couples held a symbolic ceremony right among the group lobbying for immigration reform. >> the women who are in a committed same sex relationshipp are 28 years old. her partner has just graduated from law school, but she came to this country from fiji as a child, until last month the t supreme court decision strikingt
5:31 pm
down the defense of marriage act even legally married same sex couples did not have a right toi get a green card and eventuallyy citizenship for the noncitizenin partner. she is facing deportation and de that is a factor on the couple's decision to marry. >> she is going through removalo proceedings, she was up nights crying about it and she wants ts keep us together. this is a big part of why we're doing this. >> reporter: in the pews ofws f the lutheran church the deformation, sat dreamers, mostly teenagers and young adults who were brought to the u u.s. as children and have itve much harder once they graduatey from high school. >> in virginia, it's up to the public university or college or whether they a alloww undocumented stuttents. i wanted to go to james madison university, does not allow undocumented students. and those that do, charge out of
5:32 pm
state tuition. the dreamers are in washington to lobby for comprehensive immigrationn reform.reform some speakers urged the young yo activities to push for a law that explicitly protects gay married couples. that a a poise bill for those who stand this. >> a couple of gay activities and lobbyist, who want to have their seat at front of the bus,, and what happens is all it involves immigration is put to t the back. back >> supporters of immigration reform have a tough choice, if they continue to push for specific protections for same sex couples, the bill likely bil will have no chance of passage in the republican-controlledolld house. if they hold out for the gay couples, the whole reform effort could fail.uld >> bill. john henrehan, thank you.thn it's something you hate tohu think about, is the person serving food at the restaurant fighting a cold but can't afford to take the day off.
5:33 pm
it's time to make sure that every d.c. employee is includeds in a mandatory pay sick policy. for most of us who work in d.c. this law applies to us. when the law was passed some groups were exempt, includingclg the people who are serving your food. >> the last place you want a wa sick person is near the food yoo are about to eat. the aflcio released this picturs as they tried to push for restaurants to pay all servers sick pay. and they have councilmember coun tommy wells on their side. >> absolutely. we do not want employees havingg to make a choice on whether to take sick leave or serve us ours food. >> reporter: as it stands most workers in d.c. can accruer one hour for every 37 to 87 hours of work, depending on thn size of the company. wells says over the weekend, he
5:34 pm
read this audit of the accrued, sick leave act, in 2008. before it was passed thee restaurant association put up a fight claiming it would hurtd their business. bu this audit proves it won't. >> it said that no business left because of paid sick leave beinv required and it did not discourage new businesses for fr our coming into the district. >> this has worked well for d.c. >> reporter: this afternoonis the restaurant association asso issued this statement. saying, the bulk of a tip worker'workers' compensation dot come from the employer but directly from the patron to the restaurant. taking away the employee's em option to swap the shift by instead requiring employers to pay a set amount for a lost shift bee translates specific ls to the employee, while imposing owner to the employers.he >> some in the health careth industry are excluded from thism
5:35 pm
current law. wells plans to use the recessss months to go out and talk tolk small business owners, includine those in the restaurant, and health care industries aboutout including their workers. he plans to introduce new n legislation following the summer recess. >> all right, matt ackland with the story, thank you. wal-mart may put plug and ad not pursue building stores in three t.cdc locations. the council will vote on the measure, it will require large retailers to pay their workers $5 more than the minimum wage. e if the bill passes, it won't go through with plans of building a capital gait way in new york avenue, it may opt out of three stores already under under construction elsewhere in thee city. a virginia state senator is calling about governor bob bo mcdonnell to come clean about the controversy that is doggingg the governor.
5:36 pm
they received gifts that had noo been disclosed.losed. the gifts include a $15,000 check and a 6500 rolex watch.wa senator peterson appeared on fox 5 morning news, he says that the governor needs to address this issue. >> i don't see what is don't preventing the governor from telling people what happened,hat unless he is facing some criminal liability.inal it that is the case, then maybe he really should step down. >> the fbi has been investigating the governor's relationship with owner johnnyny william senior who owns stars scientific. williams has not received any benefits from him since he has h been governor.en as we continue on the 5, a major grocery store chain, withi stores in our region is bought s up by the competitor. we will have the details. a restaurant chain is unders fire after this viral video shows meat being stored by a dumpster. we will tell you where this happened. ♪
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there a big shakeup involving a major supermarket chain, kroger is buying, harris teeter for $2.5 million. milli harris teeter owns two dozen stores in virginia, and maryland.. and harris teeter will retain its name, no stores there close, and there's no plans to layoff any workers. this is what my companymy likes to do with their food for inspection. hamburger meat, look at all of these flies.s. it's disgusting. all of this food, this is what my company likes to do to get ready for inspection. they like to put their food by the dumpster. >> gold encore rail employee, ey plowing the whi whistle on his
5:41 pm
bosses on the point orangeorange the manager was fired after the video went viral.l. the manager says that none of food seen in the video was everr served to customers. putting the spotlight onght special occasions, lasting products that can help bring out the party planner in there. >> some mechanics get an unexpected supplies. find out how a snake, yep, it'si a snake ended up in the paneling of a car. >> more showers in the forecast, gar reigary is back with the fo. 
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5:48 pm, it means a little plant. these are perfect for pride pri- bridal shower, and they are using goat glisser 18. they experimented with mold andd played with colors, and started selling their soaps in farmerss markets and last september theyr launched that i website, they make macaroons, and soap bars and they can put photos on them, too. they are work on 3d printingng models for more complexity co signs. you can cust mice them cust mic they smell so great. i have had this box under my unr desk and they smell so good. a bar is $6.50. >> like you said, i'm thinking,
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mom of three kids, have you to keep these away from kids. >> that's what they were saying a lotwe of kids get that these e soaps, but age three is where you can start to inform them. they said it makes bath time if very fun for any ki kid that doesn't want to take a bath. >> these cookies are sitting inn front of me, not only do theyth make, and they are looking goodn and they are handmade. there depose m goes my foot. >> i will eat that one, put thet are really good. i will ate this one. >> join me on my facebook page. let me know what you think or ik you have future ideas for the segment. >> i have cookies enough for everybody to try them. >> that was great will, they like that cookie display. let's talk about the weather forecast. what can we expect? >> a little more of this. o you know it's summer. it's not as hot and that is good
5:50 pm
news, i mentioned earlier too,r if you were listening closely, there was a little bit of goodof news in the forecast, we will get to that coming up.g here is good news for you, they, sun is popping out, just in time for the evening and all the showers have moved on so they shouldn't be hampered by anyany rain. this is what we had yesterday, that's not enough. enoug the clouds coming on. there's a storm coming up,g trying to come up, this is south of saint mary's county, south o the river here. it hasn't got 10 to the bay yet. we could see a little bit more e of this this evening. we will leave a few showers, and a couple of thunderstorms possible. notice this right here, what ish producing that is a little energy in the atmosphere, and ao that is coming in our direction. as it gets closer to us, it has shine, so -- sunshine, so thing are unstable enough that we could have a spotty shower or thunderstorm, so that is why we're keeping them in the forecast. temperatures are warmed up, the,
5:51 pm
were up to 90, fredericksburg ur to 90. they were 88 degrees and we'read stuck in middle 80s in town. this is forecast for the eveninn hours, do you need an umbrella. is this i don't think so. i think we have a spotty shower at 7:00 and i showed you thethe spotty shower around as well as south of us. a few showers or an isolated thunderstorms is possible later on this evening. even hour, it'however it's not probab it can still happen. this is summertime, showers blossoming all over the place in the afternoon sunshine. now then, way to the south, this is the bahamas, this is thethe caribbean down here.down the lesser antilles, and the virgin islands, coming at puerto rico, this is the radar footprint, where it's raining, heavy rain, too, out into the ocean. this is tropical storm chantal. wind have come up a bit. yesterday they were at 45. they have come up to 65 that is where the plane is pl flying as -- finding it flies it
5:52 pm
through it.ugh winds at 26 miles per hour. look at the track, stillk, forecast to remain a tropical storm. we wonder if tropical storm stm chantal will make it over hispaniola, which is haiti andad the dominican republic. repu if can makes it past that, it will come into the bahamas, and pi the latter part oby the latt weekend it could be headed up tp georgia and the carolinas. that's a long way away. a spotty shower possible, otherwise the clouds, and cloudd tomorrow, and sunshine, too, an, then in the afternoon, we willan have a few showers and ad a thunderstorm popping up that u could last right on through thet latter evening hours, hos, thunderstorms -- wow. >> thunderstorms could be possible on thursday, maybesday strong and severe, and real quickly, let me get this in. friday and saturday. middle 80s, and right now drop, and slightly lower
5:53 pm
humidity. it's a little break from thee ba upper 80s and it's a little preak from tha breakfrom the hut temporary. >> now you can have one of my broken legs.eneg >> there you go. g >> thanks, gary. >> how about this, the red panda was back at the national zoo. he was released to his national habitat, and he escaped from his enclosure in june 24th andjune 2 found in adam's morgan. officials say rain weighed downn some of the trees and bamboos in his habitat and he used them to make his great escape. the branches have been trimmed back to make sure rusty doesn't escape depend. how abouagain. how about a snake in a car. mechanics found this baby in florida yesterday. it slithered its way in the side paneling of that car. the mechanics were able to takeo apart some of the car and get gt the snake out. the owner said the snake some
5:54 pm
hosomehowslipped out of the tral and into the panel. >> okay. straight ahead on the news edge at 6:00. a grieving mother sharesshares memories of her daughter, a local reporter and photographer one year after his mysterious death in virginia. it's an experience that wil go down in the history books,y and you know what, kids can bebe picky eaters, but she got themgt to eat their first lady welcome dozens of children to the white house forr a healthy lunch.h. more on the kids' state dinner just ahead on the news edge at 6:00.  [ male announcer ] do you love prime rib?
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a michigan woman pled guiltw after she was caught on cameraca trying to kill someone. >> if you can get him outside, that would be great, but if you absolutely can't, i will understand.
5:58 pm
>> it turns out julia was jua talking to an undercover cop. one of her co-workers tipped off police.lice she said killing her husband would be easier than divorcing him. his wife told the judge he doesn't want her to go to jail. however under a plea agreement, she won't serve more than six years in prison. police arrested ana benson cast member of the housewives, and accused him of breaking inti her home. she threatened him with a metal baton, by asking for money. he got her to leave by saying hi would get her the money, butbut instead called police. off the top on the news edgs a maryland mom is speaking out o tonight saying she knows her mother would want her to. that daughter, found dead in he
5:59 pm
home in virginia horse country. today, marks the anniversary off that devastating discovery.discv beth parker is live in the newsroom to start us off at >> reporter: investigators have notr: made an arrest in the murder of reporter, photographer sarah green hall. her mother says don't let that deceive you. >> i loved her face, i love thee fact that her hair is not exactly perfect. >> reporter: a favorite photofi is one of the ways sara lee green hall remembers her daughter. >> this is one of her bracelets. >> reporter: she wears them often but especially today, the one-year anniversary another day, sarah green hal was found dead her home in virginia set on fire. >> i cry a lot. almost everything and anything reminds me of her. >> reporter: including the peaceful place, ther: childhood home where the younger sarahr used to ride a pony


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